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verisimilitude: I'm looking through more of these Ada links you provided earlier, asciilifeform; do you not use Ada 2012?
verisimilitude: If you're referring to my earlier disconnect, that was an accident.
verisimilitude: What?
verisimilitude: I'm not certain just reading loper-os.org over a few years counts as lurking, but alright.
verisimilitude: Well, as much as one can on IRC over a short time, anyway.
verisimilitude: Hello, mircea_popescu, although we've met before.
verisimilitude: That's reasonable; I've done that much.
verisimilitude: Sure; my system I have in mind to make as perfect as I can certainly fits in a normal-sized head, or should.
verisimilitude: We all have different ideas of perfection; you could just have it include this.
verisimilitude: It shows no sign of stopping, though.
verisimilitude: That's what all of these C ``security'' features are.
verisimilitude: I've long thought it's reasonable to exert great effort to make a system perfect, where possible; it's the ideal, but maybe not practical. Perhaps the more interesting question is when to stop when you exert so much effort, but have something that can never be made perfect, by design.
verisimilitude: I'll give credit to st, which is a decent terminal emulator, but I'm not impressed with Suckless in general. They're recently combating a bug with some X font nonsense caused by stupid Unicode glyphs; their solution is to stop using the X font nonsense entirely, which will apparently cause its own issues.
verisimilitude: Let's seque to a related topic: What do you think of the Suckless crowd, asciilifeform? I read their mailing list and it's interesting to see how everything UNIX already provides is good and natural and how anything that violates the sacred tenants whatsoever is evil and bloat. ☟︎
verisimilitude: I've had or seen a number of discussions concerning such high-level machines with C programmers and whatnot. It's comedic. A C programmer will be the first to prove how type-checking in hardware and other things most assuredly result in some minute loss of efficiency or power or this or that and so is bad, but then turn around and discuss how brilliant the zero-terminated string is and how it's not that inefficient.
verisimilitude: Unfortunately for me, I don't own a Lisp Machine.
verisimilitude: Sure; even though it's only a thought I've made little progress towards at the moment, care for a light description of how I'd do it for a Common Lisp?
verisimilitude: It's nice to even imagine having something that simply is and doesn't require building at all.
verisimilitude: I've not.
verisimilitude: That's exactly the approach I've been wanting to bring about, asciilifeform.
verisimilitude: I'll be using Ada to build the practical, robust, simpler, and easy-to-distribute implementation of my machine code development tool, perhaps ironically enough.
verisimilitude: It's that tool I showed you earlier, asciilifeform.
verisimilitude: When I did look into building GNAT from source, I was told in the documentation I'd already need a working GNAT; does ave1's avoid this? Then again, I suppose I could just use the GNAT I alread have on this other machine for that, if it became too inconvenient to use both.
verisimilitude: I'm currently using GuixSD and GNAT isn't available at all, is what I mean.
verisimilitude: I'll get to have extra fun, because the system with my editor is different from the system with the GNAT.
verisimilitude: The Ada program I have planned is in a similar way unconcerned with some of the more advanced features, because much of it is very concrete by now; it shouldn't even need to allocate memory until I have an undo and redo system in it.
verisimilitude: Alright; I'll keep that in mind when I am finally able to study your FFA.
verisimilitude: As a Lisp programmer, what drew you to Ada, asciilifeform?
verisimilitude: It's a nice language, so far, but I've yet to even finish learning all of it.
verisimilitude: There's the saying one shouldn't learn a language that doesn't change the way one thinks; I figured if I would learn at least one language with keyword-based syntax, strong static typing, a lack of advanced metaprogramming, among other qualities, that I should learn Ada.
verisimilitude: I'll do so, asciilifeform.
verisimilitude: Common Lisp is nice, but I want to handle memory exhaustion well and also avoid using megabytes for programs that shouldn't need that much.
verisimilitude: I like the idea of writing software that handles all failure modes correctly, as awful as modern systems make doing so.
verisimilitude: I'll keep that in mind.
verisimilitude: My current PGP setup is horrible, as you can guess.
verisimilitude: Alright, I got that working now.
verisimilitude: I was told by deedbot I couldn't $up myself.
verisimilitude: Alright; my key is registered. I suppose I'll just !!up myself next time, then.
verisimilitude: Alright.
