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asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-01#1650704 << over here, all 3 grades of petrol are 10% etoh ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-01 21:11 deedbot: http://www.contravex.com/2017/05/01/youre-not-saving-anything-at-the-pumps-with-cheap-gas/ << » Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski - You’re not saving anything at the pumps with cheap gas.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-01#1650686 << this is brain-meltingly... ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-01 19:37 mircea_popescu: the lulz of all fucking time, a grand bought his father a new life 25 years ago ; i just did the household accounting, my petty cash line is a shade over $8`000. that excludes rents like it excludes isp bills or agents on a mission or anything else worth the fucking mention. a grand would buy me half a week's worth of groceries, taking a girl out or buying her some random dress we saw in the window so she comes out of the sho
asciilifeform: cheap. ☟︎
asciilifeform: even if not incl. rents
asciilifeform wonders what 'new life's go for nowadays. 8mil?
asciilifeform: that's approx what asciilifeform's threshhold for 'bag of usd large enough to be felt'.
Framedragger: (in fairness, it wasn't 'newlifeomg!', it was 'a buncha things in 1991~2 .lt during bank crisis etc')
Framedragger sleeps
asciilifeform: Framedragger: over here in 'free' world , 'bank crisis' dun mean 'things get cheap', it means typically that you lose job/house/etc.
asciilifeform: btw asciilifeform was just now in a dock yard. readers may be enlightened to learn that 8k usd does not even buy a rowboat. y'know, the kind with oars.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-01#1650717 << dun look like any other patch is available, or planned ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-01 22:37 Framedragger: funny: if one were to follow intel's route of patching firmware, as regards say x220s, lenovo gives update in the form of windows executables
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-01#1650713 << again it makes 0 sense to say 'turns out, amt was vulnerable'. it IS A vuln, from day1 ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-01 22:24 Framedragger: re https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00075&languageid=en-fr (released today) (AMT (part of intel's ME) mega-vulnerable (shocker i know)), will just remind x220 fans that those laptops are 'biznis grade' and hence have AMT in them.
asciilifeform: whether lizard hitler alone, or 10,001 scriptkiddie derps, have the key, is immaterial ☟︎
asciilifeform: is this really a hard concept ??
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform eh, 8k buys you like two cars here. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: also a row boat where you live goes for $200 to $800 depending on model.
mircea_popescu: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Peterborough-Canoe-Natural-Finish-36-Wooden-Handmade-Row-Boat-Model-NEW-/282282237687 << the $200 model.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: this is more in line with my naive picture.
asciilifeform: tbh i have nfi why the local market is what it is. maybe racing-grade custom shitanium boatz.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-02#1650760 << new?! ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-02 01:44 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform eh, 8k buys you like two cars here.
mircea_popescu: what new, costa rica produces cars now ?
asciilifeform: maybe cuban-style 'lada chassis, new toyota motor'..
asciilifeform: btw pete_dushenski would appreciate the scene : old pickup truck on street, sign 'for sale' : 28k usd.
asciilifeform: nothing, as far as i could tell, remarkable about it
mod6: !!key pete_dushenski
deedbot: http://wot.deedbot.org/E6625CC14638C4CA404694E9165749929F9A6BDD.asc
mats: https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00075&languageid=en-fr
asciilifeform: mats: see today's logs
mats: ya but that dummy had nothing but insinuations
mats: and claims as to 'our team was looking for hardware backdoors' when the guy's a 'journalist' is dubious at best
mircea_popescu: burned hole, "plox upgrade to new one" business as usual.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-01#1650713 ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-01 22:24 Framedragger: re https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00075&languageid=en-fr (released today) (AMT (part of intel's ME) mega-vulnerable (shocker i know)), will just remind x220 fans that those laptops are 'biznis grade' and hence have AMT in them.
mats: oh
pete_dushenski: asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-01#1650704 << over here, all 3 grades of petrol are 10% etoh << aha. i recalled that your swampy corner of the continent was so afflicted. california is even worse iirc. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-01 21:11 deedbot: http://www.contravex.com/2017/05/01/youre-not-saving-anything-at-the-pumps-with-cheap-gas/ << » Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski - You’re not saving anything at the pumps with cheap gas.
pete_dushenski: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-02#1650746 << recall http://btcbase.org/log/2017-04-10#1641265 ☝︎☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-02 00:54 asciilifeform: cheap.
a111: Logged on 2017-04-10 01:43 mircea_popescu is more than willing to share his dollar-a-lb bounty with l1 all-comers. i also made myself fruit salad out of [actually ripe] mango, [actually ripe] pineapple, [actually ripe] banmanas, drenched in fresh oj etc.
pete_dushenski: cr no es muy caro
BingoBoingo: Here ethanol free is available from stations near lakes
pete_dushenski: asciilifeform: could you take a picture of said $28k pickup ?
pete_dushenski: BingoBoingo: so powerboats don't seize up or what ?
asciilifeform: pete_dushenski: i will, if it turns up again
asciilifeform: iirc was a toyota.
pete_dushenski: nice.
