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pankkake: you have a thing for public nudity
mircea_popescu: for [young] women. sure.
nubbins`: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/first-nation-teen-told-not-to-wear-got-land-shirt-at-school-1.2497009
ozbot: First Nation teen told not to wear 'Got Land?' shirt at school - Saskatchewan - CBC News
nubbins`: "Additional meetings between the school and leaders of the Star Blanket First Nation led to an understanding that Star's sweatshirt, and its message, were acceptable after all."
mircea_popescu: such bs all this. the whole charade is predicated on supposedly acting on principle
mircea_popescu: except the entire thing is directly the result of political negotiation, as an exchange of power.
mircea_popescu: the modern equivalent of "let's go to war for the love of jesus"
pankkake: http://www.kinkondemand.com/kod/shoot/10018-Beautiful-German-Milf-Bound-and-Fucked-in-Public.html?c=1 not young, but by far my favorite PD scene
ozbot: Bondage BDSM and Fetish Video on Demand - Beautiful German Milf Bound and Fucked in Public
mircea_popescu: youth is in the eye of teh beholder.
nubbins`: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/pipe-bomb-handed-back-to-edmonton-passenger-by-airport-guard-1.2497650
ozbot: Pipe bomb handed back to Edmonton passenger by airport guard - Edmonton - CBC News
nubbins`: HAHAHAH
nubbins`: canadians really are polite, hey
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asciilifeform: http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/15/blackphone/
ozbot: Silent Circle & Geeksphone Join Forces To Build Blackphone: A Pro-Privacy Android-Based Smartphone
asciilifeform: crypto hero turned u.s. gov. shill pushes honeypot, news at 11.
pankkake: still waiting for a true GNU/Linux phone :(
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asciilifeform: if snowden is a 'hangout', getting people to buy this crap is clearly the objective of the hangout.
pankkake: I don't understand why they would go for Android either
asciilifeform: because cheap. won't cut into ft. meade's coke budget.
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asciilifeform: pankkake: you still think 'blackphone' is an honest/inept product, don't you.
pankkake: I don't really care about the intentions behind it, but it cannot achieve its stated goal
asciilifeform: some of the unstated goals can be achieved without selling a single unit, however.
asciilifeform: (discrediting 'counter-nsa' tech as crackpottery, for instance.)
Apocalyptic: hum
pankkake: what bothers me the most is the common belief that you only need to make crypto "easy"
pankkake: you have to understand it or you will get burned
Apocalyptic: secure and easy don't go well together
asciilifeform: it all starts to make sense once you understand that selling people rope with which to hang is the actual objective.
Apocalyptic: asciilifeform, do you have any ref related to this ?
asciilifeform: to what, in particular?
mircea_popescu: pankkake it's deeper than that, too. us people wanted a system that'd work without their input. thirty years later... they have it.
mircea_popescu: this "making things easy" bs is just another name for "painting yourself out of the picture"
Apocalyptic: to the fact it will likely be a honeypot
asciilifeform: Apocalyptic: sometimes, the answer is not printed in the back of the schoolbook. and you have to actually understand the problem and use your head.
Apocalyptic: i'm obviously not looking for a schoolbook here
unclehowell: Hey everyone. I wanted to introduce my tech startup. It's called Wave. We're planning to make internet access free using a new generation of ads-for-access. The best part is, we're doing our entire Series A investment round with Bitcoin: http://wavetele.com/layout/Pages/shares-area/beneficiaries.html ☟︎
pankkake: mircea_popescu: the issue is that belief is present among "the good guys"
unclehowell: Here's the interactive demo http://wavetele.com
asciilifeform: Apocalyptic: intro to sane cryptographic principles: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=1299
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mircea_popescu: Apocalyptic i suppose his argument is chiefly "what else could it be"
asciilifeform: even without any understanding of the politics, you can derive the answer:
asciilifeform: 1) what's it made of? how conceptually 'heavy' is the device?
mircea_popescu: this works sort-of well, until you end up with things like... i dunno, every show on tv being a honeypot by this approach, as well as every newspaper and most of everything else, cause they damn sure don't work for the advertised/intended purposes.
asciilifeform: that is, can a motivated person with an undergrad-level education actually understand the design in its totality?
mircea_popescu: dja understand by this reading the average fridge is a honeypot ?
asciilifeform: 2) could you, given what the creator of the device has made public, re-create it?
asciilifeform: as for the political component, zimmerman already fucked the public goat with the closed-source 'silent circle'
unclehowell: Do you guys like the demo? http://wavetele.com
Apocalyptic: mircea_popescu, yeah was kinda my point for bringing it up
asciilifeform: unclehowell: the '90s called, want their turdware back.
