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mircea_popescu: !!up r0nin-
deedbot: r0nin- voiced for 30 minutes.
r0nin-: hello
mircea_popescu: how goes ?
r0nin-: just curious about your latam travels?
r0nin-: still argentina? ☟︎
mircea_popescu: nah. costa rica.
r0nin-: any trilema articles
r0nin-: on it
mircea_popescu: sure, plenty,
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-06#1694676 << same thing they ran out of in iraq/afghanistan etc. i'd say "men" but it's not really it. you could say "people" but certainly not it. you know, non-retarded, non-gender-confused etc etc human beings. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-08-06 22:48 asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-06#1694636 << what are they gonna run out of ? cement ?
r0nin-: mircea: ever going to settle down and set roots somewhere? or ever forever the jewish digital nomad
r0nin-: whats up with libertarians always taking on jewish traits?
r0nin-: everyone a 'wanderer' now
mircea_popescu: i have roots everywhere.
mircea_popescu: just because the duke of wurtenberg also holds luneburg doesn't mean he thereby isn't the lord sovereign in stuttgart anymore. he is, the people there bow to him like they always did, whatever other lands abroad he meanwhile acquired.
mircea_popescu: so, to ask the proper question here r0nin- , what is with the spawn of herdemocracy, always trying to edge in equalitits on some level or other ? ownership is not marriage, it is ownership. whether women or lands or anything else - the sovereign above, the thing below, their relationship unequal.
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-06#1694672 << muchly depends. if the office is the usual usian horror, and the casino floor is the item from glamour shots, with the floozies and the hookers and so on, definitely. but the casino floor can be pretty depressing, especially in fucking arkansaw. and the office can be a total insoutenable legerete de l'etre style hospital, especially in eastern europe 1990s "media" or whatever "i'm ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-08-06 22:43 asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-06#1694579 << prolly still beats rotting alive in office
mircea_popescu: a young slut hear me roar" sort of environment.
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2015/varia-varietatis-or-your-all-about-the-mollusc-guide/#selection-153.0-153.35 << fine example of worse-than-office tripot.
deedbot: http://trilema.com/2017/no-such-labs-snsa-july-2017-statement/ << Trilema - No Such lAbs (S.NSA), July 2017 Statement
mircea_popescu: ^ sorry for teh delay. there's going to be a smg report next month, skipping the current.
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-06#1694690 << republican computing seems to be migrating towards pretty much that in general. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-08-06 22:52 asciilifeform: ( i keep pretty much every intermediate step of just about every computation i ever do, because hell knows )
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-06#1694691 << hey, if there wasn't a bar to meet, how would we get rid of all the 99% useless males women keep spawning ? ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-08-06 22:53 asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-06#1694665 << if it's anything like the last goxtime around, not 1 in 100 is buying ACTUAL bitcoin, but goxolade
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BingoBoingo: (((r0nin-))) Why the semetic fascination?
mircea_popescu: what were the parantheses again ?
BingoBoingo: Hebes
mircea_popescu: is {{{}}} just as good ?
BingoBoingo: Nah, {{{}}} has not yet been assigned
mircea_popescu: also, is semetic a contraction of semen and semitic or does semantic get involved on some level ?
BingoBoingo: Naturally, cucks gotta clean up the wife and the bull
mircea_popescu: cue the ancient joke, "two jewish families go on vacation late august in this florida roach motel cuz it's cheaper. mid afternoon they can hear each other fucking the balabusta through the paper walls, cuz it's chepaer than going out. one yells "hey itzak, is this work or leisure ?" "leisure strul, if it were work we'd have hired the paper boy to do it."
BingoBoingo: lol
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mircea_popescu: and in other "rules to live by" : skirt always shorter than heels!
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asciilifeform: phf: looks like dks is now selling... a harley
BingoBoingo: lol
phf: asciilifeform: seems reasonable
phf: i mean, it's guy's personal ebay account
phf: heh, 2015 sportster too
asciilifeform: speaking of old harleys, looks like d00d from #bolix will trade 2 ivory cpu for 1 3620
asciilifeform: if he ever comes to these parts.
phf: he will, we already agreed that he's staying at my place, sometime in september
asciilifeform: lolneato
asciilifeform: he also wants 2nd kbd and even pile of burned out rubbish, but didn't yet suggest what he'd trade for those
phf: i think tron has a hoarding problem, i told him as much, but he really wants to keep those 36xx running in perpetuity
mircea_popescu: there's a substantial difference between that and a hoarding problem.
asciilifeform: he's just the man to cure asciilifeform's hoarding
mircea_popescu: the clinical classification specifically requires "no utility".
asciilifeform: i was frankly disappointed when i learned he already has too many dec alpha
BingoBoingo: <phf> heh, 2015 sportster too << Obviously didn't sell soul for enough if small sportster and not huge Electra Glide
mircea_popescu: incidentally, since apparently we are among cold war aficionados, anyone saw "the spy who came in from the cold" ?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: you can see sum of dks's income on usaspending.gov
asciilifeform: under 'symbolics technologies'
mircea_popescu: with the anglo version of alain delon (richard burton)
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: it barely suffices for harley annually
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: not seen, no
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform last year reported was 2015 / 2011 ftr.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform it's possibly the worst spy movie ever made. batshit ridiculous nonsense.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: possibly site stopped updating
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: worse than bond?!
mircea_popescu: funded 262k personally in 2015 / 800 bucks under the corp name in 2011.
phf: mircea_popescu: i like to make that joke, because it makes me feel better about my tiny apartment
mircea_popescu: phf is it one of those you don't like painting because you feel the walls closing in every time ?
mircea_popescu: (for equity should also point out the 262k in 2015 is very exceptional, dude averages sub 100k over 5 years)
phf: i put a 2-person tent in the middle of the room and it made the room suffocating, yes
mircea_popescu: tent in the room eh ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: iirc dks still services an eternal contract with usg that runs on bolix and nuffin else.
phf: oh i was just experimenting with a different setup, try to see what fits and how, and how big is the footprint, that sort of thing
asciilifeform: they mostly use the alphas tho
mircea_popescu: i am not specifically informed ; but from common business sense looking at the cashflows, that contract was terminated in 2015.
asciilifeform: possibly
asciilifeform: selling harley suggests it could be so...
asciilifeform: or possibly 80+y.o. simply dun harley nomoar
mircea_popescu: vague rumors have alphabet taking over nuke softwarizing through special subsidiary also.
mircea_popescu would very much like to see the lulzpile involved. fully systemd yet ? etc.
asciilifeform: lol!!
asciilifeform: perfect match, madeinheaven -- the 1 system absolutely nobody will notice if rots
mircea_popescu: (not the crap on the rockets itself ; but there's a lot of on-the-ground tracking and whatnot)
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform aha. and the one capital acct where needed payments can be hidden.
phf: nuke softwarizing? as in power plant software, or like electronics for bombs?
phf: never mind answered
mircea_popescu: :p
asciilifeform: prolly the 'unsexy' inventory handlig etc
mircea_popescu: meanwhile in the locker room, http://68.media.tumblr.com/99a7ee9d3bf85ee0839c3e21c5e31e40/tumblr_o7zrd4OWXu1r4y8dbo1_1280.jpg
asciilifeform: lolwtf is that tatoo
mircea_popescu: i confess i never understood the tattoo bs.
