▁▁▁▁⏐︎ 17726
mircea_popescu: lmao
dub: ;;bids 0
gribble: There are currently 31700037 bitcoins demanded at or over 0.0 USD, worth 11949260.2416 USD in total. | Data vintage: 0.0101 seconds
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 1 @ 1.185 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 1 @ 0.44 BTC [+]
Guest9327: hmm anyone know if the old blkXXX.dat files in ~/.bitcoin can be removed? they arent used anymore in 0.8 right? 0.8 uses the files in the ~/.bitcoin/blocks folder ?
topace: whoop sorry stupid guest
mircea_popescu: well... as with anything else in bitcoin, nobody really knows
mircea_popescu: try it out and see
topace: hahha
topace: indeed
topace: well the date/time on them are all last-updated when i did the 0.8 upgrade
topace: so im gonna assume safe
topace: and if its not, well itll just redownload
topace: fucking screwed up my backup system
topace: my nightly backups went from 400MB on the server, to like 10GB
jurov: Guest3893: I have removed them fine.
topace: jurov: that was me :)
jurov: haha ok.
jurov: just inquired by email if asset transfers between havelock users are possible?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.265 BTC [+]
topace: jurov: not automatically
topace: it'd be a manual push
jurov: so 10 BTC fee, too?
topace: request by email and i can do it
topace: hmmm
topace: 10 seems a bit steep at current rates eh
topace: even for havelock->mpex push
topace: i do plan on building an interface to do it locally between users
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assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 500 @ 0.00298 = 1.49 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 55 @ 0.00299 = 0.1645 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 143.00000, Best ask: 143.50000, Bid-ask spread: 0.50000, Last trade: 143.00000, 24 hour volume: 20022.34673600, 24 hour low: 139.54000, 24 hour high: 144.50000, 24 hour vwap: 142.27062
mircea_popescu: heh 20k. more like it.
meh: What exactly happens here?
mircea_popescu: bitcoin finance.
meh: So like stock trading?
mircea_popescu: yeah.
meh: Just out of curiosity, why does this site look so...old?
mircea_popescu: you're looking at irc through a web interface.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 5 @ 0.2924 = 1.462 BTC [+]
jurov: which site? mpex.co? yeah because it is
bowjob: this is the future
bowjob: everything is simplistic. lol
meh: I understand the ICR, but MPEX
mircea_popescu: whoa fuck me he actually did mean mpex
topace: hahaha
mircea_popescu: it looks old because it is old. like dragons
mircea_popescu: and other ancient evil.
meh: ahh, i see
bowjob: http://mpex.co/cherries2.png
bowjob: it comes with this pic
meh: easter egg much?
bgupta: sigh http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/9976524/Russians-most-interested-in-Bitcoin-searches-show.html
mircea_popescu: a little.
mircea_popescu: bgupta why sigh ?
assbot: [BTCTC] [SYNERGY] 1 @ 0.01998 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [SYNERGY] 2 @ 0.01999 = 0.04 BTC [+]
meh: while i'm still asking noobish questions. What's assbot?
meh: a bot that informs you?
mircea_popescu: yeah
topace: meh: informs of trades that happen on the various exchange sites
topace: you can find sites listed on http://bitcoin-assets.com
topace: most of them have tickers on assbot
mircea_popescu: meh you can also read http://trilema.com/2013/the-many-ways-available-for-talking-to-mpex/
topace: !ticker h vtx
assbot: [HAVELOCK:VTX] 1D: 0.40600000 / 0.4351875 / 0.44000000 (80 shares, 34.81499976 BTC), 7D: 0.36000000 / 0.49321213 / 0.61488800 (1250 shares, 616.51515803 BTC), 30D: 0.36000000 / 0.4346185 / 0.79900000 (13330 shares, 5793.46456825 BTC)
meh: This, this, seems like a nice idea
bgupta: Bubble/cyprus/russians.. sartng to think we may infact be de for a serious correction..
bgupta: damn computer is dropping chars. prolly ned to restart IRC clin
mircea_popescu: bgupta how does russians - > correction follow ?
bowjob: he means upwards
jurov: cause putins says so
mircea_popescu: correction upward ? we've not been on a downtrend since last year
mircea_popescu: topace you run him btw ?
jurov: anyon knows how easy is for russian to buy btc? i guess sepa isn't accessible there
topace: mircea_popescu: yes
mircea_popescu: you publish reports somewherre ?
topace: yea on the financials tab on the site
topace: just html
mircea_popescu: jurov sure it is. all their cash is in london nao
bgupta: ok.. we'll see.. anyway gota run go eat. shld be iteresting.
mircea_popescu: topace mind linking the lazy ?
topace: https://www.havelockinvestments.com/fund.php?symbol=HIM
topace: click financials
topace: (its javascripted tabs)
topace: oh shit that reminds me, i never published last months yet
topace: crap
topace: ill do that tomrroww
topace: gotta run now
topace: bachelor party for friend
topace: 2 hour drive away
topace: and they're already half drunk
mircea_popescu: mk
mircea_popescu: this is a cashflow statement, was looking for a balancesheet
topace: there's almosta year's worth of reports there now tho :)
topace: oh
topace: its under fund reports
topace: at the top of the page
mircea_popescu: a ok
topace: but only quarterly
topace: statement of net assets
topace: not exactly a balance sheet
topace: but close
mircea_popescu: ok well... i'm confused now. net assets 1.6k btc, and 3k shares outstanding
topace: well talk tomorrow or monday
mircea_popescu: do these 1.1k btc worth of mining gear correspond to a 22gh/s mining farm ?
topace: ill be in the office all day monday
mircea_popescu: alrighty.
meh: So somehow I found myself in the ICR chat with some of the top bitcoin players?
mircea_popescu: yes.
mircea_popescu: and its irc not icr
meh: Whops, slip of the keyboard but awesome.
mircea_popescu: jurov anyway, isn't the novacoin exchange russian ?
bowjob: yeah, this is the new world order
meh: If I was thinking about investing somewhere where would you recommend at such a time in bitcoins history?
bowjob: after the great crash
mircea_popescu: prolly your best bet is to lurk here.
bowjob: wait
jurov: don't know about novacoin
bowjob: i interpreted the question wrong
meh: Not invest into bitcoins, but bitcoins stocks
mircea_popescu: yes meh. lurk here a few weeks, you'll get a handle of what's what, can proceed from there.
meh: Works for me!
jurov: meh also try reading the prospects and do some P/E calculations
bowjob: you missed some great moments.. like someone fat fingering $80k
meh: I guess I was already doing P/E calculations without knowing what they were called. and great moments? $80K?
bowjob: someone sold lots of satoshi dice shares at 1/10th of their price accidentally, worth about 80k at the time
assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 50 @ 0.003 = 0.15 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 30 @ 0.00309 = 0.0927 BTC [+]
bowjob: it was a fat finger mistake, missed an extra zero
assbot: [BTCTC] [CRYPTO-TRADE] 5 @ 0.2 = 1 BTC [+]
meh: That's sad and awesome at the same time.
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7799 BTC [+]
jurov: anyone saw ? http://www.thebitcointrader.com/2013/04/torbroker-silk-road-of-stock-brokers.html
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 4 @ 0.78 = 3.12 BTC [+]
jurov: also, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=159237.msg1745116#msg1745116
assbot: [BTCTC] [PAJKA.BOND] 1 @ 0.106 BTC [+]
bowjob: Ooh. 1 ton of gold seized at border crossing
mircea_popescu: jurov saw it in yest's suymmaries, didn't think anything of it
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thestringpuller: !ticker m S.DICE
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thestringpuller: !ticker m S.MPOE
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thestringpuller: !ticker m ^OIX
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pgp: nice to see a quite weekend and rock steady USD/BTC rate...
pgp: quiet
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KRS1: too quiet
kakobrekla: BAM!
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meh: Wait, wait, wait. I was talking to the owner of MPEX?
guruvan: In presence of celebrity
Ukto: meh: and you didnt get his autograph???
guruvan: irc autographs are teh best
thestringpuller: HAHAHAHAHA
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MJR_III: ;;bc,24hprc
gribble: 141.03
thestringpuller: oh it works again?
thestringpuller: ;;seen smickles
gribble: smickles was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 2 days, 7 hours, 23 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <smickles> a bitcoin atm could be the easiest way to send money to a friend, each of you just goes to an atm
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thestringpuller: !ticker m S.BBET
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MJR_III: ;;goxlag
gribble: MtGox lag is 0 seconds. During this time, light travels 0.0 AU. You could have sent a bitcoin ... nowhere, really (0 AU).
mircea_popescu: http://www.troll.me/images/conspiracy-keanu/what-if-the-government-was-replaced-by-idiots-and-were-all-on-a-game-show-to-see-how-long-we-can-tolerate-it.jpg
kakobrekla: nice
kakobrekla: possibly true
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kakobrekla: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 143.22300, Best ask: 143.48899, Bid-ask spread: 0.26599, Last trade: 143.48899, 24 hour volume: 17917.72892032, 24 hour low: 139.54000, 24 hour high: 143.90000, 24 hour vwap: 142.12441
kakobrekla: ;;calc 18000*143
gribble: 2574000
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 4 @ 0.78 = 3.12 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.30969999 BTC [+]
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kakobrekla: https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/528464_10151846460759966_1261528900_n.jpg
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kakobrekla: accually the gangam resemblce is what i find funny
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7701 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.DICE-PT] 1 @ 0.00428 BTC [+]
kakobrekla: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 142.80000, Best ask: 143.20998, Bid-ask spread: 0.40998, Last trade: 144.00000, 24 hour volume: 18593.38989175, 24 hour low: 139.54000, 24 hour high: 143.99800, 24 hour vwap: 142.21853
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kakobrekla: hi ian_
kakobrekla: heres a long shot, is your second name Bakewell? :)
ian_: nope
kakobrekla: I bet thats what he'd say.
ian_: :-)
mircea_popescu: lol
assbot: [BTCTC] [B.YABMC] 1 @ 0.01799 BTC [+]
Bugpowder: ;;bida 0
gribble: Error: "bida" is not a valid command.
Bugpowder: ;;bida 0
gribble: Error: "bida" is not a valid command.
Bugpowder: ;;bids 0
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 12 @ 0.429 = 5.148 BTC [-]
jborkl: getting gigabit internet service soon here
mircea_popescu: good for you
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assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C143T] 600 @ 0.20602864 = 123.6172 BTC
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bitesak: ;;bids 100
gribble: There are currently 53436.112 bitcoins demanded at or over 100.0 USD, worth 6493178.89294 USD in total. | Data vintage: 80.4188 seconds
bitesak: ;;asks 200
gribble: There are currently 26949.497 bitcoins offered at or under 200.0 USD, worth 4498414.43946 USD in total. | Data vintage: 91.4832 seconds
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assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.75007 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.741 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 145.44452, Best ask: 145.45000, Bid-ask spread: 0.00548, Last trade: 145.44452, 24 hour volume: 18564.53534544, 24 hour low: 141.10000, 24 hour high: 145.45000, 24 hour vwap: 143.50361
mircea_popescu: i hope gox is enjoying the 20k a day volumes lol.
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.739 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 18 @ 0.739 = 13.302 BTC [-]
taub: not sure if it's gox fault or just lack of trading overall
taub: it has been very very calm the last days
taub: but I guess everything is calm after a 50% rise
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.739 BTC [-]
taub: and it has been this calm/low volume between the last big breakouts soon, so
taub: they'll make up for it
mircea_popescu: <taub> but I guess everything is calm after a 50% rise << ahahah
mircea_popescu: mno, the danger after the 50% rise is the 500% rise following.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 2794 @ 0.00068716 = 1.9199 BTC [-]
taub: going for the breakout
taub: i'm not sure if its the constant lag or what, btu the excitement of the depth also was really slow, maybe it was just lack of activity in general
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 92 @ 0.00301847 = 0.2777 BTC [+]
bgupta: ;;goxlag
gribble: MtGox lag is 0 seconds. During this time, light travels 0.0 AU. You could have sent a bitcoin ... nowhere, really (0 AU).
bgupta: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 145.70001, Best ask: 145.99999, Bid-ask spread: 0.29998, Last trade: 145.59002, 24 hour volume: 18957.34005147, 24 hour low: 141.10000, 24 hour high: 146.30000, 24 hour vwap: 143.56917
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assbot: [BTCTC] [BASIC-MINING] 3 @ 0.39 = 1.17 BTC [+]
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error4733: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 147.00000, Best ask: 147.85000, Bid-ask spread: 0.85000, Last trade: 147.85000, 24 hour volume: 19484.53263950, 24 hour low: 141.10000, 24 hour high: 146.75100, 24 hour vwap: 143.65784
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C143T] 1000 @ 0.20696119 = 206.9612 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.739 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: so apparently vircurex was hacked.
FabianB: ah, and looks like central will resume trading tomorrow
mircea_popescu: yeah. seems indeed they were telling the truth and balances unaffected.
mircea_popescu: but they did lose something with that free wallet thing
FabianB: they are not telling how much
FabianB: but maybe they are insured to a degree by their bank partner
FabianB: online wallets are a bad idea anyway
FabianB: both to provide them as well as to use them
mircea_popescu: yeah on the last part
mircea_popescu: im pretty sure they're not insured on the wallet.
mircea_popescu: ;;eauth mircea_popescu
gribble: Request successful for user mircea_popescu, hostmask mircea_popescu!~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu. Get your encrypted OTP from http://bitcoin-otc.com/otps/8A736F0E2FB7B452
mircea_popescu: ;;everify freenode:#bitcoin-otc:58a353388cb9a0606e43d0bf489ed36b29bb910345d158127b7504e8
gribble: You are now authenticated for user mircea_popescu with key 8A736F0E2FB7B452
mircea_popescu: ;;unrate kumala
gribble: Successfully removed your rating for kumala.
assbot: [BTCTC] [BITVPS] 1 @ 0.00131 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=165500.0;all
mircea_popescu: that shit;'s so funny
assbot: [BTCTC] [PAJKA.BOND] 1 @ 0.106 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [BITVPS] 1 @ 0.00131 BTC [-]
ChaangNoi: ath on a saturday?
ChaangNoi: what day is it?
ChaangNoi: hell its sunday here
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: has someone opened a scamtag thread for that guy?