BingoBoingo: Beware toyota trucks from regions subject to winter road salting
deedbot: http://qntra.net/2017/05/intel-amt-backdoor-keys-updated-after-initial-trigger-discovered-by-wrong-attackers/ << Qntra - Intel AMT Backdoor Keys Updated After Initial Trigger Discovered By Wrong Attackers
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/bCMFv/?raw=true
BingoBoingo: ty
mircea_popescu: :)
BingoBoingo: !~ticker --market all
jhvh1: BingoBoingo: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 1420.61, vol: 8440.46864327 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 1385.0, vol: 7184.81149 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 1558.0, vol: 21317.99741662 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 1211.369796, vol: 8118.75810000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 1410.99, vol: 5414.76249866 | Volume-weighted last average: 1438.87914435
BingoBoingo: <pete_dushenski> BingoBoingo: so powerboats don't seize up or what ? << Yes
BingoBoingo: You'd be suprised the amount of water "Up to 10% ethanol" can absorb
BingoBoingo: Ethanol free gas also very useful for 2-cycle power equipment because carb'd rather than fuel injected (for now)
BingoBoingo: Sometimes there are weird exceptions to ethanol free lake gas being great for small motors, some of the 4-cycle hondas have trouble with octane numbers over 89 and the ethanol free lake stuff is the premium 91, 93, or 94 octane
asciilifeform: https://archive.is/ZX7Fg << in other lulz
asciilifeform: supposedly, 'An FBI translator with a top-secret security clearance traveled to Syria in 2014 and married a key ISIS operative...'
Framedragger: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-02#1650758 << (ack, of course!) ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-02 01:14 asciilifeform: whether lizard hitler alone, or 10,001 scriptkiddie derps, have the key, is immaterial
Framedragger: re. "non-backdoored" CPUs, i wonder if someone considered ibm power systems (powerpc, linux can run baremetal now): https://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/hardware/s821lc/index.html
Framedragger: !#s ibm power
a111: 4 results for "ibm power", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=ibm%20power
Framedragger: ^ alf seems to have covered (and dismissed), tho
Framedragger: (claims "fully open" stack / firmware)
Framedragger: HN is like "Ah geez. Time to create a competent chip manufacturer. Anyone got a spare US sized military budget?" ☟︎
asciilifeform: for fuckssake
asciilifeform: no ibm.
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-02#1650813 << hn is copying #trilema, years after the fact, and with the full faith and credit of imbecility lent to the pretense that they are not. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-02 11:09 Framedragger: HN is like "Ah geez. Time to create a competent chip manufacturer. Anyone got a spare US sized military budget?"
asciilifeform: Framedragger: i observed, in old thread (where? not found yet..) that one cheap counter to boobytrapped x86 would be to make an incompatible Gb nic.
mircea_popescu: it's even in the qntra treatment.
asciilifeform reads
Framedragger: aha! that'd be something. i mean, still full-on DMA, but yeah, k.
mircea_popescu: Framedragger like in that scene derps love to quote, "what good is a phone mr usg, if you can't talk ?"
asciilifeform: 'Whitelist-only networking may help contain the vulnerability, provided of course that it's not implemented on Cisco equipment.' sounded like it was about lan filtration, so not same idea
mircea_popescu: not exactly undoable, either, but not much of a priority as we don't have yet a tmsr internet spec.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the "not on cisco equipment" part == "incompatible nic".
Framedragger: asciilifeform: can also attempt to block specific ports with *external* firewall
mircea_popescu: Framedragger only if the firewall isn't a slut for the same punters.
Framedragger: :)
Framedragger: life is amazing, etc.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i was suggesting a simpler thing than 'incompatible with internet' -- 'incompatible with intel's built in bus diddler logic'
mircea_popescu: meanwhile got this noob discovered eulora, is about to explode inwardly.
asciilifeform: Framedragger: if you think they use distinguishable magic packets, think again ☟︎
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yes, but just make it incompatible with internet. nic / "router" / whatever item which a) sprays out numbers just like current but b) does all the alf magic routing + encryption + etc.
mircea_popescu: can only use it to talk to same items.
Framedragger: b-b-but they have a list of approved ports and they would only use them approved ports!
asciilifeform: can use anything from sequence # crapola in existing packets, to timing noise
mircea_popescu: can certainly exfiltrate via dns timing etc.
asciilifeform: aha, trivially
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: "mr usg", i lost it
Framedragger: which reminds me, new additions on http://n-gate.com/
Framedragger bbl
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: incidentally: i fully expect the ~next~ generation of intel fritz to use nic-independent trigger (e.g., magic string in memory)
asciilifeform: it is even possible that 'kaby' (latest chip) already has it. hence the burn.
mircea_popescu: aha.
asciilifeform: let the gnu idiots think 'we fixed', etc
asciilifeform: perhaps they'll even make a show of 'here, go ahead, turn off amt'
mircea_popescu: ie, if the current http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-01#1650556 dorks keep at it, by 2025 we'll be buying up the shit of today because it'd be better than the shit of by-then. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-01 18:41 mircea_popescu: count for 100% just as soon as they stop telling themselves the 0% story to get to the slop like the rest of the pigs.
mircea_popescu: sure as fuck no one in 2009 was willing to buy the 2009 crap.
asciilifeform: 'remember when winblows wasn't baked into mask rom?'
mircea_popescu: aha
asciilifeform: 'buy a phreedomboot box, it lets you change the icon font'
mircea_popescu: this whole "lets you" verbiage about computers, i remember when it started, too.
