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Josh_Rossi: so i have to write a web based tech thing in a desktop application language that is not great for it
Josh_Rossi: i found some libraries, but trying to get javascript and c# working together is not fun
Bowjob: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 46.34000, Best ask: 46.39990, Bid-ask spread: 0.05990, Last trade: 46.34000, 24 hour volume: 35159.39827638, 24 hour low: 45.63000, 24 hour high: 47.95000, 24 hour vwap: 46.92297
Bowjob: omg
Bowjob: crash
Josh_Rossi: lol
Josh_Rossi: FabianB: yes, i really like all his books (except Anathem) and think it is amazing how prescient it is
vampireb: huh? c# is easy to integrate with the JS
Josh_Rossi: really?
vampireb: create an ajax service
mircea_popescu: aren't they basically the same thing ?!
Josh_Rossi: C# is similar to Java
Josh_Rossi: javascript is not similar to javascript or C# really...
mircea_popescu: http://sharpkit.net/ like
dub: Bowjob: would you mind saving this tanking/rally rubbish every time a trade occur for #bitcoin-otc
Josh_Rossi: and with trying to connect to Socket.IO, you are basically trying to send javascript commands to a server
vampireb: i use vs2012 it was a snap
Bowjob: no, i like doing it
mircea_popescu: i always tghought js and c# are practically the same thing
dub: Bowjob: so do they, why not share with teh other idiots
Josh_Rossi: i am using vs2012 too
vampireb: c# is a better version of java, but the java world is much better. hell i love osx
Bowjob: well what are you gonna do about it
Josh_Rossi: i am not a fan of either
dub: Bowjob: I'll start to dislike you
Bowjob: go ahead
Josh_Rossi: my roots are more like scripting and stuff, so i love python and dynamic typing
dub: tbh that started when you were crying to us about your parents moving your piano downstairs with teh other pianos
Josh_Rossi: but if i was going to bother with types, i would want to actually compile to the native code
vampireb: in an enterprise enviroment with too many monkey that code, its better to have a strongly typed language
Bowjob: right. i'm still mad about that
dub: of all the ridiculous problems a person could have
Josh_Rossi: yeah, i suppose that is true, i basically do all coding by myself
Josh_Rossi: and just want it to work
mircea_popescu: this conversation o.o
Josh_Rossi: drama in #bitcoin-assets :)
Josh_Rossi: i think its so fun
Josh_Rossi: such a thrill when something works...and the design part can be creative...
Josh_Rossi: feel like you are building something, that many people could find useful
dub: I'm always annoyed to be fixing a problem that should already be solved
Josh_Rossi: hehehe, i usually google for libraries that do what i need
Josh_Rossi: our 3 C++ developers are Romanian
mircea_popescu: big surprise there
Lyspooner: our 3 homeless newspaper sellers outside the subway are Romanian
Lyspooner: and hello everyone!
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 2 @ 0.7 = 1.4 BTC [+]
Josh_Rossi: i guess there is no way to write options on coinbr?
Josh_Rossi: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 46.13000, Best ask: 46.37591, Bid-ask spread: 0.24591, Last trade: 46.37591, 24 hour volume: 35421.00568840, 24 hour low: 45.63000, 24 hour high: 47.95000, 24 hour vwap: 46.91767
Josh_Rossi: ;;calc (46.91767-41)/46.91767
mircea_popescu: lol
gribble: 0.12612881245
Josh_Rossi: was that not correct for the formula?
mircea_popescu: that'd be the value of a call struck at 41
Josh_Rossi: yep thats mine :)
Lyspooner: i'm not good at charts, but this index seems particularly unuseful: http://bitcoinsentiment.com/
Lyspooner: its usefulness is stuck in a tarpit of bias, small sample size and stupidity
Josh_Rossi: that is why i love the OIX
Josh_Rossi: money votes a lot more honestly than opinions
Josh_Rossi: ;;ticker m oix
gribble: (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg] [--currency XXX]) -- Return pretty-printed mtgox ticker. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure that the three letter code you enter is a valid (1 more message)
Josh_Rossi: nevermind
the-bucket-shop: !ticker s.mpoe
the-bucket-shop: !ticker m s.mpoe
assbot: Ah, your hair. Your hair is soft. It's like a girl's. Now how do you get it that way?
assbot: [MPEX:S.MPOE] 1D: 0.00074997 / 0.00074998 / 0.00075 (91316 shares, 68.49 BTC), 7D: 0.00067334 / 0.00074861 / 0.00078628 (10612769 shares, 7,944.90 BTC), 30D: 0.0006153 / 0.00068478 / 0.00078628 (57848323 shares, 39,613.60 BTC)
the-bucket-shop: ;;ticker m s.mpoe
Josh_Rossi: OIX:49.80
Josh_Rossi: ;;calc (49.80-41)/49.80
mircea_popescu: gribble's ded
gribble: (ticker [--bid|--ask|--last|--high|--low|--avg] [--currency XXX]) -- Return pretty-printed mtgox ticker. If one of the result options is given, returns only that numeric result (useful for nesting in calculations). If '--currency XXX' option is given, returns ticker for that three-letter currency code. It is up to you to make sure that the three letter code you enter is a valid (1 more message)
gribble: 0.176706827309
Josh_Rossi: hmmm think that 41 call is a good price right now on the ask side
mircea_popescu: if it keeps going up yeah
Josh_Rossi: well, i just meant in relation to the OIX
Josh_Rossi: but also 41: .17 | 43: .15 | 45 .17
mircea_popescu: haha yeah
Josh_Rossi: those were actually bids, not asks...
mircea_popescu: yeah somebody is overbidding the bot on the 45s
Josh_Rossi: yep
Josh_Rossi: interesting
Josh_Rossi: wish i could write some options
Josh_Rossi: could write next month puts at 43 and basically buy this months 43 call
mircea_popescu: so go ahead
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 47 @ 0.000725 = 0.0341 BTC [+]
Josh_Rossi: can you do that in coinbr?
Josh_Rossi: too poor for mpex at the moment, but hopefully soon
mircea_popescu: i think jurovdoes it by request
mircea_popescu: smickles might be doing it too
Josh_Rossi: oh nice
Josh_Rossi: kinda pissed i didn't get into s.dice at .35
mircea_popescu: it was there for what, like 3 months ?
mircea_popescu: then suddenly whooosh
Josh_Rossi: yeah
Josh_Rossi: but it finally pulled back
topace_: at 20000 btc profit in a month will do that :p
Josh_Rossi: yep
Josh_Rossi: last month was only 17k though right?
topace_: yea
topace_: but those 17k were worth like, 40% more when converted to fiat
Josh_Rossi: yes for sure
Josh_Rossi: record setting in fiat
Josh_Rossi: usd at least
mircea_popescu: i saw recently s.dice paid like 70k total
mircea_popescu: over 7 months
Josh_Rossi: yeah, it is a great stock to own i think
Josh_Rossi: i have mpoe and sdice and i contract
mircea_popescu: i've been spending the past hours looking at various mpex graphs
Josh_Rossi: ok, think later this week i will try some otc purchases
mircea_popescu: the stuff is fascinating somehow
Josh_Rossi: yeah, i like looking at historical data, but i rarely think it predicts the future
Josh_Rossi: i think "chart analysis" = augury
kakobrekla: O_o
Josh_Rossi: well...i mean in btc it is pretty easy to see that it is trending upwards
Josh_Rossi: but once people say "cup and handle"
Josh_Rossi: "head and shoulders"
BitHub: hows the contract stuff going?
Josh_Rossi: me?
BitHub: yeah :)
Josh_Rossi: hmmm...i only have 1 option contract at 41 sso that is decent
assbot: [BTCTC] [RSM] 1 @ 0.00899 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [RSM] 1 @ 0.00899 BTC [+]
Josh_Rossi: but as far as business stuff i am trying to write drivers to grab market data for a crossing engine
Josh_Rossi: but that is kinda tough
Josh_Rossi: when i am good at neither c# or javascript
assbot: [BTCTC] [RSM] 48 @ 0.009 = 0.432 BTC [+]
Josh_Rossi: but i'll muddle through
BitHub: i'm good at making movies
Josh_Rossi: seen the documentary?
Josh_Rossi: also, i am having a lot of fun with trying to do different roles to set up a company
Josh_Rossi: looking into gnucash for my accounting stuff
Josh_Rossi: going to try and design the logo (fingers crossed)
Josh_Rossi: has anyone seen a font that includes the double barred B?
the-bucket-shop: !mp
the-bucket-shop: ;;mp
gribble: Error: "messageparser" is not a valid command.
dub: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 225257 | Current Difficulty: 4367876.000842196 | Next Difficulty At Block: 225791 | Next Difficulty In: 534 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 2 days, 23 hours, 12 minutes, and 0 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 4880505.1893 | Estimated Percent Change: 11.73635
BitHub: yeah watched a bit of it, pretty good
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.61199999 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.612 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 5 @ 0.6149999 = 3.075 BTC [+]
assbot: Please use http://dpaste.com/
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 4 @ 0.7 = 2.8 BTC [+]
the-bucket-shop: ;;mp http://dpaste.com/1018705/
the-bucket-shop: little help?
the-bucket-shop: mp! http://dpaste.com/1018705/
gribble: Error: The "MessageParser" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "http://dpaste.com/1018705/" in it. Try "list MessageParser" to see the commands in the "MessageParser" plugin.
the-bucket-shop: that's not what mp stands for gribble. you must be new
kakobrekla: the-bucket-shop
kakobrekla: !mp http://dpaste.com/1018705/
assbot: Processing.
assbot: Response: http://dpaste.com/1018708/plain/
kakobrekla: there ya go
kakobrekla: (its yours)
the-bucket-shop: thanks kakobrekla
the-bucket-shop: my key stopped working. not sure how to use the right one. sorry for the noise everyone.
kakobrekla: did you update your mpex public key
kakobrekla: ah its your private that is off
kakobrekla: hrm
kakobrekla: check you are signing with the right one
the-bucket-shop: thanks kafka
mircea_popescu: the-bucket-shop make sure you're using the right mpex key
mircea_popescu: if you're not it will say YOUR key is blown.
mircea_popescu: it just basically means "couldn't get a key we know"
the-bucket-shop: do I need to change the mpex key to use apex.coinbr.co
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 250 @ 0.0059998 = 1.5 BTC [-]
the-bucket-shop: m
mircea_popescu: no, you have to use the new mpex key
mircea_popescu: it switched on the 10th. this was announced like last month. do you have it ?
the-bucket-shop: I did nothing to update a key. must have ignored the announcement.