mircea_popescu: if you're not a fucking tribal hunter spending your time in pelts on horseback throwing spears ; if you're not a jailbird of the "jail -- only home" persuasion ; if you're not of any of the other few categories wtf are you thinking.
mircea_popescu: stupid girly with stocking ribbons tattooed mid thigh. "why, you figured you'll never live to afford stockings ?" "uhmmm".
asciilifeform: dunno, the rsaperl-cum-'i am a munition' tat was almost cool
asciilifeform: ( but did it exist? or myth )
mircea_popescu: stupid nobody chasing an identity that's specifically not-him, like in https://archive.is/leynq#selection-313.1062-313.1239
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform no, see, thats very specifically what i mean. oh, "She's a munition" ? what context is it in. woman is on the toilet taking a crap. is she a munition ? is it cool ?
asciilifeform: mno the rsa one, in '90s
mircea_popescu: doing something on the basis of "it'll be cook for 12 seconds the first time someone sees me and once in 7 months at a party" is very dumb in that it neglects the other 99.99% of the context.
asciilifeform: had working perl rsa
mircea_popescu: so ?
asciilifeform: and iirc was some d00d's forehead
mircea_popescu: this is my point : if you are a tribal hunter, you are a tribal hunter all day long. if you're vory, you're the fucking stars. fine.
mircea_popescu: but if you're some office plankton there's no tattoo thart can possibly fit.
mircea_popescu: hence the problem with the mid thigh ribbons.
mircea_popescu: the "im a munition" woman was going to actually be a munition MAYBE once, ever.
mircea_popescu: otherwise, she was going to be a confused ditz.
asciilifeform: i met people with horrid tat who made it specifically to close off life of being office plankton
mircea_popescu: i suppose.
asciilifeform: so possibly even this has a use.
mircea_popescu: but this is again the fundamental problem : it;s not a matter of "use".
mircea_popescu: the "use" of symbolic / ritual behaviour is an attempt of primitive mind to translate for roman faggot.
mircea_popescu: she isn't going to BE the fucking thing.
asciilifeform: noshit
mircea_popescu: well so then it's going to be ridiculous, what.
mircea_popescu: most of the time, the item will only serve to prove that she's not what she thought she might be.
mircea_popescu: because she's a use aka gnoseology and tattos are a being aka ontology. and these do not meet.
asciilifeform: the 'munition' thing was possible exception : in the clinton-era statutes, a body with rsa perl ~was~ counted 'munition'
mircea_popescu: by whom ?
asciilifeform: state dept
mircea_popescu: was she going to be a munition living among the brazillians ?
mircea_popescu: cuz ak round is munition even in africa.
asciilifeform: idea was to troll the border guards in usa
mircea_popescu: no, i get the idea.
asciilifeform: obviously didnt work
mircea_popescu: the problem with this idea is that person spends 1 ppm if that doing the item ; and rest of 999`999 ppm doing something incompatible.
mircea_popescu: and this is the fundamental point here : white slut of contemporary does so many incompatible things she can't be meaningfully tattooed.
asciilifeform: no different than , e.g., impregnations
mircea_popescu: many uses, no specific identity. any attempt can end in involuntary humor and naught else.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform for "career women" trying to "balance it" and so on ? yes, no different.
mircea_popescu: the ~only even vaguely possible wester-contemporary-tattoo is of course http://btcbase.org/log/2015-04-15#1102059 ; but not even this works, because why the fuck are you getting a IANA for it. however you turn this, tattoos dun work in modern world. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2015-04-15 16:50 gribble: The Slave Register - Master/slave, O&P, SLRN, certificates: <https://www.slaveregister.com/>; TSR: Registration Numbers - The Slave Register: <https://www.slaveregister.com/about/numbers>; TSR: Registration How To? - The Slave Register: <https://www.slaveregister.com/about/reghowto>
phf: it's funny because by the time tattoo crazy started there was already enough old people with tattoos that both had the almost uniform "i made terrible mistakes" attitude and very much were self-evident personification of the sentiment. and then i guess there was a new generation planning on never getting old (or changing in any way)
mircea_popescu: and the reason they don't work is very strictly related to "freedom" and you know, consumer market segmentation. as long as there's no universally meaningfull root there can't possibly be meaningful tribal behaviour ; and if there is such a root there can't be democracy.
mircea_popescu: phf anglotard youths are not allowed to fuck their elders, and consequently anglo culture is impossible ; and there can never be such a thing as an anglo nation.
mircea_popescu: which is why they keep trying to "empire" instead. except empire dun work just because you need it to.
mircea_popescu: very vaguely related : one of the few romanians worth the mention, mocking romanian ows translation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoXT0H-Kzsw
oglafbot: http://oglaf.com/accessories/
mircea_popescu: anyway. the tattoo situation (me asking girly "why haven't you yet figured out a tattoo that works to put on yourself!!!") is very much like me asking alf "where is the proper computer!!!". the complexities involved in making sense of the immense jumble that modern world puts at disposal are exponential on the base, and the base grew exponential on time. we'll, likely, never catch up. yes ppls 5k years ago could lick every in
mircea_popescu: dividual lego piece and make the "tallest pyramid" with the half dozen items available to them. there's uncounted items available today, what fucking X-property-deductively-proven item.
phf: what you need is a glass bead tattoo, a hypothetical multidisciplinary meditative practice that culminates in a tattoo that fully encompasses the complexity of modernity and that the practitioner can apply to himself before finally retiring from the public sphere
mircea_popescu: i don't see why they'd retire.
mircea_popescu: (rather : the proposition that they thereby must ascend to nirvana / retire / disappear in a loud pop and the laws of the universe becoming more complex is very much a symptom of teh problem!)
asciilifeform: phf: i inevitably think of the automummificators, reading this
mircea_popescu: the jap xtian thing ?
BingoBoingo: Nah, need living gecko skin skinwrap. Maintain just enough life in each skin for it to function as a pixel
phf: i ran out of the thought half way through and hoped you wouldn't notice, but it's not even consistent with the narrative that i was ripping from. in the original after they make the tattoo they are now ready for the highest office, etc.
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo they're fabulous, the little shits. you know they actually change color, BUT NOT in the "oh, i have an ipad, i get how this works" thing ? they're not gonna display fucking sluts on their backs. but it CLEARLY works for the purpose (camouflage) shockingly well.
mircea_popescu: phf no, they are adults.
mircea_popescu: this is what it is : you get your stars, you are now an adult, protected by the storied item as all adults.
mircea_popescu: and expected to follow and impart the law and so on.
phf: hmm hmm
asciilifeform wonders re resolution of gecko
mircea_popescu: goes right into that discussion of "god's church body", http://trilema.com/2017/dupa-dealuri/
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform that's the thing, it's not measurable! certainly not pixel resolution. it has a bizarre sort of say pre-compressed multi-cell-linked sort of resolution.
mircea_popescu: ie, "for its purpose" it has easily > 10mn dpi. but for your purpose, i doubt it has a functional .2 dpi.
mircea_popescu: it's not a general purpose screen.
mircea_popescu: (i confess i've been studying fucking geckos.)
BingoBoingo proposing horror show sorta creation like remote controlled cockroach, but on bigger scale. Perhaps less adorable color change lizard would make better candidate.
BingoBoingo: How is Fna anyways?
