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|\n: well not really, i'm not too much 0day-aware kind of person as well
|\n: on a local russian irc party
|\n: not to mention that amount of such holes, of course if that works, is immense
|\n: hello, was wondering if you've heard anything about this in particular https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://github.com/RUB-SysSec/Microcode/blob/master/ff_div/fx_payload_exec_linux32_fx_50.0_set_eip.html
|\n: asciilifeform, i feel guilty for getting voiced manually without bringing 0days lol but should i attempt to spread the word across chinese people as well?
|\n: imaginary, just in theory, can it be some ST72264G2
|\n: any other devices with the extra similar one (even with brushed label)? ☟︎
|\n: any intel on supply chain of this stone? had to ask ☟︎
|\n: in terms of labour there are many people who would lift it and reflow for 5-10 usd per operation, even here in russia, but epoxy will ruin such perfect model =)
|\n: are pricey
|\n: even if something is not clear - hardware is full of shit, supplying any trust towards vendors is as stupid as saying that someone might now have some private keys from whatever, being it an IT or automotive industry (pick any), i believe that is why some papers on standards that might shed light on ways of how proprietary things (that belong to owners) work ☟︎
|\n: good shout, sure i got my miserable excuses, since i'm not media person, i constantly attempt to tell about such things to people who show interest, but the scales are as miserable as my excuses hah
|\n: so i doubt theres anything remarkable i could tell about myself heh
|\n: apart from things unspeakable on freenode i love to bring up tor relays and i got a job as an admin of shitty place ☟︎
|\n: i am, russia
|\n: trinque, i'm just a dude that sometimes hears of phuctor and things that include links to the blog, i like what i see, cool pals discuss it, i'd like to track more of it, whatever it is
|\n: well it was fast i admit, now i'd better shut up because it brings too much crap to logs, got my answers, thanks
|\n: aha, cool! thanks asciilifeform
|\n: just to know if it is even possible
|\n: what is the normal channel "flow", meaning how would i even ask a question if i got one
|\n: o/
|\n: now i'd like to stay lol
|\n: in particular, i've decided to visit this channel because of http://www.loper-os.org/?p=2433
|\n: and whatver if theres some secret stuff i might leave
|\n: i've seen your name on some resources i read from time to time because pals discuss it as well
|\n: i'm just a dude
|\n: o/