⏐︎ 7014
mircea_popescu: !up wittness
mircea_popescu: !up Bohemian_Lady
mircea_popescu: what brings you here Bohemian_Lady ?
mircea_popescu: and check that out, webirc has stopped publishing people's ips
Bohemian_Lady: I saw the bitcoin for tits post
mircea_popescu: a cool. so where can i see your prev work ?
Bohemian_Lady: I used to be a regular poster to /r/decrypto
mircea_popescu: link something ?
Bohemian_Lady: yup just a sec
Bohemian_Lady: It used to be weekly but I've been pretty busy lately... http://camgirladventures.blogspot.com/
assbot: Cam Girl Adventures
mircea_popescu: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-U9P2lFBKSjI/U4Dn00mkdQI/AAAAAAAAAHo/3i2Kq5seSQ4/s1600/cirvix.jpg
mircea_popescu: gotta respect that. is self-applied retractor painful ?
mircea_popescu: !up dnaleor
Bohemian_Lady: lol nope not at all
mircea_popescu: Bohemian_Lady ok so put 46d2868d on your chest and take a pic.
Bohemian_Lady: coming right up
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mircea_popescu: !up bommmm
mircea_popescu: so what brings you over, bommmm & dnaleor ?
bommmm: !up
bommmm: boom
mircea_popescu: bommmm it only works if i do it
bommmm: ok?
bommmm: I like bitcoin and stumbled here
mircea_popescu: cool.
dnaleor: mircea_popescu: darlidada told me i should ffollow this channel
mthreat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZHCVyllnck
assbot: Idiocracy "I like money" - YouTube
mircea_popescu: he's prolly right.
mircea_popescu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nhRViM02Mk
assbot: Real Life Idiocracy in America - The Obama Effect - YouTube
bommmm: gribble
Bohemian_Lady: bam http://imgur.com/D6GfMIM
assbot: imgur: the simple image sharer
Bohemian_Lady: sorry that took so long I had to enlist the BF's help
mircea_popescu: i'd say that's a pass. addy ?
mircea_popescu: Bohemian_Lady what's your bitcoin address ?
dnaleor: can guys also take pictures and get 0.1 BTC? lol
mircea_popescu: dnaleor sadly no, for this thing i'm looking for women only.
kakobrekla: i think if you mpexify your sausage.
kakobrekla: ah
kakobrekla: nvm then
Bohemian_Lady: just a sec
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla just because i made an exception for lampelina doesn't mean it goes for all guys nao :D
Bohemian_Lady: 1KQgXHAGkJmiALfPLC1tnPgY55xoyqSJwf
kakobrekla: :p
Bohemian_Lady: sorry to day has been hell on wheels
mthreat: kaching
mircea_popescu: 291254f69b5431a58214e60d4e08fecf93a702dda9f7c703848efeea05a7d032
Bohemian_Lady: totaly awesome!
mircea_popescu: and now if you're into taking things further, get yourself a registered with gribble
mircea_popescu: it'll prolly make you more in teh future.
Bohemian_Lady: mmm sounds worth
pankkake: http://wiki.bitcoin-assets.com/first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets
assbot: first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets [bitcoin assets wiki]
Bohemian_Lady: worth it shit I can type I promise
mircea_popescu: o woot we havew an intro guide
pankkake: thanks to moiety
Bohemian_Lady: Sweet now I can rtfm
mircea_popescu: #getting-women-in-teh-ch-one-tit-at-a-titme
kakobrekla: freenode approves.
mircea_popescu: "If you have any further queries, you can call #bitcoin-assets reception on +1 646 480 0703 or skype ID bitcoinassets or PM moiety in-channel."
mircea_popescu: epic
Bohemian_Lady: good to know ^_^
mircea_popescu: Bohemian_Lady i was just rtfm myself lol
Bohemian_Lady: everyone has to do it some times ^_^
mircea_popescu: ;;later tell moiety gotta splice a guide on how to make a gpg key into the (excellent btw) first steps to b-a guide.
gribble: The operation succeeded.
Bohemian_Lady: Mmm nothing like making a little porn while on break... now I gota finish fixing my motor bike
Bohemian_Lady: later guys
mircea_popescu: latere
BingoBoingo: %t
atcbot: [X-BT] Bid: 199 Ask: 238 Last Price: 199 24h-Vol: 1k High: 199 Low: 199 VWAP: 198
pankkake: http://camgirladventures.blogspot.com/2013/12/happy-new-year-and-late-marry-christmas.html I had no idea those things existed
assbot: Cam Girl Adventures: Happy new year and a late Marry Christmas!
BingoBoingo: !up teward
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BingoBoingo: %d
benkay: ;;google ultimate gpg guide
gribble: Creating the perfect GPG keypair - Alex Cabal: <https://alexcabal.com/creating-the-perfect-gpg-keypair/>; Creating a new GPG key | Ana's blog: <http://ekaia.org/blog/2009/05/10/creating-new-gpgkey/>; Generating More Secure GPG Keys: A Step-by-Step Guide: <http://spin.atomicobject.com/2013/11/24/secure-gpg-keys-guide/>
atcbot: [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 511511.43 Est. Next Diff: 374870.76 in 1606 blocks (#38304) Est. % Change: -26.71
benkay: ;;later tell moiety https://alexcabal.com/creating-the-perfect-gpg-keypair/ per mircea_popescu's suggestion
assbot: Creating the perfect GPG keypair - Alex Cabal
gribble: The operation succeeded.
