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DreadKnight: bbl
DreadKnight: bacon
DreadKnight: anyway, I partnered up with a coder this year, will see how that goes in the long run
DreadKnight: ben_vulpes, yeah, I'm aware, that's why it's perfectly fine to pay people to work on open source and it's why I need some funding or get better at coding
DreadKnight: trinque, the ad crap is my last option
DreadKnight: ben_vulpes, a return is not always needed, some people do things for passion or practice; there are quite a few nice free open source games out there and software, most likely the browser you are making is done half by unpaid contributors
DreadKnight: gmail is free and makes money, same goes for games like league of legends, soon even world of warcraft ☟︎
DreadKnight: even if something is free, it can still make money
DreadKnight: xD
DreadKnight: the project itself is free, so this stuff is allowed provided crediting is done
DreadKnight: the other day found out that a cg animation series done in blender by just one dude used quite a few of the creatures from my project :)
DreadKnight: well, there are quite a few reasons, crediting (name/link), experience, the joy of contributing to something bigger just to name a few
DreadKnight: we have a saying around, going something like "you drawn like the gypsy near the shore", meaning overall that you failed in the last few steps ☟︎
DreadKnight: there's sure something strange going on when it comes to the last few steps
DreadKnight: the project gets small contributions constantly, but when it comes to bigger stuff, people tend to vanish at about 90% progress xD ☟︎
DreadKnight: the republic of Venice?
DreadKnight: ben_vulpes, didn't coded the gameplay, it's a bit above my skill level; anyway, even if I did 100% of the thing, would still need funding
DreadKnight: if I secure a bit of cash, things will run smoothly
DreadKnight: regarding the game, polishing documentation and preparing some a crowd funding
DreadKnight: usually too lazy to do the whole thing manually
DreadKnight: yey, cheers
DreadKnight: (a few months ago)
DreadKnight: decimation, bitcoin was mentioned like 3 times in a futuristic tv-show called "Almost Human", key words being "black market" and "untraceable"
DreadKnight: or all them scanks wanna be models and make money just because
DreadKnight: maybe I'm growing too old for sg D:
DreadKnight: used to like 9 out of 10 models, now it's more like 1 out of 10
DreadKnight: it's a bit diluted
DreadKnight: anyway, too many girls become sg nowadays...
DreadKnight: :D
DreadKnight: mircea_popescu, ofc, sg is pretty hot even on fb
DreadKnight: "beta next month, beta next month"
DreadKnight: now he talks money making strategies regarding his TCG while I haven't even seen a single screenie
DreadKnight: the dude's not even porn star material
DreadKnight: :D
DreadKnight: made like a few crowd funding campaigns, all failed; raised 300 bucks tops which he spend on a crappy engine license and a mocap animation pack (while not having proper characters)
DreadKnight: he's pretty much only eating ramen
DreadKnight: know a 40 year old something that was supposed to be making a MMO, spend about 10 years with 4 pc's in his face while having no real skill, trying to make others to work on his MMORPG for a share of the profits xD finally gave up and now making a trading card game using Unity3d
DreadKnight: yeah, you're probably right, the guy is pretty deadbeat mircea_popescu
DreadKnight: boxes*
DreadKnight: at least cardboards are free
DreadKnight: I don't get people living in hotels; know a dude around here that does that and works at a supermarket, the math is not right
DreadKnight: lol
DreadKnight: make sure you go patent that, quick
DreadKnight: racist youtube
DreadKnight: it's like youtube is saying "ew, you are in THAT country, ew, gtfo" xD
DreadKnight: I can see any vid, but hate when there are internet restrictions full of bs
DreadKnight: ye
DreadKnight: not the one you linked, kakobrekla
DreadKnight: "This video is not available in your country." sigh right
DreadKnight: violence is the universal language :3
DreadKnight: that image goes to my "cute or funny" collection
DreadKnight: non-understood teenager
DreadKnight: haha; nah just computer stuff
DreadKnight: true, I spend a lot of time on computer usually, told you before, jack of all trades atm, hopefully will specialize and stick with one thing, but sounds boring
DreadKnight: but yeah, I'm still figuring out things regarding mentality
DreadKnight: mircea_popescu, meant me regarding translation :P
DreadKnight: I used to think I need to know a lot of nerdy stuff and work hard to earn, then I started seeing people playing games and making way more with less work xD
DreadKnight: yeah
DreadKnight: people who don't have the rich mentality get back to being poor in no time
DreadKnight: translator*
DreadKnight: mircea_popescu, so if you still need freelancer or whatever, lol *cough*
DreadKnight: I am poor too, trying to not be jelly on simple games that made lots of money
DreadKnight: and jelly?
