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bugpowderr: gonna be a fun weekend
bugpowderr: when funds clear it will automatically hit the book
bugpowderr: for example, if you are waiting for funds to clear, but you want to go to sleep, you can place the order and go to sleep
bugpowderr: They will appear on the book if you add additional funds
bugpowderr: you can place additional orders, but they will be listed as 'insufficient funds' and will not show on the book.
bugpowderr: pgp all orders that display in the book are fully funded
bugpowderr: approaching minimum 24hr vwap...
bugpowderr: That wall at 76 must have put us over 10MM
bugpowderr: i wanna know the summed bids
bugpowderr: no gribbbbber?
bugpowderr: ;;bids 0
bugpowderr: Yah, people think "free money!" Let's roll the dice
bugpowderr: lol
bugpowderr: i sent him a message
bugpowderr: shame
bugpowderr: its a same Deprived doesn't hang out here
bugpowderr: MJR_III: yeah for sure
bugpowderr: is gox down for anyone else?
bugpowderr: DeaDTerra1: I have a proposal, pm me.
bugpowderr: pming you
bugpowderr: hmmm....
bugpowderr: It's not unreasonable, but not sufficient for me. Sorry
bugpowderr: DeaDTerra1: what rate?
bugpowderr: don't trust da gubberment
bugpowderr: Oh jeeze... http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?get_gallerynr=4089
bugpowderr: nice post by Erik
bugpowderr: its about as pratical as an exige
bugpowderr: get a go kart
bugpowderr: I wonder how Teramining is coming along
bugpowderr: too many knobs, lets pick a value we like
bugpowderr: curse of the assumptions
bugpowderr: yeah
bugpowderr: I never really read it carefully
bugpowderr: too many plots
bugpowderr: yeah
bugpowderr: lots of plots
bugpowderr: its on reddit every once in a while
bugpowderr: and projected profit
bugpowderr: I think there is a website blog that does a pretty in depth analysis of the various miners
bugpowderr: my
bugpowderr: by general rule is buy S.MPOE whenever it touches .0006
bugpowderr: (S.MPOE)
bugpowderr: nice bounce in the price already though
bugpowderr: we will find out tonight!
bugpowderr: but I don't know
bugpowderr: I don't think the puts I bought yesterday are going to make up the difference :)
bugpowderr: yes
bugpowderr: you will never make up for the missing coins from the lost opportunity
bugpowderr: exchange rate could rise in the future
bugpowderr: there is a reason APPLE is assembled in china
bugpowderr: thank god their are other semi-competent manufacturers. I think bitcoin won't actually be much affected by it
bugpowderr: yep
bugpowderr: shorting BFL would be wonderful though
bugpowderr: Let those coins season till the next great opportunity comes
bugpowderr: I am just going to sit tight for a while
bugpowderr: they are totally fucked
bugpowderr: yeah
bugpowderr: and the parts dont work
bugpowderr: and the ground is coming up fast
bugpowderr: they tried to assemble the plane from parts after they jumped off the cliff
bugpowderr: their business model is broken
bugpowderr: bottom line
bugpowderr: BFL is totally fucked
bugpowderr: ponzi
bugpowderr: each box can only supply 120W
bugpowderr: I imagine the chips are the limiting factor
bugpowderr: and ship more units
bugpowderr: They reduce the number of chips per unit