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lobbes: auctionbot lives again
lobbes: in other news, my second server is finally provisioned. I'm off to resurrect auctionbot and blog!
lobbes: BingoBoingo: confirmed. I have both recent blog dump and auctionbot postgres dumps. I should be good to go for the time-being
lobbes: http://logs.ericbenevides.com/log/trilema/2019-10-09#1942856 << in my case, I *think* I have all the backups I need. I had the presence of mind to run my backup script of auctionbot data and blog dump when I logged in for final time. There is always a chance I forgot something or dump is corrupt, etc. Will find out in the coming days once heathen replacement comes online
lobbes: http://logs.ericbenevides.com/log/trilema/2019-10-09#1942833 << btw, I've snagged another leased server from some singapore heathen hoster. Once they provision the thing and give login info then auctionbot will live again. However, if it is desperately needed in the meantime I can slap it up on the usg hoster as a stop-gap measure
lobbes: I may look into getting another box from them myself; gonna need another home for blog / auctionbot and would rather not hang everything on my usg hoster
lobbes: BingoBoingo: Do I have the okay to bring an uncloaked auctionbot online?
lobbes: http://logs.ericbenevides.com/log/trilema/2019-10-04#1940398 << this would be auctionbot. I dun presently have a cloak for it, so feel free to just kill the process (it is running in sbcl) and that should prevent any naked joins. I can move bot to a non-piz box in the interim
lobbes pats auctionbot
lobbes: http://logs.nosuchlabs.com/log/trilema/2019-08-29#1932106 << I agree this is probably the proper behavior. But it ain't changing anytime soon. The heathen coad lobbesbot runs on [i.e. it doesn't sit on the logbot tree like auctionbot] is slated to be discontinued just as soon as I get some more important things complete. Not sinking any more time trying to staple that dead horse
lobbes: auctionbot (which sits on the logbot tree) however is postgres
lobbes: http://logs.nosuchlabs.com/log/trilema/2019-08-09#1926606 << idk about you, but I have some amusing logs of messages to auctionbot.
lobbes: Re: my php logotron, I still intend to grunt that out, vpatch it, and stand up loggers. In addition I have no plans to discontinue any of my existing infrastructure either (auctionbot will keep auctioning; and when I die I have already vpatched it so someone else always pick up the torch). To be clear: Going forward, I will be voluntarily be stepping into knighthood so as to have a clearer focus and
lobbes: auctionbot also hosted on rockchip
lobbes_field: Sry about auctionbot downtime. I shoulda checked before I left for the mines. Will bring back online tonight
lobbes_field: http://btcbase.org/log/2019-05-02#1910897 << auctionbot 3.0! ☝︎
lobbes_field: mircea_popescu: re: specced in lisp, indeed, with the exception of my python command router / auctionbot, the rest of the ircbot/logbot v-tree is lisp. I know python ain't long for the world so I figure it is time I lose those training wheels
lobbes: So with the release of the auctionbot vpatch the next item up in my list was the auto-bidding. However, I'm thinking I may bump the "logotron for #pizarro" item up (eventually releasing as a vpatch). Going to take a stab at making it 100% common lisp. ☟︎☟︎☟︎
lobbes: next up on my conveyor is to publish a vpatch for the auctionbot proper, as right now I've only provided the 'command router' it sits on. I aim to have that out by Sunday the latest
lobbes: looks like auctionbot is down, I'ma investigate
lobbes: auctionbot was down for ~9 hours today (back online now). I'm going to give a 100 ecu per auction hour credit to everyone who had auctions going during this downtime, since no one could put in bids during that time and I don't wanna charge fees for those hours. Thinking I'll make this standard policy going forward
lobbes: http://blog.lobbesblog.com/2018/10/auctionbot-is-live/ << at the suggestion of a few people, I've updated the bot help page to be a little more helpful. Command explanations are a little meatier and an additional likbez added to the end.
lobbes: I just made a tiny fix to auctionbot. Everything seems to be working well and I don't anticipate any problems. Still, I'll be around for the rest of today in case there are.
lobbes: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-12-03#1878032 << I actually ended up getting a logbot_command_router-based self-voicing thing working (auctionbot uses it), but it uses the interface-with-gpg method instead of the stash-of-OTP method, and considering we may be moving to a new voice model anyways I did not publish (http://btcbase.org/log/2018-09-17#1851087) ☝︎☝︎☟︎
lobbes: danielpbarron: fwiw my pizarro rockchip has served me well thus far as a home for both auctionbot and for mp-wp. Hell, you could run a mirror for your church's www in the event it goes down AND host the poker bot
lobbes: jurov: why not use the auctionbot?
