⏐︎ 9075
ben_vulpes: heh cazalla today i stepped outside and went snorkeling in perfectly blue waters
pete_dushenski: heya ben_vulpes
pete_dushenski: can't anyone take a test drive of a tesla model s ?
pete_dushenski: not that there's a dealership anywhere in the province...
pete_dushenski: ;;later tell trinque as well they should be ! saudi royal necks are on the line and isis is all too happen to use that line as a noose.
gribble: The operation succeeded.
trinque: pete_dushenski: ayep; good notes on the convo too
pete_dushenski: ya hardly needed much in the way of notes even, twas a moderately thorough discussion
pete_dushenski: !up ascii_modem
ascii_modem: in a chinese bus, in nyc, believe or not
pete_dushenski: will wonders never cease ?
ascii_modem: eh, cheap lulz
pete_dushenski: ascii_modem: you don't seem like the broadway type but i'd be fascinated to know what you might see if you had the time for a show.
pete_dushenski: or mebbe you're more the stand-up comedy club type
ascii_modem: pet is broadway type
ascii_modem: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-07-2015#1205870 << wai wut - ?? - no one signed that he has read, tested - and straight to release? ☝︎☟︎
assbot: Logged on 18-07-2015 18:10:58; mod6: <+mircea_popescu> mod6 so what's the plan, turning stator into a release ? << Yeah. I believe 'stator' + { eat/dump block, rm testnet & verifyall } should be the 5.4 release unless anything additional is submitted before we can finish testing & bundling release. ☟︎
pete_dushenski: u dun understand how the world works.
ascii_modem: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-07-2015#1205884 << yes and no. yes, cosmetic; but otoh, it's what i'll be patching against now ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 18-07-2015 18:17:48; shinohai: ok, then that is just 2, and testnet isn't important
ascii_modem: (since chairs registered no objection to jettison of testnrt)
ascii_modem: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-07-2015#1205894 << put in msvs if you like... ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 18-07-2015 18:20:24; shinohai: I shamefully decided yo put all my crap in a github repo. There is no better way right now for me to organize it all.
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mod6: <+ascii_modem> http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-07-2015#1205870 << wai wut - ?? - no one signed that he has read, tested - and straight to release? << I certainly did not mean to imply immediate release. Just that I'll build a test plan surrounding what i've indicated. Process is already underway. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 18-07-2015 18:10:58; mod6: <+mircea_popescu> mod6 so what's the plan, turning stator into a release ? << Yeah. I believe 'stator' + { eat/dump block, rm testnet & verifyall } should be the 5.4 release unless anything additional is submitted before we can finish testing & bundling release.
mod6: I still do need to sign that I've read the patches, might get to that tonight yet. Or tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.
ascii_modem: neato
mod6: There will be a testing phase with a distributed full-patched bundle... call it RC1.
mod6: There is no time specific timeline for this in the public domain yet.
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ben_vulpes: <decimation> boost fails to compile << i actually ran into this when hacking against solrodar's clang + graphviz callgraph thinger ☟︎
ben_vulpes: ;;later tell solrodar hey man i need a hand compiling boost in order to test your callgraph visualizer ☟︎
gribble: The operation succeeded.
ben_vulpes: ;;seen solrodar
gribble: solrodar was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 3 days, 4 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds ago: <solrodar> trinque: thanks
pete_dushenski: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/philg/2015/07/18/what-other-currencies-besides-bitcoin-have-experienced-inverse-debasement-basement/comment-page-1/#comment-267787
assbot: Philip Greenspun's Weblog » What other currencies besides Bitcoin have experienced inverse debasement? (“basement”?) ... ( http://bit.ly/1JpIIzL )
pete_dushenski: ^my comment for greenspun.
pete_dushenski: btw has anyone ever invited him here ?
Adlai: !s tenth rule
assbot: 2 results for 'tenth rule' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=tenth+rule
Adlai: pete_dushenski: your comment doesn't appear from here
pete_dushenski: huh ? the link works for me.
pete_dushenski: maybe your page needs a refresh
ben_vulpes: http://therealbitcoin.org/ml/btc-dev/patches.html << hey jurov couldja sort this by date instead of patch hash?
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1CJ1CVN )
ben_vulpes: pwetty pwease?
cazalla: pete_dushenski, i don't see your comment either
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ben_vulpes: pete_dushenski: i don't see your comment either
ben_vulpes: shadowbanned :P
pete_dushenski: lol what else !
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ben_vulpes: pete_dushenski: you'd know better than i about the test drive. that's just how i got my butt in one.
pete_dushenski: ah neato
pete_dushenski: what you think of it ? worth 80-100k bezzlars ?
cazalla: 100k for a car is such extravagance!
pete_dushenski: it's a fancy trabant, what.
pete_dushenski: you can't tell me 100k isn't the same as a 7 year waiting list
cazalla: don't get me wrong, some of these cars in that price range do look nice but i cannot imagine putting the cash down for it let alone taking a loan
pete_dushenski: meh it's all relative.
ben_vulpes: trabamborghini
pete_dushenski: if you're pulling in 3-4x the price of your car, it's no sweat.
pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes: the one and only.
ben_vulpes: my philosophy on cars is a little odd
ben_vulpes: instead of spending 75k on a car, how about we get 75k worth of...cars?
pete_dushenski: have a whole fleet ! the choices !
ben_vulpes: a sedan, a truck, a gas-guzzling roadster, a mommymobile, a camperwagon...
pete_dushenski: actually this isn't a bad game : name all the cars you'd buy with $75k cash. go !
ben_vulpes: buy them pre-depreciated, and treat them like the capital equipment they are.
pete_dushenski: naturally.
ben_vulpes: anyways, the drivetrain is incorrect. yes, electrical drive is fantastic for the low-end torque, but regen brakes of engineering necessity must clamp down insanely hard in order to maximize current out of the machines. ☟︎
ben_vulpes: this makes it difficult to finesse the brake.
ben_vulpes: but to return to the drivetrain: if you *insist* on an eletrical drivetrain, look to the Volt for the correct implementation.
mod6: .gitignore patch submitted: http://thebitcoin.foundation/ml/btc-dev/2015-July/000125.html
assbot: [BTC-dev] Remove .gitignore files from Reference Implementationcodebase ... ( http://bit.ly/1CJ2p95 )
ben_vulpes: piles of low-end torque, backed by a battery that is powered by an ICE generator.
ben_vulpes: that i would pay to have in a truck.
ben_vulpes: thanks, mod6!
pete_dushenski: ben_vulpes: i quite enjoyed the volt
pete_dushenski: drove it/ferried it from vancouver to victoria and back one day
mod6: thanks for the reminder ben_vulpes!
pete_dushenski: the volt was quiet and felt surprisingly well built.
pete_dushenski: those gov grant$ went to good use !
