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mircea_popescu: ask god when your time comes, who they were. just as soon he's done with explaining turbulent flow he'll explain history to you, too.
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mircea_popescu: !#s turbulent flow
mircea_popescu: i don't have full control over turbulent flow, nevertheless fly unmolested. and so following.
mircea_popescu: no, i actually searched for "turbulent flow" as opposed to "turbulence"
mircea_popescu: o look phf, i can't link to the story of turbulent flow BECAUSE ITS NOT IN YOUR LOGS!11
mircea_popescu: so you're hanging your argument on turbulent flow ?
asciilifeform: Chillum: if you can predict wave from turbulent flow (e.g., water faucet) don't settle for small change. aeronautics and naval folks would like a word with you.
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mircea_popescu: !s secret of turbulent flow
mircea_popescu: which you won't likely, because it's a lot harder to predict turbulent flow than any one other thing
asciilifeform: (turbulent flow!)