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mircea_popescu: asciilifeform anyway, n without e is not a complete pubkey, hence the e,N,comment standard. nevertheless, N is a sufficient index of the e,N,comment line that properly constitutes a pubkey.
Framedragger: imho hash format makes sense - it's just modulus and arbitrary 'user' field. dunno if it's still wanted to just have e,N,comment but if so, comment could be userstring in terms of mapping fingerprints to new rsa format.
Framedragger: jurov: i have a trivial python script based on your openpgp-generator to convert arbitrary numbers of e,N,comment into pgp if interested (but you prolly have something of the same - just in case)
jurov: iirc 10millions. they're still in e,N,comment CSV
mircea_popescu: phuctor hopper takes republican e,N,comment format for rsa yes ?
Framedragger: jurov: i heard you have a converter from tmsr format (e,N,comment) to openpgp, if that's true can you link to it perchance please? would save time / redundancy :)
Framedragger: mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: in regards to ssh key spidering, it's best then to produce output in the form of e,N,comment - is that right? (where comment in this case would be the ip addr)
mircea_popescu: honestly asciilifeform i'd much rather if phuctor held a table consisting of e,N,comment,pgp_crud1,pgp_crud2,etc. should be indexed by hash of first three fields. should not depend on the trailing fields existing
mircea_popescu: ok im well confused. so jurov : you have a thing that takes ssh keys, spits them out as e,N,comment lines in a csv. that right ?