⏐︎ 12569
BingoBoingo: !up Bagels7
mircea_popescu: !up wpalczynski
mircea_popescu: joecool lol maybe you're the head of the black jews.
joecool: *shrugs* stranger things have happened
mircea_popescu: http://qntra.net/2015/02/new-security-standard-announced-at-devcore/#comment-10462
assbot: New Security Standard Announced at DevCore | Qntra.net ... ( http://bit.ly/1CtRHiv )
mircea_popescu: these people and their narcissistic delusions of self importance.
BingoBoingo: !up hegemoOn
Bagels7: Hi bingoboingo, im not even verified, and deleted my key and im on windows!
BingoBoingo: Wow
Bagels7: (its on another device)
BingoBoingo: Ah
Bagels7: why the up?
BingoBoingo: WHy not?
mircea_popescu: !up felipelalli
mircea_popescu: he can never ruin an uppetite. for even if he ruins one, he has another coming right after!
wpalczynski: what do you guys make of this btc rise? any new behind it?
wpalczynski: *news
mircea_popescu: wpalczynski https://bitbet.us/bet/786/bitcoin-to-surpass-berkshire-as-an-investment/
assbot: BitBet - Bitcoin to surpass Berkshire as an investment :: 1121.15 B (20%) on Yes, 4393.47 B (80%) on No | closed 53 minutes ago ... ( http://bit.ly/1CtSH6l )
mircea_popescu: note the dates.
wpalczynski: what are they talking about? how can one share be trading at 185k?
BingoBoingo: Oh, only 10 hearncoin nodes
TheNewDeal: ;;later tell TomServo I'm in town this evening, out tomorrow morn. Will be back thursday
gribble: The operation succeeded.
mircea_popescu: are you new to all this, wpalczynski ?
wpalczynski: bitbet i am
mircea_popescu: no, finance.
wpalczynski: not new to finance
wpalczynski: ive just never seen a share of any company worth nearly that much
mircea_popescu: well, berkshire is kind-of famous for this reason. you never heard of it ?
wpalczynski: ive heard of some alleged scams associate with it
mircea_popescu: you have ?! like which ?
wpalczynski: is that reallyt what it trades at?
BingoBoingo: Japanese companies tend towards similarly high share prices because of a lack of splits
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo also the yen's kinda weak.
wpalczynski: cant really recall to be honest with you
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: That too
Bagels7: so i was reading trilema.com, just gets me wound up sometimes
BingoBoingo: Which part?
BingoBoingo: !up Bagels7
Bagels7: how are there no "happy postop transsexuals"
mircea_popescu: dja know any ?
Bagels7: yeah but they call themselves women not transsexuals
mircea_popescu: anybody over 50 ?
Bagels7: yes, mainly them i had in mind
mircea_popescu: well, i guess maybe you're better connected in the group than me. i mostly know clinicians.
Bagels7: okay so i heard that there are some who lose their sex drive and become some sort of bitter bitch but they must have been the ones that were confused or coherced
mircea_popescu: because why ?
Bagels7: I never asked but I might assume they miss having a dick
mircea_popescu: well, i would imagine if they actually aim to be female they'd miss having a cunt more than having a dick.
BingoBoingo: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2vw8sk/looks_like_over_80_of_bitcoin_foundation_members/
assbot: Looks like over 80% of Bitcoin Foundation members are not allowed to vote in the current election - including several candidates & current board members. : Bitcoin ... ( http://bit.ly/19iWbPm )
mircea_popescu: lol any good drama ?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: lol!!
asciilifeform: 'Less than 20% of Bitcoin Foundation members will be eligible to vote due to a new requirement that members "activate" their accounts. Even if they are candidates, current board members, regularly participate in the foundation message boards or are actively involved with the foundation. Even those who just joined within the last month would not be able to vote unless they performed the additional step of "activating" accounts.'
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Just that Brian Goss disenfranchised all of those paying derple https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2vw8sk/looks_like_over_80_of_bitcoin_foundation_members/colkoy6
assbot: Bg002h comments on Looks like over 80% of Bitcoin Foundation members are not allowed to vote in the current election - including several candidates & current board members. ... ( http://bit.ly/19iWv0t )
mircea_popescu: aww wait, bruce fenton complaining ?
BingoBoingo: INdeed
mircea_popescu: well, whadda they want, bitcoin scam foundation sold lifetime seats and ran out of money. of course it's not gonna honor them
mircea_popescu: it's like putting your dollars in a roth.
hanbot: i guess "unactivated" is the socially acceptable term for nonhuman. and here i thought it was the concept itself that bothered folks.
decimation: yeah I like the surprisingly reactionary 'election'
decimation: except for the part where they pass it off as a fair election
asciilifeform: having to rig the ballot (rather than the count) is almost iconically 'orc' inept
mircea_popescu: like unactivated virii ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the funniest part is the notion that anyone gives a shit what comes out of it.
asciilifeform: presumably the usg dept. of retardation or whatnot, which phunds the phoundation, cares.
decimation: plus some bums on reddit
mircea_popescu: hardly.
mircea_popescu: it's more of a contest of possible scapegoats.
decimation: like the soviets, they probably are going to pick the guy who is 'least likely to surrender to the foundation'
BingoBoingo: !b 6 ✂︎
assbot: Last 6 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/1ESTAFY.txt )
hanbot: mircea_popescu not inasfar as unactivated virii implies knowable potential
BingoBoingo: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2014/01/29/negroes-and-the-gun-a-winchester-in-every-black-home/
assbot: <i>Negroes and the Gun</i>: A Winchester “in every Black home” - The Washington Post ... ( http://bit.ly/1CurHBe )
mircea_popescu: http://www.notjustbitchy.com/sadism-is-not-an-excuse-to-be-awful/#comment-5547 << for maximal trololol.
assbot: Sadism is not an excuse to be awful! » Not Just Bitchy ... ( http://bit.ly/1CurNZw )
mircea_popescu: in other news, http://pervocracy.blogspot.ca/2012/08/the-myth-of-boner-werewolf.html is why "safewords" are utter bs. really, "red" midstride ? not happening.
assbot: The Pervocracy: The Myth of the Boner Werewolf. ... ( http://bit.ly/1CusaDl )
asciilifeform: paging herr mocsny:
asciilifeform: 'Try this one on for size. A man and woman are together, making out, removing clothes, getting totally naked, engaging in foreplay with both partners active, the woman mounts the man and begins rubbing her stuff on his stuff, without penetration but obviously that’s the next step; and then she suddenly says “I’m uncomfortable doing this,” and turns completely cold. I’ve experienced this. I respected the “No” but
asciilifeform: I have to tell you it felt like an icy dagger being pounded straight into my heart. People tell me I’m pretty easy-going and in that situation I believed I proved it. But I really hope there aren’t too many women who make a habit of this. Because I don’t think men are biologically constructed to pass such tests reliably.'
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu ^
asciilifeform: (from archive, http://www.myrsky.net/danimal-archive-part-2 )
assbot: » Danimal Archive, part 2. ... ( http://bit.ly/1CusF0f )
mircea_popescu: it's just infantilism. girlie trying to test the limits of her world.
mircea_popescu: it's unhealthy for said world to just infinitely give way in all directions all the time. at least some of the time she has to come face flat against a stone wall.
mircea_popescu: for sanity, if nothing else.
asciilifeform: but in the corner of the room, a little red-white-and-blue weasel sits and whispers in her ear, 'we can move, remove, all the walls, in exchange for just a trifle'
mircea_popescu: tough.
BingoBoingo: And seriously spz safewords are a thing red is a horribru one. Now Balloon or "I'm not just sure, I'm HIV positive" might have some potential.
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: i think red is by far the widest used.
asciilifeform: know of any logical reason for this?
mircea_popescu: anyway, the whole construction's fucking irresponsible. for one thing, the subject's not in any position to evaluate anything. there are specific, well documented, well understood biological mechanisms that prevent a sane evaluation.
mircea_popescu: if you handling the cane can't tell when she;s had enough, her with the bruises and marks CERTAINLY can't.
BingoBoingo: Red is one of the worst imagineable for the purpose. It does nothing to break the context of the situation and fits in too many contexts appropirate to the situation. It's like a trailer park feeding trough using icecream as its safe word to get gluttons to leave.
mircea_popescu: not to mention the entire fucking point of the exercise is for the sub/slave to SUBMIT. not to constantly feed the red herring of "individual self determination"
asciilifeform: ^
mircea_popescu: not that i've actually met a woman seriously into bdsm that was all derpy with this atomic consent bs anyway.
mircea_popescu: it's mostly the avatar of teenagers that wish to pretend they're adults, and make up their parallel adult world to inhabit.
asciilifeform: and so read log; now, what's this i hear re: a 10mb statically-linked bitcoind ?!
asciilifeform: what arch ?
asciilifeform: somebody did something odd
mod6: yeah, im sure i did.
mod6: dynamically linked ~18mb, statically linked (that didn't work) ~28mb
mod6: that was on obsd. which subsequently coredumped on execute
mod6: so ~10mb /difference/
asciilifeform: http://sasecurity.wikia.com/wiki/Encryption << anyone here admits to being responsible for this ?
assbot: Encryption - Sasecurity Wiki ... ( http://bit.ly/19iZXrY )
mod6: im still wrestling with trying to compile bitcoind on linux with statically linked libs & objects.
asciilifeform: mod6: 'portatronic' will do it
asciilifeform: ought to work on any reasonable unix
asciilifeform: did you find otherwise ?
mod6: no, havnet tried it. ben is building it currently actually. thanks.
asciilifeform: i used that little script to build the armv5 bins
asciilifeform: (also posted to listserv a while ago)
BingoBoingo: mod6: Your appearance reminded me to update with the protocol.cpp #includes http://www.thedrinkingrecord.com/2015/02/14/notes-on-building-bitcoin-qt-on-openbsd/
assbot: Notes on Building Bitcoin-qt on OpenBSD | Bingo Blog ... ( http://bit.ly/1CuwP8e )
BingoBoingo: !up jborkl
mod6: BingoBoingo: ah, yeah cool. :]
BingoBoingo: I also killed the block files and block index with my build today to test syncing again. Almost to 16801 again.
mod6: ok cool.
