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deedbot: http://qntra.net/2016/11/bitfinex-publicity-spree-touts-changes-but-security-unmentioned/ << Qntra - Bitfinex Publicity Spree Touts Changes But Security Unmentioned
mircea_popescu: ^ amusingly, that qntra was actually in the logs months ago wasn;t it
shinohai: But it's the *new and improved* buttfinex
mircea_popescu: no i meant the one with the policemen
mircea_popescu: getting shit
mircea_popescu: shot*
mircea_popescu: eh whatever.
mod6: I here by nominate hanbot for the Song of the Year Grammy Award for http://thewhet.net/2016/elliot-and-james-a-drinking-song/
mircea_popescu: and in other non pareils, http://68.media.tumblr.com/e04185a4823149876b63e7e47202faff/tumblr_n9d0t5ADuG1sl0njeo1_500.gif
mod6: cones with sprinkles
hanbot: why ty mod6
hanbot: also, wikipedia pretense breaking down via kindergarten illustrations (found @ 'exertional rhabdomyolysis'): http://archive.is/dNLHL
hanbot: reminds me of that old maddox bit on kids' drawings, "holy shit, i've never seen a fire truck that needed to be shaved before"
shinohai: Just looking at that picture causes rhabdomyolysis
BingoBoingo: <mircea_popescu> ^ amusingly, that qntra was actually in the logs months ago wasn;t it << Yes, but happened.
mircea_popescu: ahaha oh teh fire truck
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo aha.
mircea_popescu: meanwhile back at the house of strangely shaped rooms with unlikely flooring, http://68.media.tumblr.com/17bb2853e6acd0d8d9a7437832f937d1/tumblr_n9cshihtJU1qdtr76o1_1280.jpg ☟︎
deedbot: http://trilema.com/2016/the-jurors-for-the-said-commonwealth-on-their-oath-present-that-lizzie-andrew-borden-of-fall-river-in-the-county-of-bristol-at-fall-river-in-the-county-of-bristol-on-the-fourth-day-of-august-in-the/ << Trilema - The Jurors for the said Commonwealth, on their oath present that Lizzie Andrew Borden of Fall River in the County of Bristol, at Fall River in the County of Bristol, on the fourth day of August in the year eigtheen hundred ☟︎
BingoBoingo: !~ticker --market all --currency rmb
jhvh1: BingoBoingo: BTCChina BTCRMB last: 4745.14, vol: 4145552.27180000 | Volume-weighted last average: 4745.14
BingoBoingo: !~ticker --market all
jhvh1: BingoBoingo: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 701.42, vol: 4971.34876054 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 693.999, vol: 4300.37561 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 704.99, vol: 12933.23304787 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 702.45832, vol: 4145583.37550000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 704.959, vol: 1618.28524556 | Volume-weighted last average: 702.457180633
diana_coman: http://btcbase.org/log/2016-11-04#1562957 <- unsurprisingly this simply means decision is back to mircea_popescu ; fwiw and in the interst of a last attempt to reaching a decision on this, the way I see all this is that hanbot's is the merriest, BingoBoingo's is the goriest&most willful, mine is the most truthful to the original; so a decision would be a choice between those three aspects and I'm unsure what was the goal of the ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2016-11-04 18:20 hanbot: BingoBoingo diana_coman mircea_popescu "right mess" indeed lol. anyway, i appreciated bb's story on account of its total lack of fear or restraint, and diana's for its jabs, particularly the spellchecker. i'll be naming myself though, on the simple criteria of having liked it best. as far as second and third places go i'll name bb second and diana third, for no other reason than to see all possible positions expressed.
diana_coman: contest anyway; considering however that it was set for Halloween, I guess I'd go with "goriest" and therefore BingoBoingo should win; as a side, I must say I don't quite follow the point of "all possible positions expressed" since they were quite clear/obvious anyway; ☟︎
BingoBoingo: I don't think mine was that gory. All I did was create the necessary space for Elliot to die a bloody but natural death while also becoming a hero a Britain.
deedbot: http://trilema.com/2016/no-such-labs-snsa-october-2016-statement/ << Trilema - No Such lAbs (S.NSA), October 2016 Statement
mircea_popescu: and in today's injectable dose of lulz, "Hillary Clinton backed by Beyoncé and Jay Z in battleground state of Ohio."
mircea_popescu: meanwhile from the "fucktoys are people too" camp, https://archive.is/qMmm8
mircea_popescu: meanwhile from that one's sister, equally qualified to freely speak her absent mind, "Security forces kill tens of ISIS suiciders, free village in Mosul".
mircea_popescu: "suciders" don't you know. that's totally how i'm going to list the dead usg agents if/when they actually get their balls in order and try a move : "here's a list of usg suiciders". ☟︎
mircea_popescu: (the part where mosul is a town apparently made out of villages i can understand - so is buenos aires. the orcs dun do urban life.)
