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asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: i was thinking of:
asciilifeform: "If the reader had access to real dossiers on the secret agents of spetsnaz he would be disappointed and probably shocked, because the agents of spetsnaz bear no resemblance to the fine, upstanding, young and handsome heroes of spy films. Soviet military intelligence is looking for an entirely different type of person as a candidate for recruitment. A portrait of an ideal agent for spetsnaz emerges something li
asciilifeform: ke this: a man of between fifty-five and sixty-five years of age who has never served in the army, never had access to secret documents, does not carry or own a weapon, knows nothing about hand-to-hand fighting, does not possess any secret equipment and doesn't support the Comunists, does not read the newspapers, was never in the Soviet Union and has never met any Soviet citizens, leads a lonely, introspective
asciilifeform: life, far from other people, and is by profession a forester, fisherman, lighthouse-keeper, security guard or railwayman. In many cases such an agent will be a physical invalid. Spetsnaz is also on the lookout for women with roughly the same characteristics."
asciilifeform: (from the classic: http://militera.lib.ru/research/suvorov6/08.html)
asciilifeform: (the chapter concerned the recruitment of traitors in the west, rather than 'ninjas')
mircea_popescu: yeah
mircea_popescu: it was abandoned tho, because iirc in the 70s someone in the us finally figured this out
mircea_popescu: did they make a film about it or is it an obscure detail of history ?
asciilifeform: a couple of runaways spilled the beans, yes
mircea_popescu: i tell you they figured it out
asciilifeform: they dug up some boobietraps, made a little noise, that was all.
mircea_popescu: like, on their own
asciilifeform: would surprise me greatly if they hadn't
mircea_popescu: it's the exact equivalent of the caught cia agent joke, you know thatone ?
asciilifeform: but a runaway lets you 'parallel construct' to your heart's delight.
asciilifeform: the one with the staples? or the black spy?
mike_c: re: JD predictability of investor returns. trailing 7 day ROI: http://i.imgur.com/sOotZke.png
asciilifeform: (the staples that failed to rust, was, afaik, a real incident)
mircea_popescu: the black spy yeah
mircea_popescu: mike_c that shit looks exactly like herbi's earlier mpoe stuff
mircea_popescu: ;;last seen herbiomfgwhatwasit
gribble: (last [--{from,in,on,with,without,regexp} <value>] [--nolimit]) -- Returns the last message matching the given criteria. --from requires a nick from whom the message came; --in requires a channel the message was sent to; --on requires a network the message was sent on; --with requires some string that had to be in the message; --regexp requires a regular expression the message must (1 more message)
mike_c: no way, mine's much prettier
mircea_popescu: ;;seen herbijudlestoids
gribble: herbijudlestoids was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 21 hours, 25 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <herbijudlestoids> k, enjoy your ignorance
mircea_popescu: dun tell me the guy got butthurt over... NUBBINS!
asciilifeform: re: agents: i'd be surprised though, it there is entirely no more 'maintain this derelict shipping container and cafe that nobody goes to and you'll get a little cash in the mail every month'
asciilifeform: likewise, most of the buried treasure probably remains buried.
asciilifeform: (if only because the fools lost the maps where 'x marks the spot.')
dub: he got srsly butthurt about knowing more than everyone else on the internet cause he's been there and it wasnt cool
mircea_popescu: there definitely is some
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mircea_popescu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy's_Motel_and_Café
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform or because they burried the nut in a dog
mircea_popescu: (you saw that squirrel gif ?)
asciilifeform: one day some bored kid will dig through old soviet crap, find a footnote that leads to a working rpg-7 under a mailbox.
mircea_popescu: or so every bored kid worth his salt dreams :D
asciilifeform: the original 'geocaching.'
KRS1: haha asciilifeform
KRS1: I buried my nut in this girl once..
KRS1: .bait
KRS1: ;;seen ozbot
gribble: ozbot was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 4 hours, 36 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <ozbot> Why Mt. Gox is full of shit - joepie91's Ramblings
dub: meanwhile.. http://www.click2houston.com/police-cite-man-dressed-as-banana-carrying-ak47/-/1736084/24388136/-/vs4cvuz/-/index.html
deadweasel: i was born and raised 2 minutes from downtown houston
deadweasel: mani st houston at 4am, you can see anything
deadweasel: main*
deadweasel: used to bike/skate down there, sometimes running from drunken angry men of all colors
deadweasel: white included
deadweasel: sometimes just chillin with them
deadweasel: they so crazy
KRS1: Texas is awesome with regard to weapons legislation and capital crimes punishment.
deadweasel: and general gtfo federal goverment
KRS1: Love that state..plus they have most major telco carrier lines converging in Dallas..makes for an Internet utobpia.
KRS1: utopia
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deadweasel: didn't google go fiber in OK tho
deadweasel: ?
dub: https://twitter.com/forlornfunnies/status/432978460538318848/photo/1
deadweasel: story of my life
deadweasel: only i fuck up for longer first
KRS1: no..i visited my friend in Dallas and he showed me his hosting location there. His datacenter can switch him from any 1 of like 6 different carrier peering points at any time.
dub: new altcoin byline candidate there, 'I'm sorry, its so strange to be on the internet'
deadweasel: fuck yes
deadweasel: houston is corrupt as all hell
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KRS1: I was there for about a week..had to set up about 10 VMware hosts, firewall and storage. Went real smooth. I love how the girls talk there, and people seem real nice compared to South Florida.
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deadweasel: Texas will rise again. then fall to Bitcoin.
deadweasel: then rise again!
deadweasel: bitches
asciilifeform: texcoin.
KRS1: Texas is indeed an interesting state.
nubbins`: txc
KRS1: havent heard much of that talk lately about texas becoming a sovergn country..they seem big enough =D
KRS1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHZJej98_T0
deadweasel: it used to be. could be again by law.
KRS1: Makes me think of that ^
KRS1: Burt Reynolds lives like 20 miles from me
deadweasel: can you feel his vibe?
deadweasel: :P
nubbins`: he finds mustache hairs in his cereal daily, no doubt
KRS1: he's got a beautiful estate near the ocean
deadweasel: nubbins`, you chase off herbaljusitoisds?
nubbins`: i guess so
bloctoc: KRS1 there was some talk of succession when Obama was trying to get texas to help pay for the national electricity grid.
nubbins`: he got really upset
deadweasel: fuck obma
deadweasel: fuck herbaljsustoid
deadweasel: s
nubbins`: because i wasn't fact-checking while chatting
deadweasel: texas fucking honeybadger state
bloctoc: frt - Former Republic of Texas
KRS1: Did you guys see the new version of the Trans Am
KRS1: http://pricinginsider.carsdirect.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/hurst-edition-trans-am-camaro-overview.jpg
bloctoc: succession -> secession
mircea_popescu: lol the us w/o texas would be in a very interesting position
mircea_popescu: pretty much all the oil importing infrastructure is down there
KRS1: Indeed mircea
asciilifeform: afaik, TX is being recolonized by mexico on schedule, just like CA
mircea_popescu: i hear it gets pretty cold up north without texas...
nubbins`: heh
deadweasel: i for one, embrace my hardworking brown friends
mircea_popescu: deadweasel no homo ?
KRS1: haha
deadweasel: usually
KRS1: deadweasel: Mexicans work at my house regularly, they are very hard working respectible and honest people. I admire them and they make great food.
deadweasel: ^
deadweasel: the best food
nubbins`: all of them?
deadweasel: yes
deadweasel: because natural screening is the desert that lies between
deadweasel: only the smart dedicated ones get through
deadweasel: which in part is due to out ultra nationalist xenophonic border property owners which are a small in number.
nubbins`: the usa is a very different country than canada
Duffer1: america. canada's mexico
BingoBoingo: Looks like the Altcoin order book on the kinds shady exchange is starting to fill in https://openex.pw/index.php?page=trade&market=111
nubbins`: Duffer1 XD
Duffer1: i do miss texas though, i grew up in austin
nubbins`: never been
deadweasel: go to austin
deadweasel: it's yoru kinda town
deadweasel: your*
bloctoc: I spent the year before last in San Antonio. I felt like the only white guy around for miles.
deadweasel: it's been 'colonied'
deadweasel: austn is better
deadweasel: colonized*
deadweasel: fuck this keyboard
mircea_popescu: BingoBoingo who runs that thing ?
bloctoc: how about repopulated since it was decimated by smallpox way back when...