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benkay: http://thecodelesscode.com/case/40
assbot: The Codeless Code: Case 40 Authority
benkay: The scribe asked the Java master: “Why do you have me record so many tales of students who require correction?”
benkay: The master said: “So that a fool may read them, and realize that he is a fool.”
benkay: The scribe asked: “Does mere ignorance or error make one a fool?”
benkay: The master said: “No. The fool is the one who calls himself ‘master’ and speaks with a semblance of authority. His error begins when he opens his mouth, and multiplies when he closes it, leaving much unsaid.”
benkay: The scribe said: “Then would it not be wiser to say nothing, either to the student or to the scribe?”
benkay: The master said: “Indeed, my very existence on your pages begins and ends in error. If I had any wit I’d cast your book into the sea.”
benkay: The scribe said: “There is no book here, and no sea, and anyway you lack hands or a body to accomplish the task.”
benkay: The master said: “Then I am content.”
ThickAsThieves: High for the day for Coindesk Index is $600.86
ThickAsThieves: for http://bitbet.us/bet/951/silk-road-coin-auction-extravaganza/
assbot: BitBet - Silk Road Coin Auction Extravaganza :: 2.15 B (29%) on Yes, 5.3 B (71%) on No | closed 1 day 1 hour ago
ThickAsThieves: just an FYI!
benkay: does the TA indicate a head and shoulders pattern forming?
benkay: or a breakout?
benkay: ThickAsThieves: ^^
ThickAsThieves: not sure if serious
ThickAsThieves: my short term assessment is we just broke thru an Ichimoku cloud, which likely be used as a foundation for another run up.
benkay: trolls trolling trolls trolling trollface.png
ThickAsThieves: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/i/ichimoku-cloud.asp
assbot: Ichimoku Cloud Definition | Investopedia
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thestringpuller: an~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
thestringpuller: da fuq
thestringpuller: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 308209 | Current Difficulty: 1.346258011452534E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 308447 | Next Difficulty In: 238 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 day, 5 hours, 8 minutes, and 34 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16733659800.2 | Estimated Percent Change: 24.29757
thestringpuller: ;;tslb
gribble: Time since last block: 5 minutes and 13 seconds
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asciilifeform: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=1490
assbot: Loper OS » Practical Blockchain Telegraphy.
penguirker: New blog post: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=1490
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kakobrekla: >One obvious criticism – ’slow.’ < lucky for you theres dogecoin
asciilifeform: lol
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asciilifeform: kakobrekla: in the mean time, feature idea. sell folks an hour's channel voice for 1 btc. e.g. so mr spam can talk.
asciilifeform: (like sex, most folks can get some for free, but others... must pay. an empty niche here.)
kakobrekla: some expensive shit we are selling.
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asciilifeform: if thorstein veblen was right - we'll be deluged with 'customers.' at least for a while.
asciilifeform: (no worries - that is what 'ignore' button is for)
kakobrekla: would make a great ipo.
asciilifeform: lol
asciilifeform: s.spam
asciilifeform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0ogmRCCH3Q
assbot: Jakob Bienenhalm - Computer ich Befehle dir (Electric Dream) - YouTube
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kakobrekla: not bad
Mats_cd03: lol
punkman: http://bitcoinstats.com/irc/bitcoin-otc/logs/2014/06/28#l1403925443
assbot: BitcoinStats
punkman: he's persistent, selling them reports
asciilifeform: '...I probably have the best feedback of anyone you could ask. (I know, because I had asked around in all btc-related channels...' << what does he smoke ?
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punkman: !up Phraust
Phraust: danke
punkman: hi
punkman: !up chax
punkman: ;;gettrust assbot Phraust
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user assbot to user Phraust: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=assbot&dest=Phraust | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=Phraust | Rated since: Thu Apr 28 16:58:11 2011
Phraust: guess I should auth. XD
punkman: I see you are oldschool
punkman: assbot doesn't trust you yet though
punkman: lol https://github.com/shinh/sedlisp
assbot: shinh/sedlisp GitHub
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assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12500 @ 0.00081866 = 10.2333 BTC [+]
punkman: http://www.avclub.com/article/facebook-tinkered-users-feeds-massive-psychology-e-206324
assbot: Facebook tinkered with users feeds for a massive psychology experiment · Newswire · The A.V. Club
punkman: now if they can figure out how to put users in ad-clicking moods
punkman: maybe you'll go to the doctor and he'll prescribe 3 hours of facebook a day, "please turn the dial to prozac mode"
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benkay: ;;rate ninjashogun -9 inquire within
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of -9 for user ninjashogun has been recorded.
punkman: wottease
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BingoBoingo: ;;rate ninjashogun -1 has the flavor of an UnSavory Garnish
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of -1 for user ninjashogun has been recorded.