BingoBoingo: This run with a 4GB process RAM limit it hasn't crashed yet. Just crossed the 512 MB line around block 153000
mod6: *nod* i wanna say that mine usually blows up around like 200-230k or w/e
BingoBoingo: Well I'll report what happens when I get to March 2013 again
mod6: (always past the last checkpoint, but usually before 252450)
mod6: ok thanks BB
BingoBoingo: I was at late Feb 2013 though when I killed my stuff to sync again
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AMHASH1] 2681 @ 0.000755 = 2.0242 BTC [+]
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: realize that the obscene memhunger is 99+% bastard blocks ☟︎
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: don't take my word for it, either. 'valgrind.'
decimation: lol usg http://www.wsj.com/articles/online-document-sheds-light-on-proposed-drone-rules-1423960620
assbot: Online Document Sheds Light on Proposed Drone Rules - WSJ ... ( http://bit.ly/1ACxNTw )
asciilifeform: (doesn't require any actual work to use, just run as described earlier in log)
decimation: "Federal regulators plan to propose rules that would limit commercial drone flights to below 500 feet, daytime hours and within sight of the operator, while also requiring operators to pass written exams, according to a federal document posted online Friday."
decimation: they've been 'working' on these rules for more than 4 years and this is what they come up with? the status quo?
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: I might give that a go next time
decimation: in case folks are unfamiliar, usg claims the air on 'your' land starting at 0 feet
asciilifeform: decimation: the actual law, as always, is 'not caught, not thief.'
asciilifeform: as with mircea_popescu's unlicense.
decimation: yeah as if people are going to pay usg to fly their 'aircraft' at 500 feet within sight of the operator
decimation: the whole point of the 'drone license' was that somehow drones would be able to fly farther
asciilifeform: the corollary to the 'first law,' 'not caught not thief' - is 'may as well hang for a sheep as a lamb'
asciilifeform: as in, if flying a pilotless machine from washington to new york is punishable with life at hard labour, the cargo may as well be cocaine
asciilifeform: or trotyl
asciilifeform: or whatever.
BingoBoingo: torglodiesel
BingoBoingo: *troglodiesel
decimation: maximal bureaucratic ass covering plus 'anarchotyranny'
decimation: ie 'anarchy for those who choose to thumb their nose at the law', tyranny for anyone who desires to comply
asciilifeform: decimation: nah, 'anarchotyranny' - useful term, commonly understood - is when certain useful idiots are permitted a free hand to terrorize designated victims
decimation: yeah usually the way the term is used, the 'anarchy' group is associated with privileged classes to whom the law does not practically apply
BingoBoingo: http://reason.com/blog/2015/02/14/the-killer-the-reporter-and-the-southern
assbot: The Killer, the Reporter, and the Southern Poverty Law Center - Hit & Run : Reason.com ... ( http://bit.ly/1ACzhNB )
decimation: BingoBoingo: the splc is one of the official 'victim' group selectors
BingoBoingo: That it is
asciilifeform: http://www.ivy-style.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/nsa3.jpg << small l0l: the ru example is atrociously off
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1ACzWP2 )
asciilifeform: (from http://www.ivy-style.com/secret-society-nsa-recruiting-ads-at-brown-1968.html )
assbot: Ivy Style » Secret Society: NSA Recruiting Ads At Brown, 1968 ... ( http://bit.ly/1ACzZdM )
decimation: asciilifeform: what does the ru version say?
asciilifeform: it's a dictionary gloss of the engl.
decimation: ah without conjugation?
asciilifeform: aha.
mircea_popescu: troglodiesel lmao
decimation: lol http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/15/magazine/how-one-stupid-tweet-ruined-justine-saccos-life.html?smid=fb-share
assbot: Log In - The New York Times ... ( http://bit.ly/1KYszCu )
decimation: "“Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”
decimation: She chuckled to herself as she pressed send on this last one, then wandered around Heathrow’s international terminal for half an hour, sporadically checking her phone. No one replied, which didn’t surprise her. She had only 170 Twitter followers."
decimation: "Sacco boarded the plane. It was an 11-hour flight, so she slept. When the plane landed in Cape Town and was taxiing on the runway, she turned on her phone. Right away, she got a text from someone she hadn’t spoken to since high school: “I’m so sorry to see what’s happening.” Sacco looked at it, baffled."
decimation: No rasis comment goes unpunished!!
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: what exactly "was happening" ?
decimation: well, it's our old friends at valleywag
decimation: "It’s possible that Sacco’s fate would have been different had an anonymous tip not led a writer named Sam Biddle to the offending tweet. Biddle was then the editor of Valleywag, Gawker Media’s tech-industry blog. He retweeted it to his 15,000 followers and eventually posted it on Valleywag, accompanied by the headline, “And Now, a Funny Holiday Joke From IAC’s P.R. Boss.”"
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 56200 @ 0.00039092 = 21.9697 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: so basically nothing.
decimation: right
decimation: then the author takes the occasion to rail against whippings and pillories from 200 years go
mircea_popescu: but good for the sheeple to find out that okcupid and tinder are owned by the same thing.
mircea_popescu: that also owns vimeo.
decimation: "The movement against public shaming had gained momentum in 1787, when Benjamin Rush, a physician in Philadelphia and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, wrote a paper calling for its demise — the stocks, the pillory, the whipping post, the lot. “Ignominy is universally acknowledged to be a worse punishment than death,” he wrote. “It would seem strange that ignominy should ever have been adopted as a milder punishment
decimation: than death, did we not know that the human mind seldom arrives at truth upon any subject till it has first reached the extremity of error.”"
mircea_popescu: (and apparently is no longer buddies with gawker media)
decimation: it neatly connects the libtards of 1776 with the libtards of today
mircea_popescu: now, the real journo story : how deep a discount did gawker offer on their advertising, who said no, why did they say no.
mircea_popescu: THIS is how these shits "happen".
decimation: and which new york jew now owns the whole thing?
mircea_popescu: "oh, IAC said our deeply discounted CPM is not worth paying for anyway because we don't have any actual relevancy / power online ??!?!?!"
mircea_popescu: "FINE PROVE IT TO THEM!!111"
decimation: mircea_popescu: there's no mention of this obvious motivation in the story
mircea_popescu: parallel construction is apparently a universal hobby. "tipsters" ? what tipsters. nobody fucking tips gawker.
decimation: 'six words from any 'honest man''
mircea_popescu: except it doesn't actually do anything. gawker is entirely myspace'd.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: re portotronic, what's the right thing to do with CROSS_PREFIX for non-arm builds? omit from script entirely?
mircea_popescu: its audience is idiots, and this is publicly known. so...
BingoBoingo: http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--TVwScWOw--/vaqllu4u7fp6vl1pptct.jpg
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1ACD3X3 )
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: replace with your compiler
decimation: apparently it's enough for the new york times to get an independent op-ed
mircea_popescu: anyway, in vaguely related news, i'm preparing a pretty lulzy "outrage the feminists" thing for later.
mircea_popescu: should be interesting to see what comes of it.
mircea_popescu: decimation : "independent op ed" = "piece written for narcissist that we didn't have to pay'
decimation: actually, the whole thing smacks of doctor_why_bother
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: or, wait, yeah
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: you will have to strip out the dash and the $CROSS_PREFIX
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: aha. in the middle of it already.
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: CFLAGS should read something like -I/usr/include ?
asciilifeform: aha
asciilifeform: use the expected values for your machine.
ben_vulpes: thanks for the patience, much of this is over my head. but what better way to contaminate my mind with the c toolchain than bitcoind
asciilifeform: also realize that the script is not a 'makefile' and will pointlessly repeat heavy work if rerun
ben_vulpes: <asciilifeform> use the expected values for your machine. << ahahaha "expected values" ahaha as if
asciilifeform: a good project might be to transform it into a makefile.
asciilifeform: i didn't feel like fighting gnumake's retardation re: treatment of envir. vars. and recursive invocations of self
asciilifeform: hence the bash script.
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: contaminate my mind with the c toolchain << if it isn't a secret, what do you normally work with ?
asciilifeform: apple's compiler ?
ben_vulpes: clients
ben_vulpes: :P
asciilifeform: lol
ben_vulpes: python, bash, clojure.
asciilifeform: aha.
ben_vulpes: ruby as necessary to unfuck other people's mistakes.
ben_vulpes: go ibid
asciilifeform: so, whatever's brought ?
ben_vulpes: a pauper is i.
Adlai prefers "this is shit, let me do it in lisp"
Adlai: excellent way of screening clients
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: other people in the shop use the apple toolchain and the android toolchain. all i ever do with those is "turn the right nut" when it comes to "signing" binaries for apple/google and cutting builds.
ben_vulpes: the apple binary signing process is hilaribad.
ben_vulpes: "fix this issue with your keys?"
ben_vulpes: sure, why not.
ben_vulpes: they're not real keys, as far as i care.
trinque: I switced the deedbot blockchain to an ssd ebs volume
trinque: still slow as fuck
decimation: re: apple compilers < i wasted a few hours last week trying to get macports to build 'octave'
decimation: turns out gcc4.9 would not link properly with the osx standard c++ library
decimation: but clang would
asciilifeform: !s llvm
assbot: 27 results for 'llvm' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=llvm
asciilifeform: glue with broken glass.
ben_vulpes: decimation: i've wasted 3 days over the past two weeks trying to get a modern browser to boot into x11 for os x.
ben_vulpes: i've more or less given up at this point.
trinque: ben_vulpes: dual boot the gentoos
asciilifeform: http://www.ebay.com/itm/METCRAFT-FLOOR-MOUNT-COMBO-LAVATORY-SINK-AND-TOILET-FIXTURE-STAINLESS-STEEL-/161597762923 << ebaylulz
assbot: Metcraft Floor Mount Combo Lavatory Sink and Toilet Fixture Stainless Steel | eBay ... ( http://bit.ly/1ACF5Xk )
asciilifeform: ^ building own prison? just what you need.
ben_vulpes: looks bad for the back.
trinque watches atop -d... what the hell is btcd reading at a sustained 4mb/sec
trinque: what is ram for
trinque: and how does it need anything but the top of the blockchain
asciilifeform: trinque: it doesn't
asciilifeform: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=15-02-2015#1019144 ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 15-02-2015 02:25:58; asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: realize that the obscene memhunger is 99+% bastard blocks
trinque: ah
decimation: asciilifeform: does the same company sell the sought-after toilet/kitchen sink combo?