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: That's r3wt's deal. The questionable dude brought up yesterday.
mircea_popescu: a
asciilifeform: still waiting to see an 'mpexian' exchange with no www site, operated entirely by coded TX amounts.
mircea_popescu: bloctoc san antonio is like my favourite us town
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform afaik it's being worked on.
bloctoc: it might be my favorite Texas town, but I moved to San Francisco for a reason
bloctoc: reason being it's way better than Texas
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: seems like a trivial problem, ought to have been done 'last year.'
Duffer1: man, i grew up on The ALAMO!@3 texas history books, and when i finally see it i can't help but think "that's it?"
mircea_popescu: yea well.
mircea_popescu: Duffer1 did kinda look like you could piss over it
bloctoc: Someone should sneak up to the roof of the Alamo and take a selfie for selfie olympics
mircea_popescu: https://i.imgur.com/LDeN7dH.jpg
bloctoc: is that you?
mircea_popescu: no, some chick in there
mircea_popescu: https://imgur.com/a/deovZ?gallery
ozbot: The Selfie Olympics - Imgur
Duffer1: i played davy crockett in the school play hehe
Duffer1: i think the set was bigger than the real thing
mircea_popescu: https://i.imgur.com/qfGBdNw.jpg
mircea_popescu: REAL BITCOIN JESUS
mircea_popescu: https://i.imgur.com/oQ23QNY.jpg << ok, her. seize her and bring her to me.
Duffer1: that's impressive
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nubbins`: https://i.imgur.com/qfGBdNw.jpg
nubbins`: ahh, too slo
nubbins`: w
nubbins`: lel
mircea_popescu: lalala
nubbins`: OH
nubbins`: check it:
nubbins`: ;;ticker
gribble: Bitstamp BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 685.57, Best ask: 688.99, Bid-ask spread: 3.42000, Last trade: 689.0, 24 hour volume: 72468.55509753, 24 hour low: 530.0, 24 hour high: 713.0, 24 hour vwap: 639.580822098
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.1212 BTC [-]
dub: had an ex that could do standing splits, cheerleader etc
dub: knew not what to do with cock however
Duffer1: stand on your head too, duh
mircea_popescu: dub can learn.
dub: she knew not what to do ffs
dub: I know all about such things
dub: insert, remove, sleep.
mircea_popescu: lol.
dub: dont try to tell me otherwise internet peon or I'll ragepart
mircea_popescu: ok ignore your injoyance.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31100 @ 0.00085961 = 26.7339 BTC [+] {3}
nubbins`: you'll pull a herb
dub: rageherb?
dub: herbrage
mircea_popescu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=333851.msg5063595#msg5063595
ozbot: [Direct] BTC Growth - Forex Volatility Focus
mircea_popescu: no witty retort makes me all sad inside.
BingoBoingo: mircea_popescu: The praise for you saving OpenBSD keeps coming, from yesterday http://www.linuxac.org/forum/threads/66918-%D9%85%D9%86%D8%B8%D9%85%D8%A9-OpenBSD-%D8%B3%D9%88%D9%81-%D8%AA%D8%AA%D9%88%D9%81%D9%82-%D8%B9%D9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D9%85%D9%84-%D8%A8%D8%B3%D8%A8%D8%A8-%D8%AA%D9%88%D9%82%D9%81-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AF%D8%A7%D8%B9%D9%85-%D9%84%D9%87%D8%A7?s=5a1d49a81cab27f2e6c5d567a9058475&p=521670&viewfull=1#post521670
pankkake: long url is long
BingoBoingo: pankkake: Well, it encodes arabic script, so... yeah
dub: ah derka derka derka
BingoBoingo: dub: Well, they expressed in the thread earlier a bit of suprised Darpa would have in the past supported OpenBSD
pankkake: must be terrorists. bitcoin, openbsd, arabic, the evidence is overwhelming
BingoBoingo: pankkake: or freedomfighers, security aware goatherders, or simply people looking into making a living in the IT industry
pankkake: is there a difference?
BingoBoingo: pankkake: Not necessarily, but there also isn't a necessary association either
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assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 90400 @ 0.00085357 = 77.1627 BTC [-] {4}
mircea_popescu: that's a long url of praise
Duffer1: LTC on Gox?
Duffer1: :3
pankkake: lol
pankkake: Trade with confidence on the world's largest Bitcoin exchange!
mircea_popescu: the world's largest everything is everywhere!
copumpkin: that's a big MPOE sale there
copumpkin: MPOE has a remarkably deep book
pankkake: what I don't understand is why the other things don't have that volume
pankkake: well at least Bitbet. it's operating.
pankkake: latest Almost Human didn't mention Bitcoin. must be why the price is falling
ThickAsThieves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PosrMU91j0
ozbot: Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin entrepreneur, interviewed by Jeffrey Tucker - YouTube
ThickAsThieves: this guy wants give shrem a bj
Duffer1: JT is a great interviewee
ThickAsThieves: oh man this guy is so horny for him
Duffer1: hehe
BingoBoingo: I wonder if Charlie Shrem can ride roller coasters
ThickAsThieves: what a horrible video
BingoBoingo: On account of that matter of his height or lack thereof
Duffer1: do they talk about the money laundering charge?
ThickAsThieves: i couldnt take anymore
ThickAsThieves: good luck
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dexX7: https://blockchain.info/charts/n-orphaned-blocks?timespan=2year&showDataPoints=false&daysAverageString=1&show_header=true&scale=0&address= kinda large spike in orphaned blocks recently?
KRS1: lmao ThickAsThieves -> this guy wants give shrem a bj
KRS1: I'll bet its on the unreleased videos
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 59 @ 0.0055 = 0.3245 BTC
mircea_popescu: dexX7 happens
mike_c: pankkake: it's because s.mpoe is so huge. s.bbet actually has a higher share turnover over the last 6 months than s.mpoe.
mircea_popescu: interesting
pankkake: oh
mircea_popescu: $vwap s.mpoe
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: S.MPOE 1 day: average: 0.00085721 high: 0.00086297 low: 0.00084891 volume: 1624150 btc: 1392.23827571 7 day: average: 0.00087835 high: 0.00093912 low: 0.00082189 volume: 7039964 btc: 6183.54502157 30 day: average: 0.0009022 high: 0.00101414 low: 0.00082189 volume: 26985544 btc: 24346.2590462
mircea_popescu: $vwap s.bbet
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: S.BBET 1 day: no data 7 day: average: 0.000621 high: 0.00062299 low: 0.00062099 volume: 9360 btc: 5.8125299 30 day: average: 0.00069705 high: 0.0009 low: 0.0006 volume: 16002 btc: 11.1542499
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 24346.2590462 / 1000000000 / 0.0009022
gribble: 0.0269854345447
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 11.1542499 / 10000000 / 0.00069705
gribble: 0.00160020800516
mircea_popescu: not quite
mircea_popescu: course you did say six months
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22950 @ 0.00085596 = 19.6443 BTC [+]
jborkl_: Mtgox finished recapitalization today, good for another 6 months
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 4 @ 0.02510001 = 0.1004 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: lol
jborkl_: Have to find a new one next time
jborkl_: Uggh what should we use this time guys
jborkl_: Heh you know its true, that is the sad part
mike_c: to redeem myself, since july 1:
mike_c: ;;calc 80819516 / 1000000000
gribble: 0.080819516
mike_c: ;;calc 1452230 / 10000000
gribble: 0.145223
mircea_popescu: aha
mircea_popescu: s.dice was also outtrading s.mpoe for a while there
mircea_popescu: but i guess overall yeah, just damned hard to beat.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 3 @ 0.57993266 = 1.7398 BTC [+] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 30 @ 0.00568789 = 0.1706 BTC [+] {3}
mike_c: wow.. so, also since july 1 those trades meant 70,000 btc in volume on mpoe! and 203 btc on s.bbet.
