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BingoBoingo: ^ For the Pantsuit eating their own, get out of the way files
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2019/01/following-legalization-canadian-cannabis-activist-entrepreneur-marc-emery-hit-with-pantsuit-metoo-depersoning-attack/ << Qntra -- Following Legalization Canadian Cannabis Activist Entrepreneur Marc Emery Hit With Pantsuit #MeToo Depersoning Attack
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2019/01/trump-cancels-pantsuit-vacation-party/ << Qntra -- Trump Cancels Pantsuit Vacation Party
mircea_popescu: we're totally gonna start caring about pantsuit talking points nao!
mircea_popescu: https://www.playboy.com/read/don-t-fall-for-the-gop-s-scapegoating-of-steve-king-1 << domain squatted by Really Angry Pantsuit (tm), amusingly enough. because totally, that's exactly how this game works, http://btcbase.org/log/2015-08-21#1247708 etcetera. ☝︎
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2019/01/pantsuit-capital-allocator-jeff-bezos-mismanages-household-to-dissolution-after-sexing-up-49-year-old-matron/ << Qntra -- Pantsuit Capital Allocator Jeff Bezos Mismanages Household To Dissolution After Sexing Up 49 Year Old Matron
BingoBoingo: Anyways, first incident was dismissed after pantsuit outrage over the investigation as an attack on the old dude's lifestyle
BingoBoingo: White pantsuit hiring black men for sex and hooking them on meth... like that Atlanta dude but with different taste in holes
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2019/01/dead-black-man-found-at-major-pantsuit-donors-home-for-second-time-in-less-than-two-years/ << Qntra -- Dead Black Man Found At Major Pantsuit Donor's Home For Second Time In Less Than Two Years
mircea_popescu: specifically : the oldest illustration of "robotics" in the charlie chaplin deeply misguided http://btcbase.org/log/2015-03-06#1043874 approach (and yes, i am very unimpressed by charlie chaplin as the "intellectual great" pantsuit make him out to be, specifically because this sort of deliberate stupidity to cater to pantsuit nonsense dun count as wisdom) is an amelia bedelia-esque "person sent to broom will broom the room, r ☝︎
mircea_popescu: prime target for pantsuit shenanigans ; i expect a lot of http://btcbase.org/log/2018-12-01#1877139 going on. because otherwise, very much a problem of http://trilema.com/2016/give-computers-the-vote-theyre-cheaper-than-women-even/ ☝︎
asciilifeform: re 'reality show', in 1950s robert sheckley had little story re 'glorious fyootoor' where nomoar pantsuit laws, and so folx free to kill themselves creatively for money; and tv program is made where folx are knocked out and then wake up in race car, or midget sub, or jet fighter, whichever is farthest from their ordinary derp life, and filmed as they try an' avoid certain deaths
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> mcarthur's idea re protein shortage in occupied jp -- feed'em whale. << Reads like Pantsuit revisionism. Of course Island that can't ranch infinitcows is going to whale eat.
mircea_popescu: ie, the orc pantsuit are just as pantsuit as the empire pantsuit.
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2018/12/chest-issues-continue-piling-up-for-octagenarian-pantsuit-bench-warmer/ << Qntra -- Chest Issues Continue Piling up For Octagenarian Pantsuit Bench Warmer
a111: Logged on 2018-08-15 14:52 mircea_popescu: incidentally, since we're doing lost arts, where the fuck did i state the pantsuit's problem of integration (ie, that pantsuitism doesn't stand a chance in the republic because the republic integrates it) in the terminology that "this sword cuts for them a portion of the way and for us the whole way" ? ie, that they're always dependent on state, whatever shit they come up with gotta be carefully ~stopped~ on various slippery
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2018/12/der-spiegel-social-engineer-lauded-by-pantsuit-peers-and-misrepresenting-self-as-journalist-turns-out-to-have-been-prolific-fiction-writer-the-whole-time/ << Qntra -- Der Spiegel Social Engineer Lauded By Pantsuit Peers And Misrepresenting Self As Journalist Turns Out To Have Been Prolific Fiction Writer The Whole Time
BingoBoingo: Wall fits in the "againing" It's about all US has left in its ablity to act, but because it could be done Pantsuit desperately doesn't want it.
asciilifeform: seen from asciilifeform's lens, episode is part of the larger 'kick dog till it bites, then shoot it' campaign of pantsuit
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: they object that he ( like other moneyed folx , and exactly like clitler et al ) tried to create tax fort for his heirs. nao heirs will get 0, and pantsuit 100%.
mircea_popescu: part of the problem being that we traditionally use " to render pantsuit nonsense, and i suppose it ended up coloring the quotes or something.