Apocalyptic: now asciilifeform that's some interesting facts
pankkake: I remember when I was using dialup and farming those free internets
unclehowell: Turdware. Not heard that before. Nice!
pankkake: they all went bankrupt of course
unclehowell: I heard they used to do ads-for-access with dial up.
pankkake: there were also the things that paid you to browse
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pankkake: even free computers with ads
unclehowell: MIchael Moritz helped us. We should nail it. I hope we do.
mircea_popescu: pankkake what, the bbss ?! those weren't free, foo. urmom was payin' for it.
asciilifeform: anyone remember the 'cuecat' ?
mircea_popescu: unclehowell as far as anyone knows, you're some guy that started talking the moment he joined and what he had to say was some sales angle. this is exactly how to end up on the ignore list of half the chan within five minutes, and on the mocklist of half the rest.
asciilifeform: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CueCat
ozbot: CueCat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform shit you spoiled it
pankkake: mircea_popescu: no, we eventually had dialup that did not have a cost for the dialer; but of course you had to pay the ISP you dialed to
unclehowell: Cheers mircea_popescu, I hear you. Yeh, I'm new to this
mircea_popescu: i was keeping this as my personal private chuckle re all the ninnies with the qr codes that revolutionise w/e the fuck
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pankkake: unless it was those free things, our you found other, dirty ways to get it for free
mircea_popescu: pankkake wait, you're from the magical land of the minitel aren't you
Duffer1: i have like a dozen of those cats
asciilifeform: clever fellow figured out how to use cuecat as a generic scanner, the bastards sued
Duffer1: used to work at radioshack when they phased em out
asciilifeform: 'it isn't yours, we gave it to you strictly in the opening to be raped in'
pankkake: yes… minitel is the thing to blame for the lack of good internet access at the time
unclehowell: I worked Maplins. Then Cyber Security in the MOD. I love tech.
mircea_popescu: "The bars are tilted 22.5° to the left, both for stylistic reasons and to avoid Lemelson parallel barcode patent concerns."
mircea_popescu: someone patented straight lines in that fuckfest of insanity over there.
mircea_popescu: it needs a reset.
pankkake: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/275213.stm
asciilifeform: lemelson is the original patent troll
asciilifeform: the grandfather of them all.
dub: we had free dialup back in the dark ages of network termination rates
unclehowell: Wave is my tech startup. So what do you guys think? Will we ever have free internet access. My only competitor seems to be Zuckerberg himself with http://internet.org/
asciilifeform: phun phact: the smithsonian museum has a 'lemelson gallery of invention hall of fame'
asciilifeform: a little like an 'eichmann museum of judaism'
unclehowell: You guys really know about the free internet initiatives. Awesome speaking to you all. Where they all failed we hope to succeed with http://wavetele.com
Duffer1: lol are you a bot?
dub: he watched my video from the other day
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mircea_popescu: you had a video the other day ?
dub: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9il52dlnnc
ozbot: Selling is Service, Service is Selling - A Musical Training Video (Original) - YouTube
mircea_popescu: can i have fries with that ?
dub: make the gril watch it and your jimothy conversion rates will blow up
pankkake: she tried to talk in the activemining thread, I'm afraid those guys are too far gone
Duffer1: it's almost the gambler falacy in that thread
Duffer1: because all the bad luck was used up on labcoin, actm will be a huge success
pankkake: lol, never thought of that
Duffer1: i hope they're successful though, i know guys that lost only 50% of their assets in labcoin because the other 50% was in actm >.<
pankkake: to be successful they'd have to ask for things like clear financials. right now they're just encouraging more scam
Duffer1: i don't see how actm can be successful even if they turn out to be legit
pankkake: and just stopping right now and refunding whatever is left, but oh well
pankkake: not losing 100% would be a success at that point :p
Duffer1: yea pretty much
pankkake: but after figuring out they have been lied to… nothing
pankkake: actually, the lack of communication is now blamed on people who supposedly contacted easic
pankkake: so the message is "if you ask questions it will be worse"
Duffer1: i don't know why i even read that thread, it's just as stressful to me as the labcoin nonsense and i don't even own any actm
mircea_popescu: Duffer1> because all the bad luck was used up on labcoin, actm will be a huge success <<< bwahahaha
mircea_popescu: spot on methinks
pankkake: I don't know why it obsesses me either
mircea_popescu: pankkake same old story, the same derpage from new derps. the derps last three months on average, but their derpage is immortal.
