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asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: fashionable, in those days, idea, was to 'make unaging tissue' by reenabling telomerase (normally jumpered out, in most tissue). but -- somewhat unsurprisingly -- it turned out to be a 'glue the gas gauge needle to 'full'' sort of thing
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mircea_popescu: "We thank Stanislav Datskovskiy for his assistance with the measurement of telomerase activity in some of these experiments and Martha Kirby for her expert assistance in the analysis of apoptosis." check you out.
assbot: Induction of Telomerase Activity During Development of Human Mast Cells from Peripheral Blood CD34+ Cells: Comparisons with Tumor Mast-Cell Lines ... ( http://bit.ly/198wH6A )
asciilifeform 's first paying job, while student, pertained to telomerase
gribble: Induction of Telomerase Activity During Development of Human ...: <http://www.jimmunol.org/content/166/11/6647.full>
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asciilifeform: francis_wolke: phun phact. my first paying job was 'activate somatic telomerase.' project croaked from utter lack of the necessary depth of understanding.