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo he slid over the floor at the rate and in the manner of a tiny tumbleweed being blown by wind a coupla days ago. i jumped up because wtf, tiny tumbleweeds blown by wind ??!?!
mircea_popescu: this is the sort of shit they do.
phf: would it be appropriate if slightly simplified for, say, knuth to get a algorithms/computation tattoo?
mircea_popescu: not just the animals, either. the people are SO FUCKING SUSPICIOUS if they lived in lafond's own they'd be shot like twice a week just "on general principle" to borrow a tarantinoism. and utterly unaware of it, also.
mircea_popescu: phf no. because how does he reconcile it with literate programming ?
mircea_popescu: this is the problem -- we do SO MANY things. "oh i'm a father and an employee of the month", says the office plankton. well... also a consumer, and a sayer of VERY finely tuned nonsense. wut now.
mircea_popescu: leaving alone that none of the things are anything but time-compatible : they're not mutually meaningful in any meaningful way.
mircea_popescu: "the more things there are to be, the fewer beings you will have". eventually that reaches 0 and that's that.
phf: hmm
mircea_popescu: phf did you live through soviet long enough to know the 10yo fixed-form composition ? ☟︎
mircea_popescu: like, say, the vacation page ? wit hthe "goodbye so and so landmark" closer sentence ? ☟︎
phf: i'm not sure, i went to "humanities special school" it's possible they didn't torture us with such nonsense
BingoBoingo: In other his-stories http://trilema.com/2015/the-strange-case-of-the-woodcollector-and-other-stories/
mircea_popescu: but see, that's not at all the point. for one thing : all scholarship is nonsense. for the other, soviet school si entirely propaganda, which is to say "prepare organ donors for a certain way of life". the fucking point of the fixed form 3rd/4th grade composition is to allow the submarginal intellects making up the bulk of the population to tattoo their brains into a form that'll then allow them to survive, as traffic agents ☟︎
mircea_popescu: writing up an incident report or whatever else in this manner.
mircea_popescu: soviet is very instructive for the anthropologist because it is roughly speaking "summarized early modern".
mircea_popescu: allows comparison of the item with its summary for maximal comprehension.
mircea_popescu: and the story it tells is that cca 1950 soviet / 1800 western world, it was already impossible to produce meaningful tattoos due to growing complexity.
mircea_popescu: substitute tattoo of wooden tongue was employed in soviet world, to the amusement of early postmoderns in the west.
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> writing up an incident report or whatever else in this manner. << US has similar "5 paragraph essay" format used on standardized tests through High School
mircea_popescu: i'm aware. complexity in us world has been dropping abruptly in mainstream terms. teh people can no longer support an actually deliberative senate.
mircea_popescu: strangely, the us version is a lot less endearing, perhaps in that it so carefully avoids appearing naive to itself.
BingoBoingo first remembers encountering "5 paragraph" in 1992 at age of 8 in third grade
mircea_popescu: recount this. what's the rules for the construction of the item ?
phf: perhaps it's because it doesn't come with a high pitched, clear voice of a true pioneer singing about rodina
BingoBoingo: [1] Thesis, introduce points 1, 2, and 3 [2] Elaborate Point 1 [3] Elaborate Point 2 [4] Elaborate Point 3 [5] Conclusion, i.e. repeat thesis and reiterate points 1, 2, and 3
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo any fixed forms ?
mircea_popescu: (and yes, of course this is the ancient papal legate rulebook for message composition.)
BingoBoingo: Fixed forms in what way?
mircea_popescu: in the way of "la revedere, gara din pascani!" ie, "goodbye, train station of pascani!"
BingoBoingo: Students were not trusted with commas until 8th grade. Sometimes until High School.
mircea_popescu: in the way of "in our democracy" and "rights of all people" and so on. it's emergent in teh anglo.
BingoBoingo: Ah, yeah
mircea_popescu: "Ce frumoasa este iarna!" ie, "how beautiful $item is!". early, cheap, typewriter-and-indigo-paper powered shanonizing. fill in these blanks, and memorize the template they go into.
BingoBoingo: Most common meme was "Our school is too poor to afford the new world maps"
mircea_popescu: brain tattooing. because unlike skin, brain can present different facet in different context. to some degree.
BingoBoingo: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"
mircea_popescu: what can you do.
BingoBoingo: "Don't be an Indian Giver"
BingoBoingo remebers high school classrooms in 2004 still occasionally showing USSR on world map
phf: i understand the point though, my understanding that i haven't evaluated in a while was that soviet were attempting to solve prisoners dilemma by training "a soviet man". brain tattooing makes sense in that respect, though my interpretation is generous to the goals
mircea_popescu: phf which prisonner dilemma ?
BingoBoingo: "Gifted students are creative students" << This point was alluded to in pseudoscience guy's creativity vs. tinkering essay
phf: game theoretical one, cooperate/defect with the corresponding payoffs
mircea_popescu: defect to whom ?
phf: it's in the statement of the prisoner's dilemma, "defect" to the hypothetical inquisitors by betraying the other prisoner (i know that the terminology used introduces interesting connotations within the soviet regime, but i don't think that's the intent)
mircea_popescu: no, see, you're thinking "to the west" with such intensity it can't even be voiced. suppose for the sake of argument, defect to chuka. why not ?
mircea_popescu: i know for a fact kgb had chuka defection directorate because hey, during the groznii siege all the signals folk involved had "experience in the problem".
mircea_popescu: this puts the problem in context : "don't defect to west because even if materially stronger, it is morally weaker. BUT ALSO!!!! don't defect to fucking mongoloids because even though morally stronger they... don't have enough dachas ?"
mircea_popescu: suddenly the proposition becomes untenable.
mircea_popescu: you had any contact with the living memory of soviet punk ? was this thing early on, "soviet too soft, gotta be moar hardcore" youth movement, wouldn't wash, didn't ask women to fuck, somewhat vaguelyt like the great leap forward kids in china.
phf: i wasn't actually thinking to the west, i was treating soviet union as a self-contained system. the point i was trying to make is that (and this is all very RANDian) in the absence of a market graph you needed an alternative mechanism to encourage cooperation, which in this case was the propaganda system "real soviet man does X" etc.
mircea_popescu: why do you think market encourages cooperation ?
mircea_popescu: consider the case of kitty genovese ; or else a more general, abstracted point : you go into a field where men are working, in a rural, traditional, thereby market-clean setting, and i dunno, sayu a man is drowned in the river and ask for help. they will cooperate, won't they ? whereas if there's a market going they'll go... "go talk to the market-specialist, we're not in that line of work", yes ?
phf: if you screw somebody in a repeated trade, they won't necessarily do trade with you again
mircea_popescu: market organizes capital, of course, and man is capital, yes, but it doesn't encourage cooperation anymore than it encourages the grass to grow.
phf: yes, but then you're substituting village for city
mircea_popescu: phf wouldn't you expect, if market encouraged cooperation, for fucking to be most common in market-driven societies and least common in marketless ones ? whereas europe has a fertility problem and chuka very much does not ?
mircea_popescu: seems the natural basic quanta of cooperation, "making a new child".
phf: i think that's competing ideologies setting conflicting goals
mircea_popescu: hm.
mircea_popescu: if your notion of cooperation excludes reproduction you'll have to define it somehow because i'm not sure i know what it means thne.
mircea_popescu: i mean, "advanced" folk can't get a carpool to work, whereas "backwards" folk can drop a supernumerary child with the first woman/gaggle of children they run into, and it'll work out. "here, take this, i'll take it back tonight".