Duffer1: they're voting on whether or not to move shares to colored coins
pankkake: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=14-01-2014#445473 <= that thing made me realize that even if the shit I still have on havelock works, most of the profits won't end up in my pocket ☝︎
ozbot: #bitcoin-assets log
pankkake: honestly, I just ask myself what I would do if I had millions coming in and no accounting
pankkake: I'd just buy myself things "for the company"
Apocalyptic: or pay yourself a huge wage
Apocalyptic: cause you know CEO's got to be paid
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pankkake: yeah, those are usually not disclosed
pankkake: when in fiat land "CEOs" of startup don't pay themselves for years
pankkake: well, except in the dot com bubble actually
pankkake: Duffer1: the colored coin thing is weird, yes… as if the risk was in the exchange
pankkake: it's much easier for an exchange than for a business to escape the law anyway
Duffer1: it would be nice if the first colored coin experiment company wasn't a scam
Duffer1: although the information would be valuable either way i suppose
pankkake: mircea_popescu: did you write anything on the subject of the log.b-a link? I bookmarket it, but an actual article would be nice
mircea_popescu: um write like what ?
pankkake: "if you review the early history of btc scams, 2011s, you'll see most corps turned scams once the "ceo" confronted the problem of "we have cashflow. what to do with that cash ?"."
pankkake: I wonder how colored coins can handle panics
mircea_popescu: ah ah.
pankkake: so actually, a scam would be a better experiment!
pankkake: if you have to wait for confirmations to cancel orders
pankkake: that can be a lot of fun
mircea_popescu: it's possible there's some stuff in the early posts of mpoe-pr
mircea_popescu: there are some trilkema articles but they be in romanian as this is pre-change
mircea_popescu: pankkake: I'd just buy myself things "for the company" << Well Mr. Ipswitch since everyone of my expenses are obviously for a legitimate business purpose. ( Elaine turns on water pic to water plants.)
pankkake: in France we have "Abus de bien social" - I didn't find any translation for this (at least legal terms)
pankkake: I used to think it was to prevent people from escaping VAT
mircea_popescu: " CueCats were also bulk mailed (unsolicited) to certain mailing lists, such as subscribers of technology magazines Forbes and Wired."
mircea_popescu: that's a nice tidbit.
mircea_popescu: "En France, l'abus de biens sociaux est un délit qui consiste, pour un dirigeant de société commerciale , à utiliser en connaissance de cause les biens, le crédit, les pouvoirs ou les voix de la société à des fins personnelles, directes ou indirectes." Prescription3 ans CompétenceTrib. correctionnel
pankkake: eheh, QR codes before their time… but that device must have been very bulky
mircea_popescu: something between conversion and embezzlement i guess.
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pankkake: http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/13/booth-babes-dont-convert/
ozbot: Booth Babes Don’t Work | TechCrunch
mircea_popescu: (Protip: It’s frowned upon when you actually put “booth babes” as line item in your budget).
mircea_popescu: it will never cease, this, will it ?
mircea_popescu: if i ever go to the ces my booth babes will be topless
mircea_popescu: http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/screen-shot-2014-01-13-at-10-38-52-am.png << those are babes ? seriously now.
mircea_popescu: they're fucking up the babeness and then pretending "it dun work".
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pankkake: topless babes might attract because of the novelty
pankkake: the "babes" posts of shows are pretty sad, as most of the girls aren't very attractive. or dressed like shit
pankkake: at least the tech shows
mircea_popescu: yes well, you can't go to the car race in a box with wheels glued on and then decide "cars are stupid"
mircea_popescu: and you don't use them to "sell", you use them to project an image.
mircea_popescu: in short, it takes skill, skill which random muppets in the freakshow do not have. big whoop. don't blame the hammer for the bumps on your head.
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pankkake: yeah so at least dress them properly!
mircea_popescu: "Many times I observed that while my team was busy in demos with other prospects, the booth babes were unable to hold the interest of these execs for the extra five minutes that I needed to get a person from our team to engage. I had no such trouble with the other ladies since I had requested that specific soft skill."
mircea_popescu: derp. some retarded 20something that can't hold anyone occupied for five minutes is in no sense of the word a "babe".
mircea_popescu: so broken, this.
pankkake: http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/asian-girl-bang-bang-gif.gif she would hold my interest
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mircea_popescu: "the ones that the booth babes had no trouble attracting were often low-level, overconfident IT nubs — the guys that were already always first at the hosted bars and whose highlight for the quarter was being authorized to travel for the event. They had neither the authority nor the budget that made them ideal prospects for our sales teams. All these guys do is lower your conversion from lead to opp and lower your ROI
mircea_popescu: on the show."
mircea_popescu: ahaha the guy is so close to sprouting a mpoe-pr line, and yet he somehow just... can't.
mircea_popescu: ". First off, marketing departments in big companies are under-budgeted, under-staffed, and under-appreciated. " bwahahaha
mircea_popescu: ok, i've not had so much fun since reading the forum digest this morn
pankkake: he must work in marketing
mircea_popescu: yeah, he's one of the schmucks looking for a new gig.
mircea_popescu: remember, always be looking for a new gig.
mircea_popescu: « Aucune décision de l’assemblée générale ne peut avoir pour effet d’éteindre une action en responsabilité contre les administrateurs ou contre le directeur général pour faute commise dans l’accomplissement de leur mandat. »
mircea_popescu: dude your laws over there are fucking broken.
mircea_popescu: who owns the company, the shareholders or the french republic ?
pankkake: I think that's the part that bothered me; and it's probably there for tax reasons
pankkake: VAT is the root of all evil
pankkake: (especially when you have to write accounting software)
mircea_popescu: i certainly can't see how anyone'd accept to run his business in france.