ChaangNoi: every time i come here its daed? everyone buy out silk road or something?
mircea_popescu: Diablo-D3 which one, coinjedi ?
Diablo-D3: whoever runs that betting site
ChaangNoi: d3 you saw matthew is no longer a scammer? lol
mircea_popescu: yeah, the very thread is dedicated to scamtagging the site owner and luke
ChaangNoi: coinjed or something
Diablo-D3: oh it is in the scammer subforum
ChaangNoi: why is luke getting tagged in that drama?
ChaangNoi: what did he do?
Diablo-D3: ChaangNoi: because he works for BFL now
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 5 @ 0.000649 = 0.0032 BTC [+]
ChaangNoi: oh
mircea_popescu: ChaangNoi well... shilling
mircea_popescu: he's not very good at it either.
ChaangNoi: hmm
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: well apparently they're paying him in units
ChaangNoi: neither is inaba
Diablo-D3: thus he doesnt qualify as a shill
ChaangNoi: no one at bfl does anything well that i can tell
Diablo-D3: hes an employee.
ChaangNoi: ;;asks 150
gribble: There are currently 5227.766 bitcoins offered at or under 150.0 USD, worth 780813.315661 USD in total. | Data vintage: 0.0012 seconds
mircea_popescu: lmao "paying him in units"
ChaangNoi: this sunday rally is shocking...
mircea_popescu: jesus incredible how stupid people can be
mircea_popescu: ChaangNoi heh. people think they have things figured out.
mircea_popescu: as it turns out, they never do.
ChaangNoi: :)
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: luke basically admitted it
Diablo-D3: so w/e
mircea_popescu: but it's ridiculious lol. what units.
Diablo-D3: well thats the thing
Diablo-D3: no units are ever going to exist
ChaangNoi: 149 is an ath right?
Diablo-D3: so I wonder what luke think hes going to get
mircea_popescu: if you're gonna shill for scammers, at least don't : a. be as stupid as gigavps, shilling for pirate and being paid in "reputation"
ChaangNoi: been traveling
mircea_popescu: b. be as stupid as lukejr, shilling for bfl being paid in "units"
mircea_popescu: get paid in cash. btc, that's what it's for.
Diablo-D3: man
ChaangNoi: or btc...
Diablo-D3: maybe I can get people to shill for me
ChaangNoi: ill shill for btc
mircea_popescu: heh.
Diablo-D3: Ill pay them in rack space at the DMC DC.
mircea_popescu: Diablo-D3 probably should start a nigerian bride service
ChaangNoi: i shill ltc, that seemed to work out so far, lol
mircea_popescu: pay the dorks in nigerian brides.
ChaangNoi: nigerian/? lol
Diablo-D3: why nigerian?
ChaangNoi: ill send you 100's of s.e.a. girls
mircea_popescu: Diablo-D3 i dunno i just picked something
ChaangNoi: hot thai girl is worth 50 very hot nigerians
mircea_popescu: ChaangNoi black chicks have bigger tits
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: oh yes they do
ChaangNoi: true
mircea_popescu: i dunno, it was random, could have said cambodian
Diablo-D3: just want to smother yourself in them
ChaangNoi: im not a huge tit guy however
ChaangNoi: some guys are
Diablo-D3: Im a medium tit guy.
ChaangNoi: huge tits come with large ass...
Diablo-D3: anything bigger than D is just what.
mircea_popescu: just for you then, medium tit guy : http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ls6yiwUk9S1qbj7slo1_500.jpg
ChaangNoi: im very much a small ass guy so i deal with normal sized tits
Diablo-D3: now see, the best part of a woamn
Diablo-D3: the hips
ChaangNoi: not hard to find Cs here
mircea_popescu: i like big tits, but i would say Cs count.
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: man, whatever happened to women with wide hips
Diablo-D3: like, the ones from the 60s
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C143T] 715 @ 0.20885915 = 149.3343 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: they're all locked in my basement.
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 10 @ 0.1499 = 1.499 BTC [+]
Diablo-D3: well thats not very fair
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 100 @ 0.00065754 = 0.0658 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: ha! shush commie.
mircea_popescu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=130947.msg1758226#msg1758226
mircea_popescu: eskimo bob loses 99.x% of NAV
mircea_popescu: pretty funnay.
Diablo-D3: WOAH
Diablo-D3: eskimobob is back?
mircea_popescu: well, he had that genius plan of buying kilns in ltc
mircea_popescu: ltc he bought kilns with was 0.02
mircea_popescu: ltc now is 4.x
mircea_popescu: suprisingly enough, the value of a kiln hasn't moved much in the interval
mircea_popescu: or, for that matter, since about 5400 BC.
Diablo-D3: a kiln?
Diablo-D3: as in, a oven you bake pottery in?
punkman: a very hot oven
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.739 BTC [-]
dust-otc: ouch
jurov: should have built it himself from stones and mud
jurov: maybe he'll get some volunteers too, such things are deemed cool
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 2 @ 0.739 = 1.478 BTC [-]
ChaangNo_: ohmfg 14000 waiting in the gox line????
ChaangNo_: fuck me
ChaangNo_: that is why we have an ath on a sunday
ChaangNo_: who wants to buy some calls on my behalf?
assbot: [BTCTC] [CRYPTO-TRADE] 2 @ 0.2 = 0.4 BTC [+]
ChaangNo_: what is the price of a 225 call?
jurov: where? there is no such thing on mpex yet
ChaangNo_: damn
jurov: lol, had too look up just to check mp didn't add them
ChaangNo_: what is the highest call?
jurov: 200
ChaangNo_: happen to have the price on hand?
ChaangNo_: iv never used his site
jurov: u can go to mpex.co?
ChaangNo_: yeah i will
jurov: !ticker m O.USD.C200T
assbot: [MPEX:O.USD.C200T] 1D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC), 7D: / / ( shares, BTC), 30D: 0.05079251 / 0.05079251 / 0.05079251 (200 shares, 10.16 BTC)
jurov: !depth m O.USD.C200T
jurov: $depth O.USD.C200T
mpexbot: jurov: O.USD.C200T Bids: ['1000 @ 2e-08']
mpexbot: jurov: Asks: ['1000 @ 0.0821222']
jurov: yup here we go
jurov: lol the bidprice is so telling
jurov: cya later
ChaangNo_: lol im not sure what im even looking at, and i used to trade gold options
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 60 @ 0.00301847 = 0.1811 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: Diablo-D3 yes. exacrtly.
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: for what?
mircea_popescu: for burning pottery with his burned out pothead friends ?
mircea_popescu: i have no idea.
mircea_popescu: ChaangNo_ you pay .082122etc btc for the dollar value of 1 btc over 200
ChaangNo_: ahh
ChaangNo_: thats why i did not get it, you had fiat in there
ChaangNo_: so about $16 a contract
ChaangNo_: (assuming $200)
mircea_popescu: i don't follow.
ChaangNo_: so like $219ish to break even just doing the maths in my head
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 200 / (1 - .82)
gribble: 1111.11111111
ChaangNo_: what does the price need to be for me to break even at that price?
mircea_popescu: um
mircea_popescu: ;;calc 200 / (1 - .082)
gribble: 217.864923747
mircea_popescu: 217.8
ChaangNo_: okay so i was a bit off, but close for doing it in my head
mircea_popescu: yeh
ChaangNo_: hmm, yeah we might get that but ill pass,
mircea_popescu: real easy to calc, strike / (1 - premium) for calls
mircea_popescu: strike / (1 + premium) for puts
ChaangNo_: oh it expires the 27th?
mircea_popescu: yes.
ChaangNo_: hmmm
ChaangNo_: okay ill buy a handful if anyone will do it for me, as i dont have an account
mircea_popescu: you can open a coinbr.com one
ChaangNo_: i wont tonight, but might tomorrow
ChaangNo_: too much to do :/ if the price is about the same i might do it tomorrow
mircea_popescu: well if it's not you might do it the day after
mircea_popescu: not like they're going anywhere
ChaangNo_: yeah, i will look into it, iv been traveling and dead tired
ChaangNo_: and have ot go out again soon
ChaangNo_: tomorrow ill have some downtime i hope
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 16 @ 0.000649 = 0.0104 BTC [+]
ChaangNo_: the 14,000 in the gox line is such a bullish sign, as is new ATH on a sunday
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C140T] 400 @ 0.21982575 = 87.9303 BTC
ChaangNo_: ;;calc 9140/ (1-.2198)
gribble: 11714.9448859
ChaangNo_: ;;calc 140/ (1-.2198)
gribble: 179.441168931
ChaangNo_: hmm
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7779 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: so here's a basic improvement to current asic hardware : you only need to compute the 2nd hash digit if the 1st came out as 0
mircea_popescu: if it didn't... you skip to increasing the nonce.
mircea_popescu: it's mind boggling to me that nobody has so far implemented this.
Scrat: mircea_popescu: I dont think you understand how the hash is computed
mircea_popescu: possibly. enlighten me ?
Scrat: and the check is only done in the end, the difference is trivial
Scrat: ping Diablo-D3
mircea_popescu: why would you compute the whole thing ?
mircea_popescu: it's trivial if you're thinking software. as far as the chip goes, it has to be actually etched on the chip.
Diablo-D3: Scrat: what.
Scrat: the hash block size is the minimum divisible entity in the hash afaik, it's the smallest unit that you can compute
Diablo-D3: oh
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: GPU kernels ALREADY only check the first number, H
mircea_popescu: Diablo-D3 i was talking asics
Diablo-D3: asics can do the same thing
Diablo-D3: they just dont
mircea_popescu: CAN being the key word.
Scrat: Diablo-D3: check vs compute
Scrat: big difference
Diablo-D3: Scrat: well
mircea_popescu: is exactly what i'm saying. could push up energy effuiciency what, 50%
Diablo-D3: the problem with asics are
Diablo-D3: you waste ROOM not time
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: oh no, not at all
mircea_popescu: you waste power too
Diablo-D3: to do it unoptimized, you do 128 rounds
Diablo-D3: to do it optimized, you do ~112
mircea_popescu: hm
mircea_popescu: you only get 10% ?
Diablo-D3: basically.
mircea_popescu: usure better optimisation wouldn't give you a ~68 ?
Diablo-D3: uh, you need to learn how mining works bro
mircea_popescu: prolly.
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: people have done static analysis on the process already
mircea_popescu: and ?
Diablo-D3: you cant save much because its a crypto hash.
Diablo-D3: it really is as secure as they say it is
mircea_popescu: still, research in this field is very valuable
mircea_popescu: as it will be our first line of warning to hash weakness
mircea_popescu: the fact that asicvendors can optimise towards 50%
deadweasel: ;;ticker
Diablo-D3: you skip some steps at the start because its identical for that set of 2**32 nonces (its precomputed on the cpu and you send the state variables to the kenrel/asic/whatever)
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 149.90000, Best ask: 149.97999, Bid-ask spread: 0.07999, Last trade: 149.90000, 24 hour volume: 26217.06280203, 24 hour low: 141.10000, 24 hour high: 149.00000, 24 hour vwap: 145.13057
deadweasel: nice
deadweasel: 150 on a sunday? i hope so
Diablo-D3: you skip the last few steps because you only need H
Diablo-D3: and H is finished first
Diablo-D3: (then G, F, E, D, C, B, A)
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: you cant optimize it usefully
Scrat: Diablo-D3: so you skip the final permutation step because you can check for the first few bytes
Diablo-D3: Scrat: the last few steps yes
Scrat: but is it really 128 vs 112?
Diablo-D3: its roughly 112
Diablo-D3: at the start you can precompute parts of several rounds but still have to perform the rounds
mircea_popescu: Diablo-D3 im just saying, suppose somebody somehow DOES manage to optimise it.
Diablo-D3: mircea_popescu: btw, basically what you're describing is an attack on SHA256
mircea_popescu: i'm aware.
Diablo-D3: which doesn't exist, theoretically or otherwise
mircea_popescu: doesn't mean shouldn't be worked on. by us, preferably.
Scrat: Diablo-D3: is the gain 10%? because you're adding quite a few jumps
Diablo-D3: Scrat: I made more gains out of DiabloMiner doing OTHER tricks
Diablo-D3: Scrat: the precomputed parts of the beginning allow me to do more in parallel for example
Diablo-D3: on asics its going to be less of an importance
Diablo-D3: btw, if they're using a sea of rolled cores, they can already terminate the last 7 rounds
Diablo-D3: they just dont do them
ChaangNo_: walls down bitches
ChaangNo_: ;;asks 150
gribble: There are currently 609.96465 bitcoins offered at or under 150.0 USD, worth 91494.697263 USD in total. | Data vintage: 107.2627 seconds
bitesak: indeed
mircea_popescu: ;;goxlag
Diablo-D3: Scrat: I spent about 5 days straight, 16 hours a day, optimizing DM's current kenrel
gribble: MtGox lag is 12.944595 seconds. During this time, light travels 0.0259408234451 AU. You could have sent a bitcoin ten times between Earth and Moon (0.0257 AU).
ChaangNo_: ;;asks 151
gribble: There are currently 599.86303 bitcoins offered at or under 151.0 USD, worth 90105.2013641 USD in total. | Data vintage: 33.9313 seconds
Diablo-D3: Scrat: it was not fun. it was not easy.
