▁▁▁▁▁▁⏐︎▁▁▁▁ 3523
douchebag: mircea_popescu: You know
douchebag: I really like what you just linked
douchebag: "much smarter girls actually enjoy that very privilege you keep checking."
douchebag: If you want me to throw fliers up all over Chicago
douchebag: let me know
douchebag: Anywhere you want
mircea_popescu: douchebag sure, hit it.
douchebag: Can you link me what to print out ?
mircea_popescu: the article you linked works fine.
mircea_popescu: im sorry. the article you liked*
deedbot: http://barksinthewind.com/2018/vtools-keccak-regrind/ << BARKS IN THE WIND - vtools complete keccak prerelease
douchebag: http://trilema.com/2013/the-gentlemen-prefer-coeds-club/
douchebag: ^ this one, correct ?
mircea_popescu: sure.
douchebag: And I'll be rewarded for my efforts?
mircea_popescu: sure. what do you want to make ?
douchebag: You're the one with the bitcoin, just tell me where
douchebag: I'll put them near major tourist attractions
mircea_popescu: if memory serves the fiverr doods did something like 50 or 100 or so for five bux, but whatever, you're in the l2, what's minimum wage in your state ?
douchebag: Trump Tower, Willis (Sears) Tower, Cloud Gate
mircea_popescu: 12 bux huh ? so do a day, that's $96, see what you can deliver for it.
douchebag: Awesome
phf: http://barksinthewind.com/2018/vtools-keccak-regrind/ << mircea_popescu, asciilifeform, trinque, mod6 reground vtools with a manifest file , hanbot should be everything to make a patch, get a working press
mircea_popescu: get them printed on autoadhesive paper, it;s not expensive.
douchebag: If I need to print off these flier, if I include the reciept of the printed fliers will you remburse them ? ☟︎☟︎
mircea_popescu: phf saw it yup
mircea_popescu: douchebag if it's not something crazy.
douchebag: Forsure
douchebag: Because I could get easily 500 of these spread across Chicago in about 2 hrs
douchebag: I'll do batches of 100
mircea_popescu: o.O
mircea_popescu: sure, knock yourself out.
douchebag: Also, if there are any particular places you want me to put them
douchebag: Let me know,
mircea_popescu: i don't really care, you know the place better than me.
douchebag: Alright, do I get a bonus if any news organizations pick it up?
mircea_popescu: wherever young sluts are liable to be found that waste their slut potential on idiotic pantsuit ideologies.
mircea_popescu: douchebag sure, you get $50 per interview i give lol.
douchebag: Sounds good friend! Will execute this within the next week or so
mircea_popescu: douchebag one thing : if you do multiple batches, you might consider using multiple headers maybe ?
mircea_popescu: alter the <style type="text/css"> body { background: #fff url('http://trilema.com/wp-content/themes/trilema/images/bg_jul2015.jpg') no-repeat center top; } </style> in the page with whatever found at that url and you're g2g
douchebag: Awesome
phf: this is like tmsr take on un prophète
mircea_popescu: though if you put the fawkes chicks in there da polis may pick you up ? i dunno.
mircea_popescu: phf i can see the angle huh!
douchebag: I'll keep it lowkey
hanbot: ahh, #trilema-lowkey, that lonely shuffle-parlor
mircea_popescu: lol.
mircea_popescu: have we done a low key thing yet ?
douchebag: By low key, I mean I'll put them in high traffic areas
mircea_popescu: hehe
douchebag: but I'm not going to stick around too long, I will provide photos
mircea_popescu: douchebag do you have a blog yet ?
douchebag: Not yet, I was planning on putting it on the server I should be getting within the next week or two ish ?
mircea_popescu: seems like the eminent place for the pics / story of the adventure.
douchebag: hahaha that sounds like a good idea
douchebag: will provide many lulz
mircea_popescu: indeed.
hanbot: douchebag there's a bitcent from me in it for you if you get a snap of a trilema printout in the Seminary Co-op bookstore near U of Chicago there.
douchebag: Awesome
douchebag: Will do
douchebag: Any other requests? Skyscrapers, Buildings, Peoples front doors, People's cars, ect...
