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mircea_popescu: kaniini doesn't work lol, consider http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=from%3Amircea+fetlife (specifrically http://btcbase.org/log/2018-03-08#1787186 )☝︎
mircea_popescu: but yes, all of fetlife is public, idle posturing to the contrary notwithstanding.
mircea_popescu: this is EXACTLY like, instead of using programmable machines to talk to every girl on fetlife and enslave some, i'd use them to "start-up". because "san francisco never said it wants a bunch of enslaved women with computers".
mircea_popescu: and think in terms of confusable ~by whom~. as far as 50% or so of fetlife female moron population is concerned, they have "a master" or whatever in that vein.
mircea_popescu: i find fetlife sluts are about 10kx more interesting than hikikomori bois a la whatever set we've been contemplating, from curtis yarvin to rms.
mircea_popescu: re http://thetarpit.org/posts/y04/076-shithub-2018-06.html#selection-149.0-153.220 : you should see the "easy to detect" over @ fetlife, fucktards have five dozen DIFFERENT failure modes, all of them ujust as "specifically laid out". bot code is 60% "handle inept error pages" by mass. so fucking evident it's the result of "incremental development", too.
mircea_popescu: there's been a definite uptick in schmucks trying to pretend they're me on fetlife. and i suppose similarly on obscure webshits i don't know about.
mircea_popescu: i dunno if you appreciate this, at all, but consider : i follow fetlife for ~purely private~ reasons. on my own time, off my own money, for the lulz/orgasms of my own girls, and so on. yet i've published multiple articles including summaries, schematics, various discussions, on it goes. on the other hand, a bunch of you guys have been involved in a very comparable effort for about as long, and if tomorrow you put out ten thou
mircea_popescu: and furthermore -- the "only fetlife" item does not follow from anything personal -- mp is a perv, whatever. it follows from the objective. everything else, even should you acrete something, will be http://trilema.com/2010/problema-cu-crestinii/#comment-126101 << this moron,
mircea_popescu: and even given this, in order to convert fetlife leads into utility you actually need a dungeon, and the other slavegirls and you know, being the guy whio actually built all that.
mircea_popescu: mod6 honestly, if i thought any of this is worth doing i'd do it. from actual experience and as far as i can myself see so far, besides fetlife there's no utility in the fiat bubble-makers.
mircea_popescu: we just recently met. "on" fetlife.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform or, for that matter, to the feat of interfacing with fetlife.
mircea_popescu: so here's some wonderment for today : random fetlife slut follows a webirc link (doh, what, irc exists ?!?!?!) and ends up here, at 14:58. sits here quietly, and patiently, until at 15:05 i say something. that's SEVEN WHOLE MINUTES. this alone, you know ? and then, puts another FOUR solid minutes in wtfing this thing, so that at 15:09 she can <kiyleeslut> Found it :).
mircea_popescu: and it doesn't stop there ; are you aware "modern browser" won't even allow luser to set referrer string ? it's either "nothing at all" or else "Speak the truth". why ? so that fetlife can imp[lement faux security a la "oh, your referrer is incorrect, best relogin".
mircea_popescu: mah work in reddit / fetlife / whatever machine-infiltration is pioneering specifically because ~nobody else~ ever fucking does this. because it's expensive.
mircea_popescu: in other lulz, there's such a thing as "bitcoinbrat" on fetlife.
mircea_popescu: anyways, whatever. who cares about yet another "52 M Dom" fetlife profile ? he never was more than that.
mircea_popescu: but populace eminently is not the criteria, which is why the "totally not a dating site" "community" of fetlife can't stand up to... me.
mircea_popescu: and in fetlife lulz today, https://image.ibb.co/d2Hny8/00056803_7191_0ffc_4b0a_89586b312613_958.jpg
mircea_popescu: do you realise ~every single fucktarded sub 25 yo girly on fetlife~ thinks "her relationship is great" and "my guy gives me everything i want, which you couldn't" ?