BingoBoingo: decimation: In cell, that is kitchen sink
asciilifeform: if prison cells had kitchenettes - i'm quite certain they would.
decimation: of course, in comparison what what was suffered in ru's gulags, such an arrangement is quite luxurious
trinque: anyone have a high bandwidth node I can give to deedbot to speed his ass up?
trinque: *give its IP
BingoBoingo: http://www.tedunangst.com/flak/post/my-stack-protector-wasnt-working
assbot: my stack protector wasn't working ... ( http://bit.ly/1ACHQb2 )
ben_vulpes: a RagnarDanneskjol!
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: x86 is actually among the more lenient architectures for 'unaligned access'
ben_vulpes: all these old names popping up.
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: but on all machines you're likely to meet, there is at the very least a performance penalty for them
BingoBoingo: Interesting
asciilifeform: if you sit and think for a minute about how the memory works, it becomes clear why.
decimation: more lolz http://reason.com/blog/2015/02/11/elizabeth-warren-wont-back-rand-pauls-au < "Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), a member of the Banking Committee and an outspoken critic of the Fed’s oversight of big banks, said she does not support Mr. Paul’s proposed legislation [to force a complete audit of the fed], which she said could have “dangerous” implications for monetary policy."
assbot: Elizabeth Warren Won't Back Rand Paul's Audit the Fed Bill - Hit & Run : Reason.com ... ( http://bit.ly/1zVjPLH )
decimation: ^ this might actually be qntra worthy if someone puts the right spin on it
BingoBoingo: decimation: Are you volunteering? If not I can write something up
decimation: nah I don't think I can write good.
decimation: lol http://WillUsingThePrefixCyberMakeMeLookLikeAnIdiot.com
assbot: WillUsingThePrefixCyberMakeMeLookLikeAnIdiot.com ... ( http://bit.ly/1zVlcds )
decimation: related: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/white-house-to-create-national-center-to-counter-cyberspace-intrusions/2015/02/09/a312201e-afd0-11e4-827f-93f454140e2b_story.html
assbot: New agency to sniff out threats in cyberspace - The Washington Post ... ( http://bit.ly/1zVlq4m )
mircea_popescu: !up Jrum
mircea_popescu: https://flpics1.a.ssl.fastly.net/1975/1975551/00050efb-57c8-384f-c07a-4a309d258337_720.jpg
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1zVmntr )
decimation: !up PinkPosixPXE
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: CXXFLAGS=-O2 -std=c++03 -> CXXFLAGS=-O2 -O3 << is this braindamage of my own design?
asciilifeform: wai wa
asciilifeform: i think i actually put in the std=
asciilifeform: and said why (see log) but have since forgotten.
decimation: doesn't -O3 imply -O2?
asciilifeform: where'd ya get the O2 O3 combo
asciilifeform: and yes, decimation has it.
ben_vulpes: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com//?date=28-01-2015#995066 ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 28-01-2015 05:48:59; asciilifeform: 2) added c++03 flag, my crosscompiler spewed chunder without it
asciilifeform: aha
asciilifeform: yes.
asciilifeform: not entirely related,
asciilifeform: http://yosefk.com/blog/a-simple-way-to-get-more-people-to-code.html
assbot: A simple way to "get more people to code" ... ( http://bit.ly/1Dtv6nK )
ben_vulpes: <asciilifeform> where'd ya get the O2 O3 combo << shlomiel moment
asciilifeform: ^ mega-l0l
asciilifeform: 'If there's a shortage of programmers, we could pay programmers more money.'
asciilifeform: ^ 'does not know how world works.' everybody knows that 'shortage' in usg parlance means 'not readily available at the centrally planned price'
decimation: lol asciilifeform >"If this strikes you as absurd, does it strike you as even more absurd that people claim something to be a problem when its "solution" is as obvious as it is ridiculous? (Or is it really that ridiculous? Farm subsidies exist. Why not FarmVille subsidies?)"
decimation: where's my farmville subsidies? has congress passed the farmville bill yet?
decimation: lol "An owner of a 3D printer recently told me that "having one really exposes the impotence of… not having one. For instance, I needed this little thingie to hold a shelf. Took 30 minutes to design and print. And where would I get it otherwise?!" The answer, of course, is "at a nearby store" where they have a box full of these thingies at about 20 cents apiece. Of course, in a couple thousand years, his investment in the 3D printer
decimation: will repay itself though the continuous printing of thingies."
decimation: of course, printing something structurally critical like a bracket holding weight is a great application for weakass-plastic 3d printing
ben_vulpes: oh just beef it up some
decimation: heh
ben_vulpes: it ain't under vibratory load or anything
decimation: so you gotta wonder how long it took the guy to dick around with his winblows cad software to create a bracket
ben_vulpes: although the notion that you can design any 3d part of any utility without inventor or solidworks is pretty lulzy
ben_vulpes: it has been a few years since i looked at the "open" cadcam "solutions".
ben_vulpes: last time i checked the answer to "assemblies?" was "lolwut" and i stopped paying attention.
decimation: yeah my understanding is that solidworks is kind of the 3d hill and autocad is king of the 2d hill
decimation: s/kind/king/
ben_vulpes: inventor fusion's pretty sweet.
ben_vulpes: full multiphysics sims
decimation: interesting
ben_vulpes: that you gotta check against single dimension approximations to make sure it's not haring off into impossiblespace
decimation: ben_vulpes: do either of those systems accept 'scripting' inputs, such that you could describe the parts with a textual interface?
ben_vulpes: unrelated: http://www.gunslot.com/files/gunslot/images/80052.jpg
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1Dtwuqw )
ben_vulpes: decimation: they both support defining parts parametrically.
ben_vulpes: and in fact that is how good part design should be done.
decimation: I should think so
ben_vulpes: mm but pure text part description?
ben_vulpes: nah.
ben_vulpes: well, i don't know.
ben_vulpes: i wasn't programming when i was a hot modeler.
ben_vulpes: it's one of those few interfacing problems that i don't really think is suited to a textual abstraction.
decimation: I mean that the brain's language 'co-processor' (as ascii desribed it) can be used
ben_vulpes: !s co-processor from:asciilifeform
assbot: 0 results for 'co-processor from:asciilifeform' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=co-processor+from%3Aasciilifeform
decimation: well, there's certainly a 'does it fit' aspect that is visual
ben_vulpes: decimation: it's actually very fast and intuitive once you've learned the interfaces.
ben_vulpes: 6-axis doolie to move the object around in space; select faces and planes on which to draw shapes and sweep/extrude them through space.
ben_vulpes: "does it fit" << doubly so in the context of assemblies.
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: the notion that you can design any 3d part of any utility without inventor or solidworks is pretty lulzy << trololol
decimation: https://scottlocklin.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/not-all-programmers-alike/ << "I can’t speak for everyone, but when I program, I like to be able to make use of the rather-hefty chunk of my brain that evolved as a language co-processor. Language provides compact abstractions in a way that is difficult to beat using graphics except for inherently-visual tasks (the motion of mechanical parts, etc.)" ☟︎
assbot: Not all programmers are alike: a language rant | Locklin on science ... ( http://bit.ly/1Dtx5Iy )
decimation: asciilifeform: made a comment on that post
BingoBoingo: !up PinkPixel^
asciilifeform: it's one of those few interfacing problems that i don't really think is suited to a textual abstraction << depends on what is being drawn. see 'openscad' etc.
asciilifeform: (or, earlier, 'povray')
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 79200 @ 0.00038439 = 30.4437 BTC [-]
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: but yes, if physics sims, output to heavy industry spec, etc. is your thing - winblows.
decimation: I certainly can describe a bolt as 'Hex bolts, Stainless steel 18-8, 1/4"-20'' and have a pretty good idea of what I mean
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: on the other hand if all you want to do is to define some geometry and run a lathe, there are tolerably sane proggys around
decimation: asciilifeform: what software would you recommend to create an easily purchased bracket from inappropriate materials?
asciilifeform: 'openscad' if mathematically-inclined, 'freecad' if used to traditional gui
decimation: hehe
asciilifeform: or wake up diametric, ask him what he uses now
asciilifeform: ^ fella owns a princely collection of cnc equipment
decimation: yeah he does as I recall
decimation: asciilifeform: actually in that scott locklin comment thread he brings up labview, which I'm sure you are familiar with
decimation: I find his idea that someone actually uses labview for something other than to waste the taxpayers' time & money amusing
asciilifeform: decimation: used, believe or not, in industry (as in, actual plant control)
decimation: really? why bother with the layers of turdware?
asciilifeform: sorta occupies that niche of 'i need to automate a process but i refuse to learn to program'
decimation: ah.
asciilifeform: why bother with the layers << anything to 'avoid programming'
decimation: Because there's very little I can imagine labview can do that couldn't be replaced with a few hundred lines of "c" and the labview driver library
asciilifeform: in an earlier age, 'hypercard' (http://www.loper-os.org/?p=568 << my article on the subject) filled a similar niche
asciilifeform: ^ was ludicrously popular on account of intelligent folks who were 'afraid of programming' and agreed to try it out because it didn't pattern-match their phobia
asciilifeform: rather than because of any one of the other characteristics
decimation: yeah that makes sense. as I recall as a youth in school, it was used as kind of a proto-powerpoint
asciilifeform: microscope-hammer.
