⏐︎ 9868
nubbins`: well hello
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 18250 @ 0.00089762 = 16.3816 BTC [-] {2}
nubbins`: mircea_popescu: what's an order of magnitude, anyway
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 831 @ 0.00283178 = 2.3532 BTC [+] {5}
mircea_popescu: two, technically.
pankkake: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=135035.msg3969507#msg3969507 yay havecocks
ozbot: Havelock Investments - Exchange feedback/comments
nubbins`: oo you're right
nubbins`: anyway, funny story. got this new kind of dope, been sneezing like mad
nubbins`: "oh no, i'm allergic to the marihuana"
nubbins`: turns out my basil plant started flowering again
nubbins`: snip snip, no more allergies
pankkake: ban basil plants
nubbins`: i know right? one guy sneezed a couple times
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nubbins`: basil, destroyer of youth
nubbins`: corrupter of the innocent
nubbins`: defiler of white women
mircea_popescu: pankkake so that's the end of havelock then.
mircea_popescu: ;;eauth mircea_popescu
gribble: Request successful for user mircea_popescu, hostmask mircea_popescu!~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu. Get your encrypted OTP from http://bitcoin-otc.com/otps/8A736F0E2FB7B452
mircea_popescu: ;;everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:1ca25d63307a4c43316c160f03f3313ca3b609e411b15d2e2ebc05a0
gribble: You are now authenticated for user mircea_popescu with key 8A736F0E2FB7B452
nubbins`: ahahahahahaha
nubbins`: re: havelock/virtex
nubbins`: what a bunch of cock suckers
mircea_popescu: ;;rate topace -3 Ran a fake exchange, scammed noobs out of thousands of BTC. See https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=135035.msg3969507#msg3969507 for an example.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of -3 for user topace has been recorded.
nubbins`: nay, what a bunch of dick-noses
nubbins`: i know plenty of cock suckers who are upstanding members of the community
mircea_popescu: that makes 3 out of 3 for the 2nd batch.
mircea_popescu: looking forward to the inevitable 3rd batch, of course. which will be so very different, of course.
nubbins`: so sketchy
nubbins`: where's that guy mr_e_ from the forums
nubbins`: oh, haha
nubbins`: from the link: ".."certificates" in another company called Alberta"
mircea_popescu: they're going for the gigavps scam.
nubbins`: from the announcement: "1612643 Alberta Inc. (operating as Virtex)"
nubbins`: lelel
nubbins`: joke being that you can refer to your business as <business number> <province> Inc.
nubbins`: or <business number> Canada Inc. for federally incorporated
nubbins`: anyway, time i guess to make sure my virtex account is cleared out.
nubbins`: this is going to make it a lot harder for my business to accept btc
nubbins`: ok, after reading further, it looks like holders can redeem their havelock shares for actual share certificates from virtex
nubbins`: at least they can't sell them
pankkake: and what do they get, CAD dividends?
mircea_popescu: the thing never paid dividends.
mircea_popescu: the entire bs is there to give idiots something to do with their time. "learn how to tapdance and then get your coupon for a chance to get an option to dance in front of the tv".
mircea_popescu: you know, rather than spending that same time hunting us down.
pankkake: so basically they steal your stuff but give you a paper instead
mircea_popescu: this is exactly what btc is not about.
pankkake: yeah, that's a government trademark
nubbins`: pankkake yes
nubbins`: "VirtEx took 4000 btc from an IPO in March ($150K) promising a dividend that they never delivered. Now, only 9 months later, their market reap is worth $3.6M (quite the gestation) and they are exiting the exchange. No dividend, no buyback, simply a promise to exchange currently held shares for "something else". "
pankkake: but how virtex never paid dividends? the exchange was still operating at a loss?
nubbins`: no, they were making money hand-over-fist.
asciilifeform: wtf is with 'virtex' anyway. every time i think 'xilinx'. what's next? btc product called 'coca cola' ?
nubbins`: pankkake: the "new, lower" fees are 1.5% on every trade
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform was a canada-only btc/cad exchange
nubbins`: hand. over. fist.
nubbins`: scoundrels
pankkake: that's quite expensive for an exchange
pankkake: perhaps there are not enough canadians
nubbins`: well, ya know, volume.
nubbins`: 7 day: 3000 btc
nubbins`: although that's still taking the piss
nubbins`: ;calc 3000*.015
pankkake: better than bitcoin-central :p
mircea_popescu: don't they charge the 1.5 both ways ?
nubbins`: ;;calc 3000*.015*[ticker --last]
gribble: 40686.525
nubbins`: mircea_popescu: yes
mircea_popescu: they do mpex style one side only ?
mircea_popescu: so then .03
pankkake: which is considered "high fee" with its 0.59
nubbins`: okay so they only made $40k CAD per week in fees
nubbins`: not so bad
pankkake: mpex is one side only? seller?
nubbins`: i mean, they do have like a handful of employees
mircea_popescu: yes.
nubbins`: ;;calc 3000*.03*[ticker --last]
gribble: 81373.05
pankkake: like havelock :p
pankkake: somehow I figured it was just easier to have the fee only on the seller side
mircea_popescu: nubbins` poverty and managerial incompetence are always poor excuses. they claimed they were an exchange, and can compete. then they should be an exchange and compete,
nubbins`: well if they don't plan on paying divs, there's either some serious salaries or some really shiny iMacs
mircea_popescu: rather than expect the public to donate thousands of btc to prop up their unwarranted pretensions and delusions.
nubbins`: mircea_popescu: i wonder what will happen to the shares of people who don't want to hand over all their personal info?
nubbins`: bought back at a "reasonable market rate", no doubt
mircea_popescu: it's called the gigavps scam for a reason.
nubbins`: well, if nothing else, you can trade your name, address, etc for shares in an actual registered company
mircea_popescu: you can do that with five cents and a copy of the pink sheets.
mircea_popescu: if i wanted my gold arbitrarily transformed into worthless paper i'd be a us citizen.
nubbins`: sounds like a bum deal, personall
nubbins`: *y
nubbins`: oh ho! good one
KRS|Gotyawallet: heh
KRS|Gotyawallet: its not worthless!!!
KRS|Gotyawallet: a lot of it buys 1 bitcoin.
nubbins`: i wonder what the laws are regarding foreign ownership of shares
nubbins`: there was a big stink about a new wireless company not being allowed to open its doors because it was majority foreign-owned, but i'm not sure if there was industry-specific legislation
mircea_popescu: http://bitbet.us/bet/495/there-will-be-blood/
ozbot: BitBet - There will be blood
mircea_popescu: all three, you hear ?
pankkake: http://bitbet.us/bet/617/and-then-there-was-one//?ref=1Eck6cgGzEb9N42CFhcsCBQhZQStoJbHRK
ozbot: BitBet - And Then There Was One
mircea_popescu: tough one.
pankkake: http://bitbet.us/bet/654/havelock-to-restrict-us-investors-before-dec-1st/ might be easier
ozbot: BitBet - Havelock to restrict US investors before Dec 1st 2014
pankkake: 2 ways to win
mircea_popescu: 7 deadly sins, 7 ways to win
mircea_popescu: 7 holy paths to hell (and your trip begins)
mircea_popescu: seven downward slopes... seven bloodied hopes... seven are your burning fires...
mircea_popescu: seven, your desires...
nubbins`: pankkake: i lost on a similar one earlier this year
nubbins`: nov 5
pankkake: yeah, I lost it too
pankkake: bah, it was hedging!