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 1 @ 0.1999 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: a ok 1 sec
mircea_popescu: http://pastebin.com/9M25zBr7 the-bucket-shop
the-bucket-shop: mp sending you some money if I can get through this.
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 130 @ 0.000726 = 0.0944 BTC [+]
vampireb: !ticker mpex s.dice
assbot: [MPEX:S.DICE] 1D: 0.005884 / 0.00594579 / 0.006 (30568 shares, 181.75 BTC), 7D: 0.00300001 / 0.005599 / 0.006225 (409396 shares, 2,292.21 BTC), 30D: 0.00300001 / 0.00616121 / 0.0069 (3629525 shares, 22,362.28 BTC)
Bugpowder: !help
assbot: List of commands:
assbot: !ticker <exchange> <ticker> (desc: returns current ticker values, supported: MPEX, HAVELOCK, BTCTCO)
assbot: !mp <signcrypted dpaste.com url> (desc: returns the response from MPEX order)
mircea_popescu: Bugpowder mpex.coinbr.com
Bugpowder: I see its back
Bugpowder: I totally forgot how to manually sign and encrypt the orders
mircea_popescu: :p
Bugpowder: looks like the panic has subsided
the-bucket-shop: I've got a working STAT, but I'd like to get rid of this message before sending money There is no assurance this key belongs to the named user
mircea_popescu: sign the key
mircea_popescu: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 45.62989, Best ask: 45.79000, Bid-ask spread: 0.16011, Last trade: 45.79000, 24 hour volume: 36079.61301029, 24 hour low: 45.51000, 24 hour high: 47.95000, 24 hour vwap: 46.85896
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 9 @ 0.61887999 = 5.5699 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 21 @ 0.61887999 = 12.9965 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 9 @ 0.6188888 = 5.57 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.61899899 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 2 @ 0.618999 = 1.238 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 2 @ 0.619 = 1.238 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 5 @ 0.619 = 3.095 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 6 @ 0.6199991 = 3.72 BTC [+]
Bugpowder: gotta prep for job talk. Peace out. See yall in a few days.
Bugpowder: make S.DICE hit .0065 while i'm gone please
error4733: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/satoshidice.com/
pizzaman1337: oh noes
pizzaman1337: bets are still active and working though, it appears
dub: at least its showing the same market reaction as mpex, site down price up
the-bucket-shop: seems there's a need for a distributed list of addresses. wikileaks style. not sure how to prevent fraud on that though
pizzaman1337: the addresses are built into blockchain.info's wallet
the-bucket-shop: anyone care to make that known on bitcointalk.org, or is this my responsibility? I haven't seen satoshidice at the top of the agenda over there for at least 12 hours.
the-bucket-shop: my friend, fancy_pants is going to ham it up sky is falling where are the bitcoin police. hopefully someone will correct any inaccuracies.
pizzaman1337: I wonder if it's getting DDoS'd by the same people/person who are/is attacking mpex
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7 BTC [+]
error4733: 80% yes
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7 BTC [+]
error4733: make sens
error4733: but like say above, the script is ok ! pp play atm
Ukto: http://i.imgur.com/KzY4tPF.jpg - avalons in stacks and what appears alot more already packaged in the background (older image, but amusing)
smickles: jurov: how come http://mpex.coinbr.com/mpex-mktdepth.php starts with a "JurovP"
smickles: er, "JurovP(" and ends with a ")", that's not json :P
smickles: oh, and there's a semi-colon at the end too @.@
mircea_popescu: smickles it's some javascript thing i tihnk
mircea_popescu: there's two files. one's made like a function for some browsingreason
mircea_popescu: jurvo asked for it.
smickles: mircea_popescu: i'm coding a nice looking gui client for mpex and plan on selling it for 1 btc
mircea_popescu: haha cool idea.
mircea_popescu: but anyway, let me look here.
smickles: it'll be for linux, win, mac, and android
the-bucket-shop: that ruby thing doesn't compile on my mac or hacked iPhone.
the-bucket-shop: it doesn't matter, but thought you'd like the feedback
smickles: the-bucket-shop: FabianB's ruby thing?
mircea_popescu: smickles one's vwap-json and the other jsonp
mircea_popescu: you using the jsonp ?
smickles: uh, mpex-mktdepth.php?
the-bucket-shop: that name doesn't ring a bell. it was called mpex
the-bucket-shop: Fa Wuxi copyright
mircea_popescu: mpex-mktdepth.php / mpex-mktdepth-jsonp.php
mircea_popescu: mpex-vwap.php / mpex-vwap-jsonp.php
smickles: both mpex-mktdepth.php / mpex-mktdepth-jsonp.php have that JurovP bit at the beginning
mircea_popescu: o noway
pizzaman1337: heh, yeah
mircea_popescu: for chrissakes. bleeding cache.
mircea_popescu: it's getting fixed.
smickles: my cache?
mircea_popescu: nono mine
mircea_popescu: smickles hm, i just loaded mpex-mktdepth.php
mircea_popescu: and it is behaving normally ?
smickles: mircea_popescu: thru the coinbr proxy or directly?
mircea_popescu: that's a point o.o
mircea_popescu: da fuck ?!
error4733: yes !
smickles: i dunno, but i'd hate to code in something to handle that, then when the main site comes back online it fucks stuff up
mircea_popescu: this is so weird, because vwap does not show the same behaviour
mircea_popescu: and it's just a proxy, wtf, it randomly changes ONE url ?
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7 BTC [+]
pizzaman1337: when you update the .php on mpex's servers does it need to be manually updated on proxies?
pizzaman1337: I'm not sure how the proxy system works
mircea_popescu: pizzaman1337 a. the file;s never been updated in montsh (really, since jurov wanted the procedure thing)
pizzaman1337: it would be cool if you could distribute something for people to setup their own proxies
mircea_popescu: and b. the proxies just php proxy, it's fixed
mircea_popescu: this has been distributed already hehe
mircea_popescu: let me find it
pizzaman1337: oh, ok
mircea_popescu: pizzaman1337 http://pastebin.com/vRzjux7e scroll
pizzaman1337: ok, cool
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 2 @ 0.1999 = 0.3998 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [RSM] 9 @ 0.009 = 0.081 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 65000 @ 0.00075 = 48.75 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 7 @ 0.000726 = 0.0051 BTC [+]
vampireb: !ticker mpex s.dice
assbot: [MPEX:S.DICE] 1D: 0.005884 / 0.00594579 / 0.006 (30568 shares, 181.75 BTC), 7D: 0.00300001 / 0.005599 / 0.006225 (409396 shares, 2,292.21 BTC), 30D: 0.00300001 / 0.00616121 / 0.0069 (3629525 shares, 22,362.28 BTC)
mircea_popescu: vampireb hey, are you vampire on forum ?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 108 @ 0.0059998 = 0.648 BTC [-]
vampireb: correct.
mircea_popescu: haha
mircea_popescu: thanks for the offer, but vps couldn't really take it.
vampireb: you probably should extend the irc bot to show depth
mircea_popescu: $depth
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: http://pastebin.com/5Xw7ySxD
mircea_popescu: but anyway, you can go to mpex.coinbr.com
mircea_popescu: and enjoy the mpex site in all its glory.
vampireb: i dont really need to go there
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 2 @ 0.592 = 1.184 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 15 @ 0.59100005 = 8.865 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.59100001 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.591 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.59 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.59 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 9 @ 0.5850001 = 5.265 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 5 @ 0.585 = 2.925 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 35 @ 0.581 = 20.335 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 4 @ 0.581 = 2.324 BTC [-]
vampireb: chromebooks are awesome, except can't remap keys. which makes using irssi a challenge
kakobrekla: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 225274 | Current Difficulty: 4367876.000842196 | Next Difficulty At Block: 225791 | Next Difficulty In: 517 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 2 days, 19 hours, 4 minutes, and 12 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 4893908.51557 | Estimated Percent Change: 12.04321
vampireb: by the time i;ll get my asic from brl the diff will be at 10mil
vampireb: bfl
mircea_popescu: yu'e getting an asic from bfl ?
mircea_popescu: what sorcery is this
vampireb: the hot one, jalapeno. ~160 is pocket change
dub: the only thing for sure with bfl is that there will be eleventy threads created about them today
kakobrekla: i read that 'yu'e getting an ascii from bfl ?'
vampireb: oh may be getting
vampireb: i dont follow "hardware" topics
mircea_popescu: thing is the asic market is huge.
mircea_popescu: i'd buy some if there actually existed any.
vampireb: i just needed a coffee cup warmer, i hopefully they can deliver that at least
kakobrekla: coffe cup warmers dont work
kakobrekla: i had a glass made specifically for it
kakobrekla: with a flat and metal surface
kakobrekla: and it worked shit.
dub: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=148335.msg1609151#msg1609151 I thought those looked like even worse underfill examples not chipped die
kakobrekla: suface = bottom
BitHub: can i buy something right now they'll at least make me 1btc a day, even when all the avalons come or whatever i can still mine 1btc a day?