decimation: actually even the html/css shitstack has grown its own quasi hypercard https://ifttt.com/
assbot: Put the internet to work for you. - IFTTT ... ( http://bit.ly/1DtyyPf )
decimation: and a variety of similar 'startups'
decimation: except they cost $, are not reliable, and are less useful than hypercard was
asciilifeform: decimation: if you'd like a canonical list of those turds, of several years' vintage, read the comments to 568.
decimation: lolz I didn't look at the comments
decimation: including one 'have you tried labview' lol
ben_vulpes: oh jesus labview
ben_vulpes: the best part about labview is how once a person builds a reasonably complex thing in it they and only they can really understand where all the pipes go and where all the data is and how control moves around
ben_vulpes: one of the things that gently nudged me into my current slavery
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: 'trololol' < i suppose that part sheets, dimensional tolerancing and what have you are part of my base assumptions for part fab.
decimation: asciilifeform: actually I think the best explanation for 'why hypercard had to die' is that apple discovered that you could sell software to chumps at huge profit, whereas actually competing on hardware is a low-margin miserable business
ben_vulpes: i can't recall if i ever bumped into freecad.
ben_vulpes: ah hey freecad looks okay
decimation: I think I used it a little while, it mostly works
ben_vulpes: oh jesus this is going to be like gimp isn't it
ben_vulpes: every little feature squireled away a million menus down
decimation: yeah that's exactly what I thought when I opened it
asciilifeform: http://www.freecadweb.org
assbot: FreeCAD: An Open Source parametric 3D CAD modeler ... ( http://bit.ly/1Dtzseo )
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: like gimp ?
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: have you ever worked with photoshop, illustrator et al?
ben_vulpes: and i mean for hours, weeks at a stretch?
decimation: there's another angle to the 'open source cad' thing: autocad refuses to release the spec for their full-feature 'save' files
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: actually yes.
ben_vulpes: my mind is blown.
ben_vulpes: why?
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: as you can probably guess, 'not from a good life'
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: and did you spend a similar amount of time attempting to 'work' the same way in 'the gimp'?
ben_vulpes: (subject of the portatron: "g++: Internal error: Killed (program cc1plus) ")
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: i think i see what you were thinking.
asciilifeform: internal error: killed << wai way
asciilifeform: post output ?
asciilifeform: or was that it
ben_vulpes: ram, likely.
ben_vulpes: no, 'twas all.
asciilifeform: what were you building on?
ben_vulpes: obj, obj, obj...Killed.
asciilifeform: dead goat ?
ben_vulpes: pauper's vps.
asciilifeform: why -build- on a vps ?
asciilifeform perplexed
ben_vulpes: again, shlomiel.
ben_vulpes: i'd no idea that compiling a static bitcoind would take quite so much memory. then again, it's loading all of boost and dbb and openssl - does all of the above need to reside in memory at the same time?
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: same time << as obj, yes
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: how else.
decimation: it could swap on a hard drive at extreme performance penalty
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: on the subject of 'gimp'-like proggys with terrifyingly layered menus - this is a well-known plague and there is no, afaik, ready pill for it.
asciilifeform: someone might say 'key mappings' but this neglects the explorability aspect
ben_vulpes: asciilifeform: the only pills i'm aware of are pouring capital into refining the interface and training the intended customers.
asciilifeform: (the reason why it is possible to learn photoshit without reading docs is that the controls are there on the table, so to speak)
ben_vulpes: aside from having the thing actually be programmable, but that's apparently a nonstarter in our world.
ben_vulpes recompiles on local vm with actual beef to it.
mircea_popescu: aww scoopbot ded ?
mircea_popescu: ;;later tell peterl scoopbot x.x
gribble: The operation succeeded.
ben_vulpes: http://harmful.cat-v.org/software/c++/I_did_it_for_you_all ☟︎☟︎
assbot: Bjarne Stroustrup: "I Did It For You All..." ... ( http://bit.ly/1EcSzIk )
ben_vulpes: time ./auto.sh
ben_vulpes: ...
ben_vulpes: real20m17.054s
mircea_popescu: lol @fake interview
ben_vulpes: p funny
ben_vulpes: http://longnow.org/essays/richard-feynman-connection-machine/
assbot: Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine - The Long Now ... ( http://bit.ly/1zEiy6Q )
ben_vulpes: wolfram worked with feynman at Thinking Machines?!
ben_vulpes: Whenever it came time for his daily bowl of soup he would look around for the nearest "girl" and ask if she would fetch it to him. It did not matter if she was the cook, an engineer, or the president of the company. I once asked a female engineer who had just been a victim of this if it bothered her. "Yes, it really annoys me," she said. "On the other hand, he is the only one who ever explained quantum mechanics to me as if I could
ben_vulpes: understand it."
mircea_popescu: so in the end... she enjoyed it ?
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mircea_popescu: decimation: of course, printing something structurally critical like a bracket holding weight is a great application for weakass-plastic 3d printing << yes, because hopefully it falls on his head.
BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
BingoBoingo: !up hegemoOn
Vexual: Reminds me of some aussie cops spending 10k on a printer and 9bux on a roll pf cornstarch to show how a liberator will take your fingers orf
BingoBoingo: lol
hegemoOn: thank you BingoBoingo
Vexual: Theyre busy investigating all the unwarranted bugging by the internal affairs of the next commissioner now. Printers prolly gone
hegemoOn: good morning gentlemen
Vexual: Hello hegemoon
BingoBoingo: Vexual: The Buggering bu Internal Affairs you say?
Vexual: Dunno. Makes me think that things McAfee says aren't nessisarily because of bath salts
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AMHASH1] 5589 @ 0.00073773 = 4.1232 BTC [-] {20}
Vexual: Perhaps politics amd sculldugerous corruption are inseprable
Vexual: More likely noone actually knows whats happening
BingoBoingo: Well, the person getting buggered probably has an idea
Vexual: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 267.08, Best ask: 267.78, Bid-ask spread: 0.70000, Last trade: 267.79, 24 hour volume: 20489.98533335, 24 hour low: 242.46, 24 hour high: 267.79, 24 hour vwap: 253.324401193
punkman: "An owner of a 3D printer recently told me that "having one really exposes the impotence of… not having one." << it's a great timesink, especially if you enjoy flapping your hands wondering why the fuck it's not printing or why it's on fire again
Vexual: Lol
Vexual: Sounds a lot like the police commissioners job
punkman: also, not only do you have to learn to CAD, but most CADs just don't work for things you want to 3D print
punkman: and then there's the G-code slicer
punkman: oh what a wonderful world that is
Vexual: Poor lady had so many more police holes than baddie holes in hostages in the recent terry wrist thing
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Vexual: So does a 3d printer make you get better at cad?
punkman: maybe, if you aren't spending all your time trying to keep printer level
Vexual: Like the builder who presents a nice archicad flythru then blames the concreter for everything that follows
punkman: !up Vexual
punkman: "Insufficient rights, punkman, !up yourself on PM first." but why
punkman: !up Vexual
Vexual: Shes fun
punkman: 10 years of RepRap gets you from here: http://reprap.org/mediawiki/images/thumb/d/d8/All_3_axes_fdmd_sml.jpg/527px-All_3_axes_fdmd_sml.jpg
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1FdiMdl )
punkman: to here: http://reprap.org/mediawiki/images/5/55/Prusai3-metalframe.jpg
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1FdiMKh )
Vexual: I've always wanted a makerbot
punkman: makerbot is an inch closer to "just works"
Vexual: They look like they're getting crapper for ease of use
Vexual: I just wanna run any material and stuff is adjustable
Vexual: I mean easier to use at the expense of actually working well
punkman: I'm gonna try again in 2016
Vexual: Hopefully ba has a thingiverse better by then
BingoBoingo: What does a 3D printer actually fix that a roll of Duct tape doesn't fix faster and better?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 122300 @ 0.00038384 = 46.9436 BTC [+] {2}
Vexual: Its about arranging things correctly
punkman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UdjDMdBVRY
assbot: XRobots - Lulzbot TAZ4 3D Printer Unboxing, Setup & First Prints - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/1Fdlxvp )
Vexual: A well designed shelf bracket will be better and stronger than the hardware shop equivalent
Vexual: You can have holes that fit the screws you own
Vexual: Or sign to say you have a copy of some turgid dick in abs
BingoBoingo: I thought the hole was supposed to adapt to the screw
Vexual: yeah you print the hole to suit
punkman: I don't want it to fix things, that's nonsense
BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
Vexual: Yah can duct tape anything its true. But it's nice when shit works properly
Vexual: Remember when fluffypony made mining rig racks from aluminum section?
fluffypony: still do
BingoBoingo: 211165 and still going on latest sync test. Will try to ride this one to the present
BingoBoingo: At least fluffypony learned his lesson about shipping stuff via boat
fluffypony: lol yeah
BingoBoingo: And about opening sales to the lowest common denominator
Vexual: Did a shark eat it?
BingoBoingo: Only the left one
fluffypony: jawz
Vexual: What happened with the ocean surface?
Vexual: Too slow 5 mining?
fluffypony: Vexual: yeah, the cheapskates that chose surface mail had to wait 3 months for their stuff to arrive
punkman: fluffypony: did the usg agent choose surface mail too?
fluffypony: punkman: hah hah yes
fluffypony: Secret Agent Man
punkman: fun
BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
Vexual: Danke
Vexual: Well
Vexual: It really seems anyone in the game is doing the same thing they did 2 yeats ago
Vexual: Shit just works
BingoBoingo: http://pipeline.corante.com/archives/2015/02/13/rapamycin_and_aging_the_spotlight_shines.php
assbot: Rapamycin And Aging: The Spotlight Shines. In the Pipeline: ... ( http://bit.ly/1zg8diN )
thestringpuller: oh no. computer is running out of memory due to bitcoin
thestringpuller: using up 80% of memory
BingoBoingo: thestringpuller: What are you running bitcoin on?
