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Ukto: Diablo-D3: did nefario give out asset lists ?
Diablo-D3: no
Ukto: man, what a tryhard
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thestringpuller: Nefario is fuckin up
thestringpuller: But then again he can never do business in the BTC community again so it's kinda fair
Ukto: i think a few ppl prolly will
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BTC-Mining: Well, anyone seliing F.GIGA.ETF/S.BVPS?
thestringpuller: is giga on mpex now?
rdponticelli: There has always been an ETF
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rdponticelli: Now, who knows, it may turn into the main site to exchange it, or it may be renderer useless...
BTC-Mining: Indeed
BTC-Mining: I actually purchased 534150 GIGA.ETF already eh
smickles: rdponticelli: how would it be rendered usless?
rdponticelli: Well, if for any cause ownership of the underlying can't be acertained
rdponticelli: Like the useless codes glbse gave to goat...
smickles: rdponticelli: i wonder if giga would just recognize the etf shares tho
rdponticelli: That would be great
smickles: The Owner will never own less shares of the underlying than the total float of this asset implies.
smickles: mircea_popescu would've broken his own contract to have ever sold those shares
Diablo-D3: speaking of which
rdponticelli: Yeah, but even if mircea_popescu owns those shares, the proof of that ownership is on glbse's hands
Diablo-D3: how are those etfs even functioning now
smickles: and i believe giga's signed receipt of the btc for the shares is in the contract too, so it's conceivable that he would honor it w/o any info coming from glbse
smickles: Diablo-D3: in the way 've just explained it
smickles: they have a contract
rdponticelli: smickles: yeah, there's a signed receipt for 900 shares
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rdponticelli: Anyway, the float growed later
smickles: hmm, that complicates things
rdponticelli: But on last dividend the exchange payed only 3 weeks
Diablo-D3: smickles: I dont understand then
rdponticelli: So it seems like they were receiving their dividends through glbse
rdponticelli: mircea said they were paying the rest if/when the issue was solved
smickles: Diablo-D3: it's possible for giga to honor this arrangement with mircea w/o glbse involvement, so the shares have value
smickles: we'll se what actually happens tho
Diablo-D3: smickles: did mircea buy them directly from giga?
smickles: Diablo-D3: i dunno, but in this possibility, he could've bought them on glbse
Diablo-D3: heh
Diablo-D3: well, I cant do the same
Diablo-D3: I cant honor any of the dmc shares left out there until glbse hands over the data =/
smickles: yeah, those etf shares are unique to this kerfuflle
Diablo-D3: I wonder if I should just write off 800 btc and pretend it never existed
Diablo-D3: it would save a lot of trouble =/
rdponticelli: Maybe we just should pretend bitcoin itself never existed...
rdponticelli: No more trouble :)
smickles: and for that matter ...
rdponticelli: But no more fun :(
Diablo-D3: rdponticelli: honestly, Im thinking about it
smickles: huh, what were we talking about?
rdponticelli: Diablo-D3: you aren't quitting bitcoin, right?
Diablo-D3: rdponticelli: I dont know.
Diablo-D3: I cant say the effort I put into it has been worth it.
thestringpuller: Diablo-D3: write it off!
thestringpuller: Diablo-D3: that's what zynga did
smickles: why does every p2pool block show up in the blockchain.info 'strange transactions' page?
Diablo-D3: blockchain.info doesnt like gen tx spam
Diablo-D3: surprised other pools dont pop up in it too
kakobrekla: 00:28.41 ( Diablo-D3 ) smickles: did mircea buy them directly from giga?
kakobrekla: yup
Diablo-D3: kakobrekla: thats why he can verify them, I guess
smickles: well, kakobrekla, by your word, then the etf should be in good shape
thestringpuller: so giga is on mpex now?
kakobrekla: he said he is getting paid directly
smickles: thestringpuller: not exactly,
rdponticelli: kakobrekla: but last dividends, he paid only for 3 weeks
smickles: there has for some time been something like a depositary receipt of gigaminin on mpex
rdponticelli: And said the rest would be paid out if/when the issues got solved
kakobrekla: maybe giga is holding everything back?
rdponticelli: I don't know... he was concerned about legal stuff too...
kakobrekla: well mps words are "i pay what giga pays [directly to me]"
smickles: dam, now this is a ToS http://www.hashpower.com/?page=terms
smickles: ;;bc,diff
gribble: 3054627.5269486
rdponticelli: kakobrekla: those were mircea's words, on dividend day:
rdponticelli: [09:53:54] <assbot> [MPEX] [F.GIGA.ETF] [PAID] 1000000 @ 0.00003459 = 34.58804 BTC
rdponticelli: [09:55:38] <mircea_popescu> that's three weeks that were actually paid. if/when giga manages to sort out the glbbq mess there'll be more.
kakobrekla: im guessing he is not doing a partial payment http://gigamining.com/
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smickles: ;;seen usagi
gribble: usagi was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 1 week, 2 days, 16 hours, 35 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <usagi> We own 2000 shares.. should be good if glbse comes up :/
smickles: ;;getrating usagi
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. User Usagi, rated since Mon Jun 18 09:33:55 2012. Cumulative rating 43, from 28 total ratings. Received ratings: 27 positive, 1 negative. Sent ratings: 32 positive, 2 negative. Details: http://bitcoin-otc.com/viewratingdetail.php?nick=Usagi
smickles: ;;rated usagi
gribble: You rated user usagi on Mon Sep 17 19:56:21 2012, giving him a rating of 1, and supplied these additional notes: I have made a limited arangement with ~. we'll se how it goes.
smickles: ;;rate usagi -1 I have made a limited arangement with ~. we'll se how it goes. ~ is now late in paying and will have defaulted on the contract by the end of tody if action is not taken.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating for user usagi has changed from 1 to -1.
smickles: well, really 'today' was over 3 min ago
smickles: but i'll give usagi until today is over in arizona time
Ukto: smickles: lol, you liked my ToS ? :P
BTC-Mining: What kind of arrangement?
smickles: Ukto: it's entertaining, at least :)
BTC-Mining: Usagi better reappear pretty soon.
smickles: BTC-Mining: a loan from s²cm to cpa
Ukto: smickles: I just wanted to be very clear about things up front. :P
BTC-Mining: eh... well with GLBSE having the funds, you know...
smickles: BTC-Mining: glbse paid back funds today
BTC-Mining: Not for everyone as far as I know
BTC-Mining: at least it's not fully completed
smickles: ah, well, also, usagi claimed to have the funds to pay on this contract even after glbse went down
smickles: and mad a payment too, iirc
BTC-Mining: oh
BTC-Mining: So... what is he doing, not showing up?
BTC-Mining: Who will I pay for all those BTC-Mining shares he held in BMF?
smickles: i sent off an email just a moment ago
smickles: today is the last day of a late payment date range
smickles: and I haven't seen/heardfrom usagi for about a week
BTC-Mining: ...
smickles: BTC-Mining: want to see the contract? curious?
BTC-Mining: Nah, I'm sure it exists and the exact terms are not really of interest.
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BTC-Mining: Well, I might have just earned a few thousands at the expense of BMF's investors -.-
Ukto: wonder when nef. will give out asset lists
Ukto: *if
smickles: BTC-Mining: if i have proof that usagi owes me btc, and you have btc owed to usagi... would you mind sending it on to me :)
BTC-Mining: I don't know how much shares he had. But I suppose if he signed it with his gpg key, I could indeed pay interests to you for his debt.
smickles: BTC-Mining: it's signed alright ;) well wait to see if he defaults in arizona time, instead of UTC tho, give a little wiggleroom
smickles: if anyone is curious, i've decided to post the contract on bitbin
smickles: http://bitbin.it/nPDQRLME
smickles: oh, usagi is about https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=114820.msg1271570#msg1271570
smickles: that was about 7 hrs ago
Diablo-D3: I wonder how hes doing
thestringpuller: usagi is hurting bad
smickles: not good if he can't make an ~11 btc payment
thestringpuller: Nyan is pretty much fucked
Diablo-D3: so
smickles: so
Diablo-D3: I dont know =/
BTC-Mining: "Lol just fuck off dude. You got nothing, and the best you can do is necroaccount and necrothread."
BTC-Mining: Wow... do I need to pick up Usagi's GLBSE account now or what?
thestringpuller: Usagi has lost his mind.
smickles: BTC-Mining: awesome, eh? as he was about 7 hours (if we're using utc time) away from defaulting on a contract
thestringpuller: smickles: is he late?
smickles: not only late, thestringpuller, but outside of the late payment clause
smickles: thestringpuller: http://bitbin.it/nPDQRLME
smickles: check blockchain.info for the payment dates
thestringpuller: okay
thestringpuller: smickles: daaaaamn
thestringpuller: So he's in default?
smickles: thestringpuller: depends on what timezone we're using
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 1500 @ 0.00040469 = 0.607 BTC [-]
smickles: if UTC, then yes
thestringpuller: i know usagi works in japan
thestringpuller: so maybe not utc?
thestringpuller: I feel a little bad for him. CPA was a pretty neat company.
smickles: if we go by jst, then he has about 8 hours to make an (approx.) 11 btc payment to hold off default, but remain late on todays payment
thestringpuller: Dude the btc economy is tanking
thestringpuller: looking at mtgox live just makes me sad
Diablo-D3: http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/384355_4066797863173_618082375_n.jpg
BTC-Mining: what the heck are you talking about, thestringpuller?
smickles: Diablo-D3: :D
noagendamarket: lol
smickles: BTC-Mining: probably the declining volume over time
thestringpuller: yea
thestringpuller: declining volume over time
thestringpuller: lol
thestringpuller: I thought we were in the clear and it would stabilize at 12 USD
thestringpuller: but nope
thestringpuller: still on the rollercoaster
thestringpuller: ;;ticker
gribble: Best bid: 11.7122, Best ask: 11.75268, Bid-ask spread: 0.04048, Last trade: 11.79, 24 hour volume: 23280, 24 hour low: 11.496, 24 hour high: 12.03
noagendamarket: going back to 2 P
smickles: ;;bc,24hprc
gribble: 11.82
BTC-Mining: seems pretty minor
BTC-Mining: of a drop
BTC-Mining: just someone dropping a lot of BTC
smickles: wow, .1 usd off of the 24 hour weighted average?
thestringpuller: in comparison to pirate's default or the gawker bubble
noagendamarket: nefario is dumping :D
thestringpuller: XD
BTC-Mining: Nefario actually paid out =/
dub: no he didnt
smickles: lol, i mean, it's likely nefario has/had more btc than I do, but damn, i'm sure he's a small fish
BTC-Mining: I got paid my account in full
BTC-Mining: and there's many other people claiming to have been paid =/
smickles: 1 of 3 of my accounts was paid
dub: nobody is claiming he restored the former value of their shares
BTC-Mining: yeah, I was strictly talking of balances
smickles: does any sane person expect that?
thestringpuller: he hasn't released information to the issuers yet...
thestringpuller: also why isn't the SEC going after MPEX?
noagendamarket: hes bl;ackmailing the BG partners over it
smickles: thestringpuller: mpex falls under the romainian version of the sec, if at all
noagendamarket: unless he basically gets everything thats left over after the payouts he wont release the asset details
BTC-Mining: the SEC has no freaking jurisdiction around the whole freaking globe
smickles: thestringpuller: those romainian lawyers see bitcoin as WOW gold
noagendamarket: ie extortion
dub: smickles: as long as these 'sane' people aren't also congratulating nefario on handling this in the best way possible
smickles: and the mpex securities as part of a computer game
smickles: dub: that sort of 'sane' person would be an asshat
BTC-Mining: Can people stop talking about the SEC like it was some global organisation?