BitHub: that will sorry
vampireb: no?
vampireb: the mining diffuculty will go up
BitHub: ghey
dub: you could buy a 1btc/day mining contract
BitHub: i could?
dub: sure, I'll sell you one for 60btc/month
BitHub: done send me all your details
kakobrekla: earth months?
BitHub: anyone want any asicminer shares? i want out
dub: how much?
BitHub: 1.8 btc each
dub: sounds legit
BitHub: for you dubs 2.0
mod6: well looks like intrade is done: http://www.intrade.com/v4/home/
mircea_popescu: heh
mircea_popescu: "make bitbet more like intrade"
mircea_popescu: BitHub maybe shares or bonds.
BitHub: hmmm
BitHub: i already tried that
dub: has dice commented on the downtime?
mircea_popescu: didn't work too good ?
mircea_popescu: dub not afaik.
mircea_popescu: but im guessing ddos.
BitHub: it was okey just want to do something myself or mine some coins myself or something
mircea_popescu: ah yes
vampireb: dice is on amazon
mircea_popescu: that drives many.
mircea_popescu: vampireb so ?
vampireb: so ddos shouldnt be as effective :)
BitHub: waiting for something new to put my coins into
mircea_popescu: vampireb i lost some amazons,
mircea_popescu: jurov lost one too. it can be done.
vampireb: it can be done, no denying that.
dub: looks like its up
mircea_popescu: i just sent a less than 1
mircea_popescu: lol
assbot: [BTCTC] [B.YABMC] 1 @ 0.01989 BTC [+]
benkay: $depth
mpexbot: benkay: http://pastebin.com/06Yf5w4j
smickles: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 45.71717, Best ask: 45.90000, Bid-ask spread: 0.18283, Last trade: 45.90000, 24 hour volume: 36180.55424484, 24 hour low: 45.47100, 24 hour high: 47.95000, 24 hour vwap: 46.81412
benkay: was the mpex bot not spitting back at dpaste just recently?
benkay: i coulda swore...
dub: ;;goxlag
gribble: 0 seconds
Josh_Rossi: whats up everyone
Josh_Rossi: http://imgur.com/O7ioK9D&NkxCSHS
Josh_Rossi: let me know what you think lol
kakobrekla: whats that
Josh_Rossi: my first attempt at logo design lol
kakobrekla: a duck
Josh_Rossi: it's not great
Josh_Rossi: black swan
kakobrekla: goes quack no?
Josh_Rossi: hehehe
Josh_Rossi: yeah
mircea_popescu: that's not a logo dood. what do you think a logo is ?
dub: at first glance its says bitches
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.59 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: benkay assbot spits dpaste, mpexbot pastebin
mircea_popescu: redundancy ftw
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 1 @ 1.74 BTC [-]
benkay: y u no give me plain json?
benkay: with this freepaste services
benkay: parse all the things...
mircea_popescu: they have raw ?
benkay: i'm not serious
Josh_Rossi: well it was mostly for the login page on the google apps website
Josh_Rossi: so it wouldn't need to have google logo
mircea_popescu: Josh_Rossi a logo is not an image, as in, a bmp.
mircea_popescu: a logo is a design, such as a vector file.
mircea_popescu: a concept anyway. must be scalable.
Josh_Rossi: yes
Josh_Rossi: this was just for that specific image
Josh_Rossi: which was limited to 159x43 px or something like that
mircea_popescu: mkay.
Josh_Rossi: hold on, i'll show you how it looks
mircea_popescu: i lost my less than 1 bet
mircea_popescu: fucking scam.
Josh_Rossi: http://imgur.com/5UYrCwq
Josh_Rossi: anyway, just a first step
Josh_Rossi: i was masochistic, so I used GIMP
kakobrekla: whats the service about
Josh_Rossi: Eventually it should be an investment vehicle
Josh_Rossi: ie. you can get shares in your brokerage account, and basically track the broad based bitcoin economy
Josh_Rossi: that's the ultimate goal
Josh_Rossi: an etf
Josh_Rossi: till then, just having fun trying to build things
Josh_Rossi: have a few projects, but I figured I would need a site, and all the other stuff eventually and that was the best domain name i could find
BitHub: i'm selling digicreds.com if you're intrested
Josh_Rossi: i got btcshares, btc-etf, and one other one
Josh_Rossi: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 46.00000, Best ask: 46.22987, Bid-ask spread: 0.22987, Last trade: 46.22887, 24 hour volume: 33473.44140151, 24 hour low: 45.47100, 24 hour high: 47.95000, 24 hour vwap: 46.74346
kakobrekla: i have bitcoin-assets.com and it has ass so beat that.
Josh_Rossi: that is an awesome one
Josh_Rossi: !ticker m s.dice
assbot: [MPEX:S.DICE] 1D: 0.005884 / 0.00594598 / 0.006 (30676 shares, 182.40 BTC), 7D: 0.00300001 / 0.0055991 / 0.006225 (409504 shares, 2,292.86 BTC), 30D: 0.00300001 / 0.00616274 / 0.0069 (3619271 shares, 22,304.65 BTC)
kakobrekla: ya it was free until like a week ago
Josh_Rossi: pretty sweet
mircea_popescu: titsets.
BitHub: hehe @ it has ass
BitHub: i think i found the right music for a bitcoin type action film
BitHub: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JuBsif1RqM
dub: I think this is more appropriate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1EG-MKy4so
error4733: BitHub : or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCuYX4ZGLuA
BitHub: hehe checking them out
BitHub: hah dub wtf
BitHub: that's definitly the soundtrack to the mircea character
dub: please tell me you've seen that before
BitHub: haha nah man
dub: if not, you've failed at internet
BitHub: that's because i win at real life
BitHub: rubber chicken, nice
error4733: old school
dub: if the film coveres bitcointalk you'll need this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q15fB7E28Zs
BitHub: hah yeah this one i've seen
BitHub: seems like more of a 4chan theme
dub: 4chan is a much more serious and useful site than bitcointalk
error4733: sunday : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_JmXCNPs6Y
kakobrekla: meh
kakobrekla: id put this one
kakobrekla: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdvTkddp1F0
dub: seen teh new one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jq57BjBVq7o
BitHub: i'm not working on a bitcoin film heh but i am intrested in making some bitcoin commercials
kakobrekla: lyrics aint that bad
kakobrekla: but the song
kakobrekla: ugh.
error4733: This is Bitcoin ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qAfUhoubbDQ 200m/h
error4733: kako : haha priceless
BitHub: hah error heard that one
error4733: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WiXMcsfvXE
error4733: BTC at $5 in background
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 250 @ 0.0059998 = 1.5 BTC [-]
benkay: $depth
mpexbot: benkay: http://pastebin.com/P3vXpBCB
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 1 @ 1.2 BTC [-]
smickles: $depth s.mpoe
mpexbot: smickles: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
smickles: bah
benkay: $depth
mpexbot: benkay: http://pastebin.com/4QrxFBuQ
mircea_popescu: $proxies
mircea_popescu: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/ambroseevans_pritchard/9920666/Germanys-anti-euro-party-is-a-nasty-shock-for-Angela-Merkel.html
mircea_popescu: fuckwit should never have allied with the russians.
smickles: $depth s.mpoe
mpexbot: smickles: {u'S': [[100000, 10000], [75000, 244641], [77988, 1399], [78500, 500000], [78000, 500000], [76718, 17454], [100000000, 10000], [78984, 23163], [79000, 450000], [1000000, 2000], [10000000, 2000], [77999, 54540], [1000000, 100000]], u'B': [[53500, 168150], [101, 10000000], [55000, 340602], [100, 10000000], [38150, 14391957], [55500, 150000], [40000, 150000], [55501, 500], [38151, 5000], (1 more message)
smickles: har!
benkay: $depth
mpexbot: benkay: http://pastebin.com/LfUZXwdm
benkay: $depth s.mpoe
mpexbot: benkay: {u'S': [[100000, 10000], [75000, 244641], [77988, 1399], [78500, 500000], [78000, 500000], [76718, 17454], [100000000, 10000], [78984, 23163], [79000, 450000], [1000000, 2000], [10000000, 2000], [77999, 54540], [1000000, 100000]], u'B': [[53500, 168150], [101, 10000000], [55000, 340602], [100, 10000000], [38150, 14391957], [55500, 150000], [40000, 150000], [55501, 500], [38151, 5000], (1 more message)
benkay: implying there's a max message size on this irc network?
mircea_popescu: that's kinda spammy
mircea_popescu: smickles could it return just 4 each side ?
benkay: $depth
mpexbot: benkay: http://pastebin.com/3Xs9nGD8
benkay: $depth
benkay: this is getting annoying.
mpexbot: benkay: http://pastebin.com/MgkTxcBr
kakobrekla: fuckin people.
benkay: what now?
kakobrekla: im no good for support
kakobrekla: get too upset.
mircea_popescu: aww!
smickles: mircea_popescu: it's spammy now b/c it's just the primitive. I plan to do exactly what you say, a range around the center. for now, peeps should just use it in pm
mircea_popescu: kk
smickles: benkay: can I make it better somehow?
smickles: like this http://imgur.com/fwa71Fj maybe?