pankkake: (not that it stopped everything on havecock from −90%ing)
nubbins`: interesting times
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8744 @ 0.00089977 = 7.8676 BTC [+]
KRS|Gotyawallet: whats the deal with havelock
KRS|Gotyawallet: heard the u.s. is freezing assets with panama or something
KRS|Gotyawallet: wonder how events like this play out with bitcoin
nubbins`: hm, there aren't any financial reports for vtx?
mircea_popescu: usagi was busy.
mircea_popescu: from the holy shit dept : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BbZElwQCAAEzod-.jpg
KRS|Gotyawallet: The White House said Friday the decision to freeze U.S. assets of firms in Panama, Singapore and Ukraine represented actions based on existing sanctions.
pankkake: shouldn't really affect havelock… maybe cfig which is now the same guys apparently
pankkake: "Using silly terms like “CEO of worldcoin” and “CIO of feathercoin” in their press release, UNOCS amounted to one of the most pathetic and transparent pump and dump schemes in recent times, yet people still managed to fall for it" - CEO of an altcoin. omg
mircea_popescu: KRS|Gotyawallet the ussoviet govt is running short on cash.
mircea_popescu: it's either this or no food stamps next week.
asciilifeform: in other news, http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/china-successfully-completes-first-soft-landing-on-moon-in-37-years/2013/12/14/fad6ffb4-64c6-11e3-af0d-4bb80d704888_story.html?tid=pm_world_pop
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mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you know 40 years ago that'd have touched off a space race.
asciilifeform: haha
mircea_popescu: back when the beast still had some spunk in it.
mircea_popescu: so you know... this shangri-la you speak of ? where o where is it ?
asciilifeform: only in imagination.
asciilifeform: that or, sits! waiting!
mircea_popescu: orly.
mircea_popescu: sits, waiting, while china spends 20 years developing complete tactical superiority in every field.
asciilifeform: anyone knows the story of a man called Anatoliy Golitsyn? ☟︎
mircea_popescu: are you aware the only reason the us army is not completely exterminated to the last man currently is that the chinese do not WANT to ?
asciilifeform: he escaped from ussr and became chums with the famous james jesus angleton.
mircea_popescu: guy that escaped to britain ?
mircea_popescu: ya ok.
asciilifeform: and he believed (and, afaik, still does, seems to be alive) that the ussr faked its death.
asciilifeform: that it's sitting and waiting somewhere.
KRS|Gotyawallet: thanks..gonna do some reading up on all that..i must say, some interesting times we are in.
asciilifeform: he whispered in angleton's ear, and to anyone else who'd listen, that the collapse was a sham.
asciilifeform: another guy, Nosenko, defected soon after, and told CIA that G was full of shit
KRS|Gotyawallet: I'm sorry mircea_popescu, when you say "this" did you mean bitcoin or the situation with Iran and all that.
jurov: what a fancy way to explain velvet revolution
asciilifeform: whereupon angleton had N starved in a dungeon for a few years
asciilifeform: so he'd 'confess'
mircea_popescu: KRS|Gotyawallet in the food stamps context ? the stealing of people's money by the usg.
KRS|Gotyawallet: ah ok.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform hard angle to sell for all the people that were offered to buy still workjing nuclear subs.
asciilifeform: that came later.
asciilifeform: after A was fired.
mircea_popescu: so did it or didn't it ?
KRS|Gotyawallet: anyone have word on cyprus? that was big news a while back and I was wondering if bitcoin was of help to them.
asciilifeform: that isn't the point. the point that there are always people at a wake saying the corpse isn't one, until it starts to stink.
mircea_popescu: and after.
asciilifeform: sometimes even after.
mircea_popescu: there are still people who figure germany had a decent shot in ww2.
asciilifeform: there are people (i'm told, in sweden) who believe that nazis still run everything.
mircea_popescu: which they do, inasmuch as they handling money can't be libertards, and a sliver of libertards believe everyone who's not equally retarded is a fascist
mircea_popescu: starting with their parents.
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KRS|Gotyawallet: what do you all think about amt mining hardware? nwcwe heard of em
mircea_popescu: link or something ?
asciilifeform: are there actually happy miners somewhere (vs. mining hw vendors), or are they all busily going broke and cursing each other for the 'arms race' ?
KRS|Gotyawallet: of course..it is an arms race indeed and they're killing each other over it
asciilifeform: botnets appear to be switching to strategically ddosing pools instead of mining.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform mining is not intended or designed to be a productive activity generally.
asciilifeform: (i study botnets)
mircea_popescu: it's intended to approximately break even, which means most people will book a loss.
asciilifeform: that's my understanding. which leaves the question: wtf?
asciilifeform: why do people play
mircea_popescu: (which adds cosmic perspective to the mpex view of the world, imagine there exists another whole "Ecosystem" out there made principally out of companies whose business model is operating in a not profitable by design market, and those are 90%+ of the revenue)
KRS|Gotyawallet: asciilifeform: where i used to work we got hacked and one of our servers was made part of a botnet..i tracked them down to an irc channel in the philippines..done with perl..it was pretty basic stuff but still cool to take apart. they got in because the idiots setting up the server didn't secure the /tmp directory and jboss had its admin console exposed.
mircea_popescu: anyway, people mine because if they don't mine then it's profitable
mircea_popescu: if they do hopwever it is not.
mircea_popescu: perfect cocktrap.
KRS|Gotyawallet: management was too busy worrying about time to market and couldnt be bothered with sill things like security
asciilifeform: two drunks each pay the other $100 to eat spoon of shit. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: precisely.
mircea_popescu: mpoe-pr quoted buffett on the textile market to the forum until she fell over.
mircea_popescu: it isn't something that can be helped symbolically.
asciilifeform: i once saw the term 'tournament market' used to describe this situation
mircea_popescu: it's a really great way to use the market for a good purpose. in this case, we get the strongest blockchain money can buy.
mircea_popescu: other people's money.
asciilifeform: and that it is normal and unavoidable in some spheres (athletic hopefuls, junior professors, etc.)
mircea_popescu: this isn't that thio.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9400 @ 0.00090226 = 8.4812 BTC [+]
asciilifeform: most of the participants get fucked, the survivors win.
mircea_popescu: the similarity is superficial.
mircea_popescu: a tournament market, like typiocally the 1mn starlets waiting tables in hollywood is there to exploit labour. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: this system is here to exploit capital.
pankkake: maybe if mining stays out of amateurs it will be profitable
mircea_popescu: that's exactly what can't happen.
mircea_popescu: mining has to be "distributed", which means, it must remain unprofitable for large ventures.
pankkake: because those certainly don't want to understand they will lose
pankkake: it has to be decentralized, who cares about being distributed
mircea_popescu: i guess the two are synonyms in this context.
asciilifeform: i often wonder, how much centralization would it take to send people running for the exits
asciilifeform: say beijing builds an optical computer out of unobtainium
pankkake: meh. people seem to thing every little guy mining is good
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform you're asking "how much worsening of italian delis would take for mobsters to abandon manhattan"
pankkake: I just think that no central authority is good
mircea_popescu: it will never happen, they will start shooting deli owners in the street.
pankkake: better be big businesses than 15 year old gamers
mircea_popescu: pankkake i am one who believes every little guy mining is good.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: more like 'how much background radiation would it take to get mobsters out of manhattan'
pankkake: use litecoin then :p
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=201268.msg2121475#msg2121475 that's the story, if you care.
asciilifeform: reminds me of russia's (and, for that matter, u.s.) disappearing auto industry
asciilifeform: all good and well, rational to close down the plants, until the boats with toyotas stop coming.
mircea_popescu: which is why small guys mining is good.
mircea_popescu: it's like farming.
mircea_popescu: (of course, in this perspective mega-bitcoin-corporations a la asicminer are small guys too)
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KRS|Gotyawallet: anyone have a comment on amt mining gear
mircea_popescu: KRS|Gotyawallet why do you think this is even a thing ?
mircea_popescu: noob makes random thread on btctalk five weeks ago. he's nobody and his thing doesn't exist.
