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mircea_popescu: item existed at a certain point because from one hand technology sucked just enough to be able to make that kinda blinkenlichten box but no better ; and from the other hand because country bumpkin were just bored enough at home on the farm to find the box entertaining.
BingoBoingo: In other news, some sort of Derp about Vzla meeting in town today. Going to be popping in and out of Datacenter just to be seen and watch the glory of the blinkenlights
asciilifeform marvels at the sea of blinkenlights
asciilifeform: aha, blinkenlights, 'guarantees', 3-4fig price, the lot.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: It's blinkenlight is normal, but now the port the KVM is plugged into shows orange (as opposed to green) blinkenlight
BingoBoingo: Blinkenlgihts remain normal
BingoBoingo: Blinkenlights appear normal
ben_vulpes: i have a stack of blank index cards upon which i write or draw whatever thing i feel like training the kid on at any given moment. "memory" games with shapes and letters and numbers, the alphabet and numbers, just starting in on word shapes. beyond that, no blinkenlichten, no plastics, a commitment to correcting diction and grammar all day and i'm pretty sure one's into diminishing returns after that
trinque: ftr "empathy" is not caring about anyone; it's being able to model them. not having it just means you were given ADD by the blinkenlights as a child.
phf: but it's telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
asciilifeform: it worx. ( blinkenlichts, couplea hundred universal i/o pins, schematic published )
asciilifeform: examples/icestick/example.v BUILDS and programs and runs... blinkenlichten blink in the specified order.
a111: 30 results for "\"blinken\"", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=%22blinken%22
mircea_popescu: !#s "blinken"
asciilifeform: but at any rate, this threatrical blinkenlight assemblage is simply to distract from the fact that the check IS NOT ENFORCED!
hanbot: iirc second time i've done it, too. kbds everywhere, i guess i'ma install some fucktard blinkenlicten.
asciilifeform: each d00d sits down at the blinkenlights panel and starts playing with knobs, and notices that they are mostly not connected to anything; and the ones that are, if he starts twiddling, Nice Polite Folx show up and gently tell him that he must stop, or There Will Be Problems.
asciilifeform: even 'labview', cosmetically similar, i can see how wins, it shortens 'ooda loop' to ~0 because the circuits can be tested in 'real time' with wysywyg blinkenlights. but this -- i've nfi.
asciilifeform: (who ever heard of mega-deathray WITHOUT BLINKENLIGHTS)
asciilifeform: or -- 'pi' drives blinkenlights for idiot show as well as any other cheapo board.
mircea_popescu: they all live closeby too, because dun wanna commute until they get blinkenlichten, and so double kill.
asciilifeform: incl a very spiffy flashlight with blinkenlights.
mircea_popescu: you know, contrary to the tv version of blinkenlichten, in cockpit design, and ESPECIALLY for combat or any sort of emergency situation, more items are regarded as a serious liability.
asciilifeform: only that 1 blinkenlight tho, not counting the nic jack's.
hanbot: portable radios/pc "sound systems"/projectors/color-changing spotlights/blinkenlichten
mircea_popescu: which is worse, not better, than blinkenlichten
mircea_popescu: airplane is merely annoying to fly. too many blinkenlichten and shit.
ascii_field: have'em glom onto the vans, playing back recorded obscenities, blinkenlighting.
asciilifeform: where, then, is the 'consumeratronic' aesthetic ? why no injection-molded case, blinkenlights, touch panel ?
asciilifeform: 3) node is considered to be operating in red blinkenlight mode if ANY of them are not responding
ascii_field: mr o incidentally goes nowhere without ambulance, complete with blinkenlights
mircea_popescu: jurov: gute blinkenlichtenbeobachtung! <<< bwahhaha top of the mornin' to you too.
jurov: good watching of blinkenlichten!
jurov: gute blinkenlichtenbeobachtung!
jurov: bounce, die blinkenlichten
bounce: relaxen und watchen das blinkenlichten!
mircea_popescu: the guy is saying "o pula roz din fier cu luminite" which means "a pink iron cock with blinkenlichten"
BingoBoingo: moiety: Wire it to a Blinkenlight and have it turned off.
gribble: Blinkenlights - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blinkenlights>; “ACHTUNG! ALLES LOOKENSPEEPERS!” “Das ... - Loewen, Mike: <http://sturgeon.css.psu.edu/~mloewen/Blinkenlights.pdf>; Computer Humor: Just Watch the Pretty Lights - Astrodigital: <http://www.astrodigital.org/digital/achtung.html>
mircea_popescu: oh the blinkenlichtens
asciilifeform: this is good point, dice gizmos ought to be physically present, blinkenlighs, bells, in boozing houses.
B007: telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
mircea_popescu: So relaxen und watchen das blinkenlights!