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decimation: the volt was a good idea - except for its price
pete_dushenski: it was a bit dear.
decimation: anywyay pete going to your point last night, I think that's why uk 'top gear' was so popular
decimation: they had the balls to call most of the cars they drove 'crap'
pete_dushenski: that's certainly why i enjoyed tg and i was hardly alone
pete_dushenski: starting out, i modelled by writing on clarkson's
pete_dushenski: who is not only an entertaining presenter but a wicked wordsmith
decimation: he's a showman, no doubt
decimation: that's why the other top gears didn't really work, clarkson made the show
pete_dushenski: totally.
decimation: it's a real shame the whole thing ended the way it did - clarkson being sacked for hitting the incompetent servants
pete_dushenski: looking up prices for porsche 964/993 generation of 911 for '$75 dream garage' and i cannot motherfucking believe how inflated their prices have become in the last 5 years
pete_dushenski: easily 2-2.5x 2010 prices. easily. ☟︎
decimation: yeah, it's the case for all the 'billionare toys'
pete_dushenski: i almost bought a black japanese import '89 964 in 2010 for ~25k. it would readily command 60k today from what i'm seeing on ebay and autotrader.
pete_dushenski: unbefuckinglievable.
decimation: is it because porsche has 'moved on' to a new design?
pete_dushenski: i'd say so.
pete_dushenski: i wouldn't want a water-cooled porsche.
pete_dushenski: except maybe a 997 gt3.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18215 @ 0.00056284 = 10.2521 BTC [+]
pete_dushenski: but the newer ones are all plastic and electronics
pete_dushenski: porsche is about purity and simplicity
pete_dushenski: they've gone 'chinese' this last decade or two.
decimation: lol I didn't realize the old ones were air cooled
pete_dushenski: up until '98
decimation: my dad told me that his dad used to have an air-cooled vw beetle back in the day
decimation: it sucked because there was no cabin heat; they weren't allowed to breathe
decimation: some of the later beetles had a 'gasoline heater' kit ☟︎
pete_dushenski: lol i was driven to kindergarten in a '71 beetle that was exactly like this.
pete_dushenski: in -30C canadian winters, no less.
cazalla: pete_dushenski, ya got dat dere momo steering wheel bro?
decimation: I would imagine that porsche comes with gas burning heater
pete_dushenski: cazalla: what, in my merc ?
cazalla: i dunno man, just shit stirring.. we need some more green thumbs in #b-a, petrol heads are winning
decimation: cazalla: you grow your own brussel sprouts?
cazalla: decimation, yeah, probably another 4 weeks or so until i can eat em
decimation: you plant them in autumn?
decimation: I love brussel sprouts, I'm not sure it's worth growing them. I guess they are easy to freeze
cazalla: i planted them mid march from memory and yeah, i am not sure it is worth growing them either given limited space.. take a while
cazalla: plus i lose half my gardening area to shade in the winter here.. shitty houses built close together which block out the sun
mod6: i've got 22 tomato plants, 8 pepper plants and 4 cucumbers. tomatoes are starting to ripen...
cazalla: i've got about 20 fava beans, 10 sprouts, bunch of spring onions, rocket and english spinach and i just put some more radish in which should be ready to be pulled once spring arrives
mircea_popescu: grow mint or something cazalla
cazalla: in the spring
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mod6: !up ascii_modem
mod6: punkman: your updated debug_sanity patched fine: http://dpaste.com/1838HVN.txt
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1HBSxN8 )
ascii_modem: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206162 << su sop ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 01:36:55; decimation: some of the later beetles had a 'gasoline heater' kit
ben_vulpes to wedding
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mod6: punkman: I get this error when I try to compile with your patch http://dpaste.com/11G00N1.txt
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1VfZqe2 )
mod6: And for something that's really making my head scratch..
mod6: when I compile with my rm_gitignore patch (http://therealbitcoin.org/ml/btc-dev/2015-July/000125.html) it fails!
mod6: http://dpaste.com/3QRQHKN.txt
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1VfZCKv )
mod6: does any one have any clue why removing .gitignore files would cause this?!
mod6: bascially, what I do is; extract v0.5.3.1, patch up through -verifyall then apply the rm_gitignore patch. then this ^^
mod6: wtf
mod6: oh hmm, for some reason, i don't understand this (maybe someone can look at my patch and tell me why??) but apparently not only were the .gitignore files removed, but the directories were too.
mod6: lol. own patch rejected.
decimation: !up hazirafel
mod6: so yah, looks like the patch blows away the obj/nogui dir along with the .gitignore file (it's the only file in the dir at the time - a clue maybe?) but if replaced, the compiles fine.
mod6: does anyone see a reason to keep src/obj-test and src/obj/test ?
mod6: i think those can actually go away, but src/obj/nogui/ needs to stay.
mod6: will resubmit.
mod6: after an actual test.
mod6: i guess src/obj-test needs to stay because of the test stubs & it's ref'd in the makefile. that's fine.
decimation: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=01-07-2015#1182288 < my 'stator' finally completed blk0008.dat, got f7ab989febce649e49f8373f1c5a5fbd44008dd21eaf16ce0d1b73e1070421f0 ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 01-07-2015 02:54:25; mod6: huh, now i have one chain that has 2 that match and one that differs: f7ab989febce649e49f8373f1c5a5fbd44008dd21eaf16ce0d1b73e1070421f0 blk0008.dat && b1d0da3ff6b2b2d6da096f06cf7359ca98e08490ab61202f94468587f51aaee5 blk0008.dat
mod6: thx decimation
mod6: I don't see any ref's in the makefile to src/obj/test
mod6: i think that one can go away ^^
mod6: maybe i should just leave it for now.
decimation: I haven't looked into that
decimation: re: porsche inflation < http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/03/nyregion/manhattan-real-estate-market-surging-at-years-end.html "Those deals helped push the median sales price for Manhattan condos, including resales, up 14.3 percent to a record $1,320,000, according to the Elliman report." (year 2013)
assbot: Log In - The New York Times ... ( http://bit.ly/1DnXPYu )
decimation: also http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=05-03-2015#1042566 ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 05-03-2015 04:41:23; decimation: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102477304 < "When it comes to price growth, however, New York topped the list for prime property worldwide, according to Knight Frank. Prices jumped 18 percent in New York in 2014. Aspen, Colorado, ranked second, with prices up 16 percent."
