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asciilifeform: this thing dun seem to distinguish the phases of the load tho (only distinguished load from rendering, and cuts the latter into phases. which makes a kind of sense, tool is evidently for debug of 'slow cuz hands of who wrote html-shitter grow from arse' scenarios )
asciilifeform: could be , asciilifeform's hands grow from arse, and someone else can do 2x faster ? who knows
asciilifeform: variety of offered answers was astonishing. but i dun think i met 1 who was honest and replied 'my hands grow from arse'
asciilifeform: and apparently their hands grow from arse , regularly set flat on fire
asciilifeform: btw i find it interesting, you go on a train ride in washingtonistan and count the ipnojes, 6 outta 7 have smashed glass. apparently even the 50bux or so that it costs if yer hands grow from arse and cant do it yerself, is toomuch for the typical ipnojist..
asciilifeform: it's a socketed rom. if yer hands dun grow from arse, there's 0 risk of killing it
asciilifeform: ( tried many times to manually rasterize it to fit my display, result was always shit , perhaps my hands grow from arse, or perhaps not actually possible )
asciilifeform: or do my hands simply grow from arse ? or ?
asciilifeform: it solves if the hands do not grow from the arse.
asciilifeform: i call this notion 'correct C fallacy'. as in, 'if yer hands dun grow from yer arse, you can write Correct C!!'
asciilifeform: sure. but my inability to do so says NOTHING about its hardness. only about how MY PARTICULAR hands grow out from my arse.
asciilifeform: mr y seems quite clever so long as he has the sense to stay away from actual mechanisms and physical world in general where if 'your hands grow from your arse' you tend to lose them in the gears.