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douchebag: my bad
twointhepink: im here to show tits
twointhepink: !!register http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/uyBpj/?raw=true
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BlingQueen: tits 4 bits cx
douchebag: You have to wait for mircea_popescu to get back
ben_vulpes: douchebag: just make up your own numbers
douchebag: ill take the first four 8 digits of their PGP key
mircea_popescu: eh wut.
douchebag: mircea_popescu:
douchebag: is that fine?
mircea_popescu: no.
douchebag: alright give me nums then
ben_vulpes: ahahaha you thought i was serious?!
mircea_popescu: twointhepink, 552252d9.
mircea_popescu: BlingQueen, df80889a
ben_vulpes: great self evidentiary
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missmoon: Here for tots
trinque: potato republic is down the hall
ben_vulpes: trinque: the pizarro website is entirely pretty howdareye
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: missmoon, 5150342d
twointhepink: https://i.imgur.com/WCYkCQr.png
mircea_popescu: !!pay twointhepink oneinthesink
mircea_popescu: o oops i mean
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ben_vulpes: thewholekitchensinkinthepink
mircea_popescu: twointhepink, do you know who mireille mathieu was ?
twointhepink: no I do not
mircea_popescu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIxOl1EraXA
ben_vulpes: > All in all, the Mathieu household saw no more than 1,000 francs a month, and 190 francs had to be subtracted for the monthly rent
ben_vulpes: s/1,000/1,800
ben_vulpes: oh for rent of 1/10 pretax income
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes, this ustard style of paying > 5-10% for real estate scam is unknown in history.
mircea_popescu: rent = 10% of income was huge, on account of "crazy paris expenses"
ben_vulpes: i am familiar with this, also the 'tax of peasants was hilariously low as far as usgstani inmate is concerned'
ben_vulpes: !!up ascii_lander
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ben_vulpes: ohey pizarro log cracked 1024 lines today
mircea_popescu: but on the other hand, peasant ACTUALLY HAD TO MAKE the dough in question. wasn't just passive recipient of imaginary govt printouts.
mircea_popescu: usg inmate, produces 0, eats epsilon, is taxed 0. french landslave produced epsilon, was taxed 10% epsilon, ate .9 epsilon.
mircea_popescu: in fact, the whole tits for bits thing is 100% equivalent to entirety of usg economy. "show up for work".
mircea_popescu: !!up BlingQueen
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ben_vulpes has only ever sought the right men to hump sacks of shit thither and yon for
ben_vulpes pounds table, toasts lords, humps moar shit
ckang: helping missmoon upload pic, something causes timeouts uploading, maybe QoS
mircea_popescu: !!up Lelllaa
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Lelllaa: tits!
mircea_popescu: Lelllaa, 77b3fe58. you got half hour.
Lelllaa: !!register http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/oTBjm/?raw=true
mircea_popescu wonders how danielpbarron 's pministry is going.
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ben_vulpes: and since apparently we haven't done this one yet http://www.embassyofargentina.us/en/consular-section/reciprocity-fee-for-us-citizens.html
ben_vulpes: and a grade-a adlai thread in #pizarro http://logs.bvulpes.com/pizarro?d=2018-4-18#339150 ☟︎
mimisbrunnr: Logged on 2018-04-18 23:14 adlai: for the record: deedbot ate segwit dust.
ckang: !!up missmoon
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missmoon: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/oHGjShi3/image.jpg
ben_vulpes: nice kerning missmoon
missmoon: What's that?
mircea_popescu: the adjustment of letterface
mircea_popescu: !!pay missmoon 0.02
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mircea_popescu: missmoon, what do you do for a living btw ?
ben_vulpes: specifically the spacing
missmoon: Oh, that's just normal writing for me 😍
ben_vulpes: you'd be surprised at what comes through
ben_vulpes: just separating the string into two equal-length sets puts you tits and shoulders above the crowd
mircea_popescu: aaand in due time trilema produced titwrit coneisseurs, discerning and not easily satisfied.
missmoon: Ive always wished I could write pretty
mircea_popescu: as the guy said, aspects of civilisation require leisure.
mircea_popescu: do they even have caligraphy classes still ?
ben_vulpes: i enjoyed mine
missmoon: Cursive is one thing they forced into us as kids, never use it though
ben_vulpes: shit damn if i weren't running a radon test right now the whole neighborhood would be listening to mathieu
ben_vulpes: missmoon: how do you even write at speed without cursive?
mircea_popescu: by not writing at speed
missmoon: I type :)
ben_vulpes: quelle de luxe
mircea_popescu: missmoon, here's something that might interest you : http://trilema.com/2017/of-ducks-and-lameness/
mircea_popescu: item even sold at auction!
missmoon: I can read it find but most things I write are documents which require printed writing
ckang: !!up debbydoesbits
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debbydoesbits: Here for picture
ckang: just wait for mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1802659 << da fuck, you're selling space to ~actually negrated people~ now ?! ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 01:08 ben_vulpes: and a grade-a adlai thread in #pizarro http://logs.bvulpes.com/pizarro?d=2018-4-18#339150
mimisbrunnr: Logged on 2018-04-18 23:14 adlai: for the record: deedbot ate segwit dust.
mircea_popescu: debbydoesbits, cbe753f0. half hour.
ascii_lander: mircea_popescu: iirc d00d was defrocked for being a bore, rather than for chicanery
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes, you'll have to have some words in that board of yours ; on one hand this is outright offensive, and im quite considering unrating you for it ; on the other hand ascii_lander can't be hurring about what people ~might~ do while you folk are out there dealing with the declared enemy.
mircea_popescu: ascii_lander, a negrate is a negrate.
mircea_popescu: if you're not going to enforce it we might just as well go home.
ascii_lander: i did say before, 'really oughta trade in wot'
ascii_lander: which imho mircea_popescu is right to say only includes folx with reasonably + , from our pov, rating
ascii_lander: we're not really equipped to digest arbitrary amounts of bozoitude from bozo subscribers
mircea_popescu: well i mean, you don't have a standard that's comprehensible from the oustide, as it stands now.
ascii_lander: this is tru!!
ascii_lander: ben_vulpes, mod6 ^
mircea_popescu: but in any possible read of this whole thing, it's ONE thing to say, "oh, you're new, here, register a key and i'll rate you 1 and now you're in the wot and all's well" amnd it's ANOTHER thing to say "well, someone negrated you but i think he's a moron anyway"
ascii_lander: mircea_popescu: i gotta ask, why didja agree to sell the d00d his FGs then
ascii_lander: if mircea_popescu has a firm 'no trading with negged bozos' concept
douchebag: !!up Lelllaa
deedbot: Lelllaa voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu: ascii_lander, it's not a firm "no trading with bozos" ; seems to me you appreciate the distinction between selling an item and selling hosting in other contexts. people that are willing to take your cash payment upfront for a piece of hard candy might nevertheless not agree to rent you their garage. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: this is self-evident neh ?
ascii_lander: oh yea
ascii_lander: i haven't anyffing to disagree with then
ascii_lander: ben_vulpes i must agree with mircea_popescu ; recommend to refund the d00d's fee
ascii_lander: let him disguise himself as a +1 camgurl, to buy.
ascii_lander: !!reputation adlai
deedbot: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/eHEXm/?raw=true
mircea_popescu: then wait three weeks, "discover" he http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-18#1802143 pretended and negrate, and so on. ☝︎☟︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-18 19:08 ascii_lander: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-18#1802047 << understand correctly, i dun give half a shit if he cleans the gurlz and eats'em. what i dun like is liars. why does the d00d have to pretend 'they are at my party'.
mod6: yeah, i had no clue adlai was negrated.
mircea_popescu: endless potential for lulz at idiots' expense with this wot thing. which is what it's for.
mod6: next!