Vexual: Did vulpes try compile on ppc? Or does he only run intel macs?
punkman: bitcoind doesn't run on ppc
Vexual: Oh
BingoBoingo: punkman: What makes you so sure?
Vexual: I just read 3 days on x and project ed
punkman: BingoBoingo: not sure, I was looking at some recent patches for big-endian support though
punkman: does it run?
BingoBoingo: Just because it doesn't compile as offered doesn't mean and can't be beat into it.
thestringpuller: BingoBoingo a machine with only 1gb of ram
BingoBoingo: Haven't tried don't have any PPC macs around at the moment
BingoBoingo: thestringpuller: No the OS
thestringpuller: Debian 7
BingoBoingo: Ah
BingoBoingo: thestringpuller: What about setting a process memory usage limit and scripting the restart process after it gets killed?
Vexual: I stopped buying macs when they went intel
Vexual: They are glittery worky nao tho
Vexual: I guess x11 is the sameish
Vexual: Best deleted
Vexual: still it rots somewhere like steves stonewash, feigning importance
BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
Vexual: An affliction that unburdened by
Vexual: I'm
thestringpuller: BingoBoingo: I will try it again at some point ~_~
thestringpuller: i had to kill it too much memory
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 55100 @ 0.00037987 = 20.9308 BTC [-] {2}
BingoBoingo: thestringpuller: Well, you can restart it nao. The memory consumption was fatherless bastard blocks. Should restart with low RAM usage before creeping up and needing killed again. This can be repeated until you reach the present.
Vexual: What are you running it on thestringpuller?
thestringpuller: The computer is a decade old Vexual
Vexual: Noice
thestringpuller: Was an old gaming rig now turned server cause it has SATA/IDE/SCSI
thestringpuller: so I just connect lots of drives to it
Vexual: Thatd have cost a pretty penny
Vexual: Back in the day. Crossroads of storage
thestringpuller: yea, but i guess problem is if this computer is slow at getting current block this raising blocksize thing ain't gonna fly
Vexual: Will it raid?
thestringpuller: like computers grow on trees or some nonsense
thestringpuller: I've never used the built in raid controller. I dunno if I could find the software needed to run it that way since I'm pretty sure the mainboard company is now defunct ~_~
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Vexual: How many meg blocks are even?
Vexual: Miners seem to prefer 250k
thestringpuller: ya
Vexual: Yad need some friends and private fibre to mine 20 meg block
BingoBoingo: http://qntra.net/2015/02/elizabeth-warren-balks-on-opportunity-to-act-on-federal-reserve-criticisms/
assbot: Elizabeth Warren Balks on Opportunity to Act on Federal Reserve Criticisms | Qntra.net ... ( http://bit.ly/1ADYabI )
thestringpuller: dat scoopbot downtime tho
BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
Vexual: The block reward gets smaller, fees will come into it
Vexual: Who will wait around for 1 meg?
Vexual: We don't even know what a block is worth
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 123265 @ 0.00037159 = 45.804 BTC [-] {3}
BingoBoingo: http://www.gomerblog.com/2015/02/penetrating-traumas/
assbot: Cupid Off Target This Valentine’s Day, Causing Massive Penetrating Traumas | GomerBlog ... ( http://bit.ly/1AE27Nu )
Vexual: I thought massive penetrating trauma happensvwhen cupid is in full effect
BingoBoingo: who knows?
Vexual: Trauma isn't necessarily bad
Vexual: is it not just sone sudden change ?
Adlai: how about "an uncomfortable recalibration of one's comfort zone"
Vexual: That works
Vexual: Deal with it
BingoBoingo: !up Vexual
Vexual: Anyway I'm off to sleep in the dirt
Adlai: don't forget to take off your shirt
Vexual: I would have if you hadn't mentioned itt
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mircea_popescu: gooood mornin' terrines y terreurs
danielpbarron: to give some idea of how much faster solid state drive is vs a 5400 rpm drive, it caught up to a weeks worth of blocks in about a day
danielpbarron: height=183012 vs height=181378 currently ☟︎
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 156450 @ 0.00036457 = 57.037 BTC [-] {3}
mircea_popescu: impressive.
danielpbarron: it's around the 180k mark that it all slows down
kakobrekla: i wonder what goes longer way towards 'inclusiveness', the big blocks or cheap nodes ☟︎
mircea_popescu: this is a legitimate question.
mircea_popescu: obviously, both. in what proportion ? well...
mircea_popescu: but that was the camels/donkeys thing exactly.
mircea_popescu: http://40.media.tumblr.com/0059a70599c6bf51782bcf765eac8c1e/tumblr_ni508hf2UN1ryv8ymo1_1280.jpg
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1yGBT7w )
chetty: http://www.clickorlando.com/news/deputies-hundreds-of-teens-storm-ocoee-theater/31281974
assbot: Deputies: Hundreds of teens storm Ocoee theater | News - Home ... ( http://bit.ly/1MnYGz1 )
mircea_popescu: the stormteens ?
chetty: a general breakdown of civilized behavior ..seems to be getting worse
mircea_popescu: i dunno... kids breaking into the movies seems pretty civilised.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22047 @ 0.00035928 = 7.921 BTC [-] {2}
mircea_popescu: http://41.media.tumblr.com/28d2bb2ffbc641518a3674b8fe676582/tumblr_ngz20w8Rmh1r6nfu5o1_500.jpg << and the worst ropework ever award goes to...
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1L09csV )
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 127404 @ 0.00039539 = 50.3743 BTC [+] {2}
mircea_popescu: http://41.media.tumblr.com/7775b8f8ffc657bc015ef2ee82ae9a96/tumblr_nevo5u87uH1ryv8ymo6_r1_1280.jpg 1940s
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1Arz3tW )
ben_vulpes: what's the context of all the "schoolgirls"?
mircea_popescu: nobody actually knows. that pic is about as old as cable modems, but its context lost to the world.
mircea_popescu: http://38.media.tumblr.com/e7da3c023fe4aa185818c0f45d2608a9/tumblr_ngyygwRl3P1u13y88o1_500.gif << mail order bride done right.
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1L0cTih )
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21996 @ 0.00040248 = 8.853 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlfkutB-PcE << this is epic. so some derp from alba (roguhly romania's equivalent of Indiana) has been a fugitive sought for proxenetism and "creating an organised crime group" for over a year. he's put some derpy rap thing on youtube, and the tv chicks are creaming their pants because "over 1000 views". literally, "peste o mie de vizitatori" = over 1k views.
assbot: Cel mai cautat interlop din Alba a devenit vedeta pe internet - Extern - Observator Antena1 - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/1ArCtx3 )
mircea_popescu: they even have a 5 second delay "connecting" to the "correspondent". who is like, fifty feet away.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 56350 @ 0.00037393 = 21.071 BTC [-]
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: proxenetism ?
mircea_popescu: hm. pimpery.
asciilifeform assumed it meant 'running a net of spam proxies'
mircea_popescu: lol
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: gurlz list << mega-l0l!
asciilifeform: how many, one might wonder, are decoys
asciilifeform: (iirc those are sop on 'sex www' sites)
davout: http://fr.anco.is/2015/x-eur-february-15th-2015-statement/
assbot: X.EUR February 15th 2015 statement | fr.anco.is ... ( http://bit.ly/17CrLHj )
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9254 @ 0.00037393 = 3.4603 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform one so inclined can verify.
mircea_popescu: unrelatedly, it's kinda fun to watch the slowly seethin anger or "secret" girly venues at this INCREDIBLE IMPROPRIETY.
mircea_popescu: god damned it they have decided fetlife is not to be searched. how dares anyone change this, and how dare they be someone specific!
mircea_popescu: s/or/on/
asciilifeform: mega-weeve
asciilifeform: did this actually get a rise out of somebody ?
asciilifeform: ben_vulpes: post your x86 auto.sh on the listserv ?
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform for instance http://www.notjustbitchy.com/clearly-there-are-too-many-women-on-fetlife/
assbot: Clearly there are too many women on Fetlife » Not Just Bitchy ... ( http://bit.ly/17CvGnA )
mircea_popescu: https://github.com/meitar/fetlife-aslsearch#why-can-i-only-search-for-men-not-women for moar example.
assbot: meitar/fetlife-aslsearch · GitHub ... ( http://bit.ly/17CvTqY )
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: 'my educated guess that the search is not offered because they couldn't support it, technically, not for any high falootin' ethical considerations.' << lol, like the thousands of dissertations on 'use of light and shadow' in sistine chapel ceiling
asciilifeform: where did they go when the soot was cleaned off.
mircea_popescu: lol yup.
mircea_popescu: nobody, conveniently, remembers those.
asciilifeform: of course not
mircea_popescu: because, you see, "nobody ever got fired for arguing from pangloss".
mircea_popescu: the ibm thing is just a subset of this.
asciilifeform: 'nobody ever got fired' for being a meatpuppet who blindly imitates their immediate neighbour - yes
mircea_popescu: ascribing intent to happenstance is like ascribing causation to correlation, or ascribing life to movement : it soothes the brain, it makes the world "friendlier"
asciilifeform: but they do deserve a good thrashing now & then
mircea_popescu: only if they're more than meatpuppet.
mircea_popescu: only slavegirl should be beaten for failure, and only exceptional girls should be accepted into slavery.
jurov: !s assbot dividend
assbot: 3 results for 'assbot dividend' : http://s.b-a.link/?q=assbot+dividend
asciilifeform: even if there is nothing sentient in the muppet that would win from the thrashing - if it is a public one, it will do some good for those who yet might
jurov: kakobrekla, assbot again did not announce mpex dividends
jurov: divs are deprecated now?
mircea_popescu: jurov there was an error which we've meanwhile fixed
mircea_popescu: should appear from thenceforth
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform hard to argue with that point.
