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mircea_popescu: which yes, is the deep point of http://trilema.com/2017/in-scams-today-disk-less-terminal-sa-dba-laesquinadelamazmorra/#footnote_3_72501 ; and the reason that keeps getting linked -- that YES the only correct response to integration is moving over, and there's a time to do it well and then it'll just be more and more painful once that window closes. but NOTICING...
mircea_popescu: now, he didn't figure out that his notion of "right wingers" exactly maps to "clinton democrats", but otherwise, the problems of integration still drive the democratic world.
mircea_popescu: "BitGo is the only company in the industry we trust to secure our hot wallet. The integration was very straightforward, and now I can sleep better at night knowing that my customers' holdings are secured with BitGo."
mircea_popescu: The breakthrough into unlocking the cause of the accident came after the crash of Northwest Airlines Flight 710 on March 17, 1960. The two aircraft, both Electras, disintegrated in mid-air after losing their wings in similar fashion, both resulting in the deaths of all occupants on board.