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feedbot: http://qntra.net/2020/03/cisco-lays-off-and-pivots-while-huawei-grows/ << Qntra -- Cisco Lays Off And Pivots While Huawei Grows
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2020/03/bitstamp-plays-with-novelty-segwit-only-bech32-addresses/ << Qntra -- Bitstamp Plays With Novelty Segwit Only Bech32 Addresses
mp_en_viaje: trinque, what mugginess ?!
mp_en_viaje: i don't think you understand ; costa rica is austin in march/april 12 months a year.
mp_en_viaje: trinque, the problem with your proposal is that the article isn't yet loaded at that point.
mp_en_viaje goes to look if http://logs.ossasepia.com/log/trilema/2020-03-01#1958755 includes linkage to http://logs.ossasepia.com/log/trilema/2016-09-10#1539177 & http://logs.ossasepia.com/log/trilema/2016-08-17#1523408 & http://logs.ossasepia.com/log/trilema/2016-06-28#1492053 an' http://trilema.com/2014/dear-derps-you-are-being-herded/?b=CISCO&e=USG#select historical commentary.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-01 22:19:01 feedbot: http://qntra.net/2020/03/cisco-lays-off-and-pivots-while-huawei-grows/ << Qntra -- Cisco Lays Off And Pivots While Huawei Grows
ossabot: Logged on 2016-09-10 09:16:45 mircea_popescu: hard to properly word a "company not around" clause is the problem. according to usg, ibm and cisco are both "still around".
ossabot: Logged on 2016-08-17 14:52:13 mircea_popescu: asciilifeform people stopped buying new cisco cca 2012 anyway.
ossabot: Logged on 2016-06-28 10:49:54 mircea_popescu: possibly same garbage dump cisco went
mp_en_viaje: a look, links the article. a ok
feedbot: http://trilema.com/2020/the-buller-podington-compacts/ << Trilema -- The Buller-Podington Compacts.
dorion: http://logs.ossasepia.com/log/trilema/2020-03-01#1958744 - thanks for the link and reality check. I have been skeptical given the negatives noted. all I've been able to find so far to verify is his partner's finra brokercheck checks out with his linkedin - for whatever those are worth.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-03-01 14:36:47 mp_en_viaje: "On the more positive side, based on what he has told us, he made a career from designing and implementing HFT systems for a wide range of fiat exchanges and instruments. He told us at one point he was paying $20k/month for leased lines." << from experience, none of these claims are ever true. [http://trilema.com/2014/how-the-other-half-lives-or-michael-o-church-is-a-scummy-fuckwit/?b=roughly%20Di&e=equivalent#sel
dorion: what are the best ways to verify such claims in your experience ?
mp_en_viaje: nothing wrong with a paying customer.
mp_en_viaje: the only way you care to verify is whether the check bounces.
dorion: aok. we sent him the proposal today, so we'll soon find out.
mod6: mp_en_viaje: Hey there, Sir. Now that you're back to CR (glad you had a good trip), plz to process mpex withdrawls when you have an extra few minutes. Thanks in advance.
bvt: diana_coman: http://bvt-trace.net/2020/02/vsh-parts-25-and-3-one-binary-ada-solver-and-ada-vfilter-implementation/#comment-153
diana_coman: bvt: answered but it's in modq