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bitcoingirl: the shavers case hasn't gone to trial yet
bitcoingirl: but that's for the courts to decide
bitcoingirl: its just not fair for the sec to charge voorhees with offering securities before offering any guidance
bitcoingirl: exactly
bitcoingirl: this is my conclusion: "In order for the SEC to consider raising bitcoin a securities offering, they would have to consider bitcoin as ‘money,' which they haven't"
bitcoingirl: parts of them.
bitcoingirl: tomorrow morning it'll be up
bitcoingirl: i was just trying to get some information on the voorhees case. very interesting subject.
bitcoingirl: conclusion of what?
bitcoingirl: thanks. i think I'm finished here for now.
bitcoingirl: +benkay, what country are you primarily located in?
bitcoingirl: i do - but he is saying that it wasn't his fault tradehill went under bc he couldn't get a bank account
bitcoingirl: i did not do a proper statistical analysis
bitcoingirl: he said he couldn't get a bank account... as if it was out of his control
bitcoingirl: ive spoken with people that got their bitcoins back
bitcoingirl: kenna*
bitcoingirl: Thanks +benkay
bitcoingirl: how is keen is serial scammer - i haven't heard this
bitcoingirl: mount the charge?
bitcoingirl: it's certainly frustrating, but I'm focusing on more important matters moving forward
bitcoingirl: do you think the foundation played a part in mt gox?
bitcoingirl: but isn't that involved
bitcoingirl: patrick just sits on the board as an 'advisor'
bitcoingirl: i think Kracken and circle are the drivers of the operation
bitcoingirl: tradehill is not anything anymore
bitcoingirl: +benkay - so how was the SEC able to bring charges against voorhees since Mpex is overseas?
bitcoingirl: ok just asking
bitcoingirl: Digital Asset Transfer Authority?
bitcoingirl: what are your thoughts on DATA then?
bitcoingirl: haha can i quote you on that?
bitcoingirl: has any government institution around the world delegated authority to it?
bitcoingirl: what's the general consensus on MPEx becoming an SRO
bitcoingirl: it was just settled last week so i doubt there is new material
bitcoingirl: idk how to find it
bitcoingirl: did anyone here with with mircea on the SEC Voorhees case?
bitcoingirl: I've been here before
bitcoingirl: +mircea_popescu you here?
bitcoingirl: thanks!
bitcoingirl: like what for example?
bitcoingirl: do you ever sell?
bitcoingirl: so you're long and bullish
bitcoingirl: how do you make money trading bitcoin?
bitcoingirl: oh
bitcoingirl: in bitcoin companies?
bitcoingirl: what? how does that work?
bitcoingirl: where is the assbot? how does it work
bitcoingirl: +fluffypony: so how are you making money?
bitcoingirl: if i want to short BTC, what would be a good strategy?
bitcoingirl: got it.
bitcoingirl: what does that mean ^^
bitcoingirl: right all these prices and volumes
bitcoingirl: sorry if these seem like dumb questions - I'm just jumping in WOT
bitcoingirl: and how is it useful?
bitcoingirl: what is this gribble that keeps coming up?
bitcoingirl: where would you monitor the price if your trading on bitstamp
bitcoingirl: yes sorry
bitcoingirl: and where was this happening yesterday??
bitcoingirl: and where was this happening yesterday?
bitcoingirl: what are buy walls?
bitcoingirl: how does someone try to start a rally? what did they do exactly to move the market?
bitcoingirl: you sure it wasn't the Fox Business interview?
bitcoingirl: does anyone have a guess on what drove the price up 10% yesterday?
bitcoingirl: is it gribble?
bitcoingirl: chat
bitcoingirl: can we go to private chate
bitcoingirl: Mircea I have some questions for you
bitcoingirl: Sunlot Holdings was formed for this very reason
bitcoingirl: the settlement has a "Prosecution Fund" provision that would go after stolen customer assets
bitcoingirl: not because he could be prosecuted?
bitcoingirl: Karples hasn't agreed to the settlement, why do you think he would rather liquidate?
bitcoingirl: <+ThickAsThieves> right, that's the argument
bitcoingirl: vs liquidation
bitcoingirl: http://www.savegox.com/?page_id=51
bitcoingirl: as far as making investors whole again
bitcoingirl: or doesn't any know the status of the class action law suits?
bitcoingirl: Hi doesn't anyone have any thoughts on the SaveGox campaign?
bitcoingirl: i know
bitcoingirl: I did not create an ATM
bitcoingirl: +fluffypony Perianne Boring, please
bitcoingirl: this would be helpful for my career. was one of the first reporters in this industry
bitcoingirl: https://blog.blockchain.com/2014/04/16/the-first-annual-blockchain-awards/ can you help me get votes for the "most insightful journalist"
bitcoingirl: popescu - can I humbly ask you for a favor
bitcoingirl: im not comfortable having this question over an open source
bitcoingirl: the foundation may have their own issues / challenges, but opposing them is not something I'm interested in getting involved it. not going to lead to anywhere
bitcoingirl: this is business and the foundation is here to stay
bitcoingirl: not in the US
bitcoingirl: plus anti bitcoin foundation content
bitcoingirl: anti gay anti women articles
bitcoingirl: http://trilema.com < this website which has content i would never associate myself with
bitcoingirl: yes, i have a consulting firm in DC where I do this professionally
bitcoingirl: so what do i have to do
bitcoingirl: sounds sexist
bitcoingirl: ok got it. are you saying john is already going to be at Amsterdam so you don't need another ambassador there?
bitcoingirl: when you say channel - are you talking about the stats?
bitcoingirl: excuse me, I'm obviously not a tech person - more into economic policy
bitcoingirl: not working
bitcoingirl: what is that link?
bitcoingirl: I don't know who john carvalo is - never heard of him
bitcoingirl: and multiple people are viewing our conversation?
bitcoingirl: no