BingoBoingo: ascii_lander: I think the leftover pizza is still at your place
debbydoesbits: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/L2BL5lWN/image.jpg
mod6: There are 5 rockports still available (correct)? Laides and Lords of TMSR~: Reserve yours while they're still available!
mircea_popescu: !!pay debbydoesbits 0.02
deedbot: Get your OTP: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/mvhCC/?raw=true
mod6: Need to be in good WoT standing ofc.
ascii_lander: mod6: correct, 5
mircea_popescu: ascii_lander, moving on to more interesting things, do we have any plans to put anything on the nsa spare ? or is it literally just to sit there unpowered indefinitely ?
ascii_lander: BingoBoingo: wanna come for it ?
ascii_lander: mircea_popescu: point of a spare is to fall over into if main box fails (my box has 1 ps, for instance)
mircea_popescu: but then we keep it powered up ?
ascii_lander: we do not currently have disks for either spare to be converted into a live machine
ascii_lander: no it is not powered
BingoBoingo: ascii_lander: I'm good. You are the one about to return to the PetroCheese State
mircea_popescu: ah i see.
ascii_lander: neither is the smg spare
ascii_lander: they are simply stowed in the rack because the latter is nowhere near full, and is the most secure location to store'em in presently
mircea_popescu: ascii_lander, the way i'm seeing it is, we can't really deny item to the pizarro folk, if indeed they sell out all the rest of their space and we're not using our box we'll kinda have to sell it to them. IF.
ascii_lander: right, i dun disagree
mircea_popescu: so i guess the good news is that there's an optionable machine if things get tight. esp we'll get a better idea later on how stable phuctor is etc.
mod6: Well, we want you to have a spare. This helps S.NSA. However, ya, we can cross that bridge when we come to it.
mircea_popescu: mod6, yeah. slack in the gears is good for all the gears.
mod6: Yes, Sir.
ascii_lander: we bought the smg spare as a guarantee that smg gets 24/365 service
ckang: if a person falls below 0, how are their links in the WoT effected ?
mircea_popescu: anyway, i must say your capacity has increased beautifully, you're one trip away from actually having enough gear to be able to cover costs, if it hasn'rt happened already, huh.
mircea_popescu: time to hire someone to troll the forums ?
mircea_popescu: ckang, depends "below zero from whom". it's a graph, you understand ?
ascii_lander: mircea_popescu: if rockchip demand picks up, next load will be 100kg of rockchip
mircea_popescu: eg, if deedbot sees you < 1, you can't !!up anymore.
mircea_popescu: ascii_lander, mod6 ben_vulpes the above q is serious, btw. have someone represent you on digitalpoint / whatever hosting forums ? or you deem it premature ? ☟︎
ascii_lander: mircea_popescu: i have a ~automated process for bringing those up
ascii_lander: mircea_popescu: possibly want to tap out the waiting i-want-a-box-itude of L1
mircea_popescu: because either of these new fellows with ~proven~ godly patience dealing with whores could make a great asset for you.
ben_vulpes: well working in reverse, BingoBoingo is already on payroll and i intend to put him to work in teh forums
ascii_lander: i suspect that heathens will find our offering a bit on expensive side atm
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes, also works.
mod6: mircea_popescu: From my perspective, things are starting to just come together, and agreed, nicely. Not premature, probably can discuss this over the weekend and see about starting in on such a thing next week.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes, of course, it'll help if you have... a website :D
mod6: ben_vulpes, ascii_lander, thoughts?
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: praytell what do we have now
mircea_popescu: but i guess hacking up some of the trip pics into a theme for pizarro mp-wp can be your pet project
ckang: !!up lilmzthang
deedbot: lilmzthang voiced for 30 minutes.
lilmzthang: 😛
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> but i guess hacking up some of the trip pics into a theme for pizarro mp-wp can be your pet project << ascii_lander has been gathering quite the collection
ascii_lander: i got some quite 'collectable' pics of various things being assembled
mircea_popescu: mod6, yeah, for the first time it's getting to the point where sales rather than gear are the bottleneck.
mircea_popescu: ascii_lander, BingoBoingo cool deal!
mod6: I agree, we should get things into a bit of a landing page with availble products offered and some contact info, etc. The blog is great for announcements, statements, other effects tho.
ascii_lander: i'ma do a 'best of' and give for pizarroblog
lilmzthang: Came for picture
ascii_lander: ( and post a few myself )
mircea_popescu: mod6, i don't even think it can't be the blog. just you know, have buncha pics directly visible.
mircea_popescu: blog supports a landing page model anyway.
mircea_popescu: lilmzthang, 3af8cdbb.
mod6: Oh, yeah the pics. Am looking forward to some of these.
mod6: Speaking of which... did we resolve the camera issue?
ascii_lander: mod6: ?
BingoBoingo: Just keep the pics of the locals and their Mate Crackpipes off the site
ascii_lander: lol
mircea_popescu: i'm not saying, you know, "dump the thing you have", jesus christ. i am saying, use it. build on it. blog landing pages, why the hell not.
ben_vulpes: stepping further upstack, i of course will defer to the senior statesmen mircea_popescu and ascii_lander should they demand i return adlai's coin, but i am direly loath to forego revenue, and do not much care from whom they come lest like douchebag they exhibit utter ignorance of and disregard for the variety speak
mod6: BingoBoingo was in need of a camera so he could take better pics, etc.
ascii_lander: mod6: nah i used an ~ok camera in pnoje , in the end
ascii_lander: svga
BingoBoingo: mod6: There are still the same cameras here.
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes, your choice is between how much revenue you wanna forego.
ascii_lander: ben_vulpes: think re what mircea_popescu said, whole point of wot is to not do this
BingoBoingo: ^
ben_vulpes: i of course defer.
ascii_lander: very modest amt of ecstacy, for a potentially unlimited pile of landry
ascii_lander: *laundry
mod6: I ruled already: <+mod6> DISQUALIFIED
douchebag: Alright mircea_popescu, I'm done with these girls for tonight
douchebag: not sure about ckang
mircea_popescu: in unrelated news : i can't recommend the dsc-rx100 quite warmly enough. it's a splendid sony compact with zeiss lenses that's easily the best camera i ever saw. ☟︎☟︎
mircea_popescu: and they're neither heavy nor expensive. it's the first time i see a digicam that actually sees better than i do.
ascii_lander: lol that's the thing ascii_lander left at home
mircea_popescu: isn't it wonderful ?
ascii_lander: (it... weighed toomuch!11)
mircea_popescu: douchebag, cool.
mircea_popescu: ascii_lander, i actually routinely use it to zoom in distant writing. nifty as fuck.
ascii_lander had cut erry possible gram from the crates, to maximize useful payload
ascii_lander has ~95% fill of max weight, for both trunks ~and~ 'carry on
ascii_lander: ' etc
ckang: mircea_popescu: oh sorry, but say a person gets added to the WoT, then they trust 3 people
ckang: if that person is 'downvoted' or untrusted by whoever trusted them initially
ckang: what happens to the 3 people
douchebag: mircea_popescu: In terms of my girls, the only one who needs to be proccessed is twointhepink
BingoBoingo: They have to have done something to get own ratings or they become islands
ckang: ohhh thats what i was wondering ;)
mod6: what a great name 'twointhepink'
douchebag: So if you wouldn't mind verifying her OTP
douchebag: I just want to get her all set before I get going to bed
BingoBoingo: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-18#1801964 << Nominally the main switch is capable of these things. I practice enabling these requires delicately ordered incantations I am hesistant to have executed on the production switch. It would require a second and someone with the hands to build a play network with with to test thoroughly before transplanting the config. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-18 11:50 ckang: managed 1gbit switches with layer 3 arent too badly priced
mod6: BingoBoingo: Yeah, indeed we'll want to set it up in a test network and ensure that it's 100% correct, then plan an outage. Whether we have alf build a thing, or we buy one or whatever. You're on the right track. ☟︎
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu, mod6, ascii_lander: lest it rest unclear, the key in question'll not be leased hardware on my watch.