mircea_popescu: forget any other problems : this one is enough.
mircea_popescu: clearly that state does not fully understand its inferior position to businesses.
pankkake: lol, no. in the media we have politicians always telling businessmen what they should do
mircea_popescu: yes, well, that's unfortunate. i suppose people that wish to starve will starve.
pankkake: my phobia of paperwork will always prevent me from creating a registered business anyway
mircea_popescu: In September 2000, security watchdog website Securitywatch.com notified Digital Convergence of a security vulnerability on the Digital Convergence website that exposed private information about CueCat users.[14] Digital Convergence immediately shut down that part of their website, and their investigation concluded that approximately 140,000 CueCat users who had registered their CueCat were exposed to a breach that reve
mircea_popescu: aled their name, email address, age range, gender and zip code. This was not a breach of the main user database itself, but a flat text file used only for reporting purposes that was generated by ColdFusion code that was saved on a publicly available portion of the Digital Convergence web server.
mircea_popescu: epic.
mircea_popescu: i had totally forgotten just how damned good cuecat is.
pankkake: I forgot about ColdFusion. what an horrible thing
pankkake: there was like an exploit a week
mircea_popescu: in this case it'd seem it wasn't even its fault
pankkake: more or less; those "programming is easy" tools will make people make mistakes
pankkake: like the easy crypto we talked about earlier!
mircea_popescu: .d
ozbot: 1789546951.05324 | Next Diff in 1507 blocks | Estimated Change: 18.7366% in 8d 12h 4m 56s
pankkake: http://bitbet.us/bet/596/btc-difficulty-to-increase-by-less-than-10/ isn't going to happen :(
ozbot: BitBet - BTC difficulty to increase by less than 10%
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Diablo-D3: I forgot cuecat ever happened
mircea_popescu: maybe
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diametric: did I just see cuecat mentioned?
diametric: The bar code readers radioshack was giving away?
mircea_popescu: diametric yeah, they reminded me of all the fiat-bitcoin stuff going on in the 2000s
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asciilifeform: diametric: a spammer wandered in, pushing 'ad-supported net access'
asciilifeform: and somebody mentioned how he mooched from ad-based dial-ups back in the day
diametric: I was sitting in my office in 2009 when I was reading about bitcoin the first time. I loaded up the crappy web based miner at the time while I read about it. I tried finding some stuff to spend it on, but the list was like, 5 pieces. The only one interesting to me was a voip provider, but it was like 10 bitcoin a month or something.
asciilifeform: which reminded me of cuecat
diametric: if only I knew..
mircea_popescu: i had people fighting with my preconceived notions for months before i actually gave the thing a look
asciilifeform: i threw that very same web-based miner on my site for a short spell.
mircea_popescu: if only i knew... etc.
mircea_popescu: it's how it goes.
asciilifeform: and spent a while looking for possible attacks.
diametric: i actually left that web based miner running on a windows PC I never touched then
diametric: for like a month.
asciilifeform: (bitcoin superficially resembled some of my own unpublished crackpottery, and the differences struck me as 'insecure')
diametric: and then i forgot about it.
asciilifeform: i also tend to lazily read the source of things while they build (gentoo crackpots unite!)
asciilifeform: and the bitcoin source struck me as ugly and 'surely full of strange'
pankkake: hehe, trying to build bitcoin is the first time I went away
pankkake: it was using wxwidgets or something
diametric: i wonder if I can make money body scanning people and printing them into onto cocks that I can cast with food safe silicone and make edible dickheads.
diametric: err wrong channel
asciilifeform: laugh all you like, but this almost exists
asciilifeform: when i was buying castable silicone on 'amazon', the search results included a kit named 'clone-a-willy'
diametric: Panadol_: i used to be a gentoo dev
diametric: wrong p.
diametric: pankkake: i used to be a gentoo dev
diametric: there right p.
pankkake: oh
diametric: asciilifeform: yeah, but I can actually use my 3D scanner (that does full body now), and scan someones face, union it onto their own dick if they even want, and then cast it
asciilifeform: you could probably squeeze the silicone putty through an extruder.
diametric: gentoo went downhill when daniel took a job at microsoft.
asciilifeform: i still use it, grudgingly and with grumbling, from the lack of an equivalent alternative.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 1204 @ 0.0008035 = 0.9674 BTC [-] {6}
pankkake: I never followed the drama, but gentoo seems to be always full of it
diametric: i mostly just ported packages to x86_64
diametric: but yeah it was full of drama
asciilifeform: pankkake: every once in a while, the gentoo dev people push out a turd that auto-breaks everything.