mike_c: so, that's why moar volume on mpoe :)
mircea_popescu: actually...
mike_c: well, cause/effect, whatever
mircea_popescu: tell you what, ~8% of the mkt cap trading over ~7 months is just about exactly right.
mircea_popescu: best scam in history, every way you look at it it's legit
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.585 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: so basically two good dividend months in a row for bbet killed the volume.
mike_c: nobody wants to sell
mircea_popescu: i guess the fundamental negotiation has tyre kickers and car collectors, and they have trouble finding common ground
mircea_popescu: team A being "i don't care how good these internet funbux corps look" and team B going "unless i need money to buy rope i'm not selling my btc securities"
mircea_popescu: in the end... this being exactly how greatness is built. by the time they do find that common ground... look out.
mike_c: turn on the hft. more volume instantly.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 333 @ 0.0055 = 1.8315 BTC
mircea_popescu: all the bitching about how difficult itis or it isn't to acquire btc is irrelevant. that's not where the hot core of btc is happening. this is.
mircea_popescu: mike_c no rush, volume can come later. let people figure shit out first.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 500 @ 0.00075 = 0.375 BTC [-]
mike_c: oh yeah, i was kidding. more volume will come with increasing revenue i believe.
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 0.31 / 700
gribble: 0.000442857142857
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 32 @ 0.59607178 = 19.0743 BTC [+] {9}
mircea_popescu: chec it out, 4428 satoshi per share
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 63.55 / 700
gribble: 0.0907857142857
mircea_popescu: so basically facebook trades at 100x s.mpoe on 4x the revenue per share.
mircea_popescu: i would say it is definitely not the revenue.
mike_c: well, s.mg trades at a higher revenue multiple than s.mpoe too. but i still think revenue will help :)
mircea_popescu: i doubt it. what will help is the passive effect of people hearing about s.mpoe and forgetting about facebook
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 182 @ 0.0055 = 1.001 BTC
mircea_popescu: because see, facebook existed back in the day when myspace was trading for 700mn
mircea_popescu: but a "social network" with nothing at all can not begin to stand up to the central bank of bitcoin. it's a contest between a bulldog and a cockroach.
asciilifeform: misread as 'contest between a bulldog and a couch'
mircea_popescu: haha
Duffer1: thickasthieves how's that cryptocurrency social network you signed up for?
mircea_popescu: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/e0/b9/48/e0b948034c3a7d16bb93a4854006902a.jpg
mircea_popescu: o wait. haha. i was comparing facebook revenue with mpex net income attributed.
mircea_popescu: strike that.
mircea_popescu: facebook is trading 100x s.mpoe on 80% the revenue.
ThickAsThieves: <Duffer1> thickasthieves how's that cryptocurrency social network you signed up for? <<<< they never activated my account
mircea_popescu: let's see what other lulzy comparisons we can find. is twitter even listed ?
mircea_popescu: "Twitter Shares Plummet 23% On Market Opening"
mircea_popescu: derp.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 1725 @ 0.00299358 = 5.1639 BTC [+] {13}
mircea_popescu: o look at that! -509.68-63.33-38.92-23.91-8.78
mircea_popescu: twitter lost 1 dollar per share in the LAST QUARTER
mircea_popescu: still trading at 50 per share.
KRS1: wow not many rly expected that
mircea_popescu: i wonder how well would a bitcoin company do that made a 2% loss
nubbins`: so cbc's olympic webcasts have all the pre-broadcast chatter that gets cut for tv
nubbins`: one commentator is talking about how the battery in his samsung phone dies really quick
mircea_popescu: ah this has been such a delicious excursion into fiat
nubbins`: they're now trying to figure out how to connect to the wifi
nubbins`: ah
nubbins`: the password is "media"
asciilifeform: nubbins`: does anyone still sell those toys that light up when illuminated by GSM nearby?
mircea_popescu: "o look at that, the network is not working anymore"
nubbins`: "in about 70 seconds, we are voicing to the web" lel
nubbins`: hmm, not sure
nubbins`: i think so!
asciilifeform: would make a good gift for mr. deadbattery
nubbins`: haha now one of them is coughing over the intro
asciilifeform: example:
asciilifeform: http://rookieelectronics.com/sensor-rf-radiation-detector/
mircea_popescu: meanwhile google is trading at 1170 with ttm per share at about 38
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 1170 / 700
gribble: 1.67142857143
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 38 / 700
gribble: 0.0542857142857
ThickAsThieves: tsla almost hit 200 today
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 0.0542857142857/1.67142857143
gribble: 0.0324786324786
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 0.0001010 / 0.0009022
gribble: 0.111948570162
mircea_popescu: what is this ?! s.mpoe has 3x the per-share revenue of google ?!
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 1500 @ 0.00075 = 1.125 BTC [-] {2}
asciilifeform: more elegant:
asciilifeform: http://www.creative-science.org.uk/mobile_LED.html
asciilifeform: (no pcb needed!)
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 2000 @ 0.00075 = 1.5 BTC [-]
nubbins`: haha, i like that
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 1609 @ 0.0007505 = 1.2076 BTC [+] {3}
ozbot: RF Radiation Detector | Rookie Electronics
ozbot: The Creative Science Centre - by Dr Jonathan P. Hare
mircea_popescu: lol ozzie coming from behind
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 130 @ 0.00083527 = 0.1086 BTC [+] {2}
asciilifeform: if bugged cell phones were presided over by Meta-NSA instead of classic nsa, the buggers would store compressed audio and piss it out in bursts when plugged into the mains
asciilifeform: rather than the 'me battery died in 1/2 hr.' idiocy.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform if bugged landlines were presided over by the meta-kgb rather than the classic kgb you couldn't audibly detect the listener switching on.
asciilifeform: click-hiss
asciilifeform: sometimes click-hiss is the objective though.
mircea_popescu: $vwap s.mg
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: S.MG 1 day: no data 7 day: average: 0.00010006 high: 0.000125 low: 0.00010001 volume: 2902 btc: 0.290369 30 day: average: 0.000103 high: 0.000138 low: 0.00010001 volume: 35998 btc: 3.70795246
mircea_popescu: mike_c s.mg is practically trading at book.
asciilifeform: intimidation-by-botched-surveillance (or rumour thereof)
asciilifeform: works great
mike_c: too long withouta build.
asciilifeform: witness all the 'me toaster is bugged!!1!' saps on schneier's blog
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform those saps'd intimidate themselves with a coca cola cap.
mircea_popescu: mike_c prolly.
mircea_popescu: tbh maybe it's time to try a twitter. announce surprise half billion losses, see what happens
mike_c: hehe
Mats_cd03: i accidentally bought some s.mpoe at coinbr at 15% above the going rate
Mats_cd03: sad face
mike_c: ? how did you manage that? or you mean it dipped?
Mats_cd03: i adjusted the price while i was high
Mats_cd03: rather than the number of shares
Mats_cd03: to account for an amount to pay for fees i wanted to leave a certain amount in my balance
Mats_cd03: ...im still high
mike_c: i think you are. even if you overbid it would fill at the lowest ask.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [+]
Mats_cd03: i didn't know it did that
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [DEALCO] 470 @ 0.00489268 = 2.2996 BTC [+] {6}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 400 @ 0.00587999 = 2.352 BTC [+] {17}
Mats_cd03: the chart seems pretty clear
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 9 @ 0.19376446 = 1.7439 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: <Mats_cd03> i didn't know it did that < you have got to be kidding me.