mircea_popescu: it started once "romanian language" became a thing, they started hawking keyboards for it and "localized ms office" and bullshit.
mircea_popescu: and a whole generation of fucktards who should have been hung instead got into computers.
mircea_popescu: to them it seemed natural to get a govt job and explore what the computer "lets them" do
mircea_popescu: then 15 years later they're having "a conversation" on ~~facebook~~ about things ( http://btcbase.org/log/2017-04-29#1649833 ) and expect to be taken seriously, and for their INCREDIBLY offensive tone to pass as socially acceptable. the romanians of facebook, disgusting crawlies that came out of the eggs laid by the "romanians on ms office" repugnant creepies. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-04-29 12:43 mircea_popescu: aaand in not-really-news : avalance in retezat (romanian mountain) killed a few kids that were european and world record holders in mountain-related items. ro "our democracy" media railing about how the trainer (also father of one of the victims) "forced his two daughters to break record after record while training in EXTREME CONDITIONS!!!1 ONLY TO SATISFY HIS OWN EGOTISM!!1111"
deedbot: http://phuctor.nosuchlabs.com/gpgkey/155893EEF0434D15E6E2CF042B43183CD419297FC91E695C0E97ADED164255B2 << Recent Phuctorings. - Phuctored: 1691...3873 divides RSA Moduli belonging to ' (ssh-rsa key from (13-14 June 2016 extraction) for Phuctor import. Ask asciilifeform or framedragger on Freenode, or email fd at mkj dot lt) <ssh...lt>; ' (Unknown DE NW)
deedbot: http://phuctor.nosuchlabs.com/gpgkey/155893EEF0434D15E6E2CF042B43183CD419297FC91E695C0E97ADED164255B2 << Recent Phuctorings. - Phuctored: 1433...2427 divides RSA Moduli belonging to ' (ssh-rsa key from (13-14 June 2016 extraction) for Phuctor import. Ask asciilifeform or framedragger on Freenode, or email fd at mkj dot lt) <ssh...lt>; ' (Unknown DE NW)
deedbot: http://trilema.com/2017/minigame-smg-april-2017-statement/ << Trilema - MiniGame (S.MG), April 2017 Statement
Framedragger: in other news, was checking extant bitcoin (yes, "bitcoin", i hear the scoffing) vps offerings. seems to consist of things like https://libertyvps.net/offshore-hosting which has "offshore" and "our NL datacenter" in same sentence
Framedragger: some kind of list (unchecked): http://cryto.net/~joepie91/bitcoinvps.html
mircea_popescu: words of randos do not have specific meanings.
Framedragger: yesyes, "not in wot" is central nail in coffin against any of these, sure. (nevertheless could be useful for certain isolated efforts, e.g. ip space scanning and so on.)
Framedragger: yesyes, "not in wot" is central nail in coffin against any of these, sure. (nevertheless could be useful for certain isolated efforts, e.g. ip space scanning and so on.)
Framedragger: whoops, dupe
mircea_popescu: you know shinohai had the same problem earlier ?
mircea_popescu: is there some very inept mitm going on ?
Framedragger: i vaguely recall, yes. shinohai you use hashbang, right? fwiw vc's box.cock.li + scaleway (hourly billing) work for vps purposes (but no bitcoin for scaleway)
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: only in the form of air being in the middle between antenna and shitty access point in cafe, in this case heh.
mircea_popescu: http://logs.minigame.bz/2017-05-02.log.html#t14:44:25 << nothing to recall, it just happened
lobbesbot: Logged on 2017-05-02 14:44:25: <shinohai> weird dunno why that posted twice
Framedragger: oh
Framedragger: scary!
Framedragger: (thought it was re vps. hah)
shinohai: yup using hashbang for now, though plans are to move the whole shebang (pun intended) at some point this year.
shinohai: Probably around the time the whoreticulture blog gets stood up.
Framedragger not too far off from idea of offering at-irc-fingertips vps to l1. maybe someone is having similar idea, tho? ;)
Framedragger: shinohai: looking forward to that, btw :)
mircea_popescu: well it was sort-of in the logs, at least in general, but it's still a very cool idea very much needed. scriba-based provisioning or what ?
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: yes, something like that. same !!v principle. user gets ssh login. billed (if at all) by the minute, or the likes.
Framedragger: there is a question just how much would people use it. of course, best market research is testing the market itself...
mircea_popescu: could I do something like !$mirror <url> 5 so as to get it to spin up 5 separate instances, load url, unpack it and serve ? ☟︎
shinohai: I'd certainly be more likely to use irc shell from a tmsr Lord than rando docker service ran by SV weirdos
Framedragger: (also, perhaps a more gradual way of "easing into" tmsr-isp?)
mircea_popescu: then we could just maintain static versions of trilema, qntra and anything else tar-gz'd and ready to go.
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: so the url would contain what, static contents for web serving?
Framedragger: and give back live url?
mircea_popescu: yeah, pile of html say.
mircea_popescu: fast and painless mirrorring is certainly a valid application for your irc'd vps,
Framedragger: easiest way of doing this if it were to return a non-dns-poisoned ip, as in, trilema.com/stuff1.tgz =>
mircea_popescu: sure, ip addressing is fine.