mircea_popescu: entire pantsuit rage @trump can be readily decoded in terms of "how dare you consider consequences".
mircea_popescu: i doubt the problem's etiquette. seems to me much deeper issue than that, civillian pantsuit expects anything can be taken in "at his own rate" because his personal golden veal promised him there will never be such a thing as the calling in this world.
mircea_popescu: i imagine pantsuit.fbi is gonna start farming these, much like pantsuit.academia is farming "scholars" and pantsuit.tech is farming blackchickscode.
mircea_popescu: there's this pantsuit trend of making websites from playdo. 0 levers, 0 anything, thick bright colors.
asciilifeform: re: petrowank : asciilifeform also not expert, but last i recall arabs were 'peaked' while ru ramping for 50+y and onwards; hence the pantsuit's perennial interest in picking up last reich's torch and 'spreading demoocracy' there
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: from personal observation -- seems that they're the pantsuit vanguard
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform cca 2005ish packaging of the pantsuit/usgtard ideas on magic. nth rehash of the "if you think something really really hard it will be".
mircea_popescu: there's no such thing as a "gist" anyway, not anymore than "niche" or "equality" or any other of a grosse pantsuit manic moronicities.
mircea_popescu: it's a historical fact, the only way for a revolution to win is for the wanna-be pantsuit cop larpers being killed, in such numbers as not to leave any behind.
asciilifeform: so contention is 'serbia not under pantsuit yoke' ? somehow ? or 'serbia will rise again?' or which is it
mircea_popescu: leaving aside the cases where "army -- shot the would-be cops", from odessa to what have you, 2016 turkey, the point remains : shooting the larping pantsuit until no pantsuit left willing to larp is the only way.
mircea_popescu: and quite specifically because, "kill the cops, until there's no pantsuit left willing to larp".
mircea_popescu: white bois gotta fucking learn already. kill the cops, until there's no pantsuit left willing to larp. do not "peaceful" hurr durr, that does 0.
a111: Logged on 2018-11-05 16:27 mircea_popescu: amusingly enough, there's actually two distinguishable pantsuit trends to this day, a mystagogical cvasi-elitism spawned from boas and a mechanicistic mammie-ism visibly spawned off dewey.
mircea_popescu: w/e, they got "bought" by "investors" who are gonna lose every penny anyway, "might as well promote pantsuit ideals while office rent lasts"
asciilifeform: not an alt-pantsuit alt-stockholm to give'im an obummernobel
a111: Logged on 2018-12-04 06:59 mircea_popescu: we're stuck with paper bridges between pantsuit alt-reality and the construction of republican sanity, which have to be expensively (if temporarily) maintained. the management of the leaking insanity will be a major function of the lordship and overal brain sink going forward, because obviously a bevy of "patch-this-for-that" could at least in principle overburden V conceptually to the point of failure.
mircea_popescu: we're stuck with paper bridges between pantsuit alt-reality and the construction of republican sanity, which have to be expensively (if temporarily) maintained. the management of the leaking insanity will be a major function of the lordship and overal brain sink going forward, because obviously a bevy of "patch-this-for-that" could at least in principle overburden V conceptually to the point of failure.
mircea_popescu: it's so fucking funny tho, utterly fucktarded pantsuit moron imagining "india" is a definite reference to something, "nation of africa" style, and then, if that weren't enough, adding "armenian" to it. because yes, totally, the armenians, those indian fucks.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-12-02#1877821 << it apparently aint in the log, as such. but iirc there was some pantsuit reddit-wank campaign to try an' turn mircea_popescu into a sort of 'mad beria' in 'eye of history' or somesuch nonsense, that was supposed to pin on that phrase ☝︎
mircea_popescu: i recall the endless hordes of pantsuit "free women" going there to whore out to him a little for a few decades. what they said at the coffin... w/e, you know how old the dood was ?
asciilifeform: ( recall the bacchanalia of bloodlust when defeat of ghaddaffi , among pantsuit )
deedbot: http://qntra.net/2018/12/pantsuit-religious-figure-neil-degrasse-tyson-hit-with-bad-touch-allegations/ << Qntra - Pantsuit Religious Figure Neil deGrasse Tyson Hit With "Bad Touch" Allegations
mircea_popescu: in fact, pretty much every single pantsuit mental cockroach can be deduced from a+b above, ~including~ the strictly contradictory bits, and also including the psychotic nonsednse that allows them to maintain contradictory beliefs.