Mats_cd03: well im pretty sure thats not true
mircea_popescu: so how much you paid per share ?
Mats_cd03: 0.00093457
mircea_popescu: when was this ?
Mats_cd03: 02/06/2014 01:28AM
mircea_popescu: i think it was actualy trading 90s on the 6th
Mats_cd03: ok
mircea_popescu: http://live.coinbr.com/?mpsic=S.MPOE < yeah set it to 1 month
ozbot: CoinBr Live S.MPOE
mircea_popescu: it dropped at like 9 am
Mats_cd03: oh bummer
mircea_popescu: you got the gift.
Mats_cd03: whats the gift
mircea_popescu: when you take a position in a trending stock only for the trend to immediately and abruptly reverse.
Mats_cd03: oh im ok with that
KRS1: just do the opposite =D
Mats_cd03: im about to buy some more
mircea_popescu: it's basically being the bane of hipsters.
Mats_cd03: is it cause youre abrasive?
mircea_popescu: hm ?
Mats_cd03: oh i must have misunderstood you
mircea_popescu: you're being the bane of hipsters. cause you got the gift of trendbreaking
Mats_cd03: o
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 3 @ 0.1239 = 0.3717 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: hipsters are trend followers see.
Mats_cd03: that was too much for me
mircea_popescu: also, if anyone is looking for homework, http://trilema.com/2014/no-its-not-the-revenue/
KRS1: kickass bikini bridge: http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/2014-01/enhanced/webdr06/7/16/enhanced-buzz-26854-1389129172-12.jpg
mike_c: hehe. expect comment soon
KRS1: check out that mound
mircea_popescu: lmao 4chan had an advertising campaign
mircea_popescu: that bitch's hawt.
KRS1: yeah they wanted to spin bridges into a big thing by doubling down on both sides of the pros/cons
KRS1: lmao
mircea_popescu: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-to-suspend-pension-retirement-funding-lew-2014-02-10-1591162?link=MW_latest_news
ozbot: U.S. to suspend pension, retirement funding: Lew - MarketWatch
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [DEALCO] 100 @ 0.00489996 = 0.49 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: whoa baby. no more pensions/retirement benefits for you us people, is it ?
KRS1: the fuck?
KRS1: no..can't..
KRS1: they've paid into it
mircea_popescu: derp.
mircea_popescu: full faith and credit bitch. suck it.
KRS1: ITS HAPPEN.. wtf evar
mircea_popescu: next time pay it into bitcoin.
KRS1: I'm thinking about fleeing to maybe new zealand..idk.. can't seem to settle on some part of the world that isn't or won't be fucked up in some way.
mircea_popescu: the serenissima welcomes you wherever you go.
KRS1: i'm pretty resourceful..worse comes to worse I can live off the land somewhere remote..or even better dump all my savings into a sizable yacht and live life as a mariner.
mircea_popescu: so the us is restructuring its foreign debt after all huh
asciilifeform: dreamed a while ago that looking out the window, no traffic. asked some bum, 'why', he answers 'dontcha know, it's The Holiday, finally happened' ☟︎
KRS1: some major financial moves started weeks ago
mircea_popescu: KRS1 yeah but the thing with large moves is that nobody believes it
mircea_popescu: like say the california quake
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform that sounds like it could be on a beatles song
asciilifeform: methinks 'the holiday' is as good a name as any for that event.
mircea_popescu: Social Security being shut down for 62 hours starting 2/15/14
mircea_popescu: o look, the chinese "computer upgrades" have made their way into the us
asciilifeform: and like the earthquake, most folks only 'believe' the dead lights, backed up toilets, disappeared heat
asciilifeform: seismograph? pfft.
mircea_popescu: graphs lie
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 203 @ 0.0055 = 1.1165 BTC
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assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9500 @ 0.00085254 = 8.0991 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 28050 @ 0.00085196 = 23.8975 BTC [-] {2}
MisterE: afternoon
MisterE: so much for Trollbox world-is-ending spammers, already back to 700
MisterE: how japanese to blame an unrelated and known btc bug for their own crappy internal wallet management
MisterE: Asia saves face at all cost
MisterE: so cant be trusted
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 3 @ 0.19376446 = 0.5813 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 131 @ 0.0055 = 0.7205 BTC
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 7500 @ 0.0001899 = 1.4243 BTC [-] {4}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 2500 @ 0.0001899 = 0.4748 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 5000 @ 0.0001899 = 0.9495 BTC [-]
kakobrekla: moaning
Testing123: okay what was with those 400-500 puts that were sold
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 7500 @ 0.0001899 = 1.4243 BTC [-] {2}
Testing123: .1BTC lot with 500 usd strike @ .486 BTC / lot
kakobrekla: what about them
Testing123: under which circumstance does this seller profit?
Testing123: 1 BTC must increase above $5000 usd?
kakobrekla: roughly
ColdHardMetal: that seems...ambitious.
kakobrekla: glbse seemed ambitious as well
ColdHardMetal: fair enough.
kakobrekla: eh im just busting balls
ColdHardMetal: no worries.
MisterE: were most of you trading before BTC?
Testing123: can anyone care to explain to me the purpose of writing the puts? perhaps i just sold a very big amount of btc for fiat?
MisterE: puts are oders the execute at a certian price right?
Testing123: and by lower case i, I mean the seller of puts
MisterE: the/that*
Apocalyptic: puts give you the right to sell an underlying asset at a certain price
Testing123: and someone sold the right to sell BTC for 5000USD
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 43397 @ 0.00085254 = 36.9977 BTC [+]
Testing123: baffles me. ill
Testing123: go ponder
dub: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=456859.msg5042897#msg5042897
ozbot: Why Doesnt Satoshi Continue Replying on the Forum?
dub: best post
BingoBoingo: Altcoin is going to the moon it seems... https://openex.pw/index.php?page=trade&market=111
BingoBoingo: 575 satoshis
KRS1: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/cryptocurrency-news-round-protests-mt-gox-dogecoin-hits-wall-street-1435775
ozbot: Cryptocurrency News Round-Up: Protests at Mt Gox as Dogecoin Hits Wall Street
BingoBoingo: In the meantime, Altcoin traded for 575 satoshis, which is a mark I don't think Doge ever reached
KRS1: BingoBoingo: Altcoin never reached mainstream exchanges.
KRS1: Who cares if nobody buys it.
KRS1: Price set by market maker..pfft.
BingoBoingo: KRS1: It's on one really shady exchange. Eventually it will make it to bigger, yet still shady exchanges. It is the way two cans and a string works
BingoBoingo: .bait
ozbot: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m97g99vJRL1rtf70go1_500.jpg
KRS1: Oofuh thats some milker titty there.
BingoBoingo: KRS1: See two cans? Just add string.
KRS1: Hmm so now might be a good time to throw some btc in for some atc eh
KRS1: Yep
KRS1: Is it SHA256?
KRS1: nvm I'll read up
KRS1: Do you think now might be a good time to throw some btc in for some atc?
BingoBoingo: It's SHA256, so you can point your mega 400 GH/s Buttfury at Altcoin solo instead of mining for some oversized bitcoin pool.
BingoBoingo: Who know when a good time to buy or sell is.
BingoBoingo: This is altcoin. Maybe everytime is a good time to buy? Maybe everytime is a good time to sell?
KRS1: I feel yah..hmm never mined solo.
KRS1: hah ya i see why the price is where it is..the coin is scarce..once theres more supply its going to drop like a bitch.
BingoBoingo: Maybe drop, Maybe Moon? What does "is" mean anyways.