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BingoBoingo: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 596.0, Best ask: 597.73, Bid-ask spread: 1.73000, Last trade: 594.64, 24 hour volume: 6881.10575204, 24 hour low: 575.0, 24 hour high: 600.0, 24 hour vwap: 588.52709013
BingoBoingo: ;;ticker --market all
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD last: 594.64, vol: 6881.07310903 | BTC-E BTCUSD last: 595.0, vol: 5320.23678 | Bitfinex BTCUSD last: 600.16, vol: 8061.37427984 | CampBX BTCUSD last: 604.0, vol: 37.06848627 | BTCChina BTCUSD last: 608.727696, vol: 5142.33540000 | Kraken BTCUSD last: 590.91605, vol: 21.86115249 | Bitcoin-Central BTCUSD last: 599.1472, vol: 145.62163831 | Volume-weighted last average: (1 more message)
BingoBoingo: ;;more
gribble: 599.317143044
BingoBoingo: %t
atcbot: [X-BT] Bid: 199 Ask: 238 Last Price: 199 24h-Vol: 4k High: 199 Low: 199 VWAP: 198
BingoBoingo: %d
atcbot: [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 511511.43 Est. Next Diff: 358102.38 in 1581 blocks (#38304) Est. % Change: -29.99
BingoBoingo: %ob
atcbot: 45k@277 48k@275 60k@238 | 965k@199 750k@175 216k@160
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 89 @ 0.01760084 = 1.5665 BTC [+] {3}
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kakobrekla: !up Conwke
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thestringpuller: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 308310 | Current Difficulty: 1.346258011452534E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 308447 | Next Difficulty In: 137 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 16 hours, 56 minutes, and 54 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16784456577.7 | Estimated Percent Change: 24.67489
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11808 @ 0.00082511 = 9.7429 BTC [+]
kakobrekla: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Zwanzig-Jahre-alte-Luecke-in-Lempel-Ziv-Kompression-gefaehrdet-Linux-Nutzer-2240442.html
assbot: Zwanzig Jahre alte Lcke in Lempel-Ziv-Kompression gefhrdet Linux-Nutzer | heise online
kakobrekla: bugs on mars
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 620 @ 0.00200081 = 1.2405 BTC [-] {6}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 57189 @ 0.0008243 = 47.1409 BTC [-] {4}
kakobrekla: also
kakobrekla: https://citizenlab.org/2014/06/backdoor-hacking-teams-tradecraft-android-implant/
assbot: Hacking Teams Tradecraft and Android Implant
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asciilifeform: http://pastebin.com/kG3AsUKP
assbot: [C] LZ4 memory corruption PoC - Pastebin.com
asciilifeform nominates Yann Collet for 'flondor list'
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 30 @ 0.021501 = 0.645 BTC [-]
asciilifeform: (what list? the one containing this fellow: http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/22i30k/the_author_of_the_openssl_heartbleed_bug_also)
assbot: The author of the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug also wrote the spec : programming
kakobrekla: flondor?
asciilifeform: !s from:mircea_popescu flondor
assbot: 0 results for 'from:mircea_popescu+flondor' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=from%3Amircea_popescu%2Bflondor
asciilifeform: !s flondor
assbot: 7 results for 'flondor' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=flondor
asciilifeform: http://trilema.com/2014/georg-ritter-von-flondor-and-what-his-unhappy-life-can-teach-us
assbot: Georg Ritter von Flondor, and what his unhappy life can teach us pe Trilema - Un blog de Mircea Popescu.
kakobrekla: ah.
kakobrekla: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/05/23/amazon-escalates-its-battle-against-hachette/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0
asciilifeform: 'The Authors Guild accused the retailer of acting illegally.' << these are the folks who wanted public libraries banned.
asciilifeform: (as well as the sale of used books.)
kakobrekla: O_o
asciilifeform: i couldn't imagine a better endorsement for amazon than their hatred.
thestringpuller: https://coinvalidation.com/home/ << if they aren't whiltelisting or blacklisting, what the actual fuck do these guys do?
assbot: CoinValidation - Helping Bitcoin businesses achieve regulatory compliance
thestringpuller: Who da fuq is alex waters?
thestringpuller: http://coinapex.com/ really tired of da bootstrap scroll sites
assbot: CoinApex - NYC-Based Software, Technology & Cryptography Incubator
asciilifeform: if they aren't whiltelisting or blacklisting, what the actual fuck do these guys do << they 'do what they must - because they can' (tm)
thestringpuller: sounds like a motto for dogecoiners...
thestringpuller: (because they love video games)
kakobrekla: pretty fuckin sad ascii
asciilifeform: 'author's guild' tried to have ocr readers used by the blind - banned.
asciilifeform: they also mostly succeeded in crippling google's 'book search.'
kakobrekla: on what grounds are they getting such ideas
asciilifeform: u.s. copyright law.
asciilifeform: they're a kind of 'riaa' for books
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 41 @ 0.021501 = 0.8815 BTC [-]
asciilifeform: even the very name of the org is a bold lie - they represent mega-publishers
kakobrekla: amazing
asciilifeform: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/4593784/Kindle-2-violates-copyright-claims-Authors-Guild.html
assbot: Kindle 2 ‘violates copyright’, claims Authors Guild - Telegraph
asciilifeform: '“They don’t have the right to read a book out loud,” said Paul Aiken, executive director of the Authors Guild. “That’s an audio right, which is derivative under copyright law.”' << these folks have crossed 'parody horizon' long ago,.
kakobrekla: lmao
kakobrekla: yes, it does sound like a start of monthy python sketch.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5550 @ 0.00082773 = 4.5939 BTC [+]
asciilifeform: https://web.archive.org/web/20021013175439/http://www.authorsguild.org/pramazon040902.html
asciilifeform: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/04/10/technology/10BOOK.html
assbot: Online Sales of Used Books Draw Protest - New York Times
asciilifeform: '"We asked could we at least talk about when something could become available as a used book? Could we maybe wait three months after the book was published?" said Patricia Schroeder, president of the Association of American Publishers. "The biggest problem is that it is legal, I think. I wring my hands, pound my desk and say, `Aargh.' "'
kakobrekla: gold
asciilifeform: http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2014/06/the-authors-alliance.html
assbot: The Authors Alliance vs. The Authors Guild
asciilifeform: phun phact:
asciilifeform: you can get virtually any book ever published - for free, searchable, in any format you like - on the net. in five seconds.... if you speak russian or chinese.
asciilifeform: idiot anglo empire wants to shoot itself in the head? sure, why not.
kakobrekla: hm
asciilifeform: 'if you see a man drowning, and you can either photograph or save him - what shutter and aperture settings would you use?'
kakobrekla: should prolly go with russian since i can somewhat parse cyrillic
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 29 @ 0.02114413 = 0.6132 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 1.80830714 BTC to 9`682 shares, 18677 satoshi per share
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] [PAID] 18.50566440 BTC to 72`316 shares, 25590 satoshi per share
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17214 @ 0.00082412 = 14.1864 BTC [-]
asciilifeform: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/06/another-fair-use-victory-book-scanning-hathitrust
assbot: Another Fair Use Victory for Book Scanning in HathiTrust | Electronic Frontier Foundation
asciilifeform: ^ they sued, alleging that... making backups was 'excessive copying'
kakobrekla: ot, i actually took like a half year russian class when i was in elementary. cant recall shit though.
asciilifeform: kakobrekla: betcha you can learn russian sooner than this crap disappears (it will probably take a full-bore u.s. collapse)
kakobrekla: hah, they dont store it in the internet archive? :)
kakobrekla: >and trying to measure an investment over time in a currency as volatile as Bitcoin is just plain dumb.
kakobrekla: guess the author
kakobrekla: no assbot , its not FabianB .