diana_coman: BingoBoingo, gory by comparison to mine and hanbot's simply
shinohai: hanbot 's could be gory, depending on how much you drink while reading it.
mats: if i was a participant, i'd offer one of the other two half of the winnings if they supported my bid
mats: is that democratic enough?
trinque: nah, needs more pedophilia
mats: i don't even know what to make of this jeffrey epstein business
mats: can someone explain to me what they think is going on there
mats: because it looks like a smear, and a weak one at that
mircea_popescu: clinton eats babies.
mats: i guess i'll have to read the filings
mircea_popescu: woman has an aide who worked with some dudes who go around picking convicted sex offenders out of jail and setting up with clandestine businesses to send over "missionaries" to poor shitholes and buy kids ; and then keep those kids in brothels.
mircea_popescu: the entire operation has had the full support of bahamas' dept of lulstice, including by refusing to convene grand juries in spite of police building cases, and in actually threatening police depts
mircea_popescu: pretty much an exact redo of the whole milosevich business, amusingly enough by the very people who hanged him.
mircea_popescu: (and no i don't think this is a coincidence, i think they simply imported the serbian apparatus, physically when feasible, or else rebuilt from recipe the missing parts.)
hanbot: "S.NSA is expected to realise operating revenue next period." << exciting bonbon in this month's s.nsa report. if FUCKGOATS didn't knock one's tongue out, anyway. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: hey, gotta keep with the NAMINGCONVENTION
hanbot: i see what you mean, BOSSMAN
trinque is very excited
trinque: take my money already
mats: yes finally
mircea_popescu: :p
mats: is keeping kids a purely economic activity or are they kept around for intel operations like these?
mircea_popescu: mats anyway, it puts in perspective for the general public just how fucking lulzy the entire "omfg they're going to blow us out of the water, quick, quick, something sexual with trump! oh, i know, we'll just pretend like he grabs ass! THAT WILL LOOK SO GOOD TWO WEEKS LATER!!!"
mats: ie, blackmailing stupid people that also aspire to elected service
mircea_popescu: mats prostitution was always a major money maker throughout history. in idiotic societies such as the us, preteens and other unfit for whoredom (boys, whatever) are both prized by the patrons contrary to sense (you really want to fuck a 13yo rather than a 26 yo ? because why, you like fucking walls ?) and useful for the madams because hey, blackmail afterwards.
mircea_popescu: it's a very... self-hating world, this us.
mircea_popescu: they will literally pay more to have shitty sex with inept whores BECAUSE this is something that'll for sure come back to haunt them. i say just introduce mantises and be done with it already.
phf: http://btcbase.org/log/2016-11-05#1563102 << judging by a bag of chips and many gnarly waterproof slippers it's one of those turkish/russian baths ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2016-11-05 03:04 mircea_popescu: meanwhile back at the house of strangely shaped rooms with unlikely flooring, http://68.media.tumblr.com/17bb2853e6acd0d8d9a7437832f937d1/tumblr_n9cshihtJU1qdtr76o1_1280.jpg
mircea_popescu: anyway. obama's choice (we'll prosecute drugs ; not prostitution) exactly mirrors the proceeds of eg appalachian convention and generally the prevailing opinion in the mob. when you have only limited enforcing capacity, as you necessarily will, fighting prostitution is unfeasible.
mircea_popescu: phf http://68.media.tumblr.com/132fdbc2f7bbb4d2a965a8bf7d17dbda/tumblr_n9cshihtJU1qdtr76o4_1280.jpg just about. though kinda poorly made.
mats: so epstein is the brothel operator?
mircea_popescu: epstein is one of many such squires, let's call them. the squire's estate consists of a brothel, which may be obv multiple physical locations but generally arranged in a star pattern, a harvesting operation, his connections to the democrat party (in this case via abedin-clinton-obama). he doesn't do his own marketing, the people running the whole thing do. ☟︎☟︎
mircea_popescu: generally they don't maintain their own muscle, but rely on the krysha to force the local police depts into acting as muscle for them, which is a major centralizing effect of the scheme (historically this worked under the hand of the local police, providing THEM the revenues - as seen even today in eg argentina)
mircea_popescu: and also the reason the local police don't much care for it. so they're (reluctantly) pushing back.
mircea_popescu: and hence "fbi is trumpland" lalala.
mircea_popescu: and yes they're VERY fucking busy all around mosul these days. tons and tons of "ngos" "charity workers" and whatnot. apparently preteen muslim meat is at a premium for some reason.
mircea_popescu: and also a major reason why eg european politicians take "irrational" measures such as allowing refugees in. yes it's true that a thousand refugees will cost the local community in excess of ten million before it's all settled. BUT, importantly, a thousand refugees contain at least a dozen harvestable bodies, which provide for the politicians ie "modern democracy" criminal organisation a hefty 1mn+ in revenue.
