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copumpkin: and ipod touch, I guess
copumpkin: yeah, iphone
copumpkin: nah, back in my day the iPad was just a glimmer in Steve's eye
copumpkin: <3
copumpkin goes back to idling in his 2012 world
copumpkin: I won't need cryptographic proof to publicly shame you after all!!
copumpkin: omg my withdrawal came through, thanks mircea_popescu :)
copumpkin sits off to the side
copumpkin: no problem, I'm eating popcorn
copumpkin: but feel free to demolish that argument I never made
copumpkin: not sure I ever claimed otherwise :)
copumpkin: why is it any different to sign my slip asking for a subset of that?
copumpkin: but you've already signed my STAT output
copumpkin: that can still be held against me in divorce proceedings as evidence
copumpkin: if my estranged wife goes to you and asks for it
copumpkin: you already have something signed by me
copumpkin: sorry, you lost me there
copumpkin: and then we'd shut up and move on
copumpkin: signed by both of us
copumpkin: or I could just present a signed slip
copumpkin: before they accept my claims that you're being dishonest, they'll want proof that I actually asked you for money
copumpkin: the folks in here support you by default
copumpkin: I'd go say "yo mircea, where's my fucking money"
copumpkin: in some sort of suitable public shaming forum, like this one
copumpkin: you know what I mean
copumpkin: so I claim on reddit that I have a balance, and you keep claiming that you never get my orders
copumpkin: I also have a signed STAT output
copumpkin: I have a signed generic reply
copumpkin: you send me a generic reply
copumpkin: I'll keep sneding them
copumpkin: you can keep claiming you never received my withdrawal request
copumpkin: "but I never received it", he says on public form
copumpkin: if you don't honor a withdrawal, that's different
copumpkin: I'm saying that it's fine if you don't honor a sell order of mine
copumpkin: I'm not setting it aside
copumpkin: oh well
copumpkin: that's fine. But signing my slips still gives me a verifiable paper trail of the things I attempted to have you do, whether or not you guarantee doing them. It gives me an avenue to claim that you've at least seen and acknowledged an order, even if execution is best-effort
copumpkin: "look, mircea said he received my sell order, but now he's claiming he didn't"
copumpkin: I could then store those signatures and chew you out publicly in the case of a dispute
copumpkin: your gpg-centric system could give me that by simply signing a fingerprint of my commands
copumpkin: all I'm saying is that with today's system, I have no cryptographic paper trail that you've actually received the commands I expect you to have received
copumpkin sighs
copumpkin: a) the coins have already been sent to the wrong place. Perhaps I'm not "liable" and have a claim, but it's adding inefficiency to the system if you have to cover for a mistake which could've been avoided in the first place
copumpkin: yes, but I have no receipt acknowledgment of that signed slip. You've just acknowledged getting some slip, and are not committing to any particular slip of mine. If you mess up your book-keeping, you might dig up an old signed slip of mine making a different request to a different address, and I'd have nothing to talk to you about until after it was too late
copumpkin: the only way I'll find out is by waiting 48 hours, at which point it'll be too late
copumpkin: there's no acknowledgment of the parameters of the withdrawal. For all I know you think I want a completely different amount, to a completely different address :P
copumpkin: mircea_popescu: also, as general good practice, it'd probably be good to include the address and amount of the withdrawal in the message, perhaps with a date. Currently the message is a constant, so the signature on it feels a little less valuable
copumpkin: (this in on mpex)
copumpkin: 2) outdated channel recommendation
copumpkin: 1) "elapsed", not "ellapsed"
copumpkin: consider rating mircea_popescu with gribble."
copumpkin: "Your withdrawal request has been received and will be processed. Note that all withdrawals are verified manually, and they may take up to 48 hours for approval. If 48 hours have ellapsed and you still haven't received your bitcoins please contact mircea_popescu in #bitcoin-assets. Note that if your account at the time of processing holds fewer BTC than your withdrawal, this order will be executed up to that limit. Also, please
copumpkin: \o/
copumpkin: :)
copumpkin: I think it dislikes me
copumpkin: lol
copumpkin: $up
copumpkin: okay, weird
copumpkin: I'm pretty evil
copumpkin: [22:18:14] <deedbot> copumpkin may not $up
copumpkin: hmm
copumpkin: with a different nick?
copumpkin: hmm
copumpkin: I just typed $register copumpkin <fingerprint>
copumpkin: [21:17:27] <deedbot> Import failed for copumpkin.
copumpkin: yeah, I tried that before, but it refused to register me
copumpkin: :)
copumpkin: pretty good. You? I hear you had a falling out with -assets
copumpkin: yeah :)
copumpkin: boo
copumpkin: :D
copumpkin: it still shows me as having MPOE holdings. Is that expected?
copumpkin: man, I feel stupid now :)
copumpkin: oh that worked
copumpkin: whoops, I pasted the wrong thing
copumpkin: oh
copumpkin: I did have to give you my key again a couple of years ago
copumpkin: not years ago
copumpkin: I've been trying echo "STAT" | gpg -u <my key id> --clearsign | gpg --encrypt --armor -r 2FB7B452
copumpkin: anyone know what's up with either of those?
copumpkin: 2) mpex seems to have forgotten my public key
copumpkin: 1) deedbot seems to reject my attempts to register with it
copumpkin: !down copumpkin
copumpkin: !down
copumpkin: oh, he's gone
copumpkin: in popescuity!
copumpkin: what's new?
copumpkin: well, sitting in a train station
copumpkin: hi :)
copumpkin: (so if my connection drops, that's probably why)
copumpkin is on a bus
copumpkin: allo
copumpkin: that seems poorly worded
copumpkin: damn, I'll have to get a better botnet
copumpkin: yeah
copumpkin: wow MPOE crash!
copumpkin: nothing worth living for
copumpkin: man, bitcoin crashing, mpoe crashing
copumpkin: that's how the first iphone unlock worked
copumpkin: (cheap MPOE?)