diametric: once in a while is relative
pankkake: that's not very surprising, but it seemed more personal drama
diametric: if you don't update your system every single week an update will fuck you
pankkake: I like gentoo because I know I can fix it, breakages don't really bother me
diametric: They used to have a policy against it, way back earlier that no emerge sync should ever break a system
diametric: but then that went out the window
asciilifeform: pankkake: same. but it sucks telling people 'i'll get nothing useful done for the next two days, have to fix xorg'
mircea_popescu: ahaha no you don't!
mircea_popescu: <diametric> i wonder if I can make money body scanning people and printing them into onto cocks that I can cast with food safe silicone and make edible dickheads.
assbot: Last 1 lines bashed and pending review. (http://dpaste.com/1553798/plain/)
mircea_popescu: !b 1 ✂︎
pankkake: I think you can get away with 2 months
diametric: mircea_popescu: i actually have everything to do this
mircea_popescu: i must admit it sounds vaguely tempting
asciilifeform: every gentoo aficionado i've ever met was an 'expatriate' from *bsd.
mircea_popescu: i could give a dickhead of me to each girl!
diametric: maybe I could make the paper again
pankkake: asciilifeform: thankfully I have written many little helpers so I can get a machine ready fast; otherwise, it looks pretty ridiculous starting a job and spending the first week configuring the base system
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9600 @ 0.00084687 = 8.13 BTC [-] {2}
diametric: asciilifeform: openbsd for me
asciilifeform: for me, it was years of freebsd
asciilifeform: until the stack of undrivered hardware widgets piled a little too high
mircea_popescu: allow me to further improve everyone's productivity.
mircea_popescu: http://31.media.tumblr.com/100a28a83cfc7229e611c36d02459cfc/tumblr_mv00ui1IsD1ru15g3o1_1280.jpg
pankkake: http://nixos.org/ seems interesting
ozbot: Nix/NixOS Home Page
pankkake: service is selling!
mircea_popescu: sealing as a searvice!
asciilifeform: misread as 'stealing as a service'
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nubbins`: ah hey, my s.mg stock warrant can be redeemed now!
nubbins`: fun
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asciilifeform: http://bpravdarefugees.runboard.com/t203310
ozbot: The Cornfield :: Main Chat :: The Origin of Modern Neo-Liberal Economy | Runboard
asciilifeform: "Sewers caused all our troubles. The masses of this country are not like your Americans, nor even like the British. They are slave stock. They are good for nothing but slaves and only when they are used as slaves are they happy. But we, the decent people, made the mistake of giving them modern housing in the cities where we have our factories. We put sewers in these cities, sewers which extend right down to the ☟︎
asciilifeform: workers’ quarters. Not content with the work of God, we thus interfere with His will. The result is that the slave stock increases. Had we no sewers in Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao, all these Red leaders would have died in their infancy instead of exciting the rabble and causing good Spanish blood to flow. When the war is over, we should destroy the sewers. The perfect birth control for Spain is the birth c
asciilifeform: ontrol God intended us to have. Sewers are a luxury to be reserved for those who deserve them, the leaders of Spain, not the slave stock."
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asciilifeform: - As told to Associated Press correspondent Charles Foltz, 1936. (For those interested in going to the library for a fact-check, the quote can be found in Paul Preston, “The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939,” pp. 104-105 [Dorsey Press edition].)
asciilifeform: paging mircea_popescu!
KRS1: Its a good thing they don't charge for this anymore, I was starting to wonder if I really need this software.
KRS1: http://personal.inet.fi/business/toniarts/synttare.htm
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asciilifeform: http://eprints.lse.ac.uk/2711/1/The%20answer%20lies%20in%20the%20sewers(lsero).pdf
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KRS1: ;;seen porquillo
gribble: I have not seen porquillo.
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twizt: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2014/01/15/Iran-s-Fars-News-U-S-is-run-by-secret-alien-regime-.html
twizt: lol
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KRS1: It's called 42Coin, and one of them is already worth 1,000 Bitcoin
KRS1: Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/introducing-42coin-2014-1#ixzz2qYcePtpc
mircea_popescu: lol it will never end now, will it.
KRS1: no =/
mircea_popescu: 2014 will be the year of derpaltcoin
mircea_popescu: i tell you honestly, i could not have paid for things to work out better.
KRS1: i cant see through the madness..not sure what to make of it
mircea_popescu: bitcoin is officially under the protection of the gods, it's unseemly, this.
KRS1: these bastards are good for the one?
mircea_popescu: absolutely.
mircea_popescu: you don't want the stupid poor focused on important stuff.
mircea_popescu: the world works by fucktards following britney and obama around, not by them pestering the actual technocracy.
mircea_popescu: it's bad enough we get the collateral damage of unclehowells showing up here with their idiocy cause they saw somewhere the girl mentioning this to someone else. let the kids follow konye, yo. it's best for everyone.
KRS1: yes i've noticed this pattern before..not just coins..hmm.
mircea_popescu: yeah, it's called maturation.