mircea_popescu: "It must by now be the experience of most people that computers develop hardware faults, and also that there are often software issues causing unexpected things to happen." << legal precedent in pantsuit lands nao :D
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-11-26#1875018 << i dun see that they're instances of same item tho -- 1 was dumb http://btcbase.org/log/2018-11-26#1874979 kid, other was a - quite clever enuff - bought an' paid-for pantsuit mole ☝︎☝︎
mircea_popescu: pantsuit imbecile of 1700 is lightweight indeed, compare the ineptly ineffectual paintsuitry of cardinal newman with the elaborately effectual (comparatively) idiocy of c s lewis or arthur blair.
mircea_popescu: or say http://qntra.net/2018/11/pantsuit-lolsuit-against-russia-stumped-by-sovereign-immunity/
deedbot: http://qntra.net/2018/11/pantsuit-lolsuit-against-russia-stumped-by-sovereign-immunity/ << Qntra - Pantsuit Lolsuit Against Russia Stumped By Sovereign Immunity
BingoBoingo: What else can you expect from the prototypical Pantsuit slave society
asciilifeform: turns out pantsuit fatwa not 100% a++ guide to where are the sane orcs
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> simply best-known example. pantsuit is colonial master in good chunk of that subcontinent, but not afaik vietnam. << Vietnam lost the rent a rack contest due to sad "International" bandwidth
asciilifeform: simply best-known example. pantsuit is colonial master in good chunk of that subcontinent, but not afaik vietnam.
mircea_popescu: speaking of which -- anyone with a burning interest in the rainforests of asia ? it occurs to me it might be worth pinpointing a place by the criterion of "pantsuit radio silence" also.
mircea_popescu: there is A LOT of "nyahnyahnyah" buried at the root of pantsuit tree.
mircea_popescu: seems pizarro's been growing all kinda pantsuit warts, not mere bureaucracy-ism but the whole shebang.
BingoBoingo: In the pantsuit sense of the term
mircea_popescu: for some reason arresting a third of the judges "unthinkable" in the us, even as having such a thing as "activist judges" perfectly thinkable, and totally not the same as corruption. cuz it's only corruption if it fucks over pantsuit, see, otherwise it's "activism".
mircea_popescu: i'm biologically exhausted and i'm advertising this fact to avoid pantsuit politician #metoos from falling over themselves.
mircea_popescu: to briefly revisit http://btcbase.org/log/2018-11-06#1869826 : signature line being "The Council cited [...] and Turkey's loss of credibility in the international arena as reasons for the coup." ; whenever you see that you can be very much certain it's teh usg.blue pantsuit. ☝︎
mircea_popescu: (alf's "robohitler" mostly exists as alf's own mind's reinterpretation of the boas-pantsuit ; cargo cultish lulz (say in the "artificial intelligence" vein to pick but one of many examples) usually come from the dewey-pantsuit.)
mircea_popescu: amusingly enough, there's actually two distinguishable pantsuit trends to this day, a mystagogical cvasi-elitism spawned from boas and a mechanicistic mammie-ism visibly spawned off dewey.
mircea_popescu: in other news, i've been sitting here all morning pondering whether inuit fucker franz boas or mme blavatsky dewey truly deserves the "intellectual father of pantsuit" title.
mircea_popescu: the traditional romanian "o fut pe ma-ta" seems particularily crafted for the occasion of interacting with pantsuit. because, literally, io asta fac : le fut mamica.
BingoBoingo: Eh, the drumpf thing was a John Oliver cancer. The reason has been resurrected now is the NPC meme people are using it to mock the anti trumpers. It's all part of dismissing pantsuit complaints as "Orange Man Bad"
mircea_popescu: i'm not saying the pantsuit's creative or anything. i'm just amused at how fucking awkward they can get, srsly, need special words for things that only other similar idiots would be using so as not to risk conversation with someone not similarly fucktarded ?
mircea_popescu: meanwhile in other pantsuit lulz, the emerging convention is to call trump "drumpf". because, see, if someone does, then the repressed awkwardsuckers in the audience know it's SAFE!!!
BingoBoingo: Who knows maye 10 years down the line I catch up to the log summaries and manage to stabilize a cannabis cultivar that gives a pleasant head rush with minimal stupids and sedation in contrast to Pantsuit fad pressure dab shit.
asciilifeform knows what orig pantsuit was, but always pictures it as a sort of jumpsuit, no arms, zips up all the way at the nose , leaving only eyes exposed, gigantic pants
mircea_popescu: (incidentally, for the midden diggers : that "club kids" crew actually invented the pantsuit. yes it's true hilary stwart wore it on tv before going to jail, so it became popular with her fat old white women crowd. but before she could wear it, someone had to make it -- and they did. "here, this is the unitard. This and a hat was basically the whole thing. You can get different hats and I guess paint your face to look differe
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Banksy is as best as I can tell unrepentant Pantsuit scum working for USG.blue
asciilifeform: ( dun mean they'll buy, could easily be engulfed by pantsuit lymphocytes and remain 'unhappened' , sure )
mircea_popescu: of course, it's EMINENTLY for sale if usg.pantsuit wants it. just oyu know, god forbid any leak in the http://trilema.com/2014/in-which-you-become-grain/ process threatens to spring.