phf: hmm, i'm saying that market is one of the ways to encourage cooperation, where one wouldn't necessarily exist otherwise; there are other better ways, kinship, religion, king/leviathan
mircea_popescu: so is there any argument against the "cooperation is what happens anyway, there's a number of known ways to discourage kinds, such as market, faith, kinship, etc" ?
phf: hmm
mircea_popescu: much in the vein of "hair-grows on face ; we call a moustache this particular shaving pattern, and sideburns this other shaving pattern" ?
mircea_popescu: for instance, traditional family ie kinship say discourages very acutely some specific cooperations, such as romeo and juliet's coop.
mircea_popescu: whereas usg is very dedicated to "anti money laundering".
mircea_popescu: doesn't specifically care who desdemona fucks, but very much cares if the moor sent any venetian coins back to mauretania.
phf: well, but if you're saying that cooperation is what happens, then at the very least same can be said about kinship.
mircea_popescu: sure.
phf: but i'm not even sure if kinship and cooperation are similar nature of happen. does kinship promote cooperation as it's only source, but then you can do mental tricks to extend kinship beyond actual kin to likewise extend cooperation?
mircea_popescu: cooperation is a behaviour ; kinship is a status. they're not compatible in this sense.
mircea_popescu: the trick here is the usual "sleeping mind goes backwards through causal-time". the kinship is a particular shaving of the cooperation field -- you're supposed to help your kin and not help the nonkin. this does not mean "kinship made you help your kin" ; you wer going to help and this told you who NOT to help.
mircea_popescu: 16yo is going to suck some cock. unless she's biologically broken, mentally retarded, in some manner not-human, dysfunctional failure, she is. now, whether she sucks hunter's cock because that's who daddy brought home or wolf of wallstreet cock because that's what the cat dragged into the bar is an ulterior consideration. she's not gonna be without.
phf: i understand the reversal (and it's a neat one) but i don't see how it's supported by anything but itself. you're basically saying that "oh someone's drowning, that's not my brother, fuck im" is what's happening, where's i'm saying "nothing's happening of note, oh it's my brother drowning! i should help him" is what's happening
mircea_popescu: but you're not helping him because he's your brother. you're helping him because you were going to help ; the part where he;s your brother is a 2nd step, where he doesn't get not-helped for being on do-not-help list.
mircea_popescu: 1. phf is walking down the road ; 2. phf perceives something in river ; 3. phf goes to help ; 4.a. phf discovers it was scarecrow, unloads helping module ; 4.b. phf discovers it is muscovy and he's from lvov, unloads helping module ; 4.c phf discovers it's his brother AND CARRIES ON.
BingoBoingo: 4.a.1 phf loads salvage module and recovers scarecrow
mircea_popescu: unrelatedly alf -- teh russkis came up with the following item : a 20 ton truck with two engines, one powering the left side wheels, the other powering the right side wheels. i thought you should know.
BingoBoingo: 5. phf - crow war escalates
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo conceivably.
phf: ok, i'm convinced of "cooperation is what happens anyway". now i think that it doesn't work with conflicting interests. save person from river, potentially drown yourself kind of situation. or trade with them with smaller payoff, kill them and take their stuff for higher payoff.
mircea_popescu: right.
phf: i suppose that's the point of prisoner's dilemma, it establishes simple example of such conflict
mircea_popescu: the problem with payoff is, of course, identity. to quote that splendid film, "when a man takes an oath, he is holding his soul in his hands, like water. if he opens his fingers then, he shouldn't worry about ever meeting himself again."
mircea_popescu: this doesn't happen just when you want it, but generally. if you're gonna kill the dude drowning to take his underwear, you'll be stuck wearing a pair of stained underwear which you didn't stain yourself.
phf: smooth, i suppose you could say that a raider wouldn't make a choice to trade, likewise trader doesn't necessarily have the inclination for raiding
mircea_popescu: perhaps.
mircea_popescu: the problem with this view is that most cultures ethnonym is "man". raider/trader/etc would have to be exonyms.
phf: well, those things that i brought up, kinship, religion, they are part of identity. "he's not my brother i won't go out on a limb" vs "my life's not my own, god told me to help even if i die".
mircea_popescu: sure.
phf: so to revise the original point, markets create additional conditions under which higher payoff is obtained through cooperation in a situation of conflicting interests. though i'm not quite sure how that applies in the drowning situation, since it's missing the whole exchange of resources
phf: this is turning very much into "how i spent my summer" essay
mircea_popescu: every ideological clothing of reality will priviledge some possible, occuring exchanges for others.
mircea_popescu: take the combustion engine -- yes, the fuel burns ; yes it'd have oxidized anyway, eventually.
mircea_popescu: in this configuration, it spins an axle. in another configuration, it'd have fed a mold or w/e.
mircea_popescu: knowledge has you stick finger in some holes as opposed to others ; depending on the kind of knowledge so vary the kinds of holes.
mircea_popescu: and so yes, a functional commercial environment will have you do some things, such as painting masterpieces and discovering the new world, in preference of others.
mircea_popescu: whereas a dysfunctional socialist environment will have you chant nonsense in a circle.
mircea_popescu: still, the masterpieces and discoveries are not objectively valuable, even though the socialists love using them whenever they figure how to.
mircea_popescu: even if it's conspicuous consumption in the manner of "burn all these decadent bourgeois rembrandts"
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mod6: mornin
mod6: wb
mircea_popescu: why ty!
mod6: how goes today?
mircea_popescu: not bad so far.
mircea_popescu: o hey, that was the painlessest log catchup ever.
mircea_popescu: meanwhile at teh office, http://68.media.tumblr.com/f821b8398d69e9969db7f2dcef402703/tumblr_o7b4t3n1fC1v92rx6o1_400.gif
mod6: aha, how monday should begin!
mircea_popescu: o right tis monday!
mod6: :D
shinohai: Morning all >.>
mircea_popescu: heya.
mircea_popescu: in other news : cutting up a fresh vanilla bean and leaving the cuttings to sit under costa rican rum qs in a brown glass bottle results after a week or so in such an incredible vanilla tincture as the senses can scarcely believe.
mircea_popescu: i guess im making caek.
mircea_popescu: delishius caek.
shinohai: I thought the caek was a lie.
mircea_popescu: hm.
shinohai: Giving a whole new meaning to sit on it and spin: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGmg4iYWAAAQibM.jpg
asciilifeform: lol it's that toy
asciilifeform: for some reason ultra-popular in usa
asciilifeform: ball bearing with plastic handle.
asciilifeform: you turn it, like a prayer wheel.
asciilifeform: ( lotsa folx with idle hands, need somethign to spin, spin... )
mircea_popescu: dun think i ever saw the specific one.
mircea_popescu: o wait, are you saying it's not actually a butt plug, but something else ?
asciilifeform: they all have this shape
asciilifeform: it's probably the spin toy thing, glued to a plug
mircea_popescu: brazzers are so fucking untalented. jesus.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-07#1694871 << recall ancient china, 'five-legged essay' ? ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-08-07 04:27 mircea_popescu: phf did you live through soviet long enough to know the 10yo fixed-form composition ?
asciilifeform: same idea
mircea_popescu: no, because i mean fixed form not fixed structure.
asciilifeform: what's the diff ?
mircea_popescu: fixed structure is a cognitive necessity, from the kuhn-popper theory of paradigma-based research throughout the actual practice of scholastics all the way to a 10yos fixed structure "composition"
mircea_popescu: the form is just a way to cheat.