Framedragger: is if*
mircea_popescu: there's really no need for domain names generally, and certainly no actual utility in this application.
mircea_popescu: and this is a bona fide economically useful service, mind you, it'd entirely cut the whole "cloud" business at the knees, seeing how 99% of all the actual value they deliver is ~this, execpt at 100x the financial and 10`000x the administrative cost.
Framedragger: so in this case it'd just be static content hosting, which is minimal on cpu etc.; there could of course also be an option of supplying a (signed, of course) payload, but less clear on definite application.
mircea_popescu: with deedbot payments imminent, it may well take off even
mircea_popescu: Framedragger no. no fucking payload. the web has no business being in state.
shinohai: ^
shinohai: !~later tell BingoBoingo http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/7wTey/?raw=true
jhvh1: shinohai: The operation succeeded.
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: well, while i of course agree in general, i don't agree in particular: i'd certainly find it useful to be able to supply a "curl phuctor stats every 24h, serve here" instruction. or, you know, "submit key", or "comments", or anything else of the sorts.
Framedragger moving self to better location
deedbot: http://www.contravex.com/2017/05/02/the-oilers-2017-playoff-run-and-other-municipal-musings-on-the-parking-lot-formerly-known-as-the-city-of-champions/ << » Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski - The Oilers’ 2017 Playoff Run and other municipal musings on the parking lot formerly known as the City of Champions.
Framedragger: interested to hear what mircea_popescu thinks re latter, tho ^
mircea_popescu: if you're going to actually build uci, go right ahead. all intel servers are at your disposal.
mircea_popescu: btw, that separate means ~separate~. it's ok to advertise a max you can supply, 3 or 15 or w/e it is. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: and in other teenage interest items, https://68.media.tumblr.com/909efedec17f394a7c236fcb23b89fa9/tumblr_o3209tAfC81tgdz6ro1_1280.jpg
shinohai: Cookys and milk!
mircea_popescu: with an enduring smile!
trinque: put a sheet on your bed god, and get it off the floor
mircea_popescu: that didn't parse
trinque: she's got a bare mattress with a cat on it, looks like
trinque: that's a paddlin.
mircea_popescu: oh
mircea_popescu: maybe that's how cat beds go in princessstan
shinohai: Perhaps her owner got tired of dragging her out from under the bed and removed the frame to ensure compliance.
mats: asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2015-08-12#1236371 windows will actually scan memory for this ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2015-08-12 21:41 ascii_field: 'nstead, a file called "wpbbin.exe" was placed in C:\windows\system32 and executed. That turns out to be a method Microsoft introduced with Windows 8 to allow the BIOS to execute code on boot up (!?!) called "Windows Platform Binary Table (WPBT)". I can find almost NOTHING about this anywhere on the internet except a single document on Microsoft's website (link to the Google Cache since it's a .docx file) and in a random
mats: get the right bytes in memory and windows will execute arbitrary PE file
mats: lenovo used it to persist, iirc
mats: (referencing next-gen fritz convo from earlier this morning)
mircea_popescu: lenovo did use it to persist, i recall the scandal.
deedbot: http://qntra.net/2017/05/21-co-opens-spam-as-a-service-service/ << Qntra - 21.co Opens "Spam As A Service" Service
Framedragger: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-02#1650908 << i assume that here you meant "separate physically", even though the context was a discussion about vps? there could of course be a knob (separate instances, or separate instances on different boxen; the latter attracts a higher cost). ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-02 15:50 mircea_popescu: btw, that separate means ~separate~. it's ok to advertise a max you can supply, 3 or 15 or w/e it is.
Framedragger: (costs could almost-equalise at scale, but until then, it'd be more costly i would think.)
mircea_popescu: why would i want 2 instances on the same box/ip ?
Framedragger: IPs would be different.
Framedragger: well, for purposes other than mirroring (CDN'y purposes), it could be useful. e.g. when i had to spin up 13 vps instances at once, i only cared that they had separate (dedicated) resources and IPs
Framedragger: but i can certainly understand the separate-machine constraint for mirroring etc.
Framedragger: it would, however, require having more than one physical box at-the-ready. which is fine and how providers work anyway, but the matter becomes cost-effective only at some degree of scale, then.
Framedragger: unless of course one finds a provider which can provision physical boxes in a matter of minutes programatically, but the whole thing would then be a bit like a reseller-for-bitcoin, no?
Framedragger: (or, becomes cost-effective if users commit to more extended periods of time; i suppose the thing would have to be flexible re. latter, anyway. i may want to spin something up for testing purposes just for the evening; or, i may want the thing for months+ (with expectation for a discount.))
Framedragger need to think more
Framedragger: (ideas and merciless criticism very welcome, as always)
mircea_popescu: !!key serje
deedbot: Not registered.
mircea_popescu: not entirely sure why you want to charge per minute necessarily.
mircea_popescu: anyway, the "different ips" in the sense of, "same box, same c block" is somewhat naive. they're not that different.
mats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8Vq5NV4Ens << how rolfr reverses a chip
Framedragger: again, yes i understand, but really depends on application/purpose. being able to assign IPs from different c blocks is (eventually) desirable, but may be too steep in the beginning.
mats: and related wiki, https://project5474.org/index.php
Framedragger: re. per minute, i guess i should reach out to consult first eh - this was borne from a solipsistic "me as a customer" consideration: e.g. i want to test out some trb feature across multiple different instances, i need good i/o and memory; monthly costs would not be trivial (for the purpose at hand), so i wish to be charged on smaller timescales.