KRS|Gotyawallet: damnit..such scam. much drama
KRS|Gotyawallet: i want to scam the scammer someday..that would be +10000
mircea_popescu: russellthies Jr. Member, 5 posts : "I received an email from Jim on Dec. 3rd, regarding my 1.2 th/s order (541). At that time he told me that they were working on the final "board tweaks" and that if they were late it would be by a week or so."
mircea_popescu: noobs will be noobs.
KRS|Gotyawallet: the crux of the problem is nobody wants to seek funding for their venture, they'd rather take "preorder" money as capital to launch their offering..since when should the customer take that risk
KRS|Gotyawallet: you said it..noobs.
mircea_popescu: KRS|Gotyawallet you can't "scam the scammer" because the scammer has enough fucking sense to respect the first rule of investing, which is, don't randomly sent btc.
mircea_popescu: that's the end of that.
KRS|Gotyawallet: word
KRS|Gotyawallet: but it would be nice
mircea_popescu: anyway, there are instruments to handle these problem, as described http://trilema.com/2013/the-positive-market-effects-of-the-delivery-bet/
mircea_popescu: all people need to do is use them.
mircea_popescu: if they don't want to use them... why's that a problem.
KRS|Gotyawallet: hmm
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 886 @ 0.001 = 0.886 BTC
mircea_popescu: KRS|Gotyawallet were you around back when primeasic showed and disappeared ?
KRS|Gotyawallet: yes this article is exactly what im talking about
KRS|Gotyawallet: they were but a spec on the timeline i long forgot about that name
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2013/primeasic-most-likely-a-scam/
ozbot: PrimeAsic - Most likely a scam. pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
mircea_popescu: some prime investigative reporting by kakobrekla there.
KRS|Gotyawallet: there was so much other news, barely caught my eye
KRS|Gotyawallet: haha
mircea_popescu: this is why we don't care about such. noobs don't get to start businesses.
KRS|Gotyawallet: my problem is i have to identify each offering to find out if they've made a significant investment..on the surface, i have no idea..and its a shame these other folks dond either. ie skyminer
KRS|Gotyawallet: took people for 1000's of btc afaik
mircea_popescu: "people".
mircea_popescu: people know better than that.
mircea_popescu: noob starts business ? scam. end of discussion, no questuions asked. if he's a businessman he's known.
mircea_popescu: mining venture taking preorders and no delivery bet ? scam. no questions need to be asked or answered past "what's the link to your delivery bet"
KRS|Gotyawallet: i noticed they wont even blast their offering out there, it will be something subtle like a link in a trollbox somewhere so some sucker is all juicy over btc fortunes he just plunks down his 12 btc or whatever
mircea_popescu: gotta learn somehow, you know ?
KRS|Gotyawallet: actually its good both ways, darwin effect at work in business
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [COG] [PAID] 1.34510223 BTC to 9`573 shares, 14051 satoshi per share
KRS|Gotyawallet: i need a scam..not sure what though..mass mailings is getting old
asciilifeform: KRS|Gotyawallet: sell gpu cards with magic firmware to ltc miners.
KRS|Gotyawallet: deface scam sites, redirect btc payments from noobs
asciilifeform: KRS|Gotyawallet: set up tor exits which replace SD addrs with yours.
KRS|Gotyawallet: NICE
asciilifeform: since when is there a shortage of ideas for cheats
KRS|Gotyawallet: haha very crevar
mircea_popescu: not something you'd wish to do, really.
asciilifeform: i mean, if you're not above scam
mircea_popescu: the irony embedded in the entire fucktard ecosystem (meaning, the noobs and those fleecing them) is that it really is quite self limiting and not particularly prosperous.
mircea_popescu: ie, being a scammer is not really so many steps about being a clueless noob.
asciilifeform: there's a delicate predator-prey equilibrium, though
asciilifeform: if some clever fellow runs a scam, he will harvest so many idiots that that particular species of scam won't work again - at least not without major cosmetic remodelling.
mircea_popescu: not really, most situations evolve as boundless systems
mircea_popescu: that particularly is not true, the warrior forum is still running two or three major scams pioneered in 1995
mircea_popescu: just like the porn studios are still basically doing, boy meets girl, boy gets girl.
asciilifeform: i still suspect that there is a large - but finite - supply of chumpatron fuel. at least of any particular variety.
mircea_popescu: what else are they gonna do. once they're in porn they're in porn.
KRS|Gotyawallet: no going back
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform yes. it equals exactly "entitlement" spending by governments.
mircea_popescu: look at the us budget for each year, you'll know about how much the taxpayer is paying to support scammers.
KRS|Gotyawallet: its like dick sucking..a guy cant just go and suck one dick and still be straight. even though it was just one dick he's a faggot.
asciilifeform: 'great fleas have little fleas, on their backs to bite them...'
KRS|Gotyawallet: just because he sucked one dick does that make him gay?
asciilifeform: 'bob the bridge-builder.'
KRS|Gotyawallet: ascoolifeform ever sniff an exit node
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.24530035 = 0.7359 BTC [-] {3}
KRS|Gotyawallet: ii
asciilifeform: KRS|Gotyawallet: no comment. but i recommend the exercise.
KRS|Gotyawallet: thats what i thought
asciilifeform: if you publish your results, do it in some way that cannot be readily linked to you in meatspace.
asciilifeform: lest you end up like that swede.
KRS|Gotyawallet: i wouldnt know how to publish results like that without taking it up the ass so i just site out the whole exercise.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 10 @ 0.24309999 = 2.431 BTC [-] {4}
KRS|Gotyawallet: i mean..i could i just dont have the effort in me
asciilifeform: it doesn't take long.
KRS|Gotyawallet: the net has become so clandestine now
KRS|Gotyawallet: i lived for years and years with a black cloud over my head from all the tele op phreaking i did as a kid, professional warez importer..got tired of looking over my shoulder.
asciilifeform: funnily, tor has made lusers' traffic more public than it ever was before.
KRS|Gotyawallet: mci hated me
KRS|Gotyawallet: yeah thats the beauty of it rly
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 6 @ 0.243 = 1.458 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1800 @ 0.00090226 = 1.6241 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 32700 @ 0.0009033 = 29.5379 BTC [+] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 23 @ 0.05 = 1.15 BTC
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 4 @ 0.24280002 = 0.9712 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.2426 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 2 @ 0.24252 = 0.485 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10250 @ 0.0009044 = 9.2701 BTC [+] {2}
copumpkin: MPOE is doing pretty well these days
pankkake: WIP: http://pastebin.com/9xxtby4f
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 60 @ 0.05 = 3 BTC
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 23504 @ 0.00090477 = 21.2657 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 114 @ 0.05 = 5.7 BTC
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 35923 @ 0.00090026 = 32.34 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 10 @ 0.05 = 0.5 BTC
bloctoc: copumpkin don't these people know that bbet has a bunch of bets expiring year end?
copumpkin: I don't either :)
copumpkin: what bets?
bloctoc: not really sure myself, just got pumping I guesss
mircea_popescu: what people ?
fiat500: what do you mean /you people/
mircea_popescu: copumpkin it just had a bad month actually.
copumpkin: yeah, I saw the latest report
copumpkin: perhaps people are hopeful for the next month :)
mircea_popescu: as it is shares don't really care.
copumpkin: yeah, that's why I have shares :P
bloctoc: I mean the people buying mpoe instead of bitbet shares at the year's end.
mircea_popescu: that latest looks more like it was a sale
mircea_popescu: anyway, im off. catch you all later.