decimation: asciilifeform: win from the thrashing - if it is a public one << "maim one, educate one thousand"
jurov: also, i can't relate the bitbet dividend (3.21579681) to S.BBET monthly statement that says:
jurov: 3.21579699 BTC minus 1.9624272 BTC substracted due to last month's credit, for a final total of 1.25336979 BTC to be paid as dividends for MPEx(sic!) shares this month.
jurov: i'd suggest mircea to hire someone reliable to do the dividend payouts
kakobrekla: lol is it erroneous again?
decimation: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9052727 < lol, listen to chumps stuck inside the silly-con valley startup chumpatron grind and squeal about the sudden realization that they are working for nothing
assbot: Ask HN: What up with these startup salaries? | Hacker News ... ( http://bit.ly/1L0sbn8 )
mircea_popescu: lmao
mircea_popescu: i carried it.
mircea_popescu: jurov this is quickly developing into my fatal flaw, so i can be like a villain in the movies.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: is it theoretically possible that the 3% figure is off on account of gurlz refusing to indicate their sex (or somehow listing it in non-readily-machinereadable form in 'about' biographical box, etc. - is there one?)
mircea_popescu: "sure he can piss everyone off - but he can't actually pay dividends correctly to save his life"
mircea_popescu: there is no way to list it but not list it. they could in principle not list it at all - the problem then becomes that, for our needs, they actually ARENT female.
mircea_popescu: so it's "about 3% out of the first 100k that self identify as female and self identify as under 30yo". for all we know two thirds of that are all labrador retrievers.
asciilifeform: decimation: they were 'working for nothing' long ago, by way of giving up most of their salary to the local real estate chumpatron as a mandatory matter
asciilifeform: decimation: low pay is not the only way to be poor
mircea_popescu: decimation music to my years
mircea_popescu: i mean ears.
decimation: yeah some of the comments are amusing
decimation: "Don't you have faith that we'll be successful?"
mircea_popescu: "nope"
mircea_popescu: "not enough to give you my girl, anyway"
mircea_popescu: imagine the market chilling effects of these derps having to actually ask the girl from her father.
mircea_popescu: "o no, it would capsize the economy"
mircea_popescu: what fucking economy ?
decimation: apparently in new york the situation is a little more harsh: "In New York, people have given up on equity. I hear this time and again in the NYC tech scene - building a company is hard in NYC because people don't believe equity is worth anything because of the bullshit that happened in the first bubble. In New York especially, there were a lot of shenanigans with equity in 99/00 bubble/crash era where companies got sold and employees
decimation: got nothing because of liquidation preferences and other things. "
decimation: http://www.geocities.ws/drhenke/startupmemo.htm < wise advice linked in the comments
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1L0tGl8 )
decimation: "If your gut (or someone you trust) tells you that ANY ONE of the Founders is a bozo, forget it and walk away. They will take you and the company down."
asciilifeform: re: tiny equities: as i understand, scarcely anyone even gets a fixed % of a company now
asciilifeform: because it is generally understood that whatever one gets will be 'homeopathic' quantity after umpteen rounds of dilution
asciilifeform: instead you get 'xxxx shares'
asciilifeform: (of what? who knows)
mircea_popescu: whoever reads the term sheets knows.
mircea_popescu: but anyway : mpex people get fixed %s. everyone else gets shit.
asciilifeform: tale was re: usa rather than mpex, aha
asciilifeform: 'In Silicon Valley, my startup offers over the past two years have ranged from $160-250K with 0.5-0.75% equity.' -- from one comment in above link. and folks read this, and think he's paid 250k in actual money
asciilifeform: why no one ever discusses actual take-home pay ?
asciilifeform: i.e. what remains after -all- the taxation?
mircea_popescu: because the ydo not wish to be depressed.
asciilifeform: the folks in that thread appear to be entirely willing to be depressed
asciilifeform: but somehow continue to studiously dance around the subject of the disease that's actually killing them
decimation: asciilifeform: most of them would agree with moldbug's analysis that they believe paying tax is 'i gave at the office'
asciilifeform: the biggest tax, by far, is the real estate chumpamatic
asciilifeform: and if the folks involved could live in detroit and collect that salary, they would.
decimation: if by 'detroit' you mean anywhere where you could buy a house for less than 100k, you are probably correct
asciilifeform: aha
asciilifeform: if they all moved to the actual detroit, the chump harvester would simply move with them
decimation: aye
decimation: asciilifeform, all these high salaries 'create jobs', you see
asciilifeform: to follow mircea_popescu's 'ducks and hunters' analogy, the ducks cluster in a flock and get shot together
asciilifeform: it would be interesting to consider what 'refusing to be the duck' would mean for the programmers
decimation: replacement by an indian, either on or off shore
asciilifeform: would they each pick a village and duel to the death with any other who decides to come to town ?
asciilifeform: decimation: as i understand, everyone who could easily be 'replaced by indian' (not always from india proper, but often east eu, etc. and the 'orc' world in general) - has been
mircea_popescu: <decimation> replacement by an indian, either on or off shore << this is like saying your trophy wife that if she quits you, you'll replace her with a masturbation aid.
mircea_popescu: is it supposed to be like a threat or something ?
decimation: if that's true, then why are the chumpers willing to work for $60k (and pay $60k to live)
mircea_popescu: statu quo.
mircea_popescu: why were romanians willing to shiver in the winter in 88 ?
mircea_popescu: !up hegemoOn
decimation: because the chumps to the right and left were also so willing apparently
hegemoOn: thank you mircea_popescu
asciilifeform: re: programmers, the inescapable conclusion is that in usa, their $xxx k-usd salary is merely a 'money laundry' vehicle for real estate racket
asciilifeform: and in no sense anything else
hegemoOn: to talk abour what i know
decimation: asciilifeform: yeah, it goes to the thread a few weeks ago about why does usg even bother to tax at all
hegemoOn: in the 90 most bouncer were freelance
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2015/what-the-actual-threat-of-the-medicalisation-of-individuality-looks-like/ << moar scriptures for the cult bible.
assbot: What the actual threat of the medicalisation of individuality looks like pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu. ... ( http://bit.ly/1AFxuaD )
hegemoOn: getting high salary
decimation: decimation: it would simplify accounting if your salary just went directly to the local land baron
mircea_popescu: decimation the point for the accounting is to not be simplified. it would also simplify accounting if the two jews "selling" each other the same painting just wrote random numbers of paper.
hegemoOn: but owner of club decided to unit and
mircea_popescu: similarly, it'd simplify accounting if the theatre just closed down. but then...
hegemoOn: create company hiring eastern europe former military guy
hegemoOn: for almostnithung
decimation: mircea_popescu: yeah, if individuals had direct control of their wealth, accounting would get quite complex
mircea_popescu: hegemoOn but you understand there's something fundamental about the occupation that makes them servants to the club, right ?
asciilifeform: sorta how medical practice 'could be simple' if pharmacy stocked just cyanide (wagner optional)
mircea_popescu: just like whores are only allowed to work "on their own" in those situations where there's not enough food to go around.
mircea_popescu: same tiems when the cattle's "turned loose"
hegemoOn: and use those instead of freelancer
hegemoOn: thhis is how they break the average cost of security operator
hegemoOn: and even getting money back as far as they were paying for a service to a company they owns
hegemoOn: exactly the same happened in computer land
hegemoOn: in the 90 most computer guy were freelancer
hegemoOn: and then bank/insurance create service company
hegemoOn: which sells them back legion of low cost computer guy
hegemoOn: breaking price by 5 or 10
mircea_popescu: come to think about it, not a bad analogy.
mircea_popescu: muscle, eh /
hegemoOn: and the golden era of computer guy was gone
hegemoOn: here in france we compete with north african cheap profile
asciilifeform: in the 90 most computer guy were freelancer << not in usa...
hegemoOn: who tends to seduce more those service company
decimation: in the usa, 'freelance computer guys' are treated by the tax authorities as tax cheats
mircea_popescu: decimation for good reason.
decimation: whereas real estate agents are not
mircea_popescu: they pose no threat, because their capital can always be confiscated.
asciilifeform: ^ this fact became popularly known on account of the joe stack rampage
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform i actually have a post scheduled (for like 6 months now) for day after tomorrow.
asciilifeform: l0l!
hegemoOn: i worked two years and half on transactionnal platform of Ingenico
hegemoOn: paiement services
hegemoOn: and i can really state that lowcost hiring leads to poor result
mircea_popescu: doh!
asciilifeform: 'joe stack day' is 2/18, iirc, no ?
hegemoOn: while hiring better profile would cost a little more on human ressource budget
hegemoOn: but far less in production and exploitation
fluffypony: classic big-company-red-tape
hegemoOn: and communication towards customer which loose money
hegemoOn: exemple of failure : transaction processor which doesn't listen to commit acknowledgment of the sql database
hegemoOn: poor programming indeed
hegemoOn: so plateform considers transaction is archived on database
hegemoOn: when commit has failed
hegemoOn: imagine this situation during 9hours of transaction history of main reteller in uk !
hegemoOn: >63 millions euros lost
hegemoOn: guess who worked to parse all the log and worked with bank to recoved the money from auth message during 3 weeks ?
hegemoOn: me !
hegemoOn: 120 peoples working on this platform and only 10% skilled enough to understand what they do
asciilifeform: hegemoOn: 'Seven dollars an hour, that's what Philip Johnson made / Driving a Wells Fargo truck, he handled millions every day / But you can't be much of a player on 56 bucks a day / Seven dollars an hour, that's what Philip Johnson made.'
hegemoOn: asciilifeform: im not saying that i should earn more from that :)
hegemoOn: im just saying that outsourcing/low cost profile lead to failure
asciilifeform: ( http://articles.latimes.com/1997/aug/10/news/ls-21004 << from song about famous outlaw, as seen here )
assbot: Shades of D.B. Cooper - Los Angeles Times ... ( http://bit.ly/1AFAG5R )
mircea_popescu: hegemoOn if you feel like writing out the details, qntra is looking for more "fiat sucks" failure stories.