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mod6: this problem is really goofy.
mod6: i can't get it to remove the file and leave the dir, or to just truncate the file and leave the dir.
mod6: lol
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 43000 @ 0.0005484 = 23.5812 BTC [-] {2}
mod6: so that isn't gonna work.
mod6: if anyone has any ideas on this, let me know. im stumped
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mod6: `man 1 patch`: -E When patch removes a file, it also attempts to remove any empty ancestor directories. << i can't get it to leave the empty dirs.
mod6: perhaps we just don't use my submitted patch and then I just prune the baracles by hand in the release source base.
mod6: leaving the necessary directories.
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ben_vulpes: mod6: were they using .gitignore files as .gitkeeps?
ben_vulpes: btw is it me or was linus retarded for making git work in such a way that one has to stick a file in a dir to get git to keep it around?
ben_vulpes: AND if i'm reading this thread correctly if we blow away the DIR (!?!) compilation fails?
ben_vulpes: the mind boggles
ben_vulpes back to drinking with crazyfam
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punkman: mod6: punkman: I get this error when I try to compile with your patch http://dpaste.com/11G00N1.txt << strange
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1RGLs5B )
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punkman: oic now, forgot to put ShrinkDebugFile back in after deleting in first version, sorry!
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jurov: ;;isup qntra.net
gribble: qntra.net is down
jurov: down and proud
mircea_popescu: jurov myeah atm being ddos'd on like 4 ips
mircea_popescu: i guess ima just buy a c block
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 13340 @ 0.00055783 = 7.4415 BTC [+]
jurov: how would that help?
jurov: looks like you'll end up with content distribution network and that does not need one c block
mircea_popescu: nah
mircea_popescu: im all for it, let the guy waste his botnet time on qntra, 255 ips at a time, 65536 ips at a time, whatever.
mircea_popescu: not like he's doing any damage to anything but himself.
jurov: you think it's ionly some kids that will exhaust their resources soon?
mircea_popescu shrugs.
jurov: otherwise your whole C or even D block may get null routed instead...
mircea_popescu: notrly how this works.
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mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206064 << sounds yummy. i'll be attempting deployment and report. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 00:22:12; assbot: Logged on 18-07-2015 18:10:58; mod6: <+mircea_popescu> mod6 so what's the plan, turning stator into a release ? << Yeah. I believe 'stator' + { eat/dump block, rm testnet & verifyall } should be the 5.4 release unless anything additional is submitted before we can finish testing & bundling release.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 28847 @ 0.00055459 = 15.9983 BTC [-] {2}
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mircea_popescu: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/philg/2015/07/18/what-other-currencies-besides-bitcoin-have-experienced-inverse-debasement-basement/comment-page-1/#comment-267798 for teh lulz
assbot: Philip Greenspun's Weblog » What other currencies besides Bitcoin have experienced inverse debasement? (“basement”?) ... ( http://bit.ly/1RGSg3h )
mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-07-2015#1205907 << yeah obviously you gotta freeze and release now and again. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 18-07-2015 18:33:59; mod6: Anyway, most of the submissions so far have been pretty top notch. We want to encourage people in the WoT to submit patches. If something is submitted but doesn't make it into a release right away, that certainly doesn't mean it won't be pulled in to a later milestone.
mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-07-2015#1205926 << word. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 18-07-2015 19:07:35; ben_vulpes: <punkman> I'd really like the debug.log to be parseable, that's the main motivation here << this is an excellent goal. a+ if you crap out an EBNF to go along with it, instead of some "protocol is in the code" parser script.
mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-07-2015#1206026 not even a bad idea, at that. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 18-07-2015 21:38:39; felipelalli: keep both online, but when the free version is being attacked at least you have an alternative
mircea_popescu: i guess we're all just holding our breaths for the gossipd
mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206063 << not like there's an obligation on the part of anyone to sign. if people are happy with what signatures they see, they can use. if not, not. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 00:22:12; ascii_modem: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=18-07-2015#1205870 << wai wut - ?? - no one signed that he has read, tested - and straight to release?
mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206080 << lawds have mercies. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 00:41:04; ben_vulpes: ;;later tell solrodar hey man i need a hand compiling boost in order to test your callgraph visualizer
mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206120 <<< someone gets it ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 01:18:02; ben_vulpes: anyways, the drivetrain is incorrect. yes, electrical drive is fantastic for the low-end torque, but regen brakes of engineering necessity must clamp down insanely hard in order to maximize current out of the machines.
mircea_popescu: there are TONS of such problems with the thing. not that they're necessarily unresolvable - maybe they'll get fixed. they won't get fixed however for a pet project that goes about as far as the "be an astronaut" curios.
punkman: fwiw, I've read the patches and it all seems good. I only have reservations about the 2 orphanage burning patches ☟︎
mircea_popescu: if you can make a strong statement about some/all, signing's not a bad idea.
mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206146 << i've been mulling over this the whole fucking day, incidentally. if i were ceo of any automaker and the new model made the old models go up in price, i would on the spot fire the entire design team. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 01:31:55; pete_dushenski: easily 2-2.5x 2010 prices. easily.
punkman: I'm
mircea_popescu: with actual kicks to the backside, no joking around. "you are done in this industry and your mothers should be ashamed of fucking drunks"
mircea_popescu: and this because if i were the board of an automaker where this happened and the ceo failed to so fire the design team, i'd so fire the ceo.
mircea_popescu: this is failure of an unprecedented scale, i'm not even sure it can be put into words what exactly it means.
mircea_popescu: it is in fact the superlative failure.
mircea_popescu: an' in other news, http://31.media.tumblr.com/6c78f64a9cf079591e14000cf747ece1/tumblr_n2hiv0hJsV1ra163eo7_r1_500.gif
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1J97Fnw )
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scoopbot_revived: The lulz of today, or "you think it's only some kids that will exhaust their resources soon?" http://trilema.com/2015/the-lulz-of-today-or-you-think-its-only-some-kids-that-will-exhaust-their-resources-soon/
oglafbot: http://oglaf.com/hotdots/
assbot: Hot Dots ... ( http://bit.ly/1fVEtFr )
Naphex: https://xotika.tv/#/channel173/AliceRichard
assbot: XOtika.TV: Bitcoin adult live streaming community. ... ( http://bit.ly/1KeN1nq )
danielpbarron: Naphex, is it possible to initiate private shows, or at the very least send private messages to the model?
