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mircea_popescu: ^ link above should be alf's "only so many lines of code within before madness", but i can't find it.
mircea_popescu: i just can't find it is all.
mircea_popescu: hey BingoBoingo now that i can drop it in, do you recall the lafond article in question ? i remember fucking reading it, but i can't find it again ;/
mircea_popescu: i can't find it now, but im pretty sure i recounted this tale of me + chet climbing in wrong (girls-only) car in cairo subway. made the girls giddy, but the ~dudes~ in the other cars nearly threw a riot.
mircea_popescu: well, apparently i can't find it anymore. is line in log somewhere, "if you understand, like ro girls understood in the 90s, that your cunt does not belong to you, the place will stay cool for slightly longer" or somesuch.
mircea_popescu: well apparently i can't find it anymore, but anyway, ac unit 100% filled with styrofoam. was pretty rich.
mircea_popescu: infuriatingly enough, i can't find it now. but the discussion was exactly along the same lines, "add user-configurable penalty for communicating shitblocks (any block that isn't the one you were looking for) and any other misbehaviour ; and used-configurable bonus for communicating useful things ; then user-configurable knob for lowest-tolerable-score and ban peers who fall under"
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform, my suspicion is that your "no cr 50" will simply mean "they put it in the die of a diff ic, and you can't find it"
mircea_popescu: soo i'm trying to dig up an ancient discussion (in which i proposed to alf he weighs something PRECISELY). i can't find it, of course, but meanwhile http://btcbase.org/log/2013-09-30#336297 http://btcbase.org/log/2013-09-30#336298 ☝︎☝︎
mircea_popescu: for some reason i can't find it though i clearly recall ranting on it.
mircea_popescu: well i can't find it. anyway, fucktarded outdoor thing in ba, "siempre se vuelve al primer amor" trying to sell italian classes. depicts an ugly chick in flats holding a huge red heart.
mircea_popescu: i been looking for it magically can't find it. the one that had the rsa break in the last fascicle
mircea_popescu: hmm can't find it now, but ayway, there's an entire wank niche dedicated to woman-to-cow transformations, woman-dairy farms etc.
mircea_popescu: it just can't find its onw level anymore.
mircea_popescu: hmm now i can't find it.
mircea_popescu: davout well i can't find it now. some kid from the "community" of self-proclaimed experts wrote some sort of article/"white paper" on how bitcoin exchanges should do x y z to get their risk of blowing up in line with the risk of the average 20yo getting hit by a bus
mircea_popescu: omfg we'll have to put dpaste.com in the fucking topic of the fucking channel because all the fucking noobs can't find it on their own.
mircea_popescu: well i can't find it. somewhere phil zimmermann was saying that people still send him pgp encrypted email but he long since doesn't have the key so he usually responds to ask ppl to send it plainly
mircea_popescu: <jurov> can't find it now. basically it was something about mtgox picking top order and doing select for matching orders in a loop << WHAT