BTC-Mining: It's US only
thestringpuller: Just like the CIA is US only :P
dub: theres basically no way to cut it that doesnt paint nefario is a moronic scammer
Diablo-D3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rboByPlU4IM
BTC-Mining: Well, unless someone proves me he's been blackmailing, I can only know for sure that he's a poor decision maker.
mircea_popescu: o hallo.
mircea_popescu: whats
mircea_popescu: new ?
mircea_popescu: EskimoBob explain this cool concept of assets-otc.
smickles: mircea_popescu: new: http://bitbin.it/nPDQRLME (but not exactly glbse)
thestringpuller: Diablo-D3: that's a funny video
pigeons: mircea_popescu: < noagendamarket> unless he [nefario] basically gets everything thats left over after the payouts he wont release the asset details
mircea_popescu: rdponticelli the float growed a little, but it wasn't ever much more than 1.2-1.3k or so.
mircea_popescu: and at the time glbse went bust it was ~1.08k iirc
pigeons: smickles: did CPA need to make payouts at some point? is that what the loan was for?
rdponticelli: mircea_popescu: yes, I know
smickles: pigeons: depending on the timezone you use, usagi/cpa is about to or has just recently defaulted
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla that buy was pre-glbse ipo, giga delivered shares on glbse, it's not a private agreement in any way.
rdponticelli: And is allowed by the contract, as long as you have the backinv
noagendamarket: Usagi borrowed coins to pump and dump BMA lol
smickles: pigeons: "3. Payments will be made each Sunday until six payments have been made.
smickles: "
pigeons: smickles: yeah i was wondering what cpa's purpose was for the original loan. did they use it to pay something they insured??
pigeons: its one thing for usagi to be a tool, its another that he got mad when people pointed it out
smickles: pigeons: oh, i think it may have been used to buy back shares of something or other
smickles: but that would be a speculative statement
pigeons: well good luck with recovery
kakobrekla: ah mircea_popescu, so you are glbse dependend... sorry then, i was sure you werent.
noagendamarket: usagi bouhgt back his own personal shares :P
pigeons: well usagi is concentrating on paying rent
pigeons: he borrowed against his salary
pigeons: s/he
thestringpuller: oh man
mircea_popescu: <noagendamarket> unless he basically gets everything thats left over after the payouts he wont release the asset details <<< and to think you've been an ass all over the forum @ the girl.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31800 @ 0.0004035 = 12.8313 BTC [-]
noagendamarket: meh
smickles: pigeons: if he knew that he couldn't pay, then he should've at least contacted me to work something out
mircea_popescu: pigeons i was just reading that, didn't know they're leaking it out now.
dub: is gox fucked?
pigeons: smickles: absolutely. i'm not excusing shim
smickles: shim :)
thestringpuller: lol
mircea_popescu: kakobrekla inasmuch as the giga holdings, i was. guy wouldn't keep it private, what can i tell you.
noagendamarket: lol
mircea_popescu: not like i didn't suggest it.
mircea_popescu: why is gox fucked ?!
mircea_popescu: ;;ticker
gribble: Best bid: 11.57411, Best ask: 11.5999, Bid-ask spread: 0.02579, Last trade: 11.57411, 24 hour volume: 23229, 24 hour low: 11.496, 24 hour high: 12.03
mircea_popescu: meh.
dub: slow loads, ajax faggotry broken
mircea_popescu: that's periodic with them neh ?
smickles: oh jeez, i don't recall if i was long or short with my option position :o
dub: possibly the shitcocks operating my corp network
thestringpuller: FUCK
thestringpuller: gox is plummeting
mircea_popescu: ;;ticker
gribble: Best bid: 11.57411, Best ask: 11.5998, Bid-ask spread: 0.02569, Last trade: 11.57419, 24 hour volume: 23239, 24 hour low: 11.496, 24 hour high: 12.03
pigeons: not that bad $11.50-6-
mircea_popescu: wtf lol.
BTC-Mining: I also complained about "the girl", not for believing that GLBSE was a scam (She's free to believe whatever she wants) but for supporting her claims with unfounded statements and speculations which were false and presented as established facts.
dub: thestringpuller: first week in bitcoin eh?
BTC-Mining: I'd think so...
thestringpuller: dub: no I just didn't think the damage done by GLBSE would reach this far
thestringpuller: I was thinking stability at around 11.98
noagendamarket: its gonna get worse
dub: thestringpuller: I'd suggest its not, this is a tiny movement
BTC-Mining: That's a very minor movement
pigeons: pretty meaningless
BTC-Mining: Check the 1 month chart on GLBSE
mircea_popescu: BTC-Mining on one hand that's a gross exaggeration, on the other there's little similarity between you and the bitcoin.me fellow.
thestringpuller: BTC-Mining: who is "the girl" sounds like a spy
BTC-Mining: MPEx's PR person
pigeons: "the girl" is what mircea_popescu calls himself when we talk on skype
BTC-Mining: Conveniently known as MPOE-PR
noagendamarket: lol
thestringpuller: LOL
noagendamarket: s/he
Diablo-D3: https://encrypted.google.com/search?q=how+long+until+the+end+of+the+world
dub: the real question is, where is the uncropped avatar pic
smickles: another shim
noagendamarket: why are there so many traps in bitcoinland ?
noagendamarket: :P
mircea_popescu: pigeons we talk on skype !?
dub: Diablo-D3: that'll e why nefario closed glbse..
noagendamarket: the MPOE avatar is cropped so you cant see its penis
dub: be*
noagendamarket: lol
dub: noagendamarket: exactly, NEEDS MOAR PENIX
pigeons: skype/adultfriendfinder/chatroulette/whatever
mircea_popescu: why are you all such fags
dub: mircea_popescu: internet
mircea_popescu: o right.
noagendamarket: too much /b/
mircea_popescu: carry onwards.
BTC-Mining: <mircea_popescu> BTC-Mining on one hand that's a gross exaggeration
thestringpuller: MPOE-PR is an illusion...
thestringpuller: hmm
BTC-Mining: What? She claimed among other things, for example, that Usagi was appointed by Nefario to manage a review panel deciding on what would or would not be allowed on GLBSE.
pigeons: hey baby
mircea_popescu: BTC-Mining that's afaik the only thing she said that you actually disputed, and you disputed it by your own testimony.
mircea_popescu: re-read your statement above, compare with "1 case where i personally don't agree with what she said". it doesn't wash.
jesica: what's up, hot stuff *kisu kisu*
pigeons: asl?
mircea_popescu: jesica = jcpham ?
BTC-Mining: yeah, but her posting history if full of such contested facts which she eventually admits she doesn't actually know if they're true or not.
mircea_popescu: BTC-Mining links.
jesica: 19/f/romanistan
pigeons: greatest country in the world
thestringpuller: murica?
Diablo-D3: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=how%20long%20until%20the%20end%20of%20the%20world
mircea_popescu: is that where all the gypsies are ?
Diablo-D3: *phew*
pigeons: my sister is #1 prostiture in all of romanistan
jesica: She claimed among other things, for example, that Usagi was appointed by Nefario to manage a review panel deciding on what would or would not be allowed on GLBSE."" << i know that claim to be tru and have email logs of the pannel
BTC-Mining: arf, I don't want to browse her history again. But next time I see one, I'll report it to you if you want
mircea_popescu: BTC-Mining lol actually, i think if i dig in the logs i can find usagi making the exact claim.
Diablo-D3: wait
Diablo-D3: did someone just claim they're 19 and female?
mircea_popescu: then again you can prolly find usagi making any claim you arbitrarily want to check for.
jesica: ;)
Diablo-D3: damnit smickles
mircea_popescu: lol it was smix ?! omg.
mircea_popescu: total troll, whodda thunk it. he looks so prim and proper...
thestringpuller: usagi sound controversial...
thestringpuller: sounds*
mircea_popescu: well he seemed ok for a while but then turned complete bonkerette.
mircea_popescu: which is like tourette except with stupidcrazy.
BTC-Mining: True, she based her fact on something Usagi claimed...
smickles: given enough time, the controversial rate of any bitcoiner goes to 1
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 7800 @ 0.0032 = 24.96 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 67200 @ 0.00337 = 226.464 BTC [+]
BTC-Mining: but Usagi... is that really a source?
mircea_popescu: well he'd have been a party you know ?
smickles: BTC-Mining: is this about that pannel existing?
Diablo-D3: actually, if usagi is supposed to be a japanese princess
mircea_popescu: fuck can keep track of it all, but it hardly amounts to what you're making out of it i think.
Diablo-D3: you'd think we could get a statement from a professional tentacle deamon on this
thestringpuller: LOL
mircea_popescu: ahaha Diablo-D3 wins interwebs
BTC-Mining: No, about Usagi managing said panel and panel having authority to determine if assets were to be listed or not.
mircea_popescu: but wait. as to the later part : what else was it a panel for ? masturbatory onanism ?
BTC-Mining: He never was appointed by Nefario or given any decisive power
dub: wait, you mean usagi isnt a samurai rabbit?
thestringpuller: XD
BTC-Mining: dub: NO, oh GOD, NO!
Diablo-D3: usagi said there was going to be a panel and the glbse board signed off on it
Diablo-D3: nefario and usagi both said a few lies about that
noagendamarket: no there wasnt :P
BTC-Mining: As far as I know, there never was such a thing. Usagi proposed it and Nefario was considering.