dub: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=150803.msg1609580#msg1609580 repentance I am dissapoint
mircea_popescu: what, repentance is here ?
dub: idk
dub: doubt it
benkay: what's that?
benkay: something custom?
benkay: product in the wild?
smickles: benkay: an mpex gui which i'm developing
smickles: should work on linux, win, mac, and android
smickles: each of those platforms has all the dependancies it requires
smickles: iOS? no
benkay: neat
benkay: of course not
benkay: that damn platform
smickles: not to mention i don't have a mac, and you need xcode to make an ios app
benkay: see above
benkay: that's cool
dub: that and nobody uses iphone
dub: barrign fanboys and homosexuals
smickles: you could sa the same about windows
smickles: ;D
benkay: there's this one market i'm interested in
benkay: lots of disposable income
benkay: sold on ui investments
dub: its homos
benkay: enlightened commentary
MJR_: nice
smickles: dub, not homos, dinks
mircea_popescu: dub homosexuals trade too you know
assbot: [BTCTC] [B.YABMC] 1 @ 0.01301 BTC [-]
MJR_: I finally got pgp working on the iPhone
MJR_: ;;ident
gribble: You are identified as user Josh_Rossi, with GPG key id C286BB96FE9B6CD3, key fingerprint 3812AFD43A6B8A057F37D858C286BB96FE9B6CD3, and bitcoin address 1LokQrHj14NU93tC6pZfTZyyRHhAVakQmX
benkay: bigotry aside, i'd actually like the full json in this irc channel
benkay: or another
mircea_popescu: wd MJR_
smickles: wow, I thought you addy was 1Loki for a sec there
dub: im a dink and she's only got one cause its work provided
mircea_popescu: benkay full json what ?
benkay: depth
benkay: $vwap
pigeons: dont talk to him, we dont need his kind here, fuckin macs
mpexbot: benkay: http://pastebin.com/3Z4a24q1
smickles: dub: work provided baby?
assbot: [BTCTC] [B.YABMC] 1 @ 0.013 BTC [-]
MJR_: I know, it was a close one
MJR_: I kinda want a vanity address
dub: smickles: iphone
benkay: i just don't really like the tiny little bit of fragility that parsing that url introduces
dub: you can't be a dink with a baby
benkay: it's not a big deal though because i think i'm going to cache the ticker
benkay: *shrug*
benkay: thoughts?
smickles: benkay: would you prefer the raw pastebin?
benkay: much
benkay: a url pointing directly to raw makes me much more the happy
smickles: i'll switch it then
benkay: !
benkay: thanks.
dub: this is gold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtZs4Gj2lKw
mircea_popescu: benkay incidentally, why not suck directly the url ?
mircea_popescu: or what are you trying to do ?
benkay: 'cause scraping
benkay: don' wanna
mircea_popescu: uh listen
mircea_popescu: http://mpex.coinbr.com/mpex-vwap.php
benkay: bril.
mircea_popescu: http://mpex.coinbr.com/mpex-mktdepth.php
mircea_popescu: it's where the bot gets them from
benkay: okay
benkay: thanks
mircea_popescu: obviously you shoudl code proxy-aware and bot-aware, but for a begining this should bridge you i think
mircea_popescu: at least to prototype
benkay: i'm going to go ragedelete a whole branch
benkay: brb
benkay: back
benkay: jokes, 90% of it's reusable.
Ukto: wonder how long it will be till someone ddos' coinbr
Ukto: i'm sure bitvps will love that :P
mircea_popescu: Ukto that was yest's news,
dub: presumably he moved off shitvps
Ukto: oh?
mircea_popescu: they got their dinky little dc blown to bits, jurov moved
Ukto: mircea_popescu: sorry, i spend my days working. :P
benkay: mircea_popescu: what data feeds do you recommend for production sites hooking into mpex?
mircea_popescu: benkay my name is going to become "what are you trying to do"
Ukto: mircea_popescu: i am offering a new service
Ukto: or considering making it available
Ukto: that would be very good for this kinda thing
Ukto: pm me if your interested
mircea_popescu: what's that ?
Ukto: :)
mircea_popescu: is it secret ?!
Ukto: since its not public yet
Ukto: :)
mircea_popescu: lol k
smickles: benkay: try it now :)
benkay: $depth
mpexbot: benkay: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=hzJcCSeG
benkay: beautimous
benkay: except that now i know about the coinbr data feed
benkay: and that doesn't change urls every 2 minutes
benkay: ;)
smickles: heh, it's much the same data, no worries :)
benkay: thanks
smickles: the bot is mostly a backup anyway
benkay: it's great that you're open to suggestions like that
benkay: fast turnaround on something i didn't even ask for
smickles: thanks for the kind words
mircea_popescu: actually the raw response is prolly better
assbot: [MPEX] [O.BTCUSD.P250N] 15 @ 0.07613082 = 1.142 BTC
benkay: low bar for kindness in these parts
benkay: ;)
mircea_popescu: <MJR_> -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
mircea_popescu: * MJR_ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
mircea_popescu: lol.
MJR_: was a test...crashed my app
smickles: heh, have you seen some of the trolls around bitcoin. I should take it as kind that you haven't called me an incestuous pole vaulter or smt
MJR_: but you should be able to decrypt
assbot: [BTCTC] [ESECURITYSABTC] 1 @ 0.35007 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [ESECURITYSABTC] 4 @ 0.35 = 1.4 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: MJR_ it kicked you for spam.
MJR_: oh ok
MJR_: the message was too long?
mircea_popescu: too fast.
kakobrekla: that would be excess flood then
MJR_: oh
kakobrekla: dunno
MJR_: should have pasted to dpaste
kakobrekla: not a closed connect.
kakobrekla: anyway im off
kakobrekla: later
MJR_: see
MJR_: you later
benkay: i've seen what constitutes ye olde online community
MJR_: mircea_popescu: could you decrypt it?
mircea_popescu: MJR_ it kicked you for spam. <<
MJR_: ah, you didn't get the whole thing then?
benkay: arguably the only thing i
benkay: i've ever learned about irc is to just rise above it
benkay: no matter what "it" is
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 1 @ 1.7 BTC [-]
benkay: drama wise
mircea_popescu: just what you saw.
MJR_: oh ok hold on
smickles: ;;gpg info smickles
gribble: User 'smickles', with keyid EA62D7CEB2450C3F, fingerprint 96ACCA7C3B09EC61B0A6D7F9EA62D7CEB2450C3F, and bitcoin address 12NjnZTVeTJ3g5C7BqfS2aQ2rLkmwiqVz6, registered on Mon Jun 20 12:24:35 2011. http://bitcoin-otc.com/viewgpg.php?nick=smickles . Currently authenticated from hostmask smickles!~smickles@ .
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 1 @ 1.69 BTC [-]
topace_: !ticker h sdice
assbot: [HAVELOCK:SDICE] 1D: 0.58100000 / 0.59986625 / 0.61999910 (296 shares, 177.56040896 BTC), 7D: 0.37000000 / 0.51862844 / 0.62950000 (1570 shares, 814.24665115 BTC), 30D: 0.37000000 / 0.63440004 / 0.76500000 (5705 shares, 3619.25223897 BTC)
MJR_: http://dpaste.com/1018904/
topace_: !ticker m s.dice
assbot: [MPEX:S.DICE] 1D: 0.005884 / 0.00594641 / 0.006 (30926 shares, 183.90 BTC), 7D: 0.00300001 / 0.00559971 / 0.006225 (408254 shares, 2,286.11 BTC), 30D: 0.00300001 / 0.00616299 / 0.0069 (3616799 shares, 22,290.33 BTC)
MJR_: mircea_popescu: that should work
mircea_popescu: okay.
mircea_popescu: it did.
topace_: !ticker h him
assbot: [HAVELOCK:HIM] 1D: 1.69000000 / 1.72102475 / 1.75000000 (24 shares, 41.30459400 BTC), 7D: 1.40001001 / 1.56164063 / 1.75000000 (149 shares, 232.68445435 BTC), 30D: 1.40000000 / 3.13202977 / 18.00000000 (247 shares, 773.61135435 BTC)
MJR_: nice! encryption on the iPhone :)
MJR_: and tor browser
MJR_: I would like to create a text message app that would auto encrypt texts, and allow the other side to decrypt easily
mircea_popescu: not a bad idea
mircea_popescu: careful not to mess the key safety tho
the-bucket-shop: lot of dead bodies of companies who've tried encrypted im
assbot: [BTCTC] [B.YABMC] 1 @ 0.01989 BTC [+]
MJR_: yeah
BitHub: silentcircle.com
the-bucket-shop: sigaba
MJR_: figure the key exchange maps to "friend request"
BitHub: do this for bitcoin plz :)
smickles: ;;gpg info mircea_popescu
gribble: User 'mircea_popescu', with keyid 8A736F0E2FB7B452, fingerprint 6160E1CAC8A3C52966FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452, and bitcoin address None, registered on Fri Jul 22 05:39:10 2011. http://bitcoin-otc.com/viewgpg.php?nick=mircea_popescu . Currently authenticated from hostmask mircea_popescu!~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu .
assbot: [BTCTC] [B.YABMC] 3 @ 0.01989 = 0.0597 BTC [+]
MJR_: I've always thought someone should make a social network/im that is totally encrypted, so no one but your "friends" can even possibly see your content
MJR_: like not even the host knows what you are posting
mircea_popescu: kinda a good idea
BitHub: blockchain.info style
BitHub: it's badly needed mjr
the-bucket-shop: badly needed until you ask for money. then suddenly in the clear is just fine. except for day trading of course
MJR_: lol
MJR_: im just an ADHD person
MJR_: silent circle looks interesting
BitHub: and being able to catgorize posts
BitHub: fb timeline is so shit
MJR_: yes exactly!