mircea_popescu: and boy howdy, does anyone on earth, including its subinept management, derive more fucking value from the fetlife holding pens than yours truly.
mircea_popescu: same way "moderation" of fetlife works.
mircea_popescu: in other fetlife lulz, "You look like you run a cult so I’m gonna pass."
mircea_popescu: o btw asciilifeform , here's a hysterical example of the usual boeckisms : http://trilema.com/2015/the-fetlife-meatlist-volume-i/#comment-125502
mircea_popescu: and same for chicks you pick off any other fetlife, whether they call themselves "localzon" or "amabitcoins" or ANYTHING ELSE. meat markets, all of them.
mircea_popescu: but yes, it is basically a small fetlife from yurp.
mircea_popescu: reminds me of this chick on fetlife, "So you don't want to have a smart discuss, you're here for what ? What do you research here ? Because I'm agree with your description."
mircea_popescu: this is not singular : fetlife is at least half by weight people who want a good pretext as to why they're not getting laid (community!) ; gaming is at least half by weight people who want a good pretext as to why they suck at video games (community!) and so on and so following. look at expert sex change in this vein, you'll discover a few things about the sort of questions asked and the placesd they come from.
mircea_popescu: there's a large (and good god vocal!) population on say fetlife, which is only there to steal the having been stolen from wrt sex. specifically, they're mental 12yos who are there to not have to notice they're entiurely asexual, "how could you think that of me, i'm here engaging in the exact sort of slut-in-training perisexual and cvasisexual behaviours typical of pubescence!". here, sampler : "Law_And_Chaos 26M Dom ah you se
mircea_popescu: whole thing stinks very badly of the same ole http://trilema.com/2015/the-fetlife-meatlist-volume-i/#selection-71.13-79.1 and of course http://trilema.com/2017/global-warming-on-triton/#selection-177.0-189.40
mircea_popescu: meanwhile in fetlife lulz, "<title>503 All backends failed or unhealthy</title>"
mircea_popescu: it's just... jesus christ i am at a loss to comprehend what the problems involved are. fuck me, i'm working on an ai sex bot to fetlife ? really ?
mircea_popescu: HOWEVER, and this is the gem : their "lock out" looks to the script like this : <html><body>You are being <a href="https://fetlife.com/locked_out?user_id=????????">redirected</a>.</body></html>
mircea_popescu: instead, they have a "mysterious" "security" blabla, which does things like https://vircotto.com/fetlife-locked-my-account-for-four-days-heres-what-i-learned.html
mircea_popescu: so : in order to prevent walking their db, fetlife DID NOT, ~~~STILL~~~ implement the obviously correct method described for free by moi, back in http://trilema.com/2015/fetlife-the-meat-market/#comment-112222
mircea_popescu: in other lulz from the everfount, https://fetlife.com/users/8126611
mircea_popescu: this entire exercise in idiocy has, practically speaking, resulted in me paying various hard working ticos a grand or so, to the people fucking in the ass the "security" paradigm of pantsuit.fetlife. IN LIEU of having paid that much, and rather more, to the fetlife itself.
mircea_popescu: in other lulz of the ongoing fetlife saga, they've MASSIVELY rate limited profile views. check out ~100 people in an hour or so, get timed out.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes hey, does fetlife want to hire you too, or did they taylor the pop-up ?
mircea_popescu: sure ; meanwhile consider this : the article the fetlife bot keeps linking to the fetlife tards ISNT in the top 20 of the month.
mircea_popescu: the very definition of an orc, this. one who can subsist on pantsuit diet, one who is satisfied with facebook for his culture and with dellenovo for his hardware and with the http://trilema.com/2018/best-of-fetlife-such-as-it-is/ girlies for his amorous needs and so on. that's what an orc is, what the fuck else would it be.
mircea_popescu: hanbot bonus points : if you actually go through one of their dumbass "organized tours", other than the herd of fetlife cowsies everywhere, you're not even allowed to hold them!