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 1010 @ 0.001 = 1.01 BTC
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copumpkin: wow
copumpkin: someone's bullish on MPOE :)
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thestringpuller: hashtag mod6
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Vexual: will these kids know if i buy finely hopped beer instead of vet treatment for my cancerous canine with my doge profits?
assbot: [MPEX] [O] [O.USD.P140T] 8 @ 0.11570692 = 0.9257 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [O] [O.USD.P125T] 11 @ 0.08898885 = 0.9789 BTC [+]
Vexual: a new wave of crypto kids
Vexual: perhaps a new block viewer instance
Vexual: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x27hq6_warren-g-regulators_music
Vexual: hahhaha
Vexual: what a week its been
Vexual: honestly im scared to sell any bitcoin incae the foundation says i dont have enough to send
Vexual: foundation is getting everyone ready for 9..
Vexual: dogecoin happened
Vexual: 12000 reserve banks made statements about bitcoin, where the sum total of the info was no
Vexual: ne
Vexual: and i got arrested
Vexual: just drunk and disorderly tho, so its hardly news
Vexual: so despite my interlude with toothless father stabbers and seemingly comatose quiet lovers, i still didnt make it to an airport to buy fortune for future signature
Duffer1: assbot is a good listener bro
Vexual: silly duffer
Duffer1: <3
Vexual: <3
Vexual: i guess cuba is still a dream
Duffer1: what's in cuba?
Duffer1: so you were on your way to cuba but got too drunk instead then got picked up by the cops?
Vexual: no i was fairly in my own house believe it or not
Duffer1: ouch
Vexual: i goty lippy and was assisted on to public property where i duly remained lippy knowing the extent of the facism
Duffer1: man that shit should be illegal
Vexual: u new?
Duffer1: ha no just lucky, and quiet
Vexual: me too, now
Duffer1: anyone underage on your property?
Duffer1: when i happened i mean
Duffer1: it
Vexual: fuck no
Duffer1: good man
Vexual: lol
Vexual: just me no bail
Vexual: just the drunk tank
Duffer1: you were alone? i just assumed you threw a party
Vexual: noone came
Duffer1: how do you get drunk n disorderly from you own home, alone?
Vexual: did you say how often?
BingoBoingo: "Disorderly" is merely legal speak for "We don't much like you"
Vexual: finished work? yeah, i do computer stuff
Vexual: i had you pegged as a musician
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7961 @ 0.00090294 = 7.1883 BTC [+]
Vexual: bella, pour the drinks
Vexual: got a dollar for the junkbox?
Vexual: my eyes are up here
Vexual: you're cybering yourself
Vexual: shhhhh
Vexual: no handel?
Duffer1: assbot doesn't give very good text though :(
Vexual: i dunno, i like to see those coins moving
Duffer1: she's just so robotic about it, hard to get into it you know
Vexual: i always felt assbot was masculine
Duffer1: we may never know for sure
b0n1: hey there! I try to export trading data from bitstamp with sierracharts but strangely i get inhomogenous time steps
Vexual: i think if a bot is female, one knows
b0n1: that means i have a measurement point at t and the next is at t+x and the other next is at t+y with x=!y
b0n1: really strange
b0n1: someone made similar experience?
Vexual: i felt the milk out for a time step that left in inhomogenous
Duffer1: try searching bitcointalk forums, there's good spreadsheet tips around there
Vexual: u might want to hit up the work forums about taking spreadsheet skills off your resume too
Vexual: *word
Vexual: dont they
Vexual: when you atart to need macros, geesh
BingoBoingo: Csv, Ftw!
Vexual: so no handel?
Vexual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU-vdq7QxvY
ozbot: Bingo Bango - Basement Jaxx - YouTube
Vexual: can i get some $2 coins and the snooker balls?
Vexual: just 8 ball
Vexual: bottom shelf, there, thats it, way down low, mick said it was okay
Vexual: u never played snooker?
Vexual: well u bend it like beckham, thanks for the coins
BingoBoingo: Usually I just play 8 ball
Vexual: 8 ball is goode
Vexual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkwD5rQ-_d4
ozbot: The Toadies - Possum Kingdom - YouTube
Vexual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mns9VeRguys&noredirect=1
ozbot: Bob Dylan - Duquesne Whistle - YouTube
Duffer1: bob dylan - brownsville girl
Vexual: still one song left on $2
Vexual: kako should make a junkox bot
Vexual: pay to play
Vexual: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0bS-YnLf4s
ozbot: Flight Facilities - Crave you Feat. Giselle [Official Video] - YouTube
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azoo: is this havelock company legit?
BingoBoingo: azoo: Looking less like it every day
azoo: BingoBoingo: why
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 277 @ 0.00221 = 0.6122 BTC [+] {2}
BingoBoingo: azoo: Check http://logs.bitcoin-assets.com
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 150 @ 0.0022 = 0.33 BTC [-] {3}
Duffer1: none of the assets they offer have come close to matching btc itself
Duffer1: most of their offers haven't even started paying divs
Duffer1: it's like a bitcoin blackhole
mircea_popescu: azoo no havelock company is legit,
mircea_popescu: havelock itself is run as a scam by scammers.
Duffer1: like a bitcoin cocain straw, your money is their blow
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 74 @ 0.00220955 = 0.1635 BTC [+] {2}
azoo: to matching btc istself.. what do you mean by that?
azoo: mircea_popescu: can you back this by some facts? ☟︎
Duffer1: the appreciation of bitcoin in fiat outpaced value appreciation of all of havelocks offerings
Duffer1: by a mile, it's not even close
mircea_popescu: azoo sure. they reorganised as a entity run by "no one", recently. after which they allowed their largest company (virtex) to simply walk away from the investors
mircea_popescu: collected >4k btc this year, paid no dividends, is now gone.
Apocalyptic: mircea, but you can have real shares now !
mircea_popescu: otherwise, the statistical argument Duffer1 presents is sound. they never had a company that made investors a profit, and statisticallty they're batting the usual global scam exchange, -50% in 1/2 year.
mircea_popescu: Apocalyptic for any value of real that equals worthless.
Apocalyptic: i'm just trolling
mircea_popescu: oiknow :)
azoo: mircea_popescu: i am also considering (your?) mpoex site but its less obvious what is what:-)
azoo: mircea_popescu: is mpoex a scam as well
azoo: ?
mircea_popescu: so read the contracts or w/e.
mircea_popescu: no.
mircea_popescu: also it's MPEx.
Apocalyptic: azoo, you're mixing 2 things up, there's no mpoex but mpex and mpoe
mircea_popescu: but to give you a proper sense of proportion : when s.dice delisted from mpex, it was actually announced it got sold off, rather than lie about it a la havelock. and then mpex investors got paid on the delisting.
mircea_popescu: this was someting a degree of magnitude larger, too.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [COG] 4 @ 0.03099999 = 0.124 BTC [-]
azi_: can someone paste the recent chat I got DC'ed
mircea_popescu: because as far as bitcoin finance is concerned, mpex is now and always was a hefty 90% of it.
mircea_popescu: azi_ http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/
azi_: last thing I got was someone saying I am confusing somethig
azi_: good
azi_: mircea_popescu: thanks. can you explain what this S.NSA thing is?
mircea_popescu: it's a company trying to make various gizmos. currently working on a gpg secure usb stick
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/category/snsa/ << you can read that set
ozbot: S.NSA pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
KRS|Gotyawallet: Check out this dual chip miner https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=355268.20
KRS|Gotyawallet: i like S.NSA
mircea_popescu: "It is possible to do scrypt with a fpga, so that implies asic is possible too."
mircea_popescu: kinda funny
mircea_popescu: http://bitbet.us/bet/665/litecoin-ltc-to-over-1b-market-cap-before/ << lmao srsly ?
ozbot: BitBet - LiteCoin (LTC) to over $1B market cap before Jan 15
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 2 @ 0.1 = 0.2 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: altcoins worth more than most us businesses now ?
