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lobbes: heh, I have a buddy here that did just that
mircea_popescu: cool
mircea_popescu: hanbot, ok baby, have i got the q for you!
mircea_popescu: remember the land lady in pal joey ?
mircea_popescu: <mp3butcher> big work indeed (blender api keep changing all the time) << i don't intend to support that, really. for one it's not really TMSR tradition ; for the other there's that entire femfiasco. ☟︎
mircea_popescu: practically, it'll prolly work as a hostile fork.
mircea_popescu: o damn.
mircea_popescu: sorry goodfolk!
diana_coman: heh; #eulora-spills
mircea_popescu: it happens!
mircea_popescu: also in the news this morning, https://i.imgur.com/gcGbV2X.jpg
hanbot: mircea_popescu the one that looks like lillian gish? sure.
mircea_popescu: is she the marble rye hag!
mircea_popescu: yessheis
mircea_popescu: she possibly EVEN IS lil gish
hanbot: apparently she's neither, but one "elizabeth patterson"
mircea_popescu: oh ?
mircea_popescu: well... ok then ;p
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2019/06/yubikey-fips-products-suffer-reducted-randomness/ << Qntra -- Yubikey FIPS Products Suffer Reducted Randomness
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: s/reducted/reduced lol
mircea_popescu: or reductered. either way.
BingoBoingo: ty, fxd
asciilifeform: 'rose by any other name' heh
mircea_popescu: reductionziedrated.
BingoBoingo: Meanwhile in local news they had a debate between two of the many candidates from the many parties. One was the Colorado who identifies as an economist http://bingology.net/2019/05/26/overview-of-local-electoral-politics-heading-into-the-impending-party-internals/#selection-127.0-131.39 the other some FA guy that didn't make my write up
BingoBoingo: The practical effect ended up being one big advertisement for the Economist-kin
mircea_popescu: kinda how these shits work in femstatw
BingoBoingo: So it appears. Thing appears set to go to end in a run off between the FA candidate and the Blanco candidate with the Colorado candidate serving only to make sure the thing goes to a runoff.
asciilifeform: http://btcbase.org/log/2019-06-14#1918157 << i cannot resist to ask -- i thought 'blender' were a 3d shape editor tool ?? why does it need 'api' ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2019-06-14 07:15 mircea_popescu: <mp3butcher> big work indeed (blender api keep changing all the time) << i don't intend to support that, really. for one it's not really TMSR tradition ; for the other there's that entire femfiasco.
asciilifeform: ( doesn't shit out list of coordinate pairs ?! )
BingoBoingo: asciilifeform: Why did MSWord need to change .doc every couple versions?
asciilifeform: format
asciilifeform: (i'm not aware of microshit word having 'api'...)
BingoBoingo: Well they had the macro thing all of the period rapeware used.
asciilifeform: tru!
BingoBoingo: That they sold it to flat assed secretaries to do mailing lists doesn't change what it is.
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform, "3d shapes" are complicated business.
mircea_popescu: because movement and fitting arbitrary shapes together (eg, "equipped the helmet") you need osature and all sorta abstractions. ☟︎
asciilifeform not entirely innocent of subj, has suffered with it
asciilifeform: still rly oughta, imho, live as a fairly straightforward seq of numerics
mircea_popescu: yes well
mircea_popescu: the point was "why api". the anwer is, because underlying reality very complex, it helps to have an indirection layer.
asciilifeform: makes sense, i suppose thing takes 'this vertex is a joint, with such-and-such polar coord range' etc
asciilifeform to this day wonders how the folx who wrote 'lba' represented theirs ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2019-06-02 13:32 asciilifeform: incidentally, apropos of gamez thread, there was very interesting french msdos item, 'little big adventure', that blew asciilifeform's mind, had 2010s-style graphic on 40mhz 486. ( how ? clever gourad system, and pile of asm i suspect )
asciilifeform: recall, where the hero's robe flowed properly when he fought, etc
asciilifeform: and all of this w/out anything resembling a 3d gpu card
mircea_popescu: ideally, at least.
asciilifeform: ( for folx who did not play this msdos mega-adventure -- thing was implemented on entirely diff school of thought re 3dism than what is generally used today )
asciilifeform: subj.