Naphex: danielpbarron: nope
Naphex: why?
danielpbarron: i mean, why not? why does the troll box have to be visible to other wanker?
danielpbarron: isn't the point to tell the girl what you'd like to see
danielpbarron: having to do this on display infront of other guys isn't the most condusive to arousal i would imagine
danielpbarron: or maybe i totally misunderstand the demographic you're looking to attract
Naphex: ah :D didn't know you were that emberrased :)
Naphex: perhaps try a new nickname :p
Naphex: but seriously, at some point i will be adding a private button with pay per minute
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mod6: <+ben_vulpes> mod6: were they using .gitignore files as .gitkeeps? << it seems that way kinda. i guess people tend to use .gitkeep (an unsupported work around instead. but w/e)
mod6: <+ben_vulpes> AND if i'm reading this thread correctly if we blow away the DIR (!?!) compilation fails? << yeah, it's not really linus or git, it's patch that does the dirty work. and yeah, the makefile depends on being able to write to some of the dirs.
mod6: <+punkman> oic now, forgot to put ShrinkDebugFile back in after deleting in first version, sorry! << np, just resubmit and i'll give it another try. or even just pass me a version before submit if you like just to be sure it works. np.
scoopbot_revived: Porscheflation and the death of automotive purity. http://www.contravex.com/2015/07/19/porscheflation-and-the-death-of-automotive-purity/
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mod6: oh and there is a new Gentoo guide for nomultilib/glibc -- I created it yesterday & trinque verified as well:
mod6: http://thebitcoin.foundation/gentoo-stage3-amd64-nomultilib-guide.txt
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1TKHZ3E )
mod6: http://thebitcoin.foundation/gentoo-stage3-amd64-nomultilib-guide-wFullExamples.txt
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1TKHZAw )
asciilifeform: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206294 << share plz ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 11:37:45; punkman: fwiw, I've read the patches and it all seems good. I only have reservations about the 2 orphanage burning patches
asciilifeform: i've been waiting to hear somebody describe ~some~, even very theoretical, down side for those ☟︎
mod6: So this can be used as a test platform for all the patches, etc. . If you're really ambitious you can install gentoo as above ^^ then use this to pull down the v0.5.3.1 basecode and apply these patches: http://dpaste.com/23VKWD8.txt
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1CQdaWK )
mod6: But you'll still have to create your own distfiles + ourlibs then drop in ssl/bdb/boost into distfiles. then pull down stator and build.
mod6: so yeah this is annoying with `patch`. if you do `patch -p1 --posix < rm_gitignore.patch` it doesn't remove the dirs /or/ the files, just leaves 'em truncated. which is dumb too.
mod6: i searched lastnight for a looong time to find anything to tell patch to no prune empty directories, but it doesnt seem like an available option.
mod6: s/no/not/
asciilifeform: mod6: iirc patch cannot remove dirs. which is why i wrote 'chicken' the way i did
asciilifeform: this is all in the logz.
mod6: it does remove dirs.
asciilifeform: hm
mod6: check out `man 1 patch` -E
asciilifeform: ah i recall
asciilifeform: it removes files by shitting out the whole file as a minus sign delta
asciilifeform: which pissed me off
asciilifeform: (what kind of imbecile thought that this was appropriate ?!)
mod6: yeah, it basically zero's out the file, and then it seems to remove the file with -N (diff) and if there is nothing left in the directory, it zaps that as well.
mod6: lol, yeah it's obnoxious. and i think the only way to solve this is to remove them by hand.
mod6: but now I'm scared that even if i /do/ remove them by hand, they might get accidentially pruned by a downstream patch (later in time) causing the makefile to puke. ☟︎☟︎
asciilifeform: wai wat
asciilifeform: i'm still not entirely grasping how all of this came about
mod6: ben reminded me to add a patch that removes the 5 .gitignore files. seems easy enough, so crated a quick patch, attempted to apply, worked fine -- I didn't notice that it blew away the directories as well though. : obj/test obj/nogui obj-test
asciilifeform: possibly ought to be a shell script rather than patch.
mod6: here's the patch: http://therealbitcoin.org/ml/btc-dev/2015-July/000125.html
assbot: [BTC-dev] Remove .gitignore files from Reference Implementationcodebase ... ( http://bit.ly/1TKIBX1 )
asciilifeform: unix patch util is diagnosably retarded, we knew this
mod6: yah, and when applied `patch` ends up removing the dirs along with the .gitignore files because it renderes those directories empty.
mod6: lol, it's trying to be helpful.
mod6: "why would you want an empty directory!"
mod6: smh
mod6: so... yah, a bash script or removal by hand. would be fine i'd think. but now i gotta test it a bit harder. if we leave empty directories in there, im worred that patch might come along at a later time and be helpful again, removing those object output diretories.
mod6: unless our solution is to add .keep files in there, which i think kinda sucks.
mod6: if i want an empty dir, i should be able to have an empty dir
mod6: anyway i'll work on it. just don't use the rm_gitignore patch.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12700 @ 0.00057588 = 7.3137 BTC [+] {2}
mod6: i might just be dumb. build a test env with http://dpaste.com/23VKWD8.txt and see if anyone can get the rm_gitignore.patch file to apply without removing the obj/test obj/nogui or obj-test dirrs
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1TKJCy8 )
mod6: well, thats weird. it seems to remove obj/test and obj/nogui, but NOT obj-test which is left empty?!!?
mod6: now im really confused.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 36050 @ 0.00055166 = 19.8873 BTC [-] {2}
mod6: the only thing in the obj-test directory before applying that patch is '.gitignore' so why wouldn't it be removed like obj/test and obj/nogui?
