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mp_en_viaje: speaking of slave labour, naked girls in my room packing my shirts. "watch, like this. see ?"
mircea_popescu: there's a reason i do this level with girls. in between the "gotta eat", which readily and correctly is resolved by "eat out of the slave trough" and "i got ideas and things, which readily is correctly resoved by the whip, there's just too many failure modes.
sashahsas: Slave girls?
shinohai: If one day tmsr has a navy, must have slave-girls that shoot dildo torpedoes at enemies.
shinohai imagines mircea_popescu at top practicing yodeling with slave girls in dirndls
a111: Logged on 2017-02-02 05:54 phf: simple, cat /dev/mem > /dev/printer, and then make slave girls go over the result with pen until "get me all peers"
phf: simple, cat /dev/mem > /dev/printer, and then make slave girls go over the result with pen until "get me all peers" ☟︎
mircea_popescu: fortune is deeply not random when discussing girls. joe rapes rachel and as a result rachel is tankful and joe has a new slave. moe tries to talk to sarah and is forced to waste 30 hours doing "sensitivity training"
mircea_popescu: if, quia absurdum, i were to take a 13 yo and call her a slave and a slut, and ordered everyone in the harem to be deferential to her majestic slavish sluttery, the girls would do it, but the 13 yo STILL wouldn't feel accomplished, or be happy, or anything. on the contrary, it'd poison her life.
shinohai: You don't have slave girls that read trilema to you during workouts?
mircea_popescu: i can't begin to tell you how many lashes i distributed to innocent slave girls that wanted to start with a summary, a pile of hedges, some insurance, contextualization and what the fuck now.
mircea_popescu: you know, people who never kept slavegirls could conceivably dream up this alt-reality where slave girls go like this.
thestringpuller: how do the slave girls not trip over the wires?
mircea_popescu: (and yes, i know these things from experience - i have the benefit that i can order slave girls do anything.)
mircea_popescu: so, i am a famously grandiose master of women. and a junior girl aspiring one day to the grandiose status of being my slave goes with me and some of the girls to the opera. lights go off, the girls take off their tops all matter-of-course like. she follows suit. why ? and then, afterwards, we discuss it over coffee and cookies. they are enamoured with it. so is she. why ? her "tabs" haven't been leaked, right ? what if
PeterL: you just need a couple slave girls with some cameras to tour all teh libraries
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: To think all you would have before would have been the slave girls and the fortune
the20year3: I know in my small town of 10k there was a sex slave ring busted that resulted in 20 girls being released
mircea_popescu: anyway, if some schmuck ends world hunger i will have a starving slave in my basement at all time. the girls can rotate fasting weekly or w/e.
thestringpuller: builds his empire on slave girls
jurov: or the slave girls can't keep up :)
Chaaang-Noi: slave girls can do fun stuff? :)
Chaaaang-Noi: slave girls lol wtf