verisimilitude: I appreciate it.
verisimilitude: On that topic, I've been using GuixSD for a bit; what are you using, asciilifeform?
verisimilitude: I'm having issues on my Thinkpad with it. I didn't have all of the software installed here.
verisimilitude: Alright.
verisimilitude: If I don't get it before I run out of time again, I'll just do it later.
verisimilitude: Alright.
verisimilitude: You saw through right through me, trinque.
verisimilitude: I'm mostly just joking around, yes.
verisimilitude: Well, it probably wouldn't be this long if I really had to give it that much thought.
verisimilitude: I'll try, but I can't make any promises.
verisimilitude: Alright.
verisimilitude: Oh; I don't have PGP on the Yeeloong; oh well.
verisimilitude: Once I get this PGP nonsense sorted out, I'll tell you a story.
verisimilitude: Alright.
verisimilitude: Freenode would really be fine with me, if it didn't block Tor.
verisimilitude: I'd expect those this concerned would host their own IRC.
verisimilitude: What brought you people to freenode, though?
verisimilitude: Alright.
verisimilitude: You must understand that I'm very lazy.
verisimilitude: I'm generating it right now.
verisimilitude: Alright.
verisimilitude: I take it ``unbuilt'' isn't code for ``broken''.
verisimilitude: I'd wager I could fit an MMC targeting the 6502 in 64K with only minimal bank switching for larger programs.
verisimilitude: From my perspective, it would probably be easiest to collect several old home computers and make certain they produce identical results, to get reasonably reliable and trustworthy computing.
verisimilitude: Well, good luck to you.
verisimilitude: If you have eight instructions, you're inevitably just going to have a large amount of meta-instructions all the same.
verisimilitude: I'm rather fond of Big-Endian CISC machines, but those are all rather dead nowadays.
verisimilitude: ARM is certainly a better architecture than MIPS ever can be.
verisimilitude: That's interesting.
verisimilitude: There's bits of GNU, Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris, K&R C, and other nonsense strewn about; there's Perl programs generating MIPS assembler; C programs that clearly invoke undefined behavior and so only work by chance; and other such things.
verisimilitude: The boot firmware is awful, however.
verisimilitude: It's because I own this hardware that I intend for the first MMC targeting a ``real'' machine to target MIPS. I decided if I ever got one, I'd try to understand it well enough to run my own software directly on the bare metal and in the boot firmware.
verisimilitude: I suppose I can use the Yeeloong to generate a PGP key.
verisimilitude: I mostly use it as an OpenBSD Emacs machine.
verisimilitude: I didn't even pay $400 for it.
verisimilitude: Anyway, I'm fortunate enough to own one of those.
verisimilitude: Alright.
verisimilitude: I've noticed only one result in the logs for ``yeeloong''.
verisimilitude: I like my HP 48 series calculators more, yes.
verisimilitude: I have an MK-61, but no use for it.
verisimilitude: I'll take a look.
verisimilitude: I wasn't familiar with that, no, asciilifeform.
verisimilitude: No; I'm just bored.
verisimilitude: I'll consider it.
verisimilitude: So, I should write I'm only familiar with this channel because of loper-os.
verisimilitude: I've not read them in any detail; I take it I have it wrong, then.
verisimilitude: That's just to make certain I don't start out confused.
verisimilitude: I assume you're Stanislav.
verisimilitude: Yes; I know of here because of you, asciilifeform.
verisimilitude: I wanted to make a derivative of P" and Brainfuck that was difficult to compile and also make a crude joke.
verisimilitude: It either copies the program into memory or the memory to be executed.
verisimilitude: It's homoiconic with the = function.
verisimilitude: I haven't done that yet, though.
verisimilitude: I've been meaning to refine it and also have a version without color.
verisimilitude: It has embedded ECMA-48 control sequences for color.
verisimilitude: I didn't write the game, but I did write that document.
verisimilitude: Yes.
verisimilitude: I stopped by to perhaps get your opinions or to see what you all are working on lately.
verisimilitude: http://verisimilitudes.net/2017-07-07
verisimilitude: I call this Meta-Machine Code (MMC) and the article detailing it in general is here:
verisimilitude: For the past several years I'd had the idea of a machine code development tool in my mind and for over a year now I've been working to breathe life into it.