Diablo-D3: no, nefario actually was repeating what usagi said
Diablo-D3: and then suddenly denied it
BTC-Mining: Yeah, something like that
noagendamarket: Nefario says a lot of things that are out there
Diablo-D3: so Im not sure who was lying
BTC-Mining: On the other hand mircea_popescu
mircea_popescu: BTC-Mining the problem with nefario's statements is that he often contradicts what he pretended last time
noagendamarket: such as "your fake shares are real"
noagendamarket: LOL
mircea_popescu: i tend to recall this ridiculous Ven thing being a bluechip asset.
noagendamarket: yes it was
smickles: heh, BTC-Mining have you seen the founding post of that group?
Diablo-D3: noagendamarket: or "dmc will be shut down, diablo will go to bitcoin prison, and we'll get down to the truth"
Diablo-D3: and then he discovered the truth and didnt quite like it.
BTC-Mining: I also seem to have killed a scam accusation against MPEx
dub: did usagi get tagged in the end?
mircea_popescu: oh ?
BTC-Mining: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=102333.msg1249202#msg1249202
mircea_popescu: o yea, that. good point actually.
mircea_popescu: i guess it wasn't immediately obvious to people that as long as they keep the deposit slip they can prove depositing
mircea_popescu: in truth, much of the beauty of gpg is lost on the avg internet user.
BTC-Mining: I must admit I don't really keep them =/
noagendamarket: lol Jonathan ERyan owens doesnt even have a scammer tag and Nefario does
noagendamarket: After he stole 9000 bitcoins :D
mircea_popescu: neither does kludge, nor that tradehill guy
mircea_popescu: w/e his name is
mircea_popescu: mckenna
thestringpuller: whatever happened to tradehill
BTC-Mining: But yeah, if I wanted to keep them/have a proof, it's all there
smickles: http://bitbin.it/9d8MqgBV
smickles: .title
markac: smickles: GLBSE Asset Review Board - BitBin
noagendamarket: well JRO and the tradehilol guy are working together
mircea_popescu: noagendamarket yes, at real estate development. with money. that they...umm... had.
mircea_popescu: all along.
smickles: what i posted there are the exact words describing the glbse pannel usagi used
pigeons: yeah but no more scamming for them, now it's real estate ;)
BTC-Mining: Yeah, it ended up being a suggestion only panel, not decision making panel.
noagendamarket: LOL im waiting for them to hire bruce
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller well they claimed that dwolla stole their money and closed.
noagendamarket: wagner
BTC-Mining: And Nefario never actually gave Usagi management of the panel list
mircea_popescu: its still unclear how much money they made off with tho.
smickles: BTC-Mining: yeah, that was lol, wasn't it
thestringpuller: man den of thieves...
noagendamarket: Nefario wont take suggestions from hisown shareholders ffs
thestringpuller: people need to manage their businesses better
mircea_popescu: maybe tghey just hire ed, and bruce starts shittalking them.
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mircea_popescu: besides, is bruce wagner even his real name ? iirc it was some famous guy in thr 50s
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pigeons: go mpoe
smickles: the rocket is a go
mircea_popescu: people keep charging at my wall all day
smickles: well, with btc tanking, those shares look cheaper and cheaper
mircea_popescu: i guess so.
mircea_popescu: not sure what people are so excited about, i doubt this month will equal last.
mircea_popescu: then again, only halfway in.
noagendamarket: scammers have performed a 51% attack :P
smickles: orly?
noagendamarket: yeah they own the majority of bitcoins lol
mircea_popescu: well seriously, outside of the adam&mark bunch over at mtgox, who exactly is trustworthy atm
noagendamarket: everything is shady as
smickles: well, no one in this room, ofc
smickles: that pigeons, least of all
thestringpuller: lol scammers own 50% of the bitcoins
mircea_popescu: i guess the gold people, casascicusasciuscu, coingenuity and who else... that us gold coins thing still in business ?
smickles: dude,
smickles: .py 35.6743594023 / 30
markac: 1.18914531341
thestringpuller: casascius makes some good stuff
BTC-Mining: yeah, who trust pigeons? They only tarnish monuments in cities and steal food. Not very trustable.
smickles: my bot has made 18% in about a week
noagendamarket: spendbitcoins is trustworthy
mircea_popescu: pigeons can be trusted to make a pretty decent meal...
dub: yeah.. aslo syphalis
mircea_popescu: and i guess the guy with the blockchain wallet.
mircea_popescu: even theymos made a good impression in the end with his entire shares thing.
BTC-Mining: A bit? What kind of bot?
noagendamarket: satoshi left because eventually everyone will end up with a scammer tag lol
mircea_popescu: no actually, if you actually hanker down and count heads, the scammers aren't a majority. they just seem like it cause they get more press.
BTC-Mining: A bot?*
mircea_popescu: when's the last time anyone bothered with the good people.
smickles: BTC-Mining: all it's doing is taking the bitfloor liquidity rebate
thestringpuller: smickles is good people
mircea_popescu: ya but he's married.
thestringpuller: isn't nefario married?
noagendamarket: yes
thestringpuller: and has kids?
noagendamarket: yes
mircea_popescu: must suck if any of their schoolmates had glbse shares.
smickles: hey, i'm married and have a kid
thestringpuller: married people = trustworthy?
thestringpuller: need to get me a wife then
mircea_popescu: better get a husband.
smickles: lol
BTC-Mining: No, married people are less trustworthy and more at the same time. More because they can't afford prison... less because they can't afford prison...
smickles: changing times, eh
mircea_popescu: confucius say, two husbands more trustworthy than one.
smickles: i should've married that tree when i had the chance
noagendamarket: yeah they can use leverqage on married people
BTC-Mining: smickles: wow, a tree? You totally should have.
mircea_popescu: was it a beech ?
mircea_popescu: (o sorry, i mean birtch)
smickles: dammit mircea_popescu, stealing my thunder
mircea_popescu: lol me?!
thestringpuller: "The king asks Archimedes to determine if a present he's received is actually solid gold. Unsolved problem at the time. It tortures the great Greek mathematician for weeks - insomnia haunts him and he twists and turns in his bed for nights on end. Finally, his equally exhausted wife - she's forced to share a bed with this genius - convinces him to take a bath to relax. While he's entering the tub, Archimedes not
smickles: cliff hanger
noagendamarket: lol
thestringpuller: the moral is listen to your wife!
noagendamarket: sniper ?
mircea_popescu: archimedes wasn't even married, it was his slavegirl cooksucker.
noagendamarket: candlejack ?
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu LOL
smickles: i thought you wern't supposed to mention that guy noagendamarket
mircea_popescu: but srsly, we don't know if he was ever married or had kids.
novusordo: cooksucker? she sucked at cooking?
mircea_popescu: it'd seem he was alone at the time of death tho
thestringpuller: that was a quote from the movie Pi
mircea_popescu: novusordo you're mispronouncing it :D
thestringpuller: btw
noagendamarket: Im 80% sure someone yhas purchased slaves for bitcoin
thestringpuller: That made me a little sad noagendamarket
mircea_popescu: then again 80% of statistics are only true 20% of the time.
BTC-Mining: [21:38] <novusordo> cooksucker? she sucked at cooking?
BTC-Mining: No, Archimedes was the cook...
noagendamarket: hahah cooksucker
coingenuity: mircea_popescu: :)
mircea_popescu: o look, it lives!
coingenuity: heh
coingenuity: how goes it
coingenuity: go figure, i was distracted sending work emails :P
mircea_popescu: someone said the scammers managed a 51% attack so we were counting people
coingenuity: ah, lol
noagendamarket: using bitcoin is like wearing a miniskirt at 12am in a city...you might not get raped but it increases the odds
coingenuity: XD
dub: you might not ognna get raped
mircea_popescu: one can't rape the willing.
dub: correct, and miniskirt == willing
mircea_popescu: no, miniskirt = able
novusordo: well, unless she's wearing a locked chastity belt and left the key at home
noagendamarket: she still has a mouth
noagendamarket: :P
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mircea_popescu: few are that brave.
noagendamarket: probably dont want to go near anything with teeth though :P
coingenuity: man, i should buy some more cymbals
dub: confusious say: broken jaw bites no cock
noagendamarket: wtf
BTC-Mining: Alien says: I could bioengineer your human females with retractable teeth in the neither region so they can bit off rapists
dub: they tried that in africa
coingenuity: whoa
coingenuity: wtf
coingenuity: meinl cymbals are cheap
BTC-Mining: Alien also says: I could even add an instinct to devour their partner for further nourishment of the offsprings
dub: spikey fleshlight thing that inserts in vagoo to 'discourage rape'
dub: in fact it 'guaranteed murder'
coingenuity: oh actually, not cheap at all
coingenuity: $610 for a ride cymbal
BTC-Mining: dub: oh, that...
coingenuity: *_x
BTC-Mining: yeah, seems nice
mircea_popescu: dub i remember reading about that.
BTC-Mining: Gets the genitals entraped in a nice inward razorsharp teethed tunnel
noagendamarket: :O
BTC-Mining: Free permanent adornment when you pull out.
BTC-Mining: You might want to go to the hospital to get it removed, but it kind of shows everyone you forced yourself into a woman
mircea_popescu: in south africa that's actually a point of pride.
mircea_popescu: literally.
noagendamarket: its like wa\earing an earring ?
BTC-Mining: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-rape_device#Rape-aXe ☟︎
BTC-Mining: Read about it... seems nice
mircea_popescu: .g rape culture south africa
markac: mircea_popescu: http://takimag.com/article/south_africas_rape_culture_hannes_wessels/print
dub: mircea_popescu: what raping people?
mircea_popescu: not people. women.
dub: oh, theres also the whole 'rape cures aids' thing
dub: if you rape enough virgins your aids is cured
mircea_popescu: sounds legit.
dub: works really well now that o/~ everyone has aids o/~
dub: goddamnit
dub: mrs dub is on holiday in tropical location, keeps sending me pictures to enjoy while slaving at my desk
BTC-Mining: [22:02] <dub> oh, theres also the whole 'rape cures aids' thing
noagendamarket: aids cures rape ...eventually
BTC-Mining: You are mistaken my little friend. The myth is that if you rape enough virgins while you got AIDS, you'll be like everyone once again. Except everyone now has AIDS.