ChaangNo_: muhahaha 200 here we come
bitesak: it's getting nearly impressive
ChaangNo_: ;;asks 155
gribble: There are currently 1579.7787 bitcoins offered at or under 155.0 USD, worth 240784.985216 USD in total. | Data vintage: 50.6103 seconds
bitesak: :)
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C140T] 1000 @ 0.22189328 = 221.8933 BTC [+]
ChaangNo_: we hit 154
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C143T] 1000 @ 0.21093758 = 210.9376 BTC [+]
ChaangNo_: on a sunday
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C149T] 1000 @ 0.19075632 = 190.7563 BTC
Diablo-D3: Scrat: I even wrote a SSA compiler in perl that optimizes for parallel execution that you feed it opencl and get opencl
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C146T] 1000 @ 0.20058142 = 200.5814 BTC
Scrat: Diablo-D3: yeah, significant gains other than that would imply a weakening of sha256
Diablo-D3: exactly
mircea_popescu: $avg ^oix
Diablo-D3: hell, we're already shaving off 64 rounds
Diablo-D3: hmac sha256 on 80 bytes does 192 rounds
mircea_popescu: $vwap ^oix
mpexbot: mircea_popescu: ^OIX 1 day: no data 7 day: average: 119.71467145 high: 153.05972645 low: 104.18044961 volume: 29193 btc: 11933.4892166 30 day: no data
Diablo-D3: we do the first 64 on the cpu, precompute everything we can for the second 64, and then skip the last 7 steps of the last 64
Diablo-D3: NOW
Diablo-D3: NOW
Diablo-D3: on asics
Diablo-D3: if you're doing rolled cores
Diablo-D3: you CANNOT precompute any part of the beginning
Diablo-D3: because that takes more room on the chip
bitesak: it's nice to see the bid price on Call options rising
Diablo-D3: and you want the cores as small and as stupid as possible so you can pack more onto the chip
Diablo-D3: what costs money is NOT electricity
Diablo-D3: its chip density
Diablo-D3: each chip is very expensive to produce, it needs tso hash as fast as possible
Diablo-D3: ANYTHING that makes it slower, no matter if its technically an optimization or not, is verboten
ChaangNo_: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 152.55000, Best ask: 153.00000, Bid-ask spread: 0.45000, Last trade: 152.55000, 24 hour volume: 29167.67662843, 24 hour low: 141.10000, 24 hour high: 154.00000, 24 hour vwap: 145.70414
Diablo-D3: ASIC optimization is not like GPU optimization
Diablo-D3: in GPUs we dont decide how the chip is laid out so we try to make th ebest use of it
Diablo-D3: on ASICs, we decide the layout
ChaangNo_: ;;asks 160
gribble: There are currently 2447.8068 bitcoins offered at or under 160.0 USD, worth 385530.858307 USD in total. | Data vintage: 68.6515 seconds
ChaangNo_: ;;asks 175
gribble: There are currently 9233.7121 bitcoins offered at or under 175.0 USD, worth 1535430.41877 USD in total. | Data vintage: 82.7095 seconds
ChaangNo_: pretty sure more than 1.5 million usd will hit the market next week
ThickAsThieves: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 153.00000, Best ask: 153.58998, Bid-ask spread: 0.58998, Last trade: 153.58999, 24 hour volume: 30061.67247586, 24 hour low: 141.10000, 24 hour high: 154.00000, 24 hour vwap: 145.95625
ThickAsThieves: mornin!
ThickAsThieves: 154 on a sunday, heh
anarchy5: ChaangNo_: you can bet your ass on it, my friend is number 13630 in the verification queue lol
ChaangNo_: yeah no kidding
anarchy5: @mtgox
anarchy5: that should tell you enough
ThickAsThieves: ''bids
ChaangNo_: we could see 225 easy this week
ThickAsThieves: ;;bids 0
gribble: There are currently 31169744 bitcoins demanded at or over 0.0 USD, worth 11568570.0482 USD in total. | Data vintage: 114.3914 seconds
ChaangNo_: ;;asks 225
gribble: There are currently 20470.759 bitcoins offered at or under 225.0 USD, worth 3665049.412 USD in total. | Data vintage: 0.0017 seconds
anarchy5: thats at least several thousand people wanting to wire huge amounts of money
ThickAsThieves: ;;asks 159
gribble: There are currently 1744.9707 bitcoins offered at or under 159.0 USD, worth 272416.846437 USD in total. | Data vintage: 21.3470 seconds
ThickAsThieves: ;;asks 165
gribble: There are currently 4250.6917 bitcoins offered at or under 165.0 USD, worth 678554.100851 USD in total. | Data vintage: 37.7185 seconds
ChaangNo_: not even 1 m usd to 165 lol
ChaangNo_: well im off to dinner peace
ThickAsThieves: $avg
mpexbot: ThickAsThieves: 144.11
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 5 @ 0.000649 = 0.0032 BTC [+]
ThickAsThieves: ;;nethash
gribble: 59095.4517665
ThickAsThieves: ;;estimate
gribble: Next difficulty estimate | 9035656.70557 based on data since last change | 8255413.27355 based on data for last three days
ThickAsThieves: ;;bc.stats
gribble: Error: "bc.stats" is not a valid command.
ThickAsThieves: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 230120 | Current Difficulty: 7672999.920164138 | Next Difficulty At Block: 231839 | Next Difficulty In: 1719 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 3 days, 5 hours, 34 minutes, and 17 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 9035656.70557 | Estimated Percent Change: 17.75911
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 3 @ 0.000601 = 0.0018 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 1 @ 0.000601 BTC [-]
ThickAsThieves: 155
ThickAsThieves: ;;asks 159
gribble: There are currently 2082.1976 bitcoins offered at or under 159.0 USD, worth 323973.73347 USD in total. | Data vintage: 57.7730 seconds
ThickAsThieves: ;;goxlag
gribble: MtGox lag is 67.013025 seconds. During this time, light travels 0.134293351785 AU. You could have sent a bitcoin ten times between Jupiter and Callisto (0.12567 AU).
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 1 @ 0.000601 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C122T] 15 @ 0.30377875 = 4.5567 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 10 @ 0.000649 = 0.0065 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 10 @ 0.000601 = 0.006 BTC [-]
ThickAsThieves: 156
ThickAsThieves: 157
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 1 @ 0.000649 BTC [+]
ThickAsThieves: ;;goxlag
gribble: MtGox lag is 107.523063 seconds. During this time, light travels 0.215475014364 AU. You could have sent a bitcoin between Earth and Venus at their closest approach (0.254 AU).
ThickAsThieves: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 155.00000, Best ask: 156.94419, Bid-ask spread: 1.94419, Last trade: 155.00000, 24 hour volume: 31538.74456478, 24 hour low: 141.10000, 24 hour high: 154.00000, 24 hour vwap: 146.28584
assbot: [BTCTC] [BTC-GOLD] 4 @ 0.01 = 0.04 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.DICE-PT] 1 @ 0.0044 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 2 @ 0.777 = 1.554 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.777 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [BTC-BOND] 1 @ 0.01 BTC [+]
MJR__: hi all
MJR__: ;;bc,24hprc
gribble: 145.30
MJR__: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 155.00000, Best ask: 155.19999, Bid-ask spread: 0.19999, Last trade: 155.00000, 24 hour volume: 33890.45484523, 24 hour low: 141.10000, 24 hour high: 157.00000, 24 hour vwap: 147.00146
MJR__: volume is super low
MJR__: ;;bids 0
gribble: There are currently 31163186 bitcoins demanded at or over 0.0 USD, worth 11546304.8383 USD in total. | Data vintage: 54.2963 seconds
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 1 @ 0.14 BTC [-]
taub: http://blog.nus.edu.sg/lsm2251student/files/2010/04/24017-004-98EF07A1.jpg not bitcoin related but fucking awesome
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 1 @ 0.138 BTC [-]
deadweasel: don't like figs. like em less now
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 3 @ 0.00301847 = 0.0091 BTC [+]
error4733: !ticker m s.dice
assbot: [MPEX:S.DICE] 1D: 0.00276111 / 0.00320012 / 0.003333 (11015 shares, 35.25 BTC), 7D: 0.00276111 / 0.00320957 / 0.00419788 (538525 shares, 1,728.44 BTC), 30D: 0.00276111 / 0.00364711 / 0.006 (1631973 shares, 5,951.99 BTC)
taub: mircea_popescu: are the bots losses big yet?
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 1 @ 0.1499 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: lol
ThickAsThieves: bots are probably that bad yet, I think there have been a fair amount of buys that haven't broke even yet.
mircea_popescu: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 155.01201, Best ask: 155.95871, Bid-ask spread: 0.94670, Last trade: 155.95871, 24 hour volume: 33977.68618309, 24 hour low: 141.31000, 24 hour high: 157.00000, 24 hour vwap: 147.18995
mircea_popescu: what, not even 500 yet ?
ThickAsThieves: i know right
error4733: middle of summer
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 250 @ 0.00301847 = 0.7546 BTC [+]
MJR__: prob
MJR__: 200 at month end
MJR__: 500 by August...
ThickAsThieves: i'm thinking 185 at end of option period
MJR__: we'll see, but I think this will be known as the summer of bitcoin
MJR__: we will see many things launched in San Jose in may
ThickAsThieves: hopefully not because it was a saprk, a flame, and a cloud of smoke
MJR__: many will fail
ThickAsThieves: spark*
MJR__: some will succeed
MJR__: ThickAsThieves: I hope not also
error4733: M157
MJR__: and while I don't want it to grow too fast, it's no ones to control
MJR__: and now seems to be the time...
ThickAsThieves: rising this quickly is totally ponzi mode, so increasing risk of people left holding the bag
MJR__: I think in 2016, monetary policy will be big during elections
MJR__: and I predict bitcoin will be mentioned during debates
ThickAsThieves: could be
ThickAsThieves: its appalling how little the average person cares about inflation, etc
MJR__: ThickAsThieves: it is ponzi mode EXCEPT that believing makes it true in some ways
ThickAsThieves: "just the way it is"
ThickAsThieves: until less people believe than do, and cash outs snowball
MJR__: Ron Paul runs as libertarian 3rd party
MJR__: people actually listen
ThickAsThieves: nah
ThickAsThieves: 3rd party aint happening yet
MJR__: he won't come close to winning
ThickAsThieves: not without some bigger change
MJR__: but he may get +10%
MJR__: and I also think that big change is coming
ThickAsThieves: i think social media has come a long way, and a 3rd party might indeed be able to "go viral"
MJR__: it's not going to be pretty
MJR__: I think there is a bolus of cash making its way to the markets...once it clogs that...embolism of the economy
ThickAsThieves: ATH
ThickAsThieves: 157.5
ThickAsThieves: ;;asks 159.99
gribble: There are currently 1373.9347 bitcoins offered at or under 159.99 USD, worth 218473.092151 USD in total. | Data vintage: 0.0010 seconds
MJR__: no one sees that QE hasn't hit the markets yet. the money is sitting in accounts, but is not widely distributed
MJR__: at least most of it
MJR__: think about it...how can I keep printing so fast, and prices are relatively stable?
MJR__: the banks which are selling the debt are not lending and spending...cuz they don't need to
MJR__: same as the bailout
ThickAsThieves: i dont know enough about how such things work, but I suppose it's at least possible for there to be a macro economy that encompasses much of newly printed money
MJR__: they gave them money to lend, but they didn't...credit crunch was worse
ThickAsThieves: in the end it would still result in inflation though
MJR__: I think the fed is depressing the price of gold
MJR__: using cheap fiat
MJR__: once that becomes unsustainable
MJR__: you'll see a run on the dollar, and into gold
ThickAsThieves: and bitcoin
deadweasel: they are
MJR__: yes exactly
ThickAsThieves: you watch Parks and Recreation?
MJR__: all those effects will magnify the inflation
MJR__: and prices will go up severely
MJR__: for consumers
MJR__: THAT'S when they'll care
MJR__: I do watch P&R
ThickAsThieves: Ron Swanson had a funny scene where he says he doesnt know how much gold he has except in wait, and oh some palladium too
ThickAsThieves: weight*
ThickAsThieves: hehe
MJR__: I saw that yesterday!
MJR__: I don't know how much money I have
MJR__: but I know how many pounds of money I have
punkman: better than weightless paper
ThickAsThieves: paper has weight
ThickAsThieves: ;)
kakobrekla: url to swanson vid?
punkman: I like Jack Offerman
punkman: makes things out of wood with his hands
punkman: and still has time to act
MJR__: so I could see gold hitting 2k/oz
ThickAsThieves: it JUST aired kako, not sure where it would be online other than dl'ing latest ep
kakobrekla: ah the last ep.
kakobrekla: ill see it then.
punkman: wait, I meant Nick Offerman
punkman: https://www.facebook.com/OffermanWoodshop
MJR__: http://youtu.be/l_3_9zK4y-Q here's a Ron Swanson gold quote
kakobrekla: hehe http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=237735892946898&set=a.237734052947082.61290.235639199823234&type=1&relevant_count=1
MJR__: but not the one from thur
assbot: [BTCTC] [CRYPTO-TRADE] 50 @ 0.2 = 10 BTC [+]
kakobrekla: or have I? :)
kakobrekla: lmao
MJR__: hehehe
MJR__: hmmm Ron Swanson mentioning bitcoin? love of anonymity, but dislike of tech...
MJR__: good long term BBET maybe
MJR__: also mentioned during 2016 debates is a good one
MJR__: first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 3100 @ 0.00065754 = 2.0384 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 5250 @ 0.00066418 = 3.4869 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 4750 @ 0.00066566 = 3.1619 BTC [+]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 3 @ 1.19 = 3.57 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 40 @ 0.003 = 0.12 BTC [-]
ThickAsThieves: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 156.00000, Best ask: 157.99900, Bid-ask spread: 1.99900, Last trade: 156.00000, 24 hour volume: 36710.60460093, 24 hour low: 141.40000, 24 hour high: 159.00000, 24 hour vwap: 148.07204
mircea_popescu: <MJR__> ThickAsThieves: it is ponzi mode << no it's not.
mircea_popescu: no sentiment based thing can take 4 days off
mircea_popescu: bitcoin did.
MJR__: lol I didn't mean it that way...context
jurov: mircea btw, are there new options with higher strikes planned? or at opex soonest?
mircea_popescu: a, i can add more at any time
bgupta: ThickAsThieves: "They" got a chance to buy back in, so it can rally a bit now.
mircea_popescu: The online betting Web site Intrade, which gained widespread notice for serving as a predictions platform for elections and events not related to sports, is facing liquidation because of a $700,000 cash shortfall, a development that comes a month after it halted trading and froze its customer accounts.
mircea_popescu: Intrade’s director, Ronald Bernstein, said in a statement that the shortfall resulted from unspecified actions by two other parties, whom he did not name.
mircea_popescu: totally.
mircea_popescu: ian bakewell and eskimo bob
MJR__: really?
mircea_popescu: the first two lines ? yea.
mircea_popescu: the founder just looted the corp accoutns is all.
kakobrekla: lulz
MJR__: my earlier point was related to how banks are "ponzis" (loosely using that as a term for general speculation) in any trust based system if trust leaves the last one holding the bag is screwed
mircea_popescu: bitcoinity dead ?
