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mircea_popescu: whereas usg.blue reads not-at-all, never ever no matter what ; and usg.red reads always-aforehand. both of these idiocies, equally idiotic as they find themselves, are therefore always found in some uneasy truce. but you can't properly notate "read on 2nd pass" as "didn't read" or "won't read".
BingoBoingo: USG.Red is a subdivision of USG.Blue that exists in the hallucinations of its members, that there is/was a great relevant to them and they can have have it again.
asciilifeform: usg.red wants withdraw from viet^H^Hganistan like usg.blue wants withdraw from syria like flea wants dog to be washed.
BingoBoingo: usg.red taunts usg.blue https://archive.is/Gd5DX