asciilifeform: 'structure is nothing if it's all you've got, skeletons spook people for a reason' -- naggum
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform here's the difference : "bad guy gets it (death)" and "woman gets it in the end (cock)" are fixed structure, they create the usian fictional narrative.
asciilifeform: hm.
mircea_popescu: whereas "don't say nigger" and "good guy wears white hat" is fixed form.
asciilifeform: aa , kabuki
asciilifeform: meanwhile, in monkeystan, http://archive.is/hbnex
mircea_popescu: maybe, if that's what you mean by it. i always interpreted it to mean "fixed form resulting through exhaustion of alternative by an ancient, methodical culture". whereas generally fixed form is arbitrary.
asciilifeform: nah mircea_popescu that's be joseki
mircea_popescu: lol k
asciilifeform: ( ultra-useful word imho )
asciilifeform: even if nobody again plays go.
mircea_popescu: i'm not enough of an expert on stupid-theatre to be able to say if this is fair or not to teh kabuki.
asciilifeform: ( for nonplayers -- 'joseki' are sequences of moves, but not necessarily in opening of game ( as in, e.g., chess ) , which appear to be arbitrary to the uninitiated but you deviate from at your peril
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform other than the butthurt of matt levine, who apparently holds the irrational impacted belief that usg matters/has a future against all possibnle evidence, what about that piece ?
asciilifeform: ( unless a very skilled player )
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i dun know much re the case, other than how the d00d was a master troll , 1st class ( bought some famous artsy piece of shit just to burn it, iirc, had a twatter where he bragged about demolishing various derps, etc)
mircea_popescu: you mean the subject ?
asciilifeform: shkreli aha
asciilifeform: then they сшили дело for him
asciilifeform: ( iirc accused of making pyramid ) and now convicted
mircea_popescu: i don't suppose either him or bitcoin or anything else talked about is related to the piece. the whole item is matt levine being his usual judische insolence self, whereby he imagines he can talk out his ass and he won't hang for it because "someone had to say the alternative thing".
mircea_popescu: this doesn't work, of course, but he'll whine loudly about the unfairness of it all.
asciilifeform: lol i only read the 1st segment
asciilifeform: and never heard of the author prev
mircea_popescu: most nobody did.
asciilifeform: assumed it was generic volkischer beobachter clerk
mircea_popescu: anyway, it's the usual strategy of the cattle, discussed previously in teh logs.
asciilifeform: appears so aha
mircea_popescu: "oh, there's 5bn things that could be said and 3bn moo moos saying things, well, i'll be better served to "differentiate" myself from the herd by saying things according to how few others are saying them, than according to the things said"
mircea_popescu: "better own 100% of obscure nonsense than ~0% of reasonable statement" because "you never know" etc.
mircea_popescu: necessary corollary of "people can have ideas". of course, "people" can't, but that's too advanced for the prostitextuate.
mircea_popescu: the other moo moo strat, since we're doing moo moo strats, is, of course, http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-07#1694702 : spend a little time trying to follow a particular line into some detail, then "totally overwhelm" your betters by pointed questions. cuz you know, they totally don't outthink you on a regular basis. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-08-07 01:25 r0nin-: still argentina?
asciilifeform: the point re 'inserting equalitis' was spot on, i immediately pictured d00d's picture of mircea_popescu as wanderer with a sack tied to a stick , 'wandering because lost'
mircea_popescu: this was actually formalized by caragiale cca 1880 : "sunt chelneri cari, dupa cite au prins pe apucate din dezbaterile si conferintele intelectualilor, pot face mart pe un profesor de universitate, mai ales daca l-or lua repede".
mircea_popescu: ie, there are waiters who overheard enough in bits and pieces from the intellectual's disputes that they can overwhelm an university professor, especially if unprepared.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform that's kinda the thing, they self-flatteringly imagine i ended up here cuz i fell from a pot, not because i can see through them like so much glass beads.
mircea_popescu: i suppose the moral being, we're going to see ever more waiters who read the log for i-log-ical purposes in teh futures. and, the imbecile (aka narcissist in ballas' terminology) being more dedicated to the preservation of the malfunctioning "self" he already has, they'll just run off the moment that dun work, to either try [the same stupid shit] again later or not dare to try again [ie, proclaim some sort of incomprehensible
mircea_popescu: victory]
mircea_popescu: anyway. items who aim to ask questions but can't answer questions are not yet ready for peopledom.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-07#1694872 << interestingly, not so long ago i was working through an old german textbook from su era -- it had this ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-08-07 04:28 mircea_popescu: like, say, the vacation page ? wit hthe "goodbye so and so landmark" closer sentence ?
mircea_popescu: aha
asciilifeform has been on a eurolangs refresh kick, doing ro currently
mircea_popescu: how's that coming along ?
asciilifeform: quite entertaining
asciilifeform: not nearly as 'sporty', i think, as mircea_popescu's language method -- i've no meat people who speak anything useful in range
asciilifeform: so paper it is.
asciilifeform: asciilifeform's pet meanwhile is doing ru.
mircea_popescu: do a trilema article, we'll lol together.
asciilifeform: i can already eat maybe 1 in 3 articles without making hilarious mistake -- looking to get useful with spoken ro
asciilifeform: ( as in, realtime )
mircea_popescu: wait, you mean ro to en ? i was thinking en to ro.
asciilifeform: i got some distance to go before would undertake * -> ro
mircea_popescu: ah.
mircea_popescu: well, you can always undertake two week vacation in ro, go northwest, the whores will be recognizably ukrainian and certainly friendly.
mircea_popescu: heck, go cluj-iasi-chisinev-odessa for maximal linguistic lulz.
asciilifeform: [ insert asciilifeform-has-nfi-where-to-even-begin-in-meatland thread here]
mircea_popescu: eh, you buy tickets, you land at airport, you go to hotel and you chat up the clerk. find out where the university is, go there, hang out in the cafeteria, offer to buy girls drinks / hire one to show you around.
mircea_popescu: take pet along, only feed her that day if you're happy with teh results. can't possibly miss, srsly nao.
asciilifeform: in other 'performance arts', https://cryptome.org/2017/08/cambridge-analytica.htm
mircea_popescu: cryptome joined the off-internet bunch.
ben_vulpes: https://www.wsj.com/articles/missouri-police-officer-killed-during-traffic-stop-1502121625 << is it 'cops are easy to kill' oclock yet?
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: paywalled
ben_vulpes: http://archive.is/AP4sF
mircea_popescu: hey, i recall when this was being discussed on trilema in the future tense! what was it, coupla years ago ?
ben_vulpes: mhm!
asciilifeform: from same rag: 'Venezuelans want to throw off the yoke of Cuban repression. They need your help.'
asciilifeform: ( https://archive.is/FdIpb#selection-2267.42-2267.122 )
ben_vulpes: cuban repression? waaat
asciilifeform: nfi!
phf: fwiw i never did experience that whole formulaic writing thing (though i know there were all kinds of other cases of "tattoos for the mind"), my russian/literature/foreign literature classes were brutal, i still have nightmares of cramming poetry last moment, 2-3 hours essay sessions that never seem to end, the three giant Yuri Lotman books
asciilifeform: 'The Castro infiltration began over a decade ago when Fidel sent thousands of Cuban agents, designated as teachers and medical personnel, to spread propaganda and establish communist cells in the barrios.' didjaknow!!
asciilifeform: gotta luvv the thief-crying-stopthief folx
asciilifeform: phf: the most basic education for-people is still > the finest available education for-ameritards
asciilifeform: i saw some of each and willing to 'sign under this' .