BitHub: i want to click on youtube and see all the youtube links i've posted
MJR_: and they mine your data
BitHub: and intergrate it with bitcoin
BitHub: so can have social media payments
MJR_: yeah that would be awesome
MJR_: I actually think that there can be a role for banks as service providers
assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 1 @ 0.00544 BTC [-]
MJR_: as opposed to lenders/crooks
the-bucket-shop: banks think that too
MJR_: well...in bitcoin land it actually makes sense
assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 1 @ 0.00544 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [BASIC-MINING] 1 @ 0.344 BTC [-]
MJR_: I think one problem is that of convenience...and they can handle recurring payments etc.
BitHub: i'd like to see like a youtube clone where you can pay for a stream or HQ dl via bitcoin or tipstream
MJR_: that would be cool
the-bucket-shop: corncobs can handle recurring payments
MJR_: what is that?
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 2 @ 0.7 = 1.4 BTC [+]
BitHub: i'm working on something
the-bucket-shop: spelling corncobs = cronjobs
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 2 @ 0.1999 = 0.3998 BTC [+]
MJR_: true
the-bucket-shop: corncobs are for smoking
MJR_: also true
[\\\]: hey mircea_popescu
BitHub: well i want to make a movie and as an experiment see if maybe it plays for 5mins or something and then'll it'll stop and ask for like some btc to watch the rest of the stream or you can dl my video with a quick bitcoin payment
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.DICE-PT] 2 @ 0.0057 = 0.0114 BTC [-]
[\\\]: tap your bish on the head for me
[\\\]: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=141503.msg1607217#msg1607217
MJR_: I meant for people who know how to check email
mircea_popescu: [\\\] hey slashes
[\\\]: I lol'd for that one
mircea_popescu: lol
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 2 @ 0.000726 = 0.0015 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: she's got teeth on her that one does she.
assbot: [BTCTC] [ESECURITYSABTC] 1 @ 0.4 BTC [+]
MJR_: im really curious if someone will try a fractional reserve banking thing with bitcoins
mircea_popescu: mtgox
assbot: [BTCTC] [BTC-TRADING-PT] 1 @ 0.18997 BTC [+]
MJR_: oh yeah true...though I thought the coupons were based on their cash
MJR_: also I heard they had to stop that
assbot: [BTCTC] [BASIC-MINING] 2 @ 0.345 = 0.69 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: it's not really proven or anything. more like konspiraci theory
MJR_: well, I guess it could be done aboveboard...more like CD's than demand deposits
mircea_popescu: MJR_ nobody will wait for the bitcoin payment to clear to watch their movie.
MJR_: well that was BitHub
MJR_: but also with micropayments I doubt you will wait
BitHub: do you mean because of the confirm?
mircea_popescu: yes
BitHub: bitcoin fail
MJR_: also, 6 confirms is arbitrary...really comes down to your levels of trust
mircea_popescu: i had txs waited for 6 hours just to be included two days ago
assbot: [BTCTC] [ESECURITYSABTC] 1 @ 0.4 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: when the chaos was happening.
BitHub: try sitting at cafe for 6hours
BitHub: run out of shit to talk about after 2
mircea_popescu: and i have old coinbases and etc. average joe with smallish inputs... ouch.
BitHub: i never want to see that person again
MJR_: the Jon Stewart vs Bill O'Reilly was like that, $5 to watch
mircea_popescu: were they naked ?
MJR_: lol
BitHub: lul
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7 BTC [+]
MJR_: Im so glad you didn't mean bill O'Reilly
mircea_popescu: [\\\] btw, you seen inau anywhere ?
assbot: [BTCTC] [MININGCO.ETF] 1 @ 0.5789 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=140472.msg1608597#msg1608597
mircea_popescu: cablepair tagged
MJR_: I miss polimedia
MJR_: the forum is boring
mircea_popescu: MJR_ im all backed up here lol, get prepared cause when it goes back online it'll rain articles
MJR_: nice
pizzaman1337: interesting to see the face behind S.DICE, he also mentions the "bitinstant bitcoin debit card" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbLYmjXsydM
mircea_popescu: you never saw evoorhees' ugly mug before ?
MJR_: lol
pizzaman1337: only the mask
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 1 @ 0.1999 BTC [+]
MJR_: his office is 7 blocks from mine
MJR_: I wish I knew the overlap between iPhone jailbreakers and bitcoins
BitHub: ?
mircea_popescu: MJR_ there was some dude jailbreaking anything in the forum,
MJR_: for example, cydia doesn't let you pay with btc
MJR_: which to me seems obvious
pizzaman1337: MJR_: I asked saurik about that once, let me see if I can find his response
MJR_: I've never bought one thing there
MJR_: cuz too much hassle and don't want my cc info floating around
MJR_: also, freenode
assbot: [BTCTC] [BTC-TRADING-PT] 1 @ 0.19879 BTC [+]
MJR_: another obvious one
assbot: [BTCTC] [BASIC-MINING] 1 @ 0.345 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: obvious what ?
MJR_: they seem sorry that they can only accept cc and Paypal
MJR_: on their donation page
mircea_popescu: a a
MJR_: I was going to get a cloak
mircea_popescu: o yeah wtf happened to those
pizzaman1337: MJR_: http://pastie.org/pastes/6448246/text?key=s0rdeomgzommfp93xtapw
MJR_: pizzaman1337: lol taxes
mircea_popescu: heh.
MJR_: what chan are they usually on?
pizzaman1337: if he needed to convert it to fiat to payout devs, it might not be unavoidable
pizzaman1337: private chans, different irc server..
dub: MJR_: just ask in #freenode
MJR_: pizzaman1337: sucks
pizzaman1337: yeah
MJR_: also, anonymous...also seems like an obvious fit
MJR_: and perhaps they are using it
MJR_: they are after all anonymous
MJR_: but you would think they would be more vocal as they hate banks etc
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 10 @ 0.583 = 5.83 BTC [-]
dub: whats anonymous?
BitHub: did mircea pay his taxes this year?
BitHub: :P
MJR_: the hacktivist group
assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 2 @ 0.005425 = 0.0109 BTC [-]
dub: there is no hacktavist group
MJR_: whatever
dub: there is thousands of retarded children with a handfull of hackers hiding behind them ☟︎
MJR_: the people who "hack" and refer to themselves as "Anonymous"
dub: thats like 7 people
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.5810005 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 10 @ 0.5810003 = 5.81 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 10 @ 0.581 = 5.81 BTC [-]
dub: the rest are just hitting f5
MJR_: that's fine
MJR_: was not referring to their skill
MJR_: but rather their inferred ideals
mircea_popescu: BitHub sure dood.
dub: it requires at least as much skill to use bitcoins as breath through ones nose
mircea_popescu: dub how do you explain most cocksuckers can't use bitcoin ? ☟︎
dub: which excludes anyone that refers to themself as anon
MJR_: dub: wait, not sure if you mean it's easy or hard
BitHub: its hard
dub: its harder than hitting f5
BitHub: even for people who aren't totally noob at internet
MJR_: really?
BitHub: just takes some time
MJR_: ok. I agree
MJR_: but I think it's relatively easy
MJR_: the hardest part is getting btc
BitHub: that is getting harder
MJR_: and that is only hard because of lame banks and difficulty of moving money
BitHub: sorry i mean it is hard at first
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 3 @ 0.580001 = 1.74 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 3 @ 0.571 = 1.713 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 3 @ 0.570001 = 1.71 BTC [-]
BitHub: really hard
MJR_: once you have some it is simple
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 23 @ 0.7 = 16.1 BTC [+]
MJR_: tell me the tipbot on Reddit is hard
BitHub: reddit is hard
BitHub: i only go to the bitcoin subredit
MJR_: hahaha, maybe hard to set up if you want to donate
MJR_: but I think for people receiving it, it's easy
BitHub: life's hard
MJR_: lol
BitHub: !
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 10 @ 0.719999 = 7.2 BTC [+]
MJR_: it creates a wallet for you
jurov: hi all, http://mpex.coinbr.com/mpex-mktdepth.php fixed to be plain json
BitHub: i'm just over learning new shit all the time
MJR_: hi jurov
jurov: there's special config for it cause by default things are cached 15 mins
jurov: and i left jsonp part there
mircea_popescu: mystery unravelled
smickles: mircea_popescu: give $proxies a go
mircea_popescu: $proxies
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: ["http://mpex.coinbr.com"]
mircea_popescu: coolness.
jurov: oh no
mircea_popescu: jurov ; this is intended to function as a permanent and maintained proxy list
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 2 @ 0.72 = 1.44 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: so that everyone can write code referencing here and always be online.
assbot: [BTCTC] [BASIC-MINING] 1 @ 0.345 BTC [+]
BitHub: how come no mpex room?
dub: really its a ddos c&c
mircea_popescu: even with distributed clients, or w/e
dub: :)
jurov: seems like everyone else is too afraid to get listed?
mircea_popescu: dub ayup
dub: dupe it to $target
mircea_popescu: jurov you get the standing ovation of being the only one there for a bit :D
mircea_popescu: but anyway, anyone writing code for mpex interfacing, bear the list in mind.
smickles: mircea_popescu and myself can add to the list with $proxies <pastebin paste key to a signed json array of proxies>
mircea_popescu: the end scenario here is that the internet ends but mpex survives by now.
smickles: and now...
smickles: beer
the-bucket-shop: bbs?
