vtools_genesis          1 510300 phf vtools_genesis Initial release of vtools. Genesis contains stripped down version of diffutils 3.6, with most of functionality not relevant to vpatch removed.
vdiff_fixes_newli... 2 511300 phf vdiff_fixes_newline_gcc Fixes for C99 compatability, support for "No newline at end of file" directive.
keccak 3 511300 phf keccak Included diana_coman's keccak implementation.
vdiff_keccak 4 511300 phf vdiff_keccak Vdiff hashing and output using Keccak instead of SHA512.
vtools_fixes_bitr... 5 512600 phf vtools_fixes_bitrate_char_array Fixes for keccak from diana_coman, different approach to C interop.