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diana_coman: meanwhile production Eulora server unreachable; fwiw the testing server is still reachable.
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: These are both rental boxes for S.MG. One is the production machine. The other leased monthly (formerly cold spare) for diana_coman to do testing and such.
diana_coman: but otherwise the udp_tester.vpatch makes some changes to udp lib that are really just for testing (i.e. I think they should not be part of production use of udp lib)
ben_vulpes: box can come up for testing with the spare ssd drive held for s.mg raid redundancy; then reprovision with cuntoo later in the month and the fat stack of SSDs to flesh out the raid array for the production cutover.
asciilifeform: the unit i am testing ( will buy a few moar once i'm satisfied that it is usable ) came with 2G. there is a 4G supposedly also in production, but i was not able to obtain it
lobbes: Biggest challenge for me was I had to figure out how to set up mysql for mp-wp via command-line (as I interact with my VPSen via ssh only). Turned out to be very simple once I did figure it out. Currently testing and tweaking themes, and then plan to post my own compendium cobbled from my notes once I get the thing into "production"
asciilifeform: 'The decision is not only economical. I don't want the "friction" of trying to achieve high-quality production of collector item data CDs twice a year, in 2017. 6.0 was a high-quality CD release like previous ones, but don't want to expend the effort of producing and testing to make sure 6.1, 6.2 etc are up to that standard. It is better to call it quits on a high note.'
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ben_vulpes: !#s testing production
Framedragger: 1) you may want to retain several versions of the thing you're developing - production, testing environment, development, some-large-feature-im-working-on-thats-currently-breaking-everything
mod6: ben_vulpes: yah, and when you're testing in production, this can't be a thing.
punkman: I think you gotta either use a release or care about which patches you use, now if there are different production and testing releases that's another thing
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ben_vulpes: !s testing in production
ben_vulpes: just...testing in production.
ben_vulpes had papers and dollars allocated from the semi testing company for "research and development" that largely consisted of stapling together existing systems and handing the whole package off (with specs and partlists) to the production line engineers
ben_vulpes: peer review, testing in production, what's the difference anyways
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ben_vulpes: !s testing in production
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: my professional slave time's been strictly constrained to cross-domain systems engineering in high-voltage wafer testing, machine shop engineering, production line automation and retarded "web" "technologies".
Jason: i'd obv have my own supybot for testing and development - i see no real reason as to run my own bot in production though
benkay: debate all the things while testing in production
benkay: testing in production...twice!
benkay: this asseteer in-production testing session is complete and.
benkay: testing in production....
mircea_popescu: TESTING IN PRODUCTION SINCE @)!!
benkay: testing in production since 2011
rbonestell: I have 5 people testing it right now- found and resolved a few issues. Went from alpha to beta, might go production in a week or so if nothing seriously is found.
ericmuyser: "Second - metabank.ru is not taking 'prepayment', its just preorders with 100% refund just to freeze funds - basically people can just show them bitcoins and keep on their OWN wallets (not moving them). Its mainly purpose is just preliminary evaluation of volumes for next production batch. With other sales, etc - that all will be discussed only AFTER testing. So my advice - don't be crazy and don't buy BS (Edite
benkay: once again testing production in public
deadweasel: 'testing in production'