Framedragger: the latter may only make business sense at some degree of scale, however (unless the per-minute rate is very high...)
mircea_popescu: i guess.
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: i mean, when you're thinking of spinning up those mirrors, you (i now suppose) think in terms of months/weeks, not days or hours or minutes, hm. yeah, i see.
mircea_popescu: !~calc 24 * 60
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: 24 * 60 = 1440
mircea_popescu: there's three degrees of magnitude between the day and the minute. is that your granularity ?
mircea_popescu: but sure, day works, hour works, i have nfi who would not be interested in a per hour deal because he wants per minute!!11
Framedragger: i was thinking, minute / hour / day (with discounts at each level), which is less coarse in terms of "jumps"
Framedragger: yeah.
mircea_popescu: i guess. really why are you painting this bike shed ?
Framedragger: well, i recall asciilifeform's "nearlyfreespeech" hosting provider which boasts are "very honest" resource cost scheme, something to the degree of seconds, with loyalty (depending on total resource usage) discounts being applied every second (or minute, too) :D but that can be a bit childish.
Framedragger: yeah i need to avoid them sheds.
mircea_popescu: it's outright infantile.
Framedragger: just realised that NFS is nigh-unusable for very-fixed-cost "just tell me how much it'll cost" company/project budgets, lol
Framedragger: s/boasts are/boasts a/
Framedragger: myeah.
mircea_popescu: but it occurs to me cs weenie oriented hookers totally should have a per-second fee scheme.
mircea_popescu: it'd serve the customer base much better.
Framedragger: lol, burn, yah.
mircea_popescu: ideally the way this goes, you call the agency, girl shows up, you spend ten minutes going through legal red tape / reading paperwork boilerplate / filling consent forms whatever. then you pump her a little, there's various gizmos and gadgets measuring things, then you play a little board game on the basis of the measurements for say 20 minutes or so.
mircea_popescu: then you win and your 40 minute lunch break is almost over, everyone's very happy and can go on with their life.
Framedragger: you may have just described japan's "comfort boy/girl" / "girlfriend experience" service offerings (mixed with their "hourly billing" airport sleeping-capsules)
mircea_popescu: i bet you right now there's thousands of depressed dudes in ugly tshirts scattered all over silicon valley who would call a hooker if only a) half hour weren't the shortest quanta available and b) they were petrified they've got no way to amuse a girl for a WHOLE half hour, even if she were slightly retarded.\
Framedragger: actually, their airport hotels should have this. "bob, file a patent!"
trinque: Framedragger do you launder your workday sins in here or what
trinque: "no really VPS is a thing"
Framedragger: i thought there may be a demand for vps. multiple parties indicated such, including mircea_popescu.
Framedragger: how it is done -- another matter. sorry if too much noise.
trinque: I'm just giving you shit.
trinque: the mirrors thing benefits how from virtualization?
Framedragger: damn i forgot the secret sauce, i'll maintain deedbot's l1 mappings in mongo cluster
mircea_popescu: !!key serje
deedbot: http://wot.deedbot.org/6D551D986AA33802D881923520721E1D71B83DB9.asc
trinque: sounds like a wget -R and perhaps rsync job, at the most
Framedragger: trinque: does not require a full machine, cheaper. just that. unless there is an expectation that not only should multiple mirrors of same tarball be on different machines, but that also no two different (from different users, say) tarballs should be hosted on same machine.
Framedragger: if latter constraint, too - then, yeah, meh.
trinque: cheaper how
Framedragger: ah, you mean in the sense that no need to run separate linux, even. sure, maybe
Framedragger: trinque: multiple mirrors (from say different user) can run on same machine. vs. "whole machine dedicated to one mirror"
trinque: I am currently paying some guy in the midwest a grand total of 32 bezzlebucks a month for two boxes that would trounce any VM
trinque: what the fuck those are called directories
trinque: you need a kernel per?
trinque: and some http server to fart 'em out a pipe
Framedragger: nb, do you mind if i ask how much traffic (unless unmetered) you get and whether this is colo (in which case, appreciation costs, too)
trinque: 10tb
trinque: per box
Framedragger: nb...
trinque: !#s joe's datacenter
a111: 5 results for "joe's datacenter", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=joe%27s%20datacenter
Framedragger: coolio
trinque: iirc mod6 or somebody may have picked one up
Framedragger: yeah i remember you mentioning the provider before, cool
Framedragger: i'd rather not host in the u.s., but at the same time i'm not convinced just *how* much actual +ev does a "non-nato" provider give
mircea_popescu: so much slide.
Framedragger: sliding the point? sorry, no intention to do that. i see trinque's point, sure
trinque: Framedragger: the datapoint I gave is in re: "VPS is a thing" not "here host in usglandia"
Framedragger: yeah, okay.
trinque: go a couple generations of hardware back and should be cheap cheap
mircea_popescu: Framedragger how do you go from " a grand total of 32 bezzlebucks" to "e i'm not convinced just *how* much actual +ev does a "non-nato" provider give" ?
trinque: and it'll still kill any VM
mircea_popescu: i mean other than deliberately trying to be annoying.