hegemoOn: mircea_popescu: facing harrasment from my former client ? :)
mircea_popescu: yes.
hegemoOn: but in a more general level i can explain why it sucks
mircea_popescu: if you don't hurt the things you don't like, you're not really a man.
hegemoOn: on protocol level and transaction life
hegemoOn: and bitcoin will face the same trouble when going to retail world
mircea_popescu: gavincoin will, because gavincoin is fundamentally predicated on the broken proposition of adjusting to the world.
mircea_popescu: bitcoin will be fine. there will be carnage in its wake, but that in itself is a positive outcome.
hegemoOn: i agree about the natural selection process
mircea_popescu: to quote rms, "To any NSA and FBI agents reading my email: please consider whether defending the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic, requires you to follow Snowden's example."
mircea_popescu: except it's not about the fucktard museum that's the nsa, nor about the long dead us generally.
mircea_popescu: it's about plainest morals : please consider if your duty to yourself, as a free man worth two shits doesn't require you to publish all the shit you know.
mircea_popescu: why exactly is the state and its corporations allowed any protection ? worst thing to aid and abet.
hegemoOn: because money
hegemoOn: bunch of money
asciilifeform: !b 6 ✂︎
assbot: Last 6 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/1F7314E.txt )
mircea_popescu: yeah. as fiat becomes worth less and less in actual money, that problem will slowly melt.
mircea_popescu: except, names are made early, not late.
hegemoOn: :)
asciilifeform: it's not about the fucktard museum that's the nsa << reminds me, one of these days i gotta pay a visit to... their museum
asciilifeform: knew about it for a decade, but somehow can't bring myself to set foot there
chetty: asciilifeform, get your shots uptodate first, its probably catching
asciilifeform: https://plus.google.com/105419788139557178964/about?hl=en&gl=us << mega-lol
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1AFDjEY )
asciilifeform: '4.1 stars! best gassing, will come again'
asciilifeform: https://plus.google.com/116440706124488410279/about?hl=en&gl=us << only 3 stars
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1AFDT5x )
asciilifeform: 'The parking lots are very large and crowded. It is hard to find a spot, even working the night shift. I think Obama should invest in a parking garage. It is a bit creepy inside the buildings, too.'
asciilifeform: 'If you're invited to the NSA, pay careful attention to the instructions given. If you do not, you will be a big delay to others. If you're not invited to the NSA, please do not go, unless you want to see the Cryptology museum, which is a fascinating place.'
asciilifeform had a colleague once who -did- go, by making wrong turn in traffic, and -did- end up 'a big delay to others' as he was frog-marched into a guardpost and searched
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 100263 @ 0.00039975 = 40.0801 BTC [+]
chetty: nothing all that creepy about it, except maybe a certain lack of windows :P
asciilifeform: chetty: there is a specific, highly-ritualized architectural style:
asciilifeform: chetty: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=23-08-2014#806471 ☝︎
assbot: Logged on 23-08-2014 17:21:36; asciilifeform: (what style? gigantic plate-glass window walls that never let through office light - they're painted black on the inside; the seemingly-mandatory wrought-iron fence, with steel cable trusses - nominally against terrorist trucks (TM); archaically-massive satellite antennae; a few other features broadly known to anyone who looks with any regularity.)
oglafbot: http://oglaf.com/yoke/
assbot: The Yoke ... ( http://bit.ly/1AFIh4l )
mircea_popescu: oglafbot is best bot
mircea_popescu: cuntbot: http://40.media.tumblr.com/73f15bcf2c808c89ef0fa4abe79da911/tumblr_namf6auIhZ1r6y441o1_1280.jpg
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1AFJsRo )
asciilifeform: ^ lol!
BingoBoingo: http://news.slashdot.org/story/15/02/15/1959209/removing-libsystemd0-from-a-live-running-debian-system
assbot: Removing Libsystemd0 From a Live-running Debian System - Slashdot ... ( http://bit.ly/1L1IySr )
asciilifeform: (linked) http://linux.slashdot.org/story/15/01/14/2030259/systemd-gains-new-networking-features << lol, somehow missed this
assbot: SystemD Gains New Networking Features - Slashdot ... ( http://bit.ly/1L1J1np )
asciilifeform: ^ pries open fw ports
asciilifeform: incidentally, folks recommending freebsd as an escape should remember that it's been colonized: gcc is no longer installed by default there, nor are system bins built with it
asciilifeform: ^ and this is relatively old news, http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTEwMjI
assbot: FreeBSD 10 To Use Clang Compiler, Deprecate GCC - Phoronix ... ( http://bit.ly/1L1JDcW )
asciilifeform: while we're at it,
asciilifeform: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=RMS-Emacs-Gud-LLVM
assbot: RMS Feels There's "A Systematic Effort To Attack GNU Packages" - Phoronix ... ( http://bit.ly/1L1JIxb )
asciilifeform: 'Other Emacs stakeholders responded with confusion how this could be "a systematic effort to attack GNU packages" and also raised points on how Emacs has support for Microsoft Windows and OS X but wouldn't consider a basic patch for enabling the LLDB debugger to be used. Stallman followed up to say, "These are not similar cases. Neither Windows nor MacOS was intended to push major GNU packages out of use. What I see here appea
asciilifeform: rs possibly to be exactly that. Whether that is the case is what I want to find out."'
asciilifeform: and, lastly,
asciilifeform: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Intel-Boot-Guard-Kills-Coreboot
assbot: Why You Don't See Coreboot Supported By Many Modern Intel Systems - Phoronix ... ( http://bit.ly/1AFLNM4 )
asciilifeform: ^ the 'won't boot anything not signed by key in antifuse rom' thing - finally arrived.
asciilifeform: to x86 pc.
asciilifeform: (sop on game consoles for decade+)
asciilifeform: (those who believe that it does not matter what is in the bios so long as you can boot your favourite unix, are mistaken. not only can bios diddle your drives pre-boot, but it isn't even necessary - routines like smm handler run continuously, outside of os)
asciilifeform: ^ basic kindergarten facts, at this point, i will not bother to expound on them here
asciilifeform: 'but Richard is seemingly frightened about the compiler competition from LLVM that is out under a permissive free software license.' << fud artist lies through his teeth. rms is not 'frightened of competition under permissive licenses', but is pointing out that organized attack by shitgnomes flying (as always) flags of convenience, is under way. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform the bullshit bios problem is actually quite serious
mircea_popescu: for now we can still run old boards. but that won't last forever.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: so far problem only exists in winblows/apple world, but it creeps onward - microshit in particular requires it as a condition of doing business with manufacturer
mircea_popescu: yup
mircea_popescu: course, the measure will backfire,
mircea_popescu: as in, i'll run only stuff signed by... me.
asciilifeform: optimistic.
mircea_popescu: in a sense, so far they're really cutting out our rouad for us.
asciilifeform: 'i don't care if they're stoking up the ovens, they'll go in'
mircea_popescu: well no, the idea is, most of the state effort consists of effort that really helps the republic.
mircea_popescu: hijack all the ships.
asciilifeform: wake me up when a serious usg key leaks.
mircea_popescu: why would a key have to leak ?
mircea_popescu: just use your own antifuse.
asciilifeform: own antifuse ?!
asciilifeform: http://www.design-reuse.com/news_img/20031024_actel4.gif << antifuse
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1L1P5w8 )
mircea_popescu: in other news, http://36.media.tumblr.com/30db452b7a40c2ae6fe3ce321f95d89d/tumblr_na11k1mBSA1tv6w3wo1_1280.jpg
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1L1P8s3 )
asciilifeform: aka otp rom
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform so ?
mircea_popescu: it can be made, right ?
asciilifeform: point being that millions of boxes are permanent thralls to usg until key gets out.
mircea_popescu: ...
mircea_popescu: the point is not saving some vague and uninteresting group.
mircea_popescu: let them save themselves.
asciilifeform: interestingly, intel and microshit have been salivating for a decaee+ over the concept of a cpu that runs not merely mandatorily-signed but encrypted code (to internal key)
asciilifeform: but for practical reasons this has not yet been achieved
mircea_popescu: fuck, ten billion boxes are pretty much permanent thralls to the first taker on the grounds that there's more holes than fixes.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: see the problem from the perspective in which it actually -is- a problem: not that a billion people own computer that is not a computer (nowhere is it written that we have to care about this) but in the elementary lack of a practical alternative.
mircea_popescu: so far.
asciilifeform: as in, there is not a 'free world' si fab.
mircea_popescu: kinda what i said : gotta see to this eventually.
mircea_popescu: "I'm an 18 year old currently in my first semester of college at UNM (Studying medicine). All my life I've been a very good girl, pro-feminist all my life, I was in the girl scouts growing up, I got straight As, I don't drink or go out to parties. I found your tumblr the other week and at first I was offended, I don't see how any woman would subject herself to such treatment. I've visited your page multiple times since
mircea_popescu: then and I'm curious how you would go about breaking me out of my shell?"
mircea_popescu: lawl.
midnightmagic: it's a trap, get an ax
mircea_popescu: lol.
hanbot: please tell me the response is "i'd put on my robe and wizard hat"
mircea_popescu: i mostly quoted it for the sudden turn towards "breaking out of shells"
mircea_popescu: i wonder if the chick's clever enough to have done this deliberately.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AMHASH1] 5000 @ 0.00076456 = 3.8228 BTC [+] {15}
thestringpuller: so it's taken me 3 days to get up to 190k blocks...
thestringpuller: why again should I be convinced this computer will be "okay" running larger blocks when it can barely keep up as is...
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: the idiot crashy one ('classic', with memleak) or the one with questionable patch ('orphanage burner') ?
thestringpuller: classic with memleak
thestringpuller: i keep having to kill and restart
thestringpuller: but its at least working
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: also remember that the 'magic' of gavincoin was that it will work on existing hw, so long as 'everybody agrees' to throw away blockchain history and surrender
thestringpuller: you told me not to patch in orphanage burner yet.