Apocalyptic: coblee must be in heaven
mircea_popescu: defo. he premined a lot ?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15083 @ 0.00090484 = 13.6477 BTC [+] {2}
Duffer1: 696m that's impressive
Apocalyptic: ~10%
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: I believe the reading from this spring was he an Artforz were GPU mining on launch, so not pre-mining but something similar.
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo i know, i know. just pushing teh button a little :)
KRS|Gotyawallet: yes i think asic is possible too
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12517 @ 0.00090574 = 11.3371 BTC [+]
KRS|Gotyawallet: not sure if they would have to use a jit translation before prossessing or not though
BingoBoingo: I'm just impressed how quickly people for got it. Like people forgot SolidCoin was a thing RealSolid did. Or that Vircurex was "hacked" twice and now wants to pay interest on deposits...
mircea_popescu: asic is not efficient, not really, cause you'll need to add memory bus and a bunch of clocking and so on
mircea_popescu: fpga + ram much better solution
mircea_popescu: unless you own a foundry, anyway.
Apocalyptic: BingoBoingo, that amazes me as well
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo it's not that anyone forgot. it's that nobody of the idiots going for such things makes it long enough
mircea_popescu: so it's always new people falling for the scams.
Duffer1: and foreigners
KRS|Gotyawallet: heres another lawl https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?topic=1397.0
BingoBoingo: I'm actually amazed by how often I'll run into people on lesser channels who have been trying to make milk come out of faucets for months then emerge after having done no reading for a year to ask "Why do faucets pay less?"
KRS|Gotyawallet: Here's the part that gets me: The proof-of-work would be switched to the signature of our private key and we would set up a server to produce one block every 2 minutes.
mircea_popescu: KRS|Gotyawallet where's that ?
KRS|Gotyawallet: i pasted the linke ^^
mircea_popescu: lol bitsharestalk ? srsly ?
KRS|Gotyawallet: reading the rags
mircea_popescu: lmao. fucktard.
mircea_popescu: "1) Mining based upon resource consumption results in centralization."
mircea_popescu: noob puts on pope hat, makes blood-curdingly stupid general statement with all the authority of stupidity.
mircea_popescu: anyway, to get back to the prev point, the way it usually works is like this : muppet (usually young, ambitious, socially marginal character) finds out about bitcoin.
Duffer1: ha
mircea_popescu: within a day he's bouight some, and spends the next few days not sleeping enough and reading bullshit sources a la reddit.
mircea_popescu: within a week he's put most of his available cash into it, and is getting to a manic phase
mircea_popescu: consider : http://bitbet.us/bet/519/btc-network-difficulty-to-top-1b-before-2014/#c2087
mircea_popescu: so by now he's ripe for the plunder. makes some "investments" on the power of social proof, gets raped, gets depressed and gets to hear from all the (few) people in his life about how he failed again
mircea_popescu: after all, he ain't socially marginal for nothing, he's socially marginal because he has mental habits that don't promote success.
mircea_popescu: and that's all, it took three weeks. next month, new guy hears about bitcoin.
BingoBoingo: Lol, Maybe someone ought to sell Lithium Soda for BTC
mircea_popescu: except he wouldn't take it.
mircea_popescu: mpoe-pr sells lithium soda. our noob is more likely to ignore her.
Duffer1: and they don't even know you're actually trying to help them by paying her to do it
mircea_popescu: well some figure it out eventually.
mircea_popescu: upon rereading, KRS|Gotyawallet you realise "lmao fucktard" didn't mean you but the quoted kid.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 56 @ 0.00250035 = 0.14 BTC [-] {5}
KRS|Gotyawallet: yeh
mircea_popescu: internets be misinterpretable i tell ya.
mircea_popescu: so, pre-announcement :
mircea_popescu: mpoe-pr just completed a 3 month long project of going through the forum and picking out the places where she called out a scam, people called her fud and then it turned out she was right.
mircea_popescu: it's like a mile long, and i;ll be publishing it soon.
KRS|Gotyawallet: People are going to continue to get hurt here.
Apocalyptic: heh, nice
mircea_popescu: so prepare a large mug of coffee, set your poppers to poppin' corn etc.
Duffer1: i hope you inlude that xxxprofit guy lol man.. what balls
KRS|Gotyawallet: This is just the beginning it seems..and i thought the offerings were maturing, we're turning the dial back to flat out retarded.
azoo: who are you guys talking about
azoo: looks like a nice success story :)
Duffer1: pretty much everyone azoo hehe
KRS|Gotyawallet: Yep. Duffer1- a Zoo
Duffer1: are there any instances where she was wrong?
mircea_popescu: Duffer1 not really.
mircea_popescu: she never called mpex stuff a scam, and that's everyone.
Duffer1: that's actually really depressing
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25800 @ 0.00090574 = 23.3681 BTC [+]
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azoo: mircea_popescu: how does one actually buy shares on your site?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3950 @ 0.00090574 = 3.5777 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: dja read the faq ?
truffles: its a tarp
azoo: yeah i've already went to read the FAQ once
azoo: but it looked weird
mircea_popescu: well see, the idea is that people to whom it looks weird don't get to buy.
azoo: looked weird = as watching fear and loathing in las vegas :)
mircea_popescu: ha
Duffer1: azoo try coinbr
pigeons: yeah mermaids aren't weird
mircea_popescu: well... they float, they got tits...
mircea_popescu: seems oddly apt as a symbol for finance.
pigeons: should make an exact mpex clone with no new functionality just charge 5% to view it in a bootstrap template
azoo: forget about shares.. i'll just become a MPEx affiliate http://mpex.co/faq.html#13
azoo: earning 5BC in a simple as pie fashion :)
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20561 @ 0.00090661 = 18.6408 BTC [+] {2}
mircea_popescu: people have been known to do that.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20400 @ 0.00090681 = 18.4989 BTC [+]
azoo: i think i fall into your category of idiots as i am still wondering if the 30BTC fee is a joke, troll, serious requirement or all of the tree
azoo: three*
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 9 @ 0.24155555 = 2.174 BTC [-] {6}
kakobrekla: https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1511473_662172583834072_2104522041_n.jpg
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 10188 @ 0.00090814 = 9.2521 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4700 @ 0.00090821 = 4.2686 BTC [+]
azoo: zivijo kakobrekla
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 1477 @ 0.001 = 1.477 BTC
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 5 @ 0.24 = 1.2 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 30673 @ 0.00090425 = 27.7361 BTC [-] {3}
kakobrekla: zivjo azoo
kakobrekla: kaj bo dobrega :)
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 10 @ 0.05 = 0.5 BTC
azoo: hm.. kakobreku...
kakobrekla: :p
mircea_popescu: azoo you familiar with the concept of "qualiified investor" ?
azoo: mircea_popescu: yes i've read about that sutff just now and it makes more sense
mircea_popescu: aite.
azoo: tho its quite pricy now that BC rised so much
mircea_popescu: it's still 30 btc.
azoo: yes
azoo: this is what i like about the site
azoo: but its a pain in the as as well as you also can understand I suppose
mircea_popescu: yup.