ben_vulpes regrets the passive voice instantly
ckang: curious to see if yall try that VyOS
ckang: ive seen some neat stuff done with it
ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: how's shutter lag and low-light performance on the RX100? ☟︎
ben_vulpes: former is the greatest grit in my gears with nonslrs
mod6: !~later tell jurov http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-18#1801479 ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-18 03:51 ben_vulpes: jurov: mod6 http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/8L9fz/?raw=true
jhvh1: mod6: The operation succeeded.
mod6: (In case you didn't already see ^)
BingoBoingo: mod6: If you want to pick up one to hack a test network together, my hands are rapidly filling and a physical backup for the thing is not a particularly high priority
lilmzthang: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/bMHWrIUv/image.jpg
ckang: i actually got a few i350's here to install tomorrow
mod6: BingoBoingo: We'll have to discuss. I could pick something up maybe... not sure about the config/testing myself. But next problem is, how to get it there.
BingoBoingo: mod6: It doesn't need to be here. Config can be loaded from here if we have a good one
mod6: Oh, I see.
ben_vulpes: holy crap lilmzthang those letters are downright legible
mod6: yeah, that's nice
lilmzthang: I used the auto adjust and they popped
lilmzthang: Ooo, just noticed my arm tat looks brand new too
ben_vulpes: imagine, if you lived online you could photoshop yourself into youth well into your thirties
BingoBoingo: <ben_vulpes> imagine, if you lived online you could photoshop yourself into youth well into your thirties << As alf can attest there are specimines here who manage something similar to that by avoiding the mate crack pipe
ascii_lander: verily
ben_vulpes: BingoBoingo: i doubt the causative link you pustulate
lilmzthang: Oh I can't do all that, but I can move the sliders around and press auto adjust 😁
BingoBoingo: ben_vulpes: Alf has seen the parkinsonian gait and supports the crack pipe hypothesis having had time to see the evidence
BingoBoingo: The young suck the crackpipes and turn into lead solder mote zombies
BingoBoingo: *mate zombies
ben_vulpes: not'te mate then
ben_vulpes: 'tis a fine caffeine vehicle on its own; heavy metal poisoning its own thing.
BingoBoingo: Actual sterling silver brazed bombilla pipes would likely be fine, if they could be found
ben_vulpes: or stainless, excuse me i have to go unstick my eyes from all the rolling back in my head i can't keep them from
BingoBoingo: Also the number of Mums cases in the cowork is now at 10
BingoBoingo: It's an acidic and astringent prison tea. Stainless is only stainless for so long.
mircea_popescu: ckang, as far as the people outside are concerned, they're no longer trusted.
ckang: so they need to make links with others
ckang: to stay in
mircea_popescu: pretty much yeah
mircea_popescu: douchebag, aite, a moment
BingoBoingo: ckang: Ideally they make the effort to do that before they get stranded
mircea_popescu: !!up sandi3
deedbot: sandi3 voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu: you can self voice btw, say !!up to deedbot in pm
BingoBoingo: !!up trinax
deedbot: trinax voiced for 30 minutes.
trinax: 😊
BingoBoingo: trinax: Who is your daddy and what does he do?
trinax: I don't know but if you find him tell him I said hi
BingoBoingo: [emoji: Medium dark female jugde shitting in a bucket]
trinax: I am here for photograph
ben_vulpes: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/suspect-in-iceland-bitcoin-mining-heist-breaks-out-of-prison-escapes-country-2018-04-18 << turns out you can walk out of icelandic prison and onto a plane ☟︎
BingoBoingo: trinax: mircea_popescu should be awake eventually
trinax: Awesome
douchebag: mircea_popescu: thanks man
mircea_popescu: lol photograph.
mircea_popescu: trinax, ab9efd21. half hour.
mod6: Annnnd sold. mod6 is gonna get a rockport.
mod6: Down to 4 available folks.
ascii_lander: ha
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1802822 << the good news is that the test doesn't have to be in uy. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 02:08 mod6: BingoBoingo: Yeah, indeed we'll want to set it up in a test network and ensure that it's 100% correct, then plan an outage. Whether we have alf build a thing, or we buy one or whatever. You're on the right track.
ascii_lander: iirc i recommended this : for rockchip users: buy 1 to test on at home, then upload yer image
ascii_lander: ( i'ma post the 'standard' image, when i get home )
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1802827 << i don't usually do shutter-lag sorta stuff ; low light is fine, but then again im tolerant. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 02:10 ben_vulpes: mircea_popescu: how's shutter lag and low-light performance on the RX100?
mircea_popescu: ben_vulpes, anyway, my usercase is pocket camera. if one wants to shoot movement in a cubic foot on a table at home, that'd conceivably be a diff cam.
mod6: ahem "rockchip" : https://imgflip.com/i/28nzg6
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: iirc spyked was getting one too ☟︎
ascii_lander: ben_vulpes is now equipped with errything he needs to deliver the rockboxen to customers immediately.
ascii_lander: ( or whenever he wakes up )
mircea_popescu: !!u[ lilmzthang
mircea_popescu: !!up lilmzthang
deedbot: lilmzthang voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu: doesn't she carry a frown worth a thousand bucks. what do you do for a living lilmzthang , accounts collecting ?
mircea_popescu: !!pau lilmzthang 0.02
mircea_popescu: !!pay lilmzthang 0.02
deedbot: Get your OTP: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/X1IKc/?raw=true
ckang: she might have stepped out i can try and get her back, give me a min
ascii_lander: phunphakt: rockboxen live in an iron micro-rack junkyard-machined by ascii_lander on the day prior to trip, bent in transit, then hammered back into shape by ascii_lander and BingoBoingo
BingoBoingo: Turns out I packed the right hammer when I chase a 12 oz claw for my bag so many months ago
mod6: Get it bronzed.
ascii_lander: lol
BingoBoingo: I honestly don't think alf did a less than 15 km day here with yesterday being the short one. The others are all easily over 20 km
ckang: !!up trinax
deedbot: trinax voiced for 30 minutes.
trinax: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/n4FUWPtB/image.jpg
trinax: Sorry marker didn't want to spit ink very well
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1802873 << bitcoin corrupts universally. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 02:27 ben_vulpes: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/suspect-in-iceland-bitcoin-mining-heist-breaks-out-of-prison-escapes-country-2018-04-18 << turns out you can walk out of icelandic prison and onto a plane
hanbot: so, on this gentoo (4.9.76), i made a user, give it a homedir, it can happily ls files owned by root, checking out /etc like nobody's business, wtf.
mircea_popescu: the hope of "enforcement" by fiatdorks against bitcoin people just became ~0.
mircea_popescu: hanbot, ew.
mircea_popescu: is this your blog ?
hanbot: nop
mircea_popescu: !!pay trinax 0.02
deedbot: Get your OTP: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/rbZFZ/?raw=true
trinax: Thnx luv
mod6: hanbot: typically things like /etc are chmod 755. "Others can read and execute" by default.
mircea_popescu: trinax, cheers.
mircea_popescu: hanbot, yeah, how about something like /proc or i guess /var /usr etc
BingoBoingo: My impressions of the gentoo thus far are that is very much a "some assembly required" product. This has up and down sides which is why eventually we will need to specify something narrower than Gentoo. I look forward to musl'd up cuntoo.
mod6: (which btw, I'm not saying the defaults are good, or bad, just typical across machines i've encountered)
ascii_lander: mod6: most of /etc is 755 on account of being quite often read from userland as part of normal libcism
mod6: (do a `ls -al <dir>` to see the perms on the left most column, e.x. `ls -al /`)
hanbot: everything, baby
mircea_popescu: heh
mircea_popescu: hanbot, quick solution is to restrict (and immutable) the directory right above the intended home.
mircea_popescu: ie, chmod 700 chown root:user or somesuch.
mircea_popescu: but usually you'd do something like chroot / jailshell them.
mircea_popescu honestly thought this is the default, but apparently gentoo thinks /home should be 755.