FabianB: huh?
FabianB: ;;ident FabianB
gribble: Nick 'FabianB', with hostmask 'FabianB!~fabian@unaffiliated/fabianb', is identified as user 'fabianb', with GPG key id 797C1106D52E79DF, key fingerprint 9B854E5F36B927C9C365F208797C1106D52E79DF, and bitcoin address 18Wnjc1fcWDboZDHNsn48URtwGaqRjPnAt
kakobrekla: <kakobrekla> >and trying to measure an investment over time in a currency as volatile as Bitcoin is just plain dumb.
kakobrekla: <kakobrekla> guess the author
kakobrekla: * assbot gives voice to FabianB
kakobrekla: <kakobrekla> no assbot , its not FabianB .
FabianB: lol
kakobrekla: blah, should be dpaste but i fail.
FabianB: yeah well, that quote wasn't me indeed
asciilifeform: benkay: '-9 inquire within' << mr. spam came to you? do tell.
kakobrekla: he also wanted to dock me.
FabianB: $traded
FabianB: hmpf
FabianB: $traded
empyex: FabianB: Traded in last 24 hours: S.MPOE X.EUR
thestringpuller: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 308325 | Current Difficulty: 1.346258011452534E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 308447 | Next Difficulty In: 122 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 15 hours, 5 minutes, and 34 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16780864348.8 | Estimated Percent Change: 24.6482
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BingoBoingo: %t
atcbot: [X-BT] Bid: 199 Ask: 238 Last Price: 199 24h-Vol: 4k High: 199 Low: 199 VWAP: 198
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3704 @ 0.00082241 = 3.0462 BTC [-] {2}
benkay: !s sybil
assbot: 15 results for 'sybil' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=sybil
benkay: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=21-04-2014#632962 // heh. ☝︎
assbot: #bitcoin-assets log
asciilifeform: 'they need to not only create profiles but have a fresh VM/install/whatever for them' << what was he smoking?
asciilifeform: that quote betrays a staggering lack of comprehension regarding... virtually every aspect of computing.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 89057 @ 0.00082009 = 73.0348 BTC [-] {2}
asciilifeform: if protocol has a field 'hash of disk serial number' or whatever, i can stuff anything i like there.
asciilifeform: let's assume fluffypony was drinking heavily that day.
benkay: http://www.forth.com/archive/jfar/vol1/no1/article1.pdf
benkay: ;;gettrust lobbes
gribble: Currently authenticated from hostmask lobbes!lobbes@2a00:dcc0:eda:3748:247:48:123:1. Trust relationship from user benkay to user lobbes: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=benkay&dest=lobbes | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=lobbes | Rated since: Sat May 31 10:27:00 2014
benkay: lobbes: who are ye?
benkay: The choice of Forth was dictated by strong implementation issues. such as
benkay: compactness of code. efficiency and portability to other microprocessor-based systems.
lobbes: I am a newbie trying to sponge up as much info as possible
benkay: ah, so lisp:forth :: python:c, then.
benkay: jus' trollin'
lobbes: lol
benkay: well, welcome lobbes may your studies be fruitful
benkay: i want to write some expert systems.
benkay: who can i sell this AI snake oil to...
asciilifeform: that ship sailed. ai winter.
benkay: but think of all the suckers who haven't read their history!
benkay: dude have you ever heard an SAP pitch?
benkay: if people buy that shit i have a Lisp Machine to sell them.
benkay: apropos of nothing: http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2014/06/the-polity-tht-is-china-dissident-markets-in-everything.html
assbot: The polity that is China dissident “markets” in everything
[]bot: Bet created: "Twitter stock to close at over $45 in 2014 " http://bitbet.us/bet/971/
BingoBoingo: benkay: Just add "for robots" to your proposal and suddenly the LISP, AI, and expert systems are marketable again.
BingoBoingo: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 594.0, Best ask: 595.98, Bid-ask spread: 1.98000, Last trade: 595.98, 24 hour volume: 6140.40746732, 24 hour low: 575.0, 24 hour high: 604.21, 24 hour vwap: 592.02387377
[]bot: Bet created: "Silver price over $23/oz in 2014" http://bitbet.us/bet/972/
mircea_popescu: so i am working on an epic post of grandeur.
mircea_popescu: anyone care to guess the topic ?
benkay: tits!
Duffer1: s.mnky?
mircea_popescu: ok so that's two...
benkay: steak
benkay: la serenissima
benkay: i'm just going to put like 5 business cards in this here jar...
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: shit, english lacks a word for one who merely likes to hear himself speak ?
benkay: a popescu?
Duffer1: ;;ud malerik
mircea_popescu: fu zingerboy!
gribble: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=malerik | Mar 30, 2008 ... Someone who loves to hear himself talk. He will talk about himself to anyone who will listen, for hours. A Malerik also falls in love and tries to ...
mircea_popescu: a ty. was gonna fall back on pig latin
mircea_popescu: garrulous
mircea_popescu: wtf is malerik come from ?
