ffa_ch12_karatsub...    1 xxxxxxx ffa_ch1_genesis                "Genesis."
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 2 xxxxxxx ffa_ch2_logicals "Logical and Bitwise Operations."
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 3 xxxxxxx ffa_ch3_shifts "Shifts."
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 4 xxxxxxx ffa_ch4_ffacalc "Interlude: FFACalc."
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 5 xxxxxxx ffa_ch5_egypt ""Egyptological" Multiplication and Division."
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 6 xxxxxxx ffa_ch6_simplest_rsa ""Geological" RSA."
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 7 xxxxxxx ffa_ch7_turbo_egyptians ""Turbo Egyptians.""
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 8 xxxxxxx ffa_ch8_randomism "Interlude: Randomism."
ffa_ch18_subrouti... 9 xxxxxxx ffa_ch9_exodus ""Exodus from Egypt" with Comba's Algorithm."
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 10 xxxxxxx ffa_ch10_karatsuba "Introducing Karatsuba's Multiplication."
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 11 xxxxxxx ffa_ch11_tuning_and_api "Tuning and Unified API."
ffa_ch12_karatsub... 12 551091 ffa_ch12_karatsuba_redux "Karatsuba Redux."
ffa_w_borrow_expr.kv 13 551348 ffa_w_borrow_expr diana_coman Replaces expression for calculating borrow bit with more readable version that is also symmetrical to that for carry bit.
ffa_ch13_measure_... 14 551516 ffa_ch13_measure_and_qshifts "Measure and Quiet Shifts."
ffa_ch14_barrett.kv 15 555788 ffa_ch14_barrett "Barrett's Modular Reduction."
ffa_ch15_gcd.kv 16 557938 ffa_ch15_gcd "Greatest Common Divisor."
ffa_ch16_miller_r... 17 560516 ffa_ch16_miller_rabin "Miller-Rabin Method."
ffa_ch17_peh.kv 18 567223 ffa_ch17_peh "Introduction to Peh."
ffa_ch18_subrouti... 19 569234 ffa_ch18_subroutines "Subroutines in Peh."
ffa_ch19_peh_tuni... 20 578827 ffa_ch19_peh_tuning_and_demos "Peh Tuning and Demo Tapes."
ffa_ch20_litmus.kv 21 611618 ffa_ch20_litmus "A Peh-powered verifier for traditional GPG signatures."
ffa_ch20b_litmus_... 22 611775 ffa_ch20b_litmus_legacy_hashes "Support for certain ancient hash algos in Litmus."
ffa_ch20c_litmus_... 23 612395 ffa_ch20c_litmus_clearsigned "Support for 'clearsigned' GPG texts in Litmus."
ffa_ch20d_litmus_... 24 612828 ffa_ch20d_litmus_nested_fix "Fix for bug where nested 'clearsigned' sigs were rejected."
ffa_ch21a_bis_fix... 25 629424 ffa_ch21a_bis_fix_ch15_gcd "Fix for lethal flaw in Ch.15's Greatest Common Divisor."