BTC-Mining: Just returns you to being like the majority, really.
dub: pretty sure its not
mircea_popescu: .g rape cures aids
markac: mircea_popescu: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/petition/babyrape.asp
mircea_popescu: i guess it has to be babies ?
noagendamarket: fucked up
dub: its been widely reported for years
dub: well decades
dub: of course not much of anything is reported in 'murrica
thestringpuller: that's really fucked up
dub: I think it was einstein that said 'what has africa ever given us, apart from aids'
noagendamarket: Obama ?
noagendamarket: kenya gave us Obama :P
mircea_popescu: also really fast runners
dub: aint he one o dem musilins
mircea_popescu: actually... this is now making sense. really fast runners...
mircea_popescu: people who can jump...
mircea_popescu: yah.
noagendamarket: you would run too if people are trying to rape your baby
BTC-Mining: [22:10] <dub> I think it was einstein that said 'what has africa ever given us, apart from aids'
dub: thats just genetics, only the fast ones escape form slavers/police
BTC-Mining: Slaves. Once upon a time in some very cheerful bedtime stories, European cultures thought Africans were free-to-take laborers just idling there doing nothing waiting for masters.
BTC-Mining: Seems like it was the most stupid idea ever.
mircea_popescu: BTC-Mining actually, it was locals selling them mostly.
mircea_popescu: the dutch just landed the ships and the local chieftains sprung up the goods.
mircea_popescu: much alike how things go today, actually, you'll be accosted by men with offers of fresh cunt multiple times a week.
BTC-Mining: Eh, true, they were kidnapping each others tribes too.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 16500 @ 0.00041189 = 6.7962 BTC [+]
BTC-Mining: But were the slaves' children considered slaves too?
dub: yes
dub: well usually
BTC-Mining: eh, well some still just went on expedition to take them.
dub: they are sometimes all that is left after you eat the adults
dub: oh wait, we're still talkign about africa
BTC-Mining: There's still tons of negative repercussions till this day.
smickles: lol, "bacon wrapped shit"
BTC-Mining: dub: -.-
BTC-Mining: smickles: -.-
mircea_popescu: i dunno how slaves in africa could have had children
smickles: BTC-Mining: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=115441.msg1254742#msg1254742
noagendamarket: some of the convicts sent to Australia descended into cannibalism a few times
copumpkin: descended?
copumpkin: ascended more like
copumpkin: human is delicious
noagendamarket: ewww bacon wrapped shit
Azelphur: I always thought he was a cooperative pumpkin
novusordo: pumpkin is also delicious
noagendamarket: *would be funny if copumpkin was a cop the whole time
BTC-Mining: smickles, I meant, your statement was very badly placed out of context
smickles: keep your eyes off my gourd
Azelphur: fedpumpkin
smickles: BTC-Mining: oh, i see it now
noagendamarket: you cant say he didnt tell you = entrapment cos it was in his name the whole time
noagendamarket: lol
copumpkin: noagendamarket: that's also bullshit :)
noagendamarket: jj
copumpkin: http://thecriminallawyer.tumblr.com/post/19810672629/12-i-was-entrapped :)
BTC-Mining: smickles: indeed
thestringpuller: bitcoin funded spaceship
thestringpuller: yeaaa
thestringpuller: that would rule
dub: spacebits
smickles: ;;ticker
gribble: Best bid: 11.552, Best ask: 11.65, Bid-ask spread: 0.09800, Last trade: 11.65091, 24 hour volume: 23792, 24 hour low: 11.496, 24 hour high: 12.03
smickles: ;;bc,24hprc
gribble: 11.81
smickles: wait
thestringpuller: ;;ticker
gribble: Best bid: 11.55001, Best ask: 11.6499, Bid-ask spread: 0.09989, Last trade: 11.55001, 24 hour volume: 23794, 24 hour low: 11.496, 24 hour high: 12.03
smickles: japan is /+/ 9 hours from utc
smickles: !!
thestringpuller: yea
thestringpuller: ot
smickles: it's been tomorrow for like 11.5 hour!
thestringpuller: international dateline
thestringpuller: it's monday there
thestringpuller: well almost tuesday...
dub: timezones, how do they work
smickles: usagi has totally defaulted
thestringpuller: poor usagi
smickles: "totally"
thestringpuller: I had faith in his companies
thestringpuller: guess he's gone the way of the scammers
dub: I had faith in it scamming
thestringpuller: either that or he's broke...
smickles: ;;rate usagi -3 defaulted on this: http://bitbin.it/nPDQRLME
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating for user usagi has changed from -1 to -3.
thestringpuller: oh man :(
thestringpuller: sorry you got jipped smickles
dub: smickles got GIPPT
smickles: thestringpuller: thanks for the sympathy
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 21900 @ 0.00041354 = 9.0565 BTC [+]
noagendamarket: smickles are you going to make a forum post about it ?
smickles: noagendamarket: i'm about to
noagendamarket: good
noagendamarket: I expect there will be a few tags coming soon :(
thestringpuller: this will be good
thestringpuller: better than reality tv
thestringpuller: it's reality
BTC-Mining: Guess I might end up paying Usagi's debt
smickles: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=118507.0 there it is
dub: I should start a scam calling service
dub: I'm at 100% accuracy
thestringpuller: Do scams have to be malcious in intent (take the money and run) or can it just be inept business practices?
BTC-Mining: Good for you
thestringpuller: like for instance someone having all their money under a mattress and the house burns down...
BTC-Mining: I would say they would have to be malicious intent. Otherwise we'd call that mismanagement/ineptitude.
BTC-Mining: Like for murder, it has to be a malicious intent. If it's accidental and you're at fault, it's not murder but manslaughter
thestringpuller: BTC-Mining: why are you going to assume Usagi's debt?
BTC-Mining: Only if he doesn't claim his BTC-Mining shares
BTC-Mining: I would pay interest to smickles instead
BTC-Mining: Until this debt is paid off
thestringpuller: I see cause you'll retain those outstanding shares of Usagi?
BTC-Mining: Indeed
noagendamarket: yep
thestringpuller: Are scammer tags reversable? or is it pretty much a done deal?
BTC-Mining: If he claims them at a later date, he'd have no more debt but less dividends owed.
BTC-Mining: Reversable.
noagendamarket: thats if nefario ecver gets his ass into gear lol
smickles: thestringpuller: reversable
BTC-Mining: Just like negative ratings here
BTC-Mining: You should not be afraid to put them up temporarily until matter are resolved.
BTC-Mining: Sets red flags for others to see until matters are resolved
thestringpuller: Good way to keep newbies from walking into traps...
thestringpuller: Usagi is going to have a field day
smickles: < BTC-Mining> I would pay interest to smickles instead << that's honorable, thank you for even considering it :)
thestringpuller: this all started cause he had too much exposure to priate
thestringpuller: pirate*
noagendamarket: so did a lot of people :(
thestringpuller: well if your an insurance company you need to mitigate your risks appropriately
thestringpuller: otherwise if shit hits the fan the only thing you can do is merge with another insurance company
thestringpuller: his policy reserves were depleted during the default and never recovered
noagendamarket: the idea of a btc insurance company at this stage is retarded
smickles: thestringpuller: i think it was glbse going down that did 'em in
thestringpuller: that's what really did him in
thestringpuller: a btc insurance company is brilliant imho
noagendamarket: glbse was the final straw
thestringpuller: if it's run correctly
BTC-Mining: I was completly spared from piratey troubles for avoiding pirate altogether
noagendamarket: not with all the scammers it isnt
BTC-Mining: Except a bit of margin trading on the various bonds
thestringpuller: that's what underwriting is for
BTC-Mining: I like flipping things
thestringpuller: noagendamarket: if you have good underwriting you limit your exposure to scams
thestringpuller: also unlicensed insurance is kind of a big no no
noagendamarket: nothing in btc land is insurable imho
thestringpuller: noagendamarket: that's because there is no stable investments to put your policy surplus into to make a decent ROI
thestringpuller: everyone defaults left and right
noagendamarket: yah
thestringpuller: the only option i would see is liquidating the surplus and putting it into global markets
noagendamarket: the thing that killed glbse was pirate too :P
thestringpuller: The way I see CPA is that they were exposed to pirate, and they invested in pirate pt
thestringpuller: so when he defaulted, he had to pay out pirate policies, and he lost money on the investments
thestringpuller: so when pirate defaulted*
thestringpuller: maybe I'm oversimplifying...=\
noagendamarket: na that sounds right
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 35267 @ 0.00041354 = 14.5843 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9300 @ 0.00041636 = 3.8721 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8421 @ 0.00042 = 3.5368 BTC [+]
noagendamarket: scammers and the lack of non defaulting assets really kills the idea
thestringpuller: Patrick Harnett seems to never default...
noagendamarket: lool
thestringpuller: or maybe I just don't know him well enough
qwebirc556225: what's the reason behind recent fall in price
qwebirc556225: if there is any
qwebirc556225: ?
noagendamarket: bitcoin sucks
noagendamarket: lol
smickles: qwebirc556225: it's the weekend dip
noagendamarket: run away as fast as possible in the other direction
smickles: that's microcash, right?
noagendamarket: ppcoin :P
dub: solidcash niccuh
smickles: oh right
Ukto: nah, all the govt employees incharge of buying up btc etc are off work for the weekend :P
noagendamarket: ppcoin = microcash 2
BTC-Mining: qwebirc556225: it's not really a big fall... pretty minor
dub: my peepeecoins are growing!
noagendamarket: Ukto the cia doesnt work on te weekend ?
BTC-Mining: If you'd look at price history, you can see it varies a lot even over the last month
Ukto: noagendamarket: :P
BTC-Mining: It's not like traditional currency pairs like USD/EURO
Ukto: alot has happened over the last month :/
BTC-Mining: Price moves a lot on small transactions simply by low liquitity volumes.
Ukto: half~millions
thestringpuller: september it went up to almost 13
thestringpuller: October has been a rough month so far
Ukto: as we get closer to halftime, it should go up more
thestringpuller: in theory it should
thestringpuller: but from what I recall in order for miners who have paid for equipment, they only need 4USD/BTC to cover electricity costs and remain profitable
dub: um, no
dub: for GPUs its quite a lot higher with avg power price
dub: FPGA will be lower than that
qwebirc556225: thx
mircea_popescu: BTC-Mining how;d you end up paying usagi debt ?
thestringpuller: I'm assuming full FPGA setup
dub: what are you assuming power price to be?