BingoBoingo: * mircea_popescu honestly thought this is the default, but apparently gentoo thinks /home should be 755. << Gentoo defaults are a strong case for a cuntoo split, even before getting into V and other Republican causes
hanbot: <mircea_popescu> hanbot, quick solution is to restrict (and immutable) the directory right above the intended home. << actually, if i do that, it tells me permission's denied to land in homedir ("Could not chdir to home directory /home/username/: Permission denied") and dumps me in... / ☟︎
mircea_popescu: ahahaha
ascii_lander: BingoBoingo: classical gentoo, with its reliance on maxint external repos , is not long for this world. it'll be cuntoo or nuffin
mircea_popescu: hanbot, well, don't go dropping credentials for "accounts" on that box lol.
BingoBoingo: ascii_lander: At least we still have our cat.
ascii_lander: verily
mircea_popescu: srsly, who the fuck thought this is the way to do things.
trinque: BingoBoingo: what cuntoo is there without v-portage
BingoBoingo: Still, the audacity of the motherfuckers. After being given a perfectly servicable location with a cat. "What street" Oh, their cat is grey how unfortunate for them.
trinque: v-portage is the whole thing.
BingoBoingo: trinque: V-portage is the beef of it yes. Saner defaults can be the cheese.
trinque: where are those sane defaults going to live?
trinque: portage isn't a proggy on gentoo; it is gentoo.
mod6: hanbot: I can help, what are you trying to achieve? Changing /home/username from chmod 755, to chmod 700?
BingoBoingo: !!up tidbitnipply
deedbot: tidbitnipply voiced for 30 minutes.
tidbitnipply: Boing
BingoBoingo: tidbitnipply: Who is your daddy and what does he do? Also how is your cold tolerance?
tidbitnipply: 🙃
trinque: default perms might be in baselayout, or might be in whatever dumps out useradd
tidbitnipply: He is retired
tidbitnipply: I was told to look for mp?
tidbitnipply: Is he around
BingoBoingo: tidbitnipply: He should wake up in the next 24 seconds or 24 hours
BingoBoingo: None may know the timing of the MP... except maybe hanbot... And the idaho girlie... And...
trinque: tell you what, this is why danielpbarron says no women talking in church.
tidbitnipply: LOL
tidbitnipply: Oh please, he wouldn't tell me that in person ☟︎
trinque: because you're a woman right, and therefore.
ascii_lander: not only would say, but would gag
tidbitnipply: He would be weak at the knees 😍
BingoBoingo: I have yet to meet danielpbarron, but... Knees of iron
trinque already had his fuck for the night. knees are just fine.
tidbitnipply: What century is he stuck in?
BingoBoingo: tidbitnipply: The 23rd
BingoBoingo: Pure relic of the future
trinque: anyhow, we were discussing cuntoo?
trinque: much as being born with a pair of tits is astonishing
trinque: tidbitnipply: wait quietly and I'm sure he'll be around sometime
tidbitnipply: I will wait like a good girl not to disturb mr Daniel
BingoBoingo: trinque: Vortage is the big sell, but saner user toileting defaults could also make it in. Because ain't nobody got time fo dat.
trinque: BingoBoingo: once there's a decent thread on base packages, I'll have a target for minimal set of packages in cuntoo repo, and we can get rolling
BingoBoingo: Sweet
BingoBoingo: trinque: Anyways shit like adduser defaults, why dhcpd started on default boot, etc
BingoBoingo: The systemd-isms poison the readability of a lot of useful gentoo problem solution flovored docs
trinque: lemme see what I already sawed off in a chroot on worldeater (plattered RAID box, to be cuntoo distfiles server)
ckang: uggh, systemd makes me sad
ckang: having to deal with systemd and initd just makes me angry
BingoBoingo: Stahp hitting yourself ckang
trinque is willing to go as far as busybox, with mdev, and if you need anything else, you slam down a chroot and do your dirties there
trinque: might be too far, and might severely break portage more than we want to fix at the moment
ckang: The editing of init scripts to change run levels, PITA
ckang: im not sure how to do it otherwise though
trinque: gentoo ships with openrc, and I have nothing bad to say about it
trinque: swapping init is gonna make porting over ebuilds a little harder, which isn't a reason to avoid it by itself, but is a cost.
ckang: not touched gentoo for some...hmmm...god probably 12 years?
ckang: we use RHEL at work and i use debian at home
trinque: k but this isn't a discussion of our favorite distros
ckang: true, but they are all broken thats for sure
ckang: my biggest but dumbest peeve about systemd is the order of the action command
ckang: systemctl stop <service>
ckang: then to start, have to jump over a word and edit, small but still sorta boils my blood every time
trinque: rest assured nobody's bringing systemd, dbus, pulseaudio, et al, alive
ckang: lol pulseaudio
BingoBoingo: OSS or nothing
ckang: i think the most hated driver back in the day when i was dealing with desktop linux was ATI
trinque: I mean alsa's got a mixer, "dmix"
trinque: it was never needed
BingoBoingo: Fuck alsa. OSS
ascii_lander mercilessly ripped audio & gpu out of the rockchip kernel build. because wai.
trinque: it's a kernel decision anyway, I don't care to make it in either direction. server doesn't need sound
trinque: aha
ckang: whats this rockchip yall keep speaking of?
ckang: context sounds like a CPU or a device
ckang: but cant tell
trinque: arm board
ckang: oh like a devkit?
BingoBoingo: * ascii_lander mercilessly ripped audio & gpu out of the rockchip kernel build. because wai. << I am going to have to introduce the word "flensing" to the venezolana en Viernes
BingoBoingo: To describe what kind on ingenero eres
ckang: heh, so many chinese SoC
ckang: how libre are they with documents?
BingoBoingo: ckang: They are the least closed of the candidates considered so far
ckang: ahh, im looking at you broadcom
BingoBoingo: Any deets on what put them in your niggers.txt file?
ckang: lol, they dont come off a lot of stuff, NDAs and such required
ckang: qualcomm is the same
ckang: and unless you are buying bulk, they wont pay attention
mircea_popescu: so she managed 500 lines but still no "hey, i'm here to show my tits" huh.
mircea_popescu: dat coy reflex.
