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kanzure: oh, i don't believe in particle acceleration
kanzure: asciilifeform: did you need something from me?
kanzure: i thought "in 2 weeks" is the handwave answer?
kanzure: why would i have you vet my epipenises?
kanzure: so i should make my own isis
kanzure: can you give me proof of poor here. wat?
kanzure: i thought this was about authorization
kanzure: why are you doing compression
kanzure: anyway thanks for the encouragement about public releasing (d|i)arpa notes
kanzure: https://cseweb.ucsd.edu/~mihir/papers/multisignatures-ccs.pdf
kanzure: you don't give me giga shits?
kanzure: i wasn't aware that i had to report my whereabouts to you guys but whatever
kanzure: just last week i was in SF because http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/bitcoin-core-dev-tech/2017-09-06-signature-aggregation/
kanzure: http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/simons-institute/pairing-cryptography/
kanzure: bilinear maps are the future tho
kanzure: not enough silicon of the type that is used
kanzure: i typed 50 pages of notes (about 30k words) but i'm not sure it should be considered public
kanzure: but the nsa can't use that to capture and store all the packets..
kanzure: these cat pics are important
kanzure: we currently are not processing beach sand for semiconductor wafers
kanzure: and i think it's like 1 picogram/bit for flash memory..
kanzure: 10^14 kg of wafer-grade silicon vs 1 kg dna
kanzure: anyway the concern is that there's not enough pure silicon available to make enough flash memory for future projected demands of like 2^28 bits in ~20 years.
kanzure: sorry, that was the wrong number. 10^14 bits is today's write demand.
kanzure: +z
kanzure: i was in dc yesterday attending a dna synthesis meeting organied by iarpa. they want 10^14 data write with dna.
kanzure: asciilifeform: so what was your better than inkjet deposition solution thing?
kanzure: really the only purpose of high wpm that i have figured out is winning irc flame wars
kanzure: for the 'lulz' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GDusA21cEA
kanzure: his techique is sort of bizarre and probably caused by brain damage, where he types same words using different fingering each time, and also lots of hovering
kanzure: fastest gun in the west
kanzure: lateral movement isn't so bad, sean wrona does that all the time
kanzure: *key set
kanzure: also i would like a full key se without extensive modkeys
kanzure: the twiddler thing?
kanzure: asciilifeform: give me a system that can do better high-fidelity human data output than a 300 wpm keyboard please.
kanzure: i never promised as much
kanzure: i would also like to register a complaint about lack of n-key rollover and also another complaint about keyboard keypress registration latency, thanks ☟︎
kanzure: wut?
kanzure: i would have guessed <$200k
kanzure: i would not have guessed that. what am i missing?
kanzure: is it public number? ☟︎
kanzure: just curious
kanzure: btw did you spend more than $2k on fg?
kanzure: e x p e r t huh
kanzure: no i can't explain his lethargy
kanzure: oh..
kanzure: did he use that nym?
kanzure: he is the anti-fenn but still should be good at privacy so wtf
kanzure: alright he sucks at privacy
kanzure: why are you stalk za3k
kanzure: "Male microchimerism in the human female brain" http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0045592
kanzure: for charged drum i would have to pretend to know material science things
kanzure: ok. so 1 billion valves * n=100 printheads where n was used for total dna molecule length
kanzure: also need to do multi-pass over same spots btw, about 100 * (steps per base pair addition), where 100 is number of bp or nucleotides (nt)
kanzure: ~12 includes cleaning reagents and stuff
kanzure: ~12
kanzure: need really really high throughput, i am 3 minutes away from proposing inkjet with 1 billion valves
kanzure: because they are biologists and don't understand technology
kanzure: throughput is most important aspect of the setup; air is not important.
kanzure: that's disappointing
kanzure: surely you're happy enough with opentrons
kanzure: proto-col? what's this.
kanzure: so did jcline. he put reversed tecan bullshit on cpan. http://search.cpan.org/dist/Robotics/lib/Robotics/Tecan.pm
kanzure: it's academia tho so you should not have had high expectations
kanzure: oh i should have warned you about that, sorry
kanzure: raping for peace. got it.
kanzure: depends on how much you care about quality; btw youtube already has captioning thing have you tried that?
kanzure: wardials into random conferences and emails the participants the text at end of meeting
kanzure: i built out a voip demo for business conference call transcription
kanzure: http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/train_log.excerpt.txt
kanzure: depends on what you mean by work! it has like a 10-15% word error rate...
kanzure: http://diyhpl.us/wiki/dna/synthesis/notes/
kanzure: i don't know man
kanzure: http://bioinformatics.org/pogo/
kanzure: phosphoramidites and acetonitrile and tetrazole
kanzure: much of the inkjet "literature" seems to be patents today. was injet peak hype in 80s?
kanzure: "bubble jet" seems to be canon trade name for inkjet
kanzure: is this the highest of the high performance inkjet? http://global.kyocera.com/news/2012/0306_niku.html it's only like 40 kHz * 2600 nozzles
kanzure: acetonitrile, tetrazole, ammonia, 3-methoxypropionitrile, 2-methyl glutaronitrile, etc.
kanzure: i don't need 100 MHz just >100 KHz, like 1 MHz
kanzure: other than overheating
kanzure: asciilifeform: how fast can you run an inkjet valve, you foresee any problem with 1 MHz?
kanzure: see "fanfic" https://bitcoincore.org/logs/2016-05-zurich-meeting-notes.html
kanzure: "it was all fan fiction"
kanzure: anyway the most recent output was http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/gmaxwell-2017-08-28-deep-dive-bitcoin-core-v0.15/
kanzure: http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/papers2/ai/speech-recognition/
kanzure: trained it on 80k hours of audio books. admittedly, 'machine learning' is 98% cargo cult bullshit.
kanzure: asciilifeform: based on this technique http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/baidu-deep-learning-for-speech-recognition/
kanzure: asciilifeform: i implemented a speech recognition system (tensorflow + keras + CTC loss scoring) ☟︎
kanzure: would you have laughed more if i had said $270 million?
kanzure: how did we get to this re: nuking california?
kanzure: like i said, no 27.
kanzure: dunno. wait for catalog day. ☟︎
kanzure: er, spelling
kanzure: your expertise truly saw everything, as expected for such an illustrious maggot
kanzure: we didn't. it's all false. totally no results though.
kanzure: yes?
kanzure: yuep that's what we spent $27 million on. browsing walmart. k ☟︎
kanzure: wasn't it your opinion that such tasks should not be left to children? you guys are so full of shit.