BTC-Mining: arf, I'd pay dividends owed to him to smickles instead
Ukto: Over 9000!
mircea_popescu: qwebirc556225 we rarely know the reasons.
thestringpuller: dub: 0.10 USD/kwhr
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: you never explained who "the girl" is
mircea_popescu: my pr for the forum
thestringpuller: ah your marketing peeps
thestringpuller: i see (said the blind man)
dub: thestringpuller: so assuming 10mh/w its break even is under a dollar
thestringpuller: yea
dub: 10mh/w is a vaniall lx150
mircea_popescu: what diff are you counting on ?
dub: vanilla too, I think they commonly run at +25%
dub: mircea_popescu: current
mircea_popescu: heh.
mircea_popescu: i have bets for > 300 th.
thestringpuller: terahashes (shudder)
dub: id say we'll be well over 3000th in a year
dub: if asic lands
mircea_popescu: prolly.
mircea_popescu: so at 300th, taking that number out of an arsehat, $4 becomes $40
thestringpuller: heh
thestringpuller: Is it still illegal to live in antarctica?
noagendamarket: yes
noagendamarket: antarctica is a protected wildlife zone :P
thestringpuller: noagendamarket: I see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antarctic_Treaty_System
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 9489 @ 0.00041666 = 3.9537 BTC [-]
smickles: well, usagi has contacted me now
thestringpuller: what's the news smickles
smickles: it wants an alternative payment plan
noagendamarket: tentacle porn ?
smickles: noagendamarket: nope, netorare
thestringpuller: lol "it"
thestringpuller: genderless person
thestringpuller: androgynous*
dub: i'd like to go to antarctica at some stage
noagendamarket: bahaha
dub: my biddy has been there
dub: buddy*
thestringpuller: I wanted to incorporate a btc business in antarctica
thestringpuller: then if they wanted to put me in jail they'd have to find me
thestringpuller: I don't think the feds like the cold
dub: its quite cold there atm
dub: ozone hole sucking space in
thestringpuller: it's kinda sad the ozone depletion...
dub: its repairing itself apparently
noagendamarket: yeah they banned a lot of the chemicals that were causing it
dub: CFCs, I miss em
dub: no more styrofoam burger boxes
thestringpuller: I kinda think the glbse shutdown was a good thing...
thestringpuller: it's gonna weed out some of the bad stock
smickles: that's why those burger boxes went away?
noagendamarket: it will just lead to decentralized scamming
noagendamarket: smickles yes
thestringpuller: noagendamarket: why is everything a scam?
thestringpuller: i feel that the people on silk road are more trustworthy than most btc users
noagendamarket: because there is no way to enforce property rights
thestringpuller: the be like the mafia? if people don't pay break their knees?
thestringpuller: then*
thestringpuller: the mafia seems to get their loans back in full
noagendamarket: if you cant get justice using the legal system thats the alternative
thestringpuller: then beat people up
thestringpuller: "make them pay" *wink wink*
smickles: everything is a scam because none of the big thefts and scams have had any significant consequences yet
smickles: so more scammers come
noagendamarket: kinda hard when they live on the other side of the world
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller actually the mafia collecting records are worse than the govt's.
noagendamarket: unless your cousin is a mexican hitman near texas ;P
smickles: fucking texans
noagendamarket: mybitcoin was a canadian scam LOL
smickles: seriously, the should just secede already
smickles: *they
noagendamarket: scammers will destroy btc before the government gets a chance too
thestringpuller: I guess you have to be a skeptical consumer
thestringpuller: btc has made me a lot better with my money in general
noagendamarket: its why they send criminals into protest groups
thestringpuller: as long as SR exists btc will always have a place on the internet
noagendamarket: they wont arrest pirate they will; hire him LOL
thestringpuller: pirate is going to jail
noagendamarket: not likely :P
thestringpuller: remember the guy who made the liberty dollars?
noagendamarket: he didnt run a giant ponzi
thestringpuller: bad example
thestringpuller: remember charles ponzi?
noagendamarket: no Im not that old lol
thestringpuller: i think this could all be solved with a BTC repo service
dub: people just need to be more enterprising
thestringpuller: I like the post from the guy who made coinpal
dub: its retardedly cheap to have physical harm befall people in most places
thestringpuller: dub: so a bitcoin mafia?
dub: thats stupid
noagendamarket: african mercenaries ftw
thestringpuller: XD
mircea_popescu: speaking of bitcoin, government et all : http://trilema.com/2012/bribes-in-bitcoins/
dub: SFW? :)
mircea_popescu: yes.
mircea_popescu: a rare treat that, too.
noagendamarket: an assassination market would be nice
noagendamarket: wheer you can bet when pirate will get his legs broken
noagendamarket: theres no incentive currently :P
smickles: jeez, no one like my texas joke?
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: "And yes, I’m saving some Bitcoins in a special wallet precisely to pay for the amusement of fucking interns in the oval office. The cigars are on the house." that made me laugh
thestringpuller: Can I join that party when it happens?
mircea_popescu: sure. save some bitcoins.
smickles: yeah, but really, you are :P 'merica rulz the world,, didn't you know the sec regulates securities worldwide
smickles: ?
thestringpuller: I have a 25 btc casascius coin so I can redeem it
thestringpuller: when the time comes
mircea_popescu: :D
mircea_popescu: better buy some viagra then, who knows how many interns 25btc buys
thestringpuller: LOL
noagendamarket: lol. Imagine if you had liquid viagra and dumped it in the water supply
thestringpuller: it'll be like a post apocalyptic world without the nuclear holocaust
mircea_popescu: instasenegal ?
noagendamarket: good times
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 26400 @ 0.00041741 = 11.0196 BTC [+]
thestringpuller: mpex is blowin up
thestringpuller: I wonder how coinbr.com will do
thestringpuller: now that glbse is gone
dub: wat is coinbr again?
mircea_popescu: jurovs mpex broker neh ?
thestringpuller: yea
thestringpuller: the 30 btc fee for mpex makes it a lot like NYSE
mircea_popescu: should be doing some decent biz i imagine
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller that's the plan
thestringpuller: so mpex is a good place for brokerage
thestringpuller: which is good I think
mircea_popescu: so do i.
thestringpuller: i hated that glbse had sporradic trades from newbies
mircea_popescu: i hated that glbse was mostly a vehicle for pushing toxic assets to the naive.
thestringpuller: HAHAH yea
thestringpuller: I made jokes about that
mircea_popescu: way to cut the branch you're sitting on
thestringpuller: with my dad
thestringpuller: PPT "bonds" were just bad debt
thestringpuller: if there was a way to "collect" like in the physical world it wouldn't have been as bad
thestringpuller: there is a market for trading bad debt
thestringpuller: but if you can't collect on it...
dub: you can..
thestringpuller: through BTC QE?
thestringpuller: :)
thestringpuller: wait for the BTC fed to buy up the bad debt?
noagendamarket: they probably wont do anything about scamming till a politician gets ripped off lol
smickles: man, i should've found a way to scam the funds form my mortgage into btc back in 2008
dub: if you want to conspiracy theorize it might be thier plan to let btc scam itself out of existence
smickles: timetravel
smickles: now that is waht bitcoin is for
thestringpuller: actually
thestringpuller: that's kinda brilliant
thestringpuller: dub: let the community destroy itself
thestringpuller: :(
thestringpuller: Didn't a US senator give the DEA a bunch of money to shutdown Silk Road
thestringpuller: and they still haven't?
dub: pretty sweet honeypot
smickles: how much money does it take to get to the center of an onion?
thestringpuller: berry punny
smickles: dub: they did change their .onion address
dub: USG has a long history of letting crime continue in their interests
smickles: and the drug trad is in the gov't interest
thestringpuller: LOL
thestringpuller: i love it
thestringpuller: smickles: did you really like my idea?
dub: there was an infographic floating around the other day, I think I pasted here
smickles: thestringpuller: the one you emaild to me? or this destructo community provacatauro
dub: showing drug addiction rates over time (static) vs. War on Drugs spend (zomg)
thestringpuller: the i emailed you / we drunk talked about one night
smickles: thestringpuller: Yeah, i think that is a good idea if you can keep expenses low enough to attact business
thestringpuller: I think I can if I do it for businesses
smickles: btc -> cash in pocket in about one biz day w/o needing a bank account, i think it'll work
thestringpuller: that is if the check is as liquid as a moneygram/moneyorder
smickles: should be, it's certified
thestringpuller: i'm just worried about the shipping
smickles: most banks will let you cash that free of charge
smickles: although, now, i think they take a fingerprint to do it
thestringpuller: most do
thestringpuller: the fingerprint
thestringpuller: that is
midnightmagic: a.. fingerprint to cash a cheque?!
thestringpuller: sometimes
midnightmagic: that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. For a cashier's/certified cheque?!
thestringpuller: When you cash it lol
thestringpuller: My old bank did that
thestringpuller: took a thumb print
thestringpuller: and makes you put your fingerprint on the back of the check
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 12400 @ 0.00041755 = 5.1776 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 19500 @ 0.00041666 = 8.1249 BTC [-]
Diablo-D3: smickles: I think Im glad I didnt hire you in the end
Diablo-D3: smickles: you'd be trying to scammer thread me because glbse stole dmc's money :<
noagendamarket: there wasnt much left of dmc for glbse to take aft5er youy finished with it :P
smickles: Diablo-D3: usagi told me that he had the btc AFTER glbse went down
smickles: and then didn't contact me when he clearly knew he was going to default
smickles: for a full week
Diablo-D3: smickles: heh whadda fag =/
Diablo-D3: noagendamarket: no, what was left of dmc was what glbse didnt already steal
smickles: Diablo-D3: i would assume you would not do something like that. A little communication goes a long way
Diablo-D3: yeah, I'd at least warn you ahead of time that dmc suddenly became non-existant
smickles: you know, s2cm is actually still operating :/
thestringpuller: Can I invest in s2cm?
thestringpuller: if it's still operating
smickles: thestringpuller: heh, we're still operating, but we're going to dissolve when we get the shareholder info from glbse
smickles: part of our operation is collecting from usagi
smickles: thestringpuller: i bet there are people who have trustable claim to shares of s2cm who would sell them to you
smickles: Azelphur: ^
thestringpuller: hmm
Diablo-D3: smickles: so basically the entire bitstreet is closing up
thestringpuller: LOL
smickles: Diablo-D3: well, i dunno, we're disolving s2cm, but i'm launching an accounting company
Azelphur: I can sell ss shares, depending on what your offering
thestringpuller: Everyone is closing their doors cause no one trusts anyone
thestringpuller: I can offer Jazz music, the original american export.
mircea_popescu: dub the way i see it, the scams are actually a passive benefit
Azelphur: sorry that's not dubstep
Azelphur: :P
mircea_popescu: all the people who aren't scamming are gaining +rep with every scam.
thestringpuller: huh?
mircea_popescu: may seem expensive, but a great way to build a community FOR REAL.
thestringpuller: oh
thestringpuller: I see
Azelphur: lol
thestringpuller: I'm a little high not gonna lie
Azelphur: smickles: did you see the email that went out today btw
Azelphur: from glbse
smickles: Azelphur: the one where it said, you should've received you btc?