smickles: let me pull out my 8000 baud modem
smickles: the-bucket-shop: no, next step, global meshnet
MJR_: smickles: that would be awesome
dub: someone was talking about a bitcoin over ham radio protocol a while bac
smickles: with nodes receiving their due in bitcoin for opperating
smickles: automagically
MJR_: ham would be cool
dub: but a network of phone numbers with modems would be really easy
MJR_: but I think at least in urban areas
MJR_: wifi will work best
jurov: don't forget to throw some fax numbers in the mix
MJR_: lol
smickles: multi-frequency mesnet. hams could jump the long distances, wifi for cities
MJR_: yeah
MJR_: now with 5ghz wifi
smickles: ham > 250 or w/o line of site < 250
the-bucket-shop: i was sitting on sidelines for mpoe shares until I watched you guys knock this thing up. I'm a shareholder now because of it…
smickles: 250 miles that is
MJR_: bandwidth is no problem
dub: dialup nodes should already be there tbh
MJR_: the-bucket-shop: welcome :)
dub: costs nothing but a phone number
dub: much more resilient than internet and most radio
MJR_: well...relies on existing infrastructure under others control
mircea_popescu: actually the plan was to have tcp/ip reimpremented over pigeons ☟︎
MJR_: lolz
dub: no different to anything else
dub: and pstn still stays up well after teh lights go out (mostly)
smickles: see, that's why meshnet is awesome, you contribute what you have, even if it is just a pigeon
MJR_: well a community could implement a wireless mesh network under their control
smickles: it all falls down to power tho
dub: MJR_: thats other peoples infrastructure too
smickles: they can shut off the grid
smickles: they can stop shipments of gas
MJR_: I meant AT&T not your neighbor
jurov: let us bouce teh orderz from ionosphere
MJR_: and get sun/wind
jurov: *bounce
dub: only ham works in that case
smickles: solar and wind power would be easily spotted,dissappeared
MJR_: bitcoin in a walking dead type world
smickles: we're just fucked. lets stop now
smickles: ;D
mircea_popescu: https://twitter.com/xiaolai/status/302410515953623040
mircea_popescu: dafuck
dub: walking dead world only takes a few years to resolve though
smickles: mircea_popescu: what's the scribbles mean on that?
dub: theres what 400k people in america?
mircea_popescu: no idea
MJR_: guy Fawkes mask
BitHub: is that who did the ddos?
dub: probably at least that many bullets in your avg small town
MJR_: dub: 400k in America?
pizzaman1337: google translate says "It turned out that the Chinese people do ah! Mailboxes are"
dub: idk
MJR_: lol
dub: is it less?
smickles: most people with guy fawkes masks want to overthrow the gov't and replace it w/ a theocracy. just like guy fawkes, right?
dub: 400M rather
MJR_: smickles: not that I know of
MJR_: dub: there u go lol, I was confused
dub: still, not that many zombies to clean up
mircea_popescu: BitHub i don't think so.
smickles: MJR_: so why do they wear guy fawkes masks?
dub: smickles: because they want to hit f5
smickles: they should turn it up to f11
BitHub: betsotbitcoin who ddos mpex?
BitHub: of
dub: that scientology raid has a lot to answer for
dub: there is no mask wearing legion
MJR_: anti-cyber-surveillance;
mircea_popescu: gabridome hey, link to your github again ?
MJR_: well
smickles: mircea_popescu: https://github.com/gabridome/mpex-sh
smickles: go figure
MJR_: they apparently want to fight against banks, religions that are mean, and govt spying
mircea_popescu: ty
dub: occupy wasn't anon
MJR_: yes
MJR_: t
MJR_: you are right
MJR_: but there was some overlap
MJR_: anti-cyber-surveillance;
pizzaman1337: I'm assuming the options with ids ending in "T" are "this month" and "N" are "next month"?
smickles: yup
smickles: last friday of the month
jurov: pizzaman1337, yes
pizzaman1337: it might be a good idea to put that in the FAQ, didn't see it there
dub: fighting against govt spying is just trolling
smickles: i loved it when some guy said that the options' ids were needlessly complicated and incomprehensible... i pointed out an option on google. i won.
dub: govt has been looking at everything for a long time
dub: that cow is out the gate
smickles: dub: cow tipping is a prized sport where i come from
dub: THATs why the right to bear arms is so important
smickles: shoot the cow tippers
smickles: ?
dub: you need arms to tip a cow
smickles: lol
[\\\]: not true
dub: its all clear now
[\\\]: feet.
dub: how are you going to open the gate?
MJR_: lol, I don't understand the logic in maintaining a "right" from the people you need that right to protect yourself from
[\\\]: feet.
[\\\]: Cow gates aren't complicated.
MJR_: govt. give me the right to have a gun, so that I can stop you from taking my gun?
[\\\]: Its not like they've got combo dials
mircea_popescu: smickles lol
dub: MJR_: neither, its like but you elected them?
smickles: MJR_: well, it started out from the perspective that gov't should be subserviant (sp?) to individuals
MJR_: to me, it is seeming like gives are increasingly less relevant
mircea_popescu: subservient
MJR_: govts*
smickles: the right doesn't come from the gov't
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.57 BTC [-]
smickles: it is put upon the gov't
MJR_: I agree
smickles: thx mircea_popescu :)
MJR_: point being, what they choose to do doesn't matter
MJR_: only brought up govt bc most people in murica refer to the 2nd amendment
dub: [\\\]: you've got to lift the little springy bit holding the chain latching teh gate shut
mircea_popescu: you can do that with your tit
smickles: MJR_: thing is, the 2nd amendment doesn't prevent them from taking the guns, it just prevents them from making a law to prohibit gun ownership
MJR_: if you trust them to follow rules...
mircea_popescu: A dollar spent mining bitcoins in 2010 now worth $53K.
mircea_popescu: hehe.
smickles: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 46.72010, Best ask: 46.98800, Bid-ask spread: 0.26790, Last trade: 46.98898, 24 hour volume: 30169.98410034, 24 hour low: 45.47100, 24 hour high: 47.70000, 24 hour vwap: 46.51254
the-bucket-shop: 2nd amendment protects encryption too - as well as probably bitcoin
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 3 @ 0.72 = 2.16 BTC [+]
smickles: ;;view
gribble: #13941 Sun Mar 10 09:58:52 2013 smickles SELL 20.0 btc @ 49.82 usd (None)
MJR_: they stopped classifying encryption as a munition
smickles: yeah, pgp busted that
MJR_: I posted a link to that xkcd
smickles: i've got a copy of the original pgp source code somewhere
smickles: printed when that whole debacle was going on
smickles: people are great, gov't is liek: it's illegal to distribute that code!! peeps are like: let's print it in a book and send it everywhere!!!!
mircea_popescu: lo lyup
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla so intrade is shut down. where's all the experts advising bitbet should be more like intrade ?
smickles: a good copy of that book is worth upwards of 100 usd now iirc
mircea_popescu: that's what i want to know. for all the posturing and pretense when they're wrong but don't know it yet,
mircea_popescu: where's the humility and apologetics when it's proven they were in fact wrong ?
mircea_popescu: *crickets*
[\\\]: I'm sorry.
[\\\]: There, I said it.
mircea_popescu: lol were you the guy with the emails ?
MJR_: :)
smickles: mircea_popescu: not likely, imsa is quite a good troll
[\\\]: I made no comments about intrade or bitbet
smickles: ;)
mircea_popescu: there was this one guy, jesus, i even blogged about him
[\\\]: but I can be humble and apologetic.
mircea_popescu: [\\\] wd!
mircea_popescu: [\\\] for this weeks' bitcoin jesus
[\\\]: mircea_popescu: you're blogging about jesus?
[\\\]: is that bible 2.0?
mircea_popescu: ahahah
smickles: wait, bitcoin jesus was an actual topic?
mircea_popescu: nono, this guy explaining to me the virtues of intradelineness
smickles: not just a joke the other day?
mircea_popescu: jesus is just an expletive
mircea_popescu: like fuck
[\\\]: but that isn't clear from your text
[\\\]: your girl would rip you on it.
mircea_popescu: heh
mircea_popescu: i pay her to point outwards
mircea_popescu: not inwards.
smickles: so, it's "bitcoin JESUS!"
MJR_: not to confuse but I think bitcoin Jesus was def a topic
[\\\]: is that why she wears a strapon?
mircea_popescu: [\\\] it's a spikeon
[\\\]: you're a kinky fellow
mircea_popescu: better kinky than cooky i always say.
[\\\]: smickles, its well after bedtime. I claim no credit for my antics.
MJR_: 👍
bitfoo: +1 for informative titles
mircea_popescu: also max keiser is going bitcoincrazy
[\\\]: who is max keiser?
mircea_popescu: this nutjob guy
smickles: [\\\]: beer 4 here, any neat stuff i say is lucky
[\\\]: did anyone see the tweet from the old, self proclaimed bitcoin jesus?
MJR_: that's when bitcoin Jesus came up
mircea_popescu: Timothy Maxwell "Max" Keiser is an American broadcaster and film-maker. He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on RT.
smickles: s/neat/witty/
MJR_: I like that chick from RT
smickles: his name would be timothy
[\\\]: smickles, I knew what you meant. You're well paste neat, trending towards sloppy.
mircea_popescu: that;'s him MJR_
[\\\]: past*
MJR_: He is crazy
mircea_popescu: [\\\] he';s not sloppy, shampoo is just very expensive where he lives.
[\\\]: Whatever happened to all of the different bitcoin vblogs?
