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lobbes: But re: fits in head. Isn't phf's/alfs argument that you cannot really even audit said generalized glue?
trinque: I'll close with the observation that asciilifeform's "fits in head" serves "build to iterate and throw away" very well.
phf: well, presumably all this only applies when you have fits in head. otherwise you have to fallback to counterparty
asciilifeform: not quite 'fits in head' machine, but 'fits in book'
a111: Logged on 2017-02-11 00:27 asciilifeform: ROP is why you want not only 'fits-in-head' source of proggy, but the smallest binary physically possible.
asciilifeform: ROP is why you want not only 'fits-in-head' source of proggy, but the smallest binary physically possible.
asciilifeform: is in no real 1980s sense 'fits in head'
phf: metafont fits in head
asciilifeform: the sleep of fits-in-head breeds monsters.
mircea_popescu: check him out, adept of fits in head, worried about not being able to find the broken code HE SHOULDNT HAVE HAD. pshhh
asciilifeform: let's revisit thread - what part of 'fits in head, and speccable, or doesn't-fit-in-head, unspeccable, t. non d.' does mircea_popescu disagree with ?
scriba: Logged on 2016-09-13: [17:51:53] <asciilifeform> the reason why we ~have~ spec-by-program is because it is the only actual alternative to fits-in-head.
asciilifeform: the reason why we ~have~ spec-by-program is because it is the only actual alternative to fits-in-head.
asciilifeform: and not fits-in-head.
asciilifeform: but 'fits in head, except for this massive part that presently fits in no head' is not same as 'fits in head'
asciilifeform: g_l: really now, fits in head, incl. the font engine crap etc. ?
g_l: http://btcbase.org/log/2016-08-30#1531840 < CLIM fits-in-head, and the final showstopping error (X11 related crap) has been reduced to a simple test case, and is in the process of being solved.☝︎
phf: it doesn't satisfy our own requirements of fits in head, it goes through a rube goldberg machine in order to produce a specific build for a specific system. "mac os x? fuck you. openbsd? fuck you". it doesn't succeed at own goal of producing bit identical builds.
ben_vulpes: but the notion of a "fits in head" ethereum contract boggles the mind, so.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: fits-in-head means that i get to huffmanize TO THE MAX
asciilifeform: which is a fallacy because... correct-c still is not conducive to fits-in-head; is not readily distinguishable by naked eye from underhanded-c; cannot provide rational guarantees of handling error conditions mid-way; and 10,001 other defects that don't look like defects to folks who grew up with crippled systems
a111: 80 results for "fits in head", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=fits%20in%20head
asciilifeform: $s fits in head
asciilifeform: a fits-in-head library with no loose parts and no sharp edges can be used as it is.
trinque: and thus entirely not "fits in head"
mircea_popescu: science as "fits in head" is not exactly practicable anymore.
phf: flask is not standalone though, it's a wsgi service, which in turn is a python standard for doing "web application". there are competing servers for wsgi, uwsgi being most popular. i actually had to patch it for my work production, and it's not a fits in head by any means
asciilifeform: where he 'fits in head'.
phf: exponent fits in head
asciilifeform: 1.1MB TGZ of src !11 this does not appear to be in any serious way 'lighter' or more fits-in-head-sy than x11.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: in the interest of fits-in-head - sure
mircea_popescu: this is WHY your "fits in head", btw. well justified cover for the "on the basis of the pi we know, the largest house that can stand is 11 feet tall"
adlai: 'fits in head' has another interpretation.
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: when I hear "fits in head" >> http://cdn2.thegloss.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Knowledge.gif
mircea_popescu: forget fits in head, this doesn't even fit in ass.
asciilifeform: remember 'fits in head' ?
asciilifeform: what i wanted was a generic, fits-in-head (a few 1000 lines of c, no deps) stateless, 'protocol-less' cipherator that one could put, e.g., ftp over
asciilifeform: k's essay was really about 'fits in head'
assbot: Logged on 04-02-2016 15:56:22; ascii_butugychag: punkman: fits-in-head only plox.
BingoBoingo: fits in tweet no guarantee of fits in head, head can overflow buffer and leak memory too
ascii_butugychag: punkman: fits-in-head only plox.
thestringpuller: the rule of thumb "fits in head" helps with the notion of owning device which when understood could "fit in head".
mod6: As soon as we have our new build process in place, and it's sane, and "Works" and "fits in head" and all that, then we'll release.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform actually may want to write him a letter, iirc he was also all about fits in head but arrived there on slightly different path
ascii_butugychag: 1) fits-in-head. also known popularly as 'knowing precisely wtf you're doing'
BingoBoingo: whitespace is all about fits in eyes, not head
asciilifeform: and also don't wait for me to write a fits-in-head and provably non-misbehaving btc client, even though i would much like to, know exactly how, and even have bits'n'pieces sitting around. because instead of this i'm stuck doing pointless crud in шарашка, so as to eat.