BingoBoingo: Coy as a Koi
ckang: tidbitnipply: ^
tidbitnipply: Hello
ckang: lol
ckang: !!up tidbitnipply
deedbot: tidbitnipply voiced for 30 minutes.
tidbitnipply: Here to show my tits
mircea_popescu: tidbitnipply, 478b80dc.
tidbitnipply: Ty
ascii_lander: ckang: the full (by all indications) set of datashits for rockchip, is on their www. schem for the board is on board maker's www
mircea_popescu: ckang, http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-03#1792521 ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-03 18:27 asciilifeform: ROC-RK3328-CC ( currently building a kernel for it, without the 'evil' periphs )
ascii_lander: ckang: it isn't the only reasonable chinese armtron -- there is also, e.g., 'allwinner'
ascii_lander: and 'marvell' (of 'pogo' fame) also
ascii_lander: and possibly a few other
ascii_lander: i picked 'rockchip' for pilot plant because it wins on price/form factor/nic
ckang: allwinner im familiar with, used one of their SoC boards before
ckang: im over them though
BingoBoingo: I have to say, ascii_lander's visit to this planet was very good for the morale. It puts into perspective that My experience with the orcs is what he has been suffering since landing in the EE.UU big prison
mod6: I'm happy to hear.
BingoBoingo: ascii_lander: however can confirm the venezolana that does the language lessons is not a fever dream and does exist
ascii_lander: not only exists, but serious grade-a specimen
mod6: hottie huh
ascii_lander to bed, bbl
tidbitnipply: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/74RkS9qs/image.jpg
ckang: !!up elevatedgal
deedbot: elevatedgal voiced for 30 minutes.
BingoBoingo: <mod6> hottie huh << Seriously alive in the head, a rarity in the land of mate crack pipe lead solder poisoning
ckang: down with RoHS!
mircea_popescu: !!pay tidbitnipply 0.02
deedbot: Get your OTP: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/hb8Yh/?raw=true
elevatedgal: Here to show breasts
mircea_popescu: elevatedgal, 0a72a045
mircea_popescu: sounds like alf actually had a ball in uruguay huh. ☟︎
trinque: ckang: listen, why don't you do this all at once. I'm just about to fire off 12 and you bring in two more. ☟︎
trinque: line 'em the fuck up and let them get their brand and be done for the day
ckang: lol
trinque: not lol, this is a human powered cold storage over here.
ckang: because they are complicated and finicky
trinque: and I have other things to do
trinque: who gives a shit what women are!
ckang: danielpbarron doesnt ;p
ckang: i noticed things are more pleasant when they arent upset though ☟︎
trinque: did you ever plan on doing anything productive here, or is this it?
ckang: if you have any projects and it fits my skillset i would be happy to take a stab ☟︎
ckang: what do you need done?
trinque: have you built your own trb node? used V? understood it? do you have a working gnat? built asciilifeform's ffa? built diana_coman's eucrypt? stood up a gentoo from scratch? fertile ground all over.
ckang: ive done linux from scratch way back in the day
ckang: the rest are foreign terms to be at the moment
trinque: maybe do some reading of the relevant blogs then.
ckang: definitely an interesting mix of people here though
trinque: then when my finger's hovering over the negrate button I'll have something to think about besides "brings in narcissistic nothing-holes that talk too much"
ckang: different from the other chans ive been in
ckang: im the type i simply need direction
ckang: i can figure most things out if its centered around a specific goal or doing something
trinque: alright, stand up a gentoo, and actually learn how portage works, so you can help scrape ebuilds into cuntoo
trinque: appropriate right, you're the guy with the endless flood of dumb cunts
ckang: lol gentoo is out of my element but nothing i cant figure out, ive built/maintained package repos on rhel/centos and apt
ckang: i imagine ebuilds are like makefiles but more package level?
ckang: brew recipe etc
trinque: yep
trinque: package metadata and build/install commands
ckang: whats cuntoo btw? lol
trinque: the republic's confiscated gentoo
ckang: heh pre-systemd?
trinque: consists of an ebuild tree managed by the republic's versioning system, V, and a self-reproducing script
ckang: seems like a bunch of distros have forks now resisting the switch
ckang: im not finding much on V
ckang: what the context?
trinque: so rather than pulling someone's blessed stage3 every time you want to build one, you extract a cuntoo from your existing one
trinque: ckang: http://cascadianhacker.com/07_v-tronics-101-a-gentle-introduction-to-the-most-serene-republic-of-bitcoins-cryptographically-backed-version-control-system << read up
ckang: crap elevatedgal has been msg'ing me trying to figure out how to upload 1sec
trinque: make her wait
ckang: hmm so its like a patch ?
ckang: but for many things?
ckang: oh hashed
ckang: hm
trinque: it is a signed tree of patches which explicitly call out the hashes of the antecedents, the items to be patched
ckang: actually this is going to take a minute to understand...
ckang: more to it than i thought
trinque: sure, enjoy and read.
ckang: yall should recruit terry :) hes a bit crazy but a very skilled programmer ☟︎
ckang: on the old school stuff too
trinque: and dwell on that for extant portage, I cannot look at it and know who's responsible for that particular damned line in that ebuild.
trinque: can go find wherever they had it in a git repo somewhere else, if I'm lucky, but here, who's responsible, what they did, and to what, crystallized right before the operator.
ckang: hopefully they did it right then
ckang: or on the right path anways..
trinque: which terry anyhow, terry davis?
ckang: yea
trinque: lol
ckang: poor guy
ckang: guess hes homeless in san diego now
trinque: !#s terry davis
a111: 30 results for "terry davis", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=terry%20davis
trinque: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=46 << here he is commenting on alf's blog
ckang: hahah
ckang: that 1st comment
ckang: hes an interesting character for sure, very smart but also pretty crazy
ckang: last i heard, his sister told him to take meds or leave, he left to SD, his van got tickets and was impounded leaving him homeless ☟︎
ckang: 1 sec gonna help elevatedgal real fast
ckang: !!up elevatedgal
deedbot: elevatedgal voiced for 30 minutes.
elevatedgal: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/YzrJJvb6/image2.jpg
elevatedgal: Head got cut but have another
elevatedgal: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/RpCgjFfR/image.jpg
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803058 << nah, that's not the dao, you'll drive yourself mad. just do the 12, let the others wait for next batch. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 04:36 trinque: ckang: listen, why don't you do this all at once. I'm just about to fire off 12 and you bring in two more.
mircea_popescu: experience speaks.
trinque: has as much to do with how much log these dummies are taking up
mircea_popescu: now there is that.
BingoBoingo: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803057 << That is my impression. We outwalked his choice of footwear however ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 04:35 mircea_popescu: sounds like alf actually had a ball in uruguay huh.
trinque: ckang here scurries off in a cuntoo thread because oh, gotta serve the woman
mircea_popescu: and i mean look at the weird shit. elevatedgal what are you doing with that hand ? explain it to me, are you saving on nipple or what is it ?
elevatedgal: I was just touching it, not trying to hide
BingoBoingo: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803066 << This is how YOU get fucked. Girls just want to feel, aite? What they feel isn't important. That they feel is. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 04:42 ckang: i noticed things are more pleasant when they arent upset though
mircea_popescu: right. half a face and half a this and half a that and so on. elevatedgal do it properly.
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803068 << except you won't say wtf you've done. and without some kind of a bio nobody's going to have much to say to you, because on what basis would they. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 04:43 ckang: if you have any projects and it fits my skillset i would be happy to take a stab
ckang: well i don't want to limit myself to only things ive done
ckang: i can learn new stuff, but there needs to be some interest in the subject for me to dive deep and enjoy it
hanbot: <mod6> hanbot: I can help, what are you trying to achieve? Changing /home/username from chmod 755, to chmod 700? << i want to make a user whose access is entirely limited to one specific dir. i'm fed up for the night tho', will be back at it tomorrow evening if you still feel philanthropic then ☟︎
mircea_popescu: that's not how it works. you're not in control in any sort of meaningful sense, it's not that you're limiting yourself or aren't limiting youself. with a history people can say meaningful things to youi ; without, they can't. that's pretty much the whole story.
hanbot: BingoBoingo> None may know the timing of the MP... except maybe hanbot... And the idaho girlie... And... << i must regret to inform i have no MP clock, no MP clock at all!