mircea_popescu: o wow, this is like, usg foreign policy done by the guys they stole it from, so therefore ILLEGITIMATE OMYGERD!
asciilifeform: noshit.jpg
mircea_popescu: playing yesterday's game. as if it's fucking 1930 and "the masses" matter or some dumb shit.
asciilifeform: relatedly the crashcoin etc idjits are pressuring the gavins ('core devs') to... break traditional addresses.
asciilifeform: this is great idea, possibly will finally get even the dullest off prb.
mircea_popescu: lol wut ?
mircea_popescu: oh, don't tell me, "we will not make payments to non 1-led addresses" hurt the butt quite THAT much did it ?
asciilifeform: http://archive.is/s7iTd << for entomologists strictly
mircea_popescu: lulzy.
mircea_popescu: wait, in some paralel github universe bitcoin crash is actually "a majority fork" ? ☟︎
asciilifeform: 1 aws vm , 1 voat, or sumthinglikethat
mircea_popescu shrugs.
asciilifeform: in possibly more interesting noose, ice40 toolchain seems to build and work ok even on crapple.
asciilifeform: very imho interestingly, NOBODY manufactures a board with an ice40 and a nontrivial qty of ram together.
asciilifeform looked.
asciilifeform: nor with a nic.
asciilifeform: ( these are ubiquitous for xilinx & altera )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform ecp3 versa has 1gbit ddr3 even.
asciilifeform: that is not an ice40!!!
mircea_popescu: lattice made tho :)
asciilifeform: but screamingly noncompatible
asciilifeform: it's their ver of the xilinx virtex, full of proprietary special blox of various sorts
asciilifeform: wholly unreversed afaik.
mircea_popescu: aha
asciilifeform: i actually have an older version of that thing, bought by mistake
asciilifeform: the working turdless-chain series is the ice40, up to 8k gate.
mircea_popescu: olimex has something, usual 512kb sram sorta thing.
asciilifeform: i have that one.
mircea_popescu: aha.
asciilifeform: and 'icestick' also.
mircea_popescu: for unexplained reasons not a very popular/studied/modded chip.
asciilifeform: very studied, surprisingly enough, to the point of being fully solved
asciilifeform: but nobody could be arsed to mount it with sdram socket and gb nic magnetics ?!
asciilifeform: apparently.
mircea_popescu: these are contradictory aren't they.
asciilifeform: how?
mircea_popescu: "she spends two hours each weekday poledancing at various clubs and her hymen's intact". rly ?
asciilifeform: intact afaik
asciilifeform: not same thing as 'definitely intact'
mircea_popescu: it wasn't so much solved as the producer documented it, isn't it.
mircea_popescu: apparently surest fire way to obscurity is to properly document your hardware.
asciilifeform: it is almost like the ice40 aficionados are following the 'bolix-whisperers' 'we dun wanna piss off dks!111' school of thought
asciilifeform: 'oh noez if we start doing heavy lifting with open fpga it will be immediately discontinued'
mircea_popescu: learned helplessness, america's only export.
asciilifeform recently spoke with yet another 'but dks! but john mallery and nsa!' d00d
mircea_popescu: what about them ?
asciilifeform: the usual asciilifeform : 'i intend to reverse and publicly rape all bolix intellectualprowhateverthefucks' d00d: 'atrocity! but do you not fear and worry ! but nsa! ' etc
mircea_popescu: so whatever, early reaction to grief.
asciilifeform: bolix co. remnant is owned by a 'dark eminence', retired nit nsa prof d00d, see old thread
asciilifeform: *mit
mircea_popescu: i'm aware.
asciilifeform: i have several convos like this, and consider them strictly 'psychiatrically' interesting
asciilifeform: they treat the corpse as if it were alcoholic father , or the like - 'mustn't piss off, will beat us' 'mustn't piss off, maybe will give us treats'
asciilifeform: but the corpse neither beats, nor dispenses treats.
asciilifeform: high time to realize this, whisperers.
asciilifeform: it's a corpse.
asciilifeform: take out the gold teeth and move on.
mircea_popescu: from the little actual i've seen, dude's just a very serious engineer type of the 70s, entirely unequipped to deal with the metrosexual fucktards of the 90s
asciilifeform: but quite happy to , with usg ?
mircea_popescu: usg dun mean anything to him.
deedbot: http://trilema.com/2017/spies-in-berlin/ << Trilema - Spies in Berlin
asciilifeform: lol, usg just another customer ? sorta like how long pig just another sausage ?
mircea_popescu: something like that. though i expect they had a coupla people specially for interfacing with him.
mircea_popescu: reason contract ended prolly was those finally retired.
asciilifeform: likely
mircea_popescu: coupla women, not really secretaries/receptionists, not really subsecretaries of state. the forklifts of government, doing the actual paper pushing. prolly in their 30s when they met, 30 years ago. eventually, gotta quit to hang out with the dogs / grandkids.
mircea_popescu: ~only correct way to understand post-cold-war government is as a public funded term paper mill. there's a bunch of people writing the papers and a bunch of nominally designated "students" "turning their work in".
asciilifeform: i usedta work in one of these
asciilifeform: know about it.
mircea_popescu: supposedly the public grades it.
asciilifeform: lol
mircea_popescu: which is the laugh of all time.
mircea_popescu: anyway. "creates jobs" right. you too could be retiring to dogs and grandkids if you only copy/paste from wikipedia!
mircea_popescu: except, history dun repeat, even if it rhymes. those coupla women retiring are the last to make it on that conveyor belt.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the pretense of "secrets" and "classified" in such an environment is even more laughable than the theory whereby public grades it.
mircea_popescu: "oh no mp, it's a think TANK!!!1". reheheally.
asciilifeform: bureaucratic seekrit machines are powered ~entirely by http://btcbase.org/log/2015-06-10#1158785 ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2015-06-10 03:40 asciilifeform: 'watchman may not know what is behind the door he is guarding; if he knew - would steal it himself' (tm) (r) (sov army)
mircea_popescu: in soviet, maybe. in usg, it's really just a social game.
mircea_popescu: nothing is actually secret, nor could be. cuz how the fuck.
mircea_popescu: literal kabuki, "and then we pretend the man with a black headband is invisible". exactly the same, "secret".
asciilifeform: e.g. yes some retired to dogs crone somewhere once photocopied the algo for breaking the weak class of aes key. no she has nfi what the funny letter on the paper meant, why would she.
mircea_popescu: you keep thinking the usg has actually interesting secrets, rather than the rejected scripts for reality tv we keep turning up in the sikrit vaults. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: i am not so convinced.
asciilifeform: depends what means interesting
mircea_popescu: literally, "anything but rejected reality tv scripts".
asciilifeform: i regard , for instance, a pill that's take phuctor from ppm of keys phucked, to ~most -- as interesting
mircea_popescu: it's not that they lost the nuke schematics. it's that they can't even find the boat designs from back when their boats actually floated. so they end up with littoral cardboard sheeps.
asciilifeform: nuke has priority somewhere below whoever cleans the wh bowling alley.
mircea_popescu: you're welcome to not believe, on ops grounds, "i will not believe enemy is dumb". but that aside, as a theoretical concern, how the fuck else will you explain "recent models actually worse performing than earlier models" ?
mircea_popescu: if you don't fuck as well as you used to, it's because you forgot how to fuck, there's no more to it than that.
