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phf: well, since already spoilt, original emacs was written by a bunch of different people for TECO and long after rms became maintainer of that. then greenberg rewrote it in lisp (multics emacs)
adlai: asciilifeform: the point of paredit vs teco is so that, specifically when diffing lisp source, reindentation can be elided, and unexpected indentation can be specified relative to standard
adlai: ah but your 'teco' is pistaccio icecream
mircea_popescu: teco ?
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: really idea is stolen from teco
a111: 9 results for "teco", http://btcbase.org/log-search?q=teco
asciilifeform: !#s teco
phf: ffs, i resent being placed in a position of defending something that i'm not responsible nor care for. diff -e would've been closer to "teco macros", but it's the "sane teco macros" we're talking about here, etc. etc. etc.
phf: asciilifeform: you know you could've gone with diff -e instead, in which case almost exactly "like teco macros"
asciilifeform: (which, if it is left up to me, will look like teco macros. so if anyone does not like this shape, had better come up with another.)
phf: i'm pretty sure that ai memos are enough to rebuild computing from scratch. has architectural descriptions, cpu design, fabrication, language designs, text editors ("emacs" before it was taken over by rms is described in one of the ai-memos, both as a standalone thing and as set of TECO marcos), various algorithms
phf: http://btcbase.org/log/2016-12-13#1582407 << i tried living in TECO at some point (they way i've done with a bunch of other text editors, like acme) and it was beyond even my patience. it's definitely an emacsism in a sense of "this part makes no sense, but that's how the elders did it, so stfu" ☝︎
asciilifeform: though, reading the manual ( http://www.copters.com/teco.html ) it was apparently quite complicated, so perhaps -- not.
asciilifeform: 'A language designed to live in the paper-tape world had to have some major constraints. First, paper tape is slow. Really slow. And punching tape is a miserable process. So you really wanted to keep things as short as possible. So the syntax of TECO is, to put it mildly, absolutely mind-boggling. Every character is a command. And I don't mean "every punctuation character", or "every letter". Every character is a command. Letters, nu
asciilifeform: http://goodmath.scientopia.org/2010/11/30/the-glorious-horror-of-teco << in other emacsisms.
mircea_popescu: "And while I’m setting the record straight, the original (TECO-based) Emacs was created and designed by Guy L. Steele Jr. and David Moon. After they had it working, and it had become established as the standard text editor at the AI lab, Stallman took over its maintenance."