Framedragger pays ~24-30eur/mo. per 16 gb ecc ram xeon box, so should know better
trinque: it'd be worthwhile to reflect on why "no really what I have to do to pay rent has a future"
Framedragger: because it may be more than $32 if it's somewhere else but i MYSELF DEFEAT THIS POINT sorry damnit.
trinque: maybe your way of paying rent has no future. better plan ahead I guess
trinque: just like anybody
Framedragger: yeah. ftr i do not survive or profit from vps. it can be useful sometimes (such as FOR INSTANCE for scanning the damn ipv4, overnight, and not paying for whole month, or for whole box.)
trinque: so then broaden the category to "shit I read on hackernews"
trinque: if not vps
Framedragger: argh
Framedragger: well, i don't have good track record here, so eh
Framedragger: !~later tell gabriel_laddel_p ^ hooker for geeks in lisp, biznis idea
jhvh1: Framedragger: The operation succeeded.
trinque: anyhow. in other "cheap computers > vps", the pcengines apu2 is now shipping.
trinque has one in hand, shall post writeup soon
trinque: making a repeatable gentoo recipe for the fucker
shinohai: Anyone doing bizness involving hookers now owes Baron Titsbare slut tax. >.>
ben_vulpes: dekulakization proceeds apace: http://nwexaminer.com/1393-2
ben_vulpes: historic neighborhood associations responsible for such gems as colonial heights, the entire nw urban area, buckman etc, are now being politely shown the door by "the rent is too damn high"/ex bookstore owner turned city commissioner chloe eudalay in preference to ethnic groups
mircea_popescu: heh
trinque: http://media.shelf-awareness.com/theshelf/2016EditContent/Chloe_Eudaly_102316.jpg << they have a look
ben_vulpes: minimum 45 degree angle
mircea_popescu: the only question being, are you going to burn down city hall / hang chloe by her fallopian tubes ?
mircea_popescu: because if not...
ben_vulpes: no i'm leaving, you think i want anything from this shithole?
ben_vulpes: arts tax? are you kidding me?
trinque chants h-town
ben_vulpes: i already left, mircea_popescu.
ben_vulpes: next step is to cross state lines and deprive them of my bezzlars as well.
mircea_popescu: cross state lines into brazil, while at it.
mats: http://blog.quarkslab.com/exploiting-ms16-145-ms-edge-typedarraysort-use-after-free-cve-2016-7288.html neat
ben_vulpes: tulum looks fine
mircea_popescu: mats ahaha
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes how many trips in two seater does it take to evacuate fambly ?
ben_vulpes: why two seater?
mircea_popescu: i thought you drove some sporty thing
ben_vulpes: yeah there's one of those in the library
ben_vulpes: also have sedan and microtruck
mircea_popescu: ah. and bike!
ben_vulpes: real question is how many fambly members it takes to evacuate fleet
mircea_popescu: lel
mircea_popescu: that's an admiralble problem to have.
ben_vulpes: everyone knows how to work a manual transmission too.
Framedragger: hah, u.s., where knowing how to handle stick is not implied by knowing how to drive :D
ben_vulpes: where having a penis does not make you male either
ben_vulpes: magic land of endocrine disruptors in the water table
mircea_popescu: does microtruck have double clutch ?
ben_vulpes: lol i wish
ben_vulpes: microtruck does not typically need ultra wide gearing
ben_vulpes: but shit damn some day i am going to get back behind the wheel of a unimog
mircea_popescu: pretty cool looking trucks yeah.
mircea_popescu: daimler was it
ben_vulpes: had one of those and one even larger at $summercamp
ben_vulpes: aww, $summercamp
ben_vulpes gets misty
Framedragger: !#s hetzner
a111: 40 results for "hetzner", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=hetzner
Framedragger: ben_vulpes: $summercamp as in in school?
Framedragger: (schooltimes, or adulttimes)
shinohai: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/hillary-clinton-blames-russian-hackers-and-comey-for-2016-election-loss/2017/05/02/e62fef72-2f60-11e7-8674-437ddb6e813e_story.html
ben_vulpes: Framedragger: my parents packed the children of my generation off to desolate islands during the summer to kill things, camp, boat around the archipelago, climb mountains, break each other's fingers etc under the supervision of other, slightly older children and a smattering of 'adults' responsible for taxes and calling medevac from time to time
ben_vulpes: it's a thing. summer camp.
Framedragger: so the films tell me! but this particular description is nostalgia-inducing (where nostalgia may not even have a reference, in my case/context). sounds amazing.
ben_vulpes: oh perhaps you are asking if i meant burning man?
Framedragger: haha :D no. i guess there is that, too. it got even more expensive as of late, didn't it
mircea_popescu: gotta pay for all the special accomodation for dickless bureaucrats trying to pick the peon ranks for fuckable slavegirls while the ac is going full blast.