mod6: maybe the best option is to add a one line shell script that just does: `find . -name ".gitignore" -exec rm '{}' \;`
mod6: that'll leave the dirs in place
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decimation: http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/silicon-valley-struggles-to-hack-its-diversity-problem/2015/07/16/0b0144be-2053-11e5-84d5-eb37ee8eaa61_story.html < lol the 'google is racisis' shoe is dropping, as predicted by anyone with a brain
assbot: Silicon Valley struggles to hack its diversity problem - The Washington Post ... ( http://bit.ly/1CQgdOH )
decimation: "Yahoo disclosed last week that African Americans made up just 2 percent of its workers, while Hispanics stood at 4 percent. Those revelations came days after Facebook reported that in 2014 it had employed just 81 blacks among its 5,500 U.S. workers."
decimation: http://unqualified-reservations.blogspot.com/2013/09/technology-communism-and-brown-scare.html < " Google, of course, claims the fact that it would rather hire out of East Bosnia than East Palo Alto is a competitive trade secret. Well, I suppose. Curiously enough, Apple, Yahoo, and Oracle share the same secret. Ha, ha! Is it a secret to you? It's not a secret to me!"
assbot: Unqualified Reservations: Technology, communism and the Brown Scare ... ( http://bit.ly/1CQghhw )
asciilifeform: ;;later tell mircea_popescu whitehouse .org ?! iirc that was a parody site...
gribble: The operation succeeded.
decimation: I thought it was a porn site
asciilifeform: this re: http://trilema.com/2015/the-lulz-of-today-or-you-think-its-only-some-kids-that-will-exhaust-their-resources-soon
assbot: The lulz of today, or "you think it's only some kids that will exhaust their resources soon?" on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. ... ( http://bit.ly/1TKLzL8 )
decimation: also, I don't know what the 'web 2.0' thing he posted a picture of is? is that some kind of dns control panel? ☟︎
asciilifeform: decimation: i think so
kakobrekla: its https://www.whatsmydns.net
assbot: Global DNS Propagation Checker - What's My DNS? ... ( http://bit.ly/1CQh0iR )
jurov: https://www.distractify.com/top-athletes-go-nude-showcase-amazingly-sculpted-bodies-in-espn-mag-1253697340.html not nsfw but perhaps will do :)
assbot: Top Athletes Go Nude, Showcase Amazingly Sculpted Bodies in ESPN Mag ... ( http://bit.ly/1CQh6aa )
asciilifeform: so why did mircea_popescu clobber a random derp site ?
asciilifeform: (iirc one of us suggested this experiment nearly a year ago, but noted that the proper whitehouse oughta be used)
decimation: the amusing thing to me is that the 'ddos cannon' is using dns ☟︎
decimation: but I too am curious how disabling qntra's dns while clobbering random bystanders helps anybody
decimation: I suppose it kinda has to use dns to defeat trival remappings
asciilifeform: aha
decimation: at any rate, it does seem that the 'content distribution network' approach is the only one that seems to hold up against this kinda crap
decimation: granted, it's expensive to build and maintain, but it was kinda baked into the way the internet works
decimation: why not take the 'pay per page' subscription model one step further? 'pay to route' pakets, in btc?
asciilifeform: have fun with tx fees and hour-long confirmations for packet
decimation: heh, well obviously you would prepay
jurov: and routers verifying sigs for 1e6 packets/sec , rly? ☟︎
asciilifeform: jurov: that part's easy.
decimation: you could put a packet counter pretty easily
decimation: automation could talk & update router regularly
decimation: no sigs, just ips
asciilifeform: a stateful solution is ipso facto a wrong solution.
jurov: everyone does spoofed ips
decimation: now, the scammer could discover a 'credited ip' and run down its account
asciilifeform: ^ and for other reasons.
asciilifeform: or no route.
decimation: asciilifeform: well, I agree with that too
asciilifeform: at all levels, too.
decimation: but remember how it was rejected as being 'too friendly to third parties'
asciilifeform: this is also why every packet is rsa-encrypted to the destination's pubkey.
jurov: asciilifeform: how would that cheap 1e6/sec sig verificating router look?
asciilifeform: jurov: asic
decimation: jurov: yeah it would need to be done in custom logic
decimation: jurov: to be fair, cisco does the same thing (custom logic in router)
jurov: of course, but cisco just moves bits and does not do crypto ☟︎
asciilifeform: the heroic bandwidths are, imho, unnecessary - the only thing it needs to do extremely quickly is to reject enemy garbage
decimation: ^
decimation: for webpages anyway
decimation: maybe crypto-netflix is later
decimation: asciilifeform: how could you route if the destination were encrypted?
decimation: some kind of onion-routing?
asciilifeform: decimation: wot routing
asciilifeform: 'mother taught me never to speak with strangers' (tm) (r)
jurov: but if you check sigs at destination, then you haven't solved ddos at all
jurov: they need to be checked at places where do 1e6 pkt/sec flow
asciilifeform: jurov: aha. and you check them at line speed.
asciilifeform: with asic
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 39000 @ 0.0005763 = 22.4757 BTC [+] {2}
jurov: any asic that comes even close to that? ecdsa/2048RSA?
asciilifeform: jurov: recall what asic means
asciilifeform: what it means is, designed for the occasion
decimation: sure, you could do line-speed rsa
asciilifeform: none of this is an open problem in any sense
decimation: probably could go to opencores right now and find a crypto block
asciilifeform: decimation: wouldn't go that far
asciilifeform: probably needs to be designed the old-fashioned way, to get real performance
asciilifeform: rather than hll synthesis
jurov: we can do asics that easily do 1e6*1e5 operations per second ?
jurov: (ecdsa is on order of 1e5)
decimation: jurov: 1 gigabit ~= 8333 packets/sec
asciilifeform: jurov: checking sigs parallelizes linearly
asciilifeform: the only thing you need the fast logic for is to mux/demux to the processing pipes
decimation: it might add a tiny bit of latency
jurov: dear decimation these ddoses have tens or hundreds gigabits... and not with 1500 byt packets ☟︎
phf: build FIDO on top of gossipd ;)
asciilifeform: jurov: understand that the solution has to be deployed as a network, rather than in one point
asciilifeform: a network that a wotless wolf cannot even connect to in any meaningful sense.
jurov: but i understood it will be built on ip anyway
asciilifeform: wolf gets to stay in the forest, outside city walls
asciilifeform: can build on anything you like
decimation: which is roughly the position we are all in, failing to have $$ mil networks
decimation: jurov: why does qntra need more than 1 gigabit
jurov: what if there are million wolves and you must check their sigs?
jurov: decimation: it does not need gigabit!