asciilifeform: douchebag: palmer hotel
asciilifeform: and the 'fine arts bldg' lobby
douchebag: forsure
lobbes: only thing I remember from my few Chicago visits was that metallic bean thing. Was a high-foot traffic area iirc
douchebag: Yeah that's cloud gate
douchebag: I'm planning on sticking a flyer directly on the bean
lobbes: haha nice
douchebag: Yeah man, I'm not too shy when it comes doing shit like this
douchebag: https://i.imgur.com/rg1burF.png
douchebag: I'll stick one right on the skydeck in Willis Tower too
douchebag: That'll cost money though if I remember correctly
douchebag: I think it will be a real fun day, especially telling the workers at these places to fuck off while they're threatening to call the cops on me ☟︎
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-06#1793484 << basically the "girl gets restless on farm, joins gypsy caravan to get pregnant" story retold, in up to date terms. i suppose the slice of about-read-to-great-again us as the third world shithole it ~actually~ is has some documentary value. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-06 01:08 gabriel_laddel: mircea_popescu American Honey review, or totally unwatchable?
mircea_popescu: otherwise, it's made by people who haven't the first clue re principal cinematography, editing, purchasing, anything. the script is evidently laboured, and not terrible. it takes a lot of effort to rise to the level of unremarkable in that field.
mircea_popescu: anyway, a sort of "pennsylvania magical realism" if you will, where "magazine subscription" selling outfit doesn't need a SOP for dealing with hookers, because they're not everyu other recruit ; nor are there any pimps to burn down your shit for turning tricks in their hick town ; and you can safely go for attempted murder + gta in rural texas and get away with it np.
mircea_popescu: they evidently have nfi who adriana was, for instance, judging by how chick misses out on drowning for a closer. it's just... i'd pass them if they were in my hs cinema school, and throw away the tape.
mircea_popescu: hs cinema class*
mircea_popescu: http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-08#1794056 << lol enjoy. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-08 02:45 douchebag: I think it will be a real fun day, especially telling the workers at these places to fuck off while they're threatening to call the cops on me
mircea_popescu: douchebag in any case, get them printed on authoadesive paper. way the fuck better than putting a tack in or scotch tape or w/e bs. you know what i mean ? paper though, not pvc that's unprintable.
douchebag: mhmm
ave1: asciilifeform: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/Chyyv/?raw=true, updated address ☟︎
douchebag: morning mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu: heya
mircea_popescu: aaand in today's cult leaders, http://trilema.com/2014/weak-sauce/
asciilifeform: archive.is seems to be sad again
douchebag: College pisses me off so much
douchebag: I'm glad I'm quitting after this semester
asciilifeform: meanwhile in entomology dept, http://seclists.org/oss-sec/2018/q2/21
asciilifeform: douchebag: what/where exactly are you quitting ?
douchebag: Network Security Specialist associates degree
mircea_popescu: infosec programme at urbana ? /me crosses fingers
mircea_popescu: ahaha.
douchebag: I haven't learned a single thing in the two years I've been here that I didn't already know
asciilifeform: aa tradeschool
mircea_popescu: "it's spoken by those folks who went to school for just one week..."
douchebag: I mean, I like my professors - they have a lot of respect for me, and they are teaching a lot of students a ton of stuff
douchebag: but I spend more time explaining stuff that the professors don't fully comprehend than doing actual work
mircea_popescu: so quit. i never met anyone whom the us scamsystem helped yet.
asciilifeform: how the fuq didja endure 2y of that, douchebag ??
mircea_popescu: the lower rungs, i guess, people get helped by aa and the mcdonalds "management assisting" programme or w/e, ringing lower middleclass existences out of decidedly working class folk. but...
douchebag: I enjoy helping others
mircea_popescu: douchebag if you spend your time helping others, what are women going to do ? take pills and walk about very very sadly ?
mircea_popescu: in the immortal words of inspector muldoon, "let a good man earn his living", you hear ?
douchebag: I like to think
douchebag: Teach a man to fish sort of deal
douchebag: I don't do work for them
douchebag: But I don't mind answering questions
douchebag: or pointing them in the direction of good resources ☟︎
mircea_popescu: !!up spool
deedbot: spool voiced for 30 minutes.
spool: hi :)
douchebag: spool is here to show tits
spool: my discord friend douchebag told me you are interested in topless pictures?
spool: I have come to offer my goods ;)
spool: !!register http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/N3UYL/?raw=true
deedbot: http://qntra.net/2018/04/alleged-chemical-attack-in-syria-follows-trump-talk-about-leaving-syria/ << Qntra - Alleged Chemical Attack In Syria Follows Trump Talk About Leaving Syria
deedbot: 234476F7E4FC27F27AC4EECCAFC2A1AE40AB6498 registered as spool.
spool: thx deedbot
douchebag: spool: mircea_popescu is the man who you will be talking to in regards tot hat
spool: awesome, im just browsing the net, lazy sundays, not looking forward to monday ;x
mircea_popescu: wow, spool has a proper client rather than web irc ?
douchebag: she's chatted on IRC before
spool: yea
spool: old anon chats from 4chan
mircea_popescu: spool 600682e5
spool: before all this discord
spool: thx mircea_popescu give me a minute
mircea_popescu: sure.
