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diana_coman: that yes, I do; though I am partial to an sukhoi more than to an AI because at least it's a concrete beast I guess.
mircea_popescu: do you see the argument that "an sukhoi" is worth exactly the same as "an ai", in the sense that they're the ash of a cigar someone else smoked, the marblecake of an anal cavity someone else fucked, and, to quote the quite prophetic mr mel again, what's the point of a program that can't rewrite its own code ?
diana_coman: as above, it's negative value, below that "not much" for the sukhoi.
mircea_popescu: now, suppose we change out the sukhoi, and chande in instead "an artificial intelligence", specifically, a few TB of w/e worth of mostly 0s, binary values.
diana_coman: if you are asking "what is this item worth to *you*", well, not much; the fuck do I do with this sukhoi.
mircea_popescu: so, the sukhoi 34 is a pretty cool plane ; in any case the basis of the russian defeat in the field of usg's pretense to air participation. now suppose for the sake of argument someone comes offering to sell one ; and suppose further that you're to advise on the purchase by providing a single scalar value : what the item is worth iyo.
mp_en_viaje: there was some turbulence in flight, right ? and i explained to the gals all about the "sukhoi locked youi" wooop wooop alarm
asciilifeform: where's the sukhoi ?
mircea_popescu: well no, some are the sukhoi, some are the f
phf: soviet joke. americans purchase a sukhoi airplane from soviets, comes in parts, there's assembly instructions though. so they go through the process, result is a working tractor. wtf. they break it down, assemble again, tractor again. so they call russian, "wtf, tried assembling all we get is a tractor", su responds "please read fine print, `the product needs to be finalized with a judicial application of hammer and file`"
mircea_popescu: the new sukhoi thing has them from what i recall.
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mircea_popescu: !s sukhoi
mircea_popescu: su = sukhoi