Duffer1: no idea
mircea_popescu: http://vk.com/id208993329 ?
assbot: Karolina Malerik
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 16 @ 0.03847462 = 0.6156 BTC [-] {2}
HeySteve: hello
HeySteve: mircea_popescu, I had a question about your "bits for tits" offer. I mentioned it to a woman who is interested but a little reluctant to show her face, is it ok if she doesn't?
mircea_popescu: no.
mircea_popescu: the reason is, we can't really identify tits.
mircea_popescu: for this reason, as the library grows, it'll become trivial for one to just keep getting 10 bitcents
mircea_popescu: you see what i mean ?
HeySteve: yes, I'll let her know
fluffypony: [20:08:37] +asciilifeform: let's assume fluffypony was drinking heavily that day. <- probably...although I have a feeling I was thinking about serial numbers at the time. too hard to try recall.
mircea_popescu: fluffypony you can change anything you want about the hdd
fluffypony: mircea_popescu: I know
HeySteve: also, do you want the woman to accept directly bitcoin as in that previous experiment with the call-girls (I think they were)?
mircea_popescu: HeySteve what, you want me to pay via bitpay nao ?
HeySteve: nah, was thinking of accepting it for her then paying her out in local fiats, she has no idea about BTC
assbot: Last 3 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/33JK61K.txt )
BingoBoingo: !b 3 ✂︎
BingoBoingo: Heysteve is trying his hand at the pimping business
mircea_popescu: now why would a girl that has no idea about btc nor any experience camwhoring
HeySteve: heh you could say so
mircea_popescu: want to participate in a btc giveaway for camwhores ?
HeySteve: oh she has experience
mircea_popescu: this is almost like forum ceos
assbot: Last 5 lines bashed and pending review. ( http://dpaste.com/3FCW3RB.txt )
BingoBoingo: !b 5 ✂︎
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 40 @ 0.02346995 = 0.9388 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: HeySteve so then why's she shy ?!
BingoBoingo is growing high molecular weight polymers today!
HeySteve: well it's not her profession and she's worried about it impacting that
HeySteve: but pretty sure she'll get over it
mircea_popescu: this your gf we're talking here ?
HeySteve: nope
BingoBoingo: Is this another interview for a cryptocoinnews article?
HeySteve: ha it's more likely to appear on jezebel
HeySteve: which might work well for publicity actually. worked for tucker max anyway
BingoBoingo: At least the day's chemistry is going well.
Duffer1: MP will we have to wait and see what the article is about?
mircea_popescu: Duffer1 hour or so
mircea_popescu: HeySteve so i don't get it, jezebel chick petrified of slut shaming ? da fuck does she care, i'm not about to do it.
Duffer1: cool
HeySteve: mircea_popescu, no I mean some feminist publication might come after you at this rate. not so much for this but that fiverr thing...
mircea_popescu: o
mircea_popescu: !s feminist was born
assbot: 1 results for 'feminist+was+born' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=feminist%2Bwas%2Bborn
mircea_popescu: ;;later tell princessnell know any feminist publication that may wish to come after me ?
gribble: The operation succeeded.
BingoBoingo: Andreas again?
benkay: what are you growing today, BingoBoingo ?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 29600 @ 0.00082067 = 24.2918 BTC [+]
BingoBoingo: benkay: I'm reseasoning the cast iron
benkay: do go on - what's being grown?
thestringpuller: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 596.58, Best ask: 598.38, Bid-ask spread: 1.80000, Last trade: 598.38, 24 hour volume: 6167.89007536, 24 hour low: 575.0, 24 hour high: 604.21, 24 hour vwap: 592.428694795
BingoBoingo: benkay: Well, I'm turning a bunch of oil into a uniform layer of polymer over the cast iron so I can fry shit without it sticking to the pans
[]bot: Bet placed: 3 BTC for Yes on "Bitcoin incremental difficulty to increase by 3B or more" http://bitbet.us/bet/783/ Odds: 95(Y):5(N) by coin, 91(Y):9(N) by weight. Total bet: 17.73721769 BTC. Current weight: 44,349.
HeySteve2: BingoBoingo, cast iron frying pans are great
BingoBoingo: Indeed, these were located a bit rusty, but that was corrected
HeySteve2: cool, I was convinced to get one by this - http://www.richsoil.com/cast-iron.jsp
assbot: How To: Cast Iron Skillet Non-Stick and Lasts a Lifetime
benkay: i've finally broken the girl of cooking carbs on my cast iron
BingoBoingo: Well some carbs only cook well there (the canonical example is cornbread)
mircea_popescu: !up Smilence
mircea_popescu: and now for the logs!
mircea_popescu: pankkake: http://camgirladventures.blogspot.com/2013/12/happy-new-year-and-late-marry-christmas.html I had no idea those things existed << dude if it's teaching pankkake new porns, any expense is well worth it.
assbot: Cam Girl Adventures: Happy new year and a late Marry Christmas!
benkay: BingoBoingo: really?!
benkay: fascinating.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: http://www.loper-os.org/?p=1490 << alternatively, why not rewrite the tcp/ip stack so that all traffic is encrypted properly and adios.
assbot: Loper OS » Practical Blockchain Telegraphy.
mircea_popescu: benkay it's a fact.
BingoBoingo: benkay: You may apportion your thanks for that discovery to... Pretty much the entire south...
benkay: we all know how i cook, mi
benkay: mircea_popescu:
benkay: i have a cook
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform: if thorstein veblen was right - we'll be deluged with 'customers.' at least for a while. << you're too soon. we'll scam them later.
mircea_popescu: ;;gettrust ninjashogun
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user mircea_popescu to user ninjashogun: Level 1: 0, Level 2: -3 via 3 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=mircea_popescu&dest=ninjashogun | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=ninjashogun | Rated since: Thu Jun 26 19:05:58 2014
mircea_popescu: lmao -3 is not in any sense "the best feedback of anyone you could ask"
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 24 @ 0.023395 = 0.5615 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: in fact i wager a guess that 2/3 of the wot has a better feedback
mircea_popescu: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-talk-to-an-ex.../
assbot: How to talk to an ex...
mircea_popescu: "I could really do with a female collaborator to make this instructable more useful and make sure it is one sided..."
mircea_popescu: guy that has no ex writing guides about how to talk to the ex he never had.
mircea_popescu: oh interfuckwits.
