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trinque: shinohai: looks sensible to me. eulora will probably be way easier than steam, obviously, since you can't compile steam yourself. iirc, last time I put steam on linux, it was in an african linux chroot
spyked: heh. same here, genned on african linux cca 2011.
shinohai: (This was on a Gentoo, will try later on African linux)
mircea_popescu: it's true that linux recognizes ethernet devices. it's not true that it loads it or dhcps over it (unless idiotic defaults, which sure, african os argument prevails). but non-192.168.* as local zone requires fiddling with configs.
shinohai: I was on the fence about it anyway, spent my gizmo budget on a lappy to run African linux for testing eulora repos instead.
asciilifeform: perhaps because of the dire monoculture of african linux, perhaps not, i have nfi who has been building
adlai: ;;google african os linux
mod6: (built on african linux)