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lobbes: http://logs.ericbenevides.com/log/trilema/2019-10-10#1944215 << not really, tbh. Would rather not be chained to the zone for any longterm. Medium term plans include sitting tight while I save up a sizable wad of fiatola (now that I *can* actually save) and sort through the crap I've accumulated; sending unessentials to /dev/null
ossabot: Logged on 2019-10-07 21:40:13 asciilifeform: as it is, asciilifeform was building boxen, so managed to not only burn most of coin stash on it, but fiatola saving also.
asciilifeform: ( asciilifeform cannot safely receive fiatola from humans. so that's where got with what to build. )
asciilifeform: as it is, asciilifeform was building boxen, so managed to not only burn most of coin stash on it, but fiatola saving also.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: ro was to at least host the fiatola-interface end of the affair (rather than machines) at that pt.
a111: Logged on 2019-06-15 19:08 asciilifeform back to ffaism, after short 'vacation' . will order piz irons in coming 2wk, as the req'd fiatola piles up
asciilifeform back to ffaism, after short 'vacation' . will order piz irons in coming 2wk, as the req'd fiatola piles up ☟︎
asciilifeform: i.e. where folx will pay considerably moar than the typical 'market worth' in fiatola, simply to avoid moving fiatola into any box overtly 'bitcoin-labeled'
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: as i understand there's always been a 'dollar' (in the sense of best-looking-horse at fiatola glue factory) at any given time
asciilifeform: ( fiatola, that is )
a111: Logged on 2018-09-22 17:11 mircea_popescu: meanwhile in fiatola datas, https://openpayroll.ct.gov/#!/year/2018 (3.3bn, dropped from 4.57bn in 2017, down from 4.7bn in 2015-2016)
mircea_popescu: meanwhile in fiatola datas, https://openpayroll.ct.gov/#!/year/2018 (3.3bn, dropped from 4.57bn in 2017, down from 4.7bn in 2015-2016) ☟︎
mircea_popescu: let them have to spend some of the fiatola chinese give them to even evaluate the claim that it works. no free food for criminals.
mircea_popescu: alternatively, he can just auction whatever chunk of fiatola he wants to dispense with.
mircea_popescu: instead ~he~ gotta auction the fiatola.
asciilifeform: not even speaking of whatever part of you is denominated in fiatola, ~that~ they can pick up and walk off with whenever feel like it, without even arrests or trials
asciilifeform: ^ tldr, mexican d00d ran small btc-fiatola house; dragged into usa for gassing.
asciilifeform: the lack of closed model suggests that large fiatola holders prefer to buy coin on the sly or not at all. which makes sense in light of cowardice.
asciilifeform: hanbot: i suspect that today's fiatola thread, is pertinent ; the reichsbanks formed a unified front against bitcoin
asciilifeform: granted in theory ~eventually~ it will settle into some ground state, perhaps in mircea_popescu's pocket , but this doesn't fix the problem of fiatola interface, necessarily.
asciilifeform: now that we reviewed the usg-plankton-thieves triangle , possibly mircea_popescu grasps why asciilifeform disagrees with the moral angle of http://btcbase.org/log/2018-05-22#1816611 : yes , it is problem to accept 'dirty' fiatola, but not from ethical angle, but because we don't have the tank divisions and orbital thermonuke droppers to properly counter a fully-rousted enemy anthill, yet ☝︎
asciilifeform: trinque: afaik every known fiatola isp, incl. in ru and cn, (formally) forbid warez . whether this adds up to an actual problem , is another matter.
mircea_popescu: did you ever manage to get a btc->fiatola conversion going ? or what, still mired in paperwork is it ?
mircea_popescu: the notion there exists a fiatola bitcoin price was due for a trashing anyway ; part and parcel of a collection of quaint nonsense like the flat earth on turtles and the predictive power of phrenology.
mircea_popescu: boston told them it's impossible to travel, no such thing as learning languages or handling non-pantsuit fiatola currency is possible for human hands and minds.
mircea_popescu: the exact same holds re your overhead there. you have an office and so on that costs 1/10 or less of what it'd cost had a fiatola scampany carried it on its own books ; and the matter continues -- if we get a semi fulla 2u chassis in, we will have a pile chassis worth 2x what we paid for them due to the barriers the ineptitude of orcs place in our favour.