MJR_: lol
[\\\]: There used to be all of these different 'shows'
MJR_: avoid the keiser report
[\\\]: back when coins were like 'free'
smickles: lol, mircea_popescu my wife just told me to wash my hair too
mircea_popescu: we clearly have a konspiraci
[\\\]: smickles, I'm pretty certain she was talking about your ass.
Rick__: f1b69921 expired?
MJR_: I think there is a conspiracy going on to change the spelling to konspiraci
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 14 @ 0.000726 = 0.0102 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: Rick__ yes rick, need to switch over to new key.
smickles: /¯(°_o)/¯
mircea_popescu: did you see the announcement last month ?
Rick__: where is the new key?
mircea_popescu: k 1 sec
[\\\]: smickles, what is that?
jurov: [\\\] drunk reddit alien
smickles: [\\\]: it's the i dunno lol dog with one arm backwards
[\\\]: oh
mircea_popescu: http://pastebin.com/9M25zBr7
smickles: looks like a zombie to me
[\\\]: it was blending with Rick__
[\\\]: confusing the look
Rick__: I cant open this website
Rick__: dont know why
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 1 @ 0.1999 BTC [+]
[\\\]: jesus
mircea_popescu: oh
mircea_popescu: mk 1 sec
Rick__: did you put the new key in the faq?
smickles: woah, can't open pastebin?
mircea_popescu: he;s in china
Rick__: yeah
Rick__: it's chinese issue
mircea_popescu: Rick__ http://dpaste.com/1018975/
assbot: [BTCTC] [BASIC-MINING] 1 @ 0.345 BTC [+]
smickles: that's like not being able to go to Rick__.isgay.com back in the 90's
jurov: Rick__ and mpex.coinbr.com works or it was harmonized, too?
mircea_popescu: harmonized lol
mircea_popescu: roflmao
MJR_: lol
Rick__: yes it works now
mircea_popescu: a cool.
jurov: yea, that's official term
mircea_popescu: more like hummerized
[\\\]: aww
Rick__: thank you all
[\\\]: they got ride of the wildcard cna
[\\\]: cname
mircea_popescu: poor rick tho. he's had a full weekend
mircea_popescu: what with all the emerging surprises
[\\\]: it was always fun to point people to meatspin
[\\\]: http://smickles.loves.meatspin.com
smickles: was?
[\\\]: but the wildcard is gone, so it doesn't work now
[\\\]: only http://meatspin.com
mircea_popescu: doesn't resolve smickles
MJR_: error 503...
smickles: it's hard enough to find goatse, even, anymore
MJR_: for me
MJR_: I was talking about mpex.coinbr
[\\\]: http://www.goatse.bz/
MJR_: !proxies
smickles: what's leve is http://youtu.be/oHg5SJYRHA0
smickles: and such
smickles: MJR_: $
[\\\]: http://www.prolapseman.com/
MJR_: $proxies
mpexbot: MJR_: ["http://mpex.coinbr.com"]
mircea_popescu: hum it's fine here MJR_
[\\\]: http://www.walkthedinosaur.com/
smickles: badgerbadgerbadger.com
Rick__: did you put the new key in the faq?
mircea_popescu: Rick__ not yet.
smickles: i don't think so
Rick__: okay
smickles: ;;ident mircea_popescu
gribble: Nick 'mircea_popescu', with hostmask 'mircea_popescu!~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu', is identified as user mircea_popescu, with GPG key id 8A736F0E2FB7B452, key fingerprint 6160E1CAC8A3C52966FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452, and bitcoin address None
smickles: but he's legit
mircea_popescu: Rick__ i'll be doing the updates of that nature once we get stuff back online and runnign smoothly
mircea_popescu: it was announced early feb and since then but
mircea_popescu: obviously some people missed it
Rick__: okay
MJR_: Ltc hit .40 should have waited a few hours to dump lol
error4733: srlsy ?
jurov: MJR_: don't worry over it, prolly will crash soon
MJR_: oh I know
error4733: please yes
error4733: need to load hehe
MJR_: I only am mining it because I have 28 cores doing nothing
error4733: make sens
error4733: ...
MJR_: and I can't get cash to btc-e otherwise
jurov: i guess it will crash while i'll be waiting for litecoind to sync. i have such luck
mircea_popescu: the june 2010 peak looks so pathetic from up here
MJR_: that's where my deposit came from today jurov :)
MJR_: by the way, im not sure what you guys use, but im loving gnucash
MJR_: and if it's at all possible to generate ofx files it would be awesome!
smickles: so if you anticipated the rise, amazon cloud mining would've been very profitable
smickles: may 15 2011, was when that howto was posted
BitHub: can i pay miner fees in ltc instead?
smickles: miner fees? like bitcoin tx fees?
smickles: jesus fuck, bitcoin was under 6 usd on may 11 2011. leveraging amazon cloud would made bank
smickles: then you still had that whole fall to 2
smickles: ;;calc .38 / 9 * 45
gribble: 1.9
smickles: oh, maybe not :/
smickles: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=8405.msg126121#msg126121
smickles: "Congratulations! You've just discovered a ceiling above which price of bitcoin will never rise (at current difficulty). 20/0.38 = 52.63 USD/BTC."
MJR_: wtf? tesla only gets 80mh/s
smickles: MJR_: that was some time ago
smickles: improvements have been made
MJR_: I can imagine
MJR_: my fpga project is coming along
MJR_: hmm. think getting a ticker price on Bloomberg is possible
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 1 @ 1.74 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 1 @ 1.48 BTC [+]
random_cat: mpex dead?
smickles: nope
smickles: $proxies
mpexbot: smickles: ["http://mpex.coinbr.com"]
smickles: $list SupyMPEx
mpexbot: smickles: depth, post, proxies, and vwap
smickles: $help post
mpexbot: smickles: (post <paste key>) -- Supply a pastebin paste key containing a signed and encrypted MPEx command. Respondes with a pastebin URL with MPEx's response.
random_cat: nm.. had wrong url
mircea_popescu: hi random_cat
random_cat: howdy mircea_popescu
Franktank: Anyone selling ASICMiner shares at 0.6/share?
mircea_popescu: !ticker btct asicminer-pt
assbot: [BTCT:ASICMINER-PT] 1D: 0.65 / 0.70633 / 0.79899 (146 shares, 103.1 BTC), 7D: 0.65 / 0.68884 / 1 (1322 shares, 910.6 BTC), 30D: 0.65 / 0.68884 / 1 (1322 shares, 910.6 BTC)
mircea_popescu: not yet that ow is it.
Franktank: What?
smickles: kakobrekla: what do you think about putting !help and $list SupyMPEx in the topic?
mircea_popescu: asicminer. not yet quite at .6
mircea_popescu: smickles pms
Franktank: I don't know what you mean mircea
mircea_popescu: asicminer-pt is the btct.co listed passthrough for asicminer.
mircea_popescu: it has traded between .65 and about 1.
mircea_popescu: it dropped recently, but not as low as .6
MJR_: mircea_popescu: what was the bond interest rate last month?
Franktank: Why has it dropped? It's current the best stock right now, isn't it?
mircea_popescu: not in any estimation i'm familiar with. what do you mean "best" ?
mircea_popescu: MJR_ 5%ish iirc.
mircea_popescu: want me to look ?
Franktank: MJR?
MJR_: no worries
mircea_popescu: https://twitter.com/maxkeiser/status/310915333592588289 lol this guy.
MJR_: just want to diversify this month, we'll see
mircea_popescu: he's been on some interview, and every 5 minutes, "hey, did i mention i'm a bitcoin millionaire ?"
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 1 @ 1.48 BTC [+]
Franktank: Well what is considered better than ASICMiner in your opinion?
mircea_popescu: by what criteria betteR ?
MJR_: is this to be our rockefellers and Astors?
MJR_: Franktank: it really only depends on what you have to pay
Franktank: Dividend payout, increased resale value, etc
mircea_popescu: by historical resale value s.mpoe, indubitably. it opened like 2.9k satoshi, now trading 75s
mircea_popescu: by dividend payout s.dice, it paid out something like 68k btc so far
mircea_popescu: course s.bbet also saw some crazy appreciation but most of it happened on ipo day
mircea_popescu: mindblown.
MJR_: lol
mircea_popescu: https://twitter.com/Mircea_Popescu/status/311005716737581057
mircea_popescu: incredible what fits in 140 chars.
smickles: mircea_popescu: do you recall what was in that bag?
smickles: (twitter background pic)
mircea_popescu: girl clothes, some chocolate. water.
smickles: I had it down for a bag full of chocolate
smickles: i was close, i suppose
mircea_popescu: :p
ZedsterX: it's a fuckin purse
mircea_popescu: it's not a purse.
mircea_popescu: it's european.
ZedsterX: purse
smickles: not that there's anything wrong with that
mircea_popescu: lol
ZedsterX: depends on your outlook i guess
mircea_popescu: ZedsterX you missed some references there m'lad.
mircea_popescu: smickles https://si0.twimg.com/profile_background_images/9854979/tweetar.jpg
ZedsterX: i could be you father btw
ZedsterX: lad
smickles: mircea_popescu: http://youtu.be/-d_VAWyCFE8
mircea_popescu: ZedsterX pix or it never happened.
ZedsterX: so if i have no pix of me being 48 i am not 48?
mircea_popescu: no, if you have no pix with my (preferably naked) mom
mircea_popescu: you couldn't have been my dad.