KRS1: Domino's Pizza and foods have made major improvements. I was impressed last time I ordered from there.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 20 @ 0.0489 = 0.978 BTC [+]
Namworld: ##mtgox-otc
Namworld: arf
Namworld: Missed a /join there
Namworld: KRS1, Domino's online ordering is amazing. Especially the coupons they offer.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 5 @ 0.04760001 = 0.238 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 5 @ 0.19376446 = 0.9688 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 50 @ 0.19376446 = 9.6882 BTC [+]
cazalla: i wouldn't eat domino's if you gave it to me for free
cazalla: better to spend $40 on quality instead of that cardboard $6 crap
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 20 @ 0.0055 = 0.11 BTC
KRS1: the point was it has improved a lot
KRS1: Namworld: I love the color scheme
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 4000 @ 0.00019489 = 0.7796 BTC [+] {2}
KRS1: Their food made papa johns taste like ass, which it does. They seemed to have taken the lead there.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 8 @ 0.12491249 = 0.9993 BTC [+] {7}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 26700 @ 0.00085045 = 22.707 BTC [-] {2}
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assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25950 @ 0.00085018 = 22.0622 BTC [-] {2}
KRS1: .bait
ozbot: http://25.media.tumblr.com/6d29d3894d2c7dfef788a67a1154d7c5/tumblr_mqkbyjl1tG1stmlapo1_1280.jpg
KRS1: Milf.
KRS1: .bait
ozbot: http://31.media.tumblr.com/42d48377996169dc85c91ac42383550b/tumblr_mv4gm0XznN1swclmpo1_500.jpg
KRS1: Fap fap.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [COG] 18 @ 0.05509994 = 0.9918 BTC [-] {3}
PsychoticBoy: SO...... hopefully you guys were not stupid enough to have any funds on cox
KRS1: lmao! ya..nobody in this chat room I'm sure.
PsychoticBoy: nobody is a big word
PsychoticBoy: That is what I thought, but then I heard ppl cry
PsychoticBoy: so I was wrong
KRS1: eh
PsychoticBoy: some are stupid enough, prob not in this channel but overall there are enough ppl who were miljonair and are now broke :)
KRS1: Haha
KRS1: sux for them
punkman: they wanted the gox premium, they got it
KRS1: Haha well put
cazalla: wonder if anyone necked themselves
KRS1: Makes you think, huh
KRS1: Gotta have brass balls and a 10ft dick if you go hard into trading.
cazalla: surely there are some whales who held large amounts of coin there
cazalla: if you come from wealth, it wouldn't be so bad but imagine getting so lucky to have a couple million $ in coins only to have likely lost it on gox now
cazalla: "eazy come, eazy go" - eazy e
cazalla: as for domino's, i was speaking to the australian version, nfi what american domino's is like
MisterE: haha punkman they got cold Goxed
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 332 @ 0.00301014 = 0.9994 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 200 @ 0.0055 = 1.1 BTC
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 3 @ 0.0735 = 0.2205 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.12221001 = 0.2444 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 2 @ 0.19376446 = 0.3875 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.13 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [COG] 2 @ 0.05509994 = 0.1102 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 100 @ 0.00302852 = 0.3029 BTC [+]
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ThickAsThieves: mircea_popescu http://blog.coinbase.com/post/76315615202/coinbase-partners-with-fiverr-first-large-services
ThickAsThieves: hehe
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.131 BTC [+]
nubbins`: it's a lovely day to be ignorant!
ThickAsThieves: ;;later tell herbijudlestoids pools typically give you shares and those lead to coins when someone in the pool solves a block.
gribble: The operation succeeded.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 2831 @ 0.00019496 = 0.5519 BTC [+] {3}
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assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15615 @ 0.00085504 = 13.3514 BTC [+] {2}
ThickAsThieves: http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-as-safe-as-wire-transfers-says-ny-hedge-fund/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+CoinDesk+%28CoinDesk+-+The+Voice+of+Digital+Currency%29
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 35000 @ 0.00085558 = 29.9453 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 10 @ 0.02521051 = 0.2521 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 2 @ 0.19376446 = 0.3875 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 600 @ 0.0001949 = 0.1169 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CFIG] 7 @ 0.07607142 = 0.5325 BTC [-] {4}
KRS1: coindesk
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 20 @ 0.0055 = 0.11 BTC
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 2 @ 0.071 = 0.142 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.124 BTC [-]
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HMF] 41 @ 0.02520903 = 1.0336 BTC [-] {8}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.12525 = 0.2505 BTC [+] {2}
azi`: too lazy to check.. is there a bet on bitbets about gox not returning funds?
kakobrekla: http://bitbet.us/bet/751/mtgox-out-of-business-in-2014/
ozbot: BitBet - MtGox out of business in 2014
kakobrekla: i guess this is the closest
azi`: i didn't even considered this could be a bet as well
ThickAsThieves: so apparently black people invented punk now too? http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2014/02/10/274180682/song-premiere-death-north-street
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [COG] 2 @ 0.05509994 = 0.1102 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12950 @ 0.00085559 = 11.0799 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 6850 @ 0.00085637 = 5.8661 BTC [+]
nubbins`: ThickAsThieves: didn't invent it, just brought it to america ;D
nubbins`: death + bad brains
ThickAsThieves: death reall aint bad
nubbins`: haven't honestly heard of them until just now, but i've been on a big BB kick lately, so i think i'm gonna download some
ThickAsThieves: it's kinda clash-y
ThickAsThieves: i wonder how things wouldve turned out if theywere white
nubbins`: nod
nubbins`: it's funny, death started as r&b and bad brains started as jazz fusion
nubbins`: http://static.exoclick.com/banners/129744/1-ENGLISHGIF51_120X600.gif
Apocalyptic: rofl openex uses google analytics
nubbins`: "our women are tired of boys"
Apocalyptic: altcoin really hit the best exchange
nubbins`: they're also tired of suppressing their tourette's, apparently
ThickAsThieves: http://www.reddit.com/r/altcoin/comments/1xmckc/the_real_altcoin/
ozbot: The REAL Altcoin : altcoin
nubbins`: the price will only go up!
mike_c: it's virtually priceless.
ThickAsThieves: i replaced lines there
nubbins`: aww, just as i was about to ask whether it was officially a pump and dump now
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5700 @ 0.00085637 = 4.8813 BTC [+]
nubbins`: http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-as-safe-as-wire-transfers-says-ny-hedge-fund/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+CoinDesk+%28CoinDesk+-+The+Voice+of+Digital+Currency%29
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Apocalyptic: "as-safe-as-wire-transfers" is an understatement
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 3 @ 0.12666666 = 0.38 BTC [+] {3}
mike_c: nubbins`: have you seen this guy's post? a counter-argument to altcoin is a bad thing.
mike_c: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=443108.msg4932912#msg4932912
ozbot: [SHA256] Altcoin
nubbins`: usurprisingly, i haven't :D
mike_c: yes, who would want to see evidence of a valid opposing viewpoint? :)
nubbins`: who would want to read a thread about altcoin? ;p
nubbins`: anyway, he makes valid points, but nothing atc-specific
Apocalyptic: ThickAsThieves, don't you think you're pushing this joke too far ?
nubbins`: "I choose ... ATC as well, a school, a place where I can screw up and have a do-over. As someone well aware that he is absolutely not qualified to host yet another Bitcoin exchange or other high-value, high-risk site, ATC seems a fine lab environment to write code around a tiny blockchain, create wallets, sites, services"
mike_c: exactly. everybody loses money when learning cryptocurrency. i wish i had lost some ATC instead of BTC when learning.
nubbins`: the guy's argument is essentially that ATC is the new testnet
nubbins`: if only btc had one of those
ThickAsThieves: Apocalyptic why can't it just be what it is?
ThickAsThieves: doesnt need to be a joke or a pump n dump
Apocalyptic: it obviously can
nubbins`: heh.
nubbins`: wait, so it's not a joke anymore?
nubbins`: that was fast
mike_c: i feel a herbirage coming on.
ThickAsThieves: it just happened
ThickAsThieves: there was no plan to swindle
ThickAsThieves: and we're all enjoying it mostly
ThickAsThieves: so fuckit
jurov: so you'll be more liberal in accepting various patches?