Azelphur: yep
smickles: yeah, s2cm didn't get one satoshi
Azelphur: Your GLBSE account has been processed for bitcoin. The next step will be to send you information about your assets, and to provide this information to issuers (if you agreed) allowing you to continue your relationship with your issuers.
Azelphur: :(
smickles: and we're owed over 200, iirc
Azelphur: satoshis?
smickles: yup
Azelphur: oh nose :(
Azelphur: that would be such a travesty to loose xD
smickles: indeed
smickles: it's a massive blow
Azelphur: the economy will never recover
Azelphur: we might as well pack up and go home now
Azelphur: xD
smickles: lol
smickles: but we're too big to fail
thestringpuller: XD
smickles: so it's ok
Azelphur: lol
thestringpuller: bail outs all around
Azelphur: I got my 10.1 btc out of glbse
Azelphur: now I'm waiting on clipse, bs&t and glbse (assets)
thestringpuller: i put 20 btc's into nyan.a
thestringpuller: I had .6 btc liquid in glbse
Azelphur: my bitcoin life is sad atm :(
Azelphur: money trapped in investments: ~1700 btc
Azelphur: money in wallet: 22.43
Azelphur: :<
smickles: ouch
Azelphur: indeed
Azelphur: spread your money out, surely it can't all go wrong at the same time!
Azelphur: #flawedlogic
dub: heh
dub: whats teh latest on clipse
dub: still 'end of october'?
Azelphur: dub: seems like he's en route for a scammer tag
Azelphur: dub: wasn't that end of september
Azelphur: he said end of september, then he said 12th oct, and now he signed in but hasn't updated anyone
dub: I've seen no comms lately, I though he said end october then brought it forward
smickles: Azelphur: go play some FTL, it'll help :)
Azelphur: oh nope, you are right, it is end of october
thestringpuller: smickles: what were the outstanding shares for september? (looking at S^2 fin reports)
Azelphur: although he says that in order to pay out in october he needs people to mine, and his pool has been down for nearly 24h now
Azelphur: smickles: haha :p
dub: well, SA is a REALLY cheap place to have someone whacked ;)
Azelphur: dub: tempting ;)
dub: like can of coke cheap
Azelphur: I know people who live in SA too
Azelphur: but nah
smickles: thestringpuller: all issued shares were outstanding, and the number should be in the notes of the report
dub: I know a contract killer in SA :)
noagendamarket: lol
Azelphur: sometimes I think it'd be cool if you could hire someone to steal a scammers car and sell it in order to pay back people who had been scammed, or something
Azelphur: that would be cool
noagendamarket: thatd be awesome
Azelphur: in my dreams sort of cool, not in reality
Azelphur: xD
thestringpuller: smickles: thanks
noagendamarket: pirate would need a lot of fucking cars :D
Azelphur: dub: it's really bad because in his thread early on he specifically says he don't invest in BS&T which is why I left so much in there, as another investment
dub: with pirate I'd steal his cimputers :)
Azelphur: and now he blames BS&T for not being able to pay people back
Azelphur: :@
dub: in fact I can't believe someone hasnt
Azelphur: haha
noagendamarket: thats grounds for an insta scammer tag
Azelphur: noagendamarket: that's what I said in the scammer thread.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 14900 @ 0.000419 = 6.2431 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15700 @ 0.00042 = 6.594 BTC [+]
thestringpuller: Azelphur: what is your asking price for 1 share of S^2?
noagendamarket: its no different to hashking or nckrazze
Azelphur: "No I dont put the mining funds directly in BTCST" ... and now "aside from the fact BTCST should have paid out by now"
Azelphur: xD
Azelphur: thestringpuller: they did that 1/100 split now, so many zeros xD
Azelphur: 2.5 in "old money"
Azelphur: so I think that's 0.025/share
thestringpuller: old money?
thestringpuller: lol
Azelphur: they split the shares up by 100 I think
Azelphur: so people with 1 shares got 100 shares
Azelphur: so it could be traded easier
Azelphur: smickles: it was 100 split right?
smickles: yup
Azelphur: yea, then 0.025/share \o/
smickles: and it was a good plan, util glbse folded
thestringpuller: the original value was 2.5 btcs?
Azelphur: indeed
noagendamarket: wasnt there 95 000 shares ?
noagendamarket: it was at .12 last time I saw it
smickles: 91500, iirc
noagendamarket: or something :D
Azelphur: thestringpuller: it was originally 2.5, then they split the shares up to make it easier to trade, so if I bought 1 share at the beginning at 2.5, I would have had 100 shares worth 0.025 now
Azelphur: kinda thing.
thestringpuller: so there were 915 shares to begin with @ 2.5
thestringpuller: 1/100 split
thestringpuller: that's fine
thestringpuller: lol
smickles: thestringpuller: what did you mean by 'original value'?
Azelphur: yep, that sounds right
Azelphur: the IPO value was 1.0 then they did a second issuing at 2.0
Azelphur: I sold a bunch of shares at 2.5 before the second issuing
smickles: s2 originally launched with 500 shares at 1
smickles: er
thestringpuller: smickles: i was assuming the ipo was 2.5
smickles: sorry
smickles: 610 shares
smickles: 610 at 1 btc each at launch
thestringpuller: so each share increased in value...
smickles: then issued 305 @ 2 (the market average) later on
Azelphur: thestringpuller: my history with SS is basically, I bought a buttload at launch at 1.0, sold em all for between 1.8 and 2.5, then bought again at 2.0 in the second issuance
smickles: then did a 100 for 1 split some time later
thestringpuller: I'm just doing analysis with my friend
Azelphur: :)
thestringpuller: cause this seems like a good alternative to nyan.A
thestringpuller: I got buttfucked on Nyan.A
noagendamarket: yeah
thestringpuller: so i had to write it off
Azelphur: I imagine it's not too much of an alternative now, as soon as GLBSE puts out the info it's shutting down anyway
thestringpuller: :(
Azelphur: :( indeed
thestringpuller: back to the drawing board then
smickles: thestringpuller: i'll be compiling the next reports tomorrow
noagendamarket: nefario still wants to get paid LOL
Azelphur: so A) GLBSE puts info out and then you get bought out and it's over
thestringpuller: I guess I better start looking into what I want on mpex
noagendamarket: goodluckwiththat
Azelphur: B) GLBSE doesn't put info out...and your screwed, forever.
Azelphur: xD
Azelphur: as much as I'd like to sell SS shares right now, gotta tell it like it is lol
thestringpuller: LOL
smickles: heh, mpex is either options, or hardly anything else, but better anything else than glbse had
noagendamarket: imagine if you burnt your workplace down and asked the boss for your wages still lol
smickles: (on the whole)
Azelphur: noagendamarket: xD
noagendamarket: "I spent all the petty cash and theres no receipts"
smickles: yeah, not that i know exactly what we're liquidating at, but buying SS @ 2.5 is probably a loss
Azelphur: smickles: aim high and negociate lower ;)
Azelphur: smickles: have you heard the zeekrewards and BS&T rumors?
smickles: smickles: ofc
smickles: anything new there?
Azelphur: talking to yourself like a pro there :p
Azelphur: but nope, nothing new
Azelphur: I lefe things behind all the time
smickles: f-ing mantis boarding parties
smickles: howdy g
smickles: nn a
thestringpuller: call and put options
smickles: indeed
thestringpuller: ugh
thestringpuller: I might as well just make a business instead of trying to bu y one
thestringpuller: heh "Bitcoin is in fact first and foremost a wonderful community of highly skilled, intelligent and open minded people which tearfully reminds one of the old days of the pre-September Internet." heh
smickles: the faq
thestringpuller: yea
noagendamarket: http://genius23.com/images/samples/BLACK-STONE-MONKEY.jpg this is bitcoin
thestringpuller: Pre-september internet...
thestringpuller: man i like that line from the faq
smickles: thestringpuller: do you have an mpex account? they're expensive, although i thing coinbr.com setup a brokerage site for mpex
smickles: oh yeah, it's a good line
smickles: :)
smickles: s/thing/think/
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 31254 @ 0.00042 = 13.1267 BTC [+]
Diablo-D3: [12:41:08] <smickles> Diablo-D3: well, i dunno, we're disolving s2cm, but i'm launching an accounting company
Diablo-D3: yeah, but to account what =/
smickles: Diablo-D3: i've got clients lined up :P
thestringpuller: smickles: not yet even though I could drop the cash on it I can't warrant the expenditure if I can't be sure I'll make the money back
Diablo-D3: smickles: but our tiny little backwoods wall street wannabe is dead
smickles: thestringpuller: well, to justify 30 btc, you'd probaby have to use margin and make a good call, eh?
thestringpuller: smickles: I'm not that good ;) I would have to have help for sure.
smickles: Diablo-D3: so?
Diablo-D3: [12:41:13] <thestringpuller> Everyone is closing their doors cause no one trusts anyone
Diablo-D3: thestringpuller: yes, thats my reason to shut dmc
thestringpuller: I'll be patient and wait for more companies to ipo on mpex before I invest in an account
Diablo-D3: every company Ive tried to invest in so dmc can get there faster has pretty much fucked us one way or another
thestringpuller: Don't shut down
thestringpuller: If you're good at mining I would invest in you :)
smickles: thestringpuller: coinbr is probably for you then
Diablo-D3: mining is dead, really
thestringpuller: is it?
Diablo-D3: its no longer profitable
Diablo-D3: the irony is DMC's plan made that moot
Diablo-D3: we could have mined everyone else under the table
thestringpuller: Most hardware takes 32 weeks to pay off
thestringpuller: 32~40 weeks
Diablo-D3: but everyone decided to just be a bunch of faggots, so fuck it
noagendamarket: its not like you can invest in mt gox or bitinstant :P
Diablo-D3: not that Im going to, but if I ever start another company, Im only going to deal with professional VC firms
Diablo-D3: not a bunch of fucking aspies flailing their arms because they invested in something they didnt understand wouldnt pay out their original investment for 2+ years
smickles: lol, Diablo-D3 don't vc firms look for 15x their original investment in 1 year?
noagendamarket: yep :P
Diablo-D3: smickles: scammy ones? yes
noagendamarket: I can double my investment inn 2 years simply by buying a house and living in it lol
Diablo-D3: smickles: theres a few that are fucking retarded, but they're known
Diablo-D3: theres _no one_ in the bitcoin community who knows what they're doing
thestringpuller: smickles: yes that do, but they also think that if 15-20% of the companies they invested in give them that ROI it's a "good year"
thestringpuller: that = they
thestringpuller: Diablo-D3: smickles knows what he's doing
Diablo-D3: thestringpuller: smickles didnt want to invest in dmc
Diablo-D3: smickles also didnt have 200k btc.
noagendamarket: because he knew what he was doing he didnt invest in dmc
thestringpuller: you had 200k btc?