asciilifeform: 'The 3D ojects are not texture mapped (= wrapping textures on a 3D object), but they get their color from gouraud shading' etc
asciilifeform: lba 2 , incidentally, had light sourcing / reflections / etc. and ~also~ not only demanded no gpu, but still ran on 486 dx2 a++
mircea_popescu: the reason blits won is that you want nipples on the tits, niot just some vague color shade
asciilifeform: wasn't so much an issue in 640x480 svga but yea
mircea_popescu: yeah. that thing was beautiful then, but did nto scale.
asciilifeform: i have suspicion that it'd scale fine if the folx baking gpu irons had baked for it (e.g. picture properly-bouncing gouraud tits) . whereas i dun recall a single 'textured' game where critters did not from certain angles look 'wooden'.
asciilifeform: texturism incidentally is why those 'steam' gamez are 100GB ea.
diana_coman: http://btcbase.org/log/2019-06-14#1918191 -> the q being ofc if the existing "abtractions" really help much or just make it even harder; a sort of C/CPP thing rather than Ada thing. ☝︎
a111: Logged on 2019-06-14 18:06 mircea_popescu: because movement and fitting arbitrary shapes together (eg, "equipped the helmet") you need osature and all sorta abstractions.
asciilifeform: naturally only diana_coman can answer this q. but fwiw asciilifeform has yet to encounter a single case where burning the heathen abstraction to the ground and baking new one didn't make problem substantially simpler in the end.
asciilifeform: ( consider, e.g., the 'ada-sockets' horror of 'abstraction' replaced in the udp lib )
mircea_popescu: im not all that sold on blits being right thing either.
mircea_popescu: jsut saying, its how it historically played out
asciilifeform: indeed did
asciilifeform: ( played out, that is )
diana_coman: myeah, except I'm no graphics expert (and the pile of burnt is already big)
asciilifeform: imho it was The Wrong Thing tho (yes the 2d artist types got to keep their jobs and avoided relearning anyffin, but result is that nao there are 'wooden' monsters, lovingly 'painted', rather than 'tru' 3d...)
mircea_popescu: job security, it's a primum bonum in the ustardian understanding of "free market"
diana_coman: fwiw I must say that it's precisely this "let's paint the fence" approach that put me off computer graphics in the first place because my uni taught nothing else and I foolishly believed them that there was nothing better either.
diana_coman: (my current going through huge lists of oh, add x textures and then for each of them y shaders and z lights etc doesn't make me think any higher of the paint-the-wood approach either)
asciilifeform: diana_coman: funnily enuff i did not even get to take 'graphics' at uni (it ended up choice b/w it and 'operating systems', went with the latter) but i did at one pt eat the classic hughes, foley & van dam b00k
BingoBoingo: !!v 1BA6FCCDB6A269D80E5D96B09A035FAD4B33FAE14A0F5E6FF6CA37F9FF94B8BD
BingoBoingo: !!v 4EFA7F9D481AAE48A3D556DCEF05E4390A1179556C0C4E55454C1A06A9D549C5
BingoBoingo: !!v E384F282A02EC237460879EEE33451D90C0FA5DD73753D3F98DFCC6555247C6F
BingoBoingo: !!v 3C5F4C2861B8577E645FF6179C6BFBC297E6802B23FFA36675E3E570B14E2E5F
BingoBoingo: !!v F2DBD685331E0F381EEC42AB7C0473A80F0F14791568CE49A4E394D56512F5CA
deedbot: Invoiced bvt 0.002 << Shared Hosting June
deedbot: Invoiced mats 0.0216 << Shared Hosting Annual
deedbot: Invoiced trinque 0.021544828 << Colocation + Shared June
deedbot: Invoiced jurov 0.019544828 << TBF Colocation Monthly
deedbot: Invoiced mircea_popescu 0.469075862 << Annual Colocation for Two S.MG servers through June 2020 ☟︎
BingoBoingo: The two auctions delivered an exchange rate of 7250 usd/BTC, the 500 USD auction actually returned the lower of the two rates (7143 versus 7269 for the dc wire)
mircea_popescu: ima get to it this weekend
BingoBoingo: ty
feedbot: http://thewhet.net/2019/06/duplex/ << The Whet -- Duplex