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: that's correct
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: in general, i'm opposed to patching in gavinisms of any description
thestringpuller: oh and block propagation is going to be "0" with bloom filters or something
asciilifeform: especially ones i fished out of the sewers in a hurry, for purposes of experiment.
thestringpuller: ^- you make yourself sound like Dr. Frankenstein sometimes.
asciilifeform: it's a 'frankensteinian' project by nature, whatcanido.
thestringpuller: I wonder what discoveries you've made we don't know about <.<;;
thestringpuller: the splitting image of Dr. Moreau! :D
asciilifeform: less said about these, better sleep at night, l0l
thestringpuller: moar frankensteinian would be ripping out Boost completely, not that that is feasible (but neither was reanimating the dead)
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: if you're gonna go to that level of mutilation, may as well abandon the pedigreed-descent-from-0.5.3 thing and go for rewrite
thestringpuller: i kno rite? funny how these kidz praise satoshi's "code know-how" yet all these things...
asciilifeform: you can't really pull out 'boost' and retain the naked-eye-plus-patch-util sense of 'this is visibly bitcoind pre-$10-per but with minor changes' thing
thestringpuller: we should just rewrite it in assembly.
asciilifeform: 'we'
asciilifeform: by popular demand (everybody who's ragging on 'boost') a musical interlude:
mircea_popescu: <asciilifeform> thestringpuller: also remember that the 'magic' of gavincoin was that it will work on existing hw, so long as 'everybody agrees' to throw away blockchain history and surrender << this, especially.
asciilifeform: serious work in cpp is quite impossible without something functionally much like 'boost'.
asciilifeform: was -never- possible
mircea_popescu: "make bitcoin accessible to everyone by saying it's really a bottle of tide, and letting procter and gamble manufacture it"
asciilifeform: for so long as that abortion of a language existed.
asciilifeform: talk to a game dev who was active in the '90s
thestringpuller: ^- Oh yea
asciilifeform: he'll show you, perhaps, his outfit's homegrown warty version of 'boost'
thestringpuller: ^- Oh yea x2
mircea_popescu: heh
asciilifeform: my brother, for example, had one
thestringpuller: Look at HL Goldsrc as prime example.
asciilifeform: (was game dev in that period)
thestringpuller: or even UDK from that era
asciilifeform: some were cleaned up and 'productized'
asciilifeform: cannot speak for the quality, but the demand - was there
asciilifeform: is still there.
asciilifeform: the language 'naked' is entirely unusable
asciilifeform: for anything but trivial 'homework'
thestringpuller: this is why Naughty Dog builds the object layer in LISP
thestringpuller: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?LispInJakAndDaxter << for reference
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=849
assbot: Loper OS » The curious incident of the Lisp in the night-time ... ( http://bit.ly/1De9XPN )
asciilifeform: also note that that outfit, like many others (yes, it isn't in 'nyt', but still existed) wrote a miniature 'college' lisp-flavoured scripting language inside their normal runtime
asciilifeform: which is entirely not the same thing as a product developed and shipped in a standardized, adult common lisp system (what naggum earned his bread with)
asciilifeform: yet for some odd reason these activities are lumped in together
asciilifeform: i, for one, didn't fully grasp the difference until i heard that charlatan (baggett) speak
thestringpuller: i see. i just found it amusing game developers would rather not write C++ at all
asciilifeform: junkyard dogs, the lot of them, who found something valuable and stole a piece
thestringpuller: the PS2's C++ interface was...not fun...
asciilifeform: like the barbarians who carved up roman mosaics for sword hilt 'bling'
asciilifeform: you can see the results in museum
thestringpuller: sound similar to using microscope as hammer
thestringpuller: maybe different side of coin
asciilifeform: nice heavy electron microscope
asciilifeform: makes great drop-hammer
thestringpuller: "this ruins the microscope"
asciilifeform: more valuable than any particular microscope, even the rarest, is the -idea- of a microscope
asciilifeform: it takes more than one 'blacksmith' and his 'hammers' to ruin that, but eventually - yes, ruined.
asciilifeform: but to go back to the basic point of the musical interlude,
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: this article is gold. Dave Baggett elaborated more in the comments.
asciilifeform: 1) the idea of tearing out 'boost' while retaining the 'satoshi cleanup' concept of therealbitcoin project - is a total impossibility
asciilifeform: 2) tearing out 'boost' while keeping the project in cpp will turn it into an unreadable morass of crud that makes the existing turd look like the finest sausage ☟︎
asciilifeform: (how? let's start with those iterations, every single one of which will suddenly need a nonsense variable; all the things that will have to be declared for the occasion, that presently are genericized; etc)
thestringpuller: like a dyslexic spider weaving a web.
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: background for that article: herr baggett came to my town once, and gave a public talk where he pitched a militantly idiotic 'startup' (nothing whatsoever to do with games, a weird proprietary, closed-source email client with 'new, exciting, unprecedented' spam filter that is a poor clone of 1990s state of the art)
asciilifeform: i was utterly floored by the sheer imbecility
asciilifeform: and apparent sincerity
asciilifeform: there were two logical scenarios that formed in my head, 1) he did the things he was credited for, and somebody then came and scooped out his brain 2) he didn't, took credit after someone else did, was the kind of fellow selected for this next stage of meritwash
asciilifeform: i must point out that i have no idea whether 1 or 2
asciilifeform: but was unable to come up with any plausible 3 whatsoever.
thestringpuller: game developers are kind of like rappers, after a certain age their "hip-ness" runs out.
thestringpuller: see Coolio
asciilifeform: no idea if this has anything to do with age, or the fact that games industry died.
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thestringpuller: the indie developers killed it
asciilifeform: which 'indie developers'
asciilifeform: the ones sharecropping under apple?
asciilifeform: or valve?
thestringpuller: At least Phil Fish isn't being merit washed.
thestringpuller: The latter.
thestringpuller: indie dev's line up to suck Gabe's cock even if he can't see it.
asciilifeform: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B9EKh_lIEAE1O8u.jpg << punkman found this a while ago
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/1DedgXe )
thestringpuller: also notice how carmack is slave to Zuckerberg now.
asciilifeform: ^ how apple meritwash works
thestringpuller: that's some clockwork orange shit right there
asciilifeform: that, if it isn't obvious, is a 'review farm.'
asciilifeform: and something like this is quite inevitable when a product degenerates to that level of necessary attention span
thestringpuller: this is why freemium games are the work of the canadian devil
asciilifeform: where the practical distinction between a satisfied user and a spammer who wrote a review in exchange for a bowl of rice and a day's pass from the sex slave farm, is purely academic
thestringpuller: asciilifeform: ah and this is probably why the whole GamerGate thing occurred last August.
asciilifeform confesses that he could not be bothered to unravel the how-and-why behind that particular wankage
asciilifeform: it was utterly incomprehensible to the uninitiated.
thestringpuller: the uproar is what is interesting. uproar over people who don't matter.
punkman: ^ my thoughts: "who the fuck are these people and why is anyone writing about their sex life"
thestringpuller: punkman: exactly!
asciilifeform: ^
asciilifeform: in other news,
asciilifeform: 'gnat' appears to be entirely unbuildable on gentoo
asciilifeform: having succumbed to shitgnomism years ago.
asciilifeform: (and before anyone asks, no, it is not a simple matter to build it from source like any other thing. needs an existing gcc configured to play ball in order to bootstrap itself)
punkman: asciilifeform: do you have any machines running coreboot?
asciilifeform: punkman: as a matter of fact, i do
asciilifeform: punkman: but none of them feature 'consumer pc' hardware
punkman: I grabbed a couple of T60s to give it a go
asciilifeform: wintel answered the threat posed by 'coreboot' et al by stuffing shitgnomism straight into the silicon (southbridge, and soon cpu proper)
jurov: http://packages.gentoo.org/package/dev-lang/gnat-gpl << this?
assbot: Gentoo Packages /package/dev-lang/gnat-gpl ... ( http://bit.ly/179pd2B )
asciilifeform: sanity is a losing battle on x86.
asciilifeform: jurov: it
asciilifeform: or actually, no
asciilifeform: gnat-gcc
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asciilifeform: jurov: what's more, it dies without any kind of informative message at all.
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asciilifeform: jurov: http://www.loper-os.org/pub/gnat.txt (too big for pastebin)
assbot: ... ( http://bit.ly/179quXs )
asciilifeform: 'make[5]: *** [unwind-dw2.o] Error 1' seems to be the boojum
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thestringpuller: asciilifeform: random question. If someone paid for you to take Buterin's C4 (Certified Bitcoin Professional) exam, would you do it? ☟︎
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: what'd be the point of this exercise ?
thestringpuller: so qntra can report on the derpage?
asciilifeform: re: gentoo: is it just me or did most of the ports mirrors die in the past 2 or so weeks ?
asciilifeform: as in, gone ?
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: it is unlikely that anyone would wish to pay what this costs.
asciilifeform: thestringpuller: try one of the un/under-employed folks around here
asciilifeform: https://cryptoconsortium.org/certifications/CBP << mega-lol
assbot: Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) | CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) ... ( http://bit.ly/179rCu2 )
jurov: thestringpuller why alf specifically?
asciilifeform: ^
jurov: and how much?
thestringpuller: cause he is guaranteed to pass it. i guess others too. but he was the first that came to mind.
jurov: lol. as if one cannot fail and write about it?
asciilifeform: thestringpuller was probably thinking of their other exam, re: internals of bitcoind, but iirc it is only available to the select few
thestringpuller: my biggest hesitation is the coin goes directly into the waterfall i.e. hands of enemy
thestringpuller: (Buterin is one of directos of C4)
jurov: internals of bitcoind? like, the whip out the cane, point to line test?
jurov: doubt even satoshi himself would pass