mircea_popescu: (for noobs : most fiatola businesses keep an excel spreadshit detailing the per account roi.)
asciilifeform: sounds like a rather tedious fiatola casino
lobbes: Well, very rarely, at least, did I encounter that. Not enough to make me take my 'schooling' any more seriously than 'find path of least resistance to fiatola pile'
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-01-17#1772096 << that contract is worth ~diddly squat. iirc the (utterly unimpressive) fiatola figures were quoted in log. ☝︎
esthlos: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-01-14#1770507 << yes, actually! five bitcoin or fiatola? ☝︎
mircea_popescu: apeloyee o you have simulators too now ?! but yes, "we are now entering a littoral combat quantumship era, where the fiatola conduits are well in place and thoroughly divorced from results, so all you disgusting niggers listening in -- know that it's a "safe" field in the sense your "criminology" degrees are."
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo whole idea is you reg your co with whatever inept fiatola site (bitstamp, whatever) and move into cash that way.
asciilifeform: TomServo: there is also a fiatola dealership, run by danielpbarron , ask him for current price there.
a111: 57 results for "fiatola", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=fiatola
asciilifeform: !#s fiatola
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo i don't get it, if you spent 2319 usd how can oooh i see, tangibles. so you had ~.51 worth of bitcoin is fiatola and ended with .2 worth of bitcoin in fiatola.
asciilifeform: danielpbarron: dunno, sounds like your fg dealership was and still is an effective device for converting btc into fiatola to buy bread, at slightly higher efficiency than otherwise
asciilifeform realized not long ago that he's quite ready to pay considerably 'more' in fiatola for a hypothetical item that is also-sold for btc , on account of the difficulty of replenishing the latter
asciilifeform: possibly folx are less reluctant to part with fiatola than good old coinz
asciilifeform: the microscopies, etc are paid for with the fiatola that asciilifeform 'cheated' the beast out of by rejecting mortgagism, 401kism, etc.
asciilifeform: yea, observe, danielpbarron's fiatola FG sale still 0 takers
asciilifeform: ( i thought bitpay took btc ~in~ only , disgorged fiatola )
mircea_popescu: we are talking of fiatola here, after all.
asciilifeform: may as well sell for fiatola, or leave for the vultures.
mircea_popescu: they "decode" who paid whom when via blockchain signals, they see transmitters etc, they've "incontrovertible proof" that so and so parcel of fiatola broke the laws and so on
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-11-01#1731745 << ok, but don't count republican accounting in fiatola ; yes you have an underprotection clause, but it's an ancillary, beloings in a footnote. ☝︎
asciilifeform: instead he took in a wad of electro-fiatola, which is instant alarm bell at nsa ( whole directorate, as described in 2013 leakz )
mircea_popescu: why exactly i am still paying fucking fiatola ugstani retards to host servers for me when there's a whole lot of supposedly competent, supposedly business oriented and not yet entirely senile bright minds also an open question
mircea_popescu: (million dollars is perhaps not enough to buy either, but let's pretend fiatola has some modicum of value)
asciilifeform: fiatola derps fixate on chains of custody because they can't verify jackshit
asciilifeform: ('utxo set' is a broken concept, thoroughly and to the bone : it implies that it is somehow acceptable to forget the history of all coin, i.e. the thing that proves that EVERY bitcent actually came from blockrewards as-specified, and not from magicking into existence a la fiatola )
asciilifeform: i thought it was from old fiatola habit ('spend it nao or it evaporates anyway')
mircea_popescu: fine, but i find it rather lulzy that apparently i have to worry about "Bitcoin revenue", as if i can't trade fiatola for bitcoin like anyone else ; and that somehow i should be worried while sitting on technology the usg couldn't replicate in spite of trying for a coupla years.
mircea_popescu: well of course it's sinking, wtf. fiatola turds.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-03#1651435 << them and other folx who claim to 'prioritize' tx in exchange for ... fiatola ☝︎
mircea_popescu: Framedragger the point you elide is that all that fiatola "money" is not actually anything.
asciilifeform: fiatola exposure is an attack surface.
asciilifeform: ( other than a pile of fiatola. which in a way is also 'hardware' )
asciilifeform: fdr centralized , e.g., academia, created the familiar grantola trough, magicked modern fiatola into existence. quite definitively the builder of usg4.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: does there in fact exist a 'free world' of non-kyctronic fiatola banking ?