ThickAsThieves: ?
jborkl: did it get listed on a echange?
jurov: i have multi-vag ..er.. multi-wallet patch for bitcoind pending
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 9 @ 0.57645688 = 5.1881 BTC [+] {4}
nubbins`: hmm, i've heard this "freakin' out" song before
ThickAsThieves: cool
jborkl: exchange
nubbins`: death is actually really good
nubbins`: i'm enjoying this
jurov: would it stand a chance?
ThickAsThieves: it's listed at openex.pw
ThickAsThieves: https://openex.pw/index.php?page=trade&market=111
ozbot: OpenEx
ThickAsThieves: proceed with caution
ThickAsThieves: the exchange is open source
mike_c: better exchange is otc order book or #altcoin
ThickAsThieves: that works too
Apocalyptic: to da moon
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.128 = 0.256 BTC [+] {2}
davout: i'll add ATC to bitcoin-central, just as a troll to litecoiners
mike_c: make sure you buy some first ;)
ThickAsThieves: sweet
ThickAsThieves: hehe
ThickAsThieves: it's already going for like 500sat
davout: srs business
nubbins`: oh, wait, i've TOTALLY heard these guys before.
nubbins`: where do we go from here!
davout: nubbins`: TO. THE. MOON.
nubbins`: davout, i'm quoting lyrics now ;(
nubbins`: although i guess that is where we go from here
jurov: damn, you got me hinking srsly about possible capital requirements to X.ATC
ThickAsThieves: don;t forget to upvote the reddit then
ThickAsThieves: ;)
davout: altcoin is good and sound money
ThickAsThieves: http://www.reddit.com/r/altcoin/comments/1xmckc/the_real_altcoin/
nubbins`: ThickAsThieves: thanks, i never would have found this band on my own
davout: made from 0.8
davout: to the moon
davout: the atc haiku
ThickAsThieves: NPR knows what's up sometimes
nubbins`: from what i understand, it's like the american CBC
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.126 BTC [-]
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ThickAsThieves: it's arguably one of the last real news providers we have
ThickAsThieves: reddit is exploding macbooks now too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcl6BV1r3gU
jurov: why macbooks? they caught stealthcoin?
ThickAsThieves: cuz apple
ThickAsThieves: cuz culture
nubbins`: cuz buying something and breaking it hurts the company that made it
HeySteve: it's a Statement
HeySteve: like listening to certain musics
ThickAsThieves: or using words
HeySteve: or having one of those haircuts
diametric: pankkake: heard you were giving away leet amounts of ATC
pankkake: no, mircea_popescu does
mike_c: pankkake is atc broker to the stars
nubbins`: ^
nubbins`: HeySteve, haircuts are for suckers
diametric: damn i have to work for my atc i guess
nubbins`: real men cut their own hair
diametric: i just shave my head, hair is overrated
diametric: its annoying and pointless
nubbins`: my clippers are fucked, can't use them anymore
nubbins`: can you sharpen those, i wonder?
ThickAsThieves: probly cheaper to by anew
ThickAsThieves: buy
nubbins`: TBF they're like $20 clippers
nubbins`: altho apparently all i need is a sharpening stone
nubbins`: job for this evening
nubbins`: i haven't shaved my face with a razor in about four years and i'm not about to start again
Asa9: i have my wife give me crew cuts and she does my beard
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 20900 @ 0.00085559 = 17.8818 BTC [-] {2}
HeySteve: haircuts are a waste of time
HeySteve: I stick my head in a bonfire for a few seconds, all done
jurov: iirc orthodox do jews use some kind of acid to get shaved kosher (it's forbidden to use blades)
jurov: no need to make bonfires
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 45838 @ 0.00085242 = 39.0732 BTC [-] {3}
jurov: or they don't shave at all, ofc
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 400 @ 0.00083265 = 0.3331 BTC [+] {4}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 9 @ 0.19376446 = 1.7439 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] [PAID] 1.40910887 BTC to 1`469 shares, 95923 satoshi per share
twizt: j #hexs
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 503 @ 0.00300101 = 1.5095 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 4 @ 0.0689 = 0.2756 BTC [-] {2}
HeySteve2: <jurov> iirc orthodox do jews use some kind of acid to get shaved kosher (it's forbidden to use blades) <- I guess that's why they call them... acidic Jews hoho
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [PETA] 30 @ 0.04776011 = 1.4328 BTC [-] {4}
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [+]
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [COG] 6 @ 0.05509995 = 0.3306 BTC [+]
ThickAsThieves: lol
Asa9: lol acidic jews
Asa9: For a fun time, take LSD and study the Talmud!
Asa9: fun time had by all!
ThickAsThieves: removes stains!
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 4 @ 0.12400004 = 0.496 BTC [-]
ThickAsThieves: smart guys, sony http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/11/5401084/sony-mp3-player-comes-inside-bottle-of-water
davout: ThickAsThieves: that's old news, it's like what, six hours old
KRS1: ThickAsThieves: hidejo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo ATC, doge comin fo ya
KRS1: headed to 300 now
ThickAsThieves: hehe
ThickAsThieves: http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2014/02/11/j-p-morgan-weighs-in-on-bitcoin/?mod=WSJBlog
ozbot: J.P. Morgan Weighs In on Bitcoin - MoneyBeat - WSJ
ThickAsThieves: "At the risk of sounding like a luddite unable to recognize the transformative effects of evolving technologies –– bitcoin looks like an innovation worth limiting exposure to."
ThickAsThieves: “As a medium of exchange, unit of account and store of value, it is vastly inferior to fiat currencies.
ThickAsThieves: “With fixed supply, bitcoin’s deflationary bias should also be clear. That quality serves owners well when exchanging into foreign currency, but it would be onerous for any economy operating with it as legal tender. Indeed Weimar Germany was unpleasant, but so was the Great Depression.”
ThickAsThieves: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1xmf8u/i_just_launched_a_new_exchange_for_gox_btc_real/
ozbot: I just launched a new exchange for Gox BTC <=> Real BTC : Bitcoin
ThickAsThieves: "1GOXBTC=583.00USD"
ThickAsThieves: gox is so bad they are a fork now
Majjiok: what a joke
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 33200 @ 0.00085599 = 28.4189 BTC [+]
KRS1: wow
ThickAsThieves: an amazing thing happened to me today, i made a controversial comment on a local news website, when they deleted it, i left another comment asking why they deleted my reasonable questions. They restored my original comment and deleted the new one.
KRS1: dudes..big problems
KRS1: so like this mallebility problem, manifesting as ddos now but its not ddos it seems it could be coming from the network itself.
Majjiok: https://www.bitstamp.net/article/bitcoin-withdraws-suspended/
ozbot: Bitcoin withdrawal processing suspended - Bitstamp
Majjiok: buy buy buy
KRS1: tx vulnerability ogeeze
KRS1: SOMEONE GET FONTAS ON THE RED PHONE!!! Find out where Wolong is!! Get the helicopters warmed up!
ThickAsThieves: bitstamp got goxed
ThickAsThieves: great
Majjiok: ThickAsThieves: this is probably the best buying opportunity since the fork in early 2013
twizt: pretty sure its heading lower
punkman1: distributed goxing
ThickAsThieves: probly
ThickAsThieves: but you never know
twizt: close above 635 = bullish
twizt: otherwise down down down
KRS1: .bait
ozbot: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0l6c05vjl1qf0gljo1_500.jpg
KRS1: .bait
ozbot: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m19h4bXMmR1qk6jw7o1_500.jpg
KRS1: When the going gets tough, the tough gets FAPPing.
twizt: lol
twizt: only took 2 bait that time?
KRS1: fap fap fap!
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 2 @ 0.12400004 = 0.248 BTC [-]
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Majjiok: ThickAsThieves: sorry, what "you never know"?