MJR__: that's what I've heard today
jurov: yes, poor bitcoinity, few hours already
mircea_popescu: MJR_ ya well not everything that relies on trust or appreciates in value is a ponzi.
deadweasel: ;;goxlag
gribble: MtGox lag is 0 seconds. During this time, light travels 0.0 AU. You could have sent a bitcoin ... nowhere, really (0 AU).
taub: I think 200 can happen real fast
taub: at least faster than you think
mircea_popescu: anything can happen real fast or at least faster than you think
taub: :>
deadweasel: its coming. i threw the bones .. they sgree.
deadweasel: agree
mircea_popescu: for instance, a hot young thing walking into your office naked takes all of 6 seconds
taub: keep laughing
mircea_popescu: it could happen, and i bet you it'd be faster than you'd think
MJR__: mircea_popescu: almost nothing is a "ponzi", as it refers to a specific sort of scam. if we are conflating that term with tulip mania or bubble, then most things are...the only difference in them is the probability that they become unpopular
iz: let's start including reasons for our guesses when we voice them.. for example, i think 200 can happen real fast because of something something
iz: taub: what is the something something reason for thinking 200 can happen real fast?
MJR__: one could argue that Mercedes are a "bubble" if everyone decides that luxury vehicles are retarded.
KRS1: sup MJR
MJR__: that is unlikely, as fast cars are universally cool as are leather warm seats
MJR__: sup KRS1
iz: so the big question is.. are bitcoins cool or not?
MJR__: right now obviously yes
iz: haha
iz: yup
MJR__: so were beanie babies
KRS1: until women dig em i'll say meh
MJR__: difference is utility
MJR__: I know many women who love bitcoins :)
iz: bitcoins: like beaning babies for drug addicts and nerds
KRS1: cant exactly walk up to a hot women and say, check out my bitcoins beeotch
iz: beanie
MJR__: nah
KRS1: then unF unF unF all night long buttsecks
MJR__: bitcoins have utility and "intrinsic" value
taub: iz: just the pattern, big move, long congestion, big move
taub: its' less than another 50% move to 200
MJR__: well, all im saying is im glad I have the 164 call
iz: taub: i find with trends it's better to identify the CAUSE of the chart move, and then determine if you are seeing a similar cause happen and then notice the effect on the chart
mircea_popescu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=165766.msg1762710#msg1762710
MJR__: I think the number im looking for in long term stability is ~2700
mircea_popescu: so criptostox/vircurex is about going rogue
taub: i dont think about causes
iz: taub: it's not so good to just look at the charts that are effected by causes and doing voodoo and gambler's logic on the charts based on how they look or what your gut says
iz: imho
MJR__: that number means rough parity with silver
taub: nah it can work
iz: taub: a broken clock can be right twice a day too
taub: other markets are traded like this, why should bitcoin be different
iz: taub: other markets are traded by idiots that way
iz: so bitcoin shouldn't be any different
mircea_popescu: KRS1 actually i have.
taub: okay fuck you
iz: sorry, i didn't maen that to come out that way
taub: i gave my opinion, im not gonna go into some ta debate again
iz: but just because ppl do it in other markets and are successful while the market is growing doesn't mean it's a good strategy
MJR__: point taken
iz: but of course it will work in the bitcoin wolrd AS LONG as the bitcoin market keeps growing
MJR__: that's what the market is there for...deciding who is right
taub: whatever iz
deadweasel: 90% of the time tne best and hardrst decision is to hold and wait.
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 1 @ 0.4399999 BTC [-]
MJR__: deadweasel: yep ^^ this
MJR__: especially with S.DICE T_T
iz: taub: i didn't mean any offense, but i do strongly suggest you consider looking at causes when trading
deadweasel: yeah, now that hes out of the US, im actually doubling up while the price is low.
iz: opposed to being intentionally ignorant about the causes
thestringpuller: ;;seen smickles
gribble: smickles was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 2 days, 23 hours, 25 minutes, and 59 seconds ago: <smickles> a bitcoin atm could be the easiest way to send money to a friend, each of you just goes to an atm
thestringpuller: ;;seen Bugpowder
gribble: Bugpowder was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 11 hours, 7 minutes, and 44 seconds ago: <Bugpowder> boooring
taub: there is zero point in knowing the cause of a move
MJR__: I disagree
thestringpuller: $avg
mpexbot: thestringpuller: 146.86
taub: it goes like this 99% of the time
iz: i disagree
MJR__: info is always valuable
taub: smart money buys when price is slow and steady
taub: stupid money chaeses price up
taub: smart money gets upt at top
taub: repeat
taub: and that action is reflected in prices
MJR__: yes, but picking tips and bottoms is where it gets hard
taub: and that you can trade
iz: well, you just looked at the causes...
iz: some of them
iz: there's more to it though
taub: that is one underlying cause to everything, i dont need to know it
deadweasel: cant pick tops/bottoms, onlu guesses
taub: well i dont care about those
taub: as long as it gets price to move, good then i can trade it
thestringpuller: !ticker m ^OIX
assbot: [MPEX:^OIX] 1D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC), 7D: 104.18044961 / 119.45293202 / 153.10362074 (28208 shares, 11,835.72 BTC), 30D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC)
MJR__: so...Walmart decides to implement PoS system for bitcoin...irrelevant cause?
thestringpuller: ;;calc 160-151 / 160
gribble: 159.05625
thestringpuller: ;;calc (160-151 )/ 160
gribble: 0.05625
MJR__: or justifiable reason for price surge?
abracadabra: MJR_ link?
taub: what would that help me in trading?
iz: hypothetical
MJR__: no...thought experiment
MJR__: yes hypothetical
thestringpuller: MJR__: source?
iz: lol
abracadabra: heh
abracadabra: so...HomeDepot decides to implement PoS system for bitcoin...irrelevant cause?
MJR__: lol
abracadabra: :)
MJR__: just saying, im a big fan in investing in fundamentals
MJR__: real reasons
MJR__: not cuz I see a "cup and handle" or "head and shoulders"
taub: iz: there are endless approaches to trading, mine doesnt include analizing news and causes
MJR__: taub: agreed, lots of ways to skin a cat
saulimus: MJR_, it can be used for timing
taub: i still get a feel for the "buzz" in irc, but it's usually just buzzing back what prices are showing already anyway
MJR__: saulimus: I agree...just don't find it accurate FOR ME
MJR__: is this the most efficient method for global finance...yes as of right now, what should that be worth? more than it currently is = buy
MJR__: then again, I've told you my med term target $2700
thestringpuller: MJR__: its not worth more thab 150 coin yet
MJR__: people who get rich from volatility are exchanges and brokers
thestringpuller: yup
thestringpuller: MJR__: you can also make money on stable prices
taub: deadweasel> cant pick tops/bottoms, onlu guesses, agreed
MJR__: ^^ agree
taub: but you can certainly see areas where you don't want to buy anymore
taub: or sell
MJR__: the best strategy so far in the stock market, over almost any 20 year period, would be broad based index fund, but and hold
MJR__: buy*
ThickAsThieves: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 158.33300, Best ask: 158.99990, Bid-ask spread: 0.66690, Last trade: 158.99990, 24 hour volume: 37140.60115126, 24 hour low: 142.01000, 24 hour high: 159.00000, 24 hour vwap: 148.49438
thestringpuller: ;;asks 160
gribble: There are currently 1497.9519 bitcoins offered at or under 160.0 USD, worth 238716.812309 USD in total. | Data vintage: 81.7698 seconds
thestringpuller: ;;bids 155
gribble: There are currently 1192.4376 bitcoins demanded at or over 155.0 USD, worth 185610.325603 USD in total. | Data vintage: 93.2826 seconds
thestringpuller: ;;bids 157
gribble: There are currently 11.335636 bitcoins demanded at or over 157.0 USD, worth 1787.4288674 USD in total. | Data vintage: 98.0251 seconds
taub: thats maybe a very safe startegy, but not one with terrific returns
MJR__: mircea_popescu: what do you think of torbroker?
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu is asleep non?
MJR__: taub: it would have performed the best so far...
MJR__: S&P, Dow, etc all time highs
thestringpuller: MJR__: stop speculating provide value to the community
taub: so you mean that would be the best buy and hold strategy
MJR__: yes
MJR__: thestringpuller: im not speculating
taub: i think he was being saracstic (i hope)
MJR__: w/e
MJR__: im saying but and hold is a great way to preserve and grow wealth
thestringpuller: taub: the best startegy is to write options at the beginning of the month that are safe, then at the end of the month buy options if there is a big move
MJR__: ugh *buy
thestringpuller: diversify yo bonds
taub: writing options is very expensive :)
MJR__: hehehe
MJR__: too expensive IMO
thestringpuller: not really
MJR__: collateral requirements
MJR__: low ROI
thestringpuller: again not really
MJR__: vs buying
thestringpuller: not really lol
MJR__: all I've done is but calls
MJR__: so far so good
MJR__: fuck my phone! buy buy buy!
thestringpuller: i can make 1btc on 6 coins from writing
thestringpuller: at beginning of mobth
MJR__: vs making 5 coins on 1 with buying?
thestringpuller: not at the beginning of the month
thestringpuller: time decay doesnt kick in until the 15th
MJR__: well, I think I got 41 calls, not sure when, but I exercised at 71
thestringpuller: that must have been last month
MJR__: I like to leave bids out for calls at a price I think makes sense, get filled cuz of volatility
MJR__: yep
MJR__: month before I had calls in the 20's I think?
assbot: [BTCTC] [BASIC-MINING] 11 @ 0.39 = 4.29 BTC [+]
thestringpuller: yea last month price diverged from 24hprc 7 days before expiry so options were hella cheap
MJR__: yep
MJR__: but I didn't hold like I should have
thestringpuller: Bugpowder went balls deep at C75
MJR__: didn't follow my own advice and got "burned"
thestringpuller: i think that made 250% but only because it was so close to expiration
MJR__: yeah
MJR__: also I couldn't get options far enough out of the money
MJR__: due to $75 strike limit
thestringpuller: timing the market is bad which is why writing options at the beginning of the month hedges if the price is stable
MJR__: true
MJR__: 100% agree
MJR__: just don't like tying up the capital
saulimus: I know nothing of options, but are they that much more profitable than simply buying/selling USD/BTC directly?
thestringpuller: yea but what else would you use it foe?
saulimus: are they more risky?
MJR__: buying calls lol
thestringpuller: saulimus: they are more risky
saulimus: so what's the advantage?
MJR__: saulimus: they are derivatives, more risky greater possible returns
thestringpuller: saulimus: they depens on huge swings in price
MJR__: many strategies possible
thestringpuller: saulimus: they provide more leverage on your "bet"
thestringpuller: example
MJR__: short straddle means I want price to stay steady
thestringpuller: last week options at 75 went for .06 a contract
thestringpuller: break even point was thus 81 usd
taub: yea, they provide leverage, and there are advanced option strategies like making money as long as price moves somewhere (up or down)
MJR__: calls?
thestringpuller: price shot up to 91
thestringpuller: for every call you own you get 100% additional leverage as the peice rises
MJR__: taub: yeah long straddle is my fave on earnings day
thestringpuller: straddles are for last resort
thestringpuller: for people who make bad put bets like Bugpowder
thestringpuller: jkjk
MJR__: great for earnings...aapl and Netflix, you would have KILLED it last month
MJR__: but in BTC way too expensive
thestringpuller: i did puts on aapl in oct
thestringpuller: then exited the market
MJR__: nice
taub: do option prices go up on expected volatility MJR__ ?
taub: in real markets
thestringpuller: now I am doing strictly btc
thestringpuller: taub: depends on the underwriter
MJR__: taub: they price volatility into it in black scholes
thestringpuller: merill lynch may charge more than other etrade etc erx
MJR__: which is what most use
taub: yea
taub: but where they get that volatility from :)
taub: probably use a bunch of methods
MJR__: that can also be based on what numbers they pick for expected volatility
taub: historical as well as trying to predict it
MJR__: exactly in other words crap shoot
thestringpuller: you take a duration like 10m or 1h or 7d and do high - low
thestringpuller: then put that into b-s formula and out pops a volatility greek
MJR__: yep
thestringpuller: i was excited this weekend at price stability
thestringpuller: but looks like n00bs are rallying again
MJR__: I think bitcoin is so volatile, that you could have a second order derivative of its volatility (fun)
taub: btc brings the finance geeks together
MJR__: yep
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thestringpuller: btc is educational
thestringpuller: for sure
MJR__: very, that's one of my fave things about it
thestringpuller: but soon it wont be a toy anymore
MJR__: words of 2013: fiat, bitcoin, inflation, deflation
thestringpuller: second we hit 1k the world's billionaires will enter the game
MJR__: they are starting now (some)
mircea_popescu: MJR__ i have no idea.
MJR__: mircea_popescu: did you read about it?
mircea_popescu: it made it in the summaries yest or w/e
thestringpuller: ;;bids 158
gribble: There are currently 347.35852 bitcoins demanded at or over 158.0 USD, worth 54924.5144862 USD in total. | Data vintage: 0.0049 seconds
thestringpuller: ;;asks 160
gribble: There are currently 1059.539 bitcoins offered at or under 160.0 USD, worth 168977.500895 USD in total. | Data vintage: 14.9814 seconds
MJR__: my main issue is that it is not "holdable", in that you must rely on govt to back up your property rights, while flaunting their regulation
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 1 @ 0.41 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: MJR__ looky here : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=168992.msg1762685#msg1762685
mircea_popescu: same principle applies.
thestringpuller: !ticker h HIM
mircea_popescu: unknown party offering to steal your money ?
assbot: [HAVELOCK:HIM] 1D: 1.82000000 / 1.85673684 / 1.90000000 (19 shares, 35.27800000 BTC), 7D: 1.82000000 / 1.95105351 / 2.06000000 (114 shares, 222.42010000 BTC), 30D: 1.41000000 / 1.8417252 / 2.08000000 (706 shares, 1300.25799220 BTC)
mircea_popescu: pass.
MJR__: full disclosure: you are a confidence man
taub: i'm sure he'll manage the coins, he just wont send them back
MJR__: not actually requesting transfer
taub: Oh i see
MJR__: anyway, tor broker is completely different
MJR__: it's a brokerage account/ exchange with accounts in BTC allowing you to buy US equities
MJR__: AAPL, BAC etc
MJR__: Silk Road for Wall Street
MJR__: problem is, SR can deliver physically, not sure it TB can
MJR__: *if
Bugpowder: The best 'sounding board' for bitcoin investments is this channel…
taub: seems uselss except for tax evasion
MJR__: Bugpowder: true
MJR__: well...lots of regulation on the stock market
thestringpuller: Bugpowder: you can be the chairman of calls
MJR__: cutting off access to some
taub: depends where you live I guess, for example i think spread betting is still tax free in the uk
MJR__: that's a CFD?