BingoBoingo: ckang: I will lend you a +1 rating for a resume, life story, and a picture of a sharpie in your pooper with the string n3gg34Z on your cheeks
ckang: yea, understandable, ive just been trying to soak things in up until this point, a lot of the stuff you speak about id need to look into further because i wont even pretend to have any idea on
mircea_popescu: ckang, not like there's any rush.
trinque: ahaha
ckang: BingoBoingo: lol sharpie
mircea_popescu: but when i say "hey x, how about you do y" it's based on my understanding of x's history, not something else.
ckang: are buttsharpies a thing still?
BingoBoingo: ckang: There is history there.
trinque: guy's totally open to it, look
trinque puts that in the ckang HISTORY file
ckang: haha no no, didnt say that
mircea_popescu: lmao.
ckang: ive been poked with a finger
ckang: and that sent me about a foot up
mircea_popescu: !#s THE STAIN, IT REMAINS
a111: 0 results for "THE STAIN, IT REMAINS", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=THE%20STAIN%2C%20IT%20REMAINS
ckang: unexpected
BingoBoingo: ckang: What makes your pooper so special? Petroleum jelly is a thing
mircea_popescu: i coulda swore we had that in there.
ckang: BingoBoingo: i suppose, up until this point its been unidirectional
ckang: i mean thats what may separate it from other anus' (not necessarily yalls)
BingoBoingo: ckang: That leaks information. You never tried out for the wrestling team!
BingoBoingo: *wrasslin'
ckang: checking the oil ?
ckang: lol
ckang: but no, never wrestled, played ice hockey instead
mircea_popescu: that's one thing you got in common with mod6 then.
BingoBoingo: Ouch, that's awfully square
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803105 << which terry is this ? davis ? ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 05:05 ckang: yall should recruit terry :) hes a bit crazy but a very skilled programmer
ckang: mircea_popescu: yea, danielpbarron reminded me of him slightly
mircea_popescu: !#s templeos
a111: 46 results for "templeos", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=templeos
BingoBoingo: hanbot: There was one week where Qntra and Trilema had a weird menstrual sync going on
trinque: https://archive.is/dzLAi << "You will talk with God and have daily prayer. Eventually, you will kill."
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803122 << sad. i thought he had his own place for some reason. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 05:12 ckang: last i heard, his sister told him to take meds or leave, he left to SD, his van got tickets and was impounded leaving him homeless
trinque: latest templeos.org; I can empathize with that
ckang: mircea_popescu: his parents kicked him out for being a bit racist
ckang: and its been downhill since
ckang: was living in a van for some months, then he lost the van.
mircea_popescu: "We live in a castrated dog oppressed world with way too many hellish dog catchers."
trinque: guy's probably fine and just genuinely hates everyone enough to have gotten weird not communicating.
BingoBoingo: Yo esperando por una foto. ckang when will you stop projecting onto Terry and address your own coyness?
ckang: coyness about what?
mircea_popescu: "King Terry is, now, recruiting the Original Catholic brand Templar Knights. Send email to tdavis@templeos.org."
BingoBoingo: ckang: Your story and your pooper
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo, you soy esperando una / espero una. no por and verbs change in spanish!
ckang: haha
mod6: <+ckang> but no, never wrestled, played ice hockey instead << right on :]
ckang: i can tell you about the time a finger got poked into it if you really want
ckang: but didnt think you wanted to hear that
mircea_popescu: Visit the TempleOS chat room. << holy shit, he got an irc now ?
ckang: or well, ive never been asked to expand on it past that point..
mircea_popescu: come on, there's no fucking way he's not been reading the logs.
ckang: yea, rizon
ckang: horrible net but, he pops in and out all the time
ckang: terry would put in 48hr marathons i bet, given he had power and a place to sleep
ckang: i heard his stuff may have gotten stolen, he was making vids again for a bit
mod6: hanbot: ok we can tackle it tomorrow
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> BingoBoingo, you soy esperando una / espero una. no por and verbs change in spanish! << Finger speed conjugation is still a work in progress. The locals feed me bad grammar habits the Venezolana has to correct. The accent however is servicable. Alf can elaborate when he has report time.
mircea_popescu: heh voat is down. anyway, apparently it's not his chan, but theirs.
mircea_popescu: https://voat.co/v/Niggers/912231
ckang: here 1sec ill find it
mircea_popescu: http://www.templeos.org/Videos/Dianna/LifeAsWife.mp4 in other lulz.
ckang: its irc.rizon.net #templeos
ckang: hes comes in to use the bot for scripture
mircea_popescu: ckang, his own page linked #chimpire
ckang: haha, guess he was trolling, or he recently moved
ckang: ive only seen him pop into #templeos but its been a few months, he may have changed
danielpbarron: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1802962 << i would, and have http://danielpbarron.com/2018/banned-from-the-rabbit-hole/ ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 03:33 tidbitnipply: Oh please, he wouldn't tell me that in person
BingoBoingo: danielpbarron: When are you visiting the oriental republic?
danielpbarron: probably not soon
BingoBoingo: You'd probably be well off waiting till december
BingoBoingo: If you want Brasileras. Or second half of January if you want Jew gurlz.
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron, so, are you getting ordained in the true church ?
danielpbarron: ordained as what?
mircea_popescu: they have some kind of priesthood no ?
danielpbarron: nope
danielpbarron: we are all saints
danielpbarron: there could be a leader but he has to have exactly 1 wife, and at least one child all of whom must believe
ckang: hmm, so to be in your church guys need to let their wives fuck the leader?
danielpbarron: at least 2 children, i mispoke
mircea_popescu: so your plan for the ~rest of your life is to sit on a patch of dirt in ok and basically wait ? ☟︎
danielpbarron: ckang, no! that would be adultery
ckang: before they are married ?
ckang: ohhh
ckang: they will have 2 children
ckang: but the "one child all of whom must believe" thing
ckang: i read as 'one child with all who believe'
mircea_popescu: ohohoh. saucy.
mircea_popescu: "you can only be the leader if you have a child with everybody!"
ckang: lol poor guy
mircea_popescu: https://archive.is/VmPBG in other lulz.
danielpbarron: mircea_popescu, my plan is to serve God, other than that idk
ckang: queen bee situation
trinque: mircea_popescu: the patch of dirt and wait was exactly my idiot mother's plan
mircea_popescu: works a LOT better for women.
trinque: rapture's coming, what's there to do but be PURE until we ascend
trinque: women work a lot better when not listened to
mircea_popescu: well, the pure sort, certainly.
ckang: a mute would be ideal ?
ckang: or do you want them to be able to speak sometimes
trinque: I speak to my woman all the time; brain parts and mouth parts work fine
ckang: lol just noticed, 1:37 AM <elevatedgal> f u all
mircea_popescu: aww.
ckang: can we get them without emotion too trinque ?
trinque: I think mircea_popescu is the one to talk to about that firmware upgrade
mircea_popescu: me ?!
trinque: no?
mircea_popescu: i write fucking poetry ffs!
ckang: so would a 'fuckhole/baby vessel' best describe your ideal woman ?
trinque: lol!
ckang: oh and /cleaning machine
ckang: ;p
trinque: maybe I should've said "obeyed" instead of "listened to"
trinque ftr has no babies.
ckang: my sister has 2 inside her now, her 1st pregnancy
ckang: and they are huge apparently for their age but the last 8 weeks they gain 1lb/week
ckang glad hes not her
mircea_popescu: twins rarely reach 3kgs each (which is the normal weight of humans at birth). so more like 5ish.