Framedragger: see, it may have been supposed to be *him*. next year will mark 100y of independence, parades, state fiatola for 'history research' assigned, etc.; but beyond the banal, i *particularly* like the transparent sheer *indignation* by the 'historians' that this dude just.. read some books.. lifted his ass up.. took a bus to berlin (literally).. and that's it.
mircea_popescu: also wtf are they on about, 3600 bitcoin mined a day, 10-15k traded a day (on fiatola outlets), 30-50k total.
asciilifeform: lol fiatola 'savings'
asciilifeform: a fat balance in an 'international komyoonity'-compliant fiatola bank is quite like, e.g., fleet of winblows boxen, or iPnojes, etc. -- a golemtronic appendage of usg, rather than instrument of the supposed owner
ben_vulpes: by virtue of it being fiatola, the possessor is a tentacle?
asciilifeform: from my perch, carmack is an esr -- he was enriched in fiatola by praying to 'intellectual property' molloch, and now what molloch gave, he taketh away.
ben_vulpes: in point of fact there is! just not for people engaging in fiatola show trials
asciilifeform: 'fiatola is no friend of mine' (tm) (r) (mircea_popescu)
mircea_popescu: all this "oh, we're all friends" bs is for the dogs. i ain't fiatola's friend.
BingoBoingo: Anyways this is a serious Coindesk problem. People ask about doing things, decide to not do them instead doing the Silbert fiatola thing, and then make Coindesk list because it is all silbert stuff nao.
asciilifeform: pete_dushenski: the reason why crackdowns on 'prescription dope' is that it is not feeding hard currency to lizards, but fiatola to variably-connected fiatolists
asciilifeform: and can only emit fiatola
mircea_popescu: moreover... why do you think a company would take bitcoin, but refund in fiatola ?
mircea_popescu: Framedragger note that there isn't any serious "bitcoin invoicing" thing. you can have a "take customer;'s bitcoin and give me fiatola", there's 500x of those. there's NO "take customer's fiatola and give me btc"
asciilifeform: i'm still not sold on the concept of a pgp key in multiple pockets being any different an affair from old fiatola reich control.
asciilifeform: eh banks are full of fiatola, what's it cost to print moar.
asciilifeform: sorta how fiatola works already at the sovereign level.
mircea_popescu: fiatola "security-oriented/minded/focused/blabla" === "varmint with cheese preference". all it does is it tells the exterminator what to bait the traps with.
asciilifeform: various supposed 'revolutionaries' keep their fiatola, either in hefty physical bags which then feature in mexican confiscation porn,
asciilifeform: fiatola was printed in china before euro folk climbed down from the trees, or what it was.
asciilifeform: run moar warez-as-get-rich ops, keep moar fiatola bank accounts filled thereby
asciilifeform: it is an almost inevitable thing, per the familiar chumpatronic model (consider fiatola 'middle class' fella trying to evaluate his net worth, sitting in a pile of bezzles of 1,001 types)
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2016-07-12#1501987 << they could pay ... well, "pay" 25 bn for ~worthless watsapp to reallocate fiatola to favored son ; why shouldn't they pay i mean "pay" 1bn for ~worthless legal clai mto reallocate fiatola to the OTHER favoured son ? what, you mean the other favored son isn't favored ? ☝︎
asciilifeform: i predicted, for instance, that there would be a usgtronic alt backed by actual fiatola. which hasn't happened yet.
asciilifeform: that's the key here, fiatola is ~= a superconductor.
asciilifeform: but this is not entirely applicable to btc planet - unlike fiatola, it does not evaporate at room temperature
asciilifeform: he was also my introduction to the mechanics of fiatola.
asciilifeform: when can we expect fiatola booklet.
asciilifeform: waiwut i thought this was a fiatola exchange
asciilifeform: i read some of the available material ( mircea_popescu must've posted it ?) but all i saw were btc-fiatola dealz
asciilifeform: but there is (nor ever likely to be) a fiatola-btc exchange in wot
asciilifeform: what does someone need to have in place of a brain to be pissed at a fella torching a pile of fiatola?