MJR__: those are not allowed in US
taub: yea and you have that daytrading limit right
taub: wtf
taub: such nonesense
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assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.751 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: MJR__ completely different ?
mircea_popescu: how is it completely different. it works on the premise "i'm nobody give me dough".
MJR__: mircea_popescu: are we talking about the same thing?
mircea_popescu: i fail to see any difference.
mircea_popescu: well i think so. how we check ?
MJR__: torbroker: buy and sell equities using accounts denominated in bitcoin
mircea_popescu: right.
jurov: MJR__ the second order derivative of btc volatility does exist
jurov: it's MPBPT options on bitfunder
MJR__: that guy: Skype chat and I'll give you financial advice
jurov: i don't say they are actually usable or not, tho
MJR__: ah ok thanks jurov
mircea_popescu: so what difference do you see ?
MJR__: that guy did not request transfer of bitcoin in public
MJR__: whether that was a private thing, who can now
MJR__: know*
mircea_popescu: right.
mircea_popescu: seems very slight.
MJR__: so he didn't say "give me money"
MJR__: torbroker is saying want to sell your aapl stock for BTC? we can arrange a place for buyers and sellers to meet
mircea_popescu: so i can currently take a fiart position in any stock, fund, whatever, by calling my browser.
mircea_popescu: broker lol
mircea_popescu: yet i am going to send valuable btc to some anon noob.
MJR__: ACAT it to another account I guess
MJR__: escrow the transaction
MJR__: once stock position is delivered, release BTC
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 15900 @ 0.00065754 = 10.4549 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: right.
MJR__: not even in the same arena of finance...
ThickAsThieves: seems dumb to buy wall set stock with btc
ThickAsThieves: st
mircea_popescu: and then two years down the road be served with tax fraud, money laundering and rico conspiracy
mircea_popescu: on the confession of the escrow.
MJR__: mircea_popescu: anonymous on tor network with BTC
MJR__: mircea_popescu: have to research more
mircea_popescu: the stock you deliver is not anonymous.
mircea_popescu: dja understand that part ?
MJR__: but can't be tied to transaction
mircea_popescu: it will be tied to something.
MJR__: I can send my stock to whatever account I want iirc
mircea_popescu: sure.
MJR__: as long as its not restricted
mircea_popescu: and then escrow confesses and you get charged.
thestringpuller: breaking news USD was just hacked: http://www.naijatrends.com/page_images/989731796_1347604230.jpg
MJR__: I believe that's the point of tor...
MJR__: SR can confess to your escrow
mircea_popescu: but escrow must be able to verify transaction dood.
assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 5 @ 0.00285 = 0.0143 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: how does escrow know who to release to ?
mircea_popescu: lol thestringpuller
MJR__: I was saying that stock is directly transferred
MJR__: escrow is for BTC
bitesak: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 159.00001, Best ask: 159.06500, Bid-ask spread: 0.06499, Last trade: 159.06500, 24 hour volume: 38316.07677332, 24 hour low: 142.01000, 24 hour high: 159.50000, 24 hour vwap: 149.08608
mircea_popescu: MJR_ escrow is for btc ?!
jurov: bitcoinity is back
MJR__: but don't have all the details, long story short, a guy giving away advice for free and a black market for wall st are not related in any way
mircea_popescu: let's play this out cause apparently it's hard. A has 100 AAPL. B has 100 BTC. X is escrow.
mircea_popescu: A claims he's delivered 100 AAPL. B claims he never got it.
mircea_popescu: what does X do ?
MJR__: hold on
mircea_popescu: there's nothing he can do. if he has a means to actually verify tx then it's not anon.
mircea_popescu: if it is anon then he can't verify. end of story.
mircea_popescu: and without viable escrow, the deal simply is, "i ar anon, send monyz plz thx"
mircea_popescu: which makes both the exact same thing, sobletters on the interwebs.
assbot: [BTCTC] [PAJKA.BOND] 5 @ 0.095 = 0.475 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [PAJKA.BOND] 1 @ 0.102 BTC [+]
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assbot: [BTCTC] [PAJKA.BOND] 1 @ 0.1005 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [PAJKA.BOND] 1 @ 0.1004 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [PAJKA.BOND] 1 @ 0.1 BTC [-]
MJR__: one asking for money to be sent the other isn't
MJR__: guess it comes down to how broad you want to paint the strokes
MJR__: two humans talking, same thing
MJR__: I don't think it had to be anon to the parties involved
MJR__: just anon to the market outside those two parties
MJR__: lets say I had 100 shares of aapl, but want bitcoin...
jurov: MJR__: but the irl stock have to be on some irl account, not somewhere anonymously in the air
gesell: question, I would like to replicate some of dooglus work on monitoring Sdice... are the BitcoinArmory scripts updated to work with the new chain structure ?
MJR__: jurov: I agree
gesell: i mean the new files for bitcoin-qt (the fact that the full old chain isnt there anymore)
jurov: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 159.98500, Best ask: 160.00000, Bid-ask spread: 0.01500, Last trade: 160.00000, 24 hour volume: 38378.01921193, 24 hour low: 142.01000, 24 hour high: 159.67001, 24 hour vwap: 149.13329
MJR__: it would be at DTC
MJR__: lemme do more research before I speculate
mircea_popescu: gesell the script he;'s running is public.
mircea_popescu: ask him, he'll tell you
mircea_popescu: MJR__ the issue are not the parties themselves, but the escrow. that's the leak here.
cccjd: Hello
gesell: mircea_popescu: thanks. will look deaper
mircea_popescu: hi.
jurov: cccjd: hi
cccjd: Anyone wanna trade BTC-E to PayPal
jurov: cccjd: next door #bitcoin-otc, please
gesell: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 159.99010, Best ask: 160.00000, Bid-ask spread: 0.00990, Last trade: 160.00000, 24 hour volume: 38378.01921193, 24 hour low: 142.01000, 24 hour high: 159.67001, 24 hour vwap: 149.13329
gesell: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 160.00000, Best ask: 161.00000, Bid-ask spread: 1.00000, Last trade: 160.00000, 24 hour volume: 38378.01921193, 24 hour low: 142.01000, 24 hour high: 159.67001, 24 hour vwap: 149.13329
jurov: mircea_popescu: not only escrow is the difference. if such scheme was done for mpex stocks, there isn't that legal liability
gesell: reeeally? as if bank transfers all game in on the weekend?
gesell: s/game/came
mircea_popescu: well that's because escrow could verify that a push was made.
jurov: gesell no, the ask side is very weak
jurov: mircea_popescu ah yes that's a point. it's hard to do irl without revealing identity to escrow
mircea_popescu: and once you do, they can just go and testify.
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.776 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: so escrow is a nonstarter there.
MJR__: aha...they hold your positions
MJR__: hence brokerage...similar to coinbr
mircea_popescu: MJR_ no, not similar. very very dissimilar.
mircea_popescu: in that coinbr is run by a known and trusted member
mircea_popescu: and this torbroker scam is not present here.
MJR__: I have s.dice, do you see my position on mpex?
MJR__: well, they have asked to put 1000btc into a trust that shows they have backing
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.777 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: that does not show anything.
mircea_popescu: there's a process to obtain a bitcoin financial license.
mircea_popescu: they aren't following it.
jurov: MJR__: you can push to escrow and show receipt
jurov: lol license.. can i have a licensed badge?
MJR__: I meant that afaik mpex sees your account (gpg key)
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 2 @ 0.777 = 1.554 BTC [+]
MJR__: they don't see mine cuz I don't have one
mircea_popescu: ;;getrating jurov
gribble: WARNING: Currently not authenticated. User jurov, rated since Fri Jan 20 16:16:32 2012. Cumulative rating 14, from 16 total ratings. Received ratings: 15 positive, 1 negative. Sent ratings: 10 positive, 1 negative. Details: http://bitcoin-otc.com/viewratingdetail.php?nick=jurov
MJR__: obviously it's based on trust
mircea_popescu: well ya. so random noob showing up on forum and proposing to "advise your wealth" or to "pls halp me r spanish mother of two" or to "supersikrit tor broker of irl securities"
mircea_popescu: pretty much all boils down to the same thing.
ThickAsThieves: ;;goxlag
gribble: MtGox lag is 75.580385 seconds. During this time, light travels 0.1514622453 AU. You could have sent a bitcoin ten times between Jupiter and Callisto (0.12567 AU).
ThickAsThieves: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 161.60000, Best ask: 162.00000, Bid-ask spread: 0.40000, Last trade: 162.00000, 24 hour volume: 38378.01921193, 24 hour low: 142.01000, 24 hour high: 159.67001, 24 hour vwap: 149.13329
MJR__: if you say so
MJR__: I don't agree
thestringpuller: all time highs
thestringpuller: lol
mircea_popescu: i say and sign underneath.
MJR__: there aims are not even remotely similar
MJR__: *their
mircea_popescu: since when do we care what noobs *say* ?
mircea_popescu: talk is cheap, anyone can say anything.
MJR__: first off, we have no idea who is running this yet...right?
mircea_popescu: we do. a scammer.
thestringpuller: " talk is cheap, anyone can say anything. " "What you say are just words, what matters is what you do"
mircea_popescu: meanwhile irl : "Blockbuster Lawsuit: Whistleblower Alleges Reuters Releases Data Early to HFT Clients"
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: it seems you are opposed to a ratings agency for BTC
thestringpuller: that is it would have to be established in conjunction with a pillar already in existence
mircea_popescu: there's nobody with the intellectual ability to do such a thing.
thestringpuller: not even yourself?
mircea_popescu: we have the wot system, it works just fine, why centralise ?
mircea_popescu: not even myself.
thestringpuller: WoT will be more like WEBS of Trust since what matters is "who you trust" in conjunction with "who they trust"
mircea_popescu: exactly. that's precisely what it is.
mircea_popescu: and the only way this works.
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 718 @ 0.000603 = 0.433 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: rating agencies (irl) are notghing but organised shilling.
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 182 @ 0.000602 = 0.1096 BTC [-]
thestringpuller: haha
mircea_popescu: the US would be C- if they were actually rating.
thestringpuller: I thought the US was C-
mod6: its like AA+ now i think
mircea_popescu: heh.
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assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 4 @ 0.401 = 1.604 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 5 @ 0.4 = 2 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 1 @ 0.4 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 2 @ 0.4 = 0.8 BTC [-]
thestringpuller: !ticker H VTX
assbot: [HAVELOCK:VTX] 1D: 0.40000000 / 0.41804054 / 0.44000000 (37 shares, 15.46749990 BTC), 7D: 0.36000000 / 0.47882522 / 0.61488800 (1057 shares, 506.11825911 BTC), 30D: 0.36000000 / 0.43457139 / 0.79900000 (13364 shares, 5807.61206815 BTC)
mod6: but then i guess there's this that says: On September 14, 2012, Egan-Jones cut its rating a third time from AA to AA-, the lowest of what is considered "high grade", as a reaction to QE3.
mod6: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_federal_government_credit-rating_downgrade
mod6: so clearly some bs.
mircea_popescu: http://www.resilience.org/stories/2006-12-04/closing-collapse-gap-ussr-was-better-prepared-collapse-us
mircea_popescu: this is actually a pretty good read.
thestringpuller: mod6 shoudln't you be working?
thestringpuller: don't you have some test cases to run?
thestringpuller: jkjk
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.777 BTC [+]
jurov: he's compiling
jurov: or driving lol
thestringpuller: XD
jurov: = free time
thestringpuller: the rally is on
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.C164T] 10 @ 0.15965531 = 1.5966 BTC [+]
thestringpuller: MPOE bot just made some money...
thestringpuller: !ticker m ^OIX
assbot: [MPEX:^OIX] 1D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC), 7D: 104.18044961 / 119.46513967 / 153.12818005 (28218 shares, 11,837.32 BTC), 30D: 0 / 0 / 0 (0 shares, 0 BTC)
jurov: $depth O.USD.C164T
mpexbot: jurov: O.USD.C164T Bids: ['1000 @ 0.07139093']
mpexbot: jurov: Asks: ['990 @ 0.15965531']
MJR__: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 160.01002, Best ask: 161.00000, Bid-ask spread: 0.98998, Last trade: 161.00000, 24 hour volume: 40447.90337002, 24 hour low: 142.01000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 149.81158
MJR__: low volume..."rally" is impatient people who don't want to wait till Monday for some depth
MJR__: opposite of weekend dip now, interesting trend shift
ThickAsThieves: ;;estimate
gribble: Next difficulty estimate | 8796662.53748 based on data since last change | 8366350.18727 based on data for last three days
mircea_popescu: https://twitter.com/Mircea_Popescu/status/320831586335612928
mircea_popescu: if anyone wants to put that tweet on the chart timeline...
MJR__: I retweeted that this morning
mod6: i had half a mind to troll that tweet
mod6: since you were like bitcon stahp!!
MJR__: yeah lol
mircea_popescu: hehe
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: you really don't look that old in your pictures...
thestringpuller: I feel like you're in your 30's
mircea_popescu: i am.
MJR__: lol I thought he was
thestringpuller: you had me thinking you were like 60
MJR__: it must be all that "damn kids get off my lawn"
mircea_popescu: lol
mircea_popescu: prolly you thought only old people can have black cock
jurov: oops capslock
mircea_popescu: lmao did drool press caps ?
MJR__: By declaring bitcoin illegal because bitcoins provide a way to avoid taxes the government is saying that bitcoin is a great way to avoid paying taxes. It works at transmitting and saving money anonymously. What an endorsement. "Bitcoin works so please don't use it."
MJR__: great quote
mircea_popescu: hehe
MJR__: Streisand effect
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 5 @ 1.83 = 9.15 BTC [-]
thestringpuller: :(
thestringpuller: !ticker h HIM
assbot: [HAVELOCK:HIM] 1D: 1.82000000 / 1.84904348 / 1.90000000 (23 shares, 42.52800000 BTC), 7D: 1.82000000 / 1.94542458 / 2.06000000 (118 shares, 229.56010000 BTC), 30D: 1.41000000 / 1.84164275 / 2.08000000 (711 shares, 1309.40799220 BTC)
mircea_popescu: i wonder how many people realise just what a formbidable threat to stability and ultimately survival JIT is for the US.
thestringpuller: Just in time compilation?
mircea_popescu: the entire economy is run on the jsut in time model.