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10400 @ 0.00057699 = 6.0007 BTC [+]
jurov: but if you get gigawolves via ip arriginv, how are you getting sheep through?
asciilifeform: jurov: the point is that the million wolves are, in your example, all lining up at one gate
decimation: they have valid sigs?
asciilifeform: why is there only one gate ?
jurov: how does the gate look? like tor enter node?
asciilifeform: approximately
jurov: ah that i wanted to know
asciilifeform: and since we aren't a usg wankatron like tor, there is no reason for all of the 'gates' to be publicly advertised
asciilifeform: or even to remain the same from day to day
decimation: I think ascii is proposing something like tor except everyone knows everyone else, and routes accordingly
jurov: !s cjdns
assbot: 10 results for 'cjdns' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=cjdns
asciilifeform: decimation: this is rather like saying 'proposed something like a chair, except that it flies through space and takes pictures'
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asciilifeform: gossip net is rather more like anarchist 'cells' than anything else.
phf: it's more fidonet with crypto handshakes ☟︎
asciilifeform: aha
decimation: back in the day, ham radio folks used to run something much like fidonet except completely over shortwave/vhf radio
asciilifeform: but the aspect i'd like to emphasize - one which mircea_popescu thought to be an optional frill and did not include in his spec - is the single-packet authentication.
asciilifeform: it is the one and only pill against ddos
decimation: as I recall his objection is that he didn't want third parties to be able to easily glean identites from packets
asciilifeform: generally speaking, your machine - to an attacker lacking the keys - must look exactly like an empty wall socket to the enemy.
phf: and you want it to be fully stateless?
asciilifeform: decimation: attacker cannot glean identity from an rsa-encrypted packet sent to a known public key
asciilifeform: payload (incl. the signature) is in the crypted blob ☟︎
decimation: yeah I didn't recall the encrypted part being mentioned before
decimation: clear signatures would
asciilifeform: ~i~ mentioned it ☟︎
decimation: gonna have to re-read
asciilifeform: again, it wasn't in mircea_popescu's spec ☟︎
decimation: yeah I was more interested in the argument that generated it
asciilifeform: iirc he still thinks that ip as it exists now can be entirely abstracted over, and that the spec ought not mention details like packets
decimation: my earlier proposal of 'charging per packet routed' is a jungle way of implementing this
decimation: I see ip has here to stay forever, because of the $$ bil it would cost to do otherwise
decimation: maybe even $$ tril
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform well the whole thing's a parody.
mircea_popescu: anyway, wanted to see i can first take down random sites with it
mircea_popescu: not like you're going to see it on wh.gov
decimation: you did force the attacker to lay down one card
mircea_popescu: pings just fine. honestly it'd be sad if it didn't.
mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206352 << obviously, inasmuch as they're the result of lengthy consideration / involved discussion here, their unexpected downsides shouldn't be expected to be provided by us. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 18:26:59; asciilifeform: i've been waiting to hear somebody describe ~some~, even very theoretical, down side for those
mircea_popescu: apparently either there's none or everyone else in bitcoin is just watching tv.
mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206370 << this makes sense. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 18:34:53; mod6: but now I'm scared that even if i /do/ remove them by hand, they might get accidentially pruned by a downstream patch (later in time) causing the makefile to puke.
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asciilifeform: there is a basic principle which applies equally to the 'orphanage' discussions and to today's ddos thread: NEVER give derps something valuable just for showing up
asciilifeform: in NO possible universe does this lead to anything but grief
asciilifeform: there is NO circumventing this, because ultimately it is a thermodynamic law
decimation: asciilifeform: in this way you can see how the internet 'as is' is doomed to some degree
asciilifeform: decimation: it is as doomed as the cartoon wolf who walks off the cliff and does not necessarily notice - at first
decimation: no, I would argue that the benefits accrue to specific corporations
mircea_popescu: obviously.
decimation: for instance, spam drives everyone to big isp mail hosts, gmail, etc - not only for spam protection but also for 'web of trust'
asciilifeform: decimation: re: the orphanages, if you have them at all, what you're doing is 'i'll store this piece of shit on your say-so, and MAYBE it will be shown to be a valid block (rx) later'
asciilifeform: hence 'jam tomorrow'
decimation: 'web of trust' in this case being the poorly done implmentations of smtp routing
mircea_popescu: decimation riddle me this : you don't like reading dumb "newspapers", but how many good ones were sunk by exactly this before you heard of them ?
mircea_popescu: the process ensures everyone has to swim in the same pisspool.
decimation: yeah it's a fair point
decimation: the pre-digital version was expecting some kind of handout/human attenion being paid to a stranger
decimation: similarly, the 'ddos attackers' end up driving everyone to akamai, etc
decimation: virii/malware benefit mcaffee and usg's 'cyber' budget
decimation: asciilifeform: I predict the bitcoin version will be resolved with some kind of central transaction clearhouse monopoly, sadly
asciilifeform: decimation: in what sense would that look like 'bitcoin' at all ?
decimation: what other option is there?
decimation: spv mining?
decimation: satoshi was being dumb when he failed to program payments for caching
asciilifeform: i still utterly fail to see what is so wrong with classic bitcoin
decimation: umm, didn't you just complain about the orphan problem?
asciilifeform: i shot that problem in the head
asciilifeform: while remaining compatible
asciilifeform: hence it was not part of 'bitcoin' at all.
decimation: hehe good point
asciilifeform: it was just a piece of shit stuck to the skin, not a tumour
decimation: but someone still needs to hold transactions until they 'clear'
asciilifeform: think of it this way - the mempool isn't, by the same token, really 'part of bitcoin' either
asciilifeform: there are 1,001 possible ways to queue up transactions for miners to choose from
decimation: mempool in this case being the gigantic c++ 'map' that holds transactions in memory?