mircea_popescu: qualified investor. technologically and financially.
azoo: or qualified by luck
azoo: which is life I suppose :-)
mircea_popescu: luck always plays a part, in everythi8ng worth doing
mircea_popescu: but you're right, if you were here march-april 2012 you could have had one for free
mircea_popescu: some people did.
mircea_popescu: strangely enough, they all also knew one of python/perl/bash, had gpg sigs and are now rich.
mircea_popescu: so what i mean is... they still meet the quals, in spite of so much changing in the interim
mircea_popescu: funny how that works.
azoo: yeah I mean the site itself would drive off anyone not fammiliar with this stuff
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 1000 @ 0.001 = 1 BTC
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 100 @ 0.05 = 5 BTC
mircea_popescu: well... they're all rich except kako. he just drives very expensive cars.
kakobrekla: lmao FU :D
mircea_popescu: hehe
azoo: btw when u talk about richeness you're again relating it to $$
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22385 @ 0.00090199 = 20.191 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2150 @ 0.00090105 = 1.9373 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16085 @ 0.00090186 = 14.5064 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 26600 @ 0.00090186 = 23.9895 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 200 @ 0.002825 = 0.565 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIF] 1000 @ 0.00049998 = 0.5 BTC [+] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 300 @ 0.00282957 = 0.8489 BTC [+] {3}
mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2013/perfect-money-corrupts-absolutely/#comment-94017
ozbot: Perfect money corrupts absolutely pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
mircea_popescu: check out this schmuck.
mircea_popescu: since summer with this.
kakobrekla: im thinking, XVII + nineteen would prolly stop him
mircea_popescu: but my point is... so some kid gets out of school in june and wants to become a man over the summer.
mircea_popescu: some try to get laid, others try to get rich
mircea_popescu: shouldn't he be back to writing homework by now ?
kakobrekla: its just spam
mircea_popescu: nah, it's hand written
kakobrekla: hand written spam.
mircea_popescu: yeah.
mircea_popescu: almost like the hand-run compiler.
kakobrekla: well, you can hand power a dynamo and use that to power the compiler.
kakobrekla: just fyi.
mircea_popescu: ooooor, you could cock-power a dynamo
mircea_popescu: and use the ooze for coolant too.
kakobrekla: i dont have that sort of cock.
mircea_popescu: internet epeen competition. "save the whales, power your compiler".
kakobrekla: anyway as the workforce gets cheaper i dont see why you wouldnt see hand written spam for a non outofthebox codebase sites
kakobrekla: even assets suffers spam
kakobrekla: assbot excluded
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20399 @ 0.00090205 = 18.4009 BTC [+] {2}
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: except trilema is quite out of the box.
kakobrekla: one more reason you need humans to do it
mircea_popescu: ya
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 9 @ 0.02281001 = 0.2053 BTC [-]
thestringpuller: everytime I install litecoin related software it's all Kapersky is all "MALWARE DETECTED, WARNING SOMEONE TRYNNA STEAL YO BITCOINS"
thestringpuller: Litecoins grestest long-run scam ever to deploy worms to steal btc?
thestringpuller: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 275066 | Current Difficulty: 9.08350862437022E8 | Next Difficulty At Block: 276191 | Next Difficulty In: 1125 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 5 days, 19 hours, 10 minutes, and 30 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 1104677340.74 | Estimated Percent Change: 21.61351
thestringpuller: ;;estimate
gribble: Next difficulty estimate | 1104677340.74 based on data since last change | 1186210790.64 based on data for last three days
pankkake: new litecoin version failed to replace a "Bitcoin" string
mircea_popescu: ;p;
KRS|Gotyawallet: http://www.businessinsider.com/why-bitcoin-will-never-be-a-currency--in-two-charts-2013-12
pankkake: so that diff bet is pretty much done? :(
dexX7: yup, you are screwed
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 20 @ 0.05 = 1 BTC
dexX7: ;)
pankkake: I feel like I have read that article ten times already
mircea_popescu: pankkake more like 10`000 times.
mircea_popescu: i see that, what i read is "i am a noob, hear my uninformed convictions and care enough about my worthless persona to set me straight"
mircea_popescu: as if it makes a difference, srsly.
KRS|Gotyawallet: pankkake date on that article makes it almost exactly 12 hours old
KRS|Gotyawallet: there have been others?
pankkake: that's not what I meant KRS. I specifically saw it was new, but it has nothing new, and the same broken arguments were exposed before
pankkake: the "prices fell during the depression so prices falling is bad" is so… how do you even logic
thestringpuller: What Bitcoin really needs is a central bank to stabilize its value. When the demand for Bitcoin goes up, they need to print more to keep it from skyrocketing. That is, they need to decide whether they want Bitcoin to be a Ponzi scheme for techno-libertarians or an actual medium of exchange.
thestringpuller: Just
thestringpuller: wow?
thestringpuller: uh
pankkake: :D
thestringpuller: Not even my puppy is that uninformed.
thestringpuller: Middle schoolers are more informed....
pankkake: of course, because they haven't been actively misinformed yet :)
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: this is less of "i'm a n00b" and more of "i have no idea how economics really work and believe we should just print more money so we can fix our bad debts. Make it rain Ben Bernanke while I suck your dick."
mircea_popescu: imo that's a noob.
thestringpuller: lol ignorance == n00b?
pankkake: there's the humble noob and the entitled noob
mircea_popescu: isn;'t that the definition ?
thestringpuller: there's hope for n00bs cause MAY be able to teach them
mircea_popescu: there's nothing new in this world except for the history you don't know.
mircea_popescu: pankkake yeah, noobs handle their ignorance differently. but still, how else do you know a noob's a noob ? by their ignorance.
KRS|Gotyawallet: ignorance != noob..matters are that said noob did not get the memo
pankkake: so noobs are ignorants that didn't lurk moar
KRS|Gotyawallet: noobs get the memo then noob on in light of that
KRS|Gotyawallet: lol pankkake
mircea_popescu: i guess there's newbs and then there's noobs.
pankkake: it's not a joke
pankkake: right
KRS|Gotyawallet: entertaining conversation..kind of relaxing watching the lemmings isnt it
mircea_popescu: it is
pankkake: lurking moar should be taught in school
mircea_popescu: and im halfway through this fucking thing.
mircea_popescu: it's 100kb ;/
sbp: "bitcoin entered the world on Jan. 3, 2009, when a shadowy hacker — or team of hackers — working under the name Satoshi Nakamoto released an ingenious string of computer code" — http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/15/sunday-review/the-bitcoin-ideology.html
sbp: 2013, the media still hasn't caught up with programming, let alone bitcoin
mircea_popescu: it won't ever happen.
mircea_popescu: if they had the mental power to catch up they'd be doing better money than whatever foodstamps "the press" pays.
asciilifeform: 'the camel has two humps.'