BingoBoingo: <douchebag> Any other requests? Skyscrapers, Buildings, Peoples front doors, People's cars, ect... << The riverwalk should have some good places to stick some. The corridor between NBC tower and Navy Pier seems a rather high traffic area.
douchebag: Will do!
spool: https://i.imgur.com/Tw4xwT0.jpg
spool: please dont be to hard on me
mircea_popescu: !!pay spool 0.02
deedbot: Get your OTP: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/ZShAV/?raw=true
spool: thx luv
mircea_popescu: nono, ty!
spool: so what are you guys about?
mircea_popescu: so other than 4chan and tits, what do you do ?
mircea_popescu: hehe. do you see teh topic ?
spool: douchebag told me some but it sounds wild
mircea_popescu: it is wild.
spool: yea, i will need to cuddle up and read through it, almost fantasy like
mircea_popescu: take your time.
mircea_popescu: spool did you ever post your tits on 4chan ?
spool: no
mircea_popescu: ahaha.
mircea_popescu: hey, want to make another bitcent ?
spool: ive seen too many girls before do that
spool: sure, what do you need?
mircea_popescu: 1sec
spool: ;)
mircea_popescu: spool : make a post on /b, detailing your experience, "here's how i made 2 bitcents", link http://trilema.com/2014/ill-pay-for-your-tits/#selection-365.2-365.35
spool: certainly, anything in particular you want me to pay attention to or just from the soul ?
mircea_popescu: soul baby.
spool: ;) give me a minute, i love writing
mircea_popescu: there's no rush.
mircea_popescu: but anyone who feels like raiding 4chan this morn... get your keyboards ready lol, she's about to link
spool: i am making a coffee and reflecting, coming back ready to write
deedbot: http://trilema.com/2018/you-know-who-the-best-us-president-was-how-about-andrew-johnson/ << Trilema - You know who the best US president was ? How about Andrew Johnson ?
mircea_popescu is idly wondering how long until the veterans realise that the lulz mining potential of teh republic very VERY far outstrips the rigid limitation of the whole "alt right" wank.
douchebag: alt right is just edgy
douchebag: I like lulz that involve being clever and original
mircea_popescu: makes two of us
mircea_popescu: !!rate spool 1 tits
deedbot: Get your OTP: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/EysKd/?raw=true
mircea_popescu: !!up spool
deedbot: spool voiced for 30 minutes.
douchebag: spool: So are you happy with your experience?
spool: yea, im almost done writing, i will link it here after
mircea_popescu: spool i rate you, which means you can now voice yourself. say !!up to deedbot in pm, then pass the string you decrypt with !!v
douchebag: !!up spool
deedbot: spool voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu: spool what's west chester like, btw ?
douchebag: think shes afk atm
lobbes: While imo this is a good general approach to life, in this specific instance you are (presumably) -paying- this external wot in time and money to teach members of that wot how to fish >>  http://btcbase.org/log/2018-04-08#1794094 ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2018-04-08 18:50 douchebag: or pointing them in the direction of good resources
spool: sorry im back, mircea_popescu, i use a random vpn switcher because im banned on 4chan at home
mircea_popescu: :p
spool: its free but not too stable
mircea_popescu: so what do you do ? school ? work ?
spool: school, nursing
spool: don't have the patience for teaching ;P
mircea_popescu: what are you studying ?
mircea_popescu: ah, sorry, nursing school ?
spool: http://boards.4chan.org/b/thread/765301869
spool: yup, my mom and grandmother, both nurses
mircea_popescu: if you know enough of computers to set up a vpn switcher, you might as well join douchebag in his multi-mn security venture to come, neh ?
spool: oh, I am not computer smart, I use http://ipsharkk.com/ though
spool: its pretty easy and free
mircea_popescu: well, a cut above the average girl we've seen to date, anyways.
mircea_popescu: !!pay spool 0.01
deedbot: Get your OTP: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/xJJW7/?raw=true
spool: mircea_popescu: I had an issue with posting on 4chan, they are very picky about ISP now ;(
mircea_popescu: lobbes conversely, his inclination to help people made a half dozen girls a pretty penny to date, huh.
spool: they say abuse but, its 4chan...
spool anxiously hitting refresh
spool: well, I guess I should have expected that..
mircea_popescu: hm ?
spool: some rude-ish comments, but it wasnt only body that got thick over these years, my internet skin also did
mircea_popescu: lol
spool: wasn't only my body*
BingoBoingo: 4chan's a sewer. Every now and they you might dig up some j00ls that got flushed, but to get that you have to shovel a lot of crap first.
spool: too much coffee ;) brain outruns fingers sometimes
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo kinda what it always was neh ?