phf: re: orphanage, i'm still investigating, but there's no reason why we can't have a better initial sync block handoff strategy, that doesn't get stock, because some parent in an orphanage subchain failed to get sent out
asciilifeform: the current one mostly works. if sufficiently abused, and folks with actual stake in the matter get sufficiently annoyed, another one will be used
phf: *get stuck
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu suggested at least one alternate scheme, iirc
asciilifeform: phf: in case you missed it, my nodes are not stuck
decimation: I suppose my point (central clearinghouse) is that I foresee some entity like akamai that will 'magic away' this problem for miners, who will all pay for the service
asciilifeform: if the miners want to march into a usg mousetrap, no problem
asciilifeform: it will snap shut, and a new set will be born
decimation: yes, but you would agree that building such a network with an eye toward minimizingn latency everywhere would be expensive ☟︎
decimation: because miners are gonna want max fees with min latency
jurov: it's not hard for every node to advertise addy for caching fees ☟︎
jurov: only needs wallet that creates N copies of the tx with N addresses
jurov: let them compete
decimation: jurov, what is 'N'? the length of the cache?
jurov: no, N nodes
decimation: ah I see
phf: asciilifeform: it's not a permanent stuck, but a slowdown. i haven't sent out that orphanage graph that i posted some time ago, because i'm still kicking shit around, but the beahior that you can see from it, is that blocks are sent out as multiple subchains. when a subchain arrives that's missing a parent subchain, it gets rejected many times over and over, until parent subchain is filled in. i think the behavior can be improved by
phf: mucking around with the code that desides what blocks to send to a requesting client
decimation: yeah that's kinda what I'm hinting at I guess
decimation: jurov: I was envision the miners paying for your caches, on the assumption that most folks won't want to pay a third party to clearn bitcoin
asciilifeform: phf: it would be absolutely trivial to send blocks in a sane way to compatible clients. 'embrace & extend' protocol
jurov: most people are not interesting here
asciilifeform: ^^^
decimation: yeah, it's a fair point. that point has been made
asciilifeform: http://www.loper-os.org/pub/gentoo.jpg << for serious gentoo aficionados only !
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1Dp23iJ )
decimation: even in the fiat world, actual people transmitting actual money would expect to pay
phf: asciilifeform: well, i wouldn't say "trivial", but yes
decimation: asciilifeform: was that taken at a zoo?
asciilifeform: decimation: aha, where else. central park.
decimation: heh. I admit part of me wants to journey to the falkland islands to see the gentoos
phf: asciilifeform: of course the easiest option is to add a new network command, that does a sane request for initial block chain parts, but i think it can still be done within the framework of current sync model
asciilifeform: i see nothing wrong with a 'get block N' command.
decimation: phf you are thinking 'give me block #N'?
decimation: heh
decimation: asciilifeform: what if you have an ongoing fork?
asciilifeform: then same situation as now
decimation: I suppose the serving node still has some idea of what block N is
phf: where N is the hash or the height?
asciilifeform: height!
decimation: yes
phf: right
decimation: actually such a command would be very useful for a 'fork detector'
phf: well, that's certainly a way to cut gordian knot
ag3nt_zer0: good day all...
ag3nt_zer0: I am trying to enter my public key at nosuchlabs.com but am getting an internal server error
asciilifeform: ag3nt_zer0: it is mighty busy
asciilifeform: please do try again
phf: at which point do you stop doing get block # and switch back to current sync process? or never?
asciilifeform: why ever
ag3nt_zer0: am i supposed to enter the entire text file, including ---Begin Public Key Block----, or just the string of shit? sorry don't know the technical term...
asciilifeform: whole thing
ag3nt_zer0: thx
asciilifeform: http://www.loper-os.org/pub/gentoo2.jpg << moar gentoo!
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1Dp32zk )
asciilifeform: http://www.loper-os.org/pub/ln2.jpg << liquid n2 on the steets of manhattan. every coupla blocks
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1Dp37mE )
asciilifeform: the hose disappears into a telco pit
asciilifeform: (why? almost certainly for the same reason as http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=02-05-2014#656219 where i live) ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 02-05-2014 21:23:21; asciilifeform: instead, there are tanks of co2 chained to poles here and there
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punkman: mod6: ben reminded me to add a patch that removes the 5 .gitignore files. << I dunno why patch was needed for this, just remove them manually in next release
asciilifeform: long ago, i used to work with dewars quite like these. and never expected to find them on city streets
asciilifeform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juZqGU9iuq0
assbot: The Liquid Nitrogen Tanks of New York - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/1Dp3mOu )
asciilifeform: ^ apparently other folks noticed
asciilifeform: when i saw them, i started following the hose, in hopes of finding an ln2 icecream monger !
asciilifeform: (an old university delicacy.)
punkman: asciilifeform: I don't really have a theory. are we sure that nuked orphanage can't cause more wedges?
asciilifeform: punkman: i have yet to conceive of any wedge or other undesirable effect from it, other than a bit of wasted bandwidth
phf: i think maybe getblocks already works like "get block N" where n is block height. client sends out his top block on a chain, and server responds with a sequences (?) of blocks from then on
asciilifeform: (since you can't stop other folks from sending you bastard garbage)
punkman: do they have liquid nitrogen in other US cities?
punkman: seems expensive to maintain
asciilifeform: punkman: here in dc region they use tanks of compressed co2
asciilifeform: the one i spoke of in the linked thread hasn't been changed in... 2yrs
asciilifeform: if not longer
asciilifeform: quite empty
punkman: I have never seen any such thing in europe, perhaps they hide them
asciilifeform: the ones in nyc were fresh, covered in frost
asciilifeform: i do not know how long they have been there, but would dare to guess that it is since the flood a few yrs ago
asciilifeform: punkman: bottled dry gas is not a standard feature of copper phone grid!
punkman: guess it's cheaper than digging out shitty cables and replacing them
asciilifeform: normally, there are dry air machines at the exchange
asciilifeform: they blow straight into cable ducts
asciilifeform: (for fiber, all of this is entirely unnecessary)
punkman: don't fiber bundles have copper sometimes?
asciilifeform: for what ?
asciilifeform: optically-pumped repeaters are sop for... last decade ?