Diablo-D3: no one had 200k btc.
thestringpuller: LOL
Diablo-D3: noagendamarket: not at all, he didn't think the rest of the community could pony up the cash
Diablo-D3: he was right, in the end
thestringpuller: so what happened to DMC
noagendamarket: glbse :P
Diablo-D3: glbse.
thestringpuller: (I keep thinking DMC stands for the Delorean Motors Company)
thestringpuller: even though I know it stands for Diablo Mining Company
dub: Derp Mining Crapshoot
noagendamarket: DWMC Dude, wheres my company?
thestringpuller: http://piratetracker.info/ lol
dub: lol
thestringpuller: Diablo-D3: is your mining equipment paid for or is it for sell or...
noagendamarket: wtf
dub: ooh ooh
dub: Destroy My Capital
noagendamarket: the piratetracker address had 780 btc sent there lol
noagendamarket: 1Fm8e4Zd5JVYZDDFkYzhrRjaGpZoCcngPT
dub: Delete My Coins
noagendamarket: http://blockexplorer.com/address/1Fm8e4Zd5JVYZDDFkYzhrRjaGpZoCcngPT
noagendamarket: bahahah
BTC-Mining: yeah, but last transactions dates from March 2012...
BTC-Mining: way before the website or pirate defaulted...
thestringpuller: lawyers like accountants are expensive
dub: Damage My Credibility
dub: ^ worked for Diablo-D3
noagendamarket: Didnt Mine Coins :P
Diablo-D3: oh shuddup dub
dub: Downvote My Comments, no thats his hn
noagendamarket: unless it paid above 5% no one was interested in any assets
Diablo-D3: noagendamarket: yup
mircea_popescu: <Azelphur> #flawedlogic << how much did you have in mpex ?
mircea_popescu: noagendamarket actually,t his is false. mpoe.etf made about 1200% over ipo price
mircea_popescu: nobody bought it.
mircea_popescu: people were just mentally retarded on glbse.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5911 @ 0.00041666 = 2.4629 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15636 @ 0.00041602 = 6.5049 BTC [-]
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: does the bitcoin community really remind you of the pre-September internet?
mircea_popescu: in parts.
mircea_popescu: certainly not the forums.
thestringpuller: some people are unfortunately retarded
Diablo-D3: forever september =/
thestringpuller: Diablo-D3: Did you mine?
Diablo-D3: no, I paid other people to do that
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 40073 @ 0.00042 = 16.8307 BTC [+]
Diablo-D3: going to bed, night all
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 51600 @ 0.00041993 = 21.6684 BTC [-]
BTC-Mining: [22:22] <copumpkin> http://thecriminallawyer.tumblr.com/post/19810672629/12-i-was-entrapped :)
BTC-Mining: That one is good too: http://thecriminallawyer.tumblr.com/post/29326904495/16-a-problems
mircea_popescu: i kinda like the cora chick.
BTC-Mining: Eh, what a surprise
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 54800 @ 0.00042 = 23.016 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: http://thecriminallawyer.tumblr.com/post/29326904495/16-a-problems
mircea_popescu: whoa WHAT THE FUCKING HELL
mircea_popescu: you can't have bird feathers ?
mircea_popescu: fuck that bullshit country.
BTC-Mining: There's TONS of silly laws in the US
mircea_popescu: fuck that shit.
mircea_popescu: the us is a rogue state.
mircea_popescu: americans should just be executed on sight.
BTC-Mining: ...
BTC-Mining: But...
mircea_popescu: a. i am going to pluck any bird i feel like ; b. i am going to make soup out of any turtle i get my hands on.
BTC-Mining: They can be repaired!
mircea_popescu: anyone doesn't like it better bring fucking enough ammo.
mircea_popescu: who cares ?
mircea_popescu: this is like the fucking zerg.
BTC-Mining: But the zergling is all cuddly, grabbing you and nibbling at your internal organs.
BTC-Mining: Embrace the zergling...
mircea_popescu: no.
mircea_popescu: americans. executed. on sight.
mircea_popescu: it is now a crime to be american.
BTC-Mining: I think the crime here is politicians rushing through new laws for their public opinion.
mircea_popescu: i do not care.
mircea_popescu: fucking muppets ranting on about what the sec bla bla ?
mircea_popescu: fuck this shit.
BTC-Mining: Also, did you know that those muppets might be making some of the criminal laws? Not all laws are voted by the representatives.
BTC-Mining: Many regulations are made by expert in their fields but who have poor or no understanding of criminal law and it's intent.
BTC-Mining: The website summarize the issue nicely.
BTC-Mining: Although the problem of "broad/uncomprehensible laws" has been quite an issue globally, in many nations.
mircea_popescu: it does.
mircea_popescu: it also explains why the united states has no room and no place in civilised society.
mircea_popescu: im sorry (well not really), but it was just expelled.
mircea_popescu: can go hang out with gabon, sierra leone and the rest.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 500 @ 0.00041993 = 0.21 BTC [-]
BTC-Mining: Well, you seem to be overreacting to laws being too broad in the US by creating another broad law:
BTC-Mining: [03:10] <mircea_popescu> it is now a crime to be american.
BTC-Mining: Are you sure you aren't part of the problem?
mircea_popescu: this isn't a law.
mircea_popescu: this is a matter of private policy.
mircea_popescu: (really, i was mostly making a point, rhetorically)
BTC-Mining: eh, and I wasn't really serious, just pointing out it was a rather harsh and excessive stance.
mircea_popescu: no it's not. it's perfectly commensurate with the offence.
BTC-Mining: Eh, "americans" are just born in the US, not a direct cause of everything that happens in the US
mircea_popescu: people that dare organise into such a state are hostes humani gener
mircea_popescu: universal public enemies.
mircea_popescu: listen, if you're part of some mob cause "you grew up into it" you still go to jail.
mircea_popescu: sword cuts both ways.
BTC-Mining: Well that would be something applied too broadly... Not everyone in the US agree with the US.
mircea_popescu: orly.
mircea_popescu: are they paying tax to the us ?
mircea_popescu: seems to me if you pay the mob boss you're in the mob, whether you *claim* disagreement or not.
BTC-Mining: Depends on the individual. Most people in every country pays taxes. Doesn't mean they all support 100% of the state.
mircea_popescu: yes, actually, it does, for this discussion.
BTC-Mining: I don't see how you could reasonably expect someone who object to any single law in a country to be able to move somewhere that has no rules they disagree with.
BTC-Mining: Unless everyone lived in their own one-man nation.
mircea_popescu: you don't have to move. you just send them your citizenship in the mail and be done with it.
mircea_popescu: being a us citizen is a crime in itself
BTC-Mining: Except that doesn't really work that way...
mircea_popescu: says who ?
BTC-Mining: Since when will any government anywhere accept to take citizenship back and accept you stop paying any taxes? Tough luck on getting that through.
mircea_popescu: not the same.
mircea_popescu: you can renounce any citizenship, it's no big deal.
mircea_popescu: if you're not a citizen and are paying taxes i dun care, you're not liable.
mircea_popescu: i've paid taxes in maybe twenty jurisdictions so far, i don't see why anyone could claim i have anything to do with them.
BTC-Mining: How do you even renounce citizenship? You never agreed to that.
BTC-Mining: The state just decided by itself to consider you a citizen based on it's own set of rules, without your accord.
mircea_popescu: nah. you were born one. your citizenship really predates any law other than the consitution
mircea_popescu: peopel tend to forget the state is much ulterior in the process.
BTC-Mining: I try to completly make abstraction of the state/whatever is in place and consider each individual individually for their own actions and intent.
BTC-Mining: Regardless of their citizenship/government.
BTC-Mining: If I see they support something I don't agree with, then I object.
mircea_popescu: but they are actively engaged in a criminal entreprise
mircea_popescu: (the us federal government)
mircea_popescu: this is over their head, uneffaceable.
mircea_popescu: us data : There were between 222-235 renunciants in 2008, between 731-743 in 2009, and about 1485 in 2010; In 2011, there were 1781 renunciants.
EskimoBob: can you 2 figure out how to "legalize" all the fake securities that are issued/promoted in the forum? At least you spend your energy on something useful :)
BTC-Mining: That's like me saying you doing business like dinning out in a mob's restaurant is being actively engaged in a criminal enterprise. You have dealings with it, it doesn't mean you know or support what they do. You simply pay them for a service. Same with citizens paying taxes.
BTC-Mining: I consider it payment for services.
mircea_popescu: EskimoBob not really interested in forum bs "securities", but tell me more about the assets-otc lame mpex clone.
mircea_popescu: BTC-Mining some may accept that argument. i do not.
BTC-Mining: Now the issue is, there will be laws you don't agree with in every country. And pretty much every country charges taxes one way or another.
EskimoBob: mircea_popescu: sorr, let me rephrase thet: "legalize" all the fake securities that are issued/promoted in the mpex
mircea_popescu: BTC-Mining im pretty happy with romanian laws so far.
mircea_popescu: obviously not laws are perfect. what we're discussing here are laws that are criminal in themselves.
BTC-Mining: I'm pretty sure if even if they don't abound, we could at least find a few falling under that definition of yours in romanian laws.
mircea_popescu: please do.
mircea_popescu: i'm happy with one, actually.
EskimoBob: can a law be criminal? Probably not but i sure can be absurd and instead of protecting people it harms them. But still, can you call it criminal?
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BTC-Mining: I'm afraid I don't have the skills required to do such legal research.
BTC-Mining: In any case, I'm satisfied so far of canadian laws, although I'm pretty sure there's plenty I just don't know of.
mircea_popescu: EskimoBob sure. nazi germany laws were criminal, and they created liability for loyal subjects of the 3rd reich.
EskimoBob: mircea_popescu: no, they are criminal now, but not back then
mircea_popescu: well us laws are't criminal in the us.
EskimoBob: and most are not even criminal now days
mircea_popescu: well most no. but most doesn't matter in this context.
mircea_popescu: some are an' it's good enough for me.
EskimoBob: my point is, your example was a hyperbole
EskimoBob: US laws have turned in to a pile of shit and same happens all over the world
EskimoBob: Law is not for protecting society any more.
mircea_popescu: nope, not the same, and not all over the world. this is just misguided jingoism.
mircea_popescu: the insanity is quite speciffic to the us, with some overlap in the 51st state (uk)
mircea_popescu: but yes my example was a hyperbole. problem is, it's a matching one
BTC-Mining: Well, yes, many country are FAR from being in such a mess as the US.
mircea_popescu: right.