DreadKnight: he's probably poor and jelly
DreadKnight: haters gonna hate
DreadKnight was thinking about stabbing people in the face and smiling
DreadKnight: mircea_popescu:DreadKnight do you get your gribble pms ? <-- oh actually no, got confused; I looked through the log
DreadKnight: mircea_popescu, when my wordpress got hacked, I didn't get such a nice page left in place T_T
DreadKnight: chetty, oh, no +1 for being nerdy stat then xD
DreadKnight: the web was supposed to be "the thing" imo, not packaged apps for more linux based distros each having their own store
DreadKnight: s/not/now*
DreadKnight: got a medium range tablet and it's still crappy thing compared to a pc
DreadKnight: mircea_popescu, really find that way stupid as well; wasn't very excited about steam coming to linux in the first place, but maybe someday SteamOS consoles will be popular, like OUYA was somewhat expected, but until then, steam is an extra layer, just to get more ads and see a ton of "your friend is not playing dota2"
DreadKnight: had a feeling something good will come out of that screenie :D
DreadKnight: thanks for the recommendation BigBitz
DreadKnight: TabMemFree kinda pawned some of my tabs at times, had to do manual work to recover each idle one, not cool
DreadKnight: seems OneTab is more popular and better rated
DreadKnight: hushmail was only used to go along with "hush QQ" part (as in "stop crying from so much buthurt" type of thing)
DreadKnight: TabMemFree https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tabmemfree/pdanbocphccpmidkhloklnlfplehiikb
DreadKnight: BigBitz, looking into it, I'm actually using something similar that saves memory from idle tabs
DreadKnight: BingoBoingo, that email address extends the joke :D
DreadKnight: ;;later tell mircea_popescu so much for solforge shitty wordpress website, only managed to read a page and it got hacked, hilarious http://i3.minus.com/ibySTyaR5vkNgB.png
DreadKnight: <mircea_popescu> maybe, but i was kinda planning on eulora having an in-game card game, in the style of arcomage in mm6/7 <-- well, I'm not making a MMORPG, so no direct competition xD plus I already have the combat system for my project in place
DreadKnight: ty
DreadKnight: chetty, oh; I don't know much about it though, seems a bit underground atm
DreadKnight: ;;later tell mircea_popescu seems solforge is not browser based and there are no linux / mac versions, pff
DreadKnight: chetty, are you trying out the prototype from time to time or what?
DreadKnight: :D
DreadKnight: ;;later tell mircea_popescu feel free to link me to that blog you said it needs translated; taking a look at solforge atm, I'm not too much into card games, but it has a very nice website at least :) seems the game was crowd funded
DreadKnight: mircea_popescu, feel free to link me to that blog you said it needs translated
DreadKnight: rest well
DreadKnight: by Jason Jute, who does a lot of Wizards of the Coast cards
DreadKnight: is that Minigames artwork? a bit confused
DreadKnight: https://bitcointa.lk/proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Ftrilema.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2013%2F06%2Fjjuta-splash-s.png&hash=b72d39c35a337e7dea4be214bc1c1cde
DreadKnight: mircea_popescu, are you designing Eulora?
DreadKnight: that applies to most things online
DreadKnight: if I were to list Ancient Beast to get funding for it
DreadKnight: mircea_popescu, still trying to figure out the whole listing business, most articles are about buying stock, not listing
DreadKnight: regarding listing something on MPEx etc, only the IPO brings in money overall, so would rather buy part of the stocks myself for cheap and sell them later? or advertise the IPO to a lot of people?
DreadKnight: this is IRC, perfectly fine