BingoBoingo: I mean that's the internet in general
mircea_popescu: spool what's your new diet ?
spool: mircea_popescu: ive always wanted to try vegan
spool: but cheese...
douchebag: mircea_popescu: Is it cool if I setup an irccloud account for girls to use to make this process a bit easier for them ?
spool: ugh
mircea_popescu: douchebag sure, why not.
douchebag: alright sounds good
spool: I thought about the cheater vegetarian style too, with eggs+fish
mircea_popescu: spool dollars to donuts it's probably chemicals in cheap/processed food that's fucking you over.
spool: I am worried about anemia
spool: my mother has had iron issues in the past
mircea_popescu: toxic anemia hapens lots and lots in overweight us girls once they start losing.
mircea_popescu: 50-50 shot. or worse.
spool: yea thats true too, its amazing how died effects how we feel
spool: they dont teach that in the food pyramid though
mircea_popescu: anwyay, switch away from the supermarket, buy from farmers or w/e, the less industrialized crap the better. that's kinda the side benefit of "vegan", such as it is (was, mostly, rapidly going away) : moved people away from the industrial food process, made them feel healthier.
spool: oh i love the farmers market
mircea_popescu: only problem with not eating crap, of course, is that you go from $2 happy meals to $20 meat and produce.
spool: its just sometimes hard hours wise
mircea_popescu: in other lulz, "what's a racist name to call white people ?" "massa".
douchebag: lol
mircea_popescu: http://boards.4chan.org/b/thread/765295887#p765299200 << the gem BingoBoingo was talking about (thread about pregnancy, dood's post is "bump")
mircea_popescu: wd
spool: i got one ;)
spool: how do you circumcise a redneck?
spool: kick his sister in the chin
mircea_popescu: wait, i don't get it.
mircea_popescu: oh, she's sucking him off ? i see i see
spool: ;P
spool: gross i know
mircea_popescu: not exactly circum-cision is it. more like straightcision.
BingoBoingo: Yeah what you gotta to is put a pipe threader in his goat's asshole
spool: getting the proper velocity can make the difference between success and a trip to the ER, so ive been told
mircea_popescu: no, the pipe threader's the right move here.
BingoBoingo: Something like https://www.ridgid.com/hn/en/300-compact-threading-machine
BingoBoingo: Actually probably easier to get a goat costume for the threader
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: "o wow, new goat! holy moly billy bob, this one's a virgin!"
BingoBoingo: Automating the virgin goat pipe threader would be a good application for that Rockchip board
spool: lol, ive seen signs going up for goat lawncare this year
spool: would like to catch them in action some day
BingoBoingo: There was a Goat bitcoin in-vest thing in 2012, and then there was a Goat litecoin in-vest thing 2013-2015. And kinda just lost track of the lulzmine
mircea_popescu: mgga ?
BingoBoingo: You know that Chaang-Noi thing hanbot kept stomping her heel into the temple of. Kept striking but never found brain
mircea_popescu: was this the "moved to thailand for cheaper whores" dood ?
BingoBoingo: One of them
hanbot: i prefer the goat at the top of the hill here. technically he lives at a bus stop, but it's a few acres of grassy knolls, peppered with impromptu climbing/jumping obstacles set up by someone with a lotta scrap parts and a blowtorch
mircea_popescu: what do you mean, "you prefer"
hanbot: i.e. his company over the annals/memory of that chaang-noi specimen.
mircea_popescu: of the annals, i see i see
mircea_popescu: oh*
mircea_popescu: !!up girlbags
deedbot: girlbags voiced for 30 minutes.
girlbags: hey mircea_popescu this is me douchebag
mircea_popescu: hi girlbags, this is me mircea_popescu
douchebag: what
girlbags: irccloud is actually pretty nice
douchebag: client lag
douchebag: saw a different message lol
girlbags: ok this should be much easier than trying to explain the the normie girls how to connect
douchebag: Also, if the girls want to stay in here they wont miss messages and such
douchebag: ect..
douchebag: + it has a mobile app
douchebag: mircea_popescu: I got a girl who wants to show tits
douchebag: Getting her logged in right now
shinohai: Afternoon #trilema
shinohai: mircea_popescu: was wondering if you might link me to that trilema header where you are sitting on a balcony with hanbot standing behind you.
douchebag: !!up xisty
deedbot: xisty voiced for 30 minutes.
xisty: 😄
xisty: <3 douchebag
xisty: how are you love?