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 60863 @ 0.00090095 = 54.8345 BTC [-] {2}
asciilifeform: (http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2006/07/separating-programming-sheep-from-non-programming-goats.html for anyone who doesn't remember.)
asciilifeform: short version: factory-OEM human brain doesn't deal in abstraction.
asciilifeform: electronic or otherwise.
mircea_popescu: ayu[
asciilifeform: see also 'the cold equations.' (tom godwin, 1954.)
mircea_popescu: bitcoin actually happens to be a two hump sifter.
mircea_popescu: i wasn't kidding when i said they're turning into niggers.
mircea_popescu: what bitcoin does is it meaningfully sepparates the population, and i see nobody credibly arguing for extending human status past the 2nd bump
asciilifeform: it's at least as much of a sifter as abstract algebra.
pankkake: "most people can't learn to program" is really true. but it goes against the egalitarian ideology "you can do anything"
asciilifeform: and these sample people think that training circus animals is cruel.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform no. because abstract algebra does not allocate resources
kakobrekla: > •8% of students didn't give a damn and left the answers blank.
asciilifeform: with bitcoin we have sorter and sifter in one.
mircea_popescu: it went from "indicator light" (algebra) to "execution squad" (bitcoin)
mircea_popescu: quite different.
asciilifeform: kakobrekla: the real shocker was that the 'back hump' did not cough up a model of the problem. even a wrong one.
mircea_popescu: why is this a shiocker ? or in what perspective ?
asciilifeform: their answers did not sum up to a consistent picture of anything. even a mistaken picture.
asciilifeform: a shocker for the teacher, not for me in particular
mircea_popescu: you seen the pictures of spider;s webs made by high spiders ?
asciilifeform: people who can't (or won't) do arithmetic and turn into the Financially Sad are nothing new
mircea_popescu: if the box ain't functioning, there's no guarantee you end up with a web. even a not working one.
asciilifeform: but the study of the underlying pathology is useful.
asciilifeform: correct.
mircea_popescu: pankkake you were saying a few days ago about being disgusted with ppl lauding scams just because they hope they get a little back ? where is it, i want to quote it.
pankkake: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=289730.msg3884221#msg3884221 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=297530.msg3883958#msg3883958 perhaps… unless it was on irc. I post too much crap
ozbot: [IPVO] [Multiple Exchanges] Neo & Bee - LMB Holdings
pankkake: hmm https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=289730.msg3878956#msg3878956
pankkake: you've got to see the custom mining hardware forum too, where shareholders shill for their companies that are not shipping
nubbins`: custom mining sub is brutal
pankkake: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=358820.0;viewResults you have to wonder, who are those 7 guys?
ozbot: [VMC] Poll: Have you Received Shipping Notification?
mircea_popescu: yes it was on irc
mircea_popescu: i don't rly read the forum
mircea_popescu: lmao, so anything to avoid an actual delivery bet huh ? we make a fake bitbet out of forum paste & spit, pretend and pray.
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nubbins`: the bitcoin "community" in general is a cesspool of stupidity and frottage
nubbins`: custom mining sub: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/71/Geiger-masturbation-mutuelle.jpg
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mircea_popescu: http://trilema.com/2013/mpoe-pr-almost-two-years-in-the-swamp-an-anthology/
ozbot: MPOE-PR, almost two years in the swamp. An anthology. pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform http://www.cs.mdx.ac.uk/research/PhDArea/saeed/ << the paper chorror references has mysteriously disappeared in tjhe meanwhile.
nubbins`: this will be equal parts comedy and tragedy
mircea_popescu: instead ? some gargle about inclusiveness.
mircea_popescu: nubbins` hollywood got nothin' on this.
nubbins`: aha, the one guy referred to mp+-pr as "shim"
nubbins`: great
nubbins`: ;;ud shim
gribble: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=shim | 2. shim. (n)-A person of anonymous or unconfirmed gender. Usually only applicable to people met online. Are you still going out with that shim? mark as favorite ...
thestringpuller: ;;seen jurov
gribble: jurov was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 6 hours, 18 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <jurov> SPREADSHEET KILLS
ozbot: Urban Dictionary: shim
nubbins`: wow, guy wrote bearshare?
nubbins`: i remember that
pankkake: mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=08-12-2013#411741 that might be it, if you're willing to read the whole day I guess ☝︎
pankkake: of emo pankkake
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: nah it was a coupla days before that i think
pankkake: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=07-12-2013#411520 ☝︎
mircea_popescu: when it first dawned on you that
ozbot: #bitcoin-assets log
pankkake: yeah that's the one
mircea_popescu: yup
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mircea_popescu: edited.
pankkake: but then you have to ask yourself why would anyone sane still use bitcoin
thestringpuller: people still use bearshare?
mircea_popescu: doesn't seem likely.
pankkake: what is it, a program for hairy gay swingers?
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mircea_popescu: haha
thestringpuller: what is the recipe in romania?
thestringpuller: in LA it is women weed and weather
mircea_popescu: i think it varies.
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asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: http://www.eis.mdx.ac.uk/research/PhDArea/saeed/paper1.pdf loads fine
asciilifeform: and, afaik, bearshare is dead, but the (DHT-based) 'edonkey' is still up and running, and stuffed full of high-quality rarities
asciilifeform: (scanned russian maths books, etc)
pankkake: edonkey network still has some active communities and good stuff. actually it was the only one of those with actual communities
asciilifeform: if 'bittorrent' is your neighbourhood dope pusher, 'edonkey' is alex shulgin's basement lab.
pankkake: that's not really true anymore. public bittorrent yes, but private communities are thriving
pankkake: and then there's the odd soulseek, still up while having some heavy centralization
asciilifeform: pankkake: are you a member of any that have 1970s soviet trinary mainframe manuals, rather than peculiar and rare fetish porn?
asciilifeform: (nothing against the latter, but the former is more what i had in mind)
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asciilifeform: ed is still, afaik, the only place where you will find some of the more interesting and factual (older) 'paladin press' works.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform ah yea. meant the earlier link
pankkake: there was a community named "horseporn junction" that I was not part of, but it might be a hoax
mircea_popescu: would horses lie ?
pankkake: but you can find some good stuff elsewhere
mircea_popescu: "The interpretation of the results of the above assignment test make me feel angry. I am not a teacher but I am confident that I can teach (in less than 15 minutes) any person smart enough to be admitted to a computer science class how to pass the above test. The results speak volumes about the utter ignorance of educators regarding the nature of human knowledge and how to acquire it. It is a tremendous act of injustic
mircea_popescu: e to blame the students and not the teachers. Now if a student is *unwilling* to learn the material then that is another question.
mircea_popescu: But to blame the poor education methods on students willing to acquire the knowledge is just ridiculous.
mircea_popescu: check out this guy. he's a teacher who feels able to help people fake the test,
mircea_popescu: and he imagines this means the conclusions of the test only show how desperately the world needs more teachers.
mircea_popescu: i suppose this is the original font of bureaucracy.
asciilifeform: alan kay (smalltalk), the original 'i'll teach even monkeys to program' fellow, persists in this delusion.
mircea_popescu: it's not so different from the conviction one can patent medicine,
mircea_popescu: which in the end boils right back into the old trunk of crafting the perpetuum mobile.
asciilifeform: maybe these folks will relent once they understand that even literacy cannot be taught to everyone.
mircea_popescu: these folks will never relent.
mircea_popescu: inasmuch their problem is a relation to the self rather than to the world, the only way to have them relent is to change them
mircea_popescu: either back into anorganic matter, or else chinese re-education or w/e.
asciilifeform: or just let them go broke, and they can join the crackpots who spend their lives teaching dolphins sign language.
mircea_popescu: same thing.
mircea_popescu: incidentally, there is a good objection there : the example given seems very tilted toward people with experience in a C-like language.
mircea_popescu: "otherwise you need to use the 'code-cracking' part of your brain to try and infer a meaning from an unknown syntax."
mircea_popescu: as all cognitive tests, the one proposed measures more the bias of the tester than the subject.