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 2 @ 0.138 = 0.276 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 1 @ 0.138 BTC [-]
MJR__: mircea_popescu: don't you have to do that when you are leveraged at such a high rate?
mircea_popescu: well whether you have to or not, it still makes you vulnerable
mod6: ;;bids 150
gribble: There are currently 3658.0807 bitcoins demanded at or over 150.0 USD, worth 554865.745375 USD in total. | Data vintage: 0.0104 seconds
mod6: not bad
MJR__: I agree totally, and although credit and debt will creep into bitcoin more, I think that doing something 100:1 in BTC will seem ridiculous for a long term strategy
MJR__: think US banks are around 50:1
MJR__: and tor broker holds your position for you
mircea_popescu: MJR__ heh.
MJR__: think they have a Cayman Islands brokerage account
MJR__: and it seems reasonably certain that they are one of the operators of a minor BTC exchange
mircea_popescu: basically they'll take btc and the day net outflow > net inflow they're gone.
MJR__: maybe...
MJR__: but if everyone had that mentality there's be no gox or mpex...
MJR__: correct?
mircea_popescu: not really.
mircea_popescu: not unless the guy's name actually is Tor.
MJR__: if everyone assumed that tux or you would definitely run off with money...
mircea_popescu: but tux is a name.
mircea_popescu: "torbroker" is a throwaway forum account.
mircea_popescu: there's this post the girl keeps linking the noobs to.
mircea_popescu: they say o sure i read it, but persevere.
mircea_popescu: and then are never heard from again
MJR__: ah, so you think that the fact I know the name "Mircea Popescu" makes me feel safe?
mircea_popescu: i don't care how it makes you feel, this isn't about feelings.
thestringpuller: mircea_popescu: what post is that?
MJR__: im saying anyone could disappear
thestringpuller: the "So you wanna start a bitcoin business" ?
mircea_popescu: there;'s somebody with a track record to judge based on.
mircea_popescu: thestringpuller yeah.
MJR__: what was pirates OTC rating?
mircea_popescu: MJR__ this is also a discredited argument. one second
MJR__: did he have a forum account?
MJR__: mircea_popescu: thanks
jurov: MJR__: yes he had, but it's not total score that counts
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: if you found the "collapse gap" piece interesting, read Orlov's full length discussion "Post-Soviet Lessons": https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M56LtVzVcYJSMGKm5CV2RcePETqK1BwvF-Pb5AkdTXM/
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform it's funny how soviet-patriotic he is hehe.
mircea_popescu: i mean, he makes little... adjustments.
asciilifeform: mircea_popescu: he's more (vaguely) Slavophilic than pro-Soviet.
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 2 @ 0.776 = 1.552 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: MJR__ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=110861.msg1227871#msg1227871
mircea_popescu: see the last coupla paragraphs
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.P149T] 1000 @ 0.13686145 = 136.8615 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.P146T] 1000 @ 0.12462497 = 124.625 BTC [-]
MJR__: good post
assbot: [MPEX] [O.USD.P143T] 1000 @ 0.11204236 = 112.0424 BTC [-]
MJR__: does not change my original point
MJR__: trust must be bootstrapped
mircea_popescu: right.
MJR__: if EVERYONE did not risk trust in mpex, how could it start?
MJR__: better phrasing if no one decided to trust it
mircea_popescu: nobody did decide to t5rust it
mircea_popescu: they were on glbse
MJR__: yes...but now you hold the shares in sdice...
MJR__: we trust you will pay options out...
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.777 BTC [+]
MJR__: am I missing something? I trust you more or less implicitly in this space
MJR__: but, that had to be built over time, which means at some point, someone decided to trust and risk
mircea_popescu: yhou are seeing the results of a war
mircea_popescu: and imagine it is the rtesult of natural evoltyion.
MJR__: im aware
mircea_popescu: not so.
mircea_popescu: mpex was built by me, and joined by people who only had any trust in btc because i said so.
mircea_popescu: the btc people were flocked on glbse.
MJR__: not natural evolution
MJR__: but go on
mircea_popescu: their boat sunk. i won. my people, who are in btc because they trusted me and i trusted btc,
mircea_popescu: were left standing.
mircea_popescu: the btc investors were left in shambles.
MJR__: yes, but that doesn't obviate the need for trust in you
mircea_popescu: the story will repeat itself. either you have the power to draw sufficient force from outside
mircea_popescu: or else you do what the holders of trust say you must do.
mircea_popescu: it obviates the need for me to ASK to be trusted.
MJR__: you've proven it, I agree
MJR__: looking back it's easy to see
mircea_popescu: i simply moved capital (of trust, of fiat, of w/e_) from irl to btc.
mircea_popescu: i already had it, tho.
MJR__: yes
bgupta: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 156.89999, Best ask: 157.08000, Bid-ask spread: 0.18001, Last trade: 156.89999, 24 hour volume: 45819.40710651, 24 hour low: 142.01000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 150.64715
MJR__: so if they have 1000 BTC to start (not a lot)
MJR__: and they say we will put this up as collateral
jurov: MJR__: the trust was bootstrapped upon mircea having workable scheme from MPOE
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [KCIM] 2 @ 1.208 = 2.416 BTC [+]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 7200 @ 0.00066566 = 4.7928 BTC [+]
MJR__: with smickles
jurov: *from -> for
MJR__: or nanotube
MJR__: or even mpex
mircea_popescu: MJR__ were you here when we discussed with cads something similar yest ?
MJR__: yep
MJR__: hence my point
mircea_popescu: ok. the problem is tghey are flashing 1k btc. nobody cares.
mircea_popescu: if they simultaneously limited investment to no more than that it'd help.
MJR__: I care up to 1k BTC
mircea_popescu: as it is... it's nothing. any scammer can (and indeed would) do that.
MJR__: well that was my obvious point
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 1 @ 0.000658 BTC [+]
MJR__: I would assume they would only go up to that point
MJR__: maybe that's false
mircea_popescu: assume. assume nothing.
mircea_popescu: never, ever, assume.
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 1 @ 0.000603 BTC [-]
MJR__: well, I agree, my point was only can you not trust them up to their reserve
mircea_popescu: and jurov has a good sidepoint there : my system made sense. the system whereby you buy fiat stocks in btc makes none.
MJR__: and I say yes
mircea_popescu: sure you can trust them up to their reserve.
mircea_popescu: you familiar with the shakaru case ?
MJR__: I fail to see how that doesn't make sense
MJR__: no
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 1 @ 0.000658 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: [\\\] hey how much did you ever pay back off the shakaru fund ?
assbot: [BTCTC] [GSDPT] 30 @ 0.00309 = 0.0927 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 1 @ 0.000603 BTC [-]
MJR__: what I would say, and I don't want to delve into the relative pros and cons, is that DPR and SR, managed to create a market using trust...this is more similar to that
MJR__: I mean of SR specifically
mircea_popescu: i don't think so.
mircea_popescu: i can legally and safely buy securities right now.
MJR__: you can
MJR__: others can't
mircea_popescu: i can't legally and safely buy whatever pills the sr kids do
mircea_popescu: others that can't also shouldn
mircea_popescu: 't
MJR__: lol, there is where we disagree
mircea_popescu: well. whty can't they ?
MJR__: I say it's a market
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.777 BTC [+]
MJR__: regulation
mircea_popescu: specifically.
MJR__: series 7, series 56
MJR__: criminal record
mircea_popescu: dood, just open an amex acct.
MJR__: wrong country
mircea_popescu: what, this torbroker dood is a direct broker now.
MJR__: whoever they are, they have some etrade account or w/e
mircea_popescu: right.
MJR__: they'll use their access
MJR__: to allow others to do anon stock trades
mircea_popescu: so the huge counterparty risk they introduce is for the sake of sharing an etrade acct ?! whoa.
MJR__: I have inside info
MJR__: don't want MY name on this trade
MJR__: or, I want to do this quietly to not spook the market (obviously not now, too small)
MJR__: there is value in anon trades
ChaangNoi: zup
mircea_popescu: so what is normally accomplished by a complex system opf people who make millions in fgees
mircea_popescu: is ghoing to be done just as wewll by a kid and his etrade acct.
ChaangNoi: feel good to be a gangsta eh?
mircea_popescu: which will be flagged in every sec insider trader investigation from now on.
MJR__: well, we'll see
MJR__: are you a fan of the SEC? im not
mircea_popescu: makes no difference, that.
MJR__: if you can do as you wish with your $ or BTC
MJR__: then im for it
MJR__: do you think rules are in place to protect the little guy?
mircea_popescu: plenty of rules are in place to protect the stupid little guy.
MJR__: maybe a few tokens...
MJR__: overall system is designed to benefit the big guy
mircea_popescu: in any game of straight no limit poker the larger stash has better odds.
MJR__: and...without knowing who is behind this, or what exactly they are doing and how well, I would say that I can picture a scenario where it works
mircea_popescu: this is not by design of the game of poker. this is because being bigger means you are better.
MJR__: and many where it doesn't
ChaangNoi: ;;asks 165
gribble: There are currently 3155.8286 bitcoins offered at or under 165.0 USD, worth 513901.693219 USD in total. | Data vintage: 0.0014 seconds
mod6: so i brewed this cup of coffee an hour ago and forgot about it...
mircea_popescu: ChaangNoi it corrected.
ChaangNoi: it was the weekend dump, finaly
ChaangNoi: week however it was
ChaangNoi: weak
ChaangNoi: bfl shipped yet?
MJR__: so, only point is that a see a scenario where it could work, therefore not a stupid plan, though it may be stupidly implemented and fail
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 2 @ 0.39 = 0.78 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: i think your scenario is livresque.
MJR__: lol
MJR__: perhaps
MJR__: but I think it's been proven that there will be many failures and a few successes
mircea_popescu: this is not statistically distributed.
mircea_popescu: there are a lot of failures which can be readily identified by the fact they're not successes
MJR__: so I wouldn't throw out everything, and miss a success
mircea_popescu: and a few successes which are obvious since day one.
mircea_popescu: uyou can
mircea_popescu: t miss a success.
MJR__: which have been obvious?
mircea_popescu: all of them. no exceptions.
MJR__: gox was obvious?
MJR__: is obvious?
MJR__: there is no question of their current success
mircea_popescu: so then what part of obvious you have tyrouible with :D
MJR__: they suck, I would have written them off
mircea_popescu: they suck, sure. but thast's not what we're discussing.
MJR__: ok, I don't think their business model looked sustainable
MJR__: still don't
MJR__: I guess "success" is relative
mircea_popescu: being the first to offer exchange services is not sustainable ?
MJR__: and dependent on time scale
mircea_popescu: their busienss model is fine. their execution inept as all hell, but they have a model.
MJR__: Eastman Kodak was successful until they weren't
mircea_popescu: we are merely trying to distinguish business from fraud here.
MJR__: as was barings
MJR__: ok
MJR__: fair enough
MJR__: I would say that torbroker seems definitely not fraudulent
MJR__: if their services are useful , they'll do ok
MJR__: we can agree to disagree on that
MJR__: but without any evidence of fraud, I can't call them fraudulent
mircea_popescu: on what basis do you say that it "seems definitely not fraudulent" ?
mircea_popescu: i can.
mircea_popescu: without satisfyiong my criteria, they are a fraud.
MJR__: I've seen no evidence of fraud
mircea_popescu: fraud is evidenced by default.
MJR__: ah ok
MJR__: everyone is fraudulent by default
mircea_popescu: absolutely.
mircea_popescu: this is bitcoin. occam's razor.
MJR__: true
mircea_popescu: invitation to invest, but neglects to share business plan ? it's a ponzi.
MJR__: I guess I distinguish between fraudulent and trustworthy
mircea_popescu: not a suspected ponzi, niot a possible ponzi, it is a ponzi i nfact.
mod6: (10:30) < MJR__> I would say that torbroker seems definitely not fraudulent << i read about this. sounds great until they scam out like TorWallet
mod6: TorWallet got me for like 5 BTC
MJR__: hence...all hedge funds are ponzis
mircea_popescu: i distinguish too. it's not that they're not trustworthy. it's that they're fraudulent.
mod6: that was me just testin the water there, but that was dumb.
mod6: thats the only time i've gotten scammed
MJR__: mod6: sorry to hear it
mod6: it happens.
MJR__: I think we disagree on the fundamental definition of fraud
MJR__: so impossible to progress
mircea_popescu: yeah.
mircea_popescu: what's your definition ?
MJR__: fraud is intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual
MJR__: intentional being the key word
mircea_popescu: absolutely.
mircea_popescu: torbroker misrepresenting itself as a broker.
mircea_popescu: that's it.
bgupta: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 155.50000, Best ask: 156.00000, Bid-ask spread: 0.50000, Last trade: 156.00000, 24 hour volume: 49176.84450064, 24 hour low: 142.01000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 151.19257
bgupta: new ath..
MJR__: actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea
mircea_popescu: tyes well. man's thoughts can not be on trial since the devil himself doesn't know what man thinks.
MJR__: no culpability without malintent
mircea_popescu: their deception is intentional.
mircea_popescu: that it intends to harm or it merely intends to deceive is irrelevant.
MJR__: but I don't think their intent is to deceive for their own benefit
MJR__: or to deceive at all
mircea_popescu: but in fact they do deceive, and it is to their benefit.
MJR__: they say:
mircea_popescu: what do you mean at all ? they claim to be a btc business. they're not.
MJR__: Pick a security to long or short. At the next market opening, we will mirror your position on the real market.
MJR__: Pick a security to long or short. At the next market opening, we will mirror your position...
mircea_popescu: MJR_ does this thing purport to be a bitcoin busienss ?
MJR__: no
MJR__: not that I know of
mircea_popescu: ...
MJR__: they accept bitcoins
mircea_popescu: then why are we discussing it.
mircea_popescu: aha.
mircea_popescu: that counts.
MJR__: so every store that accepts dollars is a dollar business?
mircea_popescu: yep.
mircea_popescu: ask the us govt.
MJR__: in the business of dollars? or using dollars to transact
MJR__: I suppose
mircea_popescu: it's a dollars busines. if it fails to follow the dollar rules it will be a criminal operation.
mircea_popescu: pretty clear cut.
MJR__: anyone who "brokers" will be in two different businesses
mircea_popescu: sucks for them i guess.
MJR__: like SR
MJR__: no question about legality
MJR__: I don't define my morals by the law, and could care less what they decide...as long as it doesn't affect me
mircea_popescu: point still remains. dollar business thart fails to follow dollar rules => criominal enterprise.
mircea_popescu: btc business that fails to fgollow btc rules => fraudulent operation aka scam.
MJR__: with anonymity, I could care less whether they rule it "homosexual" or "illegal" or "whatever"
MJR__: who enforces BTC rules?
mircea_popescu: btc users.
MJR__: what's the applicable rule they are breaking?
mircea_popescu: not in the wot. not known to actual btc businesspeople.
MJR__: is DPR in the WoT? I actually don't know
mircea_popescu: not followed mpoe-pr's guide for aspiring noobies.
mircea_popescu: what's dpr ?
MJR__: dread pirate Roberts
mircea_popescu: nope.
MJR__: SR operator
mod6: ^^^
MJR__: well, he operates a trustworthy business apparently
mircea_popescu: niot really.
MJR__: been around far longer than most
MJR__: and no one complains
mircea_popescu: this is true.
mircea_popescu: no one trusts it much, either.
mircea_popescu: kinda the nature of that beast, like the outhouse.
MJR__: so...I see scenarios where people provide an honest service, and those who participate, do
MJR__: hey, I agree
MJR__: and there is a huge difference between legal and illegal
mircea_popescu: im sure whoever uses sr trusts the pirate guy.
mircea_popescu: they
MJR__: only point was its possible (as of the time of this post) to run an illegal business honestly, and anonymously
mircea_popescu: 're the periphery of btc, if indeed part of it at all. seems mostly accidental and well... who cares.
MJR__: are they a bitcoin business?
mircea_popescu: not in the sense we're discussing here.
mircea_popescu: they're not taking loans, not selling equity, etc.
MJR__: lol, but they accept bitcoins, torbroker has not mentioned equity or loans
MJR__: in BTC
mircea_popescu: MJR__ torbroker has carefully avoiding making plain the fact that all customer positions are loans to it.
mircea_popescu: diofferent kettle of fish.
MJR__: simply the coinsforpizza of stock
mircea_popescu: nope.
MJR__: we can agree to disagree
mircea_popescu: well we can, but not when the facts are clearly on one side.
MJR__: wait how?
ThickAsThieves: this conversation is really going places
MJR__: you are not loaning your position to them
mircea_popescu: this torbroker thing takes your 10 btc, buys stocks for them which it holds.
mircea_popescu: that's not coinforpizza, that's savings and loans.
MJR__: like any broker on earth
mircea_popescu: mno.
MJR__: like mpex does
mircea_popescu: yes.
MJR__: or coinbr
mircea_popescu: sure/
MJR__: ok
MJR__: so no prob so far?
mircea_popescu: absolutely a huge problem
jurov: nah, coinbr is homosexual scam
mircea_popescu: torbroker is a scam trying to abuse a legitimate model./
MJR__: jurov: hahaha
MJR__: again, scam would be using broker model, running off with positions and coins
MJR__: haven't done that...yet
mircea_popescu: look. this is like a teenager declaring themselves a surgeon.
mircea_popescu: never went to doctor school
mircea_popescu: doesn't have the doctor diploma
mircea_popescu: but he
mircea_popescu: 's "just like surgeons"
MJR__: like every fucking other BTC business out there
mircea_popescu: well... no. not at all.
mircea_popescu: nope.
jurov: MJR__ i don't get it too. what information do you have that convinced you it's certainly legit?
mircea_popescu: this equivocation is pretty much why it's a scam.
MJR__: except mpex of course
MJR__: jurov: not sure either way, agnostic. point being, innocent until proven guilty
mircea_popescu: that's not workable in btc.
jurov: ^agree
mircea_popescu: but i think as you get burned you'll learn for yourself.
MJR__: I never said I'd use them
mircea_popescu: btc has a learning curve even if it doesn't feel like it does.
MJR__: just said that I can see a scenario where they deliver as promised
mircea_popescu: this is how people like kludge ended up burned. they felt like they knew.
mircea_popescu: i didn't say you'd get burned with this specific one
mircea_popescu: just, as you get burned, you'll see the presumption of guilt is the correct approach.
MJR__: im saying risk what you can afford to lose
MJR__: build up trust
mircea_popescu: why risk ?
MJR__: ok...
mircea_popescu: well ?
jurov: just play sd
mircea_popescu: noriskthere tm
MJR__: what is to actually physically stop anyone from taking their coins dumping on mt gox and retiring to a beach town in the Caribbean
MJR__: what can actually guarantee me that mpex cannot do that
mircea_popescu: nothing.
MJR__: I see nothing that provides me an FDIC guarantee on an account
MJR__: ok
mod6: nothing, really. if mircea_popescu run's i guess we're screwed, but we can rate him down in the WoT forever.
MJR__: we agree
mod6: *runs
MJR__: and im sure he could cry about on the beach
MJR__: like pirate is doing now
mod6: but he's here, and he says he wont, and he says he's interested in making this new econ work, not trying to hose it over.
MJR__: oh no the BTC people don't like me
mircea_popescu: that guy is definitely coming back.
mircea_popescu: he sold under 10 im sure.
MJR__: and I TRUST him
mircea_popescu: it's KILLIONG HIM now
MJR__: lol I agree
MJR__: I trust mircea_popescu
mod6: lol especially since he had like 500k BTC
mod6: what an idiot
MJR__: and jurov
jurov: MJR__: at least you have us here for months, can make some judgememnt about our character
mircea_popescu: mod6 i dfon
mircea_popescu: 't think that much but still . yeah.
jurov: not that torbroker kid
MJR__: well...
MJR__: Mary Jo is no joke
mircea_popescu: MJR__ let's try a different approach, maybe sex works better.
MJR__: lol
mircea_popescu: there's a girl that says she looks good, but will never pose naked.
mircea_popescu: you believe girls look good till proven otherwise ?
MJR__: ok
mircea_popescu: is this ogre a stunner just because she's carefully avoiding the flash ?
MJR__: well...not sure the level of dumbness built into this
MJR__: but I can usually tell whether a girl will be gross or hot even with a raincoat on
jurov: good for ya. consider starting a rating agency for yourself then.
MJR__: I highly doubt the girl I assumed to be 110 was actually 300
MJR__: but if we are saying empiricism is key and not rationality...
MJR__: sure
MJR__: I can't trust her till I see her naked
MJR__: (though why I want to try, my motives, make no sense)
MJR__: but I see your point, my point is that she may not want her dad knowing she is showing her juicy bits to everyone
mircea_popescu: then she's not old enough to be here.
MJR__: does that make her not hot?
mircea_popescu: yes.
MJR__: the dad is the SEC
mircea_popescu: i dun care who her dad is.
MJR__: lol
mircea_popescu: if she cares what he thinks she's not tall enough to ride.
jurov: also, not taking into consideration all the other no-no flags, that broker is targeting people who think divesting BTC into stocks is a good idea
MJR__: so Americans who care about legal ramifications should avoid shady areas of bitcoin, we agree
mircea_popescu: yeah.
jurov: not sure how to make sexual analogy for it
mircea_popescu: jurov butts
MJR__: jurov: lol
MJR__: I love these discussions
MJR__: for moments like those
MJR__: im saying, is it useful: to some yes, is it possible: yes, is anonymity necessary in this case: yes
MJR__: have they tried to make a good faith gesture to the community: yes
MJR__: so, I don't judge
MJR__: hope they do it well
MJR__: and turn out to be legit
MJR__: best of luck to them, worst of luck to Mary Jo
punkman: I think they will either run away with the coins, or lose everything due to incompetence
MJR__: Mary jo white: chairman of SEC
MJR__: we'll see...I am not vouching for them. if they put up 1k bitcoins, is trust them up to 1k bitcoins
MJR__: one thing to notice about this idea, is that people are more scared about this than SR...
jurov: just btw: http://bitbet.us/bet/314/bitcointalk-org-treasurer-to-be-scammer-tagged/?ref=1EteoRKNYbNhhmFfsKnUSWRF3JUpKCcMnc
jurov: also something to be scared about
mod6: whos that like Theymos<sp> or whatever?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 2 @ 0.39 = 0.78 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [CRYPTO-TRADE] 7 @ 0.2 = 1.4 BTC [+]
jurov: mod6 yes theymos is providing interest free loans
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 5 @ 1.83 = 9.15 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 1 @ 0.39 BTC [-]
jurov: MJR__ the risks that make ppl afraid of torbroker were thoroughly explained by mp...
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [HIM] 2 @ 1.82 = 3.64 BTC [-]
MJR__: jurov: I agree, being scared and being scammed are two completely different things
jurov: on SR at least you can assume is in mutual interest of both parties not to get busted
MJR__: and it ends up requiring trust regardless
MJR__: same in this scenario I think
MJR__: unlicensed broker vs insider trading or w/e
mod6: jurov: hmm. ok thx.
MJR__: so far no treasurer has been scammer tagged right?
thestringpuller: ;;seen smickles
gribble: smickles was last seen in #bitcoin-assets 3 days, 2 hours, 35 minutes, and 21 seconds ago: <smickles> a bitcoin atm could be the easiest way to send money to a friend, each of you just goes to an atm
jurov: lol not afaik
MJR__: didn't know everyone on the list
MJR__: anyways, im against regulation that stifles growth and increases cost
MJR__: it's sacred that your vote is anonymous but my stock transactions can't be?
MJR__: was trying to figure out how to work in "or the terrorists win"...
jurov: that's another discussion.
MJR_III: lol
MJR_III: moved to other computer, still me
mjr___: there
mircea_popescu: asciilifeform http://trilema.com/2013/the-bitcoiners-press-manual/#comment-92639
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 1 @ 0.38100001 BTC [-]
mircea_popescu: somebody on sa was proposing the theory that theymoos is preparing to steal the forum funds
mircea_popescu: and is looking for patsies to do it, hence the bizzare forum loan thing.
mircea_popescu: that's how that bet was born
jurov: oh, i rather put the bet on natural decay premise
jurov: and past performance. no need for conspirations here
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 1 @ 0.27700001 BTC [-]
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 4 @ 0.277 = 1.108 BTC [-]
AndroUser: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 160.88000, Best ask: 161.19990, Bid-ask spread: 0.31990, Last trade: 160.88000, 24 hour volume: 52201.20570405, 24 hour low: 142.10000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 151.86806
ChaangNoi: .277 hmm
mjr___: mircea_popescu: good article, but i feel like it doesn't account for the "sheepness" of americans, see: stanford experiment
mircea_popescu: jurov o its yours ?
mjr___: just have doctors say: "paying taxes is a good way to avoid heart disease" and they'll prob do it
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 1 @ 0.385 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: lmao
mjr___: end of the day "proles" are proles, not because they have to be, but cuz they want to be
mjr___: most people want to show up, be told what to do, and then go home and watch a big flat screen
mjr___: its telling that for most people one of their biggest fears is speaking in public
mjr___: hence, one guy on stage, big crowd
mjr___: exactly the way they all like it
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 4 @ 0.309 = 1.236 BTC [+]
mircea_popescu: i thouight you didn't agree regulations are there to protect the litytle guy.
mjr___: doing nothing is what they are good at, and that's all thats required for the triumph of evil
mjr___: couldn't untangle the negatives...token regulations appear to protect the little guy, but the system is designed to make them serfs
mjr___: bread and circus's
mircea_popescu: mkay.
mjr___: couldn't figure out plurals there either...lol
mjr___: my whole philosophy on rule is that the best rise to the top and out of a sense of morals treat others with some respect
mjr___: you would be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) at home many btc users would voluntarily list btc gains on their taxes
mjr___: *how
mjr___: typically the long suffering middle class that doesn't yet realize its all a sham
ThickAsThieves: $avg
mpexbot: ThickAsThieves: 150.20
mjr___: wow we got political today huh? lets lighten up the mood huh? YAY 160
jurov: yes the bet is mine. and i commented on that innovation rant.
mircea_popescu: "Women in Uganda who go out wearing mini-skirts could face jail or a heavy fine under draconian new anti-pornography laws. "
mircea_popescu: apparently uganda is not literate enough to understand that the actual woman IS NOT GRAPHY
mjr___: hahaha
mod6: ;;rate mircea_popescu 5 Owner/Operator of MPEx - Always professional and helpful! A number BTC txs between us.
gribble: Rating entry successful. Your rating for user mircea_popescu has changed from 4 to 5.
ChaangNoi: so much for the "correction"
ChaangNoi: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 160.27000, Best ask: 161.34440, Bid-ask spread: 1.07440, Last trade: 160.26000, 24 hour volume: 52286.65160406, 24 hour low: 142.10000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 151.93692
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [SDICE] 2 @ 0.31 = 0.62 BTC [+]
mod6: ;;tslb
gribble: Time since last block: 2 hours, 7 minutes, and 28 seconds
mod6: O.O
mircea_popescu: no wai ?!
mircea_popescu: are we forked again ?
ChaangNoi: ???
ChaangNoi: what?
ChaangNoi: this is why ltc
assbot: [MPEX] [S.DICE] 250 @ 0.00301846 = 0.7546 BTC [-]
ChaangNoi: maybe just had a diff change?
mod6: doesn't look like there have been any orphaned blocks en mass yet...
mjr___: diff change was yesterday i thouhght
mod6: ;;bc,stats
gribble: Current Blocks: 230145 | Current Difficulty: 7672999.920164138 | Next Difficulty At Block: 231839 | Next Difficulty In: 1694 blocks | Next Difficulty In About: 1 week, 4 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes, and 17 seconds | Next Difficulty Estimate: 8807725.92632 | Estimated Percent Change: 14.78856
deadweasel: dafuq?
mod6: ;;bc,nethash
gribble: Error: "bc,nethash" is not a valid command.
mod6: bah
ChaangNoi: no orphand blocks
ThickAsThieves: ;;nethash
gribble: 60017.6664907
ChaangNoi: either it is broke or just a slow block
kakobrekla: hm
kakobrekla: bitbet says Last block: 9 minutes ago (230160)
mod6: 60Th on this... hopefully just the latter ChaangNoi
ThickAsThieves: ;;tslb
gribble: Time since last block: 2 hours, 12 minutes, and 6 seconds
ChaangNoi: well yeah we all hope the latter:)
kakobrekla: bitbet is a tank :o
mod6: you're on 230160 kakobrekla?!
mod6: last block i see is 230145
ChaangNoi: 230160 here
mod6: oh im looking at blockchain.info
mod6: ;;bc,blocks
gribble: 230160
ChaangNoi: okay the bot and blockchain is off
mod6: ok. hmm
mircea_popescu: ya seems gribble tiomer is off
ChaangNoi: btc seems fine
kakobrekla: oh no fork :((
ChaangNoi: blockchain.info is off too
ChaangNoi: no fork
ChaangNoi: but id like to know what is up
mod6: stuff makes me go: O.O
ChaangNoi: yeah, i was wtf for a sec
mod6: ok thx guise
ChaangNoi: close to ath as well
ChaangNoi: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 159.99453, Best ask: 160.00000, Bid-ask spread: 0.00547, Last trade: 160.00000, 24 hour volume: 53042.57071672, 24 hour low: 142.10000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 152.09510
ChaangNoi: well we were lol
ChaangNoi: no this bot is fucked we are hogher lol
ChaangNoi: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 159.76669, Best ask: 159.99453, Bid-ask spread: 0.22784, Last trade: 159.99453, 24 hour volume: 53050.24722819, 24 hour low: 142.10000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 152.09625
mircea_popescu: lol
ChaangNoi: we are over 161
ChaangNoi: 230160... id like to know why this bot and blockchaininfo is off
ChaangNoi: and why after 10 mins my btc client still says last block was 51 secs ago
ChaangNoi: nvm
ChaangNoi: we hit a new block on my client and it just happend to see it at 51 seconds again
ChaangNoi: odds on that...
jurov: i have 230161
ChaangNoi: yeah me too
mod6: yea so does: http://blockexplorer.com/
ChaangNoi: good
ChaangNoi: blockchaininfo is broken
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.777 BTC [+]
mod6: maybe blockchain.info is just horked
ChaangNoi: not a huge deal
ChaangNoi: yeah
ChaangNoi: it seems to be horked hard
mod6: needs a bitcoind reset.
jurov: lol or it's still writing a core file
ThickAsThieves: i have a tx that only shows 2 confs on blockchain.info, yet has cleared into the destination (mtgox) already
mjr___: so blockchain.info is incorrect
mjr___: shit, i have to run to reddit and post that bitcoin is hacked
mjr___: ;0
mod6: haha
ChaangNoi: lol
assbot: [BTCTC] [CRYPTO-TRADE] 23 @ 0.2 = 4.6 BTC [+]
mod6: ThickAsThieves: i've got one going into blockchain.info too -- so we'll see what happens.
mod6: no confs yet
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7775 BTC [+]
mod6: was only sent a few mins ago though
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7786 BTC [+]
ChaangNoi: id not send to blockchain.info until they get un horked
deadweasel: me either/
mod6: haha, right. if i would have checked first, i'd have done a diff addr.
mod6: *DOH*
ChaangNoi: :)
mod6: i need to run my own bitcoind's again...
ChaangNoi: whydo people use online clients anyway?
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 3 @ 0.385 = 1.155 BTC [+]
mjr___: yeah, i have bitcoin-qt running on 3 computers
mod6: just a good temp spot to do a tx to, at least thats what I use it for. my bitcoind is so far behind it grinds my hd to catch it up
mod6: and takes days to catch it up
mod6: i need to get a farm of bitcoinds
deadweasel: ec2
mjr___: yeah, i was curoius
deadweasel: my next project is that
mjr___: how can you transfer an up to date version of bitcoin to an ec2 instance
mod6: yeah, maybe i should just get a few instances up there
mjr___: i have one instance, i just ratchet up processing power if i need it
assbot: [BTCTC] [BITVPS] 1 @ 0.00249 BTC [+]
deadweasel: one micro is free, any more is not
mjr___: yep, so i leave it as t1.micro till i need to install something, boost it to m1.medium, then lower it down again
deadweasel: micro will install anything
deadweasel: no need to boost
mjr___: if you have a ton of time to wait
mjr___: it only goes between 1/2 an ecu and 2 ecu in short bursts
assbot: [BTCTC] [BITVPS] 3 @ 0.0025 = 0.0075 BTC [+]
mjr___: so if you burst too long, you are running a hamster in a wheel...
deadweasel: i know. it's been enough so far. bitcoind may crash it tho....
mod6: i wish they accepted btc @ aws
mjr___: well, once it is up and running, i think it'll run on a micro
mjr___: dude...i hate to admit it, but the US military is kinda cool...
mjr___: B2 bombers flew from missouri to korea to drop dummy bombs 50 miles from the border then flew home
deadweasel: ?? their toys are.
deadweasel: lol
deadweasel: shit link?
mjr___: back in time for lunch
mircea_popescu: mjr___ the problem with this entire exercise is
mircea_popescu: that it cost more than what koreea is worth, lock stock and barrel
mjr___: lol true
Bugpowder: samsung is worth more than apple.
mjr___: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/03/29/us-korea-north-usa-b-idUSBRE92S0IE20130329
mjr___: first off...when people say "korea' they mean North Korea
mjr___: which is worth approx $17.12
mjr___: So elite is the B-2 pilot corps that more people have been in outer space than have flown the aircraft,
mjr___: While the 20-year-old B-2 often flies for long durations - 44 hours is the record - Thursday's flight of approximately 37-1/2 hours was the plane's first non-stop mission to the Korean peninsula and back from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, Air Force officials said.
ThickAsThieves: ;;goxlag
gribble: MtGox lag is 2.490974 seconds. During this time, light travels 0.00499188400567 AU. You could have sent a bitcoin from Jupiter to its largest moon, Ganymede (0.007155 AU).
ThickAsThieves: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 158.76313, Best ask: 159.49000, Bid-ask spread: 0.72687, Last trade: 159.49000, 24 hour volume: 53490.89789959, 24 hour low: 142.10000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 152.19941
ThickAsThieves: ;;bids 150
gribble: There are currently 6000.4848 bitcoins demanded at or over 150.0 USD, worth 920680.816735 USD in total. | Data vintage: 0.0047 seconds
assbot: [BTCTC] [S.MPOE-PT] 2 @ 0.000649 = 0.0013 BTC [+]
ThickAsThieves: ;;asks 165
gribble: There are currently 3111.8879 bitcoins offered at or under 165.0 USD, worth 507975.519981 USD in total. | Data vintage: 16.6762 seconds
mircea_popescu: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=130947.msg1765127#msg1765127
mircea_popescu: "I am still having little problems figuring out the accounting software and using it for proper reporting.
mircea_popescu: In March, we sold only 57,90€ worth of firing services"
mircea_popescu: eskimo's usagi moment ?
mod6: popcorn time on that
ChaangNoi: ;;asks 160
gribble: There are currently 88.641651 bitcoins offered at or under 160.0 USD, worth 14181.1047695 USD in total. | Data vintage: 0.0012 seconds
Enky: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 159.31001, Best ask: 160.00000, Bid-ask spread: 0.68999, Last trade: 160.00000, 24 hour volume: 53486.82477840, 24 hour low: 142.10000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 152.24281
jurov: deadweasel, just buy some cheap mini-itx computer and run bitcoind from there. no need to surrender your walet to amazon
assbot: [BTCTC] [RSM] 39 @ 0.0025 = 0.0975 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 8100 @ 0.00065893 = 5.3373 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 34252 @ 0.00065551 = 22.4525 BTC [-]
AndroUser: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=168992.msg1762685#msg1762685
AndroUser: If you want a laugh
mircea_popescu: already had that one lol
deadweasel: no, i would not put my keys on ec2 lol.. but thanks for double checking.. :D
assbot: [HAVELOCK] [VTX] 16 @ 0.4099999 = 6.56 BTC [+]
mod6: what version are you guys liking at the moment? i've got .7, but its a ways behind yet.
mod6: what's the deal with .8x?
mod6: anyone using it? or are dev's still battling it out?
mod6: blockchain.info es muerte
deadweasel: mod6: duo but also curious... my instinct is to run .7 with manual patch..
mod6: deadweasel: ahh. i suppose that's a good way to go atm.
deadweasel: i fear .81
deadweasel: because i can't get into #bitcoin-security and see if .8 is borked worse than it seems...
mod6: ahh, ok. i heard there was a fierce debate on that in -dev
jurov: mod6, I'm happy with 0.8.1. its' much easied on hdd
mod6: jurov: ahh ok that sounds nice
deadweasel: they level db now?
deadweasel: *use
jurov: yes
mod6: i think what i remember hearing about it is that 0.8.1 breaks the upgrade process... or it was more problematic then usual.
mjr___: whats the easiest way to upgrade and do you have to redownload the whole blockchain?
mod6: jeeze i really need to quit other shit an just do this full time, hard to keep up
jurov: since i run two instances anyway, it was easiest to have 0.8.1 sync from 0.7
jurov: and it took only one hour over LAN
mod6: ahh ok
mjr___: ah ok nice, can you run them both on the same machine?
deadweasel: nice!
jurov: yes, under two linux users, if you configure the second to listen on another port
jurov: and connect to primary
mjr___: hmmm windows atm, due to some software compatiblitity issues
deadweasel: does it come in handy when sending txns? can you confirm your own or point it at a reliable node?
jurov: when ran persistently with allowed incoming connectons in firewall
mjr___: still has to reindex all but seems to be doing that very quick
assbot: [BTCTC] [BTC-BOND] 1 @ 0.01 BTC [+]
jurov: i enjoy quick tx propagation
mjr___: i heard there was a way to increase how many nodes you connect to
jurov: yes it does reindex but when pointed to local node on LAN it does it very quickly
mjr___: someone got over 20k iirc?
jurov: dunno, 100 is enough for me
mjr___: i usually get around 8
mod6: jeeze. im dumb.
jurov: mjr___: check ur router/firewall
jurov: and also, i repeat if that got lost... it's better to keep it running all the time(hence my mini itx box suggestion)
jurov: or old notebook or so
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.7826 BTC [+]
assbot: [BTCTC] [PAJKA.BOND] 2 @ 0.1 = 0.2 BTC [-]
assbot: [BTCTC] [ASICMINER-PT] 1 @ 0.77 BTC [-]
mjr___: the reindexing is almost done
mjr___: very fast
mjr___: but still only 8 connections
mjr___: its using upnp i think
jurov: mircea_popescu: http://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinMillionaires
mjr___: can't wait to move my ec2 instance up to a high i/o model
jurov: you have these 8 connections on ec2?
mjr___: no, on my home computer
mircea_popescu: jurov lol cool.
mircea_popescu: that bitcoin billionz scammer ?
mjr___: but i can't do much with the POS router i get from time warner
mjr___: the fact that i got 8 means i should be able to get more though i think
jurov: definitely
mjr___: the EC2 is for the exchange software :)
mjr___: speaking of which, i may need some beta testing done...
mjr___: as soon as its up and running
mjr___: on testnet
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22548 @ 0.00065551 = 14.7804 BTC [-]
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 11300 @ 0.00064979 = 7.3426 BTC [-]
mjr___: hoping to bring up fix connections and gateway today...hoping
dub: 8 connections is teh default outbound amount
dub: you need to open port inbound for more
AndroUser: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 159.00000, Best ask: 159.60000, Bid-ask spread: 0.60000, Last trade: 159.60000, 24 hour volume: 54492.68134914, 24 hour low: 142.49000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 152.48566
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unbalanced: Anyone know the Mt. Gox wait list size? And/or where people get it from?
copumpkin: people sign up and bitch publicly about how high the number is
mjr___: heard it was over 14k today
copumpkin: the rest of us watch them bitch
copumpkin: and get the number
Lyspooner: casascius coins are expensive http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=casascius
mjr___: copumpkin: hey there, whats new
assbot: [BTCTC] [COGNITIVE] 7 @ 0.145 = 1.015 BTC [+]
unbalanced: thx guise
mod6: ok blockchain.info seems to be caught back up. thx!
mod6: *whew*
deadweasel: srsly, made some ppl crazy...
deadweasel: :D
mod6: wow. that kinda thing usually makes me raise my eyebrows, but this time i had a tx that was held up! lol
mod6: and i've had like 5 cups of coffee now. so.. ZOOM
mod6: :]
AndroUser: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 161.20000, Best ask: 161.24753, Bid-ask spread: 0.04753, Last trade: 161.20000, 24 hour volume: 55005.80822607, 24 hour low: 142.49000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 152.56799
deadweasel: mod6: that's a lot of coffee.. time to switch to tea? :p
mod6: heheh.
deadweasel: lol
mod6: im usually drinkin mtdew -- but sometimes switch to coffee but need tons of caffeine
deadweasel: lawd, that stuff is caffeine kryptonite....
deadweasel: hows your sleep ;)
mod6: has been pretty minimal for years. epecially since i've been in btc.
assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22750 @ 0.00064551 = 14.6854 BTC [-]
mod6: but lately not bad actually. :}
deadweasel: ha, i hear ya.
mod6: i need to get back on the all-night-satoshi-horse again though and keep coding
mod6: cause thats when i get the most stuff done i think
mod6: need to do moar bitotter stuff!
mod6: but i've got some help now, so that's pretty awesome
deadweasel: nice. help is good. i need someone to type for me. :/
ThickAsThieves: ;;ticker
gribble: BTCUSD ticker | Best bid: 161.50000, Best ask: 162.30000, Bid-ask spread: 0.80000, Last trade: 162.00000, 24 hour volume: 55783.45629488, 24 hour low: 142.50000, 24 hour high: 162.90000, 24 hour vwap: 152.73010
mod6: deadweasel: yeah that sucks dude. :/
mod6: need like a voice to text prog or something while it heals up
deadweasel: good idea....
mod6: *shrug* might help a bit :)
deadweasel: it might learn my speech by the time it heals
jurov: deadweasel: androids voice input seems pretty good
jurov: but dunno if it has desktop version
deadweasel: gonna try julius.. then maybe get that ref done tonight. :)
mod6: cool!
mod6: seems like it even works for *nix