mircea_popescu: well, sorta like libtarded precious cuntlet in 2018. "i wonder why nobody writes to me on fetlife!!!" "where's your nudie shots ?" "ummmm..."
mircea_popescu: meanwhile in operation enduring lulzmine, fetlife still beastforum'd. 5 hours.
mircea_popescu: back to teh fetlife lulz : the amusing part, at least toi me, is that friend-adding still works! i'm the happy owner of an account with 7890 of them. which i expect is the site record.
mircea_popescu: aaahahahaha! in other wins... fetlife now has an announcement, "unfortunately, creating new messages is currently broken". very much http://trilema.com/2017/how-the-beastforumcom-private-messaging-function-became-a-paid-user-only-item/ continuation lmao
mircea_popescu: in other "i'm back here let's check things", teh fetlife bot has been going unmolested for the interval. it must suck to work for these website-business-technologies.
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2015/a-proper-social-site-for-the-bdsm-community/ << got specced after the 2015 destruction / public humiliation of fetlife
mircea_popescu: are you teh fetlife czech slut ?
mircea_popescu: you got a blog, you saw teh fetlife/okcupid/whatever write-ups, knock yourself out in a mead of fermented detail.
mircea_popescu: and 2010s chicks gotta be on fetlife, apparently.
mircea_popescu: fetlife apparently exception.
mircea_popescu: in other sads, fetlife profile now getting >100 pieces of mail a day. da fuck am i gonna do, assign slave to manage it ?
mircea_popescu: and in other scary things, https://fetlife.com/users/7995439
mircea_popescu: but... it's been around for years. it broke the cables story. it broke the fetlife lists. it...
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2015/sooo-fetlife-is-butthurt/#comment-122323 in other lulz
mircea_popescu: items halfway, trying to lie but not very good at it, a la http://trilema.com/2015/sooo-fetlife-is-butthurt/ are pretty much the entirety of pasture.
mircea_popescu still chuckles at the "indignant community" back when fetlife turned out to be a shithole.
mircea_popescu: http://log.mkj.lt/trilema/20170330/#373 << the trotsky look for a new generation. compare/contrast http://trilema.com/2015/fetlife-the-meat-market/#footnote_4_60010 or some other pics i can't currently find lol.
mircea_popescu: in other ~lulz, http://trilema.com/2015/sooo-fetlife-is-butthurt/#comment-118337
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo ok, but the devil is in the details! my fetlife/okcupid/collarspace/etc lulz don't read like "six years ago, disgusted witgh the process" and so on and so forth.
mircea_popescu: but anyway, looking forward to more "{Security researchers|IT specialists|Computer experts} with {University of Derp in Derpistan|USG.RedHat.Whatever|The HTTPS Internet} published {Literotica|Fetlife|OkCupid|Ask.fm|Phuctor|whatever} {database|userlist|secret excel codebase} publicly! We don't have a copy because we don't believe in things, we prefer names."
mircea_popescu: which is ~50k different phonemes, the vast majority of which are bona fide words but filtering any further exceeds my patience (and if you're curious why it stops there - once the fetlife lists hit, there's a pile of crapolade in the form of usernames that are difficult to distinguish etc). i'm happy with the estimation that "50k or maybe a little more". which would mean that... whoa!
mircea_popescu: https://mikandi.com/blog/news/mikandi-news/fetlife-meatlist/ check it out, by now i could spend ~the entire day reading about myself.
mircea_popescu: kinda reminds me of fetlife going on a rampage deleting profiles of random chicks that had friended me.
mircea_popescu: but did you even get banned from fetlife irl or something ?
mircea_popescu: oh right right, i guess im ruined in fetlife (bdsm ?) because they banned some random people just in case we were connected. lolk.
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo im half-amused that the "mainstream media" fails to connect the fetlife story to the ashley madison story.
mircea_popescu: then they spend weeks penning diatribes on fetlife/wherever derping about who "violated" whose trust
mircea_popescu: got practically some indonesians or somesuch. not even counting the significant costs to the helpers - the british empire ended up dismantled as a result, in a manner very much reminiscent of the "fetlife dmca's mp, and as a result some random dc in the us pays for mp's yacht".