ZedsterX: hehe
smickles: if you really want something done, you have to admit it's a purse
smickles: micera gets things done
smickles: er, mircea
mircea_popescu: lol ima call you scrabbles.
smickles: i should've typed 'a crime'
jurov: lol, tim ferriss calls such a "man bag". quite a fag there.
smickles: tim ferris? that well off dude who writes books?
jurov: yes. in 5 hour body he admitted to carrying a protable weights in his man bag
jurov: to weight his poop
mircea_popescu: i don't what
jurov: i'm not making this up
smickles: maybe you're just 'mi acre'
mircea_popescu: who weighs their shit !?
mircea_popescu: does he taste it ?
smickles: best way to grasp the texture
ZedsterX: nice
jurov: okay let's get back to choco bonbons
mircea_popescu: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lx902wVrSI1qfsmaho1_1280.jpg
mircea_popescu: somewhat related.
smickles: come to think of it, oral retention, anal retention. BY YOUR POWERS COMBINE!
ZedsterX: wonder twin powers!
mircea_popescu: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 47.55100, Best ask: 47.94000, Bid-ask spread: 0.38900, Last trade: 47.55000, 24 hour volume: 35518.49297168, 24 hour low: 45.47100, 24 hour high: 47.95000, 24 hour vwap: 46.68101
smickles: that's a pretty sharp rise
mod6: one more try here ;)
mod6: or not...?
smickles: ~46 to ~48 in a tick's life
smickles: wow, lotta off-gox trading
mircea_popescu: smickles it'd surprise me if they actually had 1/3 of exchange mkt atm.
smickles: iknow iknow, but this is what's easily reported
mircea_popescu: kinda going the way of tradehill unfortunately.
mircea_popescu: i think i'm going to end up feeding my options with a usd fixing price
smickles: orly?
mircea_popescu: i see no other way.
mircea_popescu: hold daily meetings, have a fixing, end of story.
smickles: daily meeting sorta-kinda seem like they might be your thing
mircea_popescu: lol how do you mean ?
jurov: lmao totally should have foreseen that... btcusd being officially quoted by mpex
mircea_popescu: jurov it wouldn't be, no.
mircea_popescu: do you know how fixing works?
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 244641 @ 0.00075 = 183.4808 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5359 @ 0.00076718 = 4.1113 BTC [+]
mod6: well, it works better kinda, takes direct messages... but it blew up on the second message.
mod6: http://dpaste.com/1019032/
mod6: lemme see...
smickles: like you maybe-might be in the position to have the time for them and beyond that your bouyant bayance by speech is not much matched here ;)
mircea_popescu: hahaah saywut!
jurov: mircea_popescu perhaps not fully in this situation
mircea_popescu: ok, it's like this. suppose the three main dealers are A, B and C.
mircea_popescu: chair X calls the meeting. X proposes price, say 47.5
mircea_popescu: a, b and c go through their books, see what customers want, see what they want on their own account
mircea_popescu: then they say. a buys 50k usd. b sells 25k usd. c sells 70k usd.
mircea_popescu: 25 + 70 > 50k so its not fixed
mircea_popescu: x has to call a lower price now
jurov: ah that kind of meeting you mean
mircea_popescu: say 47.3
mircea_popescu: now a b and c review their books
mod6: think i just need to add some sleep time....
mircea_popescu: 42 12 40
mircea_popescu: etc
mircea_popescu: this process is called fixing, it's widely used to obtain a price.
smickles: you get that going and you'll have all the fun
mircea_popescu: well, fun goes to the mean in general.
smickles: i think fun occurs most in the regression. the mean is just incidental
mircea_popescu: tat's a point.
jurov: heh i first understood "mean" as in the other meaning
mircea_popescu: tht's what i originally meant :D
smickles: yeah, english is fucked that way
mod6: darn
jurov: english is mean
smickles: oh, lol
smickles: wtf? past historic first singular: bayai
smickles: ????
smickles: baierai
smickles: how the fuck is that a word!!?!?!
mircea_popescu: to dance.
mircea_popescu: french
smickles: wuh?
mircea_popescu: o no wait
mircea_popescu: this is wtf, yawning ?
smickles: supposedly, this is english
mircea_popescu: maybe via french in the middle ages
smickles: baieraient
mircea_popescu: eh cmon this is french
smickles: oh, i'm on the wrong wikipedia
mircea_popescu: ahahaha lmao
mircea_popescu: FabianB :
mircea_popescu: $proxies
smickles: there's a lot of french here which i didn't notice
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: ["http://mpex.coinbr.com"]
mircea_popescu: and ima be off. later all!
mod6: later!
smickles: !later
mod6: heh
mod6: im talkin to da mpex bot via private message
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 2 @ 1.46 = 2.92 BTC [-]
mod6: at least thats working ok lol
mod6: got the depth back and output is good, now to see if I can successfully get another request
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.5451 BTC [-]
mod6: wtf
mircea_popescu: call it bitchhotter
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 1 @ 1.12 BTC [-]
mod6: heheh
mod6: so it seems like it gets the first request and weather, vwap or depth, works great.
mod6: but on the second request i only seem to get a <title>Pastebin.com Unknown Paste ID</title>
mod6: in html... ok
mod6: maybe one just needs to wait a bit between requests?
mod6: ok one more try... its already way less shitty than yesterday
jurov: ;;goxlag
gribble: 2025.557307 seconds
jurov: what is the record?
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.719999 BTC [-]
mod6: first command worked good
mod6: gonna wait before i issue next command
mod6: here's the output from the first, smpoe vwap: http://dpaste.com/1019052/
mod6: ok lets try second one?
mod6: ok. heh.
mod6: s.dice depth returned fine: http://dpaste.com/1019055/
mod6: third command worked fine, maybe I got it fixed... http://dpaste.com/1019058/
mod6: gonna check this in quick
mod6: ok here you go guys: https://github.com/modsix/bitotter_perl/blob/master/bitotter_market_data.pl
mod6: i'll still add more stuff, like it checking stuff out with gribble... so thats still coming yet
mod6: anyway, have a good one :]
dub: jurov: was over ten minutes a couple days ago
jurov: dub ?
dub: goxlag
jurov: 2000 seconds is more than 10 min
dub: oh i missed a 0
googoo: !help
assbot: List of commands:
assbot: !ticker <exchange> <ticker> (desc: returns current ticker values, supported: MPEX, HAVELOCK, BTCTCO)
assbot: !mp <signcrypted dpaste.com url> (desc: returns the response from MPEX order)
googoo: !ticker SDICE
assbot: How can I be of assistance, my poor man?
googoo: !ticker G.SDICE
assbot: Um, shouldn't you be with your own tribe or somethin'?
googoo: !ticker MPEX
assbot: Yeah. No damn tobacco, that's for sure.
googoo: !ticker MPEX S.DICE
assbot: [MPEX:S.DICE] 1D: 0.005884 / 0.00594744 / 0.006 (30426 shares, 180.96 BTC), 7D: 0.00300001 / 0.00560095 / 0.006225 (403237 shares, 2,258.51 BTC), 30D: 0.00300001 / 0.00616304 / 0.0069 (3614671 shares, 22,277.39 BTC)
assbot: [BTCTC] [ESECURITYSABTC] 1 @ 0.22001 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [B.YABMC] 1 @ 0.01231 BTC [-]
jcpham: it is being spliced as we speak
mircea_popescu: soo what's new ?
jcpham: channel flaming you
mircea_popescu: o rly ?
jcpham: busted ass mpex
mircea_popescu: must increase fee ?
jcpham: mos def
gesell: im not flaming. just saying id like to know more about why its down
jcpham: 50btc
mircea_popescu: gesell ddos.
jurov: to be mitigated using .... RAID???
gesell: why not host some static pages on free cloud services?
jcpham: that's not good enough mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu: jurov that's unrelated.
jcpham: we'll need a graph or something
mircea_popescu: gesell you can use the proxy listed in topic or else the irc bots to trade
jurov: yes... but it looked liike i'm ddosed
mircea_popescu: jurov all cloud is yet kinda shaky you know ?
gesell: mircea_popescu: proxy is fine. just curious the logic. seems that loosing the face of mpex (which the web presense is part of) would make some question
gesell: mircea_popescu: the questions are natural for investors. and also natural to want more details...
mircea_popescu: gesell surely. there's been ample disucssion here and also reports regularly posted in the forum.
gesell: if its ddos, whats the plan. just no web presence?
gesell: okay
mircea_popescu: let me get you a link eh ?
gesell: yup, cool
dub: its raining in the cloud today
dub: jurov: you did tick the persistent storage box rite? don't do a poland
mircea_popescu: gesell https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=138956.msg1598165#msg1598165
mircea_popescu: o, he moved all coinbr to amazon ?
jurov: dub yes that was first thing i checked
jurov: mircea_popescu, pretty much. except keys and such
jurov: i did except flaky performance...but 25 second I/O delays causing whole machine to drop connections? er, uhm.
mircea_popescu: heh latest update from tech
mircea_popescu: "We got the server rebuilt. Issues as expected. It's working in RAID 10 right now. I know you said RAID 6 but before we take this down again, can you live with 10?"
dub: true ballers roll raid 1000
mircea_popescu: i'm like... meh, watch me go 10 and then have two disks fail.
jcpham: mircea_popescu when does rota get paid
mircea_popescu: end of the year.
jcpham: you can pay me quarterly, I'm fine with it
mircea_popescu: lol
jcpham: what if you can't afford it by then
mircea_popescu: then you're sol aren;t you
jcpham: hurrrrr
jurov: jcpham, go to btcjam and show them your proof of employment
mircea_popescu: he's employed now ?!
jcpham: no thank you jurov
jurov: "employed" in rota
jcpham: why would i even have a btcjam account
jcpham: i heard they loan liquidity to an exchange
jurov: haha... ashamed, better forgot
mircea_popescu: jcpham i wouldn't wory about that, it's kinda like coinlab bringing rupees to wall street