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mircea_popescu: asciilifeform incidentally, do you know the story of the kid who wouldn't pass physics exam ?
asciilifeform: let somebody give the same test with (kindergarten level) electric circuits.
asciilifeform: ?
mircea_popescu: lemme see if i find this
pankkake: asciilifeform: http://i.imgur.com/MR5c0dB.png ?
mircea_popescu: http://www.snopes.com/college/exam/barometer.asp
asciilifeform: pankkake: 1 or 2 of these are interesting, in the sense of 'what not to do'
asciilifeform: the barometer example is just one of a poorly-specified problem
asciilifeform: that is, one ought to ask 'you are alone in the desert, even the shirt on your back has worn to tatters, you encounter the obelisk of ozymandias, quite tall, and wish to measure its height before you die of thirst, with nothing but your remaining barometer.'
mircea_popescu: you are wrong to imagine this problem can be solved by specification.
mircea_popescu: this is the exact equivalent of the "poorly specified bitbet bet" fallacy.
asciilifeform: any kid who can still wiggle out from under the conditions with finesse should be marked passing.
mircea_popescu: natural language does not allow specification, and most fields of interest for humans do not allow formal language.
mircea_popescu: so you've just moved the goalposts.
mircea_popescu: consider http://www.snopes.com/college/exam/choice.asp
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asciilifeform: programmer's wife: 'do you want pizza or chinese for dinner?' programmer: 'yes.'
mircea_popescu: hehe
KRS|Gotyawallet: This hw offering is from China, land of the asics. It must not be a scam. I heard the chips grow in the wild there. It must be wonderful. http://www.cybtc.com/thread-3396-1-1.html
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mircea_popescu: lol
asciilifeform: re: asics: anyone crazy enough to build a discrete-TTL logic miner yet?
mircea_popescu: no.
asciilifeform: does anyone even remember how to design with ECL circuits nowadays...
mircea_popescu: possibly. many people involved in mining are from the "old world"
mircea_popescu: ie, russia, china etc.
asciilifeform: (you can buy ~50GHz+ ECL gates from mouser, or whoever)
KRS|Gotyawallet: here is the english translation of the site
KRS|Gotyawallet: dig that first comment, reserved for a certain team-
KRS|Gotyawallet: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&sl=auto&tl=destination_language&u=http://www.cybtc.com/thread-3396-1-1.html
mircea_popescu: googlish is hardly english
KRS|Gotyawallet: Its cattle.
mircea_popescu: Hot Search: pumpkin baked cat butterfly KNC Bitfury Bitmine Avalon TMR
mircea_popescu: herp :D
KRS|Gotyawallet: hah
mircea_popescu: diginforce is Gridseed total online sales agents, sales are now sold out yesterday, there is no development board conference
KRS|Gotyawallet: Bigtime Protoshares/Invictus drama brewing.
pankkake: what stupid thing did they do this time?
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mircea_popescu: http://www.t3.com/news/the-pirate-bay-changes-domain-to-stay-ahead-of-the-law
ozbot: The Pirate Bay changes domain to stay ahead of the law | T3
mircea_popescu: y no namecoin
Kleeck: I like PirateBay.
asciilifeform: would anyone care to explain why namecoin, when you can encode name-ipv4 pairs in the conventional blockchain trivially
pankkake: there is a thepiratebay.bit… but it's domain squatted
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pankkake: anyway to access TPB: http://proxybay.info/
KRS|Gotyawallet: asciilifeform thats cool man
asciilifeform: KRS|Gotyawallet: not like it was my idea. has been obvious for ages.
asciilifeform: store a few bytes as small tx.
asciilifeform: (or gigantic tx. doesn't matter, since the coin is going in a closed loop.)
asciilifeform: that is, between your own addrs.
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mircea_popescu: asciilifeform this is the first time a dns server has to handle 10gb of cruft to resolve a query.
pankkake: namecoin features could be added to bitcoin, but the idea was that miners would be against it… well the result is now no one cares
pankkake: people buy namecoins but have no idea what they are for :|
mircea_popescu: well inasmuch as they don't really work for that which they are for, arguably it doesn't matter.
pankkake: it works, but the tools suck or do not exist
mircea_popescu: re-read what you just said o.o
pankkake: it works in the sense that you can register a name, update it, etc.
pankkake: http://explorer.bit/n/42707 pretty cool right? if only there was an application exploiting it!
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mircea_popescu: im curious what the pirate bay browser will be like.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: dns server already chugs 10+GB of turd: unix.
pankkake: ugh I guess I should give the non-.bit URL: http://explorer.dot-bit.org/n/42707
mircea_popescu: also just made them an offer to sponsor them, curious if they manage to find their way out of the paper bag.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform it's not 10gb tho
pankkake: I thought their browser already existed, and that it was a tor bundle fork
pankkake: http://piratebrowser.com/
mircea_popescu: sort-of
pankkake: projects of alternative roots never went far, too. there was .42 which gave pretty much nothing
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mircea_popescu: "I want to introduce myself. My name is Michael from Cloudhashing.com, and I have taken over the public relations work there after being one of their customers since August. I will be the only one writing from this account now. "
mircea_popescu: o.o
Namworld: What?
mircea_popescu: i have no idea dood, it's like complete chaos.
mircea_popescu: "hello i am your new waiter after eating here for three weeks i am now qualified to make food. the brainwashing is real good, please try it."
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pankkake: can something with "cloud" in its name not be a scam?
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pankkake: ;;estimate
gribble: Next difficulty estimate | 1099731120.92 based on data since last change | 1191737820.33 based on data for last three days
dub: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 275103 | Current Difficulty: 9.08350862437022E8 | Next Difficulty At Block: 276191 | Next Difficulty In: 1088 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 6 days, 2 hours, 41 minutes, and 47 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 1100272777.8 | Estimated Percent Change: 21.12861
dub: ;;nethash
gribble: 8524940.56545
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mircea_popescu: ;;eauth mircea_popescu
gribble: Request successful for user mircea_popescu, hostmask mircea_popescu!~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu. Get your encrypted OTP from http://bitcoin-otc.com/otps/8A736F0E2FB7B452
mircea_popescu: ;;everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:ab62ac49dc6fe5b52726b421d41eb2c753a4056ad1457349660e8819
gribble: You are now authenticated for user mircea_popescu with key 8A736F0E2FB7B452
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mircea_popescu: ok, so, major announcement :
fiat500: o no
mircea_popescu: bitcoin-central & mpex are proud to announce X.EUR, http://mpex.co/?mpsic=X.EUR
fiat500: oh, sweet
mircea_popescu: teh physically settled monthly euro future
mircea_popescu: it will start trading tomorrow.
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jurov: w00t
pizzaman1337: wait, physically settled?
mircea_popescu: yes.
jurov: but dunno when b-c finally verifies my company acct
mircea_popescu: ie, actual future, not bucket shop bs.
pizzaman1337: MP comes with a briefcase full of cash to my door?
mircea_popescu: pizzaman1337 no, but you get euros in your bc acct.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 28974 @ 0.00090032 = 26.0859 BTC [+] {2}
jurov: heh looks *I* will have to do with briefcases of cash, if someone exercises them via coinbr
jurov: this gonna get interesting
mircea_popescu: jurov you can probably just subsign.
sundun_: hey
sundun_: anyone here?
mircea_popescu: ie, ask YOUR customer to gpg sign THEIR bc acct.
mircea_popescu: and oversign that and ship it to davout
sundun_: o i guess that's a yes >_<
mircea_popescu: sup sundun_ ?
jurov: mhm, good then
sundun_: just saying hi
sundun_: had a couple of questions
sundun_: but i dunno how active this chat is
mircea_popescu: jurov i don't imagine they'd look too kindly on you fronting for ppl on your own acct anyway
mircea_popescu: sundun_ this chat is the heart and especially brains of btc finance. what do you need ?
jurov: i was going to ask anyway
sundun_: haha mircea
sundun_: soooo
pizzaman1337: you laugh...
sundun_: i'm not sure what that means XD