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asciilifeform: apparently not just pediwiki-proper
BingoBoingo: <asciilifeform> afaik pediwikism dun count as 'publication' << Eh, but the so called deans prolly count pediwiki links as citations in their minds if not on paper
asciilifeform: also phf's linked pediwiki item is hilarious : '...floating material in lava lamps, extracting random data from the pictures, and using the result to seed a pseudorandom number generator.[1] Although the secondary part of the random number generation uses a pseudorandom number generator, the full process essentially qualifies as a "true" random number generator due to the random seed that is used.'
jurov: really? pediwiki says "The head of the Science Council of Japan’s expert panel has said Japan's seismic conditions makes it difficult to predict ground conditions over the necessary 100,000 years, so it will be impossible to convince the public of the safety of deep geological disposal."
jurov: pediwiki says "300 MHz flip-flop toggle rates".. and guess it would need flipflops if the SHA computaiton is pipelined
jurov: williamdunne: how comes pediwiki goes with such fad?
jurov: church-turing on pediwiki seems to be something unrelated
decimation: pediwiki: The term relay rack appeared first in the world of telephony.[2] By 1911, the term was also being used in railroad signaling.[3] There is little evidence that the dimensions of these early racks were standardized. The 19-inch rack format with rack-units of 1.75 inches and holes tapped for 12-24 screws with alternating spacings of 1.25 inches and 0.5 inch was an established standard by 1934.[4] The EIA standard was revised
benkay: pediwiki: "By law, any vehicle registered and driven or parked on public streets in British Columbia must purchase ICBC's basic insurance package from an independent broker. "