BingoBoingo: <jurov> whether "stratum" protocol fits in head for easy control, that's another question. << A lot of this. I'm imagining and "electrum" that isn't actually electrum. i.e. not a big ball of whatever that desperately wants to advertise to the world exactly what it is. basically a different better database client setup. May break down and learn to make code enough to shit one out by 2030.
jurov: whether "stratum" protocol fits in head for easy control, that's another question.
phf: in 60 years will be using "f", a fits in head filesystem implementation by ascii, that can store terabytes of data, but technically indistinguishable from tape archive
asciilifeform: the old saw, 'you own only what fits in one hand while firing with the other' is not applicable if using two-handed weapon. because then, you own only what fits in head (and arse...)
mircea_popescu: fits in head, i suspect, is just your bait and switch to make the world "fits in ass".
ascii_field: it is important to remember why we came up with the whole shebang of 'fits-in-head 1-page' patches, 'v', the lot
ascii_field: my other problem is that i have not yet found an implementation of ml language that fits-in-head.
asciilifeform: it is important to know why items such as picolisp and mulisp exist - compactness. (and to a lesser extent, 'fits in head'.)
pete_dushenski: university was 'fits in head'
asciilifeform: this means fits-in-head.
ben_vulpes: "fits in head" is a realistic goal with python, perl and cpp?
mircea_popescu: fits in head
trinque: really illustrates your "fits in head"
ascii_field: mats: i have often named historical examples of 'fits in head.' but you choose to ignore them. why ?
mircea_popescu: "fits in head" too ?
asciilifeform: the ultimate systemic solution is 'fits-in-head'
asciilifeform: scheme 'fits in head.'
asciilifeform: fits-in-fucking-head.
punkman: asciilifeform: all works of man are either 'fits in head' or 'pile of shit', no exceptions << don't some things require more than a single head?
asciilifeform: all works of man are either 'fits in head' or 'pile of shit', no exceptions
asciilifeform: the answer is ALWAYS, without exception, fits-in-head+does-not-crash+operates-correctly.
mircea_popescu: but hey. professional scholars. all that fits in their head are names.
asciilifeform: sometimes - head fits in lathe.
ben_vulpes: lathe fits in head.
decimation: right, so 'fits in head' fails in all languages higher than assembly, on the c machine
asciilifeform: 'fits in head' and 'developers count on fingers on one hand' are good thermonukes against this
decimation: re: 'fits in head' < in other words the 'mythical man month' more-or-less
asciilifeform: so 'fits in head' is 'part of a balanced diet' with 'does whole job' (otherwise brick 'fits in head')
asciilifeform: 'fits in head' is how you actually -know- that x 'did whole job'
asciilifeform adds 'fits in head' likbez to middle of very long list
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: concept alluded to was 'fits in head.' i suppose this is a good time and place to note that it can be accomplished in three basic ways: a) small system b) big head c) powerful hydraulic press
trinque: Naphex: as far as what it means to have a fits-in-head system, please do read asciilifeform's material; he's far more qualified to say.
ben_vulpes: <asciilifeform> ... prevention of fits-in-head << can vouch for the pita of this in clojure
ascii_modem: fits-in-head is the only answer. though it goes well with a balanced diet of public impalements for wreckerz
mircea_popescu: foss seriously has a problem by now. and it is of the nature of alf's "fits in head" thing.
asciilifeform: it is the only pill (other than 'fits in head') against boojums like intel's fpu bug
ascii_field: https://www.alchemistowl.org/pocorgtfo/pocorgtfo03.pdf << article on pg. 5 about 'fits in head' - pure gold
asciilifeform: and the result 'fits in head'
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: i've historically been a skeptic of 'provably' whatevers, because the required furniture, in my experience, never failed to interfere with 'fits in head' - and the promised are often overblown
mircea_popescu: that way, it defnitely fits in head.
decimation: asciilifeform: do you have a favorite 'static code analysis' tool? or do you eschew all such automation in favor of 'fits in head'?
decimation: 'fits in head'
decimation: asciilifeform: I suppose that if one really wants an os written in ada that 'fits in head' - one should write it himself
asciilifeform: what part of 'fits in head'?
asciilifeform: but the only proper spec is a) actual spec b) fits in head c) because was created by actual person
asciilifeform: the seeds of rot are in any deviation from 'fits in head.'
asciilifeform: not fits in head - ipso facto not well written
asciilifeform: well written == operates correctly + fits in head.
asciilifeform: when i say 'fits in head', i mean in the same way mechanism of doorknob, or kalashnikov.
kakobrekla: 'fits in head' < meh, some folks fit 50k digits of pi in ther head.
decimation: yeah, I agree, like you need a computer that tells you what fits in your head
decimation: dijkstra would have been a fan of 'fits in head'
asciilifeform: it is 'fits in head.' and a few other things.