KRS1: maturation
KRS1: any relation to whats called the "shake out"
KRS1: another word for consolidation i suppose
KRS1: initially i saw it as a dilution of bitcoin
mircea_popescu: yeah, as if anyone could possibly confuse derpcoin for bitcoin.
mircea_popescu: dilution is not the situation where there being insufficient prime rib to go around some people have to eat burger patties.
mircea_popescu: anyway, this was on trilema about a year ago.
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2013/bitcoin-prices-bitcoin-inflexibility/
ozbot: Bitcoin prices, Bitcoin inflexibility pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 23000 @ 0.00084476 = 19.4295 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: .d
ozbot: 1789546951.05324 | Next Diff in 1433 blocks | Estimated Change: 21.8225% in 7d 18h 20m 25s
KRS1: Impressive. Almost as if you were able to see the future, perhaps by understanding how the problem will play out. I suppose your understanding of philosophy was useful here.
KRS1: I already see some of this has played out.
truffles: lol
mircea_popescu: it's what i do / have been doing professionally. i'm a strategic advisor, and one of the best. what i do is i sit down with boards/ceo teams and guess the future for them.
truffles: 0.0
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 5000 @ 0.00091426 = 4.5713 BTC [+] {8}
KRS1: Thats very impressive to say the least. I've recently been involved in a conversation of the value of a college degree in the modern I.T. job market. I've actually been laughed at for thinking it has value in these waters. I suppose, even if I did waste my time with a degree in this field, being open minded and thinking critically are benefits that have value regardless. Such as the
KRS1: case with understanding how my continued investment into bitcoin has value in the face of scumcoins, for one.
mircea_popescu: yes well, youth is wasted on the young.
KRS1: heh
mircea_popescu: whatever you do you'll have wasted your time at that age.
Apocalyptic: ^
KRS1: yep
Apocalyptic: that's one of the hardest things to admit tbh
mircea_popescu: it gets easier as you age :)
Apocalyptic: when I look back a coupla years i realize I was wasting so much time;..
truffles: u havent stoppped :D
Apocalyptic: heh, look who's talking
truffles: sure
Apocalyptic: honestly i think I don't that much now
Apocalyptic: maybe in a few years I will have that same comment though
truffles: what u enjoy doing shouldnt be a waste though
davout: Apocalyptic: of course, the observation you make depends as much on what you observe than it depends on from where you observe it
Apocalyptic: indeed
Apocalyptic: out of curiosity how old are you mircea ?
truffles: 18 :D
KRS1: I love that word 'fucktards'. Officially adding it to my vocabulary for 2014.
truffles: if u use that word though hmmm
KRS1: Perhabs a merging of fuckoffs and retards; not to regard the retarded community in any derogatory manner, but instead to give those who should know better the same sub 70 i.q. labelling.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [DEALCO] 40 @ 0.00358324 = 0.1433 BTC [-] {3}
truffles: im sure u can come up with better
KRS1: I'm not very polically correct. I might have to work on that this year too, but then again it doesn't bother me. Retards are known as mentally handicapped these days.
deego: zomg! How dare you? How would you like it someone called your son that!? Why not use "intellectually different"?
truffles: id prob use special
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Apocalyptic: deego, "intellectually challenged" might be better
deego: Apocalyptic: heh, I think challenged and special have become pejorative as well :)
KRS1: Whats wrong with retarded?
Apocalyptic: I've heard in some case in US you can't just say blind anymore, you have to stay visually challenged now
deego: The progression ..
KRS1: Is the term "retarded" all that bad?
truffles: its insulting i duno
KRS1: What makes it insulting?
truffles: maybe demeans special ppl`
truffles: im not that concerned just saying
deego: cripple->handicapped->special needs. But, soon, the latest comes to be regarded as insulting..
KRS1: Its all in your heads.
KRS1: re·tard·ed riˈtärdid/Submit adjective 1. less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age.
KRS1: Definition says nothing about it being an insult.
truffles: u were upset about being called nerd yesterday
Apocalyptic: KRS1, it's indeed not insulting imo
Apocalyptic: lol, here we go
Apocalyptic: truffles, do you think of yourself as a nerd ?
truffles: no?
truffles: rarely do i use it as a perjorative
KRS1: I wasn't being upset about being called a nerd yesterday. I think mircea was
KRS1: I knew what you meant.
truffles: heh
truffles: i dunno what he was upset about, i gathered he didnt get my pov
KRS1: He said what was on his mind. Your definition of nerd was incorrect. <mircea_popescu> being what you call a nerd takes some sweat.
KRS1: I think thats all it was.
truffles: the meaning of nerd hmm
truffles: i did imply that the nerd in u would "take some sweat" research
KRS1: Sun is starting to come up on the east coast of the U.S. time for some fresh air and a cigarette.
truffles: researching
KRS1: ya idk..but i knew what you meant.
truffles: his disagreement stemmed from something else imo
mircea_popescu: Apocalyptic 35
mircea_popescu: deego because we'd rather shit on people than shit on words.
mircea_popescu: it makes sense if you think about it, people are but temporary. words are forever.