trinque 's stepmom had twins, looks downright miserable
ckang: they are 4lbs now
ckang: I was an ounce shy of 10lb
ckang: so maybe somewhere around that
ckang: fortunately shes 6' so they have some extra space
trinque: anyhow I don't think much about the ideal woman, people don't come that way
mircea_popescu: dude check out that place, they supersized babies also.
trinque: gotta be either that they're coming out fat, or the hormones
trinque: non-exclusive or
mircea_popescu: anyway, macrosomia is a serious health risk. mostly for the mother, but not really great for the baby either.
ckang: oh not fat, i was a tall baby though
ckang: yea they said twins are more likely to come early so any day/week now almost
trinque: my noggin got stuck, did some damage on my way down the chute
mircea_popescu: trinque, shoulders, no ?
trinque: evolution didn't give a damn when standing upright came along.
ckang: they didnt even try on me apparently, doctor told her the shoulders wouldnt fit through
trinque: nah, I'm told my head wasn't as squashy as they often are ☟︎
mircea_popescu: ahahaha
ckang: lol
mircea_popescu: this, my dear friend, MAY BE USED AGAINST YOU IN THE FUTURE
trinque: ahaha youdontsay.jpg
ckang: thankfully i will never get to experience passing a 10lb child out from my insides
trinque would collect a whole household full of women like the girl he has now
trinque: and yeah ckang, she talks to me even
trinque: but NOT ABOUT HER
ckang: ah thats good lol, would be pretty awkward if she didnt, for me anyways
trinque: I dunno, we sit in silence and read too
ckang: yea thats healthy, being comfortable with silence
ckang: many arent
trinque -> bed
ckang: nn
spyked: huh, almost missed http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-18#1802081 <-- thank you! will toast wine from ol' family vine later to honour this. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-18 17:10 mircea_popescu: there we go. mazel tov ; and spyked ave1 lobbes permit me to congratulate you an' to wish you long&happy tenure.
spyked: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1802891 <-- /me would love to, but is short on coin atm. will weigh this again in a few months from now if still available. and I still wanna buy a board for home too, to check out the hardware. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 02:50 mircea_popescu: iirc spyked was getting one too
spyked: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1802935 <-- iirc execute bit on $dir toggles whether {user,group,others} can "search" (i.e. chdir to) $dir or access other files within, including other dirs, making this a recursive thing. so this explains the chdir error. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 03:23 hanbot: <mircea_popescu> hanbot, quick solution is to restrict (and immutable) the directory right above the intended home. << actually, if i do that, it tells me permission's denied to land in homedir ("Could not chdir to home directory /home/username/: Permission denied") and dumps me in... /
spyked: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803146 <-- this is (nearly?) impossible to achieve within the Unix access control model. it's easy to express "no one but user1 has access to dir1", but no reasonable way of expressing the reverse, i.e. "user2 can access only dir2". must be one of the reasons why namespaces and cgroups were added to Linux ☝︎☟︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 05:31 hanbot: <mod6> hanbot: I can help, what are you trying to achieve? Changing /home/username from chmod 755, to chmod 700? << i want to make a user whose access is entirely limited to one specific dir. i'm fed up for the night tho', will be back at it tomorrow evening if you still feel philanthropic then
spyked: also, kinda what got me thinking about the whole "general-purpose os" thing a while ago. POSIX ACL wasn't designed to be very flexible, it assumes some level of trust in the processes running on the box (the Unix notion of "user" is attached to processes, while that of "permission" is tied to files)
ckang: but, SELinux :(
ckang: what are you trying to do exactly?
ckang: you can do the user limited to one dir but it would require chroot + copy of binaries or a R/O mount of the binaries linked inside but that shit gets messy
ckang: nowadays with docker and such its way easier to spin something up thats isolated and getting the networking control for the container
mod6: mornin' TMSR~
lobbes: mornin' mod6
mod6: How goes today lobbes?
lobbes: ah can't complain. Trying to get logbot up and running (was able to successfully press the ircbot genesis and test it on my local machine the other night)
mod6: Ah good! Resolved that seal issue then?
lobbes: I did! Was simple as removing the robots.txt from .seals. btw I love the manual you included with yer vtron
lobbes: very useful for noobs like me to figure out wtf I'm doing
mod6: (for ref: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-14#1799100) ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-14 20:26 lobbes: hm, so I was following install steps for trinque's ircbot-genesis (http://btcbase.org/patches/ircbot-genesis#selection-167.10-167.39) and it looks like the "init http://trinque.org/src/ircbot" step downloads the robots.txt which, upon pressing, barfs with "INVALID SEAL" eggog >> http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/qHlDI/?raw=true
mod6: lobbes: ah! ok, glad to hear the doc was helpful. nothing worse than unhelpful docs.
mod6: (if anyone notices any erratum in that doc, please write in)
trinque: ah, looks like I need to get the src dir pulled over to pizarro
lobbes: ah! okay that was my next comment
trinque will do shortly
lobbes: I was having issues with the logbot init step (wasn't pulling the patch into patches)
mod6: cool, gonna have a mirror over there, or just the main repo now?
lobbes: but okay, I'll just hold tight for now
trinque: mod6: main repo
mod6: kewl
trinque: yeah, it's fantastic to know the people touching the hardware. I'm so far very pleased with the service.
mod6: trinque: *thumbsup*
ckang: what rockchip SoC board are yall messin with?
mod6: ckang: <@mod6> http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-03#1792521 ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-03 18:27 asciilifeform: ROC-RK3328-CC ( currently building a kernel for it, without the 'evil' periphs )
ckang: pretty stout
ckang: ive been wanting to build a small single port router or inline router that protects ones entire internet
ckang: with the ability to do policy based routing over various tunnels/vpns/tor what not
ckang: but the typical ARM offerings just dont have the nuts to do openvpn with decent speed
mod6: ah
ckang: then for a minute I was exploring using the ESP32's cryptography accelerator with QSPI and DMA
ckang: since it actually solves stuff fairly quick
spyked: ckang, one alternative you can consider is "pcengines" board. plenty of info in the logs. fanless, runs coreboot bios iirc and has at least 2 gigabit ethernet ports.
spyked: !#s pcengines
a111: 78 results for "pcengines", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=pcengines
trinque has an apu2 router over here
ckang: this is actually how i stumbled across wireguard initially
ckang: trying to find something secure but had performance on ARM based equipment
ckang: openvpn is just a piggy
ckang: spyked: i think at that point i would go with an intel atom board with dual or quad port from ali, they arent too bad price wise and you dont get stuck maintaining a fork
ckang: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Minisys-4-Lan-pfsense-minipc-Intel-atom-E3845-quad-core-mini-itx-motherboard-linux-firewall-computer/32825684280.html
ckang: AES-NI support
trinque: "yes, let me accelerate your crypto in this black box citizen. hold still."
ckang: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Fanless-Mini-PC-4-Gigabit-Lan-Ethernet-NIC-Core-i3-security-AES-NI-Qotom-Router-Pfsense/32847784876.html <-- ooo, i3
ckang: lol, well its coming from china so its probably 100% legit ;p
ckang: would be extra components and they are very thrifty
trinque: idea that the chinese wouldn't diddle cryptography devices they export is pretty entertaining.
ckang: well its on the intel silicon
trinque: ah, I thought we were talking about the arm thing, but it goes double for intel
trinque always thought that name for a chip company was cheeky
trinque: bbl
phf: it's a shame that soekris stopped making their network boards. asciilifeform though thinks they were overpriced, but i suspect it's "not made in china" premium. i have one soekris board with 4 years uptime, and i use another one for the router, which does some of the tricks ckang mentioned.
