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danielpbarron: !s fivezerotwo
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punkman: fivezerotwo is back?
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kakobrekla: t: http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=fivezerotwo
kakobrekla: fivezerotwo has quit (Quit: Leaving)
kakobrekla: <fivezerotwo> now I am going to ddos targets I actually give a fuck about. but don't worry, you can have you fun with bitbet afterwards with the same qntra/trilema-down flood
thestringpuller: !up fivezerotwo
mircea_popescu: !down fivezerotwo
danielpbarron stabs fivezerotwo
jurov: fivezerotwo are you ddosing that poor creature?
jurov: !up fivezerotwo
cazalla: mandycandy = fivezerotwo and is trans? lol
cazalla: well, fivezerotwo did tell me he would have a surprise for #b-a in a few days
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cazalla: fivezerotwo, see for yourself, https://www.quantcast.com/qntra.net it's doing well
nubbins`: fivezerotwo what's your favourite type of cheese?
cazalla: fivezerotwo, can you stop for 5 minutes so i can publish an article
cazalla: !up fivezerotwo
mats_cd03: 19:59:25 <fivezerotwo> wanna ddos anybody? << a nice PM. whaddya all think? got any targets?
bitbethelp: fivezerotwo here fyi
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gribble: fivezerotwo was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 6 days, 21 hours, 54 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <fivezerotwo> have fun, i'll see you soon :D
cazalla: ;;seen fivezerotwo
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mircea_popescu: ;;unrate fivezerotwo
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mircea_popescu: ;;rated fivezerotwo
ben_vulpes: <PinkPosixPXE> more fivezerotwo garbage > http://dpaste.com/1QE0QRB << aaaahahaha
mircea_popescu: <fivezerotwo> reddit killed digg, one of the fastest growing tech startups at that time <<< ahahhhaha o gawd.
BingoBoingo: Maybe fivezerotwo waits a few years and he can scrape his ransom out of the deedbot bin?
kakobrekla: 15:31 <fivezerotwo> these people have a world view that 99% of the populance are dumb morons < its not my fault :(
assbot: dpaste: 1QE0QRB: fivezerotwo 2014-11-03, by PinkPosixPXE
PinkPosixPXE: more fivezerotwo garbage > http://dpaste.com/1QE0QRB
punkbot: [trust-update] | removed: fivezerotwo
mircea_popescu: cazalla: fivezerotwo wants 2 btc to stop lol <<< guy sounds a lot more like, he'd want to start above the grunt level, doesn't know how to ask but figures (correctly) that no matter how he'd ask he won't get it.
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kakobrekla: ;;rate fivezerotwo -1 >I wanna see if trust list notifications work correctly (next one in a couple of hours)
punkman: <fivezerotwo> 15mpps << wait, all this trouble from 15mbits?
assbot: <fivezerotwo> i haz vry p0wrful LOIC cannonz <fivezerotwo> 15mpps <cazalla> i - Pastebin.com
cazalla: fivezerotwo wants 2 btc to stop lol http://pastebin.com/zYgMgPhU
cazalla: fivezerotwo, you never got back to me
cazalla: ;;later tell fivezerotwo i was asleep, email or say whatever it is you want to say in pm
gribble: fivezerotwo was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 1 day, 18 hours, 11 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <fivezerotwo> That's doubtful, perhaps you got banned
mircea_popescu: ;;seen fivezerotwo
cazalla: while i was sleeping "fivezerotwo> let's talk" has he been around?
BingoBoingo: fivezerotwo: May you pretty please let us become legit News Outlet++
BingoBoingo: fivezerotwo: What, do you not like the new favicon?
BingoBoingo: Hello fivezerotwo
BingoBoingo: !up fivezerotwo
mircea_popescu: <assbot> <fivezerotwo> hello <ninjashogun> hi <fivezerotwo> are you looking for investm <<< ahahahaha wut.
ninjashogun: I was just referring to the bottom lines. <fivezerotwo> im just trolling you dude <fivezerotwo> we're being paid to troll you (and then he disconnected)
assbot: <fivezerotwo> hello <ninjashogun> hi <fivezerotwo> are you looking for investm - Pastebin.com
mats_cd03: !up ninjashogun 20:47:42 <ninjashogun> I have an important convo to pastebin with fivezerotwo
mircea_popescu: <fivezerotwo> so qntra has nice servers and nice inbound pipes <fivezerotwo> mats_cd03, totes will burn a 0day on this << i suppose this is the ultimate endorsement or something ?
mats_cd03: fivezerotwo: youre gonna have to burn a 0day, if you even have access to those, mate
mats_cd03: fivezerotwo: planning on targeting me? you've got my attention now
mats_cd03: 19:45:29 <+fivezerotwo> irccloud looks like this: sid23029@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-lexoqakyeznnmfjo << kek
mircea_popescu: fivezerotwo load average: 0.57, 0.31, 0.31 /me shrugs.
ben_vulpes: fivezerotwo: now why would you think that?
asciilifeform: fivezerotwo: brute force << yes, it is. i've met folks who have toiled in the fuzz farms.
asciilifeform: fivezerotwo: other thing is, the gov-sponsored crapware doesn't really need to spread. installed by a bribed/threatened/turned man inside the enemy target. so no need to 'keep a slender figure.'
mircea_popescu: fivezerotwo that's in the logs.
asciilifeform: fivezerotwo: though these folks aren't necessarily clinically stupid, any more than microshit employees are. just managed by the 'differently abled' with particular objectives that don't include elegance.
mircea_popescu: fivezerotwo but dude! the bandwidths keep expanding 50% a year! by 2024 it'll be fine!
asciilifeform: fivezerotwo: what a waste of perfectly good 0day!
asciilifeform: fivezerotwo: yes
asciilifeform: fivezerotwo: why not take the time to grow your 5k into 500k with an improved virulent payload?
asciilifeform: fivezerotwo: or did you mean to say that they don't become popular in the sense of being imitated ?
mircea_popescu: <fivezerotwo> the ones that are decent don't get popular << no, im sure he has it. they're "not user friendly"
asciilifeform: fivezerotwo: pray tell, why is scarcely anyone writing crapware worth reading (polymorphers, proper exe infectors, p2p c&c mechanism, etc.) ?
asciilifeform: !up fivezerotwo
ben_vulpes: fivezerotwo: that's a waste of resources, dood
mircea_popescu: fivezerotwo kinda lulzy, that. all the "anyonymous" derpage is getting on my nerves.
mats_cd03: 11:21:02 <+fivezerotwo> ;; later tell devthedev you suck. 26 Fernon Lane Palm Coast FL 32137 << trying hard to impress #b-a
mircea_popescu: fivezerotwo so what do you do for a living anyway ?
ThickAsThieves: <+fivezerotwo> mircea_popescu, ah ty /// such a polite attacker
mircea_popescu: fivezerotwo you need to pm it to assbot
thestringpuller: !up fivezerotwo
mircea_popescu: fivezerotwo how long have you been reading the logs anyway ?
mircea_popescu: fivezerotwo << to work!
thestringpuller: fivezerotwo: I know who you work for ;)
nubbins`: fivezerotwo you interested in writing an article about your motivations and techniques?
nubbins`: fivezerotwo sweet, feel free to pop in with updates
mircea_popescu: fivezerotwo figures.
nubbins`: fivezerotwo how long you been ddosing sites?
nubbins`: fivezerotwo cool!
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user fivezerotwo has been recorded.
mircea_popescu: ;;rate fivezerotwo 1 kinda derpy kid with a kinda derpy botnet.
nubbins`: fivezerotwo HI