asciilifeform: enemy is a constellation of dumb and smart.
mircea_popescu: yes, in the sense door is a constellation of wood and divine grace.
asciilifeform: most of the smart, at this point, is bottled from ages past
asciilifeform: in the form of artifacts
mircea_popescu: entirely hermetic artifacts. a la bolix.
asciilifeform: there is another category of artifacts, products of guile rather than technical inventiveness -- the keys to the boobytraps
asciilifeform: ( the various heartbleeds )
mircea_popescu: you see, they can't use the good boat designs "because they haven't been digitized" which is code for "we lost them". so they're stuck with "This recipe i found on a site", entirely http://btcbase.org/log/2017-07-31#1691198 ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-07-31 18:03 phf: http://btcbase.org/log/2016-11-02#1562128 << http://glyf.org/tmp/DMT.gif cc asciilifeform, i came accros that dmt guide that i was talking about in my archives
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the problem with those is that we get them as soon as they touch them.
asciilifeform: they have 0 incentive to use good boat design, that won't generate recurring revenue
asciilifeform: a la mircea_popescu's folk tale with the builders
asciilifeform: who held up the wall with hands
asciilifeform: and wrote food and drink into budget
mircea_popescu: incentive is irrelevant. stupid unfucked chickie imagines "she has no incentive to put out", as fucking if.
asciilifeform: lockheed et al have 0 reason to build ship that perma-floats, any more than monkey, to whom some idiot gave banana as 'salary', has any notion of 'showing up for work' the next morning
asciilifeform: there's not a stalin who will round up and shoot the lockheed board and their families etc
mircea_popescu: but reason has nothing to do with it. neither lockheed nor anyone else could.
mircea_popescu: full fucking stop. they can't build the "hypertube" or w/e, and just in the same way, they can't build a fleet of b2s. just, simply, overpoweringly, can not.
asciilifeform: whether monkey could 'decide to show up for work' -- i do not know
mircea_popescu: the designs are lost.
asciilifeform: 'lost' deliberately
mircea_popescu: father with inept son watching keys locked inside -- "did you do it deliberately ?!?!" "uhhh i dunno...."
asciilifeform: because 'you can't get tenure by saying let's-use-rsa' and you won't get $trillion if you ~do~ dig up the old blueprint
mircea_popescu: wtf is deliberate even mean. they don't deliberate.
asciilifeform: the 'losing' is a volitional, planned act, like bank robbery.
mircea_popescu: like "i used the juice" bank robbery, planned, sure.
asciilifeform: whether imbecile or genius is orthogonal to planned vs spontaneous
mircea_popescu: meanwhile, teeets! http://68.media.tumblr.com/a1eb142151ba423bc5cba90620efadc1/tumblr_o3xxurz05E1teoe9mo1_1280.jpg
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform not so. below a certain level (self-reflection), planned and spontaneous project to the same point.
mircea_popescu: imbecile planning and spontaneity both go "guuuhk"
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2014-12-16#954309 << juice ref ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2014-12-16 03:04 gribble: The burglar with the lemon juice disguise « Mind Hacks: <http://mindhacks.com/2010/02/11/the-burglar-with-the-lemon-juice-disguise/>; Dunning–Kruger effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect>; DOT Uses Beet Juice to Battle Icy Roads | NBC 10 Philadelphia: <http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/traffic/transit/Beet-Juice- (1 more message)
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: ^ famous incident
asciilifeform: pretty lulzy, btw, trilema, with the 'car key as sword'
asciilifeform: what, i wonder , is the thought process ? 'i open crates with this, ergo it is fighting knife also' ?
trinque: somebody did it in a movie.
trinque: only reason any ameritard does anything
asciilifeform: somebody also used magic wand in movie
asciilifeform: propose it also for hand to hand ?
trinque: surely some "wiccan" bitch will exactly that.
mircea_popescu: i dunno, who the fuck can make sense of the stuff. kids come up with kid notions.
ben_vulpes: in other bezzles, musk raising 1.3b in 'high yield' bonds
ben_vulpes: to make a car the rumor mill suggests isn't particularly profitable
mod6: everyone is doin it
ben_vulpes: i want to issue junk bonds backed by battery powered dreams too!
mod6: lol
ben_vulpes: i know, i'll make an ico
mod6: that whole scam reminds me very much of the alt craze of '13
ben_vulpes: same same but bigger
mircea_popescu: this just adds to the lulz of yesterday's http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-06#1694676 ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-08-06 22:48 asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-06#1694636 << what are they gonna run out of ? cement ?
asciilifeform: in other lollers, http://archive.is/nsrpU >> 'Tina Lam and Michael Cheng snatched up Presidio Terrace — the block-long, private oval street lined by 35 megamillion-dollar mansions — for $90,000 and change in a city-run auction stemming from an unpaid tax bill. They outlasted several other bidders. Now they’re looking to cash in — maybe by charging the residents of those mansions to park on
asciilifeform: their own private street.'
asciilifeform: but best part,
asciilifeform: 'Sen. Dianne Feinstein and her financier husband, Richard Blum; House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi; and the late Mayor Joseph Alioto. A guard is stationed round the clock...' , and
asciilifeform: '...the homeowners association has sued the couple and the city, seeking to block Cheng and Lam from selling the street to anyone while the city appeal is pending — a move residents fear could complicate their efforts to reclaim the land.'
asciilifeform: didjaknow
asciilifeform: 'oops, we forgot to stack the deck. can haz backsies?'
mircea_popescu: lol.
mircea_popescu: they're crazy about that dumb shit throughout latin america also, "condominios". who the fuck would want to live in them is unexplaiend, but they'\re everywhere.
mircea_popescu: "oh mr p, wouldn't you love to PAY so some inept schmuck can waste your time with a barrier on the road and everything ?" "totally!"
asciilifeform: 'cemetary' lifestyle
mircea_popescu: at this rate they're going to have a privatized tsa in the bathroom.
asciilifeform: perfect uniformity, d00dz show up to cut the grass on same day for whole street, etc
mod6: <+asciilifeform> 'oops, we forgot to stack the deck. can haz backsies?' << lol, exactly
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: betcha the guard on the feinstein street, shoots to kill
mircea_popescu: anyway, "a guard" pish. that's where you take the riots, if you're serious about rioting. brick pelt pelosi, feinstein and friends.
asciilifeform: ( vs overfattened dc schmucks street )
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform betcha is exactly the same dude with rolled up newspaper in retail bank.
mircea_popescu: making 12 an hour or w/e.
asciilifeform: the interesting bit is that the net score of dead feinsteins to date is 0.
asciilifeform: the rioters NEVER ONCE burned anything other than own pigsties.
mircea_popescu: you keep saying this as fact, then i link you to dead feinsteins, then you forget about it for a week or two, then back to it.
asciilifeform: the one in nyc ?
asciilifeform: she wasn't in nomenklatura book.
mircea_popescu: did you mean specifically assassinated sitting senators ?
asciilifeform: nor do we know by whom killed. could just as easily be by contract , vs street tough
asciilifeform: senators.
asciilifeform: fed judges. anybody above dogcatcher.
mircea_popescu: that's more of a caligula thing. we're still at nero.
mircea_popescu: im sorry. we're still at tiberius.
asciilifeform: probably.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform anyway, one doesn't need to look far : man opens fire in group of 50 congressmen june 14th current.
asciilifeform: and 0 corpse..?
asciilifeform has not followed subj
mircea_popescu: but will gladly discuss it with firm conviction!