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2015/the-fetlife-meatlist-volume-i/#comment-114533 << people still working on the ~fallout~ :D from that article.
mircea_popescu: but the fetlife thing, for instance, is certainly intended as a standard.
mircea_popescu: mp does fetlife, weev does aff. i guess i lose out huh.
mircea_popescu: "We were a small company," he said. "It's not like we had millions of dollars to fight this and tons of employees." << yeah, the fetlife style. "we suck, but that's ok because we are small". herpy-derp, stick to twitter.
mircea_popescu: fetlife is hiring, vice is hiring, erryone's hiring. we might even make the gdp go up
mircea_popescu: fetlife bitterly discovered same recently. was kinda fun to watch.
mircea_popescu: (btw... fetlife scraping still ongoing. they "fixed" so many things meanwhile...)
mircea_popescu: damn this entire fetlife fraudulent dmca business has been one of the best things. i really love these new servers i got.
mircea_popescu: there's an entire subculture of these asinine imbeciles, from altman to fetlife to automattic to you name it.
mircea_popescu: soooo... since i was looking at the fetlife stuff, i discovered the scrapper had stopped working
mircea_popescu: "a total of 15,495 accounts were identified as having premium FetLife memberships” and that “Male doms make up far and away the largest proportion of FetLife’s [paying] customer base, accounting for 3,452 (22.28%) of the total customer accounts identified."
mircea_popescu: kinda how the fetlife derps got all twisted about "rape". omagawd our consent was violated by other people using words without asking for permission!!1
mircea_popescu: http://www.dailydot.com/lifestyle/fetlife-bdsm-meat-list-consent/ << how to write about mp without linking trilema.
mircea_popescu: ascii_field hopefully i get the fetlife femmes pissy enough to combust.
mircea_popescu inspects list. fetlife check, alf check, mike check, who am i going to bother and disturb next ?
mircea_popescu: http://maybemaimed.com/2015/04/28/the-fetlife-creeplist-volume-1/ << ahaha
mircea_popescu: there's a very substantial "hay fire" effect. look at the fetlife derps : they got REALLYVERYANGRY!!11 for five minutes. once they couldn't do anything in that interval... well ok, it's no longer a thing now.
mircea_popescu: pete_dushenski i used to think so myself, but then i read on fetlife i'm really spurned by teh ladies, and so...
mircea_popescu: davout hey, did fetlife break their signup process ?
mircea_popescu: anyway, the differences between me and justusranvier dude are amusing. fetlife vs okcupid, the locus of butthurt, etc.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes there's a wider point here btw : the internet has been slowly evolving towards immutability. this trend is visible high and low - curtis yarvin's attempt to "remake bitcoin in his own yard" did not miss this point, the general response of the fetlife cattle to the meatlist is a very sound "internet is immutable", the wind is there.
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2015/the-fetlife-meatlist-volume-v/ << it's deployed there for instance if you wanna play with it.
mircea_popescu: not bad, not bad. conference last week, fetlife this week...
mircea_popescu: basically... fetlife is the size of my 3rd degree social circle.
mircea_popescu: meanwhile "This guy is a rich bored misogynistic scumbag looking to stir shit up. This is CEO-level Trolling. What he's doing is technically legal, and even if it weren't, he has the money to keep it tied up in courts forever if not win outright. Unfortunately the worldwide legal system is run on money rather than justice, and Fetlife HAS tried to take appropriate legal action against him to no avail. This is yet anoth
mircea_popescu: dude this shit is epic. fetlife essentially exists as a sort of liverjournal, it comes out.
mircea_popescu: http://dpaste.com/3877PYR << this derp left a buncha http://trilema.com/2015/the-fetlife-meatlist-volume-iv/#comment-113813 yest.
mircea_popescu: o noes bencash, wai u rewrite in fetlife!
mircea_popescu: but if they don't... what, fetlife becomes mplife ?