douchebag: mircea_popescu is the man you'll want to talk to
xisty: oh okay, excellent
xisty: can we send pictures on here? like discord?
douchebag: Upload it to imgur and send the link
douchebag: You're on irccloud on your phone though right?
xisty: if it works with iPhone I can yes
douchebag: you'll be able to upload it directly
xisty: let me install it 1 minute
xisty: Wow this is nice!
douchebag: Mhmm
xisty: It's way different from Discord, much more peaceful no yelling autist 😛
douchebag: No yellin autists in here
mircea_popescu: hola
mircea_popescu: xisty 3b0aece2
xisty: 1 second love.
mircea_popescu: shinohai http://trilema.com/wp-content/themes/trilema/images/bg_may2017.jpg ?
shinohai: That's be the one, thanks
shinohai: Though seems I was incorrect in my recollection of a balcony.
mircea_popescu: just a large vaudeville mirror
douchebag: mircea_popescu: just curious, do you have any particularly favorite cars?
mircea_popescu: you mean like http://trilema.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/cars.jpg ?
douchebag: ooh those are yours?!
mircea_popescu: no, i just sneak in at night and lean against them.
douchebag: lol
douchebag: What porsche is that?
mircea_popescu: an older one.
douchebag: How do you like it?
mircea_popescu: believe it or not i don't actually drive.
mircea_popescu: but from what i hear it's a great car.
douchebag: I love Porsche's
douchebag: beautiful vehicles they drive great too
douchebag: I've driven a few different ones
douchebag: Not my cars, but I took em for a spin
douchebag: My friend used to drop me off in his dads porsche almost every day in junior-senior year of highschool
xisty: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/5VxUjW3y/image.png
xisty: Sorry I wanted to do something a little extra
xisty: 😋
douchebag: nice
xisty: ❤️ douchebag
douchebag: I'm not the one paying you sweetheart
douchebag: that would be mircea_popescu
xisty: I know, frand ;)
xisty: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/isPtHzIJ/image.png
xisty: I was pretty low energy at first
xisty: But bonus for fun
xisty: mircea_popescu: Not okay?
douchebag: !!up xisty
deedbot: xisty voiced for 30 minutes.
douchebag: mircea_popescu: you around friend?
xisty: What's for dinner douchebag ? You making me any too? :)
douchebag: Steak and beer
xisty: 👍
douchebag: hbu?
xisty: That sounds excellent at the moment
mircea_popescu: yeah. o look, irccloud has image hosting too ?
douchebag: Oh yeah this is delicious
douchebag: mircea_popescu: Mhmm, they also have a paste service
mircea_popescu: nice.
xisty: Yeah mircea_popescu, I uploaded from phone. It was quite easy.
mircea_popescu: hey there titsty!
mircea_popescu: !!pay xisty 0.02
xisty: :o
deedbot: Get your OTP: http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/uzvK5/?raw=true
xisty: Im glad you enjoyed
mircea_popescu: what do you do, other than uploading from phone ?
xisty: I like to play Fortnite
xisty: And watch others play on Twitch
xisty: Boring girl, I know :(
xisty: What do you like to do?
mircea_popescu: i don't think i ever played fortnite. what is it ?
mircea_popescu: xisty these days, i mostly talk to girls.
xisty: Its a new game, FPS but very big areas. Very fun and free to play.
mircea_popescu: ah. i'm more of a tbs sorta guy.
xisty: Tbs?
mircea_popescu: turn based strategy
xisty: Ohhh, I tried League of Legends, too much clicking I broke my trackpad lol
mircea_popescu: i think that's more of a ... hmm. not even sure. azn mmorpg ?
xisty: Its definitely not turned based! You cant relax your mind for a second even.
mircea_popescu: yeah, a sort of a warcraft/starcraft with moba instead of management.
xisty: And people get very upset when you mess up, too serious. I had to stop playing from stress.
mircea_popescu: anyway, no, the golden standard are the heroes series, heroes2/3. fallout maybe a little also, stuff like that. the old infinity engine stuff too, i guess, baldur's gate and so on
xisty: Time to take the doge for a walk, Thanks again mircea_popescu, I will tell some of my galpals also if thats okay? :)
mircea_popescu: by all means.
xisty: Any preferences? nerdy, punk, etc?
douchebag: !!up xisty
deedbot: xisty voiced for 30 minutes.
mircea_popescu: not really.
mircea_popescu: course nerdy girls possibly have a better chance of making a future for themselves in the republic, but it's not that cut and dried.
xisty: Cool, got a few friends in textile engineering who would probably be interested, I will let them know next time we speak! Bye loves
mircea_popescu: textile engineering !?