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arsenische: mircea_popescu: I will, thank you
arsenische: I appreciate your suggestion to focus on the most valuable publishers and get rid of all the trash. But... won't it be difficult to maintain a binary approach (accept/reject)? Maybe we could just evaluate ad units to have some "quality" attribute, and allow advetisers to set the theshold for their campaigns.
arsenische: mircea_popescu: sorry, what is bitbet model?
arsenische: (that was a quote from https://a-ads.com/terms_of_service)
arsenische: Twenty percent of all monies paid by advertisers will be considered AnonymousAds fees.
arsenische: sorry, I have poor connection
arsenische: there is much work to be done. we need to find a solution for better ad unit classification and evaluation. improve accounting and statistics for advertisers.
arsenische: yes, there should be some other way to do it
arsenische: mircea_popescu: hi