lobbes: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-10-30#1867585 << oy. this is a minor bug (a simple "<=" instead of "<" in my coad). I'ma fix right now (auctionbot commands temporarily suspended, one second..) ☝︎
lobbes: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-10-30#1867581 << I can indeed confirm that lobbesbot's !Q command syntax maps to auctionbot's !X (e.g. !Qbid 1000 10mn == !Xbid 1000 10mn) ☝︎
lobbes: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-10-30#1867577 << ty! fixed: http://blog.lobbesblog.com/2018/10/auctionbot-is-live/ ☝︎
lobbes: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-10-22#1865074 << eventually I aim to have a 'tickerbot' (which, will actually be a function of auctionbot) that will spit out a btc/fiat price based off of the results of republican auctions of a specific type (i.e. to do the price formation of e.g. http://btcbase.org/log/2018-10-10#1860078, automatically) ☝︎☝︎
lobbes: TMSR: auctionbot is now voiced and now sitting in #trilema
lobbes: but there's still the !Qlater tell, the #eulora log-quoting, #eulora log search, etc. I guess I figured why not take the opportunity to organize vastly different functionalities into separate bots. (e.g. all the logger-related functionality in one bot, auction/ticker-announce/price-history in auctionbot, everything-else in 'miscbot')
lobbes: well, my ultimate aim is to eventually rewrite ALL of lobbesbot's functionality to stand on top of logbot versus the heathen limnoria. auctionbot was the first victory in this regard.
lobbes: I'll start working to get the voicing figured out for auctionbot and bring it in here.
lobbes: for the time being, the legacy auctionbot (lobbesbot's !Qauction) will remain up and running as well
lobbes: ^^ auctionbot (with reverse auction functionality) is now live
lobbes: "castle-only" may be the way to go anyways; I'm not sure #trilema even needs the auctionbot to sit in here ☟︎
lobbes: asciilifeform: btw, I'm planning to have auctionbot sit in #eulora, and #trilema-lobbes to start. Would you like it to also sit in #pizarro?
lobbesbot: asciilifeform: Sent 1 hour and 25 minutes ago: <lobbes> bot's back. Once auctionbot is finished I will go back and redo the !Qlater tell stuff to sit on top of logbot as well (right now, this too is sitting on an old heathen bot that doesn't auto-authenticate with NickServ after fleanode disconnect shenanigans)
lobbes: and speaking of auctionbot: development is complete. At the moment I am getting ready to begin some prod testing and then all that's left is to write the blog post explaining the usage. Getting close! ☟︎
lobbes: !Qlater tell asciilifeform bot's back. Once auctionbot is finished I will go back and redo the "!Qlater tell" stuff to sit on top of logbot as well (right now, this too is sitting on an old heathen bot that doesn't auto-authenticate with NickServ after fleanode disconnect shenanigans)
lobbes: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-10-05#1858369 << this is correct btw; new auctionbot (will be named 'auctionbot') will allow !Xsell and !Xbuy (both denominated in ecu) see also: http://blog.lobbesblog.com/2018/07/auctionbot-eta-and-status-report/ ☝︎
lobbes: TMSR~: Updated auctionbot eta 'steps to fruition' to be a little more reflective of my current state >> http://blog.lobbesblog.com/2018/07/auctionbot-eta-and-status-report/
lobbes: Well okay then. I'm going to move forward with auctionbot dealing 100% in ecu. Meaning users will need to convert their input to ecu even if dealing outside of #e. (which, I'm fine with. atm Ecu allows me to simply use integer data type and also allows users to deal in fractional satoshis)
lobbes: asciilifeform: current auctionbot runs in #eulora (arm of lobbesbot)
lobbes: and now I can get ass back in year on auctionbot
lobbes: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-08-30#1845829 << -not- entire rewrite of auctionbot, but the smaller foundational item it will sit on >> http://btcbase.org/log/2018-08-25#1844391 ☝︎☝︎
lobbes: still need to test the hell out of it, so I'm aiming for maybe a week (which, still gives me 2 months for auctionbot ETL. eh. will see)
lobbes: I've tried to design it to be 'modular' so that the operator can easily add their own custom commands, and to be 'vpatch friendly' in that folx can release 'whateverbot' as a vpatch that just extends it (in fact, this is my plan for the auctionbot)
lobbes: http://blog.lobbesblog.com/2018/07/auctionbot-eta-and-status-report/#selection-71.0-71.11 << update: I have completed a successful test run of an external .py script communicating on IRC via logbot and the listen/notify mechanisms of postgres. Best part is that I've got a solid foundation for bot command handling as a result of the testing. Blog post soon on the details of playing 'ping-pong' with logbot and postgres as the paddle
lobbes_sans_znc: Got derailed early this week with http://logs.minigame.biz/2018-07-25.log.html#t05:49:24, but that backlog has been cut down, so I'll be refocusing back to auctionbot '2.0'
lobbes: mod6 I would gladly work to earn that grant. As it is, I already need to get the 'legacy' auctionbot away from heathen dependencies (in this case, the 'supybot' api), so in building this custom auctionbot for pizarro I may just take the opportunity to design something sitting atop ircbot/logbot and eventually release a proper genesis ☟︎
lobbes: mod6: I'll work to see if I can spin up a custom fiat-for-btc version of the auctionbot for you to use next month. ☟︎