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williamdunne: mircea_popescu: Thanks, I'll start working through it
williamdunne: I have an account somewhere, it's time I've been lacking. But if I can pick it up, that would be very kind, thank you
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: Do you have anything in particular that you would care to see translated, ideally something that isn't literal poetry? Yeah I've only just started picking RO up, so it would probably be a slow process..
williamdunne: asa si asa, there is my start
williamdunne: danielpbarron: And needs them sometime between now and.. um
williamdunne: nubbins`: tbf while using the company wallet might be a bad habit, I don't think its an issue in itself, although reading through the logs it seems everything has gone to shit
williamdunne: Yeah I'm on Friday currently
williamdunne: Hot stuff
williamdunne: Yeah the only one I didn't read seemingly
williamdunne: I must have missed this part on Qntra.. ok I'm going in
williamdunne: Whereabouts does all this drama begin?
williamdunne: Gonna go logdiving
williamdunne: Seems like I chose an exciting time to reappear
williamdunne: danielpbarron: the part of life I wouldn't talk in public
williamdunne: Difficulty in my personal life, nothing I couldn't recover from (obviously(
williamdunne: Oh and Contravex a little
williamdunne: I got kicked, spent a while picking myself up. Wasn't reading the logs very often, only Trilema and Qntra
williamdunne: I'm down for working on that, I started learning last week funnily enough..
williamdunne: Are people working on translating old Trilema articles from Romanian?
williamdunne: danielpbarron: Hello Daniel
williamdunne: But yah
williamdunne: ascii_field: Eh, was just reading; 19:36:41 - thestringpuller: https://medium.com/@OB1Company/scaling-bitcoin-9366988972b6 […]
williamdunne sees no reason why most people would need to directly touch a blockchain
williamdunne sends check to federal reserve for $214,748,364.78
williamdunne: She was dressed up all goth-like and spoke like a retard so can't imagine she was that good ☟︎
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: It certainly does, just yesterday I heard a girl maybe a few years older myself bragging (in a thick western accent) about her mother doing Cocaine and Ecstasy while heavily pregnant, and how "she turned out alright"
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: Newton Abbot
williamdunne: Newton Abbot has 12 people, and I'm one of them
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: Never thought I'd see my hometown mentioned on #b-a..
williamdunne: Yeah that did the job perfectly
williamdunne: Cheers
williamdunne: Can someone please give me a signed message to test something with? It can be filled with any old garbage, but has to be a key not on my machine, and saves me the hassle of creating, deleting, importing pubkey to test one message
williamdunne: For example at my bank it would cost me 1%, 13 euro, 4% currency conversion fee. But that's because UK banks are particularly terrible with SEPA
williamdunne: 1% fee + 0-10euro SEPA fee + 0.5-3% currency conversion fee
williamdunne: United Kingdom
williamdunne: Switzerland
williamdunne: Sweden
williamdunne: Romania
williamdunne: Poland
williamdunne: Norway
williamdunne: Hungary
williamdunne: Denmark
williamdunne: Czech Republic
williamdunne: Croatia
williamdunne: Bulgaria
williamdunne: mike_c: Sorry I meant 16. And because for a whole bunch of the countries they process euros not the national currency
williamdunne: mike_c: closer to 18 IMO
williamdunne: Its from a BBC show, even worse
williamdunne: For a good laugh, a socialist using words they don't understand. Particular lols around bogeymanning options contracts; www.dailymotion.com/video/x2mxebi_the-super-rich-and-us-episode-2_tv
williamdunne: I like it
williamdunne: That's a pretty cool word
williamdunne: ;;ud potemkins
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: you probably own one of the most valuable pgp/email lists going..
williamdunne: mike_c: I'm assuming he's meaning airgapping
williamdunne: I'm on Ubuntu running GnuPG 1.4.16
williamdunne: Ok, well lets settle on works well enough for the rather limited goal
williamdunne: D required a hacky method of telling the application to use the command line
williamdunne: i.e clisp lacks a documented library afaik
williamdunne: +1 on auto-upping some nicks. I wanted to re-write Scoop in a language that doesn't use JIT and other such crap, but many languages lack GPG libraries that actually work.
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: Relieve pressure by ranting on a blog? Sounds like it could work. I'll have another look at the incubators
williamdunne: Probably more. It was at one of the incubators we got our last investor.. sour taste in my mouth
williamdunne: Initially they were all pretty hostile
williamdunne: Ofc.. but none of them were looking to make friends afaik. There was one person from #b-a interested but that's from a different angle
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: Mostly the speculating crowd. Not people from #b-a or anything
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: Eh, while you might think that a fair number of the people I spoke to disagreed.
williamdunne: punkman: Primarily targeting margin in non-USD, and larger bucket of currencies to trade in
williamdunne: ascii_field: Why would you assume that the difference is in the KYC methods used?
williamdunne: Well at least I'm not in a lonely club.
williamdunne: trinque: Engine isn't too complicated, that'd be pointless
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: We'd already spent a bunch of their money. It's left them with no equity so slightly stranger
williamdunne: punkman: Had funding, one of the other companies they invested in when tits up and so they decided to withdraw support from all financial services companies they invested in. 10/10. My fault for not securing a deal where that wouldn't happen
williamdunne: jurov: There is an existing market that is missing a few areas, even within the section that is willing to undergo KYC ☟︎
williamdunne: jurov: Did she ever return
williamdunne: An exchange, as per previous mentions. Unfortunately though it will have KYC so mabbeh less interesting for people on #b-a, ofc that's for ya'll to decide
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: step 1) create small side project that takes user funds, step 2) advertise on bitcointalk, step 3) steal monies for actual project?
williamdunne: Do you have any advice you would be willing to share on raising small amounts of money for bitcoin projects, that doesn't come from VCs?
williamdunne: mmk
williamdunne: 0.0007 wao
williamdunne: ;;later tell pete_dushenski would you mind telling me which posts? Sorry I've not been keeping on top of scoop so much. Tryna find someone who can put up some money to get my time-sink launched
williamdunne: Sorry, I meant they've been doing it previously
williamdunne: What we need is an exchange that will enable margin trading of btc/gbtc
williamdunne: jurov: They've been doing so for a while
williamdunne: Yes
williamdunne: That sounds more like it went well for the one pouring the gas, than her
williamdunne: Well the only references I'm seeing to it are describing it as a traumatic experience. While traumatic can be a force for good I can't see anything suggesting it did her any particular favours
williamdunne: From what I can see they may contend that point
williamdunne: Did it work fine for them?
williamdunne: Not in any detail, I'll have a look
williamdunne: Only the town
williamdunne: mircea_popescu: What are we talking of?
williamdunne: For example, when one person tried to get a few to jump me, they were forced to keep a fairly large distance between themselves and I
williamdunne: Purely in my head, I'm not certain I'd fear any individual in a group of 8 that beat me
williamdunne: I've never given a gang beating
williamdunne: Sure, but I was always on the smaller/equal side
williamdunne: So far
williamdunne: No, only ever done hte beating
williamdunne: I'd disagree that a gang-beating is particularly dominating
williamdunne: Domination
williamdunne: Never understood the usage of gang-beatings to show strength. I can understand it to create fear.. but strength
williamdunne: If they outlaw breathing, you should not break the social contract by fighting for life