FabianB: "rewrite the tcp/ip stack so that all traffic is encrypted" <-- as cjdns has done
nubbins`: !s richsoil
assbot: 0 results for 'richsoil' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=richsoil
mircea_popescu: FabianB prolly. i hear nothing but good things of that procject
nubbins` shrugs
nubbins`: heysteve is gone now
nubbins`: but that's the same web page that got me into cast iron :/
BingoBoingo: ;;later tell HeySteve I like how he describes surface tumors on the skillets.
gribble: The operation succeeded.
mircea_popescu: !up Ginux
BingoBoingo: Wow, all of ninjashogun's WoT ratings are from regulars here.
asciilifeform: 'rewrite the tcp/ip stack so that all traffic is encrypted' << doesn't solve the problem described in the 'enforcement' article.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform how not ?!
asciilifeform: channel still lives on a distinct physical box that belongs to someone
mircea_popescu: not practically, no.
asciilifeform: unless by 'encrypted' you also mean link saturation and some variant of 'onion route' (a la the claimed mechanics of tor) - same problem.
mircea_popescu: not really. how do you know what subset of gibberish is meaningful to whom ?
asciilifeform: if you want a 'closed' channel, then we can do that right now - gpg mailing list.
mircea_popescu: for instance.
nubbins`: BingoBoingo he was complaining in -otc earlier about not getting a fair shake
asciilifeform: but if you want something public (open to new participants without elaborate gymnastics) - rather different problem.
mircea_popescu: wait.
mircea_popescu: "without elaborate gymnastics" ? you go write the irc protocol for they who can't read or write
mircea_popescu: and i'll do something else til you're done.
asciilifeform: lol
mircea_popescu: literacy has barriers to entry. always has. always will.
mircea_popescu: experience shows them being low is counterproductive
BingoBoingo: nubbins`: Well, what -otc is largely concerned with and what he got his here feedback for don't overlap perfectly... Other than the general disdain people share for spamzors
nubbins`: nod :D
mircea_popescu: feedback is feedback neh ?
mircea_popescu: he never specified what kind
penguirker: New blog post: http://trilema.com/2014/the-death-of-taxes/
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 66153 @ 0.00082022 = 54.26 BTC [-] {3}
mircea_popescu: "Facebook then analyzed the future postings of those users over the course of a week to see if people responded with increased positivity or negativity of their own, thus answering the question of whether emotional states can be transmitted across a social network. Result: They can!"
mircea_popescu: except, it only works on the herd.
kakobrekla: lol wtf is this http://i.imgur.com/wPT0H0M.jpg
mircea_popescu: basically, facebook scientists just scientifically proved facebook is dead : the herd has replaced the trend setters.
fluffypony: http://i.imgur.com/qKNAMNp.jpg
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla it went as high as 60 iirc
kakobrekla: i mean for the 'private offerings'
mircea_popescu: fluffypony frat party ?
fluffypony: I'm guessing so
fluffypony: looks awesome
kakobrekla: looks odd to me.
fluffypony: btw
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla o i thought the part circled in red is what you meant. well they had a few PTS iirc
fluffypony: I've been tweeting pics and shit
fluffypony: will put them all up in a blog post when I get a chance
mircea_popescu: *: asciilifeform nominates Yann Collet for 'flondor list' << and now thanks to search, we can even use this.
mircea_popescu: !s flondor list
assbot: 0 results for 'flondor+list' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=flondor%2Blist
mircea_popescu: !s 'flondor list'
assbot: 0 results for ''flondor+list'' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=%27flondor%2Blist%27
kakobrekla: lel.
mircea_popescu: o how great technology works
fluffypony: https://twitter.com/fluffyponyza/status/482863903089909760
assbot: Whilst most hotels fly the flag of whatever country they're in, Malla Castle flies a Bitcoin flag. http://t.co/ZsCQFwTt5C
mircea_popescu: bitcoin has a flag ?
fluffypony: :-P
asciilifeform: Yann Collet << not because he wrote the turd. (though it alone might suffice!) - because of what he said afterward.
fluffypony: aight bbl
asciilifeform: turn on the kitchen light, you can tell who is a cockroach - by the desperate scurrying.
mircea_popescu: heh
BingoBoingo: Oh, Serena Lost to Cornet again
mircea_popescu: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bq2yaIMCYAA8SF0.jpg
BingoBoingo: My milking of line BTC books by betting against Serena when the odds are around 10 to one her favor continues to abuse them.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16680 @ 0.00082125 = 13.6985 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform http://fastcompression.blogspot.fr/2014/06/debunking-lz4-20-years-old-bug-myth.html << actually this seems persuasive
assbot: RealTime Data Compression: Debunking the LZ4 "20 years old bug" myth
mthreat: mircea_popescu: it looks like !s is double-url-encoding
mircea_popescu: a lz4 bug which depends on 16mb blocks on 32 bit seems dead in the water
mircea_popescu: mthreat don't you just love fencing errors ?