asciilifeform: we were discussing rioters.
trinque: "oh that guy just hated baseball"
mircea_popescu: lol
asciilifeform: postalists have nailed politicians in the past. more or less the only scoreholders in usa to date.
mircea_popescu: anyway. giffords got shot in the head 2011, scalise was shot in the hip 2017. that's two for the past decade ; first two since 73.
asciilifeform: ( i.e. lone d00d, with at least 2-3 day plan horizon; rather than crowd of monkeys )
asciilifeform: though mircea_popescu is quite obviously right re the 12/hr guard having 0 to do with why monkeys dun burn feinstein's mansion
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the person doing the shooting from the crowd will always be you know, the person doing the shooting. if your idea is "show me senators shot by helicopter moms" you're going to turn out empty.
mircea_popescu: anyway. there was trhat whole puerto rican nationalism slaugther, they got like a half dozen in the 50s iirc.
asciilifeform: process re 'why not feinstein's house' was publicly visible during bmore riot -- soldiers appeared, but did not shoot rioters, merely redirected them to approved pillage-an'-burn ground
mircea_popescu: first time in a century.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: they weren't rioters.
mircea_popescu: technically, rioters can't shoot anybody, because by definition they donb't have guns.
asciilifeform: ( no more than the folx who nailed ceaucescu were )
asciilifeform: dunno, bmore rioters had no shortage of small arms
asciilifeform: still rioters, rather than soldiers : no command structure.
mircea_popescu: ahahaha
mircea_popescu: the us army hasn't had comparable command structure since the 80s.
asciilifeform: it's still an army, vs every-man-what-he-can band of maurauder
asciilifeform: at least for nau.
mircea_popescu: your notion of the baltimore riots is thoroughly fictitious.
asciilifeform: and mircea_popescu's, wholly accurate ?
asciilifeform: from where ?
mircea_popescu: nothing is wholly accurate, but that's neither here nor there.
mircea_popescu: let's just say that shooting feinstein would have done ~0 as far as the drug market is concerned, so she escaped.
asciilifeform: plox to 1) the seekrit tru picture 2) how mircea_popescu found it ?
mircea_popescu: they were busy with more useful targets.
asciilifeform: now this is true -- sitting usg is necessary to current blackmarketters like oxygen
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform like in any field, you piece together the bit reports of people in the know, pondered by their context. doesn't take an expert analyst to figure out briots were convenient cover for underground resettlement.
asciilifeform: resettlement ?
mircea_popescu: well yes, they expanded territory like 30%, losing some areas, gaining others, look at teh map neh ?
asciilifeform: aah hm.
mircea_popescu: generally, the black-powered underground in the us is very much migratory, it wants to move towards the places with teenage fuckbunnies, and away from the dead zones.
asciilifeform: creating, naturally, dead zones as it walks
mircea_popescu: migration is slower than in their african home, but still, tectonic like underlyin phenomenon.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform hey, the grass sprouts back once they leave.
mircea_popescu: that's the point of a savannah.
asciilifeform: ^ this matches observations of asciilifeform's naked eye, thus far.
asciilifeform: fwiw.
mircea_popescu: to them, feinstein is nothing more than any other old bitty. she dun fuck, she dun twerk, she's as interesting as a printed picture of a bone is to a dog.
mircea_popescu: this view happens to be closer to reality, amusingly enough, than the hallucinations of power and import of the various borderline sleeves "interning" for her.
asciilifeform: one of the biggest puzzlers re marauding monkeyfolk to asciilifeform , is the reluctance of robbers to use the auto. almost like it were 1910 again, or sumthing. 90% rob in walking distance of own dwelling. mind-boggling
mircea_popescu: auto needs gas.
asciilifeform: cheaper in usa than literally anywhere on planet, neh
asciilifeform: cheaper than milk.
mircea_popescu: not a matter of price, a matter of all the strings. gotta keep it maintained, tank full, etc. you realise 50% of all arguments among car using negros is "who left the tank empty" ?
mircea_popescu: no car, no problems.
asciilifeform: lol, maintained?! rob in stolen auto neh
mircea_popescu: gotta steal it.
mircea_popescu: preferably, the same day you go robbing.
asciilifeform: aha
mircea_popescu: do you even grasp the hassle this is turniung into ?
mircea_popescu: the sort of idiot who'd go into petty crime does so FOR CONVENIENCE. if he was willing to follow check lists he'd go to sv and be a fucking pm.
mircea_popescu: meanwhile, dicks! http://68.media.tumblr.com/67f2b0e96ca7af37b30286911060e864/tumblr_o633b7EFZT1rayazno1_1280.jpg
asciilifeform: i was working under the possibly mistaken assumption that not all pretty criminals are subhuman ('for convenience, i'ma shit right here where i stand')
mircea_popescu: consider the earlier discussion re power and income.
asciilifeform: hm?
mircea_popescu: in order to be a petty criminal, you must be innumerate. there's no other way.
mircea_popescu: otherwise, the "you'd make more washing dishes" chokes all the fun.
asciilifeform: yeah but washing dishes emasculates
mircea_popescu: and carrying grannies purses for them doesn't ?
asciilifeform: what if you're numerate but maximally emasculation-averse
mircea_popescu: then you become A FUCKING WELDER.
asciilifeform: hm.
mircea_popescu: or man an oil rig.
mircea_popescu: dja have any fucking idea what an oil rig veteran makes ?
asciilifeform: about same as sv
mircea_popescu: heh.
asciilifeform: (considerably more, he dun ahve to give it up immediately to thej000z etc )
mircea_popescu: right.
mircea_popescu: "about same as sv and oh btw all catered meals and accomodations are free"
mircea_popescu: "there's no commute. 12 hour shifts every other day."
asciilifeform: while we're on subj, i get these hilarious invitations to sv conglomerates, ~every day
asciilifeform: 'hey idio! why dontcha come and work at $shitco! we'll pay you 300k, and you can spend 250 of it on a 1room flat!!'
asciilifeform: *idiot!
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform well, they could hire the girl also, and for the 450k you can get a 2 bedroom and rent one. this'll work well as you'll never see each other again
mircea_popescu personally knows guy who, instead of divorce, got spouse job at his place of work, never saw her again.
asciilifeform: lol!
mircea_popescu: i kid you not.
asciilifeform: i find it fascinating, the psychology of folx who voluntarily sign up for svtron.
mircea_popescu: they're by and large folks who'd have signed up for mp slavery except no mp offered.
asciilifeform: lol! 'eating cake is just like eating a live wasp nest, except with no cake and with wasps'
asciilifeform: or somethinglikeit
mircea_popescu: the problem with this simile is that i am unsure which is mapped on the cake and which on the wasps.
asciilifeform: deliberately unspecified
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: remember the genderfucked alicesomethingorother who 'i'ma meal-squares-mostly-eating-person' ? that's my mental image of sv
asciilifeform: ( approx. dry cat-feed sold for 'people' )
mircea_popescu: i guess.
mircea_popescu: anyway, im off to watch child porn nao. bbl.
asciilifeform: laters.
BingoBoingo: http://btcbase.org/log/2017-08-07#1695087 << Apparently the two things they are bickering over are Bitcoin, and 2mb Forkcoin but they REFUSE to disambiguate! ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2017-08-07 18:51 mircea_popescu: wait, in some paralel github universe bitcoin crash is actually "a majority fork" ?
BingoBoingo: brb