Framedragger: there must be a more efficient means of doing that... but i guess it needs to sell them the story of "one with the universe" and ecology, too, due to self-deception
Framedragger: administrative overhead!
mircea_popescu: Framedragger the problem is http://btcbase.org/log/2017-04-27#1648346 ☝︎☟︎
a111: Logged on 2017-04-27 02:45 mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo it is, the problem with it is that 10% or less of the payola is paid out as bezzle usd ; the remaineder 90% or more is paid out as pats on the back, empty and baseless congratulatory verbiage and generally speaking psychotronic noise.
mircea_popescu: if they actually understood their place in the world somewhat closer to reality, there could be. but as it is they overvalue themselves to such a degree, people are stuck paying for it with pretense.
mircea_popescu: hence all the ~beat them~ references. the only way for it to be more efficient is shedding a healthy 99.9% of the inflation of self worth going around.
Framedragger: (this relates in my had to shinohai's WP article, hillary blaiming russian hackers for election loss. loootsa collateral damage from inflated self-valuation...)
Framedragger: right right, the inflation is cumulative so to speak, and permeates to many places.
shinohai: Hillary lost long before Russian hackers were ever even finished doing recon, tbh
Framedragger: trinque et al.: thanks for (as always) righting me. i have a shitty follow-up that is still bugging me. here it is, condensed: i think there is a service niche (again: i am in no way vested/involved as of now) for offering a shell with limited resources and (say) a bouncer (like hashbang.sh), for "dirt cheap".
Framedragger: you may not use it yourself because, barf, (1) "just get a real thing already", and (2) "i have more things to host, so why should i pay for this AND that, separately". but for someone who only needs bouncer and maybe-sometimes-ssh (writing small bot in vim, connecting it to irc, etc.), it makes sense to pay very-little for a very-little-thing.
Framedragger: it's ~petty in terms of business/margin/etc., but as a tmsr service, it may be useful to have, for some people. can you see how vps (in this fashion) may remain part of world for at least i dunno several more years? apologies if this line of reasoning totes ruins your day.
mircea_popescu: only way to find out is to put it online and see
Framedragger: same. (it's not like i'd quit $job if this is done anyway, so even by trinque's line of reasoning, won't go homeless in 6 months!1)
Framedragger: anyway, material for $blog, etc.
trinque: gonna have to explain to me wtf conflates "I get a weechat and shell" with "need massive shitstack of xen/kvm/strange"
mircea_popescu: cuz he wants to put 500 weechats in one box
Framedragger: not 500, but yeah, stack 'em.
trinque: sure, and what
Framedragger: with no implication that "no you get unique box" in service offering.
trinque: you know people sold shells before this virtualization thing existed
Framedragger: trinque: i'm not constructing a technological argument. i'm saying, actual cost would be dirt cheap, hence for customer it would be dirt cheap.
Framedragger: hmm, lol, yeah, true.
trinque: what the hell does "now I have 300 kernels" in memory buy you but attack space
Framedragger: oh aha, misunderstanding of term (i was the one to abuse it). for me "vps" meant any kind of stack-i-zation of this kind, not necessarily xen/etc.
trinque: how about... users ☟︎
trinque: and no pretense that they are safe from each other
Framedragger opens unix manual, "oh"
Framedragger: hm, yeah.
Framedragger: but yes good point, one needs to carefully think what exactly is to be offered, and then "parallelize" on those exact things, not "generic containers".
trinque: either user separation exists or doesn't, and if doesn't, explain to me how "but yeah and then we take a massive dump where had tiny dried turd" and this is better
mircea_popescu: rowhammer included by reference
Framedragger: i 100% concede, why pretend and bloat. picture wasn't sure in my head before, "vps but uhh more light", maybe it's just unix users lol. damn.
mircea_popescu: nothing wrong with users.
Framedragger: was it hashbang or sth that even set you up with default tmux arrangement where weechat was running with support irc channel open. looked quite neat
Framedragger: (maybe too much hand-holding, but anyway.)
Framedragger: right, thanks, lol.
shinohai: Hashbang irc blows because forced ssl
Framedragger: shinohai: jhvh1 is also on hashbang, right? how does hashbang force ssl for *that* one, i wonder? by whitelisting irc ssl port only?
shinohai: No, I mean their *own* irc server (and the phree webspace) forces it. But you are welcome to run other services as you please.
shinohai: jhvh1 almost didn't live there because they did python "upgrade" to 3 and removed 2.7 .... after much bitching and a few bitcents of admin greasing I got it back.
shinohai: ( A long time ago, hashbang was actually a gentoo thing but was then debianized by powers that be )
Framedragger: ahh, i see! k
Framedragger: nice work re greasing!
Framedragger: ridoinculous that it needs doing in the first place of course :(
shinohai: I'm unsure why I even started using the place, besides knowing a person or two there. I always liked sdf better for my shell needs. They only recently started accepting Bitcoin for memberships so I need to renew again, for life this time.
shinohai: BWAHAHAHA an FBI translator defected and traveled to Syria to marry the ISIS recruiter she was investigating.
shinohai: DEEP COVER
ben_vulpes: and only got two years when she got home
ben_vulpes: (because of course she came screaming back)
shinohai: "German rapper turned IS recruiter" <<< lulzy
mircea_popescu: heh
Framedragger: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-04-21#1646948 << just ftr, it does appear that they do, and multiple (not just using "our dc / branded as ovh", but actually theirs), https://www.ovh.co.uk/aboutus/datacentres.xml (just for posterity) ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-04-21 17:32 mircea_popescu: last i checked ovh did not own the dcs.
mircea_popescu: integrated eh ?
mircea_popescu: look at that, simplified corporation with a quarter billion in debts at a 1bn valuation and 300mn revenue.