Apocalyptic: mircea_popescu, thought you were much younger somehow
mircea_popescu: possibly cause you were going by trilema header pics which are mostly me in my 20s ?
Apocalyptic: that would be correct
truffles: nothing relating to emotional states hmm
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/wp-content/themes/trilema/images/bg_apr2011.jpg there, that's recent
mircea_popescu: can't possibly be all that young and all that beardy.
Apocalyptic: heh, indeed
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deego: mircea_popescu: true, true :)
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deego: KRS1: .. and some coffee?
KRS1: Mmmm coffee.
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KRS1: Considering the political and economic climate, its almost as if the timing of bitcoin is god-like.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14660 @ 0.00084981 = 12.4582 BTC [+] {2}
KRS1: It blows my mind how perfectly timed this was. Just who is this Satoshi guy anyway..
KRS1: Gives me chills.
mircea_popescu: deefinitely on my "would have drinks with" list.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 880 @ 0.001 = 0.88 BTC [+] {2}
KRS1: HAH yes
KRS1: My late night 'nip' has been a cinnamon whisky lately. Quite interesting and soothing. Its Canadian and Nubbins get a +1 for that; its called Fireball.
KRS1: (speaking of drinks)
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Meistarin: #bitcoin-assets-trades
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KRS1: China say: Roundeye buy our mining equipment! But keep your dangerous Bitcoin away from Chinese economy.
KRS1: http://www.ilovebtchotnews.com/2014/01/16/octopus-china-the-council-does-not-plan-to-accept-bitcoin/
ozbot: Octopus – China: The Council Does Not Plan to Accept Bitcoin | I Love BTC Hot News
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jcpham: ilovebtchotnews huh
jcpham: i expected tits
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nubbins`: KRS1: fireball is low on my list
nubbins`: "hot cinnamon" is maybe my least favourite flavour in the world
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] [PAID] 15.87066425 BTC to 16`495 shares, 96215 satoshi per share
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] [PAID] 2.98163252 BTC to 326`218 shares, 914 satoshi per share
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kakobrekla: >When i was buying i knew how many shares there were. We dont know that anymore.
kakobrekla: guess the author
mike_c: goat
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15900 @ 0.00084642 = 13.4581 BTC [-]
mike_c: what do i win for my search skills? :)
nubbins`: odd, i just missed a telephone call from romania
nubbins`: ah, haha, nevermind. got the spacing wrong. it was from florida
nubbins`: no doubt one of those shitheads trying to sell a cruise
nubbins`: sorry i missed it, :(
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kakobrekla: lol mike_c , cheating not allowed
kakobrekla: :P
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KRS1: Chatter in the investment group I belong includes Wells Fargo "high profile" team meeting for an internal opinion on Bitcon. Word is that it is very positive so far.
BingoBoingo: Proceedings were continued again.
KRS1: eh
lippoper: Yeah
lippoper: Agreed
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the20year: Interesting
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mod6: huh, weird
mod6: This is an important notice for developers still using HTTP plaintext connections. On January 14th, 2014, connections to api.twitter.com will be restricted to TLS/SSL connections only.
mod6: I suppose this is the problem: https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/24239
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rattaTATtatatata: http://www.coindesk.com/circle-advisory-board-members-burns-appointment/
Apocalyptic: thanks for the link rattaTATtatatata
Apocalyptic: "Notably, it did cite Hearn’s work on the use of bitcoin for managing contracts and securitized assets"
Apocalyptic: when did ever Hearn did that ?
mod6: ok looks to be werkin now
mod6: :]
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manchbtcx: ;;ident
gribble: Nick 'manchbtcx', with hostmask 'manchbtcx!~manchbtcx@', is identified as user 'manchbtcx', with GPG key id 565B736D8A37BA3D, key fingerprint E36C7C1537187600082D45BC565B736D8A37BA3D, and bitcoin address 12LQZz3wGqxiSG3f148uco6h9QWuVMW2NF
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BingoBoingo: I've been thinking too much about Justice today http://www.thedrinkingrecord.com/2014/01/16/ohio-surrenders-claims-to-moral-authority/
Duffer1: ya 15 minutes to die
Duffer1: that's just fucked up
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BingoBoingo: Duffer1: Not that fucked up though. How many people OD on heroin?
BingoBoingo: The problem is the drug that made things quick and cheap (Potassium Chloride) is the one they are skipping.
Duffer1: imo the problem was the death lasting 15 minutes :P
Duffer1: if a state's going to kill someone shouldn't there be a shoot him in the head backup plan for fuckups like this
pankkake: "because of the unavailability of Pentobarbital" clearly those guys haven't heard of black markets!
Duffer1: i've personally witnessed a heroin OD
BingoBoingo: pankkake: That part they replaced more than adequately with the new drugs.
Duffer1: it was pretty aweful
BingoBoingo: They just took away for maybe 25 cents of potassium chloride which rapidly induces asystole by depolarising all of the cardiac muscle.
