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Mocky: i'm not seeing the partial seems like trying full integration
Mocky: like the search term was just a mild suggestion, will show if feels like it, or better yet ad from sponsor
Mocky: I've noticed lately that google has some results that it damn well doesn't want to give me... all the results say "missing search term" for what ever I searched for, even when I put a + infront. but it *has* my results and if i repeat the search term 3 or for times in the query eventually relents and shows me
Mocky: what is bubbler in zek-bubbler?
Mocky: ah I see it
Mocky: but wait a minute, your answer doesnt explain why large black holes have average densities lower than water
Mocky: is that like jeapardy format, "what is 4/3 pi r^3?"
Mocky: my guess is due to large volume of event horizon
Mocky: thank you
Mocky: I enjoy it very much. It seems worthwhile i guess having something to say.
Mocky: ahh, ty
Mocky: for noobs, what does that mean, approx?
Mocky: my log reading suggests that asciilifeform has a massive workbench with projects in progress: e.g. http://btcbase.org/log/2016-02-09#1401016 ☝︎
Mocky: ok, I found it: http://btcbase.org/log/2016-02-09#1401054 http://btcbase.org/log/2016-02-09#1401055 ☝︎☝︎
Mocky: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-05-23#1817713 << I'm unfamiliar. I found this: http://trilema.com/2016/introducing-permanence/#comment-117184 But I don't understand. Many things here I struggle to understand in real time, in this case at all. ☝︎
Mocky: reminds me of the time I 'invented' the trie in anger, meanwhile knuth vol 3 sitting on my desk (having not finished vol 1)
Mocky: well I've seen the bitcoin foundation page before so evidently 'mocky invented' ~= 'mocky pulled from subconscious'
Mocky: damn
Mocky is unsure
Mocky: that's fixed now
Mocky: I can make it post, then it will show on main page, and archive
Mocky: yeah, it is a page not a post so not in post list
Mocky: http://logs.bvulpes.com/trilema?d=2018-5-23#361709 << nope, self-invented 10 days ago ☟︎
Mocky: http://logs.bvulpes.com/trilema?d=2018-5-23#361703 << you weren't supposed to read that...
Mocky: http://logs.bvulpes.com/trilema?d=2018-5-23#361702 << fixed
Mocky: gotta ask, has asciilifeform done such disclosure in the past and regrets?
Mocky: I've never been, but a look at job listings for mexico city features tons of amzn, cisco, jpmorgn, ibm, honeywell etc.
Mocky: unrelatedly, is mexico part of mordor?
Mocky: that sounds like an interesting effect. I don't see that I'd ever come to even think about such a thing on my own.
Mocky: !!v EEE5606F6C2CC8D12CF7C24E46CF15B2D7D5B0E8096962ED9347AC2EA151E9E1
Mocky: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-05-22#1816849 to actually answer the original question: I do like, it's quite the education. ☝︎
Mocky: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-05-22#1816678 I think it's head and shoulders above whatever else, specifically for those who can write well and who have fine points actually worth making ☝︎
Mocky: spyked, re: reflow, should be better now
Mocky: shinohai, thanks re: mims warez. I found similar, already a 3rd of the way thru. a book hand printed in mechanical pencil... remarkable
Mocky: seems quite thorough
Mocky: a fi copil din flori`to be born on the wrong side of the blanket
Mocky: thx lobbes
Mocky: what is the soviet state rock and roll relationship?
Mocky: not finish, but did actually take a stab at some ro articles, via google translate. ha ha so much for google's ai, translate's not worth a damn
Mocky: less related yes, but I must admit to spending much longer than strictly necessary for this task via continuing to read well past the topic in mind
Mocky: I saw the first two and omitted as not about why. the last three did not see, reading now
Mocky: I will add
Mocky: thx
Mocky: comments are disabled on that page, happy to take corrections / additions here
Mocky: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-05-19#1815582 << >> http://mocky.org/Log-Reference-Why-Ada/ ☝︎☟︎
Mocky: I don't think my pending invention of inverted waffle iron plates is going to make me rich
Mocky: that would be nice. I haven't looked at foreign job prospects. I guess you'd call me ESL
Mocky: being a Habeeb has been hell, since 9/11. I quit flying cuz of the "special pat down" treatment. I guess TSA loves that name tho, lol
Mocky: ^ said nobody, ever
Mocky: mircea_popescu, i'm fine with that
Mocky: mircea_popescu, http://trilema.com/2018/eulora%e2%80%99s-communication-protocol-restated/#comment-125734 ☟︎
Mocky: re: "int64(4 byte)" should that be 8 byte? and "object (size of 80 bits : int64 followed by int16 followed by int16)" should that be 'size of 96 bits' ?