BTC-Mining: It doesn't mean the US is unrecyclable or that I'd hold every american responsible for the current situation however.
mircea_popescu: the only way to get the lazy bums out of their bubble of confort and don't-give-a-shit
mircea_popescu: is to put a gun loaded in their face.
mircea_popescu: responsibility is something that kills you.
mircea_popescu: so. all americans. strictly liable. for being part in the us war on mankind.
mircea_popescu: to be executed on sight.
BTC-Mining: Well I'm speechless
mircea_popescu: hey, i'm kinda speechless too.
BTC-Mining: If I applied that logic for anyone who is a citizen of a government I held responsible for crimes, I'd have to execute everybody on Earth, including myself.
mircea_popescu: really ?
mircea_popescu: like, for instance, the icelandic people ?
mircea_popescu: or whatever, andorra.
BTC-Mining: Simply for the fact no single government can be reasonably assumed to be 100% corruption free and applying laws correctly 100% of the time.
mircea_popescu: this is a strawman argument.
mircea_popescu: we're not putting the standard at either 100% corruption free or applying laws at all.
mircea_popescu: we are putting the standard at not making laws which are enmitous to mankind.
mircea_popescu: it doesn't even matter whether such laws are ever applied or were ever applied. the simple fact that htey exist is sufficient.
BTC-Mining: Corruption in governments is almost always for making laws that are not bad for mankind.
mircea_popescu: we're not discussing "bad for mankind". we are discussing, hostile to mankind.
BTC-Mining: What I meant by bad.
BTC-Mining: Harmful.
mircea_popescu: yes, but is a difference between harmful and hostile.
mircea_popescu: if i snipe at you while you sunbathe i am hostile, whether i hit you or not.
mircea_popescu: if i take the parking spot you wanted, it may be bad for you, but there's no hostility involved.
BTC-Mining: the latter isn't really harmful, just vaguely inconvenient.
BTC-Mining: I'd class sniping someone as harmful.
mircea_popescu: well, if i don't hit you, no harm done.
mircea_popescu: harmful discusses effect. hostile discusses intent.
BTC-Mining: I suppose.
BTC-Mining: Seems more like it was an unagreement on definition of words.
BTC-Mining: Even so, would you claim your government has done absolutly zero hostile acts toward mankind for all the time you were a citizen?
mircea_popescu: you ever heard of romania starting a war ?
mircea_popescu: they tried to prevent the one in serbia...
mircea_popescu: bout all.
BTC-Mining: Aye, but I'm pretty sure at some point, it caused harm to its own citizen under one law or another. Although I guess that's not a receivable argument.
mircea_popescu: but anyway, this isnt a "oh im so much bettert than anyone else" thing
mircea_popescu: im just trying to point out the immensity of us insanity
BTC-Mining: I lack facts. But so do you against american citizens for merely being american citizen.
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BTC-Mining: Also, since you consider intent, I suppose you wouldn't be against minors or infants who have no choice or knowing intent of causing such hostile acts. As such, why held adults responsible for inaction when they themselve are completly clueless.
BTC-Mining: I'd consider their inaction as a poor choice, but would not consider them responsible.
BTC-Mining: Purely personal opinion however.
BTC-Mining: To each it's set of standards and ethics.
BTC-Mining: Eh, guess that's it for today, 4:30 am already
BTC-Mining: Goodbye.
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dub: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=115430.msg1273281#msg1273281
dub: payouts progressing well
asa1024: alol
asa1024: lol*
asa1024: sarcasm!
asa1024: I LIKE IT!
dub: you've got to wonder at the thought process
asa1024: I wonder everyday how I am able to get dressed in the morning.
asa1024: my next goal is to learn how to read and write! :D
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mircea_popescu: Got the same email, didn't receive any of the bitcoin that I had there, not one iota.
mircea_popescu: fun stuff.
EskimoBob: angry usagi is back :) and trolling like never before. #_#
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dub: smickles: sounds suspiciously like the ellet idea
dub: smickles must be MNW
mircea_popescu: nowai ?!
smickles: ellet?
dub: e-wallet
jurov: so, coinbr now features imgur screenshot gallery.. with an exercise order that will make you dream
smickles: jurov: is there a 'stop-loss' feature?
mircea_popescu: imgur screenshot gallery ?! da fuck is that lol
jurov: not yet
jurov: by popular request... so that potential users can see it's not so scary as mpex
jurov: there was even idea that i do beautified order book
mircea_popescu: o o o lol
smickles: jeez
smickles: the blockchain taint tool indicates that usagi has hundreds of btc under his control
mircea_popescu: dun dun dun
thestringpuller: EskimoBob: you still around?
thestringpuller: jurov is there an api?
mircea_popescu: you want an api to talk to the thing which talks to my api ?
mircea_popescu: wtf!
mircea_popescu: people are set on breaking the internets
jurov: thestringpuller, https://github.com/jurov/MPExAgent
jurov: that needs mpex acct, tho. i don't see an coinbr api in near future.
jurov: high frequency trading with multiple users on one mpex acct is just not feasible atm.
smickles: why would you do high frequency trading w/o a 'maker rebate'?
thestringpuller: lol! i see
thestringpuller: i control things through bots mostly
mircea_popescu: there's a lot of problems to be accounted for. it's difficult to make a secure api in the first place. even if you do, making a chain of two be comparably fast to one alone is not trivial.
smickles: i'm baffled
smickles: someone clearly violates a signed contract, and people accuse the violated party of scamming
smickles: and it seems to happen so often
mircea_popescu: details ?!
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smickles: mircea_popescu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=118507
EskimoBob: thestringpuller: wzz up?
mircea_popescu: hm, contract says you have to use judge.me ?
smickles: mircea_popescu: that's arbitration tho, this is not a dispute resolution
smickles: there isn't even a dispute
smickles: usagi admits default
mircea_popescu: . Any controversy or claim
smickles: how does that reach out to a scammer tag on bitcointalk?
mircea_popescu: well, let's see. usagi doesn't admit default, in what he posts there ?
smickles: he admitted it to me. but this is a side issue. agreeing to arbitration concerns the legal aspects of dispute resolution. not labels on a forum or private discussions
mircea_popescu: now, it's not a matter of YOU being a scammer, or the disclosure being improper or anything
mircea_popescu: but i can see how the forum people would go, well, come with a judge.me result first.
mircea_popescu: (forum people = those doling out the tags)
smickles: if they want the judge.me result for a scammertag, they are changing the way they do things
mircea_popescu: why ?
smickles: because i recall them giving scammer tags to people who agreed to judge.me resolution w/o there even being a claim filed
thestringpuller: EskimoBob: lets take down Usagi rough shim up.
dub: shim it out
mircea_popescu: smickles a, that's good then. link ?
mircea_popescu: (not me, them on the forum)
smickles: and the scammer tag is a warning mechanism, not a settlement process, this augustocroppo was assusing me of breaking the contract by calling for a scammer tag
pigeons: don't worry about forumrates
pigeons: *forumrats
smickles: mircea_popescu: oh, i'll look, but i don't feel confident i'll find it :|
thestringpuller: as mircea_popescu says, they are stuck in eternal september
mircea_popescu: smickles pigeons prolly has it, i vaguely recall that name under the idiot tag.
mircea_popescu: but as a general principle, it's hard to ask for any third party action on a contract with a dispute resolution clause that wasn't met.
smickles: funny thing is, there are a few people who owe usagi btc who are willing to pay this debt, usagi just has to agree
BTC-Mining: ah, at last
BTC-Mining: A vanity bitcoin address
smickles: that took a while
smickles: what did you get?
thestringpuller: i thought vanity addresses were easy to generate?
smickles: BTC-Mining either had bad luck, or low power
smickles: or wanted 12 characters or somehthing
BTC-Mining: I only have a 6950...
dub: depends on difficulty
BTC-Mining: Difficulty was between 800 - 900 billion
BTC-Mining: 7 letter, case sensitive
BTC-Mining: 1Namjies9JeJ4ugCzjkAj6dbaWrtjAFKCk
thestringpuller: amjies lol
BTC-Mining: I also wanted a number/capital letter following the letters
BTC-Mining: Namjies*
rdponticelli: You do deserve a scammer tag, smickles. How do you dare to expect a payback on a bitcoin loan? That's scamming!
thestringpuller: it is scammibg
BTC-Mining: It had to start with that specific string and be followed by a number... pretty harsh.
BTC-Mining: I was only running at 11 megakey/s
BTC-Mining: rdponticelli, who was it who refused to repay loan because that was not "theft" since bitcoins aren't "real money"?
smickles: rdponticelli: IKR, and I discussed it in a non-binding fashion, outside of arbitration! How dare I?!
pigeons: and you loaned the money to an unlicensed illegal insurance company that sold unregistered securities!
dub: to a magical samurai rabbit boy girl person no less
dub: tbh, scam accusations are retarded
pigeons: NO U!
mircea_popescu: dub depends. the girl's got theymos pretty talkative in short order.
dub: scam tags issued by a scammer are not useful
mircea_popescu: the process is more useful than the result i guess.
dub: nor is bitcointalk.org in ngeneral
smickles: dub: that's a good point
smickles: i should just stoppit with the forum already
mircea_popescu: smickles hire pr :D
smickles: heh, got a good recomendation?
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assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3719 @ 0.00040613 = 1.5104 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: notrly.
mircea_popescu: maybe reeses
smickles: lol
smickles: (lol before reeses, i dunno reeses)
mircea_popescu: you dunno reeses ?!
smickles: i've heard of reeses, but not interacted with reeses much
mircea_popescu: one of the few true girls on the interwebs. your loss.
rdponticelli: BTC-Mining: I don't know. I recall bulanula arguing that he can't return what was overpaid to him, because bitcoin transactions wasn't reversible
thestringpuller: the girl isnt a girl lol
mircea_popescu: o ?
thestringpuller: that was a question
thestringpuller: i am typing with my thumbs at work
pigeons: i'm typing with one hand too, everytime thestringpuller talks
thestringpuller: huh pigeons ?
thestringpuller: are you masturbating?
pigeons: hold on
pigeons: say something else
pigeons: say "I'm your sister"
copumpkin: I am your father
thestringpuller: i'm your sister as a teen
pigeons: oh copumpkin
dub: rdponticelli: bulanula was the first account I ignored, the final straw
dub: now im ruthless
dub: life is too short to even acknowledge people with so little worth