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asciilifeform: * feedbot has quit (Quit: ...) >> spyked ?
asciilifeform: BingoBoingo: neato
asciilifeform: !q uptime
snsabot: asciilifeform: time since my last reconnect : 38d 11h 1m
asciilifeform: ^ replacement bot.py is ready, gotta actually cycle it in when folx asleep...
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform, pretty cool
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform, qntra piece brings a great point to the fore, incidentally : the usg managed to implode its colonial posessions / colonial "influence sphere" in the new world JUST EXACTLY like the soviets managed three decades prior.
mircea_popescu: except THESE idiots have no "greater enemy" to "blame" for it.
mircea_popescu: they did it by themselves, for themselves, ~through being themselves~. JUST LIKE the other idiots.
mircea_popescu: just like all the other idiots ever, starting with every 4 year old. no, the chair isn't alive and didn't willingly trip you up.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: same as the brits did, neh. no one picked up an' walked way with india
mircea_popescu: well, the brits being a laughingstock surprises nobody.
spyked: asciilifeform, ty! bot's back on the line
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mircea_popescu: asciilifeform, this recent comments thing is immensely helpfull, now i can follow wtf
feedbot: http://trilema.com/2019/my-cacke-dough-is-bustin-at-the-trims/ << Trilema -- My cacke dough is bustin' at the trims.
mod6: mircea_popescu: Ok Sir, just re-encypted to mp_en_viaje for ya; http://paste.deedbot.org/?id=wTRb
asciilifeform: wb mod6 !
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: normally i get ~0 comments for weeks on end on my www; then in 1 day half dozen, and remembered 'could actually keep track if had recent-comments...'
mod6: hai asciilifeform :]
mod6: just stopped in for a moment, shall bbl.
mircea_popescu: mod6, http://paste.deedbot.org/?id=S14H
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2019/09/church-of-england-takes-bold-stand-against-pointed-kitchen-knives/ << Qntra -- Church of England Takes BOLD Stand Against Pointed Kitchen Knives
BingoBoingo: ^ In Airstrip One continuing to dehumanize to maximize the number of human lives
mircea_popescu: pretty lulzy shit. meanwhile dousing 12yos in gasoline pre-gangrape all halal still.
BingoBoingo: Well, the gasoline's potential danger incentives submission on the part of the doused. The knife point's potential danger has contexts where it could promote resistance.
mod6: mircea_popescu: http://paste.deedbot.org/?id=QF_3 (for mp_en_viaje)
feedbot: http://qntra.net/2019/09/nyse-parent-begins-trading-bitcoin-futures-introducing-new-volatility/ << Qntra -- NYSE Parent Begins Trading Bitcoin Futures Introducing New Volatility