BingoBoingo: Exsaguination would probably be more humane though
BingoBoingo: Mild opiates + concussion + exsanguination would probably be most humane.
BingoBoingo: The problem with exsanguination though is the state doesn't like looking like it commits violence anymore.
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Duffer1: ya all that pussyfooting around is stupid
Duffer1: ffs you're killing a guy, just destroy the brain as quickly as possible
Duffer1: that's probably the only truly humane way to do it
Duffer1: just no one wants to clean that up
Duffer1: "humane"
BingoBoingo: School Janitors i imagine don't like cleaning up vomit, but it happens.
pankkake: I still don't understand the choice of the drugs, it seems there are better pentobarbital replacements; less "efficient" but you can work around that
pankkake: for the death penalty there is also the ridiculous trick where you don't really know if you are the killer or not
pankkake: if you can feel guilty about it, should you do it in the first place?
BingoBoingo: pankkake: Well the two drugs they chose to replace pentobarbitol are perfectly adequate for replacing pentobarbitol. The thing is they replaced pentobarbitol and forgot about the rest of the cocktail.
BingoBoingo: pentobarbitol on its own would have lead to a similarly long death by asphyxiation because lungs in reality are awfully heavy when you prioritize sedation
pankkake: but you'd die in your sleep, basically, right?
BingoBoingo: Not really, the choking would force you awake.
pankkake: oh :/
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BingoBoingo: You'd be surprised the reflexes the body has to force you into what is commonly called the recovery position
pankkake: well I wake up every night because of respiratory issues. so… yeah
asciilifeform: what the hell, some people would pay to die of opiate overdose
asciilifeform: in fact someone in your town is probably paying right now
BingoBoingo: Oh, I've known plenty of them who did.
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BingoBoingo: A few paid for the experience more than once before succumbing
asciilifeform: can't see how one might argue 'inhumane.' rather, the opposite.
pankkake: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guillotine#Living_heads ouch
ozbot: Guillotine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: apparently the part where they were collapsed into chairs was the source of the discomfort. The lizard brain's desire to breath in such situations reportedly overrides the higher human element's ecstasy at all of that mu receptor agonism
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mike_c: pankkake i find that hard to believe, but if true that is the creepiest thing ever.
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BingoBoingo: mike_c: It happens. It's relate to remaining action potentials in cells (action potentials being the entire reason potasium chloride and another depolatizing neuromuscular blocker were the key components inducing death in classic three drug lethal injection)
BingoBoingo: Pentobarbitol was only in the mix the the condemned's comfort.
mike_c: but action potential can't be responsible for responding to sound can it? that seems like a lot of brain function for a decapitated head
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BingoBoingo: mike_c: Basically every cell that does something visible on the macro scale (neurons and muscle cells) utilizes action potentials. Responding t sound means there are a lot of surviving neurons and muscle cells in communication... At least for a while.
BingoBoingo: Making the entirety of death happen instantaneously is probably impossible without resorting to something exotic like vaporization
pankkake: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2013/12/david-agus-rules-to-live-longer/all/ I guess the good news here is that al gore is next
ozbot: Steve Jobs' Doctor Wants to Teach You the Formula for Long Life - Wired Science
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BingoBoingo: Oh, if only we were still in the patent medicine age. I prolly have just enough knowledge to be a more effective and more dangerous quack than that dude.
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KRS1: I should probably ask this in #bitcoin-otc, but would rather here since I know many of you..I'm looking to buy some amount of btc just to get a rating on wot. I had to get a new gpg key.
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BingoBoingo: KRS1: Some people I know from TF's CoinChat back before he/it were scam might be interested in small amounts, but I'll spread your offer around cautiously
KRS1: thx dude
Apocalyptic: KRS1, definitely go to #bitcoin-otc
KRS1: there will be a time i'll be interested in quantity but not at the moment
Apocalyptic: ask for sturles or DoctorBTC
Apocalyptic: they trade with newly registered accounts
KRS1: ya i've been watching the order book..thanks Apocalyptic
KRS1: i recognize some of the names there
Apocalyptic: you will have way way more offers if you come in the channel and state that
Duffer1: https://github.com/wetube/bitcloud/blob/master/Bitcloud%20Nontechnical%20White%20Paper.md
Apocalyptic: like 5% of people use the orderbook now
Duffer1: Proof of Bandwidth wtf
KRS1: ya I wanted to try here first because I know most of you
BingoBoingo: KRS1: The one hazard of just popping on channel and announcing the offer though are the scavangers and wannabe scamzors
KRS1: Yeah, such scam..for sure. Thanks for the heads up.
KRS1: Duffer1: looks to me like much more than bandwidth..in addition to cloud services, with that comes the expense of storage, time invested in software engineering (VMware comes to mind), patching, security, provisioning, etc.
KRS1: Bandwith looks to be the metric for which the services are billed if I'm not mistaken. This looks great.