ThickAsThieves: anything can happen
ThickAsThieves: maybe bitstamp opens again in 1 hour
ThickAsThieves: i dunno
Majjiok: ThickAsThieves: well, price is plummeting right bnow
ThickAsThieves: well ive been selling ;)
TomServo: ThickAsThieves | 1Enjoy1C4bYBr3tN4sMKxvvJDqG8NkdR4Z is sending random dust to me << I'm seeing that as well, a couple from 1Sochi too
Majjiok: TomServo: that guy is sending dust to everybody
TomServo: Majjiok: What's the story there?
Majjiok: TomServo: that's something that has been happening forever. Its probably a tracking attempt.
Majjiok: When you'll spend that dust, the address that received it will be linked to other addresses owned by you
Majjiok: so the sender of the dust will be effectively able to determine that one single person/entity controls that set of addresses
TomServo: Interesting. Is there a way to prevent spending the dust?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 182 @ 0.0008343 = 0.1518 BTC [+]
pankkake: yes. clients like Armory, the Coin Control patch for bitcoin-qt…
Majjiok: exactly. Coin control, which just means that you get to choose from what addresses you are going to spend the coins - thus you can avoid spending coins from the address in which you have received the "tracking device" :)
ThickAsThieves: not exactly practical
Majjiok: Anyhow: if you are worried about privacy then you should always use Tor with Bitcoin-QT, plus coinjoin/mixing for most of your transactions. By default is very easy to link addresses owned by the same person.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 4000 @ 0.0001899 = 0.7596 BTC [-]
punkman: btc-e fixed themselves: https://twitter.com/btcecom/statuses/433279984614899712
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 11709 @ 0.00018984 = 2.2228 BTC [-] {4}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.126 BTC [+]
deadweasel: punkman: those comments don't agree with their 'fix'
dexX7: litecoin withdrawals seem not to be affected
Majjiok: dexX7: because no body is spamming the LTC network with modified transactions
punkman: someone in the trollbox said they couldn't withdraw LTC either
the20year3: Have any bitcoin based securities issued PPMs?
benkay: not to my knowlege, the20year3, but I haven't read *everything* yet
Jere_Jones: PPM?
the20year3: Back in july it seemed a few companies were going to have lawyer-drafted ones, but they never came out, we should have ours out in 10 days, so i'm curious why no one else had them
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.12400004 BTC [-]
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the20year3: private placement memorandum, what the SEC wants to take investment
Jere_Jones: ty
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 25 @ 0.0058001 = 0.145 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.12400004 BTC [-]
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pankkake: http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=3264
ozbot: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
benkay: because most bitcoin-soliciting "securities" are either a) actually scams or b) don't give two shits about the US regulatory landscape.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 10 @ 0.07041 = 0.7041 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 22 @ 0.06967726 = 1.5329 BTC [-] {5}
jurov: !t m s.mpoe
assbot: [MPEX:S.MPOE] 1D: 0.00084969 / 0.00085555 / 0.00086193 (821245 shares, 702.62 BTC), 7D: 0.00082189 / 0.00086903 / 0.00093912 (6351344 shares, 5,519.55 BTC), 30D: 0.00082189 / 0.00090299 / 0.00101414 (26633262 shares, 24,049.67 BTC)
jurov: !t m s.bbet
assbot: [MPEX:S.BBET] 1D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC), 7D: 0.00062099 / 0.00062099 / 0.00062299 (9360 shares, 5.81 BTC), 30D: 0.0006 / 0.00069705 / 0.0009 (16002 shares, 11.15 BTC)
assbot: [MPEX] [S.BBET] 200 @ 0.00060598 = 0.1212 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [RENT] 20 @ 0.0055 = 0.11 BTC
benkay: !t h rent
assbot: [HAVELOCK:RENT] 1D: 0.00550000 / 0.0055 / 0.00550000 (3640 shares, 20.02000000 BTC), 7D: 0.00550000 / 0.0055 / 0.00550000 (28629 shares, 157.45950000 BTC), 30D: 0.00550000 / 0.0055 / 0.00550000 (28629 shares, 157.45950000 BTC)
benkay: ;;ticker --market btcavg
gribble: BitcoinAverage BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 649.2, Best ask: 650.23, Bid-ask spread: 1.03000, Last trade: 649.78, 24 hour volume: 81639.42, 24 hour low: None, 24 hour high: None, 24 hour vwap: 690.66
benkay: ;;calc 157.5 * 690.66
gribble: 108778.95
mike_c: hardly seems worth the effort for 100k
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 100 @ 0.00578999 = 0.579 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 27900 @ 0.00085733 = 23.9195 BTC [+] {2}
benkay: that's three whole houses, man.
benkay: scale of ambition, i tell ya...
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 183 @ 0.00578999 = 1.0596 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [7C] 122 @ 0.00367499 = 0.4483 BTC [-] {6}
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [DEALCO] 51 @ 0.00476201 = 0.2429 BTC [-] {3}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 3 @ 0.0694 = 0.2082 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.126 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 67 @ 0.52118682 = 34.9195 BTC [-] {31}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 17 @ 0.49675294 = 8.4448 BTC [-] {7}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.1255 BTC [-]
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.MINE] 2 @ 0.0721 = 0.1442 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.1251 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [+]
benkay: is this really a ddos?
benkay: this transaction diddling thing that someone's engaging in?
benkay: and what scale is it actually occuring on?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 100 @ 0.00578999 = 0.579 BTC [-]
mod6: hard to know for sure.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 1 @ 0.56 BTC [+]
jurov: coinroll got hit, it was about 3 of 50 transactions
the20year3: with what, maleability?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 36000 @ 0.00086198 = 31.0313 BTC [+] {3}
jurov: yes. but as one can't withdraw from there until all deposits get confirmed
jurov: it was just matter of cleaning up
BingoBoingo: benkay: It is mostly people not understanding what parts of transaction matter (inputs, outputs, and signature) and parts the network couldn't care less about (txid hash)
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 1981 @ 0.003 = 5.943 BTC [-]
jurov: not even that
jurov: kjust track spent inputs
Apocalyptic: ^
BingoBoingo: Once shit gets mined, then maybe care more about a txid
pankkake: https://torrentfreak.com/how-pirate-bay-came-close-to-hosting-on-north-korean-soil-140211/
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 32200 @ 0.00086346 = 27.8034 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.12500001 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.SELL] 1 @ 0.125 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [B.EXCH] 1 @ 0.19376446 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 1086 @ 0.00018235 = 0.198 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 4489 @ 0.00018234 = 0.8185 BTC [-]
nubbins`: epic finds at the record store today
nubbins`: black sabbath's first album, primus, and a talking heads live double lp
Duffer1: i didn't primus had vinyl
Duffer1: which one is it?
nubbins`: seas of cheese
nubbins`: they had 3 or 4
nubbins`: shit gets reissued all the time on vinyl too, hard to keep track
Duffer1: wtb tales from the punchbowl in vinyl
nubbins`: the talking heads double is 180gram, sounds like my ears are being tickled
Duffer1: ha
nubbins`: thye had frizzle fry and brown album there as well
nubbins`: frrom primus
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 21 @ 0.00570905 = 0.1199 BTC [-] {5}
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assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16065 @ 0.00086582 = 13.9094 BTC [+] {2}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1070 @ 0.00086637 = 0.927 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [NEOBEE] 275 @ 0.00303017 = 0.8333 BTC [+] {6}
punkman1: Node.js is so hip even their package manager gets VC funding
Apocalyptic: wtf am I reading
punkman1: http://blog.npmjs.org/post/76320673650/funding
Mats_cd03: I'm deep frying a turkey in my house atm
Mats_cd03: I love the smell of danger.