BingoBoingo: ;;tslb
gribble: Time since last block: 7 minutes and 51 seconds
benkay: oh man i was trying to write code and then mircea_popescu dropped a blogbomb with a szabo link
mircea_popescu: hey, earlier i was trying to write an article and you kept zinging me
mircea_popescu: it's only fair
mircea_popescu: !up peter82
peter82: thx, i feel honored :)
mircea_popescu: lol so who're you ?
peter82: some random dude from germany who discovered trilema.com and klicked on "#bitcoin-assets on freenode"
peter82: i like your blog
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 60 @ 0.02345995 = 1.4076 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: cheers.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 85 @ 0.02170717 = 1.8451 BTC [-] {8}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SCRYPT] 49 @ 0.0106143 = 0.5201 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8445 @ 0.00082163 = 6.9387 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: "Phone use in Saudia Arabia has a penetration rate of 170%, with an estimated average of 30% of individual income spent on mobile phone and Internet costs in 2014."
mircea_popescu: omg ?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 100 @ 0.02150003 = 2.15 BTC [-] {2}
benkay: sauce?
mircea_popescu: http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/saudi-arabia/saudis-spend-30-of-income-on-phone-internet-1.1345356
benkay: another factor in breaking the USG's power monopoly will be the cheaply made en-masse autonomous thingers capable of bringing down any bird or boat they field
benkay: these saudi phone users - is this the upper crust or the imported slaves?
mircea_popescu: no idea
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 122 @ 0.02105257 = 2.5684 BTC [-] {8}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 63050 @ 0.00082177 = 51.8126 BTC [+] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 62 @ 0.02025167 = 1.2556 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 34 @ 0.0200094 = 0.6803 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 41 @ 0.021 = 0.861 BTC [-] {2}
mircea_popescu: Farm laborer monthly pay, with meals = 400 asses ; Teacher's monthly pay, per boy = 800 asses ; Barber's service price, per client = 32 asses ; 1 kg of pork = 380 asses (1 lb = 170 asses) ; 1 kg of grapes = 32 asses (1 lb = 15 asses)
mircea_popescu: how much for an assbot i wonder.
mircea_popescu: (sauce http://io9.com/ancient-roman-coins-depict-sundry-sexual-acts-but-what-1277370698 )
assbot: Ancient Roman coins depict sundry sexual acts, but what were they for?
mircea_popescu: ;;later tell jborkl http://www.bcoinnews.com/part-2-bitcoin-difficulty-hash-target/ << this is a nice explanation, i bet useful for many people.
assbot: Part 2: Bitcoin Difficulty and Hash Target | Bitcoin News
gribble: The operation succeeded.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 17000 @ 0.00082168 = 13.9686 BTC [-]
bitstein: Tangentially related, when I was at Pompeii, I was told these were the signs to point travelers in the direction of the brothels: https://i.imgur.com/JiWHKeX.jpg
mircea_popescu: lol makes sense
bitstein: Unfortunately we didn't have time to visit the brothels, which is the most popular part of Pompeii. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erotic_art_in_Pompeii_and_Herculaneum
assbot: Erotic art in Pompeii and Herculaneum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 11 @ 0.19310031 = 2.1241 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 42 @ 0.0223998 = 0.9408 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 1549 @ 0.001614 = 2.5001 BTC [+]
benkay: bitstein: are they still operational?
bitstein: Prostitution in Pompeii has moved to underground operations ever since Vesuvius erupted.
benkay: hahaha
benkay: i mean i have no idea man - ancient disaster prostitution tourism?
benkay: not infeasible.
bitstein: Well, it's all just ruins now. The brothels are just full of fat American tourists.
bitstein: Naples is close by. You can get all the illicit goods and services you need there.
bitstein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egtdYTuRKto
assbot: Gomorrah (2008) - Official Trailer - YouTube
kakobrekla: http://www.smbc-comics.com/comics/20130707.png
mircea_popescu: lol good one
mircea_popescu: <benkay> i mean i have no idea man - ancient disaster prostitution tourism? << a certain party tends to take girls for nude shots in various cemeteries.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 26255 @ 0.00082168 = 21.5732 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlXjIg4fH74
assbot: Who's on Stage? - YouTube
BingoBoingo: !t h AM1
assbot: [HAVELOCK:AM1] 1D: 0.19310030 / 0.19453341 / 0.20199999 (25 shares, 4.86333524 BTC), 7D: 0.18500000 / 0.19842068 / 0.23100000 (852 shares, 169.05442337 BTC), 30D: 0.11000000 / 0.22668297 / 0.45390844 (5514 shares, 1249.92991536 BTC)
hanbot: http://www.writerscafe.org/mirceapopescu44 sounds like a fun confusion target :D
assbot: Mircea Popescu | WritersCafe.org | The Online Writing Community
benkay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=airT-m9LcoY
assbot: Abbot and Costello - Who's on First - YouTube
hanbot: "about me : Aspiring writer. Atheist jerk deemed arrogant by the second rate minds of society. I write poetry, fantasy pieces, critical essays and I've recently tried my hand at play writing. I play the guitar and watch pro wrestling. Student of Letters and Arts."
mircea_popescu: o boy.
mircea_popescu: "I’m drunk tonight The smell of death Keeps haunting my world The scent Of scotch In dreary passion past us whirled."
mircea_popescu: maybe i should hire this guy to post on the forum.
mircea_popescu: benkay precisely.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 43 @ 0.022299 = 0.9589 BTC [-]
benkay: original's better.
mircea_popescu: that's like a law of thermodynamics.
BingoBoingo: Right, but the forum so it earned the shittier
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo that didn't parse
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Well, the forum is shittier than IRC, ergo the forum gets the second rate Mircea... seeing as they chased hanbot off.
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: ic
BingoBoingo: Addressed to benkay's "original's better." but... The fingers-brain connection is only so robust operating at speed
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo he was talking of the little girl.
BingoBoingo: Ah
mircea_popescu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVn_2gSH6hE
assbot: Full Abbott and Costello EpisodeThe Dentist's Office - YouTube
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 30700 @ 0.00082125 = 25.2124 BTC [-] {3}
[]bot: Bet placed: 1 BTC for Yes on "Bitcoin incremental difficulty to increase by 3B or more" http://bitbet.us/bet/783/ Odds: 95(Y):5(N) by coin, 92(Y):8(N) by weight. Total bet: 19.73721769 BTC. Current weight: 44,268.