mircea_popescu: because rarely they get to skim as much as 10% of a public works contract, this is from an economic perspective a much better deal. unfortunately it doesn't scale - but in the end days of the empire scale is the last of the concern of the scurrying rats.
mats: in your telling of this story, are bill/hrc complicit in the pedoring or is that bit merely incidental or manufactured for use as blackmail?
mircea_popescu: i'm not going to push the shockwave. if and when the pics show up you'll know.
mircea_popescu: in either case there can be no sane construction in which this makes the first hair of a difference. really, you wish to know whether the oil merchant spilled any ? because why, in treelogic this makes a difference ?
mats: i don't know that bill patronized whores, or his particular place in this scheme
phf: i suspect they are not necessarily framed as whores, there are layers of deniability there. k street parties will have girls, sourced from local sororities by enterprising promoters. it could be factored in the "price" of admission and if you're there it's for you. but you can also say that "oh i was there discussing business, i didn't much mind the semi naked drunk supermodels staggering about, for i'm a married man"
asciilifeform: possible that also/instead for organs, vs buggery ??
asciilifeform: (just how many homo-pederasts are there in usa..?)
asciilifeform: meanwhile, in the circus, https://archive.is/Qihmf
asciilifeform: 'Every person in Bitcoin failed. We are looking at 100% failure rate. I could go on and on about my involvement but the fact of the matter is, I'm rich and everyone else is poor. Rant aside, every one of my projects has magically disappeared - I'm talking about full stacks in every market. Why? Every project I did, Peercover, Providence, Simple Exchange, Simple Stocks, Omega Interpreter, Webmata - massively sued legal entities out as
asciilifeform: people, corporations, and governments attacked me. Then, they tried to kill me. NOW I'M FUCKING RICH.'
trinque: asciilifeform: aren't young adults better for organ harvesting?
trinque: I guess you could catch 'em early, but then have to feed/house until you take out the parts.
asciilifeform: afaik 12yo parts are wholly usable
mircea_popescu: phf for sure. the one thing everyone-other-than-mp excels at is misusing words and misrepresenting themselves.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform who is this then ?!
mircea_popescu: anyway, afaik the chinese are a lot bigger on the whole new organs biz than the us. i dunno that there's so much market in it - the doctors generally take a dim view.
mod6: trinque is very excited << same!
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i have nfi who, but very telling that there are now fake mircea_popescus in the psych wards in place of the old napoleons.
asciilifeform: then again it is old trend, there was reptilia etc.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2016-11-05#1563116 << betcha it was a mistranslation from rt, 'смертники' ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2016-11-05 13:32 mircea_popescu: "suciders" don't you know. that's totally how i'm going to list the dead usg agents if/when they actually get their balls in order and try a move : "here's a list of usg suiciders".
asciilifeform: (originally word implied berserker/kamikaze mission, but in modern times often refers to anyone who is expected to fight to the death or at least set off 'shaheed belt' as last hurrah)
mircea_popescu: pretty funny up here.
mircea_popescu: anyway, apparently this is some ethereum nonsense. "Here is the all JS in browser distributed web solution: http://www.webmata.org."
mircea_popescu: pretty funny, seeing how a product code FUTIPEMATA is definitely in the books.
mircea_popescu: getting back to the red cups, http://68.media.tumblr.com/fcab5ee7f717462947558ae26c6b82f0/tumblr_n9c070ggMe1stjm8io1_1280.jpg
shinohai: https://twitter.com/gonzoucab/status/793791655090458625
mircea_popescu: would be a lot more interesting if roger ver actually had enough money to pay for his gas.
mats: https://bitbet.us/bet/1330/new-trump-wins-bet-with-no-weighting-decay for last minute bettors
mircea_popescu: aww check that out no action since may
deedbot: http://www.contravex.com/2016/11/05/public-vs-private-goods-or-why-theres-no-bugatti-comp/ << » Contravex: A blog by Pete Dushenski - Public vs. private goods, or why there’s no Bugatti-comp.
ben_vulpes: !~later tell pete_dushenski can't recall when you asked about my shitball, but 3.7 M so far
jhvh1: ben_vulpes: The operation succeeded.
ben_vulpes: https://thehftguy.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/docker-in-production-an-history-of-failure/ << yup
shinohai: !!unrate covertress
deedbot: Get your OTP: http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/r/sjgcb/?raw=true
shinohai: !!v 64C0ED78BEDD5BEFFB99156A99D13AEF9E841CE7B65269BA85B0800118CCE0F9
deedbot: shinohai unrated covertress.
shinohai: ^ lost key
BingoBoingo: lol https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/5atzg4/the_developers_behind_the_core_fork_of_the/d9jhqfo/
shinohai: "Half of the links are nothing but Butts. Good looking ones at that." LOL
shinohai: Red Cups