Mats_cd03: I could die at any moment, but at least I have chicken
fghj: Hello, Namword how is btc-bond doing?
deadweasel: in your house?
deadweasel: maybe that hsould happen outside?
deadweasel: should*
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIF] 223 @ 0.00045008 = 0.1004 BTC [-] {6}
BingoBoingo: deadweasel: A little danger only hurts occasionally...
deadweasel: hurts me regularly.
deadweasel: torn ligament sheath and twisted foot righ nao
BingoBoingo: Ouch
deadweasel: meh, they gave me some oxycodone.
deadweasel: and i would set myself on fire if I tried what you're doing.
deadweasel: i *am* murphys law
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 3291 @ 0.00018234 = 0.6001 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3950 @ 0.00086376 = 3.4119 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 7250 @ 0.00018234 = 1.322 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 5000 @ 0.00018233 = 0.9117 BTC [-] {2}
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate Namworld 1 Handled the closure of BTC-BOND responsibly and kept up with payments until my account was settled.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user Namworld has been recorded.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [CBTC] 2500 @ 0.00018016 = 0.4504 BTC [-] {2}
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 25235 @ 0.00086637 = 21.8628 BTC [+]
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate jurov 1 Helped with some share transfers, and helped keep me safe during a Bitfunder scare.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user jurov has been recorded.
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate mircea_popescu 1 Runs MPEx like a champ, helpful in clearing most any fog.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user mircea_popescu has been recorded.
ThickAsThieves: ;;gettrust parseval
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user ThickAsThieves to user parseval: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 1 via 1 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=ThickAsThieves&dest=parseval | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=parseval | Rated since: Thu May 2 21:38:21 2013
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate parseval 1 Very helpful in transitioning some web software and assisting the team.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user parseval has been recorded.
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate topace 1 Assisted with some share transfers, has been helpful in Havelock dealings.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user topace has been recorded.
ThickAsThieves: ;;gettrust Ukyo
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user ThickAsThieves to user Ukyo: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=ThickAsThieves&dest=Ukyo | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=Ukyo | Rated since: never
ThickAsThieves: ;;gettrust Ukto
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user ThickAsThieves to user Ukto: Level 1: 1, Level 2: -2 via 2 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=ThickAsThieves&dest=Ukto | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=Ukto | Rated since: Wed Jun 15 00:24:56 2011
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate Ukto -10 Managed Bitfunder poorly, lost money for many people, poor communications in the aftermath.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating for user Ukto has changed from 1 to -10.
ThickAsThieves: ;;gettrust Tradefortress
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user ThickAsThieves to user Tradefortress: Level 1: 0, Level 2: -1 via 1 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=ThickAsThieves&dest=Tradefortress | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=Tradefortress | Rated since: Mon Sep 24 00:10:15 2012
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate TradeFortress -10 Scammed many people through various internet services then disappeared.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of -10 for user TradeFortress has been recorded.
ThickAsThieves: ;;gettrust garr255
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. Trust relationship from user ThickAsThieves to user garr255: Level 1: 0, Level 2: 0 via 0 connections. Graph: http://b-otc.com/stg?source=ThickAsThieves&dest=garr255 | WoT data: http://b-otc.com/vrd?nick=garr255 | Rated since: Sat Jun 16 15:01:31 2012
jurov: TAT's day of reckoning
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate garr255 -10 Scammed with fake mining outfit, using socks to manipulate auctions, etc
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of -10 for user garr255 has been recorded.
ThickAsThieves: Am I missing anyone?
ThickAsThieves: surely
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate aethero -10 Sullied everything the WoT stands for. Scammed via Ziggap and BTCJam
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating for user aethero has changed from 1 to -10.
Apocalyptic: TAT on a rating spree
ThickAsThieves: sorry if it'
ThickAsThieves: s spammy
dexX7: lawl
ThickAsThieves: I figure people might like to know
Apocalyptic: it's not more spammy than our chess games so i guess it's ok
mike_c: did anyone end up winnign that tournament?
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate 10 ineededausername Did many bulk share purchases with and without escrow.
gribble: Error: 'ineededausername' is not a valid integer.
davout: Apocalyptic: you guys played chess on assets? that's cool
Apocalyptic: davout, yeah
davout: who played? and who won?
jurov: mp funded a tournament, afaik it didn't finish yet
jurov: but am not keeping track
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate gsan 1 Reliable trader
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 1 for user gsan has been recorded.
davout: jurov: why does a chess tournament over the internet need funding?
davout: or just point me to the logs :-)
mike_c: someone has to pay for the trophy
Mats_cd03: I am a god in the kitchen
davout: mike_c: aah i see
davout: prolly too late to register i presume
nubbins`: wait, there's a trophy?
nubbins`: ;;seen truffles
gribble: truffles was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 2 days, 23 hours, 6 minutes, and 5 seconds ago: <truffles> guess we'll have to wait til things shift
mike_c: i don't think there is actually a trophy. but mp put up a prize
mike_c: as did BingoBoingo
Apocalyptic: wasn't aware either
Namworld: ThickAsThieves, ineededausername rating failed.
Apocalyptic: I just played Bingo once and truffles on chess.com several times
davout: i want to play IRC poker
Mats_cd03: I want to play
KRS-One: I'll take a rating for being so cool.
KRS-One: thxz
jurov: you are not so cool as vexual
Namworld: ;:rate KRS-One -1 Cheap point whore. Would not recommend. Pay more for better quality.
jurov: but vexual is supposedly too cool to get into wot :/
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SFI] 123 @ 0.00083444 = 0.1026 BTC [+]
Namworld: It would vex vexual's sexuality to be in wot.
Namworld: Wouldn't be able to handle it.
BingoBoingo: davout: It is still continuing. To my knowledge it is a four way round robin. Right now I'm 2-1 having lost to namworld and beat nubbins` and truffles. I think Namworld and truffles are 1-1 and nubbins` is 0-1.
BingoBoingo: If this ends up a 3 way tie I dunno what tie breakers would be yet.
davout: ;;rate KRS-One 1 Mildly cool rating whore
gribble: Error: User doesn't exist in the Rating or GPG databases. User must be GPG-registered to receive ratings.
BingoBoingo: Or a two way tie for that matter
davout: wai u no work wot
Apocalyptic: davout, ;;rate [ident KRS-One]
davout: ;;rate 1 KRS-One Mildly cool rating whore
gribble: Error: 'KRS-One' is not a valid integer.
davout: lol nvm, the universe doesn't want me to rate KRS-One
Namworld: U wot mate?
Namworld: No?
Namworld: Oh okay.
davout: BingoBoingo: a four way round-robin sounds like some orgy variant, that means there are four players each playing in turn against each of the other ones ?
BingoBoingo: davout: Yeah.
BingoBoingo: nubbins` was in the tournament spec even though he was the last to begin playing
davout: BingoBoingo: does the algorithm allow for latecomers?
BingoBoingo: davout: I dunno ask MP
moiety: hihi
moiety: bitstamp has halted too?
BingoBoingo: moiety: Bitstamp also uses two cans and a string
moiety: lol!
moiety: i was just reading ars
pankkake: https://twitter.com/davidmarcus/status/432916473049137152
ozbot: Twitter / davidmarcus: My card (with EMV chip) got ...
moiety: how is everyone today?
davout: pankkake: hah yeah, the merchant would have been fucked instead
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM1] 49 @ 0.50741182 = 24.8632 BTC [-] {13}
ThickAsThieves: ;;rate ineededausername 10 Did many bulk share purchases with and without escrow.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating of 10 for user ineededausername has been recorded.
ThickAsThieves: thanks nam
jurov: inb4 <mircea_popescu> mpex deprecated withdrawals first
jurov: (was a running joke sometime last year)
ThickAsThieves: http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2014/02/11/carl-icahn-calls-for-glass-steagall-to-return/?mod=WSJBlog
ozbot: Carl Icahn Calls for Glass-Steagall to Return - MoneyBeat - WSJ
ThickAsThieves: http://www.wired.com/underwire/2014/02/robocop-crowdsourced-remake/?cid=18434524
ozbot: Crowdsourced RoboCop Remake Is Not Even Remotely SFW | Underwire | Wired.com
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 23 @ 0.00560905 = 0.129 BTC [-] {6}
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [AM100] 59 @ 0.0056998 = 0.3363 BTC [+] {2}