Mocky reads
Mocky: couldn't be arsed sounds worse to me than couldn't find
Mocky: yeah i've seen crazy shit like that, most of it in flordia. once saw a dude riding a wheelie on the interstate opposite direction. never saw his front tire on the ground
Mocky has skin in the game
Mocky: damn, I had a soccer mom in a mini van try to lane change on me without looking first just yesterday while riding
Mocky: i figured can't be worse than programming java, and it was a cool feeling owning some web app, but didn't pan out
Mocky: i don't remenmber, some bigish security consultancy, do a lot of conference talks, anyway almost interviews with those lying bastards, after spending a month doing their 'hack the firmware' challenge and 'find all the security holes in this web site' challenge
Mocky: i tried my hand at that stuff a year ago, you heard of ncc group?
Mocky: douchebag, what was it you found?
Mocky: anyway after god died, i didn't bother keeping the bible
Mocky: i thought he was a good speaker at the time, i guess his shtick was explaining (his understanding of) the scriptural hermeneutics to people who don't care about such things but want to feel as if they do
Mocky: yeah was a huge 'fan' of macarthur for years, had macarthur study bible i carried around, listened to him on the radio etc
Mocky: like, with that macarthur guy, oh man
Mocky: this darwin guy was part of grace community church?
Mocky: wow i missed a seinfeld reference, i just watched all 6 good seasons of that, damn 2 years ago
Mocky: the books and the crooks
Mocky: i don't remember that last time anyone recommended reading to me unsolicited, and now my post-it note reading list system is struggling to keep up. I'm going to need something better
Mocky: this is hard to keep up with, i haven't even gotten though "Democracy sucks..." yet, lol
Mocky: yeah but isnt' that why you call it polyamory, so that after it gets jacked then well it was never a 'harem' and it was never 'yours' ?
Mocky: surprised random dude teaching noobs over the web, was worth the mention
Mocky: re: boneh, he seem legit as he's teaching you to trivially break reused otp, and flawed padding schemes, but that's all i know about him, just surprised to see in the logs
Mocky: I have not read many historical texts. i think i've become too accustomed to being around people who don't read at all. i've certainly not spent time to date thinking explicitly about approaches to text comprehension
Mocky: i suppose i haven't
Mocky: failed to look familiar even after explanation
Mocky: my high school latin fails me then
Mocky: i dont' recall seeing taq before, is that latin?
Mocky: on a different note, i see this Boneh fellow, is all over the logs. I think this is the same guy i took a video class coarsera "crypto 101' 18 months ago
Mocky: how so?
Mocky: ok, thx
Mocky: english yes
Mocky: I'm more interested in the EE side, ie actually knowing enough about the physical machine to be said auditor: http://btcbase.org/log/2014-08-30#815513 ☝︎
Mocky: I have had an interest in working on hardware for the past few years. Not in the 'make ic fab' sense, but just like 'know how to make something'. But I haven't known where to start. Not super juiced to drop some python on a raspberry pi and consider myself a 'maker'
Mocky: asciilifeform, I must to confess to having been a reader of your blog years ago for a short time. but you seemed so bitter about the state of hardware and future prospects. maybe just my perception.
Mocky: i'll have a look at that
Mocky: speaking of plot twists, pretty surprised by the Ada usage. I pictured usg.DOD-design-by-committee lang commissioned to help build out the chumpatronic-mass-programmer infrastructure for gov contracts. I guess it's time to reevaluate my priors. ☟︎
Mocky: yeah he sounded so smart and clear thinking, but in the end ,spoiler alert, cryogenics and save the world from evil ai, wtf!
Mocky: his writing had for me a flavor of what i would now say is: (read in logs here can't find now) "stop being so fucking stupid for one goddammed minute"
Mocky: i even liked his harry potter fan fic, at least better than actual harry potter
Mocky: i read yudkowski and liked, went to less wrong 'community' and was bunch of tards ingrouping the hell out of eachother ☟︎
Mocky: hey i'm not an evangelist of it, but at least it has an actual spec, coherent memory model and thread model. but if i have to write one more corporate java web app imma choke
Mocky: i used to teach java for sun microsystems long ago
Mocky: i wont touch a mac, so lets not even go there
Mocky: i hate windows and i hate linux. end up using windows more since need for my job
Mocky: for a living, well i wasn't good enough to sling dope, so i became a java programmer ☟︎
Mocky: got to reading some lesswrong stuff, made me think, eventually i rememberd how to think and realized i based my life on bullshit, so i blew it all up
Mocky: re: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-05-19#1815544 I've had my head up my own ass for so long I wonder where I've been keeping myself as well. I believed in a lot of things built a life on that, god, marriage, mortgage, best usa, being 'good citizen' ☝︎
Mocky: oh i believe. not really up on my hacker culture
Mocky: i thought it was a stretch but alfred at timecode ~5:00 is the only other place i can remember seeing the term