punkman: optically pumped repeaters? that sounds interesting
punkman: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_communications_repeater
assbot: Optical communications repeater - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... ( http://bit.ly/1Kf6tQN )
Naphex: nhttps://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3dumhy/we_are_alice_jessica_victoria_and_brandy_from/
Naphex: that cam on stick thing
Naphex: pretty cool
mod6: <+punkman> mod6: ben reminded me to add a patch that removes the 5 .gitignore files. << I dunno why patch was needed for this, just remove them manually in next release << yeah, i mentioned that after the fact lastnight. but was discussed here: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=19-07-2015#1206370 << this makes sense. ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 19-07-2015 18:34:53; mod6: but now I'm scared that even if i /do/ remove them by hand, they might get accidentially pruned by a downstream patch (later in time) causing the makefile to puke.
mod6: <+mod6> so... yah, a bash script or removal by hand. would be fine i'd think. but now i gotta test it a bit harder. if we leave empty directories in there, im worred that patch might come along at a later time and be helpful again, removing those object output diretories. << so if i do remove them by hand, have to ensure that these empty dirs wont get nuked later on accident
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ag3nt_zer0: !rate phf 1 helpful
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punkman: mod6, nuke the empty dirs, have the build script or makefile create them when it needs them?
mod6: sure there are other options. nothing quite as simple as "just blow away the .gitignore files"
mod6: s/simple/clean/
asciilifeform: in other nyooz, 64 connections on s.nsa node - a new record
mod6: cool!
asciilifeform: we will need more, more of these.
asciilifeform: and a peer discrimination mechanism.
asciilifeform: (something notably absent atm)
decimation: asciilifeform: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11907-superconducting-power-line-to-shore-up-new-york-grid < you might have found superconducting electric lines
assbot: Superconducting power line to shore up New York grid - New Scientist ... ( http://bit.ly/1Kf8igD )
asciilifeform: decimation: nah. these were telco holes
decimation: low noise amps is a possibility
decimation: every rf guy knows noise = k*temp*bandwidth
asciilifeform: http://gothamist.com/2008/01/31/nitrogen_tanks.php ☟︎
assbot: New York's Nitrogen Tanks: Gothamist ... ( http://bit.ly/1Kf8nkx )
decimation: it's odd that they would use nitrogen instead of dry air machine
decimation: maybe they need high pressure or something
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asciilifeform: decimation: cheap, in the short term
asciilifeform: not to mention that dry air machine is a large, central thing, and needs intact ducts
asciilifeform: (the latter are, possibly, no longer there, since the flood)
decimation: yeah, also this google 'answer' http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=309530
assbot: Google Answers: Liquid nitrogen into sewers - why? ... ( http://bit.ly/1Opzt7k )
decimation: "
decimation: "Re: liquid nitrogen...
decimation: Con Ed in New York City puts 160 L dewars on the street and uses the
decimation: cold gas to cool transformer vaults in the summer. The Dewars sit on
decimation: the street all over Manhattan."
decimation: http://www.popsci.com/those-nitrogen-canisters-nyc-streets-are-keeping-your-internet-cables-cool "“We’ve done a lot of work to get these off the street,” Johnson said. “It’s a big expense. This is not our business.” Just refilling the tank costs about $100, Diachok said, which they have to do every day to every three days. Right now in the city, Verizon has 54 tanks at 28 sites, and that number goes up in the winter when t
assbot: Page Unavailable ... ( http://bit.ly/1OpzFTO )
decimation: yeah apparently they also use the expansion of the gas to cool the lines next to hot steam, etc
asciilifeform: collapse bandages.
decimation: heh yeah pretty much. 'oh we installed shit on top of shit, what kind of bandaids can we use to keep the mess running rather than investing in fixing the problem?'
decimation: it's not unlike the ddos/spam problem mentioned earlier - each entity sees the street and sewer vaults as a zone to stuff shit for 'free'
decimation: 'tragedy of the commons'
ben_vulpes: mod6: re gitkeeps do we even know why those empty dirs are necessary for a succesful compile? ☟︎
ben_vulpes: i've been able to get on the computer for maybe 10 minutes max at a stretch over the past few days, or i'd take a crack at it myself and figure it out
phf: ben_vulpes: because makefile.unix expects them, (search for obj/nogui/%.o: %.cpp, etc.)
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform, punkman, panzers et al
ben_vulpes: so instead of duct taping the thing together perhaps fix the makefile?
phf: it's totally a makefile.unix artifact, since building with cmake/clang works without them
phf: yes please
ben_vulpes: p plz
ben_vulpes: phf later i'll want to pick your brain about compiling boost under clang/os x
ben_vulpes: but you know
ben_vulpes: snorkels and family call
phf: priorities!
ben_vulpes: i am clearly not elite enough to set my own priorities, otherwise i'd be down on the beach with a margarita and my laptop
ben_vulpes: OH WELL
ben_vulpes off again
decimation: boost compiles fine with macports
jurov: beach+laptop=onoes
decimation: but macports appears to want to use clang
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decimation: http://www.thelocal.es/20150716/night-drone-mystery-at-spains-royal-palace " The privacy of Spain’s royal family is being invaded by unmanned aircraft which are using the cover of darkness to venture into airspace above King Felipe’s residence."
assbot: Night drone mystery at Spanish royal palace - The Local ... ( http://bit.ly/1IcNww3 )
decimation: ^ typical solution to 'tragedy of the commons' problem
decimation: or rather this: " Spain’s Ministry of Defence is said to be interested in introducing measures that will prevent drones flying in high-security zones following initiatives in London and Paris."
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punkman: decimation: lol "measures"
mod6: <+phf> ben_vulpes: because makefile.unix expects them, (search for obj/nogui/%.o: %.cpp, etc.) << ben_vulpes yeah this stuff ☟︎
mod6: <+asciilifeform> we will need more, more of these. << indeed
decimation: lol related to the earlier discussions about anti-confederates & anti-nazis: http://www.thelocal.es/20150706/madrid-mayor-to-rid-city-of-franco " Manuela Carmena, the new left-wing mayor of Madrid, is set to get rid of all street signs bearing references to the late dictator Francisco Franco, replacing them with the names of illustrious women and local heroes."
assbot: Madrid mayor to rid city of dictator Franco - The Local ... ( http://bit.ly/1SvXg5U )
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decimation: !up _flow_
decimation: 8~
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mod6: i've tried this thing 48 ways from sunday. context diff, unified, truncated files, removed files with/without -E smh