mircea_popescu: (incidentally, the recurrent "ban shorts" nonsense is all about this -- the fundamental pantsuit promise is that "no one should ever have to go through the above". which, of course, is how they wrecked the marketplace.)
mircea_popescu: because html5 was done by morons (ie, "community" in pantsuit style) and it couldn't be later or more useless (cue here, how opengl managed to LOSE its having defeated directx, a decade later)
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-10-19#1864009 << no, actually, sounds like "stupid daugthers". it's ~100% pantsuit list. ☝︎
mircea_popescu: "crackdown" comes from the same mental universe as "pantsuit has always last word -- and it is yes sir".
mircea_popescu: the very verbiafge, you know ? "crackdown" ? as fucking if what, the pantsuit isn't a party favour, passed around for anal freely ?
deedbot: http://qntra.net/2018/10/eu-and-obsolete-wwii-era-pantsuit-ngo-call-for-crackdown-on-programs-easing-voluntary-migration-of-high-value-immigrants/ << Qntra - EU And Obsolete WWII Era Pantsuit NGO Call For Crackdown On Programs Easing Voluntary Migration Of High Value Immigrants
a111: Logged on 2018-10-17 17:00 BingoBoingo: Like how nearly all pantsuit grow guides push closet cultivation with ebay/amazon honeypot shopping lists
BingoBoingo: Like how nearly all pantsuit grow guides push closet cultivation with ebay/amazon honeypot shopping lists
BingoBoingo: Congratulations nicoleci on your first Qntra comment! http://qntra.net/2018/10/pantsuit-media-slanders-kim-kardashians-husband-as-an-incel/#comment-119443
asciilifeform: rright but it's a pantsuit production, this thing. i had nfi that they had 'lite' variant for orcs
mircea_popescu: "Consumption of marijuana promotes the development and belief in false memories. The social engineering potential for this is tremendous, which is likely why Pantsuit pushes normalizing marijuana consumption. The effect on activism in the previous point is likely why Pantsuit is cautious in actually legalizing cannabis." << check it out, #metoo was really of and by and for and about potheads ?!
mircea_popescu: ie, before us, "portability" was an abstract nothing, single-datapoint debalanced nonsense, like "the pursuit of happiness" or "safety first" or "no means no" or whatever other fucktarded pantsuit nonsense.
mircea_popescu: the overflow of unreadable crap "enlightment" has produced is carefully not mentioned by the pantsuit apologists.
mircea_popescu: this is pious fraud. the pantsuit subhuman has been just as overwhelmed, and overwhelmed in the exact same ways expressed in the exact same terms since cato the elder.
mircea_popescu: hence all prayer in pantsuit church ever since forever "to peace".
mircea_popescu: and so -- the pantsuit of today the reservoir of today ; much like the mirvniki of 1800, the reservoir of 1800.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform precisely what the pantsuit is : socialism reservoir.
deedbot: http://qntra.net/2018/10/pantsuit-media-slanders-kim-kardashians-husband-as-an-incel/ << Qntra - Pantsuit Media Slanders Kim Kardashian's Husband As An "Incel"
mircea_popescu: it's funny how the neologisms of pantsuit are all "created last sunday", so to speak. "egotism" ? "altruism" ? meaningless drivel from the pap mills.
BingoBoingo: Anyways, presenting conservative sanity as thoughtful "minimalism" has tremendous social engineering value by brainfucking the pantsuit
asciilifeform: the old christian claptrap , that birthed current pantsuit, at least made the creeds explicit
mircea_popescu: unremarkably enough, the pantsuit religion is then "the religion of love". cuz god "so loved his children", he gave them windows and asked them to use it.
mircea_popescu: o noes, pantsuit wank off by 20% as per usual ?!
BingoBoingo: But naturally all of the pantsuit flavored publications are painting this as "Candidate Underwhelms By Failing To Avoid Runoff" instead of embarrassing overperformance versus their polls
asciilifeform: pantsuit 'historians' naturally paint it as 'eeeevil southern expansion', noshit
mircea_popescu: hanbot in any case, teh days of http://btcbase.org/log/2014-03-21#571597 are long behind. there's no need to further the pretense that pantsuit jewry enjoys personhood. it eminently does not. ☝︎