BingoBoingo: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 308369 | Current Difficulty: 1.346258011452534E10 | Next Difficulty At Block: 308447 | Next Difficulty In: 78 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 9 hours, 51 minutes, and 9 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 16802072525.8 | Estimated Percent Change: 24.80574
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 37 @ 0.02 = 0.74 BTC [-] {3}
benkay: i was?
benkay: which little girl
dignork: https://twitter.com/rabite/status/482979706460180480 << somebody should tell him about bitbet
assbot: To those saying LZ4 bug aint exploitable: put money on it. Ive got 1 BTC on product exploits within 1wk. Takers? http://t.co/pdTal9bYNR
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21998 @ 0.00082144 = 18.07 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5100 @ 0.00082305 = 4.1976 BTC [+]
benkay: https://adamcaudill.com/2014/06/27/the-sinking-ship-of-email-security/
assbot: The Sinking Ship of E-Mail Security - Adam Caudill
benkay: We need to be discussing how to eliminate email, not new ways to glue partial solutions on to it. STARTTLS isn’t the answer, PGP isn’t the answer, S/MIME isn’t the answer - an entirely new protocol is.
benkay: (quote)
benkay: really? pgp isn't the answer? nooz to me.
benkay: http://www.vox.com/2014/6/26/5837638/the-ipo-is-dying-marc-andreessen-explains-why
assbot: The IPO is dying. Marc Andreessen explains why. - Vox
benkay: the sarbox claims are interesting
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22150 @ 0.00082142 = 18.1945 BTC [-] {3}
benkay: http://toxoplasm.org/post/90105779369/i-was-shooting-heroin-and-reading-the
assbot: toxoplasm, I was shooting heroin and reading The...
benkay: http://38.media.tumblr.com/50a7e4712b4f1db039bf4b52abb110d1/tumblr_n7w2nwNV9F1qzvg5fo2_1280.jpg
benkay: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/25/Tintinnabulum_Pompeii_MAN_Napoli_Inv27839.jpg/640px-Tintinnabulum_Pompeii_MAN_Napoli_Inv27839.jpg
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BingoBoingo: lol '“Subway™ Eat Fresh and Freeze, Scumbag!®” I yelled.
BingoBoingo: Too late. He was already out the front door. I went after him.'
thestringpuller: %diff
atcbot: [ATC Diff] Current Diff: 511511.43 Est. Next Diff: 341705.61 in 1536 blocks (#38304) Est. % Change: -33.20
thestringpuller: people still pool hopping?
thestringpuller: Love it
BingoBoingo: Looks like atc diff will be dropping twice in a row
thestringpuller: the ATC market depth is growing too...
BingoBoingo: I'll decline to comment
thestringpuller: it still looks like lots of pool hopping from big entities tho
thestringpuller: like you'll see 2 terahashes hit a coin for a few days then drop and so on but I guess this has already been discussed to death
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thestringpuller: !mpif
assbot: BtcAlpha.com F.MPIF Tracker estimated NAV per share: 0.00021746 BTC (Total: 434.93 BTC). Last trade for F.MPIF on MPEX was at 0.00023849 BTC [+]
thestringpuller: !ticker m f.mpif
assbot: [MPEX:F.MPIF] 1D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC), 7D: 0.0002151 / 0.0002159 / 0.00023849 (5054 shares, 1.09 BTC), 30D: 0.0002151 / 0.00021604 / 0.00023849 (22205 shares, 4.80 BTC)
thestringpuller: ;;diff
gribble: 1.346258011452534E10
thestringpuller: ;;estimate
gribble: Next difficulty estimate | 16806622431.4 based on data since last change | 17627747376.5 based on data for last three days
BingoBoingo: %t
atcbot: [X-BT] Bid: 199 Ask: 238 Last Price: 199 24h-Vol: 4k High: 199 Low: 199 VWAP: 198
BingoBoingo: I'm just surprised when the poolhoppers came to ATC this time that they didn't stay long...
BingoBoingo: %0b
BingoBoingo: %ob
atcbot: 45k@277 48k@275 60k@238 | 965k@199 750k@175 216k@160
BingoBoingo: http://science.slashdot.org/story/14/06/28/2030254/secret-of-the-banjos-unique-sound-discovered-by-nobel-prize-winning-physicist
assbot: Secret of the Banjo's Unique Sound Discovered By Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist - Slashdot
BingoBoingo: trabangini http://money.cnn.com/2014/06/26/autos/elio-motors/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
assbot: Elio Motors promises $6,800 car - Jun. 26, 2014
mircea_popescu: <dignork> https://twitter.com/rabite/status/482979706460180480 << somebody should tell him about bitbet << that;s okay, he doesn't need to read
assbot: To those saying LZ4 bug aint exploitable: put money on it. Ive got 1 BTC on product exploits within 1wk. Takers? http://t.co/pdTal9bYNR
mircea_popescu: he just writes.
mircea_popescu: !up tjader
mircea_popescu: <benkay> really? pgp isn't the answer? nooz to me. << well so let "we" eliminate email lol.
mircea_popescu: <assbot> The IPO is dying. Marc Andreessen explains why. - Vox summary : "that asshole mp killed it"
Duffer1: "we deserved it"
thestringpuller: !search
assbot: Need a search term.
thestringpuller: !search The IPO is dying
assbot: 0 results for 'The+IPO+is+dying' : http://search.bitcoin-assets.com/?q=The%2BIPO%2Bis%2Bdying
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo you know, dacia has been making a 5k euro car for years now
mircea_popescu: heck, davout prolly bought one
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: Yeah, that's been mentioned here before. I just wonder what kind of shitfits will happen here the resistance Tesla see to selling a $60,000 vehicle
thestringpuller: i was actually going to purchase a tesla