ckang: phf: my worry is being able to sustain enough throughput mostly, a somewhat higher end consumer model cant manage much over 20Mbit/s
ckang: and availability
ckang: (consumer model router, sorry)
phf: soekris was one of those boutique operations. guy closed the u.s. branch (he's scandinavian), and now he only makes high end DACs instead.
ckang: yea, those places are typically premium price, but as to be expected, small batch runs are expensive
ckang: even being able to buy a small qty of SoC can be hard with most mfg
ckang: am curious what those little atoms/i3 can push though, pretty nice package overall w/ wifi and quad port
phf: ckang: so i had a lot of throughput problems when i started doing this, back when budged option was to flush consumer router firmware with a linux, but when i built this router i was already tmsring, so it's running openbsd and is more sekuriti oriented
phf: i should probably test it at some point in isolation. it would be a pointless exercise though since i don't have a 20MBit/s pipe out anyway. perhaps the value might be "look at what custom board can do compared to this chinese crap", but i somehow doubt that would be the result.
ckang: what have you managed to push encrypted on the board? ☟︎
ckang: or pull
ckang: i ended up just adding a deb8 vm and my entire router is virtualized now, only lose ~2Mbit off the top (148Mbit) while still only using the tunnel with wireguard
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803308 << very fucking easy to do, are you kidding me ? system builds the FS tree, exposes / to all users symbolically but only lists permitted files and then for every node in the directory treee only lists those which are either all or user. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 10:24 spyked: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803146 <-- this is (nearly?) impossible to achieve within the Unix access control model. it's easy to express "no one but user1 has access to dir1", but no reasonable way of expressing the reverse, i.e. "user2 can access only dir2". must be one of the reasons why namespaces and cgroups were added to Linux
mircea_popescu: ie if you have / 755 root:root home/ 755 root:root klinki 755 klinki:klinki /sikrit 700 klinki:klinki then user bolek can see all the way to /home/klinki and user klinki all the way to /home/klinki/sikrit.
mircea_popescu: and if you want to get fancy you can even reconstruct dirstructure by restating it while skipping invisible spots, so that a path may be /a/b/c/ for one and /a/c/ for another.
mircea_popescu: what the fuck, there's 0 high level difficulty here, 100% unixtards being unixtards.
BingoBoingo: !Q later tell avgjoe I don't talk to strangers in private
lobbesbot: BingoBoingo: The operation succeeded.
spyked: mircea_popescu, okay, but can you make klinki see *only* /home/klinki/sikrit and nothing else? that's how I understood hanbot's problem. I dun see any practical way of doing it (other than by chroot'ing).
spyked: anyway, I'm sure that this can be enforced by having all the other users except the "limited user" deny rwx access to their dirs. but this doesn't say anything about the "limited user" explicitly, only implicitly. kinda like in that joke with enclosing the sheep using as little fence material as possible.
mircea_popescu: spyked, by making the first dir that's not specifically world-visible or his own whatever she wanted it to make.
spyked: (note that I did not claim this to be "the wrong way" or anything. just that in other access control schemes it can be explicitly expressed, in some cases at cost of implementation complexity etc.)
mircea_popescu: understand, this model whereby user falls into root because "we couldn't open the subdir you should have" is the lulz of all time.
mircea_popescu: "i can't identify you so here's the oval office" ☟︎
mircea_popescu: "you were fired, the way to the vp lounge is to the left"
mircea_popescu: and it all came from original idiocy, "oh, to have bash AT ALL you must have access to /sbin/bash or else a copy of it somewhere". bullcrap. look at what apache does -- somehow it DOES manage to run all users' php crapolade from whatever directories. bash can (and obviously should fucking have) worked the exact same way. of course you can run bash from your homedir even if that is /home/users/f/u/c//k/t/h/i/s/l/u/s/e/r/john. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: and even if you think /home/users/f/u/c//k/t/h/i/s/l/u/s/e/r/john is actuyally /
mircea_popescu: (which is what is the only fucking POSSIBLE meaning of "set home directory" : as far as ALL POSSIBLE terminals that user springs up, the indicated point in the filestructure is his root. and he sees its downstream and nothing else fucking ever.)
trinque: now there's a point. user's shell should just have whatever commands he can use loaded into it
trinque: and not rely on a $PATH
mircea_popescu: duh.
mircea_popescu: fucking path, the hack of all time.
mircea_popescu: you know what is the HARDEST, most screaming, wailing and tear ladden item every time i explain unix, the posix model, linux basics etc to fundamentally minded slavegirls that are well accomplished in other fields and can think ?
mircea_popescu: the fucking path. and for the very good reason that it's nonsense enough to make gates proud.
mircea_popescu: meanwhile the russkis made online-homm3. http://www.lordswm.com/
mircea_popescu: "lords of war and money" lol.
hanbot: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803390 << exactly, that blew my mind. no idea why limiting someone to their homedir should be complicated either. isn't keeping users cloistered like...the fucking reason a "users" system even exists? what else is it for, personalized wallpaper? ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 18:26 mircea_popescu: "i can't identify you so here's the oval office"
spyked: ^ my point in the first place. POSIX ACL was designed from the idea that "all users are equal, except /a/b can be accessed only by X and /c/d only by Y etc.". while saying that "Z can only access /e/f" can only be implemented as "/a/b and /c/d and etc. can't be accessed by Z". and sure, there's chroot, that sets /e/f to /, but in practice this introduces other issues
spyked: I can't help but http://archive.is/TRrOE again
mircea_popescu: heh.
mircea_popescu: assholes.
mircea_popescu: mp's morning adventure : the curse of the shapely bottles.
mircea_popescu: bereft of female support, i woke this morning among empty vast halls, ruin already gnawing silently in their corners.
mircea_popescu: to eat, to eat, but what to eat! there's no fire going happily in the hearth, there's no water splashing on nude thighs unintentionally and aggravatingly, the kitchen's dead and i must have leftovers!
phf: a bironian tragedy
mircea_popescu: so i pick the yesterday's chicken pilaf, and dump on it three spooning heapfuls of the mango-raisin-ginger jam in the half gallon jar. then a spoonlet of chilera. and then... a small and kinda tired&old but very ripe aguacate.
mircea_popescu: i must now retire and meditate in sadness over the miserable fate fate had in store for me this morn.
douchebag: !!up Starrrcx
deedbot: Starrrcx voiced for 30 minutes.
Starrrcx: I have titties
Starrrcx: !!register http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/elJkg/?raw=true
deedbot: 20063837E6C0CB9F6FAFA48CCF3286C05B1D2494 registered as Starrrcx.
douchebag: Starrrcx: you'll have to wait for mircea_popescu
jurov: mod6: ack
mod6: Thanks jurov
deedbot: http://qntra.net/2018/04/deutsche-bank-fat-fingers-35-billion-usd-payment/ << Qntra - Deutsche Bank Fat Fingers 35 Billion USD Payment
trinque: need moar practice with titties eh?
BingoBoingo: Defo
douchebag: Fuzz via Titties all day long
BingoBoingo: In other weird https://apartamento.mercadolibre.com.uy/MLU-452797695-apartamento-en-pocitos-nuevoloft-con-terraza-contra-frente-_JM
phf: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-19#1803375 << i have ipsec subnets to essentially identical openbsd installs, but egress is to wan. i use pf to route specific things through the ipsec subnets. i've never benchmarked it though. it's good enough to watch an occasional regioned youtube, or pull a torrent at 5mbit saturation ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-19 17:11 ckang: what have you managed to push encrypted on the board?