Framedragger: nb if revenue steadily rising (they're opening a dc in .uk and a dc in .pl, lotsa investment)? :)
Framedragger: (i think lots of .fr co's are "simplified corporations"?)
shinohai: https://twitter.com/ProtonMail/status/859486173558788096 <<< Am monitoring, will Qntra if juicy enuf
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: since you were reading wikipedia anyway, a somewhat-curious read from there, https://forum.ovh.ie/showthread.php/913-Following-the-wikileaks-case (original link now gone/"archived")
mircea_popescu: i was actually reading teh morning star but ok.
Framedragger: whoops sorry, thought i'd stab in dark as that info was on wiki in that order. morning star prolly just copypasted from it. or vice versa, hard to tell these days
mircea_popescu: well, inasmuch as it's a factual matter...
Framedragger: i wonder how exact those revenue figures are, if it's a "simplified corp" (and not publicly traded it seems), but yeah guess so
Framedragger: or hm, it has stock price, so unsure.
mircea_popescu: french space is as per usual a mess.
Framedragger: a friend needed bank account for a french job. got assigned "personal assistant" at bank. now assistant asks to meet every $x weeks, they go for coffee or something. which is maybe great in HNWI world, but she's not "HNW" and just has a normal not-high-paying job. ahh the french
mircea_popescu: is she hot ?
Framedragger: yeah, quite. hah, i see
mircea_popescu: so you take hot girl out for coffee every few weeks. that such a horrid fate ?
Framedragger: not at all, i guess i'm just used to cold and person-less banking (which i actually enjoy tyvm), but yeah i see
Framedragger: can be nice.
mircea_popescu: gotta cover the http://btcbase.org/log/2017-05-02#1651075 somehow. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-05-02 19:24 mircea_popescu: Framedragger the problem is http://btcbase.org/log/2017-04-27#1648346
BingoBoingo: "Long considered the pillar of citizen input for city policy-making, neighborhood associations now seem to take a back seat to groups based on racial and cultural identity, as well as to issue-based groups." << Nice, Portland is inviting the Klan back to the table
BingoBoingo: "especially in light of what’s going on politically across the nation under President Trump." << Then why is the boss hogplanet standing in front on the Trump train? They don't call it a "cattle catcher" without reason
BingoBoingo: "A bookstore owner, self-identified queer person and single mom with a disabled son, Eudaly campaigned heavily on better protections for renters and some form of rent control. The 46-year-old gained momentum as months went on, striking a chord..." << With the City's many other femayo lardbarges on the wrong side of the tracks
mircea_popescu: hey, they got time and aren't easily deterred.
mircea_popescu: in fact, need fork lift to de-terre
BingoBoingo: Why not just blockade metformin and insulin going in to portland?
ben_vulpes: why bother, whole place is going to collapse under its own weight and its dependent poor
ben_vulpes: or sink into the quagmire of flood washout it was built upon come the first tremor of any note
ben_vulpes: metformin and insulin must be free!
BingoBoingo: Wait, you have floods too? The Kaskaskia River is out of its banks and wrecking the shit out of some corn fields
BingoBoingo: Along with Shoal Creek, Beaucoup creek, and Big Muddy River(Not to be confused with the Mississippi river)
ben_vulpes: this'd have been a few tens of thousands of years ago but yes
BingoBoingo: In other recent events: "On Sunday morning, a culvert collapsed underneath the front parking lot of Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway on Rendleman Road in Carbondale, causing the entire lot to sink."
mircea_popescu: since Framedragger got the whole thing going : here's a fine example of "color revolution" material, https://litere.uvt.ro/publicatii/BAS/pdf/no/bas_2005.pdf
mircea_popescu: i expect asciilifeform and no one else would well enjoy it.
Framedragger: wait what is this? :D also 'A Hoax of Hate: Henry Ford and "The International Jew"' ahaha
mircea_popescu: Framedragger a decade ago, some dorks got some money together paid some english speakers to mock romanians' efforts at translating shakespeare, and everything else.
Framedragger: hahahahaaha
mircea_popescu: the mockery itself was not bad, notwithstanding the sad situation of the dorks somewhat in the vein of you know, that fat annoying kid with a hot older sister. "why should i wash, have you seen the boobs on Jane ?!?!"
mircea_popescu: it's a very good catechism of the thing, really. honest toil and honest cunning. very square jawed.
mircea_popescu: besides, who even knows the ancient hick-hock joke anymore ?
mircea_popescu: you'd have to be mp, and to have read at oxford before trafalgar, to know such things.
Framedragger: by following this conjunction and assuming continuity of identity, we trivially deduce mp to be over 200 years old
mircea_popescu: mp is not very sure how old he is.
Framedragger: it's the usual case with self-referential mp-complete systems
BingoBoingo: MP is 8
mircea_popescu: and what is this.
BingoBoingo: You can tell from the pixels!