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mp_en_viaje waves
bvt: http://bvt-trace.net/2020/02/a-tiny-and-incomplete-trb-wedgetrace/#comment-139 - did some more debugging today, but cannot get a wedge when i do need it
mp_en_viaje: bvt, don't feel too bad, this is a massive problem owing to the insanity of the gearbox involved. the vast majority of historically observed wedges were never reproduced
mp_en_viaje: i guess in some quarters this counts for "intrinsic stability" or something, but...
bvt: well, the only thing i feel bad about in this situation is that for some time i was getting wedged in ~30 min, did not check the logs, assumed the DB corruption, rolled back to month-old chain snapshot without keeping the current
mp_en_viaje: a
bvt: anyone debug.log snapshots of wedge: did the period before wedge involve a large number of continous block requests?
diana_coman waves a generated-sphere-on-a-bone-that-is-not-a-bone-they-are-idiots
mod6: bvt: Yes, I experience exactly like you describe; right before 'wedge', incoming 30k or so of 'received getdata for: block' in debug.log.
mod6: I have a debug.log that is ~12G that goes back ~3 mos to block #605198, i do see those requests, but in the dozens at a time at most. but not a tidal wave of tens of thousands.
mod6: When alf alerted about this wedge on the 22nd, I was quick to point out this wave of stuff that I don't typicaly see.
mod6: Happy to provide the 12G log if you want that, or a shorter one that shows on 22nd or 23rd my node starting, then getting wedged after wave.
mod6: Apparently main.cpp:ProcessMessage() allows for quite a number of these getdata commands before flagged as 'Misbehaving'. But I've not seen waves like this before now. Quite possible I've just not seen them either tho.
mod6: http://btcbase.org/patches/genesis#L11361 (I'm sure you've already looked at this tho. But for folks following along...)
mod6: Here's that quick deebot snippit I posted on Friday night (iirc): http://paste.deedbot.org/?id=Oj7N
mod6: If others have this same type of behavior, please write in and say, show us the debug.log if you can. Thanks.
mp_en_viaje: lol diana_coman
mod6: bvt: et, al. Was able to use alf's wedger tool to replicate the problem. It took exactly 1 try. Here's my notes and debug.log (renamed) from the test: http://www.mod6.net/wedger/mod6_wedger_test1